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Rubba J aka Jan Costermans returns to Piston for more house party goodness with his three tracker entitled The Next. His debut came in 2013 with the fantastic The Art Of Doing Nothing and quickly gained a great amount of support around the circuit. Great to see him back once again and hope to see more of this guy in the future.

The Next intros with a cool house flavour that builds nicely as various deeper sounds converge. Chunky kicks pound out a solid groove and are accompanied by a tight percussion arrangement complete with sharp hats and snappy snares. Lush deep house chords faded in and out of the groove as subtle keys fill in the background. The bass sits perfectly on the low end and lurks ominously with its warm tones that really keeps the track on course. The break throws the focus squarely on that superb bassline before we get thrust right back to the main groove for the duration. Brilliant stuff that you will not want to miss.

Detroit Soul Searchers intros with a cool percussion rhythm alongside a high pitched string. Big phat kicks soon find their way in and really sets the track off on its pure house journey. A wonderful probing bassline cuts through the sound and dominates the groove perfectly. Cool synth plucks are added and give the groovy rhythm a boost. Classy vocals stand out and offer up a true Garage vibe with solid deep roots. Definitely a floor filler for sure, this one will get the booties shakin’.

Grabbit sets off with a fantastic upbeat kinda vibe as big punchy kicks are met with cool shuffling percussions complete with open hats that gets the rhythm moving nicely. Deep and groovy sounds begin to form up as lush chords are accompanied by rougher edged keys. The bassline just trots along superbly and really allows the upbeat elements to come through much more prominently. A definite must have track that will most definitely notch the party up a gear.

#rubbaj #pistonrecordings

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Daniel Ray Van Zyl aka Placid Larry returns to Bonzai Elemental after a bit of a hiatus with this fantastic two tracker entitled, Trapeze. We last saw this master of all things downtempo back in 2013 with Everything Is Connected which gained a lot of support on the chillout circuit. Great to see him back once again and we hope to see much more in the future.

First up we have the title track Trapeze which intros with a cool mid range note that leads into a much more lush and deep bassy vibe. In the background we hear subtle more brighter elements that offer a very cool contrast to the sound. A smooth drum section keeps the vibe ticking nicely as the track begins to dissolve into a sweet melodic flowing groove. A beautiful and contemplative track for those quiet evenings.

Everywhere takes on a nice and smooth almost R n B groove with those lush bass tones and organ chords and melodies. The addition of the pounding kicks derives a stark contrast to the more softer edged sounds on offer, which results in a perfectly harmonious sound. Such a sweet, sexy and melodic number that will be the perfect addition for those lazy days or romantic evenings by the fire.

#placidlarry #bonzaielemental

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Welcome to our brand new venture, In The Mix. With so much great music around we thought it was time to offer a new showcase where we could spread only the best music far and wide. To help us along we will be recruiting some top DJ’s to deliver the goodness. We are proud to announce our very first In The Mix – 001, from none other than one of the most inspiring and gifted artist’s of our time, Airwave. When we think of an artist who has remained fully committed to the true origins of musical interpretation then this guy’s name is always one of the first to crop up. He retains such integrity in everything he touches and continues to inspire a generation of music lovers with his special brand of Progressive and Trance. His latest incarnation, A Touch Of Grace is riding high on popular charts and is seeing a lot of playlist time across the world. This 2 part mix is the perfect medium for Airwave to impart his vast musical knowledge onto our senses and allow us to go deep into our souls and discover inner feeling we never even knew we had.

Part 1 takes us on a journey into the deeper, darker side of Progressive with an ever increasing intensity that sends shivers down your spine. Tracks and remixes come from the likes of We Are All Astronauts, Rise and Fall, Moshic, Altek, No One & Elliot Duquai, Phi Phi, Roddy Reynaert, Ewan Rill, Napalm & D-Phrag, Audio Noir, Dark Soul Project, Mathov, Nico Parisi, Blufeld, Solarstone and the man himself, Airwave.

