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Deephno debuts on Eyepatch with the superb two tracker, Hello2J. Hello2J intros with a swelling chord that creates a warm glow over the sound before a chunky kick takes over and drives the groove forward. Cool drum patterns form up in the background and create a smooth flowing rhythm. The groove goes deeper as a lush bass fills the low end and marries perfectly with those warm chord strings. Wonderful swirling noise FX fill the spaces and on the first break we get a real cool synth line that brings an unexpected twist in the tale. The track settles in for a nice ride into deep house before we head into the main break where we are treated to a stunning display of deep keys that really light up the track. A simply divine trek into deep house that will definitely be a main contender on the floors.

Clock Tower sets out with a tough kick alongside sharp, crispy hats and a tight drum arrangement. A swirling chord rises up and is soon joined by a throbbing bass that dominates the sound beautifully. The bass is accompanied by a real cool analogue sound that brings true depth to the groove. The tight drums bring the rhythm that will get the floors moving for sure. As the layers build we get drawn into a much more raw sound with the addition of gritty synths and keys. Top notch stuff you will not want to miss, a must have.

#deephno #eyepatchrecordings

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Nico solidifies his return after a short break as he delivers the deep progressive grooves of his two tracker Forty Jokers. Fresh off the back of his remix on Dark Soul Project & Mathov featuring Fe Malefiz’s We Are Not Alone, we are certain that we will be seeing a lot more from this guy. He remains a very popular figure around the Bonzai office and he always pushes himself to come up with only the best quality work. As the summer approaches you will be seeing Nico pop up at some of the many festivals that will be happening across Belgium and beyond. Stay tuned for more because there is still a long way to go in 2015.

Forty Jokers intros with a nice big chunky kick that packs a big punch alongside a hypnotic synth line and is soon joined by a meandering bass that locks the groove into its progressive flow. Nico probes right into the deeper side of prog as that synth line mesmerises the senses. On the break it dominates as a subtle melodic sequence is introduced before we get thrust right back into the main groove. A real mover here that will no doubt get the floors rocking.

Settimana sets off with a cool punchy kick and a steady building drum arrangement to the backdrop of an echoing synth note. A driving bassline bubbles up from the depths and takes us right into the heart of a deep prog groove. The track builds and builds and we find ourselves lost in the sound as rich strings create an intense vibe. On the break the track delves into a sublime sequence of sweeping synths before rising back into the main groove for the duration. A wonderfully epic ride into a top notch solid groove from Nico that is not to be missed.

#nicoparisi #bonzaiprogressive

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Brazilian DJ and producer Manni aka DJ Vanni debuts with the superb Could You Be on Bonzai Progressive. Manni is somewhat of a veteran on the scene having started his music career back in 1985 when he was producing radio shows for stations in Sao Paulo. He set up his own recording studio and in 1996 he joined forces with DJ Mau Mau, Marcel SK and keyboardist Franco Jr. to create M4J, one of the first electronic music live acts from Brazil. Since then their tracks have went on to feature in many sets from top world renowned jocks. An exciting time to have this guy on board, stay tuned for more.

Could You Be takes us on a journey into the deeper more groovier side of house. Punchy kicks and expertly crafted hat and drum sequences set the rhythms flowing and get the heads nodding. Cool chord stabs provide a solid hook as a superb electro styled bassline comes though. The track settles into its groove after a short break and reveals many different layers featuring cool vocals and a series of funky sounds. The break strips back those layers lets the myriad of sounds take over before the dominant stabs come back to take control. A real smooth slice of house here that will be a welcome addition in many sets.

I Am Free intros with a cool tough and edgy sequence consisting of chunky kicks and a deep bass sound that fades up from the deeper recesses of the groove. The rhythm builds as cool drum patterns emerge and will no doubt get the feet shuffling with the help of a brilliant dancing bassline that probes through the layers. The break lets loose with some very cool synths that sweep through to the backdrop of some top quality FX before we get hauled back into the main sound for the duration. Deep and dirty grooves for the floors that will not disappoint.

#manny #bonzaiprogressive

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First time appearance on Piston for Irish DJ and producer Cerillo with the deep fuelled two tracker Hold Tight. Cerillo has made quite a name for himself in the last few years with signings to various labels including Waldliebe Familien, Centric Music and Natural Rhythm Berlin. His tracks have gained much support among many DJ’s and radio shows such as B.Traits BBC Radio 1, David Moreno Ibiza Global Radio, wAFF, Marco Carola, Ibiza Voice, Robert Owens, Solomun, Steve Lawler, Defected Residents, Robert Dietz, Flashmob, Loco Dice, DJ Sneak, Chus, Dave Seaman, Horatio, Sam Divine & many more.

