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Irish DJ and producer Dominic Smith makes his full debut on Monog Records with the superb Dig Deep EP. Dominic is no stranger to these shores having delivered a fantastic remix on Luis Bravo’s Switch Dance at the start of 2015. We know this guy loves his house music and how he dissects genres and moulds them into cutting edge grooves. Since grasping the inner workings of Ableton he has been relentless in his approach to producing as he leaves no stone unturned. It is this attention to detail that has gained the attention of various labels including Monog, we have no doubt there will be much more from this guy in the future so stay tuned.

Dig Deep intros with a wonderful punchy kick and a warm fading bass note alongside some super crispy hats and snappy claps. The track already oozes deep tech vibes that will definitely have asses shaking with its infectious rhythms. Cool vocals come through and are joined by a deep reverberating bassline that gets the groove going into overdrive. Throughout the track we are treated to bouts of sharp stabs that cut through the lower frequencies with ease and leave us wanting more. On the break the sound descends into a smooth and sultry affair with those beautiful chords and some very cool spoken vocals that spew out an urbanised theme before we get thrust right back into the main groove. Top notch stuff yet again from this guy, not to be missed.

Dominic teams up with Irish DJ and producer Sonny Andreucetti aka Sonny Alsalmo to deliver the sublime Don’t Stay In. Sonny is known for being a hard working producer, often pending long hours in his home studio. He has a passion for various styles including dubstep and tech house, and hi mixes can be heard on various online radio shows each month. Well worth keeping an eye on this one for the future. The track intros with classic thumping kick and bright open hat combi. Sharp vocal one shots break through alongside some very cool rising chords and glistening synths. A proper deep and throbbing bass takes over the sound as the layers build forming a solid rhythmic flow. The break throws up another super cool vocal that adds a ton of character to the sound as well as bringing a raw, urban element. A superb slice of deep tech that will be a welcome addition in any set no doubt.

#dominicsmith #monogrecords #sonnyandreucetti

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Venezuelan DJ and producer Alfredo Mena returns after a bit of a hiatus with the stunning Do You Remember on Bonzai Basiks. Last time around he gave us his My House EP which went down a treat across many dancefloors and charted very well also. Do You Remember intros with a real nice tech flavour filled with a helping of punchy kicks, crispy hats and a superb bass that sits perfectly beneath track. A tightly constructed percussion arrangement unleashes smooth rhythms alongside some gritty noises and a deep, hollow vocal that gives so much character to the sound. Very cool stab keys come through and deliver a solid groove as the bassline is transformed into a twisting pattern that will definitely have asses shakin no doubt.

Outbreak oozes tech fuelled grooves right from the off as a chunky kick is joined by crispy percussions and cool snappy snares. The bass rides the rhythm beautifully as it blends effortlessly with some very cool organic sounds and one shot vocals. A myriad of FX keeps the track on point in the tech department while creating a vivid and colourful groove. Top notch stuff that will be a welcome addition to any set.

The Secret sets off with a superb in your face chunky kick and sharp hat combi alongside a throbbing sub bass that will shake the bones. The tight drums make for a very rhythmic vibe and will definitely keep the feet dancing. Cool vocal one shots come through and bring a nice tech induced groove that is built upon with a gritty bassline. On the break a very familiar riff is introduced that will get the retro juices flowing. An excellent sound here that will turn a few heads for sure.

#alfredomena #bonzaibasiks

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Oz Romita and Chrono join forces to deliver this stunning collaboration entitled Dollin which comes backed up with a slew of top notch remixes. Oz continues to run Sounds R Us with gusto and sources some of the finest techno grooves around from upcoming and established artists. Much more to come from SRUR so well worth keeping an eye on. Chrono aka Zoltan Salai was last seen round these parts back in June 2014 with the wonderful Pantihouse which made a fantastic splash across many floors, great to see him back again.

First up we have the Original Mix with its bright crispy intro filled with various percussions that are soon joined by a nice subtle kick and walking bass. Drum layers form up and deliver a solid techno flavour that will definitely get heads nodding. Cool echoed vocals litter the sound throughout and add smooth textures. The break dishes out cool filtered noises and gives a glimpse of things to come with some nifty trumpet work. Those trumpets make it through to the main groove and bring some funky jazz tones along for the ride. Excellent stuff from these guys you will not want to miss.

