Bonzai Progressive

May 1st, 2013



Making his debut at BP we have Diamantopoulos Dionysis aka Concealed Truth with his prog house effort “Smooth Rain”. Diamantopoulos is a 24 year old producer from Heraklion, Crete, Greece. He has been meddling with music from a very young age and travelled through almost every genre of music available. At the age of 6 he started studying the classical guitar and 11 years later he got his B Upper Class degree, a very exciting talent indeed.

“Smooth Rain” takes us on a dark melancholic journey with emphasis on stunning melodic sequences. Deep hypnotic bass notes grab attention from the off while an understated kick and percussion holds the rhythm beautifully. A myriad of different instruments provide the melodies and an expert arrangement ties the track up brilliantly.

“Pink Slip” is a much brighter tune with sharper, crisp percussions and a contrasting deep bass. Again we see a lot of different instruments cover a multitude of melodies, lots going on and all marrying perfectly, very well constructed.


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