Eyepatch was born out of Bonzai’s 2010 revamp which saw them direct their attention towards House, Deep House and Tech. New ideas, new artist contacts and a new found purpose within the industry required a vehicle to deliver these concepts and Eyepatch was it. From the off the label has attracted some of the best producers around and has also been responsible for discovering fresh, new talent and given them a platform to shine. Releasing the finest Deep House and Tech, Eyepatch consistently rides high on playlists and has garnered support from top jocks around the world, this ensures that the label has a firm standing among its peers. G-roy, Victor Maximiliano, Ittai Barkai, Van Czar, Dimitry Liss and more are the ones who keep Eyepatch firmly on top.

Catalogue Number
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EP2010001Mans & RobbertsenDramaBuy @ Beatport
EP2010002Victor MaximilianoPeppers & Onions EPBuy @ Beatport
EP2010003Bastiq2oooElegiacBuy @ Beatport
EP2010004Gr-oyBack In DeepBuy @ Beatport
EP2010006Code DuelloSneakBuy @ Beatport
EP2010005Ittai BarkaiTelescopeBuy @ Beatport
EP2010007Jamez24H DeepnessBuy @ Beatport
EP2011008BeatblenderzMistral EPBuy @ Beatport
EP2011009Fabio ScalabroniDeep BrushedBuy @ Beatport
MWCD2011221Various ArtistsWMC 2K11 - Deep & DubBuy @ Beatport
EP2011010Gr-oyLonely Day EPBuy @ Beatport
EP2011011Ittai BarkaiSolar - LunarBuy @ Beatport
EP2011012Jamez & SoulboyHalo EPBuy @ Beatport
MWCD2011244Various ArtistsDeep Worx #1Buy @ Beatport
EP2011013Victor MaximilianoSeriously Deep EPBuy @ Beatport
MWCD2011249Various ArtistsIbiza 2K11: Deep FrequenciesBuy @ Beatport
EP2011014Gr-oyAbstract Temptation EPBuy @ Beatport
EP2011015Fabio ScalabroniAnalog Flavor EPBuy @ Beatport
EP2011017Bastiq2oooNo Exceptions EPBuy @ Beatport
EP2011018JamezFour Seasons EPBuy @ Beatport
EP2011019Fabio ScalabroniEquinoxBuy @ Beatport
EP2011020Gr-oyRed Light EPBuy @ Beatport
EP2011021Victor MaximilianoThe RatraceBuy @ Beatport
MWCD2011289Various ArtistsDeep Worx #2Buy @ Beatport
EP2011022WonjiSo Good inside EPBuy @ Beatport
EP2011023Sound ProfessionIn The CityBuy @ Beatport
EP2011024BeatblenderzLoaded (From A Groove)Buy @ Beatport
EP2011025Daniel RayHonestyBuy @ Beatport
EP2011026Dimitry LissEnvy EPBuy @ Beatport
EP2011027Jimmy GaleWhat Women WantBuy @ Beatport
MWCD2011315Various ArtistsEyepatch Recordings - Best Of 2K11Buy @ Beatport
EP2012027Jamez & SoulboyRedoneBuy @ Beatport
EP2012028Ittai BarkaiNo One Smarter Than YouBuy @ Beatport
EP2012029Daniel RayFourtyBuy @ Beatport
EP2012030BrightLightOffbeat Elite EPBuy @ Beatport
EP2012031WonjiLord I'm Stil StandingBuy @ Beatport
EP2012032BeatBlenderzFiesta PicanteBuy @ Beatport
EP2012033Patrik PrelovskyMinijazzBuy @ Beatport
EP2012034UnnamedSneak PeakBuy @ Beatport
EP2012035Sa.DuSiente EPBuy @ Beatport
MWCD2012361Various ArtistsDeep Worx #3Buy @ Beatport
EP2012036Diego AlvezRush Into The DeepBuy @ Beatport
EP2012037Pablo GaelA Perfect PlaceBuy @ Beatport
EP2012038Ittai BarkaiCanadian ForestBuy @ Beatport
EP2012039WonjiSticks & Fire EPBuy @ Beatport
EP2012040Active Line SixSilent DreamBuy @ Beatport
EP2012041Murat UncuogluFreelance EPBuy @ Beatport
EP2012042Jimmy GalleIllusionBuy @ Beatport
EP2012043Daniel RayTouchBuy @ Beatport
EP2012044UnnamedIn LoveBuy @ Beatport
EP2012045SolartoffAirflushBuy @ Beatport
EP2012046Rob McCarthyEscape To Panama EPBuy @ Beatport
