2010, a time when there was a major shift in the dance music industry, as physical sales declined and the internet was fast becoming the ‘new way’ of marketing, distributing and selling music, the guys at Bonzai decided they would go with these changing times and Bonzai Progressive was born. The idea was to reinvent an already well established label, a risky move in this day and age, but one that paid off due to the determination and forward thinking of Marnik and Fly. A continuation of the classic label Bonzai Trance Progressive but with a new twist. Trance was dropped and Progressive House took its place, that is now the main focus on this label. Tech, House and Deep House are also prominent and with a highly talented and diverse array of artists there is always something different coming through. Top artists are drawn to BP as they know there music will be given all the care and attention required to make a mark. Gai Barone, Nico Parisi, Manu Riga, Thorin, Moshic, Kintar and many more are just some of the artists attracted to the BP concept. Airwave and Phi Phi are leading the charge with outstanding productions and a host of remix artists are almost lining up to become a part of this world renowned label. Support comes from all quarters, top DJ’s regurlarly feature tracks from BP and a burgeoning promo pool ensures the reach is far and wide. The future is looking good as the label continues to receive a huge amount of demos and with an already hectic release schedule we are sure this label will continue to grow and grow.

Catalogue Number
Buy Link
BP-182-2009Bach & ScherlFaithBuy @ Beatport
BP-183-2009AirwaveUrban TouaregBuy @ Beatport
BP-184-2009BlufeldMetrobotBuy @ Beatport
BP-185-2009DyronEndless WaysBuy @ Beatport
BP-186-2009Andrea Saenz & Milton ChannelsAtlantisBuy @ Beatport
BP-187-2009Northlake vs Bruchez & Van HolstTwisted CoinsBuy @ Beatport
BP-188-2009Marko La RoccaBlues DiamondBuy @ Beatport
BPCD2009002SubtaraExpressions Of The MindBuy @ Beatport
BPCD2009003SubtaraSecond FlightBuy @ Beatport
BP-189-2009L.A.V.IMui Mal, AnimalBuy @ Beatport
BPCD2009001BlufeldOn A Deeper Level - AlbumBuy @ Beatport
BPCD2009004Various ArtistsBonzai Progressive - Best Of 2K9Buy @ Beatport
BP-190-2009SovveSome Other DayBuy @ Beatport
BP-191-2010Liquid NationsLaguna NightsBuy @ Beatport
BP-192-2010QuadranForgive MeBuy @ Beatport
BP-193-2010BlufeldAir Of DoubtBuy @ Beatport
MWCD2010116Various ArtistsClub Traxx - Progressive HouseBuy @ Beatport
BP-194-2010Manu RigaTai Chi GirlBuy @ Beatport
BP-195-2010Enrique GongoraMorning In The StreetsBuy @ Beatport
BP-196-2010MiniTech ProjectMiniTech TribalBuy @ Beatport
BP-197-2010dPenDayworxBuy @ Beatport
BP-198-2010Zas & Sanze presents MindgamersAttractionsBuy @ Beatport
BP-199-2010ArtoisCoffee & Cigarettes EPBuy @ Beatport
BP-200-2010Fact/FictionThe WeekendBuy @ Beatport
BP-201-2010DezarateProzakBuy @ Beatport
MWCD2010142Various ArtistsBonzai Progressive Kult - Volume 3 - Anniversary EditionBuy @ Beatport
BP-202-2010Gerard SerratPicturesBuy @ Beatport
BP-203-2010ParafernaliaGhost WhispererBuy @ Beatport
BP-204-2010Jimmy GalleEleventhBuy @ Beatport
BP-205-2010Da Others & Andrea Saenz vs Ro GarciaManabiBuy @ Beatport
BP-206-2010PamuyaVirtual VoodooBuy @ Beatport
MWCD2010160Various ArtistsIbiza 2K10 Progressive House FrequenciesBuy @ Beatport
BP-210-2010QuadranHalcyonBuy @ Beatport
