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2010, a time when there was a major shift in the dance music industry, as physical sales declined and the internet was fast becoming the ‘new way’ of marketing, distributing and selling music, the guys at Bonzai decided they would go with these changing times and Bonzai Progressive was born. The idea was to reinvent an already well established label, a risky move in this day and age, but one that paid off due to the determination and forward thinking of Marnik and Fly. A continuation of the classic label Bonzai Trance Progressive but with a new twist. Trance was dropped and Progressive House took its place, that is now the main focus on this label. Tech, House and Deep House are also prominent and with a highly talented and diverse array of artists there is always something different coming through. Top artists are drawn to BP as they know there music will be given all the care and attention required to make a mark. Gai Barone, Nico Parisi, Manu Riga, Thorin, Moshic, Kintar and many more are just some of the artists attracted to the BP concept. Airwave and Phi Phi are leading the charge with outstanding productions and a host of remix artists are almost lining up to become a part of this world renowned label. Support comes from all quarters, top DJ’s regurlarly feature tracks from BP and a burgeoning promo pool ensures the reach is far and wide. The future is looking good as the label continues to receive a huge amount of demos and with an already hectic release schedule we are sure this label will continue to grow and grow.

  • Simargl
    Ruslan Vashkevich
    Progressive House
    BP4032014 | Bonzai Progressive | 2014-10-27 | Buy
  • Secrets
    Thorin, Manu Riga, Mark Found, Deuzler
    Progressive House
    BP4022014 | Bonzai Progressive | 2014-10-27 | Buy
  • Sleepwalking EP
    Progressive House, Techno
    BP4012014 | Bonzai Progressive | 2014-10-20 | Buy
  • Bonzai Progressive - ADE 2014
    Airwave, Audio Noir, Phi Phi, Rise And Fall, Philthy Chit, Quincy, Gai Barone, Relaunch, Nico Parisi, DJ Fire, Soft Knees, K-Fel, One Man Groove, Moshic, Chantola, Cotry, Crocy, Alex Vidal, Reflection Soul, Anurag Nandvanshi, Tfc, Alfonso Muchacho, Smart Wave, Mark Found, Apsara, Napalm, d-phrag, Mindgamers, Metronomes, Steve Sai, David R Maddocks, Beyond Beats, Ecco, Matan Caspi, Mykle Anthony, Hady Tarek, Iosupescu Lucian, Danny Murphy, Sa.Du, Chrono, Alfredo Mena, Moll, Fran Navaez, Antonio Citarella, Van Czar, Cihan Mareno, Petri Petro, Onofrio Conte, Ozan Kanik, Inkfish, Gai Barone, Moshic, Pole Folder, CP, Relaunch, Cid Inc., Chris Harris, Audio Noir, Cordoba, Yuriy From Russia, deepAlexander, Alex Vidal, Horizons, White Resonance, Hoova, Rise And Fall, Ben Solar, Manuel Palmitesta, Nico Parisi, Onofrio Conte, Tom Hades
    Progressive House, Techno, Tech House
    MWCD2014462 | Bonzai Progressive | 2014-10-13 | Buy
  • Carre
    Airwave, Monojoke, Rise And Fall
    Progressive House
    BP3982014 | Bonzai Progressive | 2014-10-13 | Buy
  • Pieces Of A Dream
    Alex Vidal, DJ Fire, Blufeld
    Progressive House
    BP3992014 | Bonzai Progressive | 2014-10-13 | Buy
  • Club Traxx - Psy Progressive
    Koi Boi, Astral Projection, Union Jack, Vivid Loop, John 00 Fleming , Christopher Lawrence, Vibe Tribe, Spade, Faders, X-NoiZe, Azax Syndrom, Vermont, Groundbass, Relaunch, Ananda Shake, Manifestor, Art Of Trance, Domestic, Loud, Solar Fields, Punchline, ManMadeMan, Martian Arts, Airwave, Mental Broadcast, Lyctum, Timewave, Dickster, Burn In Noise, Logica, Lyctum, Pixel, Domestic, Freedom Fighters, Psilocybian, ON3, Simon Templar, The Digital Blonde
    MWCD2014455 | Bonzai Progressive | 2014-10-06 | Buy
  • Floating EP
    Progressive House
    BP3972014 | Bonzai Progressive | 2014-10-06 | Buy
  • Kleine Nyo
    DJ Fire
    Progressive House
    BP3962014 | Bonzai Progressive | 2014-10-06 | Buy
  • Club Traxx - Progressive House 12
    Loquai, Airwave, DJ Fire, Digital Department, Cara Leigh, Gai Barone, Kajis, Stiven Rivic, Michael & Levan, Silicon Syndicate, Relaunch, Moshic, Deuzler, Subconscious Tales, Alfonso Muchacho, Deep Fog, Nico Parisi, Reflection Soul, Duluth, Inkfish, Mistol Team, Louis Desero, One Million Toys, Wild Guess, Audio Noir, JJ Grant, Alex Villanueva, CJ Art, Rise And Fall, Hugo Ibarra, Uvo, Dmitry Molosh
    Progressive House
    MWCD2014461 | Bonzai Progressive | 2014-09-29 | Buy
  • Almost Famous Reworked - Volume 1
    Audio Noir, Inkfish, Airwave, Manu Riga, Sa.Du, 21street
    Progressive House, Breaks, Techno
    BP3952014 | Bonzai Progressive | 2014-09-29 | Buy
  • Fabulous
    Matan Caspi, Relaunch
    Progressive House
    BP3942014 | Bonzai Progressive | 2014-09-29 | Buy
  • Shadow Of Life
    Manu Riga, Nico Parisi, Ben Solar, Mark Found, Philthy Chit
    Progressive House, Techno
    BP3932014 | Bonzai Progressive | 2014-09-22 | Buy
  • What's Left Of Them...
