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Madrid based Belgian DJ and producer Van Czar delivers yet another of his techno fuelled cuts with Amore In Scopulos. Van remains a firm favourite around the office and he is flying the Bonzai flag high in Spain with various club nights and his own Bonzai Basik Beats Spain radioshow. His last outing was back in February 2015 with Rumba EP as well as a stint with hiss deeper techno guise Cysxe – OxO EP. Always great to see this guy drop one of his tunes and no doubt we will be seeing lots more of him in the future.

Amore In Scopulos intros with a solid bass heavy workout as chunky kicks are met with deep bas tones and crispy hats. A hypnotic percussion rides through the sound perfectly and becomes a big focus ass it tightens up the rhythm and digs deep into your imagination. A very minimal construction that carries a big punch with enough weight to destroy the floors, a must have.

Alea Jacta Est sets out with fading percussions that lead up to a phat kick and shuffling hat sequence. Cool vocal snippets ring out and bring character to the sound. The track gathers pace as the drums tighten up alongside a mysterious and mesmerizing note. Deep, tech fuelled chords rattle out a solid groove as those vocals become prominent working well with the noisy risers. The bass sits perfectly on the sound and allows the drums to do the work and deliver a solid rhythmic groove. Top notch stuff that will get attention no doubt.

Remove fades in with a tribalistic drum workout complete with a powerful punchy kick. A syncopated rhythmic structure takes shape that will definitely get the bootys on the floor. Surreal vocals crop up throughout and give the track a playful character while a techno vibe is built upon with rising lead synths. The bass sits low and beefs up the solid groove with a strong tribal vibe. Tough edged, in your face techno from Van that is not to be missed.

#vanczar #bonzaibasiks

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Our Club Traxx series continues with Progressive House 16 where we take you deep into the rabbit hole of progressive grooves, a place where your imagination becomes reality to the backdrop of some of the finest sounds around. 20 top notch cuts featuring remix and original works from artists such as Airwave, Art Of Trance, Gai Barone, Phi Phi, Platunoff, Rick Pier O’Neil, Sebastian Busto, Andrees & Yakoff, Michael Berklin, Manu Riga & Fe Malefiz, Michael & Levan & Stiven Rivic, Lank, Stan Kolev, Audio Noir, Rosa Project, Dina Eve, Waywork & Gebio, Wild Guess, Yuriy From Russia, Kay D, Manu F, Julian Dep, Ri9or, Dimitry Molosh, Ametron, EDwan Rill, AudioStorm, Diogo Ribeiro and Altek, are on hand to deliver pumping prog house grooves to our senses. A must have tool in your collection no doubt.

#bonzaiprogressive #gaibarone #rickpiero’neil #andrees #yakoof #lank #waywork #gebio #yuriyfromrussia #subconscioustales #juliandep #dmitrymolosh #diogoribeiro #airwave #artoftrance #phiphi #platunoff #sebastianbusto #michaelberklin #manuriga #femalefiz #stivenrivic #michael&levan #stankolev #audionoir #dinaeve #rosaproject #wildguess #kayd #manuf #ri9or #ametron #ewanrill #audiostorm #altek

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Beat Talk Records kicks of with it’s debut release! Rise And Fall who is already making waves on progressive house scene with releases on Bonzai Progressive, Perfecto Black, Baroque Digital, Particles and more delivers two driving late night progressive house / techno crossovers. Powerful low-end, crisp and clean percussions, clever synth work and dark hypnotic feel – this is how we like it at Beat Talk! Expect more of this sound from the label in the near future.

#riseandfall #beattalkrecords

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Alexey Samotarev returns to Bonzai Progressive with his latest deep progressive offering, Midnight Pinball. We always get an air of excitement around the office when this guys stuff drops in the box. No wonder, as his previous cuts with testify that he sure knows how to deliver the goods. We last got a glimpse of this guy on Audio Noir’s Now & Zen album as well as multiple appearances on various Bonzai compilations. Great to see more from this talented artist and we hope to see much more in the future.

