Bonzai Basiks is a Techno and Tech House label that churns out top quality tracks at every turn. Since 2008 the hectic release schedule has been propped up by top artists from around the world, Minitech Project, Project KF, The French Connection and Lucio Grandi are just some of the artists who helped get the label on its feet. But the label has also been responsible for breaking new talent, new signings are a constant due to the vast amount of demos that come through the doors. Legendary figures such as Franky Jones and Tribal Warriors aka M.I.K.E. and Zolex have brought their brand of Tech to the label with great success. Bonzai Basiks has worldwide support and this type of support is recognised through many features on top download sites as well as high profile radio shows.

Catalogue Number
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BB2008001Jason Mac LayneMemory LossBuy @ Beatport
BB2008002CarveItalian LoverBuy @ Beatport
BB2008003Jason Mac LayneOperatorBuy @ Beatport
BB2009004GlazenburgBling NeutroBuy @ Beatport
BB2009005Funky Harry vs Kris VoogNever Never LandBuy @ Beatport
BB2009006Rasmus JuulDropBuy @ Beatport
BB2009007David KasetaTrumpetsBuy @ Beatport
MWCD2010110Various ArtistsMini-Tech House - Volume 1Buy @ Beatport
BB2010008MiniTech ProjectSea WalkerBuy @ Beatport
BB2010009Jasper JinxN.I.N.A.Buy @ Beatport
BB2010010MiniTech ProjectWaver ProgramBuy @ Beatport
MWCD2010144Various ArtistsMini-Tech House - Volume 2Buy @ Beatport
BB2010011Warner Powers & Michael PatersonRhythmic SnapBuy @ Beatport
BB2010012MiniTech ProjectAchordianBuy @ Beatport
BB2010013AkihiroVoid - RemasteredBuy @ Beatport
MWCD2010170Various ArtistsPure Tech 1Buy @ Beatport
BB2010015The French ConnectionRecording (Single)Buy @ Beatport
MWCD2010161Various ArtistsMini-Tech House - Volume 3Buy @ Beatport
BB2010016Project KFSmileBuy @ Beatport
BB2010017Lucio GrandiBlueBuy @ Beatport
BB2010018Michael Paterson & Warner PowersDevil TheoryBuy @ Beatport
MWCD2010171Various ArtistsIbiza 2k10 Tech House FrequenciesBuy @ Beatport
BBCD2010001The French ConnectionRecording (Album)Buy @ Beatport
BB2010019Kentaro Kaji3RBuy @ Beatport
BB2010020Markus IlgnerRelaxBuy @ Beatport
BB2010021Lucio GrandiHer LipsBuy @ Beatport
BB2010022EccoCoconutBuy @ Beatport
BB2010023Project KFTech SummerBuy @ Beatport
BB2010024Di BeatmakerDark DeeKuBuy @ Beatport
MWCD2010182Various ArtistsTekhauzen #1Buy @ Beatport
BB2010026Dennis FranchiRitualsBuy @ Beatport
MWCD2010191Various ArtistsPure Tech 2Buy @ Beatport
BB2010027Matt Silver & BrisboysGot Involved EPBuy @ Beatport
BB2010028SaDuLost In DeepBuy @ Beatport
MWCD2010185Various ArtistsMini-Tech House - Volume 4Buy @ Beatport
MWCD2011208Various ArtistsBonzai Basiks - Best Of 2k10Buy @ Beatport
BB2010029Cause & EffectReptileBuy @ Beatport
BB2011030Kernel KeyForkliftBuy @ Beatport
BB2011031Fred Tames & Kevin CheungBabylonBuy @ Beatport
BB2011032Kentaro KajiYou SexyBuy @ Beatport
BP2242011MiniTech ProjectWaver Program - RemixesBuy @ Beatport
MWCD2011224Various ArtistsTekhauzen #2Buy @ Beatport
BB2011033Lucio GrandiCalypsoBuy @ Beatport
BB2011034John Manning & Matt SilverPikadeli ShindigBuy @ Beatport
BB2011035Steve Prior & Ignacio DemariaFriday - RemixesBuy @ Beatport
BB2011036MiniTech ProjectDeep ControlBuy @ Beatport
MWCD2011248Various ArtistsIbiza 2k11 - Tech House FrequenciesBuy @ Beatport
MWCD2011257ChantolaI Bring My Own Background Music Sessions - BerlinBuy @ Beatport
BB2011037Project KFJust Can't StopBuy @ Beatport
BB2011038Kevin CheungPushBuy @ Beatport
BB2011039Jimmy GalleSpiritual LoveBuy @ Beatport
BB2011040The French ConnectionDope And DeepBuy @ Beatport
BB2011041Lucio GrandiRelovetionBuy @ Beatport
BB2011042SaDuHug & Play EPBuy @ Beatport
BB2011043A. MochiDaoBuy @ Beatport
BB2011044Kentaro KajiBat And BallBuy @ Beatport
MWCD2011283Various ArtistsTekhauzen #3Buy @ Beatport
BB2011045Dee BrownSwitch EPBuy @ Beatport
BB2011046Forbes & IlgnerOracleBuy @ Beatport
BB2011047Project KFDisco BitchBuy @ Beatport
BB2011049MiniTech ProjectGroove RevolutionBuy @ Beatport
BB2011050Markus IlgnerTime BanditsBuy @ Beatport
