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Piston Recordings Label Night @ Musicbox

Accatone – Steady Pace (Artist Album / Pre-Release Party)


Vitor Silveira aka Ramboiage
Rogério Martins


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Here is this week’s Bonzai Basik Beats Radioshow, brought to you once more by Fly.

Tracklisting – Episode 75 – mixed by Fly:

1° Minitech Project – Make Some Noise
2° Oz Romita – Rolling (Audioknob Remix)
3° Jasper Jinx – Tikkie (Oz Romita’s Techn-O-Matic Remix)
4° Fab Code – Fucked up
5° The French Connection – Jersey Nights (Groove Mix)
6° Zas & Sanze presents Mindgamers – Soul to Soul (Fab Code Remix)
7° Ecco – Blue Water
8° Mark Prades – Manderlay
9° Brett Lawrence – Behind the Wire
10° Dimitry Liss & Costas Papa- Spinnin
11° Ze Chezz – Clap Rebel (Felipe L Remix)



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Another week, another Bonzai Basik Beats! Once more brought to you by Fly!

Tracklisting – Episode 74 – mixed by Fly:

1º Daniel Ray – Honesty
2º Dimitry Liss – Envy
3º Jamez & Soulboy – Wonder
4º Gr-oy – Red Light (Frank Sebastian Remix)
5º Wonji – Never Forget You
6º Accatone – Tell Me (Jay Tripwire Remix)
7º Cee Cee Cox – Playground (Koen Remix)
8º Chantola – If All That Glitter is Gold (Heinrich Kantholz & Drill Wagen Remix)
9º Jimmy Galle – What Women Want (Dimitry Liss Deep Edit)
10º Kanzler & Wischnewski – White Label Promo
11º The French Connection – Mango



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EPISODE 112: Michele Cecchi – A Spy In Paradise (Bonzai Elemental)

Michele Cecchi is a veteran of electronic music, with 17 years of hard work to prove it,started his music career in 1997, on a radio program called -Future Releases-,presented by one of the most popular italian djs Freddy K. After the studies he decides to build a little home recordings studio in his house with a Roland JP-8080 a Drum machine and a TB-303 so starts to produce a lot of demos in different genres from techno to trance and hard house…but the quality of the tracks is still very poor.

In 2000 he writes The Mistery Inside, low quality but good melody…so spending a lot of weeks to work on that and with the precious help of DjMill&ManuelT and the producer Elvio Trampus from Nebula, he finally recorded his first vinyl on Uforecordings. This was the beginning;and consolidated the frienship with DjMill,in 2001 saw the birth of their new project Antithesys with the single World of Dreams, after that many others like The Gate and a lot remixes for Raptor,Black Runner,Rotar for Wicked records,Pleasent records,Uforecordings and Stik records followed.

Michele Cecchi is an eclectic music composer and his productions takes a wide range of genres from electronic,trance,techno,chillout and classic scores for soundtracks. In 2003 starts the collaboration with Emanuele Inglese wich brings an electronic-house influence
to his own productions, so he decides to create another project to divide the genres which gives life to Michael K with the vinyl release Soap To Skin.

Both his current projects are defined by different kind of sound: Michael K (techno-minimal-house) Michele Cecchi (trance-chillout-electronic).

From 2008 to date he has produced for labels such as Bonzai records, Neurotraxx, Neuroscience UK and Trance All Stars Records

EPISODE 113: Brisboys – Beat The System (Mint & Mustard Recordings)

Belfast DJs John Manning & Ciaran Duffy joined forces in late 2008 having been DJs in their own right for over ten years, playing in clubs and radio stations all over Northern Ireland and beyond.

They had never met until 2007 when they met by chance in Brisbane, Australia. After talking they realized they shared a passion for House Music and realizing they only lived a few miles apart back home in Ireland they made an agreement, that they would keep in contact and start a project when back on home turf, Brisboys was born.

