Bonzai Progressive

July 11th, 2012



DJ/Producer Oz Romita was born in Izmir/ Turkey, but was raised in Amsterdam. He’s been a fixture of the international club scene since 1997 and has appeared at numerous top venues and events world wide including Club Panama, Cafe d’Anvers and La Rocca.

Oz’s distinctive tech-house style is energetic, refreshing and perfect for those modern dancefloors. His product ions have been picked up by elit e imprint s like; Great Stuff Recordings, Movement Recordings, SK Supreme Records, Ninefont Music, Erase Records, Deux Mind Records and Repressure Recordings.

In the year 2012 he started his own label called, Sounds R Us Recordings, which has very talented producers lined up in its roster. Mariano Santos, Tom Hades, Steve Mulder, Jamez, Nick Olivetti, Pig & Dan and DJ Tash are some of the names that will create the sound of Sounds R Us Recordings.

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