Bonzai Progressive

August 31st, 2011



Kentaro Kaji was raised in Tokyo, Japan.
In teenage life Grungemusic caught his attention for the first time.
He got deeper into this music as he started playing the bass on a band in public.

In 1996 he was experienced a traumatic event at a club: Electronic Music hit him deep in his mind.
It completely changed his music taste and soon he developed an interest in techno and house.
He began DJing and organizing an event called -Circuit Breaker- in Tokyo.

In 2001, he started thinking about making his own music and bought -Acid- to experiment with synth and drumloops. His first release -Raiden-appeared on a compilation from Kobayashi Recordings in 2002.
The first EP was small success.

From 2004 to 2006 he studied sound engineering to understand technical aspects of audio in Melbourne, Australia. In the following years, he worked in audio editing for multimedia. These experiences helped him to understand music production technically and practically. He re-built a bedroom studio to create his own output. This led to his second release -3R- which he sent to the legendary label Bonzai.

2011 and Kentaro keeps releasing music bombs and here is another atomic release from him on Bonzai Basiks!

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