Part 2 ramps up the energy levels and builds tough edged, driving grooves into a huge climactic experience, here you can expect top notch tracks and remixes from D.P. Kash, Chris Sheridan, Alex Vidal, Robert Nickson, RNX, Matt Holliday, Kissoff, Sean Tyas, Ewan Rill, Robert Vadney, Alex Di Stefano, Art Of Trance, Rick Pier O’Neil, Facade, Reaky, Synergia Corpo featuring Noxdream Voice, Chris Oblivion & Satinka.

Join us as we go In The Mix and let the music set you free.

#airwave #bonzaiprogressive #darksoulproject #gaibarone #ewanrill #rickpiero’neil #dank #audioteq #weareallastronauts #riseandfall #moshic #altek #noone #elliottduquai #phiphi #roddyreynaert #napalm #d-phrag #audionoir #mathov #nicoparisi #blufeld #olarstone #dpkash #chrissheridan #alexvidal #robertnickson #rnx #mattholliday #kissoff #seantyas #robertvadney #alexdistefano #artoftrance #facade #reaky #synergiacorpo #noxdreamvoice #chrisoblivion #satinka

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Alexey Lisin marks his full debut on Bonzai Progressive with Vesna and enlists the fantastic vocal talents of Ange along the way. Not quite his first appearance as he got the Zen remix treatment on Audio Noir’s superb album, Now & Zen. Having burst onto the scene back in November 2014 with the awesome Moscow Calling, and following that up with the equally impressive Desolation at the start of January 2015, we’ve certainly got a taste of this guys musical prowess on the Techno front. With a shifting towards progressive house on his Baroque Records release, Siberia, we are seeing a different side to this up and coming producer, plenty more to come no doubt so stay tuned. Popular vocalist Ange returns to Bonzai after her debut appearance with Yuriy From Russia back in 2013 on Do You Feel. Over the last several years she has worked with a whole host of top class artists with her distinct vocal style and her talents have been showcased on many labels worldwide.

The Original Mix takes us deep into progressive with a beautifully hypnotic vibe that really captivates with the sultry vocals of Ange. Tight percussions and solid drums deliver a brilliant rhythmic vibe that will definitely have the floors shakin. The deep basses sit back teasingly and allow the synth elements to shine. On the break we get locked into those mesmerizing vocals that just melt into the sound effortlessly. A driving slice of progressive that will surely be a hit with the purists.

Yuriy From Russia steps up to the remix plate and shows us yet again his amazing talents. His last outing was on remix duty for Wild Guess’ Trysal 35 back in March this year and since then his tracks have appeared on various compilations among other releases on different labels. The remix intros with a well rounded kick that is joined by a subtle shuffling hat. A melodic arp fades through as a deep rooted bassline takes hold and dominates with its pulsing probing prowess. The vocals from Ange are simply stunning, her voice seems to materialise from nowhere and blend beautifully into the sound providing a melancholic twist on the melodic nature of the track. Such a wonderful, dreamy vibe here that will definitely appeal to many.

Australia’s Audio Noir serves up another of his classic Rekonstruction’s. This guy has been racking up quite a back catalogue of late. 2015 is turning out to be a very busy year as he delivered his first studio album amongst a multitude of remixes. Already working on his second album we are very excited about what this guy will throw at us next. The remix here ramps up the energy levels with a superb, driving groove filled with a tight drum arrangement and a tough edged bassline that sits in contrast with the brighter, more melodic elements of the track. On the break we are led into a world full of beautiful melodies and deep, warm basses before we get shoved back into the main groove where a brilliant gated synth lead takes over. Ange’s vocal comes through with an air of innocence that works very well with the progressive vibe. Another top notch cut from down under, not to be missed.

