Bonzai Progressive

September 21st, 2010


MiniTech Project (DJ Faroukh) was Born in London, England. Having traveled and lived in several destinations within the United Kingdom, United States, India, and currently residing in the Netherlands, he has had exposure to all sorts of sounds in Music. With a keen ear and collection of dance music combined with a flare for technology, his career as a DJ started over a decade ago with performances spanning the globe. Initially playing more clubby sounds, he was introduced to more and more intelligent dance music and found himself more inspired, thus developing a taste for a more stimulating electro-sensory experience. After being firmly established as a DJ, he was also introduced to music production and engineering to continue to try and push the boundaries of this experience.

The current electronic dance scene inspired Dj Faroukh to create the MiniTech Project sound which constantly blurs the lines of several cutting edge electronic genres but still retaining a signiture of the atmosphere. Elements of minimal house, progressive house, progressive psy, techno, and tech house can be identified at the moment and with the ever growing list of genres and sub genres, this list of influences will likely grow as well.

MiniTech Project is an exciting new journey bringing over 10 years of experience and influence in electronic dance music into tomorrow.

Today we’re happy to announce his newest Disco Shit EP on Bonzai Progressive with a really strong package of cool progressive house and tech house remixes by Marko La Rocca and Jimmy Galle.

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