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Portuguese DJ and producer Alvaro Martins aka Upright marks his full release debut on Piston with the fantastic two tracker – Shaper Tape. Upright takes a clear vision on how he wants a sound to project, strong rhythms and deep chords, the perfect recipe to light up floors.

First up we have Shaper Tape which intros with a strong kick drum accompanied by crispy hats and snapping snares. A tight drum arrangement sees the rhythm flow effortlessly in the sound and will definitely get the dancing feet shuffling. A deep throbbing bass rattles its way through the track and provides a solid platform for the deep techy groove to shine. Retro themed basses add that classic touch to the sound and is further enhanced by superb stabbing piano chords. Excellent stuff from Alvaro and we hope to see more soon.

Bite You At The Altar is up next and again we get a strong intro filled with punchy kicks and crispy hats. A deep probing bass soon follows and takes over the sound as layer continue to build creating depth in the track. Cool FX litter this tech groove and it’s a more sinister sounding effect that gives this one a darker edge. A brilliant vocal comes at the end of a tight buildup and slams us into the groove once more where we get treated to a myriad of cool sounds and various vocal shots that add so much character to the groove. A top notch slice of tech house that will be a welcome addition in any box.

#upright #pistonrecordings

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Richard Gatling returns to SRUR with the epic five track EP – Dusty Grooves. This one marks his full debut, although we have seen him before on our 2012 ADE Sampler and Best Of compilations. Richard has also seen his works released on Baccara Music and Salon De Lounge among others.

We kick off this mega house pack with It All Began With The Bird which intros with a solid kick and is soon joined by a very cool probing bass that just lurks perfectly in the smooth house groove. A fantastic retro piano chord stab is dominant throughout the track and will no doubt be the cause of many shakin butts on the floors. A cool retro vibe flows through the sound and delivers an upbeat kinda house vibe which will appeal to many for sure.

I Told You intros with a cool hypnotic synth stab as shuffling hats make their way through bringing a cool rhythmic flow to the sound. A well rounded punchy kick comes in with a superb deep bassline in its wake. The bassline drives the deep groove beautifully and is joined by a fantastic vocal and groovy flute that will force you to move. The track throws out a classic vibe that will definitely get a lot of attention, one to watch.

Recap sets out with a chunky kick and crispy hat combi with percussions layering up in the background. A soft string swells up and is joined by a probing bass that gives the track an almost laidback groove. The bass is joined by deep plucky synths that build up into a cacophony of shifting notes. A super tight drum section keeps the rhythms flowing here as we get locked into the house groove. On the break those strings and pads break out delivering a rich texture to the sound. An epic slice of groovy house that is not to be missed.

Too Much Choices comes into existence with a very cool synth tone that is joined by a fading in bass leading up to a solid kick and shuffling hat combo. A deeper bassline takes over giving the track a pacey vibe as cool voices start to pop up. A big and brash in your face synth pad comes through and mesmerizes with each anticipating key change. A solid deep house groove ensues which is licked with subtle melodies and interesting instruments throughout. Great stuff that will do well in any set for sure.

Zer0 Point intros with a solid punchy kick and crispy hat sequence before a cool plucky bass comes in teasing us into the groove. Those bassy plucks provide the perfect platform for the equally cool house chord stabs that start to dominate the sound. Soft keys are introduced and contrast beautifully with the harsher stabs. The track breaks to unleash a cascading arp that gives off a slightly progressive vibe which is soon overrun by purely house driven riffs from various instruments. A superb slice of deep house grooves that will definitely keep floors moving.

#richardgatling #soundsrusrecordings

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My House Is Your House continues with volume 12, and once again we get to rock your socks off with some of the very best Deep House and Tech grooves around. We took to scouring our different labels and handpicked 20 top cuts from Piston Recordings, Monog Records, Eyepatch Recordings, Gourmand Music, Kiss My Beat and Clean & Dirty. Tracks and remixes come from the likes of Rick Wade, Joal, Jazzawesz, Satour, Ecco, Le Cabar, Alexey Lisin Ft Ann Di, Roland Sousa, David Museen, Glasidum, Zeo, Hamdi Ryder, Pitch Ranger, Dimi Wilson, Lex Athens, Art Sparks, Prime Brothers, Hatelate, Move88 Ft Sabrina, Leandro Di, A. Eryomin, Rogerio Martins, Geonis & Mier, Furniture Crew, Eric Powa B, JR From Dallas, Fragoso, Pandeo and Jeep. Inject you sets with a dose of these top quality tunes, your speakers are gonna love it.