Hold Tight gives good instructions as you will need to buckle in for a turbulent ride into deep and moving grooves. Muted kicks are joined by a bright hats section and build the rhythm smoothly as we are led into a very cool warm bass that walks across the sound beautifully. Big chunky kicks soon follow and pound your core mercilessly as that bass takes control. Stretched vocals bring an air of chaos on the break before crashing back into the main sound and that outstanding tight drum arrangement. Definitely a big floor hitter here that you will not want to miss.

Ghettoblaster gets right up in your face with a tough jagged edged kick and sharp hat combi as cool vocal sounds begin to fade through. A warm plucked bass brings the groove into the deep zone and layers continue to build. The drum patterns give off an urban style groove as the raw power of the track is unleashed. The break is a maelstrom of rolling drums and percussions that is only broken with a brilliant, instantly recognisable classic vocal. Top notch cut that will definitely turn a few heads.

#cerillo #pistonrecordings

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Madball debuts on Basiks with the dirty tech house grooves of People Commence which comes in original and instrumental flavours.People Commence will eat you up and spit you out with its tough techy edges that scream dirty house vibes. Punchy kicks and crispy hats keep the rhythmic element in full flow as gritty synths with an oldskool vibe wreak havoc. A deep bass shores up the groove alongside a dark and sinister vocal that chills to the bone with a little help from some cool eerie background sounds. The break unleashes more of that top notch vocal and takes us to the climax where we get slammed right back into this dirty groove. A definite floor monster here that will be a big draw among many no doubt.

The Instrumental Mix strips out the vocal from the main body of the track and leaves us with a superb driving slice of tech house with top notch oldskool flavours.

#madball #bonzaibasiks

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UK based DJ and producer Edwin Van Cleef debuts on Green Martian with the stunning three tracker Choral EP. Hailed as an amazing talent by reputed dance music magazine MixMag, Edwin brings his lush, cosmic house grooves to the masses. His first release Never Be Alone At Night was well received all over and gained airplay on the mighty BBC Radio 1. Delighted to have him on board and we are excited for more in the future.

Choral intros with a smooth arp that pans across the speakers creating a spacious vibe. Nice chunky kicks soon join as a tight drum arrangement comes through bringing a cool flowing rhythm. Sweeping voices cascade all around the groove as a warm bass synth adds a great depth to the multi layered textures. We settle into a wonderful house groove with floating melodies and stunning FX. On the break a beautifully constructed melodic sequence takes over before we get slammed back into this solid mover for the duration. A superb debut from Edwin and one that will definitely get the floors buzzing.

Next up we have Believe which sets off with a subtle kick distant arp that carves out a cool melodic phrase. Crispy hats bring a rhythmic flow as sweeping voices span the spectrum. The bassline really sets the track alight with its acidic flavour and marries beautifully with the brighter elements. The break digs deeper as a warm low end bass makes its mark and is complimented with an awesome array of synth notes that takes us back into the main groove. Smooth and hypnotic cosmic vibes that will turn a few heads no doubt.

Give You Love takes us on a trek into straight up pumping prog house grooves. The intro lulls us in with its subtle mix of punchy kicks and shuffling hats before a monster low end bass drone creeps in and hooks you right into its solid groove. An absolutely stunning vocal runs throughout the track and brings that pure house feeling. On the break a cacophony of synth arps create a blistering sequence of melodies that blend perfectly alongside the vocal. A real mover here that has got peak time written all over it.

#edwinvancleef #greenmartian

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Up next at Monog we welcome back Croatian DJ and producer Kruno Kereta with the fantastic Ball & Chain EP. His last outing, Disquiet proved popular among the minimalists and we have no doubt that this new cut will not disappoint.

The Original Mix intros with a classic kick that packs a punchy as gritty synths lurk in the background. The synths carve out a deep rooted groove that works its way into your brain. Subtle hats and an ever evolving percussion arrangement build up a steady flowing rhythm as a raw bass creeps through. The track takes on a very hypnotic flow that will keep those feet dancing no doubt.

Portuguese DJ and producer Luis Bravo also returns with another of his sublime remixes. This time around we have his Chained Remix and yet again he delivers the goods. A pioneer on the Portuguese Techno front, Luis brings his own unique style that gains great support from many quarters. The remix here sets off with a subtle intro as an etching synth effect lulls the brain. A nice and chunky kick comes through alongside a crispy hat and the rhythm starts to build smoothly. The synths gather pace and take on many guises while a soft, warm bass meanders through the sound. A real solid grooving deep track that is a definite must have.

