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Japanese Kentaro Kaji first started to like more alternative music as a teenager, but soon he developed a strong interest in electronic music after going to a party in a club for the first time.

Not long after he starting DJing and organizing his own events in Japans capital Tokyo. As so many he also developed a strong interest in producing the music he was playing himself. But before he did that, he went to go and study sound engineering to better understand all the technical aspects of audio and music production.

3R is Kentaro Kajis second release and it is a release on Bonzai Basiks where he delivers fine tech house blended with some techno influences.

NOTE: This will be one of the last promo mail outs you will be getting via this email address. Also latest within this and 2 weeks our PromoPool will be split up over 2 different websites. For the more progressive house and tech house based released everything will go out from the email promo at via the new website Bonzai Progressive and all mainly (progressive) trance based released will go through the new Subtraxx website in full development from the email promo at So please make sure to add those email addresses in your address book. In case you are not getting certain promos any longer, please contact us and we will sort it out.

16 September 2010 FEATURED ,





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