#bonzaiprogressive #rogeriomartins #jepe #pandeo #fragoso #hatelate #jrfromdallas #ericpowab #furniturecrew #mier #geonis #rickwade #joal #jazzawesz #satour #ecco #lebabar #anndi #alexeylisin #rolandsousa #davidmuseen #glasidum #zeo #hamdiryder #pitchranger #dimiwilson #lex(athens) #artsparks #primebrothers #sabrinajohnson #move88 #leandrodi #a.eryomin

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Piston Recordings proudly presents The Secrets Of The Trade 004 showcasing 20 of the finest deep and tech house grooves from a plethora of quality artists and outlets. We’ve sourced only the very best cuts and brought them together in one huge pack for your listening pleasure. Tracks and remixes come from the likes of Rick Wade, Dreamer G, Mano Le Tough, Brame and Hamo, PBR Streetgang, Milton Jackson, Demarkus Lewis, COEO, ItaloBros, So Inagawa, Sek, Cerillo, Andy Hart, Kian T, Bonetti, Dyed Soundorom, label head honcho Rogerio Martins and many others. If you’re looking to add that extra spice to your sets, then you’ve just found the perfect recipe.

#pistonrecordings #andyhart #kiant #bonetti #alvaromartins #dyedsoundrom #rogeriomartins #manoletough #dreamerg #brame #hamo #leandrodi #pbrstreetgang #leandrosilva #miltonjackson #grooveapartment #demarkuslewis #southerngroove #coeo #boosh #davidmuseen #olifrances #italobros #soinagawa #sek #cerillo #rickwade

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Taken from his second studio album Artificial Star and featuring a superb vocal from Jimmie Westwood, Audio Noir’s Far From Home gets the remix treatment delivering three very different takes on the original.

Audio Noir’s Rekonstruction intros with a cool 80’s electro styled drum arrangement which delivers a dancey feel to the sound. The drums are the big focus here and are soon joined by equally cool percussions that etch out smooth rhythms throughout. Swirling pads offer up a sweet melodic sequence that fizzles out to be replaced by a heavy hitting gritty bass workout that totally transforms the sound. That gritty bass twists and morphs with an underlying acid tone and sits snuggly with the raspy vocal from Jimmie to the backdrop of some seriously shuffling hi hats and stuttering perc hits. Top notch stuff that will appeal to many for sure.

The legend that is Airwave takes on remix duties on Audio Noir’s Far From Home and delivers another slice of pure progressive breaks that will get any venue to fever pitch. Airwave continues to enjoy a hectic schedule as an artist and DJ with gigs taking him all over the world. How he still finds the time to produce top quality sounds we will never know, but one thing we do know is he never disappoints. His recent showing on Bonzai & Friends 500 with the exclusive Vega Shining, was a most welcome surprise for his army of fans and no doubt we’ll be seeing much more from this guy in the future. On the remix he takes us on an exciting journey that raises the energy levels with that solid breaks arrangement complete with a chunky kick and super cool snares that add a lot of character to the sound. The drums evolve throughout the track with little nuanced beats cropping up here and there while a wonderfully low bass resonates all around. Simple and highly effective short guitar riffs get the musical side flowing alongside Jimmie’s New Order-esque vocal delivery. The verses of the song ride along so smoothly and melt into the sound while the chorus winds up into a brilliant climactic event. Top notch from Laurent yet again, not to be missed.

Bonzai stalwart Crocy shows up on remix duty with a fantastic progressive workout that will light up the floors no doubt. His last outing gave us a brilliant remix on Matan Caspi & Roy Lebens’ Klubnichka as well as an exclusive track for Bonzai & Friends 500 entitled Bedroom Stories. The remix intros with a solid kickdrum that pounds out a nice big chunky beat. Warm synths start to fade in and are soon joined by a rhythmic percussion section that gets the feet moving toward the floor. A phat probing bass comes at us in various layers resulting in a deep driving bassline that really ramps up the energy on the track. Short vocal snippets creep through as the lead synth delivers an electrifying groove. Excellent stuff yet again from Crocy that will be a welcome addition in any set.

