Bonzai Progressive

April 24th, 2013



Shmix aka Denis Shubin is a DJ, music producer and promoter based in Saint-Petersburg, Russia. He is a very experienced DJ, as a producer Denis mostly works on house, tech-house and techno, but he also likes to experiment with downtempo and chillout. Here we see Denis make his Elemental debut with his chilled out downtempo hat on.

“They All Fly Away” intros with very raw, gritty almost industrial feel, this soon gives way to melancholic strings and later to a very hypnotic piano. Definitely a must have for those darkened late night chillout rooms, superb.

“This Is For You” takes a different approach with a much more light hearted feeling to it. Smooth intro with simple organ chords with a drum section slowly filtering through revealing a strong street groove, this is contrasted with beautifully worked strings and is something this upcoming artist does very well indeed.


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