Bonzai Progressive

July 27th, 2011

It all started in the late 80’s. I was like 12 years old when I found a tape called ‘Dr. Acid & Mr. House’. Since then, and while I was on holidays in Spain, I plugged in forever! Later on, I was composing my first tracks with the ‘Protracker’ soft (Commodore ‘Amiga’, 4 tracks, 8 bits!) under the nickname ‘Chinook’. During the mid-90’s, after having frequented the international House scene (France, Italy, Spain, USA, and above all Switzerland), I started as a DJ under the name of ‘Tchiko’ (a.k.a. Rico Tinelli). Sitting on radio shows as ‘Culture Dance’ (Radio Framboise) or ‘Métissages’ (Couleur 3), regularly on Meyrin FM (Back on Plastic), ‘One FM’ or ‘Rhône FM’,

I performed all around french speaking Switzerland in places like the ‘Montreux Casino’, ‘Palladium’, ‘New Morning’, ‘Rêve d’Ô’, ‘Ancien Palais’, and many others. I ended (definitively?) my DJ career in 2001 with the famous compilation ‘Mythical Funk & Disco Hour’ and the second volume called ‘Mythical Funk & Soul Hour’. As I had neglected a bit the composition aspect during that period, I came back in force around 2004, working on PC, first with ‘Modplug’, then with ‘Fruity Loops’. Since 2009 I work mainly on ‘Adobe Audition 3’ and ‘FL Studio’, supported by ‘Roland’, ‘Vermona’, ‘Jomox’, ‘AKG’ and ‘Behringer’ Hardwares. I was surrounded by music from a young age; when I was only 2 or 3 (in the late 70s) I knew already by heart many Disco hits (special mention to ‘Michael Zager Band – Let’s All Chant’ but also ‘El Coco’ or ‘Boney M.’, among others) and Italian pop songs (Adriano Celentano, Jimmy Fontana, Nico Fidenco, …). I like almost all styles of music, as long as they can arouse emotions.

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