#audionoir #jimmiewestwood #bonzaiprogressive #airwave #crocy

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Russian DJ and producer Ruslan Vashkevich is back with this superb effort – Acid Pig, which comes backed up with a top quality remix. Ruslan’s last outing – Thought The Smoke touched base with a lot of progressive house heads with support coming in thick and fast. He also had an exclusive track – Hyper Space released on Bonzai & Friends 500 to mark 20 years and the 500th release of the legendary Bonzai Progressive.

The Original Mix takes us on a surreal acid licked progressive journey that will give us plenty to do on the floors. The track intros with a solid kick alongside a subtle percussion that slowly builds bringing a nice and steady rhythmic flow to the sound. Cool FX litter the track and take us to the bubbling bassline that sits lurking in the low end waiting to pounce. Fading through the sound we get our first glimpse at that acid line that will dominate the sound for much of the way as it glides along with an infectious pull. The track takes a sinister turn on the break as a darker sound approaches delivering a hypnotic vibe that lock us in deeper. A superb slice of the darker prog sound that will not disappoint.

Bonzai stalwart Manu Riga teams up with Bosnia and Herzegovina native and Bonzai newcomer Youngen to deliver their Old Pigs Remix. Manu Riga never fails to impress, his sounds always ooze quality and carry a great depth. Currently working on his new album (scheduled for 2016) he has been keeping us up to date with progress and with a couple of tracks almost ready the anticipation is surely building. Even in full on album creating mode, this guys still finds the time to deliver his own remixes as well as collaborative ones also. Youngen recently debuted on Bonzai Progressive with The Long Way Home with a great early response and feedback. No doubt we will be seeing much more of this talented artist. The remix intros with a fantastic kick that pounds out a solid platform for the layers to build. Cool FX and bright hats liven up the rhythm alongside a tight percussion arrangement while subtle risers takes us up to the first break. Here we get our first taste of the bassline and the powerful groove it delivers. A real deep rooted sound comes off the bass as it moves through the groove. On the break, soft Eastern style vocals ring out bringing an enchanted feeling to the track, which stands in contrast to the darker elements. Coming out of the break we are thrust, head first, back into this superb slice of progressive house, a definite must have track.

#ruslanvashkevich #bonzaiprogressive #manuriga #youngen

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Tim Aaron debuts on Green Martian with the wonderfully lush two tracker – Distance Waiting. Tim aka Aeropolis has been into music from a young age, he started to experiment with sounds and got into trance music before venturing into the progressive side of the tracks. A very much experimental producer, Tim loves to recycle sampled sounds creating his own textured palettes. Great to see him on board and we look forward to much more in the future.

Distance intros with a punchy kick and a tight slapped drum roll in the background. Soft claps and various other percussive elements start to find their way into the track as a warm bass rises up from the depths. The bass soon becomes more prominent in the sound and is joined by a superb sub bass bringing in a harsher sound. Atmospheric synths deliver cool stabs of sound with a melodic progressive edge. The break features a brilliant arp that hypnotizes as it filters off and on before those solid beats return and slam us back onto the floor. A simply stunning slice of progressive house that will do well in any set.

Waiting sets out with a simple punchy kick with subtle percussions hanging off the fringes. Spacey pads fade in and out as the percussions are filtered in alongside a crispy sharp hat. The cool rhythms of the track get an injection of warmth from the subtle synths before a superb rolling bassline takes over. The pads hang in the background beautifully creating a wonderful texture to the sound that blends effortlessly with the groove. The break takes us deeper with the bass fading out leaving behind a brilliantly tweaked synthline before returning to takes us to the climax where we get thrust back into the main sound for the duration. Top notch stuff that is definitely not to be missed.

#timaaron #greenmartian

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US based DJ and producer Beyond Beats shows up on our long running deep house label – Eyepatch Recordings – with his Reload EP. This guys is certainly making his way around the Bonzai stable, his debut came on Progrez with Somewhere Out There before heading over to Green Martian with Finally Ready. Great to see an artist dip his hand into different genres and showcasing his talents in a dynamic way.