Russian producer Zatonsky debuts on Bonzai Progressive with this fantastic remix that really raises the bar in the world of prog. With a very impressive list of tracks across various labels we can see why this guy was drafted in for remix duty. The remix opens with a deep, lush piano chord which is joined by the melancholic vocals from Ange that really captivate the imagination. A bright melodic piano provides a stark, contrasting dynamic to the sound as the pianos fade and the track kicks in. Expertly crafted drum arrangements ensue with a deep pulsating bass in tow as the pianos return alongside that stunning vocal. A simply amazing piece of deep progressive vocal house that will capture a lot of attention for sure.

#alexeylisin #ange #bonzaiprogressive #yuriyfromrussia #audionoir #zatonsky

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Moscow based DJ and producer Vlad Nikulin aka Tech Dealer debuts on Bonzai Progressive with the superb Plastic Vibes. This guy is into all sorts of styles from Deep House and Tech through to Acid and Detroit Techno. In 2013 he released Yellow Brick on Piko Music Deep with much acclaim from within the Deep House world. Plastic Vibes comes backed up with two top class remixes from Bonzai stalwarts Crocy and Manuel Palmitesta.

The Original Mix of Plastic Vibes sets out with a crispy fresh round of bright percussions alongside a smooth warming pad and punchy kicks. The track breaks to reveal a powerful, probing bass that punches through the sound and takes full control of the groove. You will soon find yourself locked into the dancey house grooves on offer here as the synths deliver some cool chord play that give the sound contrasting textures. Definitely a must have track for the bouncey floors.

Manuel Palmitesta returns to Bonzai Progressive with another of his superb remixes. Here he transforms the original into a deep fuelled progressive house vibe that delivers a sublime experience. Right from the off the tone is set to deep with those long release bass notes and chunky bass drums. The track settles into a tight groove that keeps going deeper with the introduction of a sinister, distant vocal as haunting FX swirl around. An awesome slice of deep progressive house that will be the perfect fodder for those late night escapades.

Crocy turns up for remix duty and delivers the goods once more. The remix intros with a classic kick and hat combi which is joined by warm fading chords that mesmerize the mind beautifully. A big phat chunky bassline comes through and gives the track a cool tougher edge which contrasts perfectly with those lush keys. On the break a retro styled synth takes over and winds its way through the track for the duration. The layers build brilliantly and bring new textures that give the sound a richness to be enjoyed on the floors. Top notch stuff yet again from this guy, a must have.

#techdealer #bonzaiprogressive #manuelpalmitesta #crocy

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Italian DJ and producer duo, ItaloBros, debut on Piston with the fantastic Once Again. These guys are committed to creating unique musical pictures while delivering adrenaline fuelled sounds filled with passion. Always experimenting and looking for new ways to blend sounds, they do not conform to conventional ways. However, they do keep their toes in oldskool vibes with deep and techno influences.

Once Again sets off with a tough edged kick and harsh, jagged hats that cut through the sound beautifully. Tight drums form up and the rhythm lifts off with a little help from a deep probing bass that dances along brilliantly with an upbeat vibe. Cool vocals litter the groove and add character to the sound. The break throws up a retro style synth alongside cool FX on the vocal as a rolling snare takes us back to the main track and that pounding kick and powerful bass combi. Top notch cut from the guys and one that will definitely turn a few heads.

We Get intros with an in your face array of percussions complete with sharp hats and snappy claps that seem to cut through the air like a knife. A nice punchy kick joins in and the groove gets lift off from a playful, gritty bass that carries a very warm analogue sound. At the midway point we get treated to some cool vocals that stand out as well as subtle stabs. The break reels in a smooth deep groovy pad that takes us out and into the main sound for the duration. Super stuff and a must have track in your box.