Up next we have the Zoë Xenia remix which intros with a nice punchy kick and sharp claps while cool drum patterns ease their way through. The track has a cool bounce to it that will appeal to many floors and get the booties moving. A darker element emerges as deep synth chords fade in alongside that tantalising vocal and swinging trumpets. The bass holds the sound up beautifully as it sits back allowing the mid section to thrive. A real nice blend of deep tech sounds that will fit well in many sets no doubt.

Onofrio Conte heads up the next remix and takes the track deep into techno grooves with his superb style. Last time out he delivered the brilliant Rumble which came not long after his remix on Van Czar’s Rhumba EP. On the remix we get to experience a true techno fuelled groove that will definitely grab a lot of attention. Slick percussion and drum arrangements add a slice of tribal to the sound as the bass pulsates right through the low end. Wailing trumpets glide across the track and leave behind vivid scenes that keeps the vibe alive throughout. Deep, down and dirty grooves for the late night sessions, a must have.

Jim Star deliver his Funkadelic Remix which grabs a hold of you right from the off. A quite surreal picture forms out of a noisy scene filled with white noise, distant voices and traversing trumpets. The drum section holds the rhythm beautifully as you begin to lose yourself deep in the sound. The funk and psychedelic images merge effortlessly as we are driven deeper into the groove on this sublime journey. On the break we are met with high pitched strings the melt into the sound as all around we are bombarded with a myriad of noise before the main groove returns for the duration. Top notch stuff.

P-Ben is up on remix duty next and he ramps up the pressure with his high octane take. Tight drums and sharp percussions make up the intro which is given a boost with wonderful punchy kicks and a pulsating bass that sits perfectly on the low frequency. Wailing trumpets and screaming distant voices dominate the sound throughout and give off a real techno flavour. The break reveals the trumpets in all their jazzy glory as that hypnotic bass relentlessly drives on. A definite floor filler here that will feature on many sets for sure.

Kreisel rounds up this package with a wonderfully deep, tech fuelled remix. The intro boasts nice punchy kicks that are joined by some very cool vocals and vocal effects. The track carries a mesmerizing tone that will keep a hold of you for the long haul. The track breaks to throws up a smooth acid style bassline that gives a cool characteristic to the sound as slicing chords join the party. The rhythm gathers pace with a little help from shuffling hats and a tight drum arrangement. Sharp stabby trumpets come through and take control of the sound adding a smooth house vibe. Superb stuff that is a must for any DJ’s crate.

#ozromita #chrono #soundsrusrecordings #zoexenia #onofrioconte #jimstar #pben #kreisel

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Daniel Ray notches up his fifth Eyepatch release with this superb two tracker entitled Keeping On. Last time out, Daniel furnished us with the deep and techy vibes of Mirrors which saw great support across the board. Keeping On gets into a deep groove right from the off with a groovelicious bass chord arrangement that fills the sound beautifully. Tight drums and cool crispy hats get the rhythm flowing nicely as the deep vibes continue to rise. A sense of melancholy prevails from the poignant strings on offer as the dirtier side of tech is just about suppressed within this solid groover, Top notch stuff that will not go unnoticed, a must have.

The Bright Side intros with a nice punchy kick and hat combi alongside soft pads and beautiful deep chords. Big stabby chords burst through and are joined by a reverberating bass that just hangs in the air, lingering on and on adding to the surreal vibe. Sweet melancholic keys contrast perfectly and cut through the lower frequencies to reveal a brighter sound. A super smooth ride into deep house grooves you will not want to miss out on.

#danielray #eyepatchrecordings

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Loopmasters proudly welcome back Laurent Veronnez aka Airwave for a brand new collection of inspirational dance breaks and beats designed for all dance music producers looking to add sonic interest to their rhythm tracks way beyond the basic 4×4. Airwave – Dance Breaks Vol2 is a whopping 3.39GB collection of over 600 Royalty Free, punchy electronic drum loops designed to create maximum impact in your productions, featuring a huge sonic range from Ambient Rhythmic Textures to Dark Glitchy Electronica onto Experimental Underground House, Breaks and Driving Techno Drums.