    Chris Harris, Onez!e, Matteo Monero
    Progressive House
    BP3922014 | Bonzai Progressive | 2014-09-22 | Buy
  • DragOn
    Progressive House, Psy-Trance, Electronica
    BP3912014 | Bonzai Progressive | 2014-09-15 | Buy
  • You Know Why
    Mindgamers, Nico Parisi, Crocy, Jakhira, Rion Oidua
    Progressive House, House
    BP3892014 | Bonzai Progressive | 2014-09-15 | Buy
  • Bonzai Progressive #BeatportDecade Progressive House
    Airwave, DJ Fire, Manu Riga, Nico Parisi, Phi Phi, Audio Noir, Gai Barone, Relaunch, Moshic, Matan Caspi, Van Bellen, Cid Inc., Inkfish, Rise And Fall, Relaunch, Solar Fields, Philthy Chit
    Progressive House
    MWCD2014460 | Bonzai Progressive | 2014-09-12 | Buy
  • Bonzai Progressive #BeatportDecade House
    Mindgamers, Jimmy Galle, Dimitry Liss, Rishi K., Frank Le Fever, Wonji, Scrub, Barbara Wahnon, Crocy, Eric Powa B, Diego Alvez, Metodi Hristov, Dimitry Liss, Ewan Pearson, Dave Nash, Ecco
    House, Tech House, Deep House
    MWCD2014458 | Bonzai Progressive | 2014-09-12 | Buy
  • Bonzai Progressive #BeatportDecade Tech House
    Sa.Du, Mindgamers, Zas & Sanze, The French Connection, Ecco, Fab Code, Kernel Key, Oz Romita, Van Czar, Hilal Tekschneider, Project KF, Stefano Noferini, Metodi Hristov, Mark Prades
    Tech House
    MWCD2014459 | Bonzai Progressive | 2014-09-12 | Buy
  • My House Is Your House 9
    Rogerio Martins, Daniele Breschi, Marcus Raute, P.A.M.O., Rick Wade, Deeply Hi, Moliner, Tirrenia Vibe, Paul Rudder, Scrub, Barbara Wahnon, Garcynoise, Dan Cano, Mann & Klamm, Van Czar, Brett Lawrence, Ittai Barkai, Kenny Keys, Gaulois, Iosupescu Lucian, Yaroslav Lenzyak, James Dexter, Jarquin & Cano, Jr, Rion Oidua, Ivan Masa, Gaulois, Disturbance Of Silence, Ittai Barkai, Rogerio Martins
    Deep House, House
    MWCD2014457 | Bonzai Progressive | 2014-09-08 | Buy
  • Almost Famous
    Audio Noir
    Chill Out, Breaks, Progressive House, Tech House
    BP3842014 | Bonzai Progressive | 2014-09-08 | Buy
  • Confabulate
    Philthy Chit, Relaunch, Yuriy From Russia, Audio Noir
    Progressive House
    BP3872014 | Bonzai Progressive | 2014-09-08 | Buy
  • The Shadow
    Progressive House, Electronica
    BP3832014 | Bonzai Progressive | 2014-09-01 | Buy
  • Joey.L
    Tfc, Alex Vidal, Audio Noir
    Progressive House, Drum & Bass
    BP3882014 | Bonzai Progressive | 2014-09-01 | Buy
  • Recht - Remixes
    Cotry, Crocy, Audio Noir, Hady Tarek, Jakhira, deepAlexander
    House, Progressive House
    BP3822014 | Bonzai Progressive | 2014-08-25 | Buy
  • Napoli By Night
    Nico Parisi, Chris Harris, Jakhira, Nicolas Agudelo, Lonely Sun
    Progressive House, House
    BP3862014 | Bonzai Progressive | 2014-08-25 | Buy
  • Brooklyn Xpress
    Audio Noir, Steve Sai, Alex Vidal, Deuzler
    Progressive House
    BP3792014 | Bonzai Progressive | 2014-08-18 | Buy
  • Switch
    Ecco, Mindgamers, Manuel Palmitesta, Phat Traktor
    Tech House
    BP3812014 | Bonzai Progressive | 2014-08-18 | Buy
  • Vanilla
    Airwave, Phi Phi, Gai Barone, Hector Sawiak, Loquai
    Breaks, Progressive House, Techno
    BP3782014 | Bonzai Progressive | 2014-08-11 | Buy
  • Dangerous Change
    Matan Caspi, Mykle Anthony, Nico Parisi, Davide Catania
    Tech House, Progressive House
    BP3772014 | Bonzai Progressive | 2014-08-11 | Buy
  • Soul Of India
    Anurag Nandvanshi
    Progressive House, Chill Out
    BP3762014 | Bonzai Progressive | 2014-08-04 | Buy
  • Stardust
    Steve Sai, Ben Solar, Metronomes, John Tsamis, Alex Sense
    Progressive House
    BP3752014 | Bonzai Progressive | 2014-08-04 | Buy
  • Without Roots
    Airwave, DJ Fire, Relaunch, Kevin Vega, Audio Noir
    Progressive House, Chill Out
    BP3732014 | Bonzai Progressive | 2014-07-28 | Buy
  • Girls Gone Wild
    Jonny Calypso
    Tech House
    BP3742014 | Bonzai Progressive | 2014-07-28 | Buy
  • Tech House Toolbox 3
    Sa.Du, Daniele Breschi, Charles Ramirez, Stan Garac, Haustuff & Leesboon, Jonny Keys, Paul Rudder, Mylan, Manoah, Ivan Masa, Cele, Furniture Crew, Tommy Hogunz, Joshua Puerta, Cihan Mareno, Iosupescu Lucian, Alex Satry, Johnny Deep (aka Yonathan Dahan), Alfredo Mena, Danny Murphy, Pandeo, Mr Drew, Khaan, DJ Berkin, Judith La Loba, Jazzman Wax, Iban Montoro, Eat Dust, Mend, Ricardo Albuquerque, Joal, Daniele Kama, June Lopez, Jazzman Wax, Iban Montoro, Mess & Juice, Luis Bravo, Charles Ramirez, Stan Garac
