Bonzai Progressive

May 1st, 2013



Kevin is a very popular figure around the Bonzai offices and we are delighted to have received this new release, a stomping progressive two tracker that we know will be a big floor hit.

The title “Fear” starts us off very subtly before a thumping bass crashes through along with some minimal percussive elements and a kick drum that teases throughout. Some real nice pads and stabs provide an epic feel while the FX on offer are top notch. This one is a builder and as the journey unfolds we are left in the midst of a true, proper progressive groove.

The much more melodic in nature “Mururoa” takes us to a different side of prog, hypnotic rhythms, vocals and upbeat melodies all make for a cool trip across this spectrum. The overall groove is quite laidback but this definitely has a huge punch and will perform well in any set.


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