Bonzai Elemental is our vehicle to showcase the very best in Downtempo, Chill and Ambient. Over the last few years the labels profile has been raised by featuring heavily on many purchase sites and is attracting the attention of a very wide range of producers. Artists who like to step outside of their box and deliver something quite different from their norm will always find a home at Elemental. Dreamman, Fushe, Labo Ross and Vechigen are just some of the artists who regularly contribute and give a slice of their own bliss to the ears of many.

Catalogue Number
Release Title
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EM-2005-001AuratuneInhale, ExhaleBuy @ Beatport
EM-2006-002S-TuneNightflightBuy @ Beatport
EM-2006-003AziorIrrepressibleBuy @ Beatport
EM-2006-004Various ArtistsElemental:001Buy @ Beatport
EM-2006-005AuratuneMr RhodesBuy @ Beatport
EM-2006-006Blue MoodChange Needs ActionBuy @ Beatport
EM-2006-008The Last AtlantFree Toughts EPBuy @ Beatport
EM-2006-009DentsuNew LineBuy @ Beatport
EM-2006-007SchurakinDimancheBuy @ Beatport
EM-2007-011Blue MoodWhat Does It MeanBuy @ Beatport
EM-2007-012SchurakinDessert DreamBuy @ Beatport
EM-2006-007Various ArtistsElemental:002Buy @ Beatport
EM-2007-014SublunarKojo No TsukiBuy @ Beatport
EM-2007-013Red AvenueIn The Wills Of GodBuy @ Beatport
EM-2007-016BerniSunsetBuy @ Beatport
EM-2007-015Blue MoodChange Needs Action - AlbumBuy @ Beatport
EM-2007-017SchurakinHe Is WatchinBuy @ Beatport
EM-2007-018Axel BourneThe TempleBuy @ Beatport
EM-2007-019FatherApplesBuy @ Beatport
EM-2007-020SchurakinElectronic BoyBuy @ Beatport
EM-2007-021SolarisTravel Around The WorldBuy @ Beatport
EM-2008-022FatherReflexionBuy @ Beatport
EMCD2008001Various ArtistsBest Of Elemental Chill Out 2007Buy @ Beatport
EM-2008-023FrostbyteWhen You FlyBuy @ Beatport
EM-2008-024Armand BehdadBehind The SunBuy @ Beatport
EM-2008-027Luca Lombardi & Domenico CascarinoToo FarBuy @ Beatport
EM-2008-025SchurakinDragonflyBuy @ Beatport
EM-2008-028CoastlineSunset BarBuy @ Beatport
EM-2008-026MD11AscentBuy @ Beatport
EM-2008-030Fernie & VeneraTerraformBuy @ Beatport
EM-2008-031E.L.E.M.E.N.T.S.BeijingBuy @ Beatport
EM-2008-029FatherMothers BlissBuy @ Beatport
EM-2008-032Rising RunDeep ForestBuy @ Beatport
EM-2008-033Kopi LuwakRuptureBuy @ Beatport
EM-2008-034Arto KumantoHiekkaBuy @ Beatport
EM-2008-035Jonathan ShellyAmidst The RaindropsBuy @ Beatport
EM-2008-036EsonaForgotten HopesBuy @ Beatport
EM-2008-037SchurakinFollow You WayBuy @ Beatport
EM-2008-038DC LuxAude, Laval, Andy & MeBuy @ Beatport
EM-2008-039Alex CoollookIn My RealityBuy @ Beatport
EM-2008-040NalePhenomenonBuy @ Beatport
EM-2008-041Adrien AuburnSerenades EPBuy @ Beatport
EM-2008-042MindvirusSpace HarmonyBuy @ Beatport
EM-2009-043Michele CecchiChill Out EPBuy @ Beatport
EM-2009-044Kopi LuwakThe Book Of FireBuy @ Beatport
