SRUR is headed up by DJ and producer Oz Romita who in 2012 joined forces with Bonzai where he started the label with a view to unleash top rated tracks to the masses. Oz controls the A&R on the label and he continuously recognises quality tracks and get to them quick. The label has a reputation for energetic Techno that is so easily applied to the dance floors by many top DJ’s from around the world. Some artists to grace the books at Sounds R Us are Oliver Moldan, R.O.N.N (Ron Carroll), Anil Chawla, Tom Hades and many more with more rising talents on the horizon.

Catalogue Number
Buy Link
SRUR001Oz RomitaIdiots EPBuy @ Beatport
SRUR002Roderick FoxSave As EPBuy @ Beatport
SRUR003JamezBreakfast EPBuy @ Beatport
SRUR004Goksel VancinVeni Vidi Vici EPBuy @ Beatport
SRUR005Matt SanchezHidden SmokingBuy @ Beatport
SRUR006The BunglersSouth Bronx EPBuy @ Beatport
SRUR007Oz RomitaI Wanna Be Sexy For YouBuy @ Beatport
SRUR008Oliver MoldanHustle HarderBuy @ Beatport
SRUR009Ill Cows & DonzTo You EPBuy @ Beatport
SRUR011Del HornoGOD!Buy @ Beatport
SRUR012Billy MasonTechno Is A Virus EPBuy @ Beatport
SRUR013Oliver MoldanBeefBuy @ Beatport
SRUR014CalbosThe GrindBuy @ Beatport
SRUR0157evenOutta SpaceBuy @ Beatport
SRUR016Oz RomitaHip Hop EPBuy @ Beatport
SRUR017Oz Romita & Mariano SantosTogether EPBuy @ Beatport
SRUR018Oz Romita & W&DYStripe TwoBuy @ Beatport
SRUR020James HopkinsWords With Enemies EPBuy @ Beatport
SRUR021Various ArtistsMuzika - Volume 2Buy @ Beatport
SRUR022Harun KarabulutYou Save ThemBuy @ Beatport
SRUR023Ozan KanikEnoughBuy @ Beatport
SRUR024Oz Romita & Lyle QuachPiece Of CakeBuy @ Beatport
SRUR025R.O.N.N.1-2-3-4Buy @ Beatport
SRUR026Gabriel Ben & Ed WhittyEpochBuy @ Beatport
SRUR027Chrono & AscaloonBalkan Express EPBuy @ Beatport
SRUR028M.R.T.NDesnoid EPBuy @ Beatport
SRUR029Oz RomitaGet Us Funky EPBuy @ Beatport
SRUR030Various ArtistsMuzika - Volume 3Buy @ Beatport
SRUR031Ozan KanikFamily Love EPBuy @ Beatport
SRUR032Analog Effect & Jay JuniorDiffuser EPBuy @ Beatport
SRUR033Various ArtistsMuzika - Volume 4Buy @ Beatport
SRUR034GfortySinful Soul EPBuy @ Beatport
SRURADE2013Various ArtistsSounds R Us Recordings Showcase - ADE Sampler 2013Buy @ Beatport
SRUR035Victor VeraBlock Party EPBuy @ Beatport
SRUR036Alessan Main & Kevh RippleIclockBuy @ Beatport
SRUR037Ozan KanikFictionBuy @ Beatport
SRUR2013Various ArtistsThe Best Of SRUR 2013Buy @ Beatport
SRUR038Onofrio ConteOblivious EPBuy @ Beatport
SRUR039Various ArtistsMuzika - Volume 5Buy @ Beatport
SRUR040MollUnderground EPBuy @ Beatport
SRUR041Various ArtistsMuzika - Volume 6Buy @ Beatport