Bonzai Progressive

October 17th, 2012



“Yang” is the name of our newest EP from our family member Luis Bravo. After the sucess of “Today” EP, Luis is back with two ground breaking original tracks. The Original Mix of “Yang” is a great representation of what he do best: Deep and hypnotic atmosphere, a powerfull groove some small touch of funk here and there and simplicity at his most perfect state! On the other hand we have “Urban Sailor”, a deep tech house track that will delight the most exquisit dancefloors! A Strong groove, delicated rhode chords and a “loopy” vocal that will be around your head for the next few hours. And at last but not least, we are proud to have with us Mike Kings again! The last time he released at Monog, his remix of Joal “Tones and Stuff” was reviewed on Dance TV Show and received a lot of very good feedbacks around the world! Just listen and see for your self what I’m talking about.

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