Bonzai Progressive

October 19th, 2011



Konstantin Fedoseev aka Project KF was born in 1982 in the Soviet Union. At age 13 he moves to Israel with his family. In 1998 he made his first steps in writing music.

In 2004 he is starting to study Sound Engineering at Yoav Gera Sound School, school that grew up generations of well known artists. In 2006 after finishing of sound studies, he tries himself in the sound industry as: Boom Man, Post Production, PA and Junior Soundman. After being close enough to important people in the music industry, he reaches himself their respect and support. The inspiration to Techno music came from underground movements in Tel Aviv city at those days.

In 2008, together with his friend Alex, they are establishing AK Tek Records, record label for new and promising artists. In 2009 he is releasing his mixed compilation Techno Union, that includes works from top producers such as Lutzenkirchen, Joseph Disco, Daniele Gas side by side with fresh talents. After some success of the label at charts and parties, they decides to enlarge label’s horizons. AK Tek Records becomes a division of Alienews Label Group, Germany. Today Konstantin is working mostly with big labels.

After such a short way he has already became one of the leading artists in Israel.

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