Bonzai Progressive

July 18th, 2012



Massive collaboration for Bonzai Progressive with 3 very talented producers.

Soundmodul aka Croation born Denis Dzigal, fellow DJ/Producer and music partner DJ Moffous along with Italian DJ Francesco Parla have come together to create a stunning album full of tech house gems.

Adventures is a laid back affair with a very nice vocal and an almost soothing quality.Biomorphic lifts the mood with a true tech vibe, awesome bassline and well crafted synth sounds.Things are taken into the depths with Definition Of Deep, constant grooving bass, low frequency FX some real nice sublime flutes.A more minimal retro type vibe is evident on Expressions yet that tech house vibe remains tight.

The title track takes on a more progressive feel, big sound for the floors in this one.Noisebug pulls in the techno groove and really delivers on that front with some nifty sounds.Another prog house vibe in the shape of Psychic Modulation, very tight production work on this, chunky bass and great synth work.

Rhythmic Filter has a bouncy quality that will have you up and shaking in no time, big club sound.Sinevibes has a grungy feel with lots of analog sounds and epic pads, prog house at it’s best!Deep and dark sounds from The Lower Rhythm round off a truly inspiring piece of work from this collaboration.

There is definitely something for everyone on this album and no doubt a lot of support will be given.

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