Midnight Pinball intros with a solid kick and cool percussion line as a reverb heavy sound kicks in. The bass ploughs through with a super deep groove that drives the track beautifully as the tight drums keep the rhythm pumping. Blippy sequenced notes scatter across the sound with a playful manner that is in stark contrast to the deeper leanings of the vibe. Sweeping synths come in and add a cool richness to the groove that keeps it firmly locked into the progressive sphere. Brilliant stuff yet again from Alexey that you will not want to miss.

Bonzai regular Yuriy From Russia hits us up with one of his outstanding remixes, and once again he knocks it outta the park. Yuriy is fast becoming a remix guru here, his last outing was on knob tweaking duty for Alexey Lisin & Ange’s Vesna which was very well received indeed. Mush more coming from this guy, so keep a lookout. The track intros with a super punchy kick and shuffling hat sequence that builds up a steady rhythm. The bassline is the big hitter with an offbeat-onbeat pattern that drives the groove beautifully on a deep progressive course. A cascading melodic arp flows through the sound and is the perfect accompaniment for that superb deep bass. The synths open up and sweep across the sound as the layers build. The track losses all high end frequency as that bass toughens up for a short stint on its own before the high end returns with rhythmic gusto. Expertly crafted sounds from a hugely talented artist that will be a welcome addition in any set.

Following Light debuts on Bonzai Progressive with this stunning remix. Ukranian born Kirill Guk has remained a constant force in the progressive house world since 2010 having released on a vast selection of labels. Inmost Records, Balkan Connection and Abstract Space are just a few of the labels mentioned but gives you an idea of the status this guy holds. His music features heavily in sets across the globe and he has worked with some top artists along the way. The remix intros with a cool, textured vibe filled with swirling pads and a smooth synth chord alongside stuttering percussions. A nice punchy kick takes over and is joined by a crispy hat section that tops the tight arrangement. A deep probing bass comes in and gets this progressive groove on the move. The layers build and transforms this sound into a hypnotic, infectious groove that locks you in for the duration.

#samotarev #bonzaiprogressive #yuriyfromrussia #followinglight

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CompleteJ aka US based DJ and producer Josh Routin debuts on Bonzai Progressive with the sublime Tell-Tale. Josh spins regularly at various clubs and holds a residency at Kingdom Austin Night Club as well as being a part of Real Music Events. Over the last few years he has worked alongside many artists and has seen releases on the likes of Beat Binge, Deep Binge, Tiger Records, Big Alliance Records, Peakhour Music, Pyramid Recordings, Pop Rox Muzik, Soniquarium Muzika, LuPS Records, GruvTech Recordings and Pulse Records. Delighted to have him on board and look forward to more in the future.

Tell-Tale intros with a surreal sequence filled with crackling noises and a buzzing fly alongside other, imaginative sounds that combine beautifully. A muted kick fades through and transforms into a monster with a pounding thump and bassy aftertaste. A throbbing bassline comes out of nowhere and drives the groove on with relentless power while tight drums are formed creating a solid rhythmic flow. The track takes on its epic persona as the layers build taking us deeper into its surreal, dark progressive world. Intense pads and sizzling synths make up the main body of the track and deliver a wonderfully rich texture to the sound. A must have track for sure.

Josh teams up with fellow US based producer, Mr Sativo on Born In Darkness – which comes in two flavours, Vox Mix and Dub Mix. The Vox Mix intros with a superb drum filled sequence that delivers a full on deep progressive tribal vibe that lulls you in. A solid kickdrum joins in and the rhythm is let loose. In the background haunting voices ebb and flow as rich strings and pads sweep across the sound. The bass sits very subtly under the track and packs a huge low end boost that drives the groove beautifully. Darker, more atmospheric sounds converge as that raspy vocal flows through becoming a huge part of the track. The Dub Mix strips out the vocal completely for those you interested in the music only. Both tracks are definitely destined for those late night parties that you will not want to miss.