In the short time they have been working together they have already had several number 1 hits on and support for their tracks comes from the likes of Dave Piccioni, Miss Nine, Jesse Voorn, Eric Entrena, Threesixty and Felix Baumgartner to name a few. Their track -Upside Down- was selected for the highly acclaimed Azuli Presents Miami 10 Compilation which is available to buy digitally or on CD, a rarity in this digital age and they also have tracks signed to Presslab Records (Italy), Stampgevaar Digital (UK), Soultech Recordings (UK) , Active Cut Recordings (Brazil) & Atmosfera Recordings (Columbia).

With lots more releases to come from these guys they are definitely one to look out for in the future.

EPISODE 114: Daniel Ray – Fourty (Eyepatch Recordings)

Daniel Ray van Zyl aka Placid Larry has been DJing since 1999. Beginning his career in his native South Africa, Daniel has held residencies in Jo’Burg — better known as Johannesburg — and in Tshwane — better known as Pretoria — before setting his sights on the UK club scene, where he held residencies in London, Brixton and Southampton.

After a brief stint home, he moved to Bahrain where he has held a residency in premier restaurant and lounge “Zoe” for the past two and a half years.

For the past five years, Daniel has been honing his skills as a producer. His unique chilled house and down tempo electronica and chill out sound has seen his tracks being released on the renowned Lemon Grass Music label. Daniel continues to produce deep melodic soundscapes filled with thought and emotion, stemming straight from his heart.

EPISODE 115: Cassandria Daiva – Sulabha EP (Bonzai Basiks)

Behind any successful DJ and music producer, you will usually discover a strong, focused individual who is really passionate about the music scene and who knows how to connect with the crowds. Cassandria Daiva is no exception. Bringing an energetic spirit and love for the sensual grooves, this tech house DJ sets the dancefloors ablaze everywhere she goes. Whether she is performing in nightclubs, music festivals or private parties, Cassandrias experience and unique energy make her a genuine asset to the success of the event at hand.

Born out of passion for the underground house music scene of the 90s, Cassandrias career began more than 15 years ago when she learnt the art of beatmatching on Technics turntables, the precursors of the infamous 1200s! Her unique energy stems from years of mentoring from influencial music figures of the disco era who actually contributed to the birth and rise of house music in the 80s. Watching her flawlessly mix and beat match 3 decks with seamless perfection on and on for hours brings awe to the sharpest musical connaisseur and dazzles even the most demanding crowds.

In addition to her extensive DJ skills, Cassandria is also an avid music producer and remixer. With her experience behind the decks, this progression came naturally and her artistic persona gave birth to new releases and exciting remixes. These found their way on various labels such as Do2Night, Triskel Tech, as well as her own imprint High Gloss, and most recently Bonzai Basics. Her latest releases have gained support from artists such as Osuna Paco, Sergio Fernandez, Rainer Weichhold, Junior Vasquez, Alfonso Padilla, Sergio Matina, Markus Schulz, LegNo, Juan DDD and countless others.

Cassandria has toured in Europe, played several Winter Music Conference events in Miami including club Mecca and The Dolce, and performed at one of the largest music festival in North America: WEMF. Throughout her career she has had the opportunity of sharing the decks with Mark Farina, Junior Sanchez, Alexander Technique, King Britt, DJ Heather, Jojoflores, Da Fresh, Dan Marciano, Chuck Love, George Morel and so many more…

Cassandria also hosts her infamous Erotech show, a weekly broadcast syndicated to 9 internet radios and an FM station in Belgium, reaching listeners worldwide.

This female DJs distinctive sound is filled with lively rhythms, brightened by wild percussions, sustained by hypnotic samples and enhanced by deep enchanting basslines. Her unique energy, coupled with her ability to instinctively relate with the partygoers make her a perfect addition to any venue. Cassandrias character, experience and credibility help event organizers and promoters deliver quality musical entertainement that stands out and leaves the crowd wanting more.

EPISODE 116: Janeiro – That Close (Green Martian)

Janeiro is a duo (Eugene & Alex) of EDM producers and remixers from Belarus, inspired by productions of such big names as ATB, Chicane, Solarstone and many others. Their focus is melodic music (trance and chillout) filled with pianos, guitars, balearic motives, feelings and atmosphere.

Included into Solarstone’s Electronic Architecture 2 at the beginning of musical career Janeiro keeps making more music, what results in new forthcoming releases on different well-known labels. Their music tastes are defined for now but not strict due to many influences and possible future collaborations


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Fly on the mix for this weeks Bonzai Basik Beats Radioshow!

