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Music website Soundscapes has made a nice review about the most recent release from Italian producer Luca Lombardi which is a remastered + remixes release from Hard Times including remixes by Verche, Funky Space Pirates and Parafernalia.

Here’s the review:

Bonzai Progressive remastered Luca Lombardi’s classic deep house masterpiece, “Hard Times”, and released it with three other fascinating remixes from Verche, Funky Space Pirates, and Parafernalia. This release is out now courtesy of Bonzai Progressive!

Hard Times (Remastered Original Mix)
This original mix caters wonderful starlit vibes as well as a lush and levitating atmosphere. Aside from which, its eclectic piano melodies are simply too rejuvenating to miss out on! Celebrated and remastered, “Hard Times” is back to deliver more good vibes!

Hard Times (Verche Remix)
Drifting to a more deep-tech ground, Verche takes one for the release. “Hard Times” gets an edgier makeover in the hands of the Bonzai-frequenting producer, Verche.

Hard Times (Funky Space Pirates Remix)
Funky Space Pirates also accepts remixing duties for “Hard Times”, and the result is this– a soulful groovy rendition of the original. If you like the original, you will definitely enjoy this too!

Hard Times (Parafernalia Remix)
Last remix for Luca Lombardi’s “Hard Times” is from Parafernalia. With a trance-like remix topped-off with a hypnotizing breakdown, Parafernalia’s craft is indeed something for aficionados who has an ear for straight-up mind-levitating atmosphere!

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