    Tech House
    MWCD2014454 | Bonzai Progressive | 2014-07-28 | Buy
  • Seize the Day
    Rise And Fall, Airwave, Moshic
    Progressive House, Breaks
    BP3712014 | Bonzai Progressive | 2014-07-21 | Buy
  • Big & Small EP
    Ben Solar
    Tech House
    BP3722014 | Bonzai Progressive | 2014-07-21 | Buy
  • Perla
    Nico Parisi, Gai Barone, Philthy Chit, Thorin, Rise And Fall, Dmitry Molosh
    Progressive House
    BP3692014 | Bonzai Progressive | 2014-07-14 | Buy
  • Camis Minor EP
    Progressive House
    BP3672014 | Bonzai Progressive | 2014-07-07 | Buy
  • Solar Citadel
    Alex Vidal, Manu Riga, Nicolas Agudelo, Lonely Sun
    Progressive House
    BP3682014 | Bonzai Progressive | 2014-07-07 | Buy
  • Club Traxx - Progressive House 11
    Overtone Watson, Audiotox, Ben Coda, Matan Caspi, Airwave, Phi Phi, Moshic, Quincy, Yuji Ono, SeamLess Beat, Reflection Soul, Nico Parisi, Suffused, Smart Wave, Roy Lebens, R3cycle, Matt Holliday, Squillante, Nae-Tago, Dani Bosco, Kay-D, Stiven Rivic, Michael & Levan, Apsara, Onez!e, Etnia, Loquai, Cid Inc., Pole Folder, CP, Audio Noir, Ultimate Progress, Horizons, Alex Vidal, Derek Howell, Faskil, White Resonance, Hoova, Suggy
    Progressive House
    MWCD2014452 | Bonzai Progressive | 2014-06-30 | Buy
  • Sagittarius
    Mark Found
    Progressive House
    BP3662014 | Bonzai Progressive | 2014-06-30 | Buy
  • Go Toward The Light
    Progressive House
    BP3652014 | Bonzai Progressive | 2014-06-23 | Buy
  • No Advance
    Anlight, Nico Parisi, Davide Catania
    Progressive House
    BP3642014 | Bonzai Progressive | 2014-06-23 | Buy
  • Pressure
    Audio Noir
    Progressive House, Tech House
    BP3632014 | Bonzai Progressive | 2014-06-16 | Buy
  • Acid Jungle
    Quincy, Manu Riga, Nice Therapy, Audio Noir
    Progressive House, Techno
    BP3612014 | Bonzai Progressive | 2014-06-09 | Buy
  • Check One
    The Revolving Junkie
    BP3622014 | Bonzai Progressive | 2014-06-09 | Buy
  • Club Traxx - Dark & Deep
    Metronomes, deepAlexander, Yuriy From Russia, Dafar, Jonny Calypso, Kabalo, Jonathan Calvo, Samotarev, Napalm, d-phrag, Steve Sai, Moll, 10000 Sounds Project, Sa.Du, The Revolving Junkie, Phat Traktor, Ego Progressus, Antonio Citarella, Pierre Zamyatin, Fran Navaez, Ruben Losada, Eric Kanzler, Kevin Vega, Rise And Fall, KruSound, Ego Progressus
    Progressive House, Tech House, Techno
    MWCD2014448 | Bonzai Progressive | 2014-06-02 | Buy
  • Pantheon
    K-Fel, Napalm, d-phrag, Yuriy From Russia
    Progressive House
    BP3592014 | Bonzai Progressive | 2014-06-02 | Buy
  • Cartaria
    Gai Barone, Relaunch, Audio Noir
    Progressive House
    BP3582014 | Bonzai Progressive | 2014-05-26 | Buy
  • Triangle
    Airwave, Inkfish, Solar Fields
    Progressive House
    BP3572014 | Bonzai Progressive | 2014-05-19 | Buy
  • Ibiza 2014
    Pozitive, Rick Wade, Joal, Yusuke Yamamoto, Rogerio Martins, Tirrenia Vibe, Haustuff & Leesboon, Jonny Keys, Miguel Reis, Dan Cano, Moliner, Ittai Barkai, Juanma Llopis, Mr Drew, Hurlee, Ivan Masa, Mennie, Simone Girau, Dario Girau, Johnny Deep (aka Yonathan Dahan), Carlo Caldareri, Iosupescu Lucian, Yaroslav Lenzyak, Daniel Ray, Sa.Du, Fragoso, Daddy, Eighty Six, Wild Guess, Mindgamers, Scrub, Barbara Wahnon, Eric Powa B, Cordoba, Matan Caspi, DaSmokin'Frogz, Steve Sai, Tom Conrad, Andre Bonsor, Crocy, Thorin, Martusciello, Quincy, Moshic, Relaunch, Nico Parisi, Chantola, deepAlexander, Audio Noir, Airwave, Phi Phi, Napalm, d-phrag, James Gill, Antonio Citarella, 10000 Sounds Project, James Dexter, Jarquin & Cano, Ricardo Albuquerque, Rogerio Martins, Gaulois, Luis Bravo, Daniele Kama, Fragoso, Jazzman Wax, Iban Montoro, Jakhira, Rion Oidua, Mindgamers, Velvet Girl, Audio Noir, Pole Folder, CP, Gai Barone, Philthy Chit, Superlifter, Yuriy From Russia, Ego Progressus
    Deep House, Tech House, House, Progressive House, Techno
    MWCD2014446 | Bonzai Progressive | 2014-05-12 | Buy
  • R3wind EP
    Audio Noir
    BP3562014 | Bonzai Progressive | 2014-05-12 | Buy