The Collection features 59 crunchy drum loops each with 5 -7 variations on each theme to allow for flexible arranging and mixing. The Loops are all recorded in 24Bit 44.1 KHz in tempos ranging from 64 to 160BPM and come as Acidsed Wav, Rex2 and Apple Loop formats compatible with all the major music software programs.

Airwave released his first records on the infamous Bonzai Label. His countless productions under 35 different aliases (Airwave, Body shock, Cape Town, Planisphere, Fire & Ice, Nova, The Green Martian, Lolo, Cloud 69, Meridian) got him plays by the biggest dj’s on this planet, including DJ Tiesto, Armin van Buuren, Paul Oakenfold, Ferry Corsten, Judge Jules, Sasha, John Digweed, Chris Fortier, and Seb Fontaine. So much respect from his fellow colleagues, led him to collaborate with several artists, including Armin van Buuren, Tiesto, M.I.K.E aka Push, Judge Jules, and lately Markus Schulz, Above and Beyond, Andy Moor, and many, many others.

In Detail expect to find 3.39GB of 24Bit 44.1KHz Drum Loops with 59 Drum Loops + Variations, 626 Loops Total and 896 Rex2 Files

All Electronic Dance producers should check out this collection as there is something here for everyone, so make sure you hit play on the demo song and download the free to use taster pack then sample Airwave – Dance Breaks Vol2 Today!

#loopmasters #airwave

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The Club Traxx series continues with Breaks 3 compiling some of the hottest breaks tracks around that are filled with intensity to blow your mind. We’ve selected 20 choice cuts from top labels like Bonzai Progressive, J00F, Mistique Music and Contrast. Lose yourself to the sounds of artists such as Airwave, Moshic, Fatal Error, Mathov, Julian Deep, Platunoff, Stardesign, Reflection Soul, Audio Noir, Chris Oblivion, TimeWave, Plu-Ton, Stanisha, Kaan Koray, Digital Department, Incolumis, Max Ivanovsky, Van Bake, MSZ, Aitra, Maxim Palmaxs and Lukosz Green1. A stunningly surreal collection that will definitely make a mark on your playlist.

#bonzaiprogressive #airwave #platunoff #plu-ton #digitaldepartment #msz #moshic #fatalerror #mathov #juliandep #stardesign #reflectionsoul #audionoir #chrisoblivion #timewave #stanisha #kaankoray #incolumis #maxivanovsky #vanbake #aitra #maksimpalmaxs #lukosz #green1

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Ametron aka Athens based DJ and producer Tigran Mkrtchian debuts on Bonzai Progressive with the sublime two track Ei A Ei. Tigran played in rock bands in the 90’s as a teenager before moving on to experiment with electronic sounds. In 2005 he was co-founder of the party crew Psyacoustics who organised lots of events and played alongside some of the worlds to psychedelic artists. His musical background has enabled him to continue his journey and produce many different styles. In 2011 he released the compilation, Landing on Neurotrance Records. These days he works as a physiotherapist and spends all his free time experimenting with music with some great results. A highly talented artist no doubt, we’re glad to have him on board.

Ei A Ei intros with a throbbing sub bass that will have the bassbins quaking. A nice thumping kick is introduced and gives the track a real deep and almost psy feel. That bassline levels out into a full on driving monster and carries a lot of psy elements while keeping firmly in the deep, dark progressive sphere. A myriad of sounds converge on the track and create cool layered textures throughout. Articulate short synth stabs litter the groove and lead the way as the track gathers pace on its epic journey. Acid lines, cool vocals, driving rhythms and more, this track has it all and you do not want to miss this one.

