Bonzai Progressive

March 5th, 2014

Deep, deep, deep… There’s no more words to describe this release, it’s classy, it’s tasty and it’s ultra sweet. The original track was made by Haustuff & Leesboon with the colaboration of Jonny Keys. The Duo behind the concept is constituited by one Portuguese and one Brazillian and this convergence result in a catchy tech-house track which brings the groovy side of its tech character without losing any of its deep soul.

Ricardo Albuquerque is one of the guest remixers. Maybe some people dont know but Ricardo is one of the Warung Beach Club guys. One of the most famous clubs in the world and probably the most famous in Brazil these days. Aside of this references, Ricardo justifies all of this hype with an addictive deep track. You will notice the leads, the groove made by the drums, but what will get you hooked on it is the outstanding bassline phrase. We simply love it!

B. King, it’s not another guy to fill the package. Yes its true the work of the last contender on this pack its tough. But this guy shows from what matter is made. Bassline apart, which is lovely, the sinthesized glided strings are something else, believe us, you will want to listen this in repeat.

#haustuff #leesboon #jonnykeys #aurecords


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