#italobros #pistonrecordings

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Majed returns to Basiks for his full debut with the fantastic Tanz. It was back in the Summer of 2014 when we last got a taste of his tight productions when he was on remix duty for Cysxe & Minitech Project’s, Acid Planet EP. Prior to this he teamed up with Van Czar on their In Vino EP. He has been around the scene for a long time having started out perfecting his art at just 12 years old. He has gained a lot of respect in the electronic music world and has been a regular jock at many top events. In 2011 he started his own label, LíEcurie Electro where he brings together like minded producers he had already been working with. With a ton of releases across various labels you can rest assured you will see much more from this guy.

First up is the title track Tanz with it’s in your face bassdrum that pounds out a solid deep tech groove right from the off. Tight drums and percussions form up and deliver a cool rhythmic flow with a tribal aftertaste that lingers on through the sound. A raw bass runs through the sound with a gritty edge that brings the tech side to life alongside some very cool percussions. The break throws up a hint of synth play before getting right back into the tight drum fuelled groove. Superb stuff.

Portinax intros with a deep subby kick and is accompanied by fading in crispy closed hats. Percussive layers start to build and we get a taste of the solid rhythms early on. A playful, deep string bass reverberates through the track as cool FX work goes off in the background. A hint of tribal drums start to peek through amid a cacophony of old vinyl crackles that give a nice organic flow to the sound. Strangely eerie synth sounds make a showing giving the track a dynamic edge with a cosmic twist. Excellent stuff that will definitely rock the techno floors.

Cala Llonga delves right into a cool percussion driven arrangement with a tribal edge that is soon joined by a nice punchy bass note on the offset. The track gives off a bright vibe with the crispy hats and sharp claps keeping the rhythm flowing. A much deeper bass tone lurks in the depths with a threatening prowess and bringing in a cool techno flavour to the sound. An alien world is unleashed on the break as winding, stretching synths fill the groove. Late night fun for the darker more techno fuelled floors, to notch.

#majed #bonzaibasiks

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Spanish DJ and producer Alex Vidal churns out another top notch cut on Bonzai Progressive with Mesmerized. Just a few months ago we saw him on remix duty for Audio Noir’s, Life which proved very popular indeed on many playlists. Since then he has racked up appearances on our Ibiza 2015 compilation as well as showings on Green Martian’s Afterhour Trax 15 and 16.

Mesmerized takes us down into the progressive abyss with a truly captivating array of sounds that blend effortlessly into a superb construction. Right from the off as the percussions form up to the backdrop of an atmospheric pad and the fading in punchy kicks, we get locked into the groove. A proper, raw, dirty bass picks up the pace and really delivers the goods to keep asses shakin’. Scattered around you’ll find smooth vocal licks and subtle melodic phrases that pop out for a short time before getting lost in the mire once more. An epic slice of prog that will definitely grab the attention of many this summer.

Distant Lights intros with a somewhat tender kick drum that sits nicely alongside those captivating pads that ebb and flow. A smooth and steady rhythm is picked up by the crispy hats and tight percussion arrangement with a further boost by the deep rooted, driving bass line that dominates the track throughout. Sweeping strings and pads come complete with drifting melodies as synths threaten to burst out. On the break be prepared to totally lose yourself in the cosmic soundscape with that tough edged bass line as the backbone. A hell of a track that is most definitely going to be a main player in many sets no doubt.

#alexvidal #bonzaiprogressive

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Aitra and E.F.G. debut on Bonzai Progressive with the superb Splash. Since childhood Aitra was interested in club music. As a result of this fascination she has begun her adventure with music production in 2011. Since then, her tracks have been released on labels such as Mistique Music, Electronic Tree. Elliptical Sun, Round Triangle, Majestic Family, Pineapple Digital or Clinique Recordings. E.F.G.’s first musical influences date back to the late ’90s, listening to tunes from acts like The Prodigy and Fatboy Slim who have played a significant role in his musical taste formation. His true passion started in 2005 after discovering trance and techno music. In 2008 E.F.G. released his first tracks and shortly after realised that his style developed into progressive house sound which is his main genre up to today. 2013 turned out as a breakthrough year for Oleg with some big achievements like double support from Markus Schulz, highly praised releases via Electronic Tree, Mistique Music and finally playing successful gigs across Poland.