Reload intros with a nice organic vibe as native drums etch out the groove to the backdrop of pitching crisp hats. Warm deep house chords swirl across the sound and provide the perfect platform for the layers to build. The super low bass lurks around the bottom of the sound allowing the musical elements to shine, and shine they do. A subtle mixture of colourful sounds paint a textured groove that locks you in for the duration. Top notch stuff not to be missed.

Give It To Me (I Need It) gets right down to business with a solid deep house groove filled with beautifully warm chords and a wonderful perfectly tweaked bassline. Up top we have a high string that sits over those warm chords as well as various FX that add great textures along the way. A classic styled vocal comes through and sets the groove alight. Tight drums filled with chunky kicks, crispy hats and snappy snares dish out cool rhythms as this super charged house cut gathers pace. A must have track for sure.

#beyondbeats #eyepatchrecordings

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John 00 Fleming marks his full release debut on Bonzai Progressive with The Lone Ranger which comes backed up with two top quality remixes from Rick Pier O’Neil and Gai Barone. John is one of the most gifted artists of a generation and beyond and he is certainly no stranger to Bonzai as he has seen multiple tracks appear on various compilations over the years. In November 2015 he helped us celebrate our 500th release with an exclusive track – The Dark Ranger. He has also shown up on Progrez, Camouflage, Bonzai Back Catalogue, Bonzai Classics, Green Martian and Bonzai Elemental, in some capacity or other. Over the last few years a strong bond has developed between John’s JOOF label and Bonzai which has seen many artists release top notch sounds between the labels. Described as a national treasure of the trance world by Radio 1’s Pete Tong, John 00 Fleming is an artist who has achieved international success in a career spanning over 20 years without dishonouring his musical essence or fans. With over 10 million album sales and 30 produced mix compilations, Johnís a proven musical pioneer whose essence lies in what his fans call, the JOOF sound. Despite enjoying some commercial success, he remains a very much respected figure on the underground scene. This is down to his integrity in his performances and his no-nonsense take on all things music. His long running JOOF label continues to go from strength to strength and recently he has been sourcing some superb breakthrough up and coming artists who are proving their worth in style. Always worth checking out what’s happening in this guys world.

The Original Mix gives us a clear insight into the JOOF sound, sub shakin bass and scathing synths with everything in between, the perfect recipe for a psy trance trip. The bass rumbles through the track relentlessly as swirling pads etch out cool melodies taking the groove high into the trance stratosphere with those psy undertones coming to the fore. A definite dancefloor destroyer here that you will not want to miss.

Rick Pier O’Neil aka RPO is up first on remix duty and yet again he delivers the goods. These last few years have seen this guy rise up through the ranks to become a hugely respected artist. His style takes on various forms with a focus on the deeper, progressive side of the tracks with the occasional foray into trance. Since a young age he has been hooked on music and countless hours of listening, experimenting and playing has shaped him into the top class artist he is today. He quickly gained a reputation as a talented artist and travelled to the US where he became embedded into the music scene there. He set up two record labels, Pro Records and Garbage Records, tracks from these labels have been hammered by top jocks all over the world. He has seen releases on many top labels including Bonzai Progressive and JOOF Recordings. On the remix he takes the original deeper into the progressive abyss with a solid groove made up of tight drums, rhythmic percussions and a monster bassline that hooks you in for the duration. Beautifully composed melodic phrases litter the sound and on the break they get their chance to shine in the form of rich strings that just float out of the speakers in a trance-like structure. Awesome stuff that you need in your arsenal.