  • Just Let Go
    Matan Caspi, Mindgamers, Audio Noir, deepAlexander
    Progressive House
    BP3552014 | Bonzai Progressive | 2014-05-05 | Buy
  • Reflexion
    Soft Knees, Kevin Vega, Cordoba, Smok
    Progressive House
    BP3542014 | Bonzai Progressive | 2014-04-28 | Buy
  • Club Traxx - Progressive House 10
    John 00 Fleming , The Digital Blonde (00.db), Moshic, 21street, Airwave, Phi Phi, Kasall, Emm Syd, Dark Soul Project, Relaunch, Stiven Rivic, Michael & Levan, Rafa'EL, Olga Misty, Darko De Jan, Cordoba, Tom Conrad, Andre Bonsor, Domased Electronica, Nicolas Agudelo, Lonely Sun, Ivan Nikusev, Aggressor, Paduraru, Javanny, EmLab, One Million Toys, Yuriy From Russia, Relaunch, Dale Middleton, CJ Art, Matan Caspi, Kastis Torrau, Arnas D, Velvet Girl, Mindshield, Samotarev, Spacebeat
    Progressive House
    MWCD2014445 | Bonzai Progressive | 2014-04-21 | Buy
  • In Motion
    Apsara, Steve Self, White Resonance, Hoova
    Techno, Progressive House
    BP3512014 | Bonzai Progressive | 2014-04-21 | Buy
  • Andromeda
    Kevin Vega
    Progressive House
    BP3532014 | Bonzai Progressive | 2014-04-21 | Buy
  • Definition
    Jonny Calypso
    Progressive House
    BP3522014 | Bonzai Progressive | 2014-04-14 | Buy
  • Night Shift
    Hady Tarek
    Progressive House, Tech House
    BP4002014 | Bonzai Progressive | 2014-04-07 | Buy
  • Club Traxx - Breaks
    Airwave, Phi Phi, Timewave, Nick O'Sean, Manu Riga, Moshic, Subtara, Planisphere, Kevin Vega, Plu-Ton, Elev8, Anton MAKe, VidesAngelini, 06R, John 00 Fleming , Stiven Rivic, Michael & Levan, Thorin, Javanny, SoulState, Esprit Fort, Shiloh, Zakat Project, Ayleon, The Digital Blonde, Philthy Chit, Superlifter, Monojoke, Planisphere, Airwave, Loquai, Douglas Howarth, And3rsun, Viktor K
    MWCD2014444 | Bonzai Progressive | 2014-03-31 | Buy
  • Transfagarasan Highway
    Audio Noir, M.I.K.E., Airwave, Manu Riga, Thorin
    Progressive House, Electro House, Chill Out
    BP3902014 | Bonzai Progressive | 2014-03-31 | Buy
  • It's Not What You Say
    Chantola, Crocy, Daddy, deepAlexander, Audio Noir
    Progressive House, Chill Out
    BP3802014 | Bonzai Progressive | 2014-03-24 | Buy
  • The Horn
    Airwave, Phi Phi, Mindgamers, Cid Inc., Yuriy From Russia
    Progressive House
    BP3702014 | Bonzai Progressive | 2014-03-24 | Buy
  • Do It To Me Now
    Moshic, Gai Barone, Manu Riga, Audio Noir
    Progressive House
    BP3502014 | Bonzai Progressive | 2014-03-17 | Buy
  • Ezridah
    Progressive House
    BP3602014 | Bonzai Progressive | 2014-03-17 | Buy
  • WMC Miami 2014
    Thorin, DaSmokin'Frogz, Dafar, Jonny Calypso, Audio Noir, Airwave, Phi Phi, Moshic, Manu Riga, Jimmy Galle, Steve Sai, Nico Parisi, Napalm, d-phrag, Sector 7, Relaunch, Stereo For Two, Mindgamers, Matan Caspi, Quadran, Flembaz, Jakhira, Rishi K., Noa Romana, Deersky, Blufeld, Aeonism, Davide Catania, Aamon, Crocy, Ashley Berndt, Chantola, Eric Powa B, Cordoba, Daddy, Onofrio Conte, Mennie, Yusuke Yamamoto, Kisk, Accatone, JR (UK), Dan Cano, Carlo Caldareri, Ittai Barkai, Rogerio Martins, Yaroslav Lenzyak, Johnny Deep (aka Yonathan Dahan), Gforty, Concealed Truth, Joal, Mend, Moll, Neptun 505, Andy Slate, Metronomes, Sa.Du, 10000 Sounds Project, Jonathan Calvo, Jazzman Wax, Iban Montoro, John Manning, Diego Herrera, Tribal Warriors, Oz Romita, Van Czar, Ozan Kanik, Alessan Main, Kevh Ripple, Cordoba, Moshic, Airwave, Van Bellen, Samotarev, Inkfish, Relaunch, Yuriy From Russia, Matan Caspi, Blufeld, Mindgamers, Fauvrelle, Gaulois, Andy Slate, KruSound, Onofrio Conte, Tom Hades, James Hopkins
    Progressive House, Breaks, House, Tech House, Deep House, Techno
    MWCD2014441 | Bonzai Progressive | 2014-03-10 | Buy
  • Tour De Force
    Napalm, d-phrag, Manu Riga, Yuriy From Russia
    Progressive House
    BP3482014 | Bonzai Progressive | 2014-03-10 | Buy
  • Soulit
    Nico Parisi, Sector 7, Audio Noir, Thorin
    Progressive House
    BP3472014 | Bonzai Progressive | 2014-03-03 | Buy
  • Cry - Remixes
    Crocy, Audio Noir, Steve Sai, DaSmokin'Frogz
    Progressive House
    BP3492014 | Bonzai Progressive | 2014-03-03 | Buy
  • Club Traxx - Progressive House 9