Rounding up this superb EP we get drawn deeper into the groove with Hassle. A sublime intro filled with a punchy kick and a wonderful, spacious synth that pans from left to right and gives off a futuristic vibe. Classic styled percussions keep the rhythm in check and add to the tech flavour of the sound. The synths continue to layer up creating a kaleidoscope of colourful sounds alongside a cool vocal one shot. Such an epic ride that will be a welcome addition in many sets for sure.

#krunokereta #monogrecords #luisbravo

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Our Club Traxx saga continues as volume 14 takes us on a trek into Progressive House with 20 of the finest cuts around. With our flagship label Bonzai Progresssive at the helm, we have also included tracks from other top labels including Green Snake, Kunai and Mistique Music. On each volume we meticulously select only the very best grooves for your listening pleasure. This time around, tracks and remixes come from Phi Phi, Airwave, Audio Noir, Loquai, Samotarev, Manu Riga, Yuriy From Russia, Napalm & D-Phrag, Michael & Levan & Stiven Rivic, Dark Soul Project, Mathov, Pad One, A-Drex, Thorin, Deuzler, Quadran, Inkfish, Mendexx, Max Magnum, Diego Poblets, Alfonso Muchacho, A.R.E.S., Steroteric, Audioflakes, Jakhira, Wild Guess, JWM, Monojoke, DJ Fire, CJ Art, Greenage, Simos Tagias and Billy Alex. Get these into your collection and provide the perfect remedy for all your progressive house needs.

#bonzaiprogressive #audionoir #samotarev #yuriyfromrussia #stivenrivic #michaellevan #adrex #deuzler #inkfish #manuriga #alfonsomuchacho #ares #wildguess #monojoke #cjart #airwave #phiphi #loquai #napalm #dphrag #darksoulproject #mathov #femalefiz #padone #thorin #quadran #mendexx #maxmagnum #diegopoblets #audioflakes #stereoteric #jakhira #jwm #djfire #greenage #simostagias #billyalex

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Debut appearance on Bonzai Progressive for Ewan Rill & Casper with the sublime Vacuum EP. The guys have a history together having released tracks in 2013 and 2014 on Stripped Digital and Balkan Connection. As solo artists they both have an extensive back catalogue with support coming in from all angles. Great to see them on board and hopefully much more to come.

Vacuum intros with a real nice punchy kick that is soon joined by some shuffling hats and percussions to get the rhythm into full swing. An energetic bassline soon pops up from the depths and we settle in for a journey deep into progressive grooves. A well constructed array of FX refine the edges of the sound beautifully as various synth riffs take hold. Top notch stuff here that will definitely get the attention of many.

Next up we have A Little Word from Ewan Rill which intros with a smooth kick that packs a nice punch. The track gets a rhythmic flow with a little help from a very cool hat and tight drum arrangement. The deep probing bass sits perfectly at the low end as the track gathers pace. Various synth sounds layer up and lead to a sublime string sequence that gives off an almost euphoric vibe while keeping a hold firmly in the deeper textures of the sound. A real deep and gritty slice of prog that will be a welcome addition in any set.

Save Me is the next solo track from Ewan and sets out with a cool punchy kick and complex drum arrangement. Crispy hats and sharp claps soon follow and we get locked into a proper dancey groove. Out of the blue, a deep throbbing bass is blasted into our faces and really takes over the sound with a dominant force. A gritty, rising and falling synth sequence is unleashed that filters brilliantly up to the break where we get treated to some very cool drum patterns before we get slapped right in the face with the main groove. A deeper, darker and more tech orientated slice of progressive that will get feet on floors no doubt.

#ewanrill #casper #bonzaiprogressive

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A Belgian legend joins us at Bonzai Progressive with a sublime track, Angel’s Arms. Fatal Error aka Patrick De Meyer is hailed as one of the New Beat and early Belgian rave greats. Having started his career in 1986 with the group Turbo 99, he soon became recognised as a top producer, remixer, arranger and composer. As the New Beat era raged on many artists were nurturing the new club sound that would be acid house and early rave. Patrick soon found himself at the forefront of this new movement as Technotronic’s Pump Up The Jam stormed the charts all over Europe. Prior to this, Patrick’s T99 project was lurking in the background having secured a couple of New Beat hits. T99 would be transformed into the much loved acid, hardcore, techno sound with the hard hitting Anasthasia which would become a benchmark for the rave sound in the early 90’s. As the years rolled on Patrick has notched up a dizzying amount of works covering many styles which will definitely remain firmly rooted in Belgium’s rich music history. As a nod to this Fatal Error and T99 have been included in the hugely popular The Sound Of Belgium (TSOB) compilation which covers the whole spectrum of the Belgian dance music scene. Angel’s Arms comes with three top quality remixes that you simply cannot miss out on.