Progressive stalwart Gai Barone is up next on remix duty and as we’ve come to expect from this guy, he surpasses all expectations once more. With such a dynamic range of sound, this guy bridges the gap beautifully between genres creating sublime master strokes of musical genius. He is an artist who is very much at the top of his game and who still has plenty more to offer. His last outing for Bonzai was on the compilation Club Traxx Dark & Deep 2 back in March 2015, since then he has released a plethora of top quality cuts on various labels. The remix intros with a muted kick and a rattling shaker hi hat that gets those feet tapping straight to the floor. The kicks start to find their thump as colourful riffs line up alongside atmospheric pads. The bassline bursts through and dominates the track locking you into its solid progressive groove as the key changes take us up and down. A tight drum arrangement keeps us moving and provides a strong platform for the layers to build. On the break we are led into a dream-like world full of beautifully tweaked melodies that glide across the sound effortlessly before we climax back into the main groove. This one is epic, an absolute stomper that is a must have for a peak time set.

#john00fleming #bonzaiprogressive #rickpieroneil #gaibarone

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Hailing from Zvornik, Bosnia and Herzegovina Mladen Jurosevic aka Youngen debuts on Bonzai Progressive with The Long Way Home which comes backed up with two top notch remixes. Mladen got into music from a very young age. At just 10 years old he began to play the accordion and made the switch to synthesiser a few years later. His music collection started with an Astral Projection CD – Trust In Trance – and this set him on a collision course with electronic music which he has a passion for. In the year 2000 he invested in his first music production suite – Propellerhead Reason – and from there he learned the program inside out and started to produce his own sounds. As a teenager, he frequented many techno and psytrance parties which would have an influence in his sounds. Over the years he switched to a more progressive house and deep house output, and now his sound is deep, emotional and dreamy electronic dance music filled with deep grooves and melodic sequences.

The Original Mix intros with a soft tone full of warm keys and a rising drum pattern that leads up to a solid kickdrum that packs a strong punch. The atmospherics continue with the kicks leading the way alongside the fledgling bassline. A short break builds us up to the main event where the bassline takes over and drives the solid progressive groove forward. In the background the pads cascade through the sound perfectly and move with the key changes effortlessly. A subtle melodic flavour creeps in as a cool voice teases. The voice stands out on the break as the melodies evolve before we are settled back into the main groove for the duration. Superb stuff that you will not want to miss.

Manu Riga steps up to the desk first with his Ethnotized Remix and yet again we find out just how talented this guy is. As well as knocking out quality remixes and original works, he is currently in the midst of creating an album which we hope will be dropping sometime in early 2016. So far the standard is extremely high and we have no doubt that he will blow us away once more, we can’t wait for this one. His last release was for Bonzai’s 500th where he was allocat6ed no less than three slots which he filled with the superb A Sense of Hope, As We Become One with Matt Holliday and a remix alongside Matt on Phi Phi’s Hiccup. The remix intros with a superb punchy kickdrum and is soon joined by a probing bassline that hypnotizes the mind. Cool rhythmic structures form up with crispy hats and sharp claps alongside a solid Manu-esque tight drum arrangement. The bass dominates the sound and takes us deeper into progressive with every key change. On the break we get a subtle synth driven melody that paves the way for the most amazing female voice that will send shivers down your spine. Another excellent Manu Riga cut that will tear up any floor no doubt.

Australian producer Audio Noir heads up the next remix with Another Audio Noir Trip. This guy is another one who just never lets up on the quality front and who always delivers that extra bit of sound to get a track to its peak. Aside from his latest album – Artificial Star – his Almost Famous Reworked series is proving popular with many tracks showing up in sets all over. Still much more to come from this guy and we always get excited when his latest cuts drop in. Here the remix sets out with a punchy kick and a slicing hat combo complete with a rhythmic percussions. A surreal synth comes through that seems to morph in and out of shape before a rolling bassline takes over and gets the track into its progressive flow. The track goes deep as growling basses begin to emerge and that drum arrangement intensifies. The break offers a little respite and reveals a hypnotic sequence that lures you in only to be thrust back into the solid wall of sound for the duration. Top notch yet again from this guy, not to be missed.

#youngen #bonzaiprogressive #manuriga #audionoir

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Italian DJ and producer Luigi De Santis aka GgDex returns to Piston alongside his newest creation KEYGI with the fantastic Yes I Am EP. Luigi is no stranger to these shores, his last outing Put The Needle gained great support across the board and rocked out many venues with its deep and dirty vibes. Since then he has shown up on various compilations for Bonzai and Piston as well as releases on other labels. KEYGI is Luigi’s newest creation and what a way to introduce, we hope to see more from this guy and his persona’s in the future.