Tracklisting – Episode 73 – mixed by Fly:

1° Dimitry Liss & Nasrawi – Lemon Zest
2° Tish – Couple More (Accatone’s Round House Remix)
3° Joal – Tones and Stuff
4° Cristian Paduraru – Writing on the Tablets (Rodriga Soria Minimal Deep House Remix)
5° Valeria Croft & Stoletov – A La Russe
6° Markus Ilgner – Time Bandits (Hilal Tekschneider Remix)
7° Adrian C & Dubsons – Fito
8° Ecco – Red Wall
9° Fab Code – Midnight Shuffle (Dennis Franchi Remix)
10° Brett Lawrence – Think About



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EPISODE 109: Valeria Croft – No Speaking EP (Piston Recordings)

Valeria Croft – No Speaking EP is a three track jewelcase. Inside you can find three precious deep house gems. No Speaking, Hippy and A La Russe. What a way to start 2012!

Some of the early support:

Patrick Zigon – great ep 9/10

Fish Go Deep – Fine, original-sounding release. All tracks working for me but the piano on
No Speaking edges it. Will play 7/10

Feygin – nice one from valeria.. 7/10

Severino Panzetta – Deep stuff here …A la russe is pretty 8/10

Dibby Dougherty – 3 stormers, especially a la russe, such a cool old skool vibe off this one 10/10

EPISODE 110: Bonzai PRogressive Sampler – Volume 2 (Bonzai Progressive)

New installment in the Bonzai Progressive Sampler series, this time with original tracks from Crocy and Redraft Memories.

EPISODE 111: Rogerio Romao – Tarola EP (Monog Records)

Rogerio Romao presents his first original work at Monog Records, Tarola EP!
Rogerio Romao, with his several aliases, has been releasing music for about 10 years with a broad range of influences, from downtempo to electro, to club vocal house, to techy and progressive.
He already appeared on Monog Records with a sucessful remix on Noret EP under the name of DJ Groovy. He’s also one half of the duo Across Digital, and owner of the GroovePacks company that produces sample packs and sound design.

This time, he presents us two incredible original tracks, “Tarola” and “Feedback”, with a very deep and hypnotic atmosphere! Just close your eyes and listen, the music speak for it self!

Don’t forget, we are together til dance tear us apart!


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Bonzai Basik Beats radioshow episode 72, this time with a 60 min mix by Ed Lee!

Tracklisting – Episode 72 – mixed by Ed Lee:

1° Audire – Lick It Fast
2° Incyde – Axis
3° Monkey Maffia – Adorn With Flowers
4° Midland Through Motion – Aus
5° Cosmic Cowboys – Sunset On The Vineyard – Trenton
6° Moenster – Babe (Sacha Braemer’s Babe Remix)
7° Shit Robot – Losing My Patience (Unabombers Remix)
8° Pellegrosso – Perhentian Blowfish
9° Extrawelt – Leaf 43
10° Deadboy – Wish U Were Here – Numbers



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Valeria Croft – No Speaking EP is featured new release at Beatport Deep House genre page!




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EPISODE 104: Parafernalia – Erotize Me (Bonzai Elemental)

In 1973, after my mother passed away, I held my first guitar. I had never played guitar before but could play Fur Elise instantly. After that I had classical guitar lessons until I was twelve years old. During this period I got interested in fx-equipment and synthesizers. In 1980 I met Rasta Robert with his home studio.

In that studio he had some drum boxes, a Korg MS-20 synthesizer, guitars, percussion and some microphones. We used a 2-track recorder en pingponged all overdubs. In those days I listened to producers like Lee Perry, Henry Junjo Lawes, Chris Blackwell, Steve Hillage and more. Dub engineers like King Tubby, Scientist and other founders of the dub, gave me the feeling you needed very little equipment to achieve a lot. Eventually I started producing in an 8-track studio in a youth centre (Poort van Kleef, working together with Sander Kleinenberg) and I joined many reggae bands as a mixer when they performed live. I also composed music for some pop and reggae bands. From 1986 until 1993 electronic music became increasingly popular and important and the studio joined this digital revolution in 1991. I started working together with a computer freak who could do things on a Atari 24 ST that at that time amazed people. Later on I worked together with him on several productions including some work for Top Sound studio and the Harrow studio. In 1993 our team was reinforced by a dj from Rotterdam named Ricky the Dragon.