#completej #mrsativo #bonzaiprogressive

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Italian DJ and producer duo Alessio Rizzo and Ilario Laggetta debut on Piston with the fantastic Breakfast In Lebanon. Alessio got into music from an early age and by 14 years of age he started to DJ and found himself playing at various parties around his hometown. Over the years he has honed his skills to perfection, his sets are engaging and charismatic that convey his passion for music with every beat. This will be his first outing as producer and we are sure that you will not be disappointed with the outcome. Ilario found music early in his life also and in 1988 he stepped into the DJ world and began a magical journey that would take him through various clubs and top spot at various DJ competitions. His sets deliver a cool blend of rhythmic tech house with melodic touches. Another debut producer that shows us the goods.

Breakfast In Lebanon sets off with a fantastic, thumping kickdrum with crispy hats cutting through the low end like a knife. An acid style bass fades in and adds a cool driving groove to the sound with a little help from cool vocals and an iconic ‘woo’ thrown in for good measure. Tight drum arrangements keep the rhythm flowing here as a much deeper bass joins the fun and locks this groove up for the duration. Top notch stuff that will definitely light up the floors.

Alessio goes solo on Distraction and toughens up the vibe with a monster kick and superb spoken vocal that hangs over the sound beautifully. A warm bass creeps in and adds a cool contrast between the crispy hats, echoed claps and the lower frequencies. The vocals definitely dominate this track and give it a great character that will feed into the floors for sure. A full on banging track that will keep the club pumping no doubt.

Alessio is up again on The Start and he delivers another absolute stomper. The pounding kicks on the intro are matched with sharp hats and claps and really get the rhythm flowing nicely. Cool spoken vocals come through and give the groove that real club feel while a deep, probing bass thunders along at the low end. The break sees the bass filter out while keeping a foothold on the sound as that vocal rattles out another phrase. Super tight drums are on offer to keep the dancing feet shuffling and the floors alive, brilliant stuff.

#alessiorizzo #ilariolaggetta #pistonrecordings

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Jonathan Calvo makes a welcome return to Basiks, his third outing on this imprint comes in the form of the fantastic A Few Girls EP. Jonathan has been working hard on the circuit with DJing and producing and has been around the scene for twenty years. He has been influenced by 80s and 90s musical styles and in the early 2000s he started to play in several clubs, discos and after hours parties around Barcelona and Girona. His cool and dynamic style has led him to be a much respected name among national and international DJ’s. Aside from Bonzai, Jonathan has seen releases on Steel Ground, Datacode, We In The Box and Doppelgaenger.

A Few Girls sets off with a solid, punchy kick and bright, crispy hats in tow. Forming a cool flowing rhythm, the drums are tight here and that’s just how we like it. A fantastic deep, probing bass takes control of the groove as the tech elements of the track begin to shine. Cool, distorted answer phone vocals come in providing a surreal narrative to the track. Expertly executed filtering takes place on the break as the sound is washed and then recovered beautifully into the pounding groove it is for the duration. Top notch stuff.

Oh! Geez intros with cool hats and percussions that build up a solid, layered drum section with the introduction of that pounding kickdrum. In the background some ambient sounds create a textured atmosphere. A funky ass bassline takes over and the groove settles into a deep, house fuelled slice of tech that will get the dancing feet shuffling in no time. Cool vocals come in and out of the sound while on the break a surreal sequence takes us right back into the main sound with crash. Superb stuff that will definitely turn a few heads.

#jonathancalvo #bonzaibasiks

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Hungarian producer Paul Kardos debuts on Green Martian with the wonderful Tres Sonidos EP. Since 2013 Paul has been churning out the quality on OLD SSQL Recordings with a raft of releases focusing in on the Progressive House side of the tracks. This release is no exception as we are treated to some beautifully crafted smooth progressive vibes.