EP2012047Victor MaximilianoDeep In Tha GrooveBuy @ Beatport
MWCD2012374Various ArtistsIbiza 2K12 - Deep House FrequenciesBuy @ Beatport
EP2012048AccatoneBringBuy @ Beatport
EP2012049Gr-oyAnimal Instinct EPBuy @ Beatport
EP2012050Dimitry LissInterstellar FrankieBuy @ Beatport
EP2012051Diego AlvezFrgt.10Buy @ Beatport
EP2012052WonjiFrom My Soul EPBuy @ Beatport
EP2012053Sa.DuEspanaBuy @ Beatport
EP2012054Davide MachesielloLas LarvasBuy @ Beatport
EP2012055Dimitry LissCaptain LoveBuy @ Beatport
EP2012056PrompterMundo Distante EPBuy @ Beatport
EP2012057RVMambaBuy @ Beatport
EP2012058UnnamedThe MeetingBuy @ Beatport
EP2012059Ittai BarkaiSoul Time EPBuy @ Beatport
EP2012060Van CzarBougeBuy @ Beatport
EP2012061AiemoToo Many BubblesBuy @ Beatport
MWCD2012396Various ArtistsDeep Worx #4Buy @ Beatport
EP2012062Project KFBlue MondayBuy @ Beatport
EP2012063Chanelle PearlThe BassBuy @ Beatport
EP2012064Dimitry Liss & NasrawiFlashy And Often Restless EPBuy @ Beatport
MWCD2012405Various ArtistsBest Of Eyepatch 2012Buy @ Beatport
EP2013065I3000Rainy SummerBuy @ Beatport
EP2013062WonjiConvince MeBuy @ Beatport
EP2013066CrocyBouquetBuy @ Beatport
EP2013064Dimitry LissBoston SuperintendentsBuy @ Beatport
EP2013067Van CzarTout Much EPBuy @ Beatport
EP2013068Victor MaximilianoDeep House Is A FeelingBuy @ Beatport
EP2013063Project KFPriority Of NightBuy @ Beatport
EP2013069Ed LeeCreation EPBuy @ Beatport
EP2013070Chanelle PearlStrange Fairytale EPBuy @ Beatport
EP2013072I3000Cats EPBuy @ Beatport
EP2013071PozitiveLunahodBuy @ Beatport
EP2013073Lucio GrandiJazz JausBuy @ Beatport
MWCD2013418Various ArtistsDeep Worx 5Buy @ Beatport
EP2013074The French ConnectionAngels EPBuy @ Beatport
EP2013075Michael BerklinS.O.P.A. EPBuy @ Beatport
EP2013077RVictor MaximilianoSome Mellow DeepBuy @ Beatport
EP2013076Daniel RayLofty EPBuy @ Beatport
EP2013078AccatoneI Know I Love HerBuy @ Beatport
EP2013079Tali FreaksLet Me Be Into HouseBuy @ Beatport
EP2013080Sebastien DessaySounds Of SunBuy @ Beatport
EP2013081Dimitry LissThe "What If" DeviceBuy @ Beatport
EP2013082Van CzarMon ReveBuy @ Beatport
EP2013085OushanmeteDepBuy @ Beatport
EP2013086Alen SimpleLovely ParanoiaBuy @ Beatport
EP2013084Bjoern SmallPanoramaBuy @ Beatport
EP2013083DarougeDisplacement EPBuy @ Beatport
EP2013087SolartoffThey Love MeBuy @ Beatport
MWCD2013426Various ArtistsDeep Worx 6Buy @ Beatport
EP2013088Onofrio ConteEndless Love EPBuy @ Beatport
EP2013089Yusuke YamamotoYellow EdgeBuy @ Beatport
EP2013090Johnny Deep (aka Yonathan)Portal StepsBuy @ Beatport
EP2013091Van Czar featuring PadhmeYou & MeBuy @ Beatport
EP2013092Sebastien DesaySo Awa EPBuy @ Beatport
EP2013093Ittai BarkaiDostBuy @ Beatport
EP2013094Yaroslav LenzyakJupiterBuy @ Beatport
EP2013095DaddyHidden MojoBuy @ Beatport
EP2013096Victor MaximilianoNightlife UnlimitedBuy @ Beatport
MWCD2013433Various ArtistsDeep Worx 7Buy @ Beatport
EP2013097GauloisLiving On The MusicBuy @ Beatport
EP2013098Dan CanoMoving In YouBuy @ Beatport
EP2013099Ittai BarkaiMy Sugar Brother EPBuy @ Beatport
EP2014100Daniel RayMarlboro StationBuy @ Beatport
EP2014101Dimitry LissGentle EltonBuy @ Beatport
EP2014102Victor MaximilianoReady For Something NuBuy @ Beatport
EP2014103Ivan MasaFrom London EPBuy @ Beatport
EP2014104Johnny Deep (aka Yonathan Dahan)New Era EPBuy @ Beatport
EP2014105Deeply HiWe AreBuy @ Beatport
EP2014106Yaroslav LenzyakUtzBuy @ Beatport