BB2011048Various ArtistsBonzai Basik Beats Sampler - Volume 1Buy @ Beatport
MWCD2011294Various ArtistsBonzai Basiks - Best Of 2K11Buy @ Beatport
BB2012051Lucio GrandiBabilonia EPBuy @ Beatport
BB2012052Cassandria DaivaSulabha EPBuy @ Beatport
BB2012053BirkenmeierRobot EPBuy @ Beatport
BB2012054Sa.DuLet Your Funk EPBuy @ Beatport
BB2012055Eric KanzlerFog Horn EPBuy @ Beatport
MWCD2012355Various ArtistsTekhauzen #4Buy @ Beatport
BB2012056Junk DeluxeNight In The CongoBuy @ Beatport
BB2012057Active Line SixRequiemBuy @ Beatport
BB2012058Oz RomitaSuperbBuy @ Beatport
BBCD2012001Markus IlgnerBig Gorilla Alien Wolf MonsterBuy @ Beatport
BB2012061EccoEl CarnavalBuy @ Beatport
BB2012059Project KFHold Me Up, I'm BurningBuy @ Beatport
BB2012060Eric KanzlerRed Wire EPBuy @ Beatport
MWCD2012380Various ArtistsPure Tech 3Buy @ Beatport
BB2012062Lucio GrandiReelooper EPBuy @ Beatport
BB2012063Oz RomitaUnderground ClubBuy @ Beatport
BB2012064Simone GirauGioeleBuy @ Beatport
BB2012065Alvaro Maretti & Michael SanchezArcadiaBuy @ Beatport
BB2012066Radio SourceHSBuy @ Beatport
BB2012067Sa.DuKube EPBuy @ Beatport
BB2012068Project KFAlcohol AbuseBuy @ Beatport
BB2012069Mr. DelloWoadi MoanBuy @ Beatport
MWCD2012392Various ArtistsTekhauzen #5Buy @ Beatport
BB2012070The French ConnectionNoah EPBuy @ Beatport
MWCD2012397Various ArtistsPure Tech 4Buy @ Beatport
BB2012071Kenny DahlTelecommanderBuy @ Beatport
BB2012072Andree WischnewskiDreamers Choice EPBuy @ Beatport
BB2012073Eric KanzlerScary FacesBuy @ Beatport
BB2012074Hilal TekschneiderUp In The AirBuy @ Beatport
MWCD2012407Various ArtistsBest Of Bonzai Basiks 2012Buy @ Beatport
BB2013074EccoNo ChangeBuy @ Beatport
BB2013075Chanelle PearlNo Guestlist EPBuy @ Beatport
BB2013076Andreee WischnewskiBorderline EPBuy @ Beatport
MWCD2013413EccoCollected WorksBuy @ Beatport
BB2013077Fabian Jakopetz & Dub WayMellow ModeBuy @ Beatport
BB2013078Onofrio ConteWhat Da Hell EPBuy @ Beatport
BB2013079MiniTech ProjectSexy Dark DrmsBuy @ Beatport
BB2013080Ritch MollenEnough Of DiscoBuy @ Beatport
MWCD2013416Various ArtistsPure Tech 5Buy @ Beatport
BB2013081YogimeisterRolling Lights, Lonely NightsBuy @ Beatport
BB2013082Sa.DuAvoraniBuy @ Beatport
BB2013083Mario FoksaMedicineBuy @ Beatport
BB2013084Tribal Warriors08Buy @ Beatport
BB2013085Filth & SplendourRomper StomperBuy @ Beatport
BB2013086Active Line SixChrome And Hearts EPBuy @ Beatport
BB2013087Onofrio ConteRed Lights EPBuy @ Beatport
BB2013088Redraft MemoriesTraveller EPBuy @ Beatport
BB2013089DarougeOhwha EPBuy @ Beatport
BB2013090Sa.DuSecrets EPBuy @ Beatport
BB2013092Sean McCaff & MylanPrayBuy @ Beatport
BB2013093Van CzarLassitude Active EPBuy @ Beatport
BB2013094Lucio GrandiTemplum EPBuy @ Beatport
BB2013095Insect SocietyReally Insane EPBuy @ Beatport
BB2013097Alfredo MenaRetrospective EPBuy @ Beatport
BB2013098Project KF & Jey FeverDistressorBuy @ Beatport
BB2013099THiNInterfaceBuy @ Beatport
BB2013100Van Czar & FriendsDelotuxBuy @ Beatport
BB2013103Jimmy Galle & DimitriusF_ck EPBuy @ Beatport
BB2013104Franky JonesBelgium Goes DetroitBuy @ Beatport
MWCD2013427Various ArtistsPure Tech 6Buy @ Beatport
BB2013102Bjoern SmallMangueBuy @ Beatport
BB2013101Insect SocietyAnd Cleopatra WeptBuy @ Beatport
BB2013105HP VinceCity JungleBuy @ Beatport
BB2013106Van CzarDespote EPBuy @ Beatport
BB2013107Jonathan CalvoThe InstructorBuy @ Beatport
BB2013108Sa.DuSave AsBuy @ Beatport
BB2013109Petri PetroRevival EPBuy @ Beatport
BB2013110Diego HerreraAfterhour EPBuy @ Beatport
BB2013111Eric KanzlerSquare EPBuy @ Beatport
BB2013112Tribal WarriorsNew York To IbizaBuy @ Beatport
BB2013113ZolexVette JahrenBuy @ Beatport
BB2013114Do Shock BoozeArmy Of NormadBuy @ Beatport
BB2013115John ManningFeelin AlrightBuy @ Beatport
BB2013116Van CzarMar Menor EPBuy @ Beatport
BB2013117MollTech-OnBuy @ Beatport
BB2013118Martin MerkelAbyssBuy @ Beatport
BB2014119Sa.DuFieldBuy @ Beatport
BB2014120Diego HerreraMiddle Earth EPBuy @ Beatport
BB2014121Van Czar & FriendsAfrican RootsBuy @ Beatport
BB2014122Fran NavaezFeelingBuy @ Beatport
BB2014123DarougeBite The CurbBuy @ Beatport
BB2014124Martin MerkelScarabeeBuy @ Beatport