EM-2009-045Soft AsylumPlaying With EPBuy @ Beatport
EM-2009-046FatherSunday PMBuy @ Beatport
EM-2009-047Robot ChekistNNNBuy @ Beatport
EM-2009-048After MeridianThe MistBuy @ Beatport
EM-2009-049MindvirusHealing Sound Of Godless HarmonyBuy @ Beatport
EM-2009-050GraphiteThe Lost World EPBuy @ Beatport
EM-2009-051Ishek & ThianBroken MachinesBuy @ Beatport
EMCD2009001FatherManthologyBuy @ Beatport
EMCD2009002Rico CasazzaA Mother LoveBuy @ Beatport
EM-2009-052Armand BehdadCrimson SkiesBuy @ Beatport
EM-2009-053SchurakinI Always Loved YouBuy @ Beatport
EM-2009-054EsonaTwisted InnocenceBuy @ Beatport
EM-2009-055MindvirusMood In SpaceBuy @ Beatport
EMCD2009003Armand BehdadHearing The CallBuy @ Beatport
EM-2009-056Emin3nceDigital Seduction EPBuy @ Beatport
EMCD2009004Various ArtistsBonzai Elemental - Autumn Chillz 2k9Buy @ Beatport
EMCD2009005Various Artists Pure Chillz - Volume OneBuy @ Beatport
EM-2009-057MindvirusTime TravelBuy @ Beatport
EMCD2009006NaleForeverBuy @ Beatport
EMCD2010001Aerium presents Me3dianSubconciousBuy @ Beatport
MWCD2010114Various ArtistsBonzai Elemental - Winter Chillz 2k10Buy @ Beatport
EM-2010-059StorageSet It Up / IslandBuy @ Beatport
EM-2010-060Constantin ClipaMagical SightsBuy @ Beatport
MWCD2010028Various ArtistsPure Chillz 2Buy @ Beatport
EM-2010-061Milan Lieskovsky presents Lill MadleyBlissBuy @ Beatport
MWCD2010145Various ArtistsBonzai Elemental Ambient Chillz 2k10Buy @ Beatport
EM-2010-062Emin3nceWhat We've BecomeBuy @ Beatport
MWCD2010141Various ArtistsPure Chillz 3Buy @ Beatport
EM-2010-063ParafernaliaOne WorldBuy @ Beatport
EM-2010-064Armand BehdadSweet Fragance Of The RoseBuy @ Beatport
EM-2010-065Zakat ProjectYellow LeafBuy @ Beatport
MWCD2010163Various ArtistsPure Chillz 4Buy @ Beatport
EM-2010-066GraphiteIrian Jaya EPBuy @ Beatport
EM-2010-067MindvirusThe AnswersBuy @ Beatport
EM-2010-068Ignat ShamkoRainy OceanBuy @ Beatport
EM-2010-069Armand BehdadParadise Calls EPBuy @ Beatport
EM-2010-070Alex TornLay Down / Inside A DreamBuy @ Beatport
MWCD2010190Various ArtistsPure Chillz 5Buy @ Beatport
EM-2010-071U.O.K.U.O.K. EPBuy @ Beatport
MWCD2010186Various ArtistsElemental Autumn Chillz 2K10Buy @ Beatport
EM-2010-072FatherThe Journey EPBuy @ Beatport
EM-2010-073Sami HalinenSami HalinenBuy @ Beatport
EM-2010-074AiemoTreasure IsleBuy @ Beatport
MWCD2011231Various ArtistsElemental 2K11 - Spring ChillzBuy @ Beatport
EM-2010-075Jane MaximovaStop TimeBuy @ Beatport
EMCD2011001Ignat ShamkoThe Vault Of HeavenBuy @ Beatport
EM-2011-076Placid LarryCompactorBuy @ Beatport
MWCD2011262Various ArtistsPure Chillz 6Buy @ Beatport
EM2011077SolarsoulMoments Of Life EPBuy @ Beatport
EM2011078Placid LarryAstrocompassBuy @ Beatport
EM2011080AiemoDreaming EyesBuy @ Beatport
EM2011081SolarsoulHeart & Soul Of The EarthBuy @ Beatport
MWCD2011296Various ArtistsElemental Winter Chillz 2K11Buy @ Beatport
EM2012082FusheEnigmoreBuy @ Beatport
