Green Martian has stood the test of time, it was spared during the 2010 Bonzai revamp and it’s clear to see why. Since 1996 the label has been responsible for some of the best Progressive Trance sounds around. Velvet Girl, Phillipe Van Mullem, Sakin, York, Cape Town and many more are just some of the artists who helped to shape the label into the success it is. Fast forward to present day and the quality of newly signed artists is top notch 06R, Jakhira, Kindred Spirits and two legendary artists Laurent Veronnez and Mike Dierickx, who have brought back Sagittaire and Sector 7, are the artists who are keeping the label moving forward. A slight change in the labels music policy has seen the releases move to a more Progressive House sound, but there can still be found a slight leaning towards Trance which makes for a unique style. A classic label that deserves its place and there can be no doubt it will continue to be a popular choice.

Catalogue Number
Release Title
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GM-2008-064Ljungqvist & LänsbergFeather FallsBuy @ Beatport
GM-2008-065MeridiiaCallistoBuy @ Beatport
GM-2008-067AnalysisStonehengeBuy @ Beatport
GM-2008-068Nick EEvent HorizonBuy @ Beatport
GM-2008-069Sergio Di MurroPolynesiaBuy @ Beatport
GM-2008-070TeeceeiksJuxtaposeBuy @ Beatport
GM-2008-071McBohemianFallen From Grey SkyBuy @ Beatport
GM-2008-072UrielHorizonBuy @ Beatport
GM-2008-073The 4th FloorMirageBuy @ Beatport
GM-2008-074EuphorikThree Days In TallinBuy @ Beatport
MWCD2008054Various ArtistsGreen Martian - Intergalactic AnthemsBuy @ Beatport
GM-2008-075TaylorKOsakaBuy @ Beatport
GM-2008-076EsonaFallen SpiritsBuy @ Beatport
GM-2008-077BlufeldMoonbeams Kiss The SeaBuy @ Beatport
GM-2008-078Rash presents Xtreme TurnThe Mirror BehindBuy @ Beatport
GM-2009-079TaylorKTetramorphBuy @ Beatport
GM-2009-080CardinalMoonshine Above The CityBuy @ Beatport
GM-2009-081Lost EditFresh StartBuy @ Beatport
GM-2009-082Kenny BurkeG.A.C.R.Buy @ Beatport
GM-2009-083SweenSweencityBuy @ Beatport
GM-2009-084JSC ProjectMinor PulseBuy @ Beatport
GM-2009-085Ville Lope & ChantolaBlowfishBuy @ Beatport
GM-2009-086PlanisphereCyborganic (album)Buy @ Beatport
GM-2009-087Alex CoollookDefine RealBuy @ Beatport
GM-2009-088EepicaUnder RainBuy @ Beatport
GM-2009-089Ville LopePassive AttackBuy @ Beatport
GM-2009-090OrelseThe Summer TrackBuy @ Beatport
GM-2009-091AzureHanaleiBuy @ Beatport
GM-2009-092Eli ClementEntheogenBuy @ Beatport
GMCD-2009-002Various ArtistsTranceplant - Laidback TranceBuy @ Beatport
GM-2009-093Ville LopePulp FrictionBuy @ Beatport
GM-2009-094TypeMantraBuy @ Beatport
GMCD-2009-003Various ArtistsTranceplant - Progressive TranceBuy @ Beatport
GM-2009-095Abstract Vision & Elite ElectronicAtlantic WindBuy @ Beatport
GM-2009-096Remy De HenProgressivaBuy @ Beatport
GM-2009-097MishalekseevAlong The LakeBuy @ Beatport
GM-2009-098Nick O'SeanVarianceBuy @ Beatport
MWCD2009097Various ArtistsTranceplant - Laidback Trance - Seed 4Buy @ Beatport
GM-2009-099Eli ClementColorsBuy @ Beatport
MWCD2009100Various ArtistsTrance Europe Express - London StationBuy @ Beatport
GM-2010-101DreamMan featuring YorkMoonrise On The BeachBuy @ Beatport
MWCD2010112Various ArtistsTranceplant - Laidback Trance - Seed 5Buy @ Beatport
MWCD2010118Various ArtistsDeep Trance Trax 1Buy @ Beatport
MWCD2010123Various ArtistsTrance Europe Express - Berlin StationBuy @ Beatport
GM-2010-102Sean BayEsperanza EPBuy @ Beatport