Rick and I had worked together for Stealth Records; Dance (h)all night EP. We also did some productions for among others DJ Raymond Heg and Sander Kleinenberg (Wonka). Eventually the youth centre was closed in 1994 and everyone went their separate ways. In the year 2000 in my own studio Raymond Heg and I made the EPs Dub U Always and Dark Dub for Wally’s Grooveworld and Babe Records. Within a short period of time my cooperation with DJ Thorin and Roelie van Lingen joined the MTR concept. We started the Promusic foundation to help people do more with music then only bedroom performances.

Thorin van Gelden

Thorin born on 7 October 1977 in Goirle, a small village near Tilburg. He didnt stay there for long. At the age of 1 year he moved to Almelo which is a medium city in the eastern part of the Netherlands. Thorin grew up in a musical family, uncles who play guitar, Drums and many other instruments, aunts who sing lets say it is all in the family. Almost everyone in the family is doing something with music. His father played in several bands some with guitar and others with percussion.

At a young age thorin got connected with music, influences from bands like Deep Purple, the Doors, Pink Floyd. Thorins taste of music is very wide from soul to funky stuff to modern music. In 1992, some friends introduced Thorin into house music nowadays so called oldskool house. While partying a lot Thorin got interested in DJing. He bought some turntables and started to learn mixing 12″ records. After 6 months he controlled dj basics. Buying records and records and getting more DJ skills. He also got interested in producing his own music, lucky for him he got in contact with an old friend from his father. That friend started with producing in the early 80s. Maurice learned Thorin the basics of Producing, Maurice already had released some music on different labels and did some things together with Sander Kleinenberg in the early 90s. He was also Sander Ks first Sound/Audio engineer. In 1996 Thorin switched from the hardcore house scene to nice and chill Progressive House music.

In 2003 Thorin and Maurice started producing together and while doing some social projects they had to start some kind of Production Company. So in 2006 the Promusic Foundation started. 2 cds released in 6 months working on a third, stichting Promusic got more projects and work than expected. With that reason Thorin decided to take a break with DJing and focus more on Promusic.

Now in 2007 Thorin picked up DJing again and started focus more on his own style of producing. Thorin bought a house and started investing more in a new studio. With a stable home base we can expect a lot in 2007.

2008, Thorin decided to stop buying vinyl and switch to digital mixing. He updated his home studio bought some new equipment and switched over to Traktor scratch with the time coded vinyl. Meanwhile several tracks got signed and released at different labels around the globe including: Reticent Recordings USA, Bit Records Mexico and Bellarine Records Australia. Thorin is working on some remix projects together with some friends in the States (Zodiacal Light, And3rsun and Dax Wadley) which will be 2 EPs.

2009, Thorin started to focus on releasing music at BonzaiMusic only. Thanks to his buddy from LagoVista in Texas the one and only And3rsun aka Wilder who he met in 2002 at the online radio station he got his first release on Bonzai Music in January 2009. Meanwhile Thorin started to grow inside BonzaiMusic, being added to the dj roster of Bonzaimusics bookings agency and releasing more and more on BonzaiMusic and its sub labels.

2010, Thorin joined with the second release of Bonzai Musics R3mixed project which was a remix of the well known long time no1 dj Tiesto and his first release ever -The Tube-. Also Thorins side project with Maurice ten Brink -Parafernalia- joined Bonzai Music and their first release was a down tempo single on Bonzai Elemental. More remixes from Thorin will be soon available on Bonzai Music. The second remix job for R3mixed was a track from another trance god -Airwave- and his Above the Sky track. 2010 will be a promising year with a lot of Thorin and Parafernalia original works and remixes.