EM2012084ParafernaliaErotize MeBuy @ Beatport
EM2012083Michele CecchiA Spy In ParadiseBuy @ Beatport
EM2012085Placid LarryThe Mulberry TreeBuy @ Beatport
EMCD2012001Twins In MindSad In JoyBuy @ Beatport
EM2012086Morpheus 7 vs NaleSternenkind EPBuy @ Beatport
EM2012087Eddie MMy Trip To The Sky EPBuy @ Beatport
EM2012088Alexander Dancaless feat. KatindaCaprice EPBuy @ Beatport
EMCD2012002U.O.K.Emperor's PalaceBuy @ Beatport
EM2012089Corrado BucciTrip To ForestBuy @ Beatport
EM2012091FusheSaxphoriaBuy @ Beatport
MWCD2012371Various ArtistsPure Chillz 7Buy @ Beatport
EMCD2012003AiemoForgotten SunBuy @ Beatport
EM2012090Alexander Dancaless featuring Tatiana MaltsevaAll The Time EPBuy @ Beatport
EM2012092Miika KuismaTrying My New Wings - RemixesBuy @ Beatport
EM2012093Michele CecchiThe Indi GardenBuy @ Beatport
EM2012094LaboRossFor My Son EPBuy @ Beatport
EM2012095Morpheus 7 vs NaleTimeline EPBuy @ Beatport
EMCD2012005Alexander DancalessCoffee MorningBuy @ Beatport
EM2012096Denis StefanicNo HarmBuy @ Beatport
EM2012097StarfiAscensionBuy @ Beatport
EM2012098FusheAmnesiaBuy @ Beatport
MWCD2012396Various ArtistsPure Chillz 8Buy @ Beatport
EMCD2012006Alexis SalazarMargaritaBuy @ Beatport
EM2012099Alexey LightPiece Of The LightBuy @ Beatport
EM2012100Recess & Project KFStratforBuy @ Beatport
EMCD2012007Davide FrancaSabbatical MomentsBuy @ Beatport
EM2012101FusheHeavenxoBuy @ Beatport
MWCD2012408Various ArtistsBonzai Elemental - Chill-O-LogyBuy @ Beatport
EM2012102Samotarev feat. Grape SoundMissing Of DreamingBuy @ Beatport
EM2013103Davide LeonardoHear The SunsetBuy @ Beatport
EM2013104LaboRossSunday Afternoon EPBuy @ Beatport
EM2013105VechigenWhat We Don't KnowBuy @ Beatport
EM2013106Michele CecchiPurple Forms EPBuy @ Beatport
EM2013107Placid LarryEverything Is ConnectedBuy @ Beatport
EM2013108Morpheus 7 vs NaleTomorrowBuy @ Beatport
EMCD2013002Watts & OhmsWatts & OhmsBuy @ Beatport
EM2013109ShmixThey All Fly AwayBuy @ Beatport
EM2013110Luke KayChromatic EPBuy @ Beatport
EM2013111Franky FlowerzIt Chose MeBuy @ Beatport
EM2013112ThorinForgotten PlacesBuy @ Beatport
EM2013113VechigenStreet DreamsBuy @ Beatport
MWCD2013423Various ArtistPure Chillz 9Buy @ Beatport
EM2013114PlasmWeddellBuy @ Beatport
EM2013115Bury & VestnikGood MorningBuy @ Beatport
EM2013116HorizonsArgentina EPBuy @ Beatport
EMCD2013003Rico CasazzaDub ChamberBuy @ Beatport
EM2013117Roy ClevelandOBuy @ Beatport
EM2013118VechigenMelbourneBuy @ Beatport
EM2013119KuntacMore's PlaceBuy @ Beatport
EM2014120Kopi LuwakAnna PedanBuy @ Beatport
EM2014121Paro Dion featuring SashaSing The SoundBuy @ Beatport
EM2014122Dani BoscoWhen The Run StopsBuy @ Beatport
MWCD2014443Various ArtistsPure Chillz 10Buy @ Beatport
EM2014123Soft KneesCouchclockingBuy @ Beatport
EM2014124RavenherzSafe Place EPBuy @ Beatport
EM2014125The Sad LoversThe Sad LoversBuy @ Beatport