The Original Mix intros with a cool punchy kick that packs a lot of power and sits in dominance over sharp edged percussions that provide a solid rhythm throughout. A deep strong bass line bursts through to take control alongside cool piano chords. A wonderful sax riff takes the lead and ramps up the groovy elements of the track in style. This track dishes out a real smooth house sound that will have the floors full in no time, superb stuff.

The Hey, I Was First… Mix picks up where the original left off in a kind of ironic way. The pure house driven elements remain, courtesy of that grooving saxophone and warm piano chords. A much more progressive theme runs through this sound with the introduction of cool synths that sit back enough to allow the sax to take centre stage once again. Excellent stuff you will not want to miss.

#aitra #efg #bonzaiprogressive

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Detroit based, prolific house music producer and DJ Rick Wade makes a welcome return to Piston, after a bit of a hiatus, with the superb Daedalus. It was back in 2013 when we last got a glimpse of this highly respect artist with his very much revered, Zombie. With a career spanning over 20 years, Rick utilises music as a release which in turn allows him to further his ideas and his approach to creating stunning DJ sets. A product of the heyday of deep house Rick continues to ply his trade through various radioshows with his fresh, soulful and downright dancy sets. Great to see him back with this fantastic offering and we hope to see more in the future.

The Original Mix of Daedalus intros with a tight kick and sharp percussions that build up a flowing rhythmic vibe alongside cool slapped drums. Smooth, soulful keys beckon releasing a full on deep infectious groove that lasts long into the night. The bass offers great depth to the sound and delivers a somewhat laidback approach in contrast to the dancy beats. Cool, heartfelt vocals come through and add to the poignant soulful vibe. A real nice slice of deep here that will get a few heads turning for sure.

Piston head honcho Rogerio Martins delivers his Deep Down Inside Remix. Aside from running the label on a day to day basis, Rogerio certainly knows how to produce the goods. His recent vinyl cut, Otherwise Unknown, shot up the vinyl charts with ease and gained a large support base from across the world with the digital release looking likely to follow suit. Already in 2015 we have seen great things from this guy and rest assured there will be much, much more to come. The remix intros with a nice big pumping kick with sharp claps on the downbeat alongside a fantastic deep bass line. That bass line melds beautifully into the sound and contrasts perfectly with those bright and crispy hats. A solid groove is formed as the layers build and the introduction of smooth, warm keys ramps up the soulful elements. A super tight production that will definitely light up the floors.

Paradox intros with a cool breaks drum arrangement and is soon joined by an array of acid style plucks. Organically charged chords come through resulting in a dark atmospheric vibe that is coupled with high strings resulting in cool contrasting textures. An innovative drum arrangement keeps the groove on track and offers a cool listening experience which you will not want to miss.

#rickwade #pistonrecordings #rogeriomartins

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Portuguese DJ and producer Roland’Sousa debuts on Monog with the wonderful Pick n Bite EP. Starting out in 2011 he started to really learn about producing music and he was part of the duo Jacknroll who had a string of top notch cuts on many different labels. In 2015 he decided to go solo and released on Household Digital. A very dedicated, committed artist, Roland’Sousa always puts his heart and soul into his music, definitely worth keeping an eye and ear on this guy.

The Original Mix intros with a superb deep tech house vibe filled with sharp metallic synths and a wonderful low end bass that delivers a deep warmth through the sound. Rhythmic percussions set the vibe alive with snappy claps and crisp stuttering hats. An array of synths come through and merge beautifully to the backdrop of a haunting pad that sits nicely in the background. A solid slice of tech here that will definitely turn a few heads.