    Praveen Achary, Airwave, Phi Phi, Stiven Rivic, Michael & Levan, Cid Inc., Moshic, JJ Grant, Audio Noir, Shane, Thorin, Tolga Diler, Mindgamers, Kintar, Agrande, Full Gear Flavor, Loquai, DeepSoul Duo, Beat Maniacs, Domased Electronica, Kasall, Emm Syd, Gary Delaney, Stereo For Two, Cid Inc., Rise And Fall, Pole Folder, Philthy Chit, Napalm, d-phrag, Relaunch, Kintar, Yuriy From Russia, Erdi Irmak, Tim Robert, CJ Art, Kabalo, Matteo Monero, Timewave, Leach
    Progressive House
    MWCD2014440 | Bonzai Progressive | 2014-02-24 | Buy
  • In Balance
    Quincy, Pole Folder, CP, Airwave
    Progressive House, Breaks
    BP3462014 | Bonzai Progressive | 2014-02-24 | Buy
  • I Wanna
    Matan Caspi, Crocy, Daddy
    Progressive House
    BP3442014 | Bonzai Progressive | 2014-02-24 | Buy
  • Midnight Launch
    deepAlexander, Nico Parisi, Kevin Vega
    Progressive House
    BP3432014 | Bonzai Progressive | 2014-02-17 | Buy
  • Earthcall
    Audio Noir
    Progressive House
    BP3452014 | Bonzai Progressive | 2014-02-17 | Buy
  • My House Is Your House #8
    Joal, Daddy, Carlo Caldareri, Ecco, Nico P, Onofrio Conte, Jazzman Wax, Iban Montoro, Mennie, Fragoso, Darouge, Hurlee, Mylan, Sebastien Desay, Alan Castro, Rogerio Martins, Johnny Deep (aka Yonathan Dahan), Bruno Ferreira, JR (UK), Swing City, Solartoff, Wonji, H. Membrano, Mylan, Fragoso, Swing City, Fauvrelle
    Deep House, House, Tech House
    MWCD2014439 | Bonzai Progressive | 2014-02-10 | Buy
  • Far Away EP
    Progressive House
    BP3422014 | Bonzai Progressive | 2014-02-10 | Buy
  • Lost In Funny Space Games
    House, Progressive House
    MWCD2014438 | Bonzai Progressive | 2014-02-03 | Buy
  • Surface
    Cordoba, Mindgamers, Audio Noir
    Progressive House, Tech House, Chill Out
    BP3412014 | Bonzai Progressive | 2014-02-03 | Buy
  • Zulu EP
    Neptun 505
    Tech House
    BP3412013 | Bonzai Progressive | 2014-01-27 | Buy
  • White Fluffy Clouds
    Steve Sai
    Progressive House
    BP3402013 | Bonzai Progressive | 2014-01-27 | Buy
  • A Breeze On The Nile
    Airwave, Phi Phi, Philthy Chit, Superlifter, Relaunch, Steve Sai
    Progressive House, Breaks
    BP3392013 | Bonzai Progressive | 2014-01-20 | Buy
  • Vitamine EP
    Eighty Six
    Progressive House, House
    BP3382013 | Bonzai Progressive | 2014-01-13 | Buy
  • Hallucinogen
    Thorin, Kevin Vega, Beat Maniacs, Audio Noir
    Progressive House
    BP3362013 | Bonzai Progressive | 2014-01-13 | Buy
  • NY Xpress
    Audio Noir, Sector 7, Nico Parisi, Jonny Calypso, Cordoba
    Progressive House
    BP3372013 | Bonzai Progressive | 2014-01-06 | Buy
  • The Crown
    Mindgamers, Daddy, Cordoba
    Progressive House
    BP3292013 | Bonzai Progressive | 2013-12-30 | Buy
  • Rotten Hour
    Progressive House
    BP3352013 | Bonzai Progressive | 2013-12-30 | Buy
  • Tech House Toolbox 2
    Jonathan Calvo, Joal, Kini Rao, Alexandro Tachyani, Khris Rios, B Gutierrez, Mindgamers, Jey Fever, Project KF, Ecco, Charles Ramirez, Diego Alvez, Sean McCaff, Mylan, Jazzman Wax, Iban Montoro, Electric Bastards, Enrico Caruso, Alex Satry, The Revolving Junkie, Zolex, Nikkie, Thomas Genchev, Lucio Grandi, KruSound, Florian Meindl, Mindgamers, Onofrio Conte, Ecco, Soren Aalberg
    Tech House, House
    MWCD2013437 | Bonzai Progressive | 2013-12-23 | Buy
  • Hidden Door
    Progressive House, Tech House
    BP3332013 | Bonzai Progressive | 2013-12-23 | Buy
  • Aloha
    Sector 7, Relaunch, Audio Noir, Yuriy From Russia
    Progressive House
    BP3342013 | Bonzai Progressive | 2013-12-23 | Buy
  • Karaba
    Airwave, Jimmy Galle, Airwave, Jimmy Galle, Crocy, Samotarev
    Progressive House, House
    BP3322013 | Bonzai Progressive | 2013-12-16 | Buy
  • Accelerator
    Daddy, Tribal Warriors
    Tech House
    BP3312013 | Bonzai Progressive | 2013-12-16 | Buy
  • Caress
    Nico Parisi, Inkfish, Manu Riga, Philthy Chit, Erik Hubo, Yuriy From Russia
    Progressive House
    BP3302013 | Bonzai Progressive | 2013-12-09 | Buy
  • Club Traxx - Progressive House 8