First up on remix duty is Airwave with his Breaks Remix and boy does he deliver. Airwave continues to be a firm favourite among many due to his strong commitment to his profession. Never scrimping on quality and always leaving you with wanting more. His latest outing, Gaijin, on Joof is currently doing the rounds at the top end of many charts which is no surprise. Lots of gigs coming up as well as new material in the works, expect load more in the future. Big, pounding kicks are joined by snappy snares and bright hats that really get the rhythm flowing. A deep droning bass keeps the low end grooving as those big beats take full control. The deep and raspy vocal from Patrick sits perfectly within the sound and is contrasted by some spritely high pitched strings. On the breakdown distorted guitars fade out as Airwave delivers his signature soundscape that always captivates the mind before slamming right back into the main groove for the duration. Another top notch cut from the master which is most definitely not to be missed.

Belgian DJ, producer and house music stalwart Tom De Neef is up next with his remix that delivers a burst of quality house grooves. Tom has been around the scene for quite a while now and from his earliest tracks to his latest tracks he has always delivered the goods. He was a member of various groups such as Blue Minds and Calvin Stones as well as several aliases of his own and he has a vast back catalogue spanning many top labels. 1997 and 1998 saw him get great support on labels like Additive, Positiva and FFRR with subsequent releases on Fluential and Defected. His remix CV covers the likes of Kylie Minogue, Roger Sanchez, Jon Cutler and Kings Of Tomorrow. On the remix he lets loose with a superb house fuelled groove with a fantastic piano hook that will definitely get the floors pumping. Tight drums and a deep pulsing bass keeps the groove flowing with ease as Patrick’s deep monotone voice is joined by a crisp female vocal. A nice full on house joint that has a classic feel, not to be missed.

Australian producer Audio Noir returns with his remix entitled An Audio Noir Trip, and what a trip we are in for. As promised, Audio Noir continues to make 2015 one of his best years to date. Already he has dished out the superb Life as well as remixes on Rise and Falls Immersion and the late great Quadran’s Animals Rebellion. Much more to come from this guy so stay tuned. On the remix he takes us deep into the progressive world with chunky kicks, bright hats and tight drum section. A hypnotic bassline runs right through the sound and locks you into the groove beautifully. The vocals have been given a sinister makeover as they sit deeper in the sound. The background is littered with sweeping FX and cool noises that add great textures all over. Another top notch cut from down under that will not disappoint.

#fatalerror #bonzaiprogressive #airwave #tomdeneef #audionoir

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Debut appearance on Piston for Spanish DJ and producer Pandeo with the superb two tracker entitled My Brother. Since 2012 Pandeo has seen a raft of releases across many labels including Hall Of Fame Recordings, Umtata Records, Original Fake, Los Bandidos Records and Sonido Local Recordings as well as a feature on Bonzai Progressive’s Tech House Toolbox 3.

My Brother intros with a cool muted beat and bright crispy hats before a pounding kick comes through alongside a snappy snare on the half downbeat. A commanding analogue bass takes over the groove and drives the classic vibe of the sound. Cool chords keep the deep grooves in check as a catchy vocal repeats throughout. A real smooth slice of deep tech that will be a welcome addition in any set.

Bring Us Back sets off with a punchy kick and a shuffling hat accompaniment that gets the rhythm on the move. A deep rooted, gurgling bass adds a sinister twist to the sound as cool vocals are scattered throughout. The track moves along with its tough exterior, while on the break we get locked into a classic vibe with cool house chords and a great, back to the old skool vocal. Definitely one for the boxes here.

#pandeo #pistonrecordings

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Finnish DJ and producer Mikko Lahti debuts on our Green Martian imprint with the wonderful Pain By Numbers. 2014 saw his first release Tokyo Story on Club 86 Recordings with Back To Mine soon following on Tiger Tycoon. With a hand firmly in the trance sound, his influences are the likes of Armin, Chicane, Above & Beyond, Tiesto and Ferry Corsten. This time around he takes on a slightly different approach with smooth progressive house in mind.