EPISODE 105: Ittai Barkai – No One Smarter Than You (Eyepatch Recordings)

Fast rewind a few years back and you’ll find Ittai gently leaning towards a turntable, headphones on, listening to music. May it be African chorals, early techno or the Beatles, it all lay side by side on the long & endless shelves of musical ideas.
Years have passed and the magic is cautiously blended into know how – Amplifiers and compressors, Drum arrangements and notes, Cutoffs and wavetables all put together side by side to reproduce and recur similar musical ideas.
After producing music for the World Wildlife Foundation and other soundtrack projects, Ittai is lately focused on producing simple yet aesthetic electronic tracks well aimed at both home listeners and club DJ’s.

EPISODE 106: Dimitry Liss – Envy EP (Eyepatch Recordings)

Dimitry Liss, was born on the 18th day of December 1985 in the city of Vladivostok, Russia. Soon after he relocated to Tyumen, Siberian City where he spend the first 15 years of his life. Music and sports were the only activities that kept him going in the oil- rigged city.

At home his father was his main influence and shaped his perception of music. Dad was deeply rooted in good old school rock, in the likes of Beatles, Nazareth, CCR, AC/DC, Pink Floyd, Deep Purple, Black Sabbath, Ozzy Osbourne. Didn’t take long for Dimitry to pick up the tennis racket and rock on at the tender age of 4. In addition, his mother’s friend was a piano teacher who started tutoring young Dimitry from an early age, which initially was perceived as hardworking and difficult – became easy and interesting. Sports was his little sanctuary, where the body exercised and the mind relaxed, composing a flow of ideas that later on grew more complex.
The year was 2002, Dubai was the new city that would in turn add to his aural perception. In the United Arab Emirates he completed high school; in a poly-cultural environment were music, culture and technology coincide hand in hand. His younger brother formed a metal-band soon after Dimitry joined him to express their ideas, in a more sophisticated level. Rhythm guitar intrigued Dimitry and still does to this day. The band has composed over 20 original pieces over the last years, with tastes of heavy metal, brutal death, melodic and the like and now more diverse and stronger than ever.

After school Dimitry set off to Prague to study business, however his journey was cut short. Within a year his passion guided him to follow another path. In 2006, back to square one, he joined an audio engineering school in Dubai. Where he successfully completing his audio engineering degree in 2007 and was honored with a bachelor’s degree in Arts. The educational experience equipped him with several valuable tools; and his perception of music grew immensely. Now being able to put each and every one of his ideas on canvas.

In this educational journey, he met his co-producer artist, Costas Papa. Although Costas was heavily influenced from house, trance and techno; at some level they had similar visions. This gave birth to the Dimitry Liss & Costas Papa “coalition”, formed in 2007 to serve the global community with quality electronic music. Although the project is like a new born baby, it has crawled into several leading indie labels such as Bit Records Mexico, Xela Recordings, Stranamente Records, Total Wipes, Reticent Recordings to name a few. However, Dimitry did not stop there as in early 2009 he ventured to explore the music world in his solo career by signing with few more major underground labels like Frisky Records and Balkan Connection South America Records.

Currently Dimitry Liss supports electronic music, he is heavily involved with Dimitry Liss & Costas Papa duo project and his own work as a producer and a DJ, crafting brand new progressive, tech, deep, minimal house tracks for your enjoyment.

EPISODE 107: Lucio Grandi – Babilonia EP (Bonzai Basiks)

Lucio Grandi was born in Cali, Colombia on August 5, 1984, with Colombian, French and Italian roots.
His first contact with electronic music happens a the sweet age of 6 when Dance and House music hit the local radios. Intense happiness filled him listening to these tunes. Not long before he starts experimenting with recording tunes and making his own mixtapes.

Ten years later after learning how to mix properly on turn-tables he starts his carrier as a professional DJ playing Techno and listening to DJs like Marco Carola, Ben Sims, Cristian Varela, Jeff Mills, Samuel L Session. He filled his DJ-bag with the dark sounds of strong Techno.

But only 2 years later he finds himself tired of that sound and starts the search of his very own musical identity. DJs like Danny Tenaglia, Vibe, Victor Calderone, Carlos Manaca, Richie Santana convince him that Tribal is his call.