GM-2010-103Eli ClementThe Stars Were OutBuy @ Beatport
MWCD2010149Various ArtistsAfterhour TraxBuy @ Beatport
GM-2010-104Nu FjordAna's Tone EPBuy @ Beatport
MWCD2010146Various ArtistsDeep Trance Trax 2Buy @ Beatport
GM-2010-105Jasper JinxCataclysmBuy @ Beatport
GM-2010-106Max GueliRed Feather EPBuy @ Beatport
GM-2010-107FoxaThe Balance Of The SoulBuy @ Beatport
MWCD2010136Various ArtistsTrance Europe Express - Amsterdam StationBuy @ Beatport
GM-2010-108SaarreSand SerenadeBuy @ Beatport
GM-2010-109Zodiacal LightMagnetosphere EPBuy @ Beatport
GM-2010-110Airwave presents LoloMyla's ThemeBuy @ Beatport
GM-2010-111J KhobbNight Ride To AbitantiBuy @ Beatport
MWCD2010156Various ArtistsAfterhour Trax #2Buy @ Beatport
GM-2010-114SeeStannMonterreyBuy @ Beatport
GM-2010-112DyronTouch The Sun EPBuy @ Beatport
MWCD2010164Various ArtistsIbiza 2K10 Laidback Trance FrequenciesBuy @ Beatport
GM-2010-113WenturoThousand WaysBuy @ Beatport
MWCD2010166Various ArtistsDeep Trance #3Buy @ Beatport
GM-2010-115Ville LopeThis Is For GoodBuy @ Beatport
GM-2010-117Vadim DreamerAround In CirclesBuy @ Beatport
GM-2010-118Ville Lope & ChantolaTokyo SunriseBuy @ Beatport
GM-2010-119EfedryAhyeletBuy @ Beatport
GM-2010-120DreamMan featuring YorkMoonrise On The Beach - RemixesBuy @ Beatport
GM-2010-123M&D SubstanceSpring ColorsBuy @ Beatport
GM-2010-121Arjona vs BlufeldEta Carinae EPBuy @ Beatport
GM-2010-122Zakat ProjectCosmogoniaBuy @ Beatport
MWCD2010184Various ArtistsAfterhour Trax #3Buy @ Beatport
MWCD2011210Various ArtistsBest Of 2K10Buy @ Beatport
GM-2011-123Arto KumantoWelcome The New WorldBuy @ Beatport
GM-2011-124George VAfricaBuy @ Beatport
GM-2011-125SunLast ChanceBuy @ Beatport
GM-2011-126NarelRunBuy @ Beatport
GM-2011-127Esprit Fort & SoulStateWinter ForestBuy @ Beatport
GM-2011-128Eli ClementSmall Moments Of DarknessBuy @ Beatport
MWCD2011232Various ArtistsTrance Del Mar - Cafe Ibiza 6Buy @ Beatport
GM-2011-129J.KhobbLet Me TakeYouBuy @ Beatport
GM-2011-130KosmoramaCity In The SkyBuy @ Beatport
MWCD2011243Various ArtistsBest Of RemixesBuy @ Beatport
GM-2011-131Sovve featuring DevizeNowhereBuy @ Beatport
MWCD2011246Various ArtistsIbiza 2K11 - Laidback Trance FrequenciesBuy @ Beatport
GM-2011-132BlufeldMoonbeams Kiss the Sea and Special - 2011 RemixesBuy @ Beatport
GM-2011-133Paulina SteelOverBuy @ Beatport
GM-2011-134Gerard SerratFuckbookBuy @ Beatport
MWCD2011255Various ArtistsAfterhour Trax #4Buy @ Beatport
GM-2011-135Greyloop & FlashtecI Don't Know EPBuy @ Beatport
GM-2011-136George VBeauty Of LifeBuy @ Beatport
GM2011137Esprit Fort & SoulStateRiseBuy @ Beatport
GM2011139Kids Of HashishSativaBuy @ Beatport
GM2011140Various ArtistsDeep Sampler #1Buy @ Beatport
MWCD2011271Various ArtistsAfterhour Trax #5Buy @ Beatport
GM2011141KiiltoIt HurtsBuy @ Beatport
GM2011142DyronThe Game EPBuy @ Beatport
GM2011143Eli ClementMagellanic DustBuy @ Beatport
GM2011144Bernie AllenCaramel DelightBuy @ Beatport
GM2011145ThorinStrings From HeavenBuy @ Beatport
GM2011146Paulina SteelParadoxBuy @ Beatport
GM2011147Airwave presents LoloTravel The World In 10 MinutesBuy @ Beatport
GM2012149Various ArtistsMars Attacks #1Buy @ Beatport
GM2011148Arto KumantoLong CountBuy @ Beatport
MWCD2011312Various ArtistsGreen Martian - Best Of 2K11Buy @ Beatport
GM2012148Rishi KLong DistanceBuy @ Beatport
GM2012150JaneiroThat CloseBuy @ Beatport
GM2012151SajedRPSBuy @ Beatport
GM201215306RAirBuy @ Beatport
GM2012152Nu Fjord feat. BelleForgetBuy @ Beatport
GM2012154Philthy Chit0.8Buy @ Beatport