Lisbon based Fernando Fragoso is here on remix duty and he churns out another of his tight cuts for our pleasure. Since 2000 has been developing his own techno and house styles and has been a regular feature on many labels including AU Records, Bonzai Basiks, Mint & Mustard, Howz Choons, Monog Records and Bonzai Progressive. We last got a taste for his style on Elements Records back in November 2013 on Alpha EP. Other releases followed on the likes of Complex Textures, City Life, Select Case and HEAVY to name just a few. The remix intros with a cool pacey vibe as those punchy kicks get to work alongside a shuffling, crisp percussion section. A long, lingering pad sits in the background as the drums tighten up into a smooth rhythmic flow. A deep, throbbing bass takes over with a little help from deep rooted synths that cast a nice techno vibe over the sound. The track hypnotises as it relentlessly powers on with a solid groove. An outstanding slice here that will be a welcome addition in any box.

#rolandsousa #monogrecords

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One of Bonzai’s most prolific artists delivers his stunning studio album, Now & Zen, filled to the brim of top quality original works and remixes. Audio Noir has certainly made Bonzai Progressive his home over the last number of years. He has racked up a hugely impressive back catalogue which covers many forms of music styles. His diversity has driven him to be able to complete this album. He draws on some of his past remixes and transforms them into his own Zen style, and he looks to the future with outstanding original works. This album will take you on a journey through beautifully constructed soundscapes that will allow you to detach from reality and create a sense of enlightenment. A much anticipated collection of works from an outstanding talent, definitely not to be missed.

The structure of the album brings out a beautifully crafted narrative that lulls us into its blissful realms. 17 tracks are huddled together with each bringing their own Zen like state. Audio Noir has selected some of the finest progressive tracks to be converted into this Zen structure. Tracks from Dark Soul Project & Mathov, Phi Phi, Airwave, DJ Fire, Samotarev featuring Max Magnum, Matan Caspi, Rise and Fall, Alexey Lisin & Ange and Cordoba are transformed into totally immersive and mesmerizing constructs that allow us to dig deep into our imagination. The attention to detail is sublime and ranges from subtle melodic phrases to full on intense, climactic soundscapes.

A large portion of the album is made up of Audio Noir’s original works, and he enlists the help of two outstanding vocalists to really get the goosebumps on the rise. Natalie Major is brought in for vocal duty on the wonderful Story Of Our Lives, a truly captivating track that intros with a very soft and deep bass tone. The vocals come through early on and straight away you get hooked on to the attractive sounds. In the background, rich cascading strings offer the perfect balance of both high and low frequencies. Quite simply a beautiful track.

Australian Epic delivers an abstract look into music with a mixture of contrasting sounds that converge in perfect harmony. From glitchy to warm rising pads and deep basses, the track builds beautifully into a raw almost urbanised sound complete with a tough edged drum section. Definitely something for the late night sessions.

Love intros with a tribalistic drum arrangement before cool plonky piano notes come through. A softer side develops with the introduction of beautiful strings that sweep through the sound. A deep bass walks through the groove as sensual vocals are unleashed. A deeply though provoking track, brilliant.

The Hawthorne Effect delves deep with a superb hypnotic trait that reaches out the deeper recesses of the mind. A melancholic sound prevails as wonderful sounds converge to the backdrop of a fantastic drum sequence. In contrast, a melodic piano phrase plays the track out and leaves you wanting much more.

Lena Grig joins Audio Noir on Like The Wind which intros with a cool bass pulse that leads up to a superb percussions arrangement filled with crisp hats and claps. A big 80’s synth sound peeks out and the strong vocal from Lena combines perfectly. A much deeper vibe takes over for the duration as the lower end is given free reign on this expertly crafted number.

Furō intros with cool percussions amid a plethora of superb FX that sweep through the track and lead us up to a fantastic synth riff. We are teased with the notion of a pounding kick drum as mini risers takes us through each section of the track. A world of melody is unleashed as the myriad of sound blends perfectly to the pulsing bass that dominates. A wonderful track full of anticipation and energy that will definitely grab your attention.

