Progrez is a classic Bonzai label that was home to some of the best Progressive sounds on offer during the early noughties where the likes of Antidote, Virtua Trancer and DJ Fire were plying their trade. A hugely respected label in its own right, DJ’s were always assured of a reaction when digging into the Progrez archives. Nowadays the label is still firmly rooted within the Progressive sphere, albeit with a darker twist as artists like Metronomes, Kevin Vega and Yuriy from Russia keep this label well within reach in this modern era by delivering top quality productions.

Catalogue Number
Release Title
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PRG2011090dPen & Nick VaronGrasshopperBuy @ Beatport
PRG2011093Various ArtistsProgrez EP Vol. 1Buy @ Beatport
PRG2011091Marko NikolicFilthy MachinesBuy @ Beatport
PRG2011094Various ArtistsProgrez EP Vol. 2Buy @ Beatport
PRG2011092Smart WaveCrying For The Unborn ChildBuy @ Beatport
PRG2011095Various ArtistsProgrez EP Vol. 3Buy @ Beatport
PRG2011096Pablo GaelPileBuy @ Beatport
PRG2011097Various ArtistsProgrez EP Vol. 4Buy @ Beatport
MWCD2011300Various ArtistsNu Progressive 1Buy @ Beatport
PRG2011098PeetMovement (Thru Coloured Glass)Buy @ Beatport
PRG2011099Miika KuismaStellarBuy @ Beatport
PRG2011100Various ArtistsProgrez EP Vol. 5Buy @ Beatport
PRG2011101The IdemNon Bis In Idem EPBuy @ Beatport
PRG2011102Various ArtistsProgrez EP Vol. 6Buy @ Beatport
PRG2011103metrONomesThe CallBuy @ Beatport
PRG2011104Various ArtistsProgrez EP Vol. 7Buy @ Beatport
PRG2011105Kevin VegaFragile ThingsBuy @ Beatport
PRG2011106Various ArtistsProgrez EP Vol. 8Buy @ Beatport
PRG2012108OushanmeteSunBuy @ Beatport
PRG2012109Various ArtistsProgrez EP Vol. 9Buy @ Beatport
PRG2012110Andre VolodinTardo EPBuy @ Beatport
PRG2013111Various ArtistsProgrez EP Vol. 10Buy @ Beatport
PRG2013081metrONomesSpidersBuy @ Beatport
PRG2013082AgrandeKelangBuy @ Beatport
PRG2013083SamotarevOdysseyBuy @ Beatport
PRG2013085metrONomesInceptionsBuy @ Beatport
PRG2013086RVDisorderBuy @ Beatport
PRG2013087MorayFeel Better EPBuy @ Beatport
MWCD2013422Various ArtistsNu Progressive 2Buy @ Beatport
PRG2013088Ego ProgressusHypnosphereBuy @ Beatport
PRG2013089PozitiveColibriBuy @ Beatport
PRG2013090Yuriy From RussiaStalkerBuy @ Beatport
PRG2013091metrONomesAtomONBuy @ Beatport
PRG2013092RessiveFeel HeavenBuy @ Beatport
PRG2013093Ruben LosadaThe Creatures Of The Tenth PlanetBuy @ Beatport
PRG2013094Ego ProgressusDark Story EPBuy @ Beatport
PRG2013095metrONomesMea Culpa EPBuy @ Beatport
PRG201309610000 Sounds ProjectArtificialBuy @ Beatport
PRG2014097Ego ProgressusThe Ink Of NightBuy @ Beatport
PRG2014098Antonio CitarellaPistachios EscapeBuy @ Beatport
PRG2014099James GillDeep MeditationBuy @ Beatport
PRG2014100metrONomesRoll & RockBuy @ Beatport