    Manu Riga, Lloyd Trimmer, 21street, Airwave, DJ Fire, Gai Barone, Philthy Chit, Audio Noir, Aquadro, Moshic, Chantola, J-Junior, Angga, Rise And Fall, John 00 Fleming , Christopher Lawrence, Franbeats, Anthony Yarranton, WayWork, Kindred Spirits, Stiven Rivic, Michael & Levan, Rishi K., Digital Department, Cid Inc., Stan Kolev, Matan Caspi, Kintar, Loquai, Manu Riga, Matteo Monero, Hector Sawiak, Santiago Garcia, Dark Soul Project, Zan Prevee, Jakhira, CJ Art, JJ Grant
    Progressive House
    MWCD2013435 | Bonzai Progressive | 2013-12-02 | Buy
  • Princess EP
    BP3282013 | Bonzai Progressive | 2013-11-25 | Buy
  • Spirit
    Dafar, Jonny Calypso
    Progressive House
    BP3272013 | Bonzai Progressive | 2013-11-25 | Buy
  • Muddy Dreams
    Matan Caspi, Anthony Yarranton, Jakhira
    Progressive House
    BP3262013 | Bonzai Progressive | 2013-11-18 | Buy
  • Cafe EP
    Progressive House
    BP3252013 | Bonzai Progressive | 2013-11-11 | Buy
  • End Game
    Thorin, Mindgamers, Relaunch
    Progressive House
    BP3242013 | Bonzai Progressive | 2013-11-11 | Buy
  • I Want You
    Chantola, Tero, Johny S, FunkyDee
    Progressive House
    BP3232013 | Bonzai Progressive | 2013-11-04 | Buy
  • Floorlicker
    Audio Noir
    Progressive House
    BP3212013 | Bonzai Progressive | 2013-10-28 | Buy
  • Back On Track
    Airwave, Phi Phi, Moshic, Rise And Fall, Audio Noir
    Progressive House, Trance
    BP3222013 | Bonzai Progressive | 2013-10-21 | Buy
  • Bonzai Progressive - ADE 2013
    Nico Parisi, Manu Riga, Airwave, DJ Fire, Gai Barone, 06R, Rise And Fall, Samotarev, deepAlexander, Kabalo, Kevin Vega, Audio Noir, Rishi K., Kindred Spirits, Philthy Chit, Ange, Yuriy From Russia, John Scott, Anthony Yarranton, Steve Sai, Pierre Zamyatin, Mindgamers, Chantola, J-Junior, Eric Powa B, V.Ray, Jusa, Matan Caspi, Mylan, Michael Berklin, Alen Simple, In2Deep, Fulltone, Dimitry Liss, Solartoff, Rick Wade, Sebastien Desay, Rogerio Martins, Accatone, JR From Dallas, Lurob, Hurlee, Fauvrelle, Oushanmete, Thomas Genchev, Chrono, Ascaloon, Electric Bastards, Oz Romita, RV, Dany Cohiba, The Revolving Junkie, Darouge, Active Line Six, Tribal Warriors, Lyle Quach, Redraft Memories, Sean McCaff, Jey Fever, Project KF, Zolex, Nikkie, Van Czar, Gabriel Ben, Ed Whitty, Sa.Du, M.R.T.N, Onofrio Conte, Mariano Santos, Ozan Kanik, Filth & Splendour, THiN, Franky Jones, Gai Barone, Kintar, Airwave, Narel, Rise And Fall, Matteo Monero, Blufeld, Florian Meindl, Thomas Genchev, Ecco, Saccao, Haze-M, Manu Riga, deepAlexander, Harmon, Landowski, Dimitry Liss, Van Czar, Ugur Yurt, Tofke, AngelLopez, Sander Bongertman, Soren Aalberg, Re Dupre, Rod B., Angelo Fracalanza, Ozan Kanik, Redhead
    Progressive House, Tech House, Deep House, House, Techno
    MWCD2013432 | Bonzai Progressive | 2013-10-14 | Buy
  • False Emotion
    Moshic, John 00 Fleming , Airwave, Philthy Chit
    Progressive House, Breaks
    BP3202013 | Bonzai Progressive | 2013-10-14 | Buy
  • Bookamvijas
    Concealed Truth
    Tech House
    BP3192013 | Bonzai Progressive | 2013-10-14 | Buy
  • Cry
    Crocy, Ashley Berndt
    Progressive House, House
    BP3182013 | Bonzai Progressive | 2013-10-07 | Buy
  • Messine
    Beat Maniacs, Audio Noir, Kabalo
    Progressive House
    BP3172013 | Bonzai Progressive | 2013-10-07 | Buy
  • Caprioska
    Mindgamers, Tribal Warriors, Yuriy From Russia
    Progressive House
    BP3162013 | Bonzai Progressive | 2013-09-30 | Buy
  • Boiling Point
    Napalm, d-phrag, Simos Tagias
    Progressive House
    BP3152013 | Bonzai Progressive | 2013-09-30 | Buy
  • Sleepless Night
    Diego Alvez, Mindgamers, Electric Bastards, Thomas Genchev
    House, Tech House
    BP3132013 | Bonzai Progressive | 2013-09-23 | Buy
  • Rumour
    Quadran, Matan Caspi, Anthony Yarranton, Thorin
    Progressive House
    BP3142013 | Bonzai Progressive | 2013-09-23 | Buy
  • My House Is Your House #7
    In2Deep, Fulltone, Accatone, Ed Lee, Oushanmete, DJ Mishakov, Fauvrelle, Dimitry Liss, Oliver Maier, Rick Wade, Sebastien Desay, Project KF, Sensoreal, JR From Dallas, Lurob, Daniel Ray, Kevin Bassett, Victor Maximiliano, Rogerio Martins, Luis Bravo, Michael Berklin, Chanelle Pearl, Dimitry Liss, Project KF, Shades Of Gray
    Tech House, Deep House, House
    MWCD2013431 | Bonzai Progressive | 2013-09-16 | Buy
  • Cimmerian
    Manu Riga, Van Bellen, Loquai, Cid Inc.
