Piston Recordings is the brainchild of Portuguese House guru Rogerio Martins. In 2007 Rogerio launched this label with the hope of filling a void that was evident within the Portuguese scene. There can be no doubt that this has been achieved. Since 2010 the label is now firmly under the Bonzai umbrella as Rogerio decided to hook up with the guys at Bonzai to further the labels reach within the industry. Numerous top quality artists flocked to become a part of this new project with support for releases coming from literally all over the world. Accatone, Valeria Croft, Piek, Rick Wade, Rogerio Martins and more have all had their cuts championed by top jocks and featured heavily on download charts. A new venture for the label is starting to gain momentum, exclusive vinyl releases are becoming ever popular and Piston’s new partnership with Bonzai will ensure it will remain at the forefront of a scene that continuously cries out for quality underground Deep House music.

Catalogue Number
Release Title
Buy Link
PR2007001KompulseMotion PillBuy @ Beatport
PR2007002PhotonzWarschauer StrasseBuy @ Beatport
PR2007003AeshitakeshiOrange CountyBuy @ Beatport
PR2007004Rogerio MartinsAmethystuBuy @ Beatport
PR2007005PhotonzStarting PointsBuy @ Beatport
PR2007006Def-DiskoThe Hunnie EPBuy @ Beatport
PRCD2007001V/APiston Roundup - Volume 1 - Mixed By Rogerio MartinsBuy @ Beatport
PR2008007Rogerio MartinsStrangledBuy @ Beatport
PR2008008Marc de VoleSchlafstörungBuy @ Beatport
PR2008009Pedro GoyaPolyanaBuy @ Beatport
PR2008010Mossy2 Short 4 Deep EPBuy @ Beatport
PR2008011DJ Nash presents PiefkeinConstantly ChangingBuy @ Beatport
PR2008012DecadoThe Forgotten VoyageBuy @ Beatport
PR2008013Siro JayLexicon EPBuy @ Beatport
PR2008014Rogerio MartinsDementeBuy @ Beatport
PR2008015Johnny DeepRECBuy @ Beatport
PR2008016MekalushFlying Bugs EPBuy @ Beatport
PRCD2008002V/APiston Roundup - Volume 2 - Mixed By Rogerio MartinsBuy @ Beatport
PR2008017Peter PanMusic From The FieldsBuy @ Beatport
PR2008018PiekfeinGlobal EPBuy @ Beatport
PR2008019Josu GolezRed Moon EPBuy @ Beatport
PR2008020MekalushFloating Point EPBuy @ Beatport
PR2008021GomezTabula Rasa EPBuy @ Beatport
PR2009022Stereo ExciterWalk The PathBuy @ Beatport
PR2009023David EkenbäckSterlingBuy @ Beatport
PR2009024PiekfeinA Little Deep EPBuy @ Beatport
PR2009025Rogerio MartinsTrouble EPBuy @ Beatport
PRCD2009003V/ARecicloBuy @ Beatport
PR2009026Peter PanPure EPBuy @ Beatport
PR2009027AccatoneMondo EPBuy @ Beatport
PR2009028KompulseSensesBuy @ Beatport
PR2009029DJ Nash2 Years Later EPBuy @ Beatport
PR2009030Stop ThinkingDrop TraceBuy @ Beatport
PR2009031Marc De Vole & Andre RenovaEmotionBuy @ Beatport
PRCD2009004V/APiston Roundup - Volume 3 - Mixed by PiekfeinBuy @ Beatport
PR2009032Stereo ExciterDarknessBuy @ Beatport
PR2009033PiekfeinLost & Found EPBuy @ Beatport
PR2009034Mark SchubertHard Life EPBuy @ Beatport
PR2009035DJ Nash & Del HornoVaya Circo EPBuy @ Beatport
PR2010036Rogerio MartinsOur ApeBuy @ Beatport
PR2010037Citizen BlackFortuneBuy @ Beatport
PR2010038Myk DerillCompression EPBuy @ Beatport
PR2010039Stop ThinkingMirrorsBuy @ Beatport
PR2010CD005VariousMixtape Series - Volume 1Buy @ Beatport
PR2010040AccatoneI Know EPBuy @ Beatport
PR2010042Stop ThinkingCombo EPBuy @ Beatport
PR2010043PiekfeinLa Cajita De MusicaBuy @ Beatport
PR2010044AccatoneThis Thing EPBuy @ Beatport
PR2010045Piek meets OraaIf Life Gives You Melons...Buy @ Beatport
PR2010046Rodrigo SoriaGinga People EPBuy @ Beatport
PR2010047Iker UndersoundDeep Freedom EPBuy @ Beatport
PR2010048ContraPuertoBuy @ Beatport