Paint By Numbers sets off with a superb rising pad as a deep and lush bass makes its mark. Nice big chunky kicks are joined by bright and crispy hats with cool percussions forming up as the layers build. The bassline evolves into a solid grooving monster that dominates the sound brilliantly. Tight drums and an expertly crafted hat arrangement get the rhythm flowing as stylish synths make their entry into the groove. The break throws up a subdued sequence that is filled with stark piano chords while those sweeping pads fade off. Before we know it we are back into the main sound for the duration of this superbly crafted prog house cut, top notch.

Om Namaha Shiva intros with an energetic vibe right from the off as a probing bassline builds the groove with the help of cool percussions and FX. Punchy kickdrums are on offer to get the feet stomping and get us locked in to the upbeat nature of the track. The break reveals a smooth pad sequence as a wonderful vocal rises up giving off a retro feel. Cool stabs blend in perfectly with that brilliant bassline and you find yourself caught up in the colourful textures. Superb stuff here that is a definite must have track for sure.

#mikkolahti #greenmartian

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The second release from Portuguese Techno outfit, Skull & Tones comes from the mysterious Isonoe with the sublime two track Outer Rim Tales.First up is 000 which intros with a dark themed atmosphere filled with spacey arps and a punchy kick alongside a multi layered rhythmic hat section. The track bores out a hypnotic groove that intensifies with the addition of a deep reverberating, growling bass. The arrangement peaks and troughs with tight precision as we get locked into the vibe for the duration. A late night stomper for sure.

001 intros with a monster kick that pounds at your chest like a battering ram, crispy sharp claps and open hats cut through the thump on the kicks and get the rhythm moving as the layers build. Bright synth notes give off a real early minimal techno vibe as dark, haunting pads ebb and flow in the background. A subtle acid line sits in the back teasing as the groove picks up the pace leading us into the dark world of techno. One for the purists here that will not disappoint.

#isonoe #skull&tones

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Enter 42 returns to Elemental with the superb Borde. He debuted here around the middle of 2014 with a stunning album entitled Distorted Times which grabbed the attention of many chill fans. He plied his trade in the Trip Hop scene for a while with much success before branching out into other areas. A very diverse artist with a great talent to offer, we’re delighted to see him back.

The title track, Borde, intros with a sweet melodic piano that cascades beautifully to the backdrop of subtle percussions. A nice chunky kick is introduced in a laidback break style that brings a smooth downtempo groove. Spacey synths are scattered throughout as a superb, lush bass holds the track together. Perfect fodder for those lazy nights, a must have.

Fade In evokes a real sense of melancholy a dark chords form up against a misty background noise that really grabs your attention. A pulsing bass probes throughout the groove as a tight drum arrangement gets the toes tapping and heads nodding. A beautifully contrasting melodic sequence runs through the sound and takes the edge of the melancholic nature of the sound. Top notch chilled out grooves.

Tired intros with a nice melodic sequence which showcases some deft skills with FX and envelope automation. Deep, throbbing basses are joined by a laidback breaks groove that sets the mood for a relaxing time against the heat of an open fire on a cold winters night.

#enter42 #bonzaielemental

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Buenos Aires producer Nicolas Ferrero debuts on Bonzai Progressive with the two tracker Pachanga Night. He started his music career at just 13 years old when he began to study classical music which developed into a love for electronic sounds. Hernan Cattaneo, John Digweed, Tiesto, Sasha and Danny Howells, among others, have been his biggest influences and have shaped how he produces. In 2007 he took the step into the professional world and studied the art of music production and after a few years he released his first track on Stellar Fountain.

Pachanga Night intros with a really cool vibe as punchy kicks are met with subtle closed hats to the backdrop of a crowded area that creates a wonderful ambience. The Latin inspired bassline is the star of the show here as it gyrates through the groove forcing you to shake that booty. Subtle sounds and FX litter the background and fill the space beautifully. A wonderfully bass driven slice of progressive house that will definitely be a floor mover, a must have track indeed.

Night Moon sets off with a muted kick as various FX are introduced. Crispy hats join in and the rhythm picks up the pace with the help of cool percussive elements. A deep droning bass lurks at the low end and dominates the groove. Melodic pads rise up and bring a smooth contrasting vibe to the sound while synths deliver their contribution which adds to the melodic structure of the sound. The break reveals a melancholic strain that works beautifully with the sweeter flavours of the track as that droning bass continues its run. Deep and thoughtful vibes here that will be a welcome addition in any late night set.

#nicoferrero #bonzaiprogressive

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