    Progressive House
    BP3112013 | Bonzai Progressive | 2013-09-16 | Buy
  • Sunshine
    Eric Powa B, John Rivera, Mindgamers, Ecco, deepAlexander, Thomas Genchev
    Progressive House, Deep House
    BP3122013 | Bonzai Progressive | 2013-09-16 | Buy
  • Panorama
    Yaroslav Lenzyak, Kevin Vega, Diego Alvez
    Tech House
    BP3092013 | Bonzai Progressive | 2013-09-09 | Buy
  • Noise & Silence
    Thomas Genchev
    Progressive House
    BP3102013 | Bonzai Progressive | 2013-09-09 | Buy
  • Flames EP
    Electric Bastards
    Tech House
    BP3082013 | Bonzai Progressive | 2013-09-02 | Buy
  • Lullaby
    Gai Barone, Airwave, Manu Riga
    Progressive House
    BP3072013 | Bonzai Progressive | 2013-09-02 | Buy
  • Feel The Beat
    V.Ray, Jusa, Mindgamers, Eric Powa B, Alen Simple, Saccao, Haze-M, Electric Bastards
    Progressive House, Deep House
    BP3062013 | Bonzai Progressive | 2013-08-26 | Buy
  • Don't You Know
    Chantola, J-Junior, Hector Sawiak, Thomas Genchev, Jakhira
    Progressive House
    BP3042013 | Bonzai Progressive | 2013-08-26 | Buy
  • Club Traxx - Progressive House 7
    Matan Caspi, Gai Barone, Miika Kuisma, Cristal Snow, Nico Parisi, Manu Riga, Nick Stoynoff, Airwave, DJ Fire, Jimmy Galle, Kay-D, Moshic, Sagittaire, Rezo, Rise And Fall, White Resonance, Kindred Spirits, Stan Kolev, Audio Noir, Midnight Star, Andre Bonsor, deepAlexander, Relaunch, Anthony Yarranton, Marc Poppcke, Van Bellen, Manu Riga, Silinder, CJ Art, Loquai
    Progressive House
    MWCD2013429 | Bonzai Progressive | 2013-08-19 | Buy
  • Revelation
    Audio Noir, Gai Barone, Matteo Monero, Narel, Yuriy From Russia
    Progressive House
    BP3052013 | Bonzai Progressive | 2013-08-19 | Buy
  • Monsieur EP
    The Revolving Junkie
    Tech House
    BP3012013 | Bonzai Progressive | 2013-08-12 | Buy
  • Cotton Candy EP
    Anthony Yarranton
    Progressive House
    BP3022013 | Bonzai Progressive | 2013-08-12 | Buy
  • Raid The Bar
    Matan Caspi, Mindgamers, Chantola, Manu Riga
    Progressive House
    BP3002013 | Bonzai Progressive | 2013-08-05 | Buy
  • Do You Feel
    Ange, Yuriy From Russia
    Progressive House
    BP2992013 | Bonzai Progressive | 2013-07-29 | Buy
  • Heartstrings EP
    Progressive House
    BP2982013 | Bonzai Progressive | 2013-07-29 | Buy
  • Waiting For You
    Kabalo, Audio Noir, Rise And Fall
    Progressive House
    BP2972013 | Bonzai Progressive | 2013-07-22 | Buy
  • Cough Drops
    Thomas Genchev
    House, Progressive House
    BP2952013 | Bonzai Progressive | 2013-07-15 | Buy
  • Lightning EP
    Pierre Zamyatin
    Progressive House
    BP2962013 | Bonzai Progressive | 2013-07-15 | Buy
  • Ibiza 2013 - Volume 2
    Mindgamers, R.O.N.N., Lyle Quach, Oz Romita, Filth & Splendour, Alex Satry, James Harcourt, Tim Sneath, Agrande, Poison Pro, Yanysh, Mylan, Joal, Chrono, Ascaloon, Crystal Symphony, MC Johnny Def, Kini Rao, Gabriel Ben, Ed Whitty, Redraft Memories, Danny Murphy, Samotarev, Audio Noir, Sonsez, Pierre Zamyatin, Florian Meindl, James Hopkins, AngelLopez, Beckers, Ecco, Chris Domingo, Re Dupre, Rod B., Angelo Fracalanza
    Tech House, Deep House, Progressive House, House, Techno
    MWCD2013 | Bonzai Progressive | 2013-07-08 | Buy
  • The Cube EP
    Steve Sai
    Progressive House
    BP2942013 | Bonzai Progressive | 2013-07-08 | Buy
  • Kabalash
    Airwave, DJ Fire, Van Bellen, Kintar, Loquai
    Progressive House
    BP2932013 | Bonzai Progressive | 2013-07-01 | Buy
  • Tech House Toolbox 1
    Redraft Memories, Ecco, Darouge, Mylan, Filth & Splendour, Charles Ramirez, Stan Garac, Valeria Croft, Daniele Kama, Joal, Sean McCaff, Wonji, Lights Electronika, Poison Pro, Yanysh, Luckoni, Baum, Mgc, Fabinii, Project KF, Recess, Mario Foksa, Beckers, Diego Alvez, Peker, Element
