Bonzai Progressive

March 27th, 2013



Oliver Maier is back with a fresh new EP!

After the success of his debut release on Monog Records (“Organic EP”), Oliver Maier is back with all the power he have!
Once again, this release is made of 3 original tracks with a lot of funk and deepness going on.

“Prophecy (Original Mix)” is the track responsible for the title of this EP and we couldn’t chose a better one for that! This track have everything: A Great groove, hypnotic chords, soulful vocals and a sweet evolving pad creating the right mood!

“Rinky Dink (Original Mix)” its all about funk! Oliver Maier made an outstanding work with those keys and chords that will delight all the Chicago House fans!

At last but not least, “Haus (Original Mix)” is a real house bomb! The “hook” of this track is based on a simple chord progression that will stay in your head for a while! Just listen and see for your self!


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