Tres Sonidos En La Vigilancia brings the summer vibe to life with a beautifully structured arrangement filled with ubiquitous sounds upbeat vibes. Right from the off we are lured into its grasp as sweet, subtle melodies float by. Subtle kicks with just the right amount of oomph are joined by rhythmic percussions and a warm bass that fills the sound perfectly. The track moves with grace as we are carried along it its clutches for the duration, brilliant stuff that will not disappoint.

Persian Soul opens with cool distant hats and sweeping pads that bellow up from below and cloak the sound with their richness. A pulsing bass note is joined by much crisper hats as the rhythm gathers pace. After a short, surreal break chunky kicks come in and the track is let loose with its beautiful euphoric flow. The main break throws up a fantastic melodic sequence that oozes a trance-like vibe with those subtle gated synths. A very simple, yet highly effective slice of melodic progressive house that is not to be missed.

Pandemonium intros with a sweet melody that draws on the imagination with ease. A throbbing deep, low end bass comes through as shuffling hats rattle in. Sweeping pads and strings fly through the sound and bring in a euphoric melody. Two minutes in we get a taste of the chunky kicks that drives the groove on perfectly. A gritty bass is introduced and gives the track an edge, but the bright, airy sounds will keep this one firmly in the tripped out section for sure.

#paulkardos #greenmartian

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Swedish DJ and producer Zoe Song debuts on Progrez with the sublime Be Quiet EP. Zoe’s music career started 2012 and has since had several releases on various record labels. She has played at several major nightclubs in Stockholm and in 2014 she was one of five country finalists in Burn Residency, one of the biggest global DJ competitions. Since 2015 she became Resident DJ and radio host of the Beyond Borders monthly mix show on Afterhours.FM, the world’s Number 1 Trance station. Her music genres are mainly Progressive House, Tech House, Techno and Uplifting-Progressive Trance. With an ever increasing profile on the scene, Zoe has a world tour planned for 2016, well worth keeping an eye and an ear on.

My Little Secret intros with a fantastic fading in synth stab that oozes retro which is followed by a tough, powerful kickdrum that packs a huge punch and is backed up with a superb deep, resonating bass. Tight drums form up and deliver a solid rhythmic workout as the track gathers pace with the introduction of a cool tubular bell style stab. That bassline certainly drives the track home as it becomes much more prominent in the arrangement. A definite must have track that bridges the gap between deep progressive and techno, not to be missed.

Hush Hush sets off in full on mode as chunky kicks are met with a driving, chugging bassline. Distant percussions begin to fade through as cool synth stabs filter in. The track breaks to reveal a gated note with a noisy aftertaste before we are thrust back into the main groove. Those synth stabs return alongside a much more techno flavoured synth with both working beautifully together. Another fine example from the world of prog and tech that works in perfect harmony, definitely a tool you have got to get into your box.

#zoesong #progrez

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Our Muzika series continues to prove popular among the discerning listener, so much so that we now enter into our 11th instalment where we showcase more of the finest techno and tech house grooves around. This time out we enlist the talents of Javier Perez, Neil Daruwala, Gunther Robles, Sylar as well as our fearless leader, SRUR head honcho Oz Romita aka Ozan Kanik.

Oz Romita opens up this instalment of Muzika with The Tunnel Effect which intros with a classic kick and hat combi before a smooth, punchy offbeat bass tears up the groove and gets the track into full on mode. Bright open hats are prominent throughout and set a stark contrast with the lower sounds as tight drums set the track on fire with their rhythmic flow. Top notch effort yet again from Oz and one you will not want to miss.

Spanish DJ and producer Javier Perez is up next with Click Clock and this guy really sets the bar high when it comes to tight tech grooves. A solid workout formed out of an array of drums and percussions on top of a powerful low end bass. The big focus goes to the drums here, a beautifully crafted, intricate layered pattern keeps the rhythm on point while that bass shores up the bottom perfectly. A nice slice of tech that will tear up the floors no doubt.

