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April 12th, 2011

Room305 from Lemonchill is featured on the Album Spotlight section of the popular tranceinternational.com website.

“Over the last couple of months we’ve fallen into step with Bonzai Records modernist, underground take on trance & progressive. Between Miika Kuisma’s album in Jan and last month’s Chantola feature, they’re bringing new shades and complexions to dance music and are doing so again here with LemonChill.
Based in the port city of Haifa, LemonChill producer Idan is living, breathing testimony that all Israeli trance doesn’t necessarily come with a ‘Psy’ prefix. Far from it, in fact. Idan’s biog states he incorporates a mixture of “chillout, electro, down-tempo and dreamy electronic music” into this music, which “is topped with “trance, jazz, industrial, gothic, synthpop, chillout and lounge”.

Well yowsah! A head-spin brew indeed. First and foremost what we’re hearing on his ‘Room305’ album is high-order progressive house & prog-trance, very much of the pulsating and transcendental variety too. The album is the closing release in an LP trilogy arc for which Idan’s pinned down some of the worlds most discerning, netherworld remix names to recalibrate tracks from his 2010 albums ‘Conversations With God’ and ‘Sleeping With Giants’. Steve Baltes, Promid, Arion Grey, Hiroki Oki, Jan Peters and Squared Curves are just some of the dissident studio souls performing reduxes on his music.

‘Room305’ is lying farther of the beaten trance and progressive track than you’re possibly used to. It doesn’t make it any the less worth discovering though. In fact, if anything, it’ll be more satisfying when you do!”

Source: Trance International

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