MWCD2010168Various ArtistsBonzai Progressive Kult 4Buy @ Beatport
BP-208-2010ThorinGarlic MemoriesBuy @ Beatport
BP-211-2010Jasper JinxThe Sun - RemixesBuy @ Beatport
BP-212-2010Minitech ProjectDisco Shit EPBuy @ Beatport
BP-213-2010BlufeldEvery Lost StepBuy @ Beatport
BP-214-2010Section 9Ghost Hack EP - RemasteredBuy @ Beatport
MWCD2010180Various ArtistsBonzai Progressive Kult - Volume 5Buy @ Beatport
BP-214-2011Funky Space PiratesSomething To Live ForBuy @ Beatport
MWCD2010181Various ArtistsClub Traxx - Progressive House #2Buy @ Beatport
BP-215-2011ThorinAncient Times /CreamerBuy @ Beatport
BP-216-2011Fab CodeMas Musica EPBuy @ Beatport
BPCD2010005ChantolaWrongside BusinessBuy @ Beatport
BP-217-2011VercheRootsBuy @ Beatport
BP-218-2011Luca LombardiHard Times - RemixesBuy @ Beatport
MWCD2011207Various ArtistsBonzai Progressive - Best Of 2K10Buy @ Beatport
BP-219-2011Cee Cee CoxPlaygroundBuy @ Beatport
BP-220-2011ChantolaIbiza SoulBuy @ Beatport
MWCD2011218Various ArtistsBonzai Progressive Kult - Volume 6Buy @ Beatport
BP-221-2011Erdem AktasMeidaa EPBuy @ Beatport
BP-222-2011LemonchillRoom 305Buy @ Beatport
MWCD2011223Various ArtistsWMC 2K11 - House & TechnoBuy @ Beatport
BP-223-201121streetMind BenderBuy @ Beatport
BP-225-2011Zas & Sanze presents MindgamersFocusedBuy @ Beatport
BP-226-2011Soundmodul & MoffousEverybody Likes AutumnBuy @ Beatport
BP-227-2011Manu RigaTime In BetweenBuy @ Beatport
BP-228-2011Citizen 42Sounds In A Vacuum EPBuy @ Beatport
MWCD2011247Various ArtistsIbiza 2K11 - Progressive House FrequenciesBuy @ Beatport
BP-229-201121streetWe Removed Mountains EPBuy @ Beatport
BP-230-2011ChantolaIf All That Glitter Is GoldBuy @ Beatport
MWCD2011259Various ArtistsBonzai Progressive Kult - Volume 7Buy @ Beatport
BP-232-2011Zas & Sanze present MindgamersSoul To SoulBuy @ Beatport
BP-231-2011ThorinNightgrooveBuy @ Beatport
MWCD2011256Various ArtistsClub Traxx - Progressive House #3Buy @ Beatport
GM2011138Citizen 42Focus EPBuy @ Beatport
BP2332011QuadranVertigoBuy @ Beatport
BP2342011Manu RigaThe NighttimeBuy @ Beatport
MWCD2011268Various ArtistsMy House Is Your House #1Buy @ Beatport
BP2352011PhilthychitSouthbound On The Northern LineBuy @ Beatport
BP2362011Tony Awake & Free MindFijiBuy @ Beatport
BP2372011DaikoDesire EPBuy @ Beatport
MWCD2011322Various ArtistsMy House Is Your House #2Buy @ Beatport
BP2382011Fab CodeMidnight ShuffleBuy @ Beatport
BP2392011Various ArtistsBonzai Progressive Sampler - Volume 1Buy @ Beatport
MWCD2011301Various ArtistsBonzai Progressive Kult - Volume 8Buy @ Beatport
BP2402011The Royal Hearts KlubAlxhemyBuy @ Beatport
MWCD2011295Various ArtistsBonzai Progressive - Best Of 2K11Buy @ Beatport
BP2412012Various ArtistsBonzai Progressive Sampler - Volume 2Buy @ Beatport
BP2422012Nancy Burrello & Digital AngelBlue HeartBuy @ Beatport
BP2432012Abi-Q & Raw-EJeromeBuy @ Beatport
MWCD2012357Various ArtistsWMC Miami 2K12Buy @ Beatport
BP2442012Redraft MemoriesRed SpectroBuy @ Beatport
BP2452012Planisphere vs Digital AngelTrinidad FlashbackBuy @ Beatport
MWCD2012367Varioust ArtistsKult KollektorBuy @ Beatport
BP2462012Zas & Sanze presents MindgamersHold YouBuy @ Beatport
BP2472012Diego Alvez & SolunamanaliaRocbouquetBuy @ Beatport
MWCD2012370Various ArtistsMy House Is Your House #3Buy @ Beatport
BP2482012LoquaiWe Love The NightBuy @ Beatport
BP2492012Manu RigaNo Matter WhatBuy @ Beatport