Neil Daruwala & Gunther Robles are up with their track, Bad Guy. Neil notches up his first appearance on SRUR while Gunther is returning after his 2014 release Secret Annexe EP. Bad Guy intros with a nice punchy kick and various percussions that get the rhythm on the move early on. A lazy bass begins to show up and soon takes control of the groove. In the background cool chord stabs bring the house flavours to light while the rest of the track sits firmly in the tech arena. A solid, driving groove that will not disappoint.

Sylar returns to SRUR with Shadow Communication. We last saw him back in March 2015 on Muzika Vol. 10 and his track Long Distance. Sylar has had much success with his works on labels like, Shax Trax, Omnis Recordings and Teleskopik Recordings. Shadow Communications sets off with a very cool retro electro vibe that gets a superb makeover as the track progresses. Chunky kicks and sharp hats deliver a rhythmic flow to the sound as the bass plucks drive the groove. Metallic sounding synths and FX come through and bring the techno side to life as the bassline powers on relentlessly. Top notch stuff you must have in your armoury.

#ozromita #javierperez #neildaruwala #guntherrobles #sylar #soundsrusrecordings

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Our Afterhour Trax series hits its 17th instalment and delivers another round of some of the best progressive grooves around. This time around we have selected outstanding tracks from labels like Bonzai Progressive, Kunai and Mistique Music. 20 tracks and remixes come from on form artists such as Michael & Levan & Stiven Rivic, Rick Pier O’Neill, Nico Parisi, Phi Phi, Roddy Reynaert, Manu Riga, Matt Holliday, Subconscious Tales, Ametron, Rise and Fall, Audio Noir, Ruslan Vashkevich, Experimental Feelings, Dousk, Philthy Chit, Dark Soul Project, Mathov, Fe Malefic, Blufeld, Horizons, Matan Caspi, Nico Ferrero, Christopher Hermann, Tomin Tomovic and Aniko Tomowitch. A superb pack filled with top notch prog vibes that will fast become an important tool in your crate.

#bonzaiprogressive #rickpiero’neil #yuriyfromrussia #riseandfall #dousk #mattholliday #manuriga #horizons #audionoir #stivenrivic #michael&levan #nicoparisi #phiphi #roddyreynaert #subconscioustales #ametron #ruslanvashkevich #experimentalfeelings #philthychit #darksoulproject #mathov #femalefiz #blufeld #matancaspi #nicoferrero #christopherhermann #cherif #tomintomovic #anikotomowitch

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Manu Riga returns with another of his superb solo efforts, this time around he focuses in on some stunning deep and grooving progressive vibes with The Fallen EP. Manu continues to serve Bonzai well with his unique brand of prog, he always delivers on the quality front which is a testament to his character and his abilities as a talented artist and musician. It is these qualities and a passion for music that drive this guy on and it’s also what steers other, like minded producers in his direction. Over the last few years a raft of collaborations have come out of Manu’s studio. The most recent being an excellent partnership with Alex Vidal and their When Worlds Collide release. Guest DJ mixes remain a constant also, Ethnoscience and Escape on radio stations such as Progressive Beats and Pure.FM are fast becoming a common feature and have been gaining lots of support from all over. Still much, much more to come from this outstandingly talented artist, so stay tuned for more.

The title track, The Fallen – which draws inspiration from the heroes who fought against the Ottoman Empire, embodies an Eastern flavour throughout that will send shivers down your spine. The track intros with a punchy kick and an atmospheric background filled with sweeping sounds and cool FX that etch out a surreal Persian theme. The bassline rolls in early on and settles us into a solid workout that relentlessly powers on. Rich vocals spread across the sound throughout as Manu delivers one of his trademarks alongside a tight drum arrangement. A wonderfully sharp Turkish Saz comes into play on the lead and transforms the groove brilliantly as a subtle acid line weaves its way into the track. The break focuses in on soft melodies that dance along on a smooth arp alongside that stunning voice before we get thrust back into the main groove. The track drives on in a deep progressive groove that captivates with a seemingly Twin Peaks-esque vibe making this a definite must have track.