Navagio Beach rounds up the album and does it in style. The track bursts into life with a crash that fades out to reveal the most beautiful melodic piano sequence alongside soft gated synths, sweeping pads and the mesmerizing action of the sea. Quite simply, stunning.

#audionoir #bonzaiprogressive #darksoulproject #mathov #nataliemajor #matancaspi #riseandfall #samotarev #maxmagnum #lenagrig #airwave #phiphi #ange “alexeylisin #cordoba #djfire

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Russian DJ and producer Ruslan Vashkevich is back with the impressive Bodhisattva. Last time out we saw Ashuar gain a lot of support and no doubt this one will be no exception. The original mix of Bodhisattva intros with a punchy kick as sweeping FX cascade in the background. Subtle percussive elements come through as winding synths fade in along with a superb, deep rolling bassline that drives the groove beautifully. The track settles into a deep progressive vibe that really grabs a hold of you and locks you in with its obsessive qualities. On the break that bassline takes over and hypnotises as it fades in and out to the backdrop of eerie synths and distant spoken vocal. A nod to the hedy days of progressive here that will definitely grab the attention of many jocks no doubt.

The Breakz mix offers up a much tougher outing to its more subdued sibling. Huge break beats dominate alongside a driving bassline that is beefed up with accompanying sub bass and gritty synths. The percussive elements take the frantic approach as they get right up in your face and keep the rhythm on solid ground. A nice deviation from four to the floor that will get any room energised.

#ruslanvaskevich #bonzaiprogressive

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Irish DJ and producer Cerillo, returns to Piston with Make You Shake. We got our first look back in February 2015 when he unleashed the very well received Hold Tight, which also got a feature on Bonzai Progressive’s Ibiza 2015. With a proven track record on various other labels we have no doubt that this time around we are in for an ass shakin time.

Make You Shake intros with a pounding kick and crystal clear, sharp hats that cut a swath through the powerful bassdrums. A deep, meandering bassline comes through and guides the track well into the deeper realms of house music as cool vocal shots are let loose on the groove. Full bodied chord stabs fade through and bring intoxicating textures along the way. A relentless and hard hitting affair that will definitely deserve a spot in your box.

What I Want comes to life with a cool display of percussions and a distant low end tone fades in slowly before being joined by a superb kick that gets the track on its feet. The bright, open hats become an obsessive trait throughout the sound and hold the dominant position. That bass sits perfectly and delivers a solid groove as cool sweeping pads bring in the house flavours. Wonderfully textured layers are formed using short vocal hits and subtle melodic keys making this a must have cut.

#cerillo #pistonrecordings

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Sa.Du delivers another of his gems on Bonzai Basiks with La Musique M’Appelle. This guy remains a very popular figure around the Basiks office with a string of top notch cuts stretching back to 2012. His last outing, Breakfast, gained a lot of support as well as top spots on many charts. Always great to see his creations land in our inbox and no doubt we’ll be seeing much more in the future.

La Musique M’Appelle intros with a spooky, ghostly vibe as eerie synths are joined by a haunting spoken vocal. We soon get thrust into the superb deep tech grooves with a fantastic punchy kick and probing bassline that really ramps the energy levels up a notch. Cool techno filled stabs litter the groove as that sultry vocal continues to deliver its narrative. Tight drum arrangements come through and the rhythm stays solid throughout. Very cool twists on the break where much more melodic chords are introduced before we get slammed right back into the main track for the duration. Wonderfully crafted track that will be a sure fire hit among many.

I Am Drunk sets off with a long, captivating pad to the backdrop of a hypnotic metallic bass sound. Nice and phat kicks soon take over and a tight percussion section joins in. In the background we get some sinister sounding vocals to raise the tension and a myriad of sound descends onto our senses and we soon get lost in the maelstrom . After a short respite on the break that track sneaks into a full on techno fest with a superb synth and probing bassline that will definitely have any floor get on the move. Excellent stuff.

#sadu #bonzaibasiks

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