Bonzai Progressive

April 17th, 2013



Mylan is back with some serious prog-tech house beats on “Doubt EP”, a super-charged three tracker filled with all the wonders of house.

First up is the title track “Doubt”, surreal, dark hypnotic beats and percussions carve out a cool rhythmic vibe with a tribal element. Some very nice synth and FX work really adds a new flavour to the sound, but the big focus remains on those percussive grooves. A dark and sinister vocal pops in from time to time and the overall darker theme is complete.

“Replace” is a superbly crafted experience in the frequencies of bass, heart throbbing basses pulsate throughout this track and give it a very distinct vibe. Also on offer here, apart from super cool vocal samples, is another brilliant percussion and drum arrangement with some very funky and cool housey chords keeping this groove ever flowing.

“Again” continues the overall theme of the EP with a darker edge and tech in mind, more low end basses that will have any sub speaker shaking and a real dense thud on the kick will get any floor moving to the beat. Top quality FX work blends in perfectly with sweeping pads and that tense vocal sample, top notch stuff!


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