Anywhere But Home takes us deep into the bowels of progressive with a solid workout that will leave you wanting more. Phat kicks and tight percussion arrangements lock the rhythm in place with a little help from a lush bass that sits perfectly under the main sound. Cool strings and pads sweep across the sound as the layers build and the intensity rises. On the break beautiful melancholic vocals melt into the sound and lead the way on a climactic build up that takes us back into this full on groove. A stunning effort which sees a new side to Manu Riga creep through, top notch.

#manuriga #bonzaiprogressive

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Dennis returns to Bonzai Progressive with the superb Basetimes EP and HE brings along the House Lovin Criminals for their debut appearance with the equally fantastic, feet stomping On The Road Again. We last saw Dennis around April 2015 with his brilliant four tracker entitled, Takin Care Of My Shit, which gained a lot of support on the circuit. Dennis and studio partner C-Les make up the House Lovin Criminals and their mission is to take various house music fusions and bring them to new heights while retaining a classic vibe. The guys have known each other for a number of years and regularly DJed together at various parties. They went their different ways for a time before somehow getting back together and ultimately getting into the studio. A truly fresh approach from this dynamic duo and we have no doubt they will make their mark on the scene in a big way.

House Lovin Criminals’ – On The Road Again intros with a superb syncopated rhythm as chunky kicks and stabbing chords deliver the infectious groove. A cool meandering bassline comes through and sets the track firmly into its solid groove. On the break we get strange sweeping sounds that ebb and flow throughout the rest of the track. A hugely popular classic vocal shows up which adds to the retro themes running through and works so well with the sound. An absolute monster of a track that will definitely set floors alight, one to watch.

Basetimes intros with a classic styled punchy kick with a cool low end after taste and crispy hat combi. A solid FM bassline takes over and we get locked into the powerful grooves of the track. Tight drums form up creating a dancey vibe that forces you to shake that booty. Cool sweeping FX glide across the sound alongside a simple one shot vocal. Top notch stuff from Dennis that will surely get the floors moving.

Never Know takes a tough stance right from the off and powerful kicks are joined by harsh, super crisp hats and cymbals. A distant sounding vocal fades through and keeps the track locked into the deeper grooves that come pouring out. The track breaks to reveal a fantastic walking bassline that plucks its way through delivering an energetic vibe and creating a solid low end for the sound. Brilliant effort that will feature in many sets no doubt.

Trouble intros with a muted kick that leans towards the clipped higher frequency and is soon paired with snappy claps and prominent brushed snares that create its own rhythmic groove. A deep resonating bass drives the track on and leaves a wonderfully deep trail in its wake. Echoed vocals fade in and are joined by a gritty, harsh sounding synth lead that takes over the sound while the bass holds everything together beautifully. A tough edged, deep slice of house music that will definitely appeal to many.

#dennisfranchi #houselovincriminals #bonzaiprogressive

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German DJ and producer Flat aka Florian Kleinschmitt debuts on Piston with the brilliant I Feel. This young up and coming artist is making bold statements with his brand of Deep House, already he has seen releases such as Get This Feeling on Rough Recordings and Say What EP on Mr Carter. Definitely one to keep an eye and an ear on in the future.

I Feel intros with a cool panning vocal that sweeps through creating wide spacious groove that is boosted with punchy kicks, super crispy open hats and sharp percussions. The track breaks to reveal a fantastic bassline that oozes deep house flavour before we kick back into the main sound and a transformed deep bass that solidifies the groove perfectly. A beautifully arranged and layered sound that will be a welcome addition in any set.

Where House sets out with a drum fuelled intro that boasts phat kicks, sharp percussions, snappy snares and a lush probing bass. Those snares deliver a top notch rhythmic groove which fast becomes the backbone of the sound. A cool high string lingers alongside scattered vocals that add a touch of character to the seemingly urban groove. Throughout the track a collection of sounds and FX come together delivering a cool upbeat vibe. The perfect set building tool that is not to be missed.

#flat #pistonrecordings

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Monog Records label boss Joal heads up our next release with the fantastic My Favourite Outfit EP which comes complete with three top notch remixes as well as