    Tech House, House
    MWCD2013424 | Bonzai Progressive | 2013-06-24 | Buy
  • Sidewinder
    Audio Noir
    Progressive House
    BP2922013 | Bonzai Progressive | 2013-06-24 | Buy
  • Reborn
    Nico Parisi, Manu Riga, Gai Barone, Audio Noir, Anthony Yarranton
    Progressive House
    BP2912013 | Bonzai Progressive | 2013-06-17 | Buy
  • Assault
    Zolex, Nikkie, Soren Aalberg, Guss Carver, DJ Philip, Jean Delaru, Nocturno
    Progressive House, Tech House, Electro House, Techno
    BP2902013 | Bonzai Progressive | 2013-06-10 | Buy
  • Imagination
    Rise And Fall, Manu Riga
    Progressive House
    BP2892013 | Bonzai Progressive | 2013-06-03 | Buy
  • Give Me
    Shimmer (NL), Chantola, Mylan, Accatone, Concealed Truth
    Progressive House, Tech House, Deep House
    BP2882013 | Bonzai Progressive | 2013-05-27 | Buy
  • Club Traxx - Progressive House 6
    Relaunch, Neon, Mindgamers, Chris Sterio, Steve McGrath, Tom Conrad, Andre Bonsor, Moshic, Domased Electronica, Booya, Matt G., Iulia Constantin, Crocy, Timewave, Citizen 42, Philthy Chit, Oliver Morgenroth, Kintar, Erich Lh, Cut Knob, Blufeld, Paul Martinez, Fiddler, Thomas Genchev, Downgrooves, Wally M, Mariano Mellino, Mathov, Moshic, Matan Caspi, Loquai, Van Bellen, Frangellico, Noa Romana, Deersky, Kintar, Manu Riga, Relaunch, Tom Conrad, Andre Bonsor, Hector Sawiak, Kevin Vega, Mindgamers, Deepfunk
    Progressive House, Tech House
    MWCD2013421 | Bonzai Progressive | 2013-05-27 | Buy
  • High Pass
    Electric Bastards, Mindgamers
    Tech House, House
    BP2872013 | Bonzai Progressive | 2013-05-20 | Buy
  • Days Go By
    Progressive House
    BP2852013 | Bonzai Progressive | 2013-05-13 | Buy
  • Ibiza 2013
    Airwave, John 00 Fleming , Andre Bonsor, Davide Catania, Citizen 42, Philthy Chit, Blufeld, Chantola, Manu Riga, Loquai, Shimmer (NL), Dyron, Mindgamers, Jakhira, Luckoni, Paduraru, Oushanmete, Pierre Zamyatin, Diego Alvez, Mylan, Scrub, Barbara Wahnon, Efron, Piek, Ed Lee, Charles Ramirez, Dimitry Liss, Rick Wade, Wonji, Fauvrelle, Rogerio Martins, Project KF, Crocy, Pozitive, Joal, Tribal Warriors, Fabian Jakopetz, Dub Way, Ritch Mollen, Chanelle Pearl, Ecco, Yogimeister, Onofrio Conte, W&dy, Oz Romita, Victor Vera, Ozan Kanik, 06R, Kevin Vega, Loquai, Frangellico, Metodi Hristov, Diego Alvez, Dave Nash, Hector Couto, Project KF, Dimitry Liss, Ugur Yurt, Tofke
    Trance, Progressive House, House, Tech House, Deep House, Techno
    MWCD2013419 | Bonzai Progressive | 2013-05-06 | Buy
  • Light Holder
    Thorin, Thomas Genchev, Jakhira
    House, Progressive House
    BP2862013 | Bonzai Progressive | 2013-05-06 | Buy
  • Smooth Rain
    Concealed Truth
    Progressive House
    BP2842013 | Bonzai Progressive | 2013-04-29 | Buy
  • Once Again
    Mindgamers, Florian Meindl, Electric Bastards
    Tech House, Progressive House
    BP2832013 | Bonzai Progressive | 2013-04-22 | Buy
  • My House Is Your House #6
    Efron, Piek, Matan Caspi, Joal, Tito Ferreira, Garcynoise, Electric Bastards, Scrub, Barbara Wahnon, Dimitry Liss, Daniele Kama, Ecco, Accatone, Wonji, Luis Bravo, Kike Mayor, Chanelle Pearl, Oraa, Rogerio Martins, Brett Lawrence, Rob McCarthy, Crocy, Piek, Rogerio Martins, Charles Ramirez
    Tech House, Progressive House, Deep House, Indie Dance / Nu Disco, House, Electronica
    MWCD2013417 | Bonzai Progressive | 2013-04-15 | Buy
  • Doubt EP
    Tech House
    BP2822013 | Bonzai Progressive | 2013-04-15 | Buy
  • Set & Let
    Rue Duo, Manu Riga, Crocy, Rishi K.
    Progressive House
    BP2812013 | Bonzai Progressive | 2013-04-08 | Buy
  • Cold Planet
    Luckoni, Chantola, Diego Alvez
    Progressive House, Tech House
    BP2802013 | Bonzai Progressive | 2013-04-01 | Buy