Still not satisfied he ends up to adapt House and Alternative Music into his sets and this turns out to be his true self. Influenced by names like Silicone Soul, Peace Division, Little Louie Vega, Armand Van Helden, Harry Romero, Alton Miller , Afrika Bambaataa gave him the needed diversification and shades in tones that this genre contains.

Actually, it is that variation, that diversification that House Music offers that marks his identity as a DJ because he can choose between one side or the other, achieving a more intense atmosphere in his sets.

He has played along with DJs like Franco de Mulero, Jose Viscaya, Malambo, Lexx, Chile, Chloe Harris of London and with David Guetta in 2009 after winning the first DJ contest of his hometown.

He has played in Mission Club, Cooseres, La Cantera, Joan of Arc, Central Valley Pacific events, private parties, etc.

Today he finds himself as a DJ and producer to be part of the infamous Bonzai label group. Convinced of their professionalism and way of working he finds his tracks released on Bonzai Basiks.
This is for Lucio the fulfillment of a dream as he always had wanted to be part of this label.

EPISODE 108: Rishi K. – Long Distance (Green Martian)

For the last 13 years, Rishi has been extremely passionate about electronic music in one form or another. Since moving to San Francisco 2 years ago he has DJ’d at several venues such as Supperclub, Apartment 24, and Project One as well as hosted his own event brining some of the hottest Bay Area trance DJs together.

Although still relatively new to the electronic music scene, Rishi has put in hundreds of hours behind the decks already, recording his weekly mixes in multiple genres which can be accessed at
Rishi is a versatile and stylish DJ, and plays many different genres including tribal, house, progressive house and trance. His love for each of these genres is equal.

He has recently begun producing music and has been working feverishly over the last few months on many different styles. July 2011 saw the release of his first EP on Colombian Records and release on Aenaria Tribal. Since then he has released on prestigeous labels such as System Recordings, TheSounds, Spring Tube Recordings, Green Martian and others. He continues to release quality tracks so expect to hear much more from him in the coming months.
. His passion for productions range from deep and classy sounds, to tribal, to tech house, and more.


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Ittai Barkai – No One Smarter Than You out on Eyepatch Recordings is featured at the Beatport Deep House genre page.


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Bonzai Basik Beats 71 this week with a 60 min mix by Lucio Grandi!

Tracklisting – Episode 71 – mixed by Lucio Grandi:

1° Joe Starwarz – Deep cut (Original mix)
2° Dennis Bug – Nachhall (Don Williams remix)
3° David Labeij – Maypril (Original mix)
4° Homework – Im Into This (Andre Crom & Martin Dawson Remix)
5° Homework – Whipped Cream (Superlover Remix)
6° Pawn Shop People – Streetsmart (Original Mix)
7° Danilo Schneider – Short image in my brain
8° Greg Gow – Apollo 11 (SLS remix)
9° Re-UP – Back To The Roots (Original Mix)
10° Project KF – Disco Bitch
11° Greg Gow – Poltergeist



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EPISODE 100: Fushe – Enigmore (Bonzai Elemental)

New Bonzai Elemental release from Fushe. The release comes with three original tracks, Enigmore, Luxoria and Xenia.

EPISODE 101: Ecco – Waikiki (Howz Choonz)

At 14 Ecco discovered Electronic Music with the New Beat and the belgian clubs. He developed an ever-growing passion for this music until age 20 when he decided to buy his turntables and mix-table. He is interested in different styles such as techno, Tech House, Minimal and House music.

Very soon he had the opportunity to play abroad (Thailand, Ibiza, …) and in Belgium (Silo, Decadance, Cherry Moon, Fuse, …).

2004-2005 sees the organization of events such as United-Elektro parties, Kiss my Beat or Acid or Not parties. Since 2008 he makes his own music and starts his net label (KMB REC).

EPISODE 102: Jamez & Soulboy – Redone (Eyepatch Recordings)

Jamez & Soulboy just started producing together about a year ago. But their work starts getting noticed around the globe. Jamez is still well known for his early work released by his legendary award winning dance label Touche Records. Because of the huge success of his label, tracks appeared on big compilation cds such as Global Underground 13, Sasha Ibiza, Renaissance and on some compilation cds made by Kevin Saunderson, Carl Cox and Armin van Buuren. Also he had a huge hit as one of The Trancesetters on the label Hooj Choons called Roaches.