BP2502012Various ArtistsBonzai Progressive Sampler - Volume 3Buy @ Beatport
MWCD2012373Various ArtistsIbiza 2K12 - Tech House FrequenciesBuy @ Beatport
BP2522012AiemoSweet PeachesBuy @ Beatport
BP2512012Pablo GaelLibelulaBuy @ Beatport
BP2532012Fab CodeSoulfoodBuy @ Beatport
MWCD2012385Various ArtistsKult Kollektor 2Buy @ Beatport
BP2542012The Idem12Chic MasterTimersBuy @ Beatport
BPCD0012012Soundmodul, Moffous & Francesco ParlaHarmonics StructureBuy @ Beatport
BP2552012MindgamersChasing The SunBuy @ Beatport
BP2562012Alex RoqueDeep SpeechlessBuy @ Beatport
BP2572012Manzano & SantanaDroop LiveBuy @ Beatport
BP2592012ChantolaMake It HappenBuy @ Beatport
BP2602012Dee BrownJauntoBuy @ Beatport
BPCD0022012ChantolaMake It Happen - AlbumBuy @ Beatport
BP2612012Manu RigaEverything Comes To An EndBuy @ Beatport
BP2622012Abi-Q & Raw-E12Buy @ Beatport
BP2632012MylanTime EPBuy @ Beatport
BP2642012The Revolving JunkieScalpelBuy @ Beatport
BP2652012RArthur M & ManosSomewhereBuy @ Beatport
BP2662012CrocyMuzzBuy @ Beatport
BPCD0032012Tali FreaksGlasgow AtmosphereBuy @ Beatport
BP2672012Nancy Burrello & Digital AngelTime XBuy @ Beatport
MWCD2012403Various ArtistsMy House Is Your House #5Buy @ Beatport
MWCD2012406MWCD2012406Bonzai Progressive - Best Of 2012Buy @ Beatport
BP2682012Thomas GenchevGroove RomanceBuy @ Beatport
BP2702012MindgamersCan You Feel ItBuy @ Beatport
BP2732012LoQuai & ShimmerFlying Fortress EPBuy @ Beatport
MWCD2012394Various ArtistsClub Traxx - Progressive House #5Buy @ Beatport
BP2722013MindgamersVelvet SkyBuy @ Beatport
BP2712012PlanisphereMementoBuy @ Beatport
MWCD2013415Various ArtistsWMC Miami 2013Buy @ Beatport
BP2742012ChantolaAnother Day At The Dream FactoryBuy @ Beatport
MWCD2013414Various ArtistsKult Kollektor 3Buy @ Beatport
BP2752012RManu RigaThe Darkness WithinBuy @ Beatport
BP2762013JakhiraTruly EPBuy @ Beatport
BP2772013Pierre ZamyatinLight RefractionsBuy @ Beatport
BP2782013PaduraruGames For Girls EPBuy @ Beatport
BP2792013Audio NoirAbgeklärtBuy @ Beatport
BP2802013LuckoniCold PlanetBuy @ Beatport
BP2812013Rue DuoSet & LetBuy @ Beatport
MWCD2013417Various ArtistsMy House Is Your House #6Buy @ Beatport
BP2822013MylanDoubt EPBuy @ Beatport
BP2832013MindgamersOnce AgainBuy @ Beatport
BP2842013Concealed Truth Morning RainBuy @ Beatport
MWCD2013419Various ArtistsIbiza 2013Buy @ Beatport
BP2862013Thomas GenchevLight HolderBuy @ Beatport
BP2852013ChantolaDays Go ByBuy @ Beatport
BP2872013Electric BastardsHigh PassBuy @ Beatport
MWCD2013421Various ArtistsClub Traxx - Progressive House 6Buy @ Beatport
BP2882013ShimmerGive MeBuy @ Beatport
BP2892013Rise And FallImaginationBuy @ Beatport
BP2902013Zolex featuring NikkieAssaultBuy @ Beatport
BP2912013Manu Riga & Nico ParisiRebornBuy @ Beatport
MWCD2013424Various ArtistsTech House Toolbox 1Buy @ Beatport
BP2922013Audio NoirSidewinderBuy @ Beatport
BP2932013Airwave & DJ FireKabalashBuy @ Beatport
MWCD2013Various ArtistsIbiza 2013 - Volume 2Buy @ Beatport
BP2942013Steve SaiThe Cube EPBuy @ Beatport
BP2952013Thomas GenchevCough DropsBuy @ Beatport
BP2962013Pierre ZamyatinLightning EPBuy @ Beatport
BP2972013KabaloWaiting For YouBuy @ Beatport
BP2982013JakhiraHeartstrings EPBuy @ Beatport
BP2992013Yuriy From Russia featuring AngeDo You FeelBuy @ Beatport
BP3002013Matan CaspiRaid The BarBuy @ Beatport
BP3012013The Revolving JunkieMonsieur EPBuy @ Beatport