PR2010049Myk DerillCold EPBuy @ Beatport
PR2010010AccatoneTell Me - RemixesBuy @ Beatport
PR2010051Villa Gombao Inc.In Our Places EPBuy @ Beatport
PR2011CD006V/APiston Roundup - Volume 4 - Mixed By AccatoneBuy @ Beatport
PR2011052AccatoneI Tought It Was You EPBuy @ Beatport
PR2011053EfronGuitar Warriors EPBuy @ Beatport
PR2011054Lights ElectronikaRA EPBuy @ Beatport
PR2011CD007V/AMixtape Series - Volume 2Buy @ Beatport
PR2011055Rodrigo SoriaAmarelo VerdeBuy @ Beatport
PR2011056Villa Gombao Inc.Just Dafunke EPBuy @ Beatport
PR2011057Charles RamirezSundays In The Shade EPBuy @ Beatport
PR2011058Rob SmallBad WednesdayBuy @ Beatport
PR2011059Lights Electronika & Valeria Croft feat. Kash & LeraMultiply EPBuy @ Beatport
PRCD2011008Various ArtistsCollected Works - Volume 1Buy @ Beatport
PR2011060Adrian C & DubsonsFito EPBuy @ Beatport
PR2011061Daniele KamaThe Revenge EPBuy @ Beatport
PR2011062AccatoneBass Quest EPBuy @ Beatport
PR2011063Brett LawrenceBehind The Wire EPBuy @ Beatport
PR2011064TishSquare Mind EPBuy @ Beatport
PRCD2011009Various ArtistsBest Of Piston Recordings 2011Buy @ Beatport
PR2012065Valeria CroftNo Speaking EPBuy @ Beatport
PR2012066VascoVasco EPBuy @ Beatport
PR2012067AccatoneLa MusiqueBuy @ Beatport
PR2012068Baltj_MoreUna Pregunta EPBuy @ Beatport
PRCD2012010AccatoneSteady PaceBuy @ Beatport
PR2012069AccatoneYour SmileBuy @ Beatport
PRCD2012011Various Artists5 Years Of Piston RecordingsBuy @ Beatport
PR2012070PiekSusurrosBuy @ Beatport
PR2012071GarcyNoiseShe's Got It EPBuy @ Beatport
PR2012072Brett LawrenceRemember That Jack? EPBuy @ Beatport
PR2012073Rogerio MartinsThe Secrets Of The Trade EPBuy @ Beatport
PR2012074Daniele KamaShe Appears EPBuy @ Beatport
PR2012075Lights Electronika & Valeria CroftConnections EPBuy @ Beatport
PR2012076Dimitry LissDowntown Swindle EPBuy @ Beatport
PR2012077OraaThat Go EPBuy @ Beatport
PRCD2012012Various ArtistsBest Of Piston Recordings 2012Buy @ Beatport
PR2013078Dimitry LissEverything's Eventual EPBuy @ Beatport
PR2013079PiekTxuribeltz EPBuy @ Beatport
PR2013080Fauvrelle4 Piston's EPBuy @ Beatport
PR2013081Rick WadeNight FlyerBuy @ Beatport
PR2013082JR From Dallas & LurobDeep Into EPBuy @ Beatport
PR2013083Dimitry LissNothing In ParticularBuy @ Beatport
PRCD2013013Various ArtistsThe Secrets Of The Trade 001Buy @ Beatport
PR2013084In2Deep & FulltoneBlack EPBuy @ Beatport
PR2013085Dimitry LissElectric Boogaloo Street TapesBuy @ Beatport
PR2013086Various ArtistsGhetto Tales EP - Volume 1Buy @ Beatport
PR2013087HurleeDancing With You EPBuy @ Beatport
PRCD2013014Various ArtistsThe Secrets Of The Trade 002Buy @ Beatport
PR2013088Rubba JThe Art Of Doing NothingBuy @ Beatport
PR2013089Valeria CroftSingular / PluralBuy @ Beatport
PR2013090Yusuke YamamotoSun Shower EPBuy @ Beatport
PR2013091MennieRawaus EPBuy @ Beatport
PR2013092JRFor The OG'sBuy @ Beatport
PR2013093LimythReminiscence EPBuy @ Beatport
PR2013094Carlo CaldareriDo It Again EPBuy @ Beatport
PRCD2013015Various ArtistsBest Of Piston Recordings 2013Buy @ Beatport
PR2014095Accatone & KiskBack In TimeBuy @ Beatport
PR2014096MendMetroplex EPBuy @ Beatport
PR2014097Die VogelperspektivePumpkin Pie EPBuy @ Beatport
PR2014098Miguel ReisClassic Motherfucker RecordBuy @ Beatport
PR2014099SavvasCry AwayBuy @ Beatport
PR2014100Rogerio MartinsGonna Be MineBuy @ Beatport
PR2014101Juanma LlopisKamatharuBuy @ Beatport
PR2014102Victor BerghmeisterLeaving YousBuy @ Beatport
PR2014103MolinerNobody ElseBuy @ Beatport
PR2014104Paul RudderNever EndingBuy @ Beatport
PR2014105MianyoBeat Club EPBuy @ Beatport
PR2014106Rick WadeZombie RPBuy @ Beatport