Bonzai Progressive

April 27th, 2011

Rodrigo Soria makes a comeback to Piston Recordings after the well received Ginga People EP last year. This time around we have a single track, Amarelo Verde, a deep tech journey into the realms of this brazilian talent. On top of that we add a Efron and a Richard Savani remixes to make this a top notch package!

Early support & plays from:

Kenny Larkin: Supporting the Original Mix 7/10
Sash BBC: The Efron Mix is dope! Thanx 6/10
Slam: Cool EP – Playing thanx 7/10
Lance Desardi: Deep and bangin.Good combo….:) 7/10
Timo Garcia: I like the Savanni Remix the most 7/10
Chaim: Nice trax, thank you 7/10
James Grindle: Emotive deep minimal techno, great late night jams. 9/10
Paul Hazendonk: Efron remix is my fav 7/10
Ken Fan – Quality house music, nice 10/10
Jose Maria Ramon: Yesssss cool!!! 7/10
Anderson Noise: Good stuff! 9/10
Alexi Delano: Nice and deep! 8/10
Nico Lahs: Efron Remix 7/10
George Delkos: wohaaa!efron does the job once again here. loving it 8/10
Tim Baker: Great Remixes 6/10

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