BP3022013Anthony YarrantonCotton Candy EPBuy @ Beatport
MWCD2013429Various ArtistsClub Traxx - Progressive House 7Buy @ Beatport
BP3052013Audio NoirRevelationBuy @ Beatport
BP3042013Chantola & J-JuniorDon't You KnowBuy @ Beatport
BP3062013Jusa featuring V.RayFeel The BeatBuy @ Beatport
BP3072013Gai BaroneLullabyBuy @ Beatport
BP3082013Electric BastardsFlames EPBuy @ Beatport
BP3092013Yaroslav LenzyakPanoramaBuy @ Beatport
BP3102013Thomas GenchevNoise & SilenceBuy @ Beatport
MWCD2013431Various ArtistsMy House Is Your House #7Buy @ Beatport
BP3122013Eric Powa BSunshineBuy @ Beatport
BP3112013Manu RigaCimmerianBuy @ Beatport
BP3132013Diego AlvezSleepless NightBuy @ Beatport
BP3142013QuadranRumourBuy @ Beatport
BP3152013Napalm 6 D-PhragBoiling PointBuy @ Beatport
BP3162013MindgamersCaprioskaBuy @ Beatport
BP3172013Beat ManiacsMessineBuy @ Beatport
BP3182013Crocy featuring Ashley BerndtCryBuy @ Beatport
MWCD2013432Various ArtistsBonzai Progressive - ADE 2013Buy @ Beatport
BP3202013MoshicFalse EmotionBuy @ Beatport
BP3192013Concealed TruthBookamvijasBuy @ Beatport
BP3222013Phi Phi & AirwaveBack On TrackBuy @ Beatport
BP3212013Audio NoirFloorlickerBuy @ Beatport
BP3232013ChantolaI Want YouBuy @ Beatport
BP3242013ThorinEnd GameBuy @ Beatport
BP3252013FlembazCafe EPBuy @ Beatport
BP3262013Matan CaspiMuddy DreamsBuy @ Beatport
BP3282013JakhiraPrincess EPBuy @ Beatport
BP3272013Jonny Calypso & DafarSpiritBuy @ Beatport
MWCD2013435Various ArtistsClub Traxx - Progressive House 8Buy @ Beatport
BP3302013Nico ParisiCaressBuy @ Beatport
BP3312013DaddyAcceleratorBuy @ Beatport
BP3322013Airwave & Jimmy GalleKarabaBuy @ Beatport
MWCD2013437Various ArtistsTech House Toolbox 2Buy @ Beatport
BP3342013Sector 7AlohaBuy @ Beatport
BP3332013DaSmokin'FrogzHidden DoorBuy @ Beatport
BP3352013CrocyRotten HourBuy @ Beatport
BP3292013MindgamersThe CrownBuy @ Beatport
BP3372013Audio NoirNY XpressBuy @ Beatport
BP3382013Eighty SixVitamine EPBuy @ Beatport
BP3362013ThorinHallucinogenBuy @ Beatport
BP3392013Phi Phi & AirwaveA Breeze On The NileBuy @ Beatport
BP3412013Neptun 505Zulu EPBuy @ Beatport
BP3402013Steve SaiWhite Fluffy CloudsBuy @ Beatport
MWCD2014438ChantolaLost In Funny Space GamesBuy @ Beatport
BP3412014CordobaSurfaceBuy @ Beatport
MWCD2014439Various ArtistsMy House Is Your House #8Buy @ Beatport
BP3422014RelaunchFar Away EPBuy @ Beatport
BP3432014deepAlexanderMidnight LaunchBuy @ Beatport
BP3452014Audio NoirEarthCallBuy @ Beatport
MWCD2014440Various ArtistsClub Traxx - Progressive House 9Buy @ Beatport
BP3462014QuincyIn BalanceBuy @ Beatport
BP3442014Matan CaspiI WannaBuy @ Beatport
BP3472014Nico ParisiSoulitBuy @ Beatport
BP3492014CrocyCry - RemixesBuy @ Beatport
MWCD2014441Various ArtistsWMC Miami 2014Buy @ Beatport
BP3482014Napalm & D-PhragTour De ForceBuy @ Beatport
BP3602014DaSmokin'FrogzEzridahBuy @ Beatport
BP3502014MoshicDo It To Me NowBuy @ Beatport
BP3802014ChantolaIt's Not What You SayBuy @ Beatport
BP3702014Phi Phi & AirwaveThe HornBuy @ Beatport
MWCD2014444Various ArtistsClub Traxx - BreaksBuy @ Beatport
BP3902014Audio NoirTransfagarasan HighwayBuy @ Beatport
BP4002014Hady TarekNight ShiftBuy @ Beatport
BP3522014Jonny CalypsoDefinitionBuy @ Beatport
MWCD2014445Various ArtistsClub Traxx - Progressive House 10Buy @ Beatport
BP3532014Kevin VegaAndromedaBuy @ Beatport
BP3512014ApsaraIn MotionBuy @ Beatport