Undercover Obsession intros with a strange mixture of blips, detuned notes and a pulsing bass sound. A chunky kick comes through and brings order with its pounding dominance as darkly sinister pads fill out the background. A proper deep low end bass sits perfectly as a much sharper raw bass gets the groove into full flow. The break delves deeper as the sinister element intensifies with some harsh synths and that constant, hypnotizing bass which fades off to leave a subtle melody and gritty sounds in its wake. Definitely a late night thumper here, top notch stuff.

#ametron #bonzaiprogressive

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Italian DJ and producer Laesh debuts on Piston with That Old Fiction, two sublime deep and grooving tracks that will not disappoint. His passion is House music with deep, old school influences. Since getting his first set of turntables he has played at many clubs on the circuit. In 2010 he ventured into producing and found himself getting releases on labels like Oasi Lab, Malo, Bluedye, Redlight and Joyful Family Records. His DJ sets are performed using vinyl and he prides himself for his eclectic vinyl collection. Great to have him on board at Piston.

That Old Fiction gets us on the move with a superb classic style intro filled with big chunky kicks, crispy hats and sharp claps. A very cool, deep bassline comes through and takes over the sound to deliver a solid dancey groove. You can tell this guy loves his retro with the addition of brilliant filtered disco samples that pop up throughout the track. A proper in your face groove that will delight many floors for sure.

A Dirty Vintage Fantasy intros with that classic styled chunky kick and crisp hat combi we all know and love. This sets the track up perfectly and will definitely get feet on the floors. A cool house fuelled filtered bassline and accompanying vocal fades through and soon takes over the sound to deliver a super funky groove. Straight up fresh beats for the big floors that will most definitely make it onto many playlists.

#laesh #pistonrecordings

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Sween returns to Green Martian after quite a long hiatus with the superb Neutron. It was back in 2009 when we last saw this talented artist with the wonderful Sweencity which was backed with Danceity. Sweencity was included in several compilations such as Deep Trance Trax 1 and the very first Afterhour Trax as well as a spot on Bonzai Worx DJ Session 19 compiled by Chantola. A very exciting return that will definitely get a few heads turning for sure.

Neutron intros with a smooth dark tone that is filled with cool punchy kicks and distant sounds. The bassline bubbles up from the depths and brings that dark edge with it which is the dominant force throughout the track. Cool atmospheric sounds fill the spectrum as bright arps bring a melodic flavour. The track drive on with a hypnotic force that keeps the groove in check. A wonderfully diverse sound filled with deep, dark vibes and contrasting bright melodies, superb stuff.

Angels sets off with a cool drum pattern and a nice chunky kick on top. The bass creeps into the sound from out of nowhere and becomes the driving force throughout. Beautifully rich melodies cascade down through synth arps and are joined by sweeping pads that really captivate the mind. A totally mesmerizing experience that will keep you hooked for the duration, a must have.

#sween #greenmartian

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Progrez stalwart Kevin Vega returns with the fantastic three tracker entitled The Gambler. A big part of the Progrez journey, Kevin has consistently delivered the goods with his lush progressive house vibes. His last outing, Andromeda gained a lot of support across the board and since then he has racked up several top notch remixes for the likes of Dofamine and Airwave & DJ Fire. Always worth checking this guy out, he never disappoints.

The Gambler gets us on the move with a real nice punchy kick and mesmerizing percussions that lock you right into the groove. A wonderfully lush probing bass joins in and takes the track right into the deepest depths of progressive house. Sweeping pads form various layers and bring a melodic edge to the sound that captivates the mind. On the break a beautifully constructed kaleidoscope of sound takes over and you soon find yourself lost in this fantastic epic world. Another superb Kevin Vega cut that you will not want to miss.

The Wizard intros with a huge kick that pounds hard on the subs while subtle percussions begin to layer up alongside a rising synth and deep bass. You feel the intensity building as the track progresses with the bass staying firm on the low end. The break delves into a surreal soundscape with cool atmospheric sounds and a subtle synth before getting right back into the main groove for the duration and those pounding kicks once again. Top notch stuff, definitely one for the late night sessions.