First up we have the title track Yes I Am which in short is a relentless slice of deep techy grooves with a probing bass that fills the sound beautifully. The track is somewhat minimal with a cool drum arrangement made up a punchy kick and shuffling hats with a few percussions to keep the rhythm loose. Throughout the track we are treated to a gritty vocal that delivers that classic house vibe while the music carries us along for the ride with a cool tech edge. Excellent stuff that will sit snugly into any set.

Black Leo intros with a nice chunky kick alongside a round of percussions that layer up providing a cool rhythmic flow. The track breaks to reveal a scraping synths that cut out a nice deep house vibe. The bass comes through and dominates as it winds its way through the sound delivering a solid groove for the track to build on. On the main break those synths get the focus before we are thrust back to the main sound for the duration. Mesmerizing sounds for the floors here that you will not want to miss.

Sweet Beat sets out with a warm urban groove filled with gliding chords and a tight drum arrangement. The drum patterns dish out smooth rhythms with an a very much laidback approach. The deep bassline moves the track ever so smoothly and takes the groove to a deeper level. On the break we are led into a wonderful sequence that offers up more of those warm dreamy chords before the beats and bass return to get the floors livened up. A welcome addition to any set for sure.

#ggdex #keygi #pistonrecordings

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Our next Bonzai Basiks release – The Force – comes courtesy of a fantastic collaboration of artists featuring Belgian DJ and producer Van Czar, DJ and producer Dantiez Saunderson and UK songstress Ann Saunderson. Van continues to lead the way in deep techno grooves and his tracks are always powerful tools in the mix for many jocks. After he joined Dantiez on their back to back set at this year’s (2015) Legacy Festival, they decided to get together in the studio and soon after they started working on this fine cut. Over the last few years Dantiez has taken after his legendary father, Kevin Saunderson, and released quality cuts on several labels including Kevin’s own KMS. The guys then decided to employ the soulful, gospel-esque vocals of Dantiez’s mother, Ann. Back in 1992 Ann featured as backing vocals on the anthemic Pennies From Heaven by Inner City which was headed up by her husband Kevin, and went on to record several high profile tracks over the years. To keep it all in the family we get treated to a wonderful remix by the legend himself, Mr Kevin Saunderson who led the way in the early Detroit house and techno scene and gave the world some of the most memorable tunes ever with Inner City and others.

The Original Mix delivers a wonderfully upbeat techno vibe with massive sprinklings of cool house flavours. Big chunky kicks pair up with sharp claps and shuffling open hats while the rhythm gets a boost from a top notch, tight drum section. A rumbling bassline rattles through the sound as the vocal starts to come into play. Warm chords fade through and we settle into the groove nicely before we get blasted with amazing retro style piano chords and a transformed vocal that will have you up and on that floor for sure.

Kevin Saunderson’s remix goes straight for the jugular with a monster kick on the intro that pounds out a solid techno sound. Perfectly placed vocals litter the groove and keep with the darker elements of the track. A deep, growling bass comes through and takes control of the groove and is soon joined by scathing gritty synths that rise up from the murky depths and take the track deeper into techno. A definite must have track for the purists that will get any floor moving.

Van Czar turns up the heat with a double remix. First up is the Playa Den Bossa Mix which serves up a real nice treat filled deep grooving techno vibes that’s come straight out of those late night Ibiza sessions leaving you frazzled and fully partied up. Punchy kicks and crispy sharp hats dish out a solid rhythmic flow to the track as tight drum patterns are let loose. Swirling synth chords stand out beautifully as subtle chord stabs hold back waiting to pounce while a slicing higher pitched single note cuts through. Top notch stuff you do not want to miss.

We go deeper on Van’s second remix, the Gladiator Cysxe Remix which delivers a more punchy sound with a darker techno edge that stands out brilliantly with its powerful grooves and superb synths that range from swirling warm chord to classic stabby hits. Along the way we are introduced to a much harsher synth that carries a brilliant techno vibe. Another sure fire floor filler that will appeal to many no doubt.

#vanczar #dantiezsaunderson #annsaunderson #bonzaibasiks #kevinsaunderson

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