MWCD2012358Various ArtistsAfterhours Trax #6Buy @ Beatport
GM2012155Zodiacal LightFire In The SkyBuy @ Beatport
GM2012156Various ArtistsMars Attacks #2Buy @ Beatport
GM2012157QuadranRectangleBuy @ Beatport
GM2012158BlufeldAll My LifeBuy @ Beatport
MWCD2012372Various ArtistsIbiza 2K12 - Progressive House FrequenciesBuy @ Beatport
GM2012159DJkNeutralityBuy @ Beatport
GM2012160Rishi K.White KraneBuy @ Beatport
GM2012161Various ArtistsMars Attacks - Volume 3Buy @ Beatport
GM2012162Chris MThe Story Goes FurtherBuy @ Beatport
GM201216306RObsidian EyesBuy @ Beatport
GM2012164Mr. Raf & Hezi RachmaniDNS1Buy @ Beatport
GM2012165Rishi K.One Step Ahead EPBuy @ Beatport
GM2012166Various ArtistsMars Attacks - Volume 4Buy @ Beatport
GM2012167BlufeldThoughtscapeBuy @ Beatport
GM2012168George VThe Fight Is Within UsBuy @ Beatport
GM2012169Velvet Girl & Nancy BurrelloIn BetweenBuy @ Beatport
MWCD2012412Various ArtistsBest Of Green Martian 2012Buy @ Beatport
GM2012170Tom Conrad & Andre BonsorSunrise Over GanymedeBuy @ Beatport
GM2013171Natalia Data & Ed LeeMagic PodBuy @ Beatport
GM2013174BlufeldViewpointBuy @ Beatport
MWCD2012395Various ArtistsAfterhour Trax #7Buy @ Beatport
GM2013175Citizen 42 & Philthy ChitCurious MindBuy @ Beatport
GMCD2013001BlufeldThoughtscapesBuy @ Beatport
GM2013172Andre BonsorPhantom HighwaysBuy @ Beatport
GM2013176Neel VKrishna EPBuy @ Beatport
GM2013177Various ArtistsMars Attacks - Volume 5Buy @ Beatport
GM2013178Zodiacal LightMarquee Lights EPBuy @ Beatport
GM2013179DyronBerlin EPBuy @ Beatport
GM2013180Louis DeseroMasquerade EPBuy @ Beatport
GM2013173Sovve & BlufeldLying LowBuy @ Beatport
GM2013181Mathie DeloisDirect Force EPBuy @ Beatport
GM2013182SagittaireOne Twenty FiveBuy @ Beatport
GM2013183Sector 7DNABuy @ Beatport
GM2013184Danny MurphyAbra EPBuy @ Beatport
GM2013185Dani BoscoTime & Money EPBuy @ Beatport
GM2013186GmTVices & Transgressions EPBuy @ Beatport
GM2013187Mathie DeloisWarning EPBuy @ Beatport
GM2013188Kindred SpiritsSmooth Tricks EPBuy @ Beatport
GM2013189Jimmy GalleChocolaBuy @ Beatport
GM2013190Tom Conrad & Andre BonsorMarcahuasiBuy @ Beatport
GM2013191Various ArtistsMars Attacks - Volume 6Buy @ Beatport
GM2013192Rishi K.Always HomeBuy @ Beatport
GM2013193Philthy ChitYou And MeBuy @ Beatport
GM2013194deepAlexanderTimeloopBuy @ Beatport
GM201319506RAir 2.0Buy @ Beatport
GM2013196KingaNomadBuy @ Beatport
MWCD2013430Various ArtistsAfterhour Trax 9Buy @ Beatport
GM2013197BlufeldMetrobot CityBuy @ Beatport
GM2013198Dennis ZephyrSummer MemoriesBuy @ Beatport
GM2013199JakhiraMiracle EPBuy @ Beatport
GM2013200AmonHigh TideBuy @ Beatport
GM2013201Noa Romana & DeerskyThe Waterfall ReflectionBuy @ Beatport
GM2013202Kindred SpiritsSquare 1 EPBuy @ Beatport
GM2013203Rishi K.Inflection PointBuy @ Beatport
MWCD2013434Various ArtistsAfterhour Trax 10Buy @ Beatport
GM2013204Davide CataniaDesert SkyBuy @ Beatport
GM2013205AeonismMy SoulBuy @ Beatport
GM2013206Stereo For TwoShadow Science EPBuy @ Beatport
GM2014206DelphiMariana TrenchBuy @ Beatport
GM2014208Lonely Sun & Nicolas AgudeloAurora StormBuy @ Beatport
GM2014207emLabSirenesBuy @ Beatport
GM2014209Tom Conrad & Andre BonsorMarcahuasiBuy @ Beatport
MWCD2014442Various ArtistsAfterhour Trax 11Buy @ Beatport
GM2014210LoloLaia's DaydreamBuy @ Beatport
GM2014211FlamdaMystic IslandBuy @ Beatport
GM2014212Wild GuessNebulaeBuy @ Beatport
GM2014213GibbonDance Of Nature EPBuy @ Beatport
GM2014214DaddyMemories Are ForeverBuy @ Beatport