In the summer of 2009 Christian Smith (Smith and Selway) did a remix for The Search which is also an old Trancesetters record. The track had big support from Hernan Cattaneo, James Zabiela, John Digweed and Adam Beyer. Also their track called Surface Tension, was in 2009 Kevin Saundersons summers favourite and was frequently heard on Ibiza Global Radio.

EPISODE 103: Oz Romita – Pumping (Mint & Mustard Recordings)

Oz Romita is known for his fresh and energetic style. Over the years he developed a very wide and various taste for dance music, thanks to his residencies in clubs. All records he spins are selected with great care, to create a powerful set. His capacity of mixing ranges from tribal and uplifting beats, to tech house, minimal and techno. He knows how to handle the crowd with everything he has got and he defo knows how to keep people dancing.

Oz Romita, born in Izmir, Turkey and raised in Amsterdam, has been working and rocking the scene since 1997. Worldwide he played in clubs and parties such as, Club Panama, Club Ministry, Bliss Deluxe, In Bed with Space (Amsterdam), Circo Loco (Antwerp), Café d’Anvers, La Rocca, Noxx, Hali Karnas, Scene, Infinity Festival, Suppercub Cruise, Luxurush, Heineken Music Hall, Mysteryland, Marcanti, Club Home, Lexion, Full Moon Parties (Thailand), Santa Fe, Green Mango,
Le Ranch, Club Cinco and many others.

Oz Romita’s sets are played on worldwide radio stations: Ibiza Global Radio, Bass Lover, Ramp Radio, Deep FM, Decibel, 365LiveRadio on 365MAG, Deep & Loud on

Through the years he has spinned with many great DJs, such as: Funkerman, Koen Groeneveld, Desyn Masillio, Patch Park, Lucien Foort, Carl Cox, D. Ramirez, Sossa (Circo Loco), Jose de Divina (Circo Loco), John Digweed,
Chris Lake, Sin Plomo (In Bed With Space), Dr. Kucho, Hardsoul (Roog), Erick E, Laidback Luke, Shinedoe, Kabale und Liebe, 16bit Lolita’s and many more.


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Starting the year with another session of Bonzai Basik Beats, this time brought to you by Project KF!

Tracklisting – Episode 70 – mixed by Projet KF:

1° Submantra – Calinda (Soul Minority Remix)
2° Felipe L – Pim Pla (Original Mix)
3° Denis Melody – 2 Day & 2 Morrow (Original Mix)
4° Aki Bergen – Black Light (Original Mix)
5° Ivan Picazo – Be Myself (Original Mix)
6° Matthew Codek – You Rock You Rule (Original Mix)
7° Ze Chezz – Clap Rebel (Felipe L Remix)
8° Daniel Steinberg – Tansania (Original Mix)
9° Monika Kruse – Don’t Give Up (Original Mix)
10° Christian Smith – Keep On (Big Room Mix)
11° Anton Ishutin – So Strange (Project KF Remix)
12° Mike Vale – Rising Up (Original Mix)
13° Project KF – Just Can’t Stop (Original Mix)
14° Miki Litvak & Ido Ophir – Shnorkel (Original Mix)



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Bonzai Basik Beats Radioshow, this week brought by Cassandria Daiva

Tracklisting – Episode 69 – mixed by Cassandria Daiva:

1° Blacktron – 32 KM (Original Mix)
2° Crisdeluxe – Cerro Alegre (Original Mix)
3° Oz Romita – Bass Penetration (DiscoNected Remix)
4° Andy Rojas – Horn Man (Original Mix)
5° Kaimi – I Feel You (Alex Jaramillo Remix)
6° Harvy Valencia – Africa Baila (Original Mix)
7° Resumo – Get Down (Original Mix)
8° Bilber – Urban Sound (Original Mix)
9° Dmitriy Toks – Feel So Free
10° Dmitriy Toks – Puk Pak (Original Mix)
11° Subcquence – Feel My Luv (Original Mix)
12° Platinum Monkey – Safari Blood (Original Mix)
13° DJ Wady DJ Smilk – Mi Funk Peluca (Original Mix)



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