The Preacherman takes us on another epic Kevin Vega journey, deep into the heart of progressive house grooves. A big chunky kick provides the intro and will give the bassbins a run for their money alongside that probing, powerful bassline. Bright crispy hats and some cool drum patterns let the rhythms loose as various strings rise up to combine into a spacey sequence. The break reveals a very cool sequence filled with a distant spoken vocal over some gritty, raw sounds that add superb textures to the track. Another highly effective track that would be a welcome addition in any progressive set.

#kevinvega #progrez

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Extreme Trax is back after a long hiatus with the superb Sound And Future which comes in original and dub flavours as well as a remix from the on form Audio Noir. Extreme Trax is responsible for a multitude of Progressive Trance and Trance hits in the late 90’s and early 00’s on XTC and Bonzai Trance Progressive with tracks such as Don’t Hold Back, Monday’s Blue and Final Fantasy. Now headed up by the legendary Yves Deruyter and given a 2015 makeover we are sure that this will strike chord with old and new fans alike.

First up we have the Original Mix of Sound And Future which gives off a real live sounding particularly through the drums with their session like qualities. The drum arrangement is big feature here and really gets the feet moving with their tight construction and solid rhythm. A raw sounding organic bass chugs through the sound beautifully and dominates for the duration. On top of the bass we have some very cool synth leads that ooze early 90’s flavour and sit so perfectly in the sound alongside sweeping pads and climactic risers. Stunning work from Mr Deruyter that will surely have the discerning clubbers wanting more.

The Dub mix is a stripped version of its big brother, we still get that live feel from the drums and that bass just dominates with its chugging driving force. In fact the bass has an even bigger place on this mix as the synths take a slight step back. But do not despair as those expertly crafted leads are still in effect and still carry their big lead qualities. Look out for the nod to the 80’s in the form of some very cool FX that lay hidden within the sound. Top notch stuff and a must have track for sure.

Audio Noir is up on remix duty with his EuroBeat remix and he really does do the original some justice with a sprinkling of his own trademark sound. Recently Audio Noir has confessed to changing things up a bit in his productions, he started toying with Electro and 80’S sounds and this remix is providing the perfect platform to showcase this slight change in direction. Nice chunky kicks are joined by stuttering crispy hats and snappy snares alongside delayed claps. A beautifully deep piano chord takes us up the I Feel Love styled rolling bassline that just sits perfectly within the 80’s inspired drums and percussions. Sweeping pads and rising FX complete with laser sounds litter the groove as we lose ourselves in this medley of synthtastic sounds. In true Audio Noir style we are treated to a sublime break that unleashes sweet melodic phrases before a sci-fi riser takes us back into the main groove. Superb stuff yet again from this guy you will not want to miss.

#extremetrax #bonzaiprogressive #audionoir

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Hady Tarek is back with his stunning two tracker entitled The Boat Effect. We last saw Hady back in 2014, firstly with his Bonzai debut Night Shift and later on with remixes for Phi Phi & Airwave on Finesse and Crocy feat Croty on Recht. As always he delivered the goods on each occasion and this time around he holds true with a sublime trek into the tech side of progressive.

The Boat Effect intros with a tough punchy kick with sharp distorted hats and claps that lead up to a sub shaking bassline that rolls right through the track and providing the driving force of the sound. The track breaks to reveal a plethora of retro styled synth stabs and chords that give a real edge to the sound bringing it very close to the Techno side. The result is an energetically charged slice of dark matter that you simply must get hold of, not to be missed by any means.

Next up we have Restless which sets off with a big and ballsy kick that pounds out a solid beat alongside rhythmic hats and tight drums and percussions. A deep probing bass swells up from the depths and takes control of the sound while teasing chords fade through. The track breaks and unleashes a very cool array of synths and chords that set the tone for our journey into this darkened world. A nod to the early Techno sounds is evident and sits perfectly in this contemporary construction. A hint of melody seeps through and keeps the track within the progressive realm while retaining its dark roots. A must have track that will definitely spruce up any set.

#hadytarek #bonzaiprogressive

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Italian producer Marco Madia is back at Piston with another superb four track EP entitled Sugar Lift. We last saw this talented artist back in the summer of 2014 with his 12 Seagulls EP which went down a treat among many in the deep and tech world.

Sugar Lift intros with a nice and smooth deep grooving vibe as steady beats are formed into a cool 4×4 flow. Sharp hats and snappy claps are merged with a tight drum arrangement as deep rooted basses growl their way through the low end. Raw, dirty synths provide a dark element as the track evolves and draws you into its organic world. A mesmerizing and trippy experience here that you won’t want to miss.

Mezzotint sets off with cool muted kicks and muffled chords that filter into the sound beautifully. The kicks transform into chest pounding thumps alongside warm analogue stabs and a sub shattering bass. The tight drum patterns blend perfectly delivering a solid grooving rhythm that locks you in. On the break we are met with a superb showcase of keys, from funky licks to raw shots before we are led back to the main sound for the duration. Top notch stuff here that will definitely be a welcome addition in many sets.

Tarlatan gives off an upbeat kinda vibe right from the off with the groove taking on a bouncy form. Nice chunky kicks are paired up with a very cool rhythmic percussion section that continues to grow throughout. Warm, rising strings bellow up from below and compliment the lush and sometimes rough edged bass. A very smooth ride through the deep side of tech here that keep floors lit up for sure.

Acquatint intros with a deep sinister sounding vibe which leads up to a punchy kick that pounds out a cool rhythm alongside a bright offset hat. In the background tight drum patterns begin to emerge as the layers build. The bass stands out brilliantly with its garage flavour and blends perfectly with those deep rooted chords. The rhythm section will keep the feet dancing with its complex patterns and expert arrangement. Definitely a track for the deeper sets, not to be missed.

#marcomadia #pistonrecordings

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German producer and DJ Eric Kanzler is back to Basiks with the impressive three tracker, Cigu. Over the years Eric has worked with many artists on various projects, since 2012 he began going solo and performing live. He has a knack of getting his soul right into his music and whipping his audience into a frenzy. Here at Bonzai Basiks we are always excited when his tracks drop into the mailbox. His last outing for us came back in 2014 with Exercise Of Life which gained a lot of support across the board.

Cigu rolls up with a full on tech house flavour that grabs your attention right from the off with its solid, tight beats and deep probing bass. Cool percussive elements provide a steady flowing rhythm as a scattering of one shot FX pop up throughout. We get a nice surprising twist on the breaks with the introduction of an ethnic sound that adds a cool character to the track. Very nice, polished sound that will keep the floors grooving no doubt.

Neurotisch intros with a cool bass heavy theme as various drum and percussion layers form up to deliver a real tight and beautifully crafted arrangement that carries a cool rhythmic flow. That bass dominates as it probes its way through the sound alongside subdued kicks. At the midway mark we are treated to some stunning murky acidified stabs that add some very cool textures to the sound. A superb, tough edged Tech groove that will definitely feature in many sets for sure.

Welcome In The Club sets off with a nice bright intro with crispy hats and sharp claps that are soon joined by punchy kicks and a proper sub shaking bassline. The bass draws you in with its hypnotic groove and locks you down for the duration. On the break we get some real cool synths that tease just before the track gets back into its deep rooted groove. A must have track in your box that will not disappoint.

#erickanzler #bonzaibasiks

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LAJohnson debuts on Green Martian with the sublime two tracker, Absolution. Absolution intros with a full on punchy kick with shuffling hats and a lush rolling bassline that will get the dancing feet moving right from the off. In the background rich melodic strings float across the sound and deliver an intensity that builds throughout the sound. On the break the strings morph into a pulsating sequence as a melodic arp synth teases us with its imminent prowess. The bass has a huge impact on the sound as it effortlessly plods along with ever changing notes. Such an upbeat and euphoric sound here that will definitely turn a few heads, one to watch.

Never Forget sets off with a driving bassline alongside a nice chunky kick and rhythmic hats. Sweeping pads and strings fade through and bring a sweet melodic flavour as various sound also lend a hand. On the break we get treated to an epic slice of melody building as arps and strings combine to deliver that euphoric feeling. A super smooth solid slice of melodic progressive house that would sit perfectly in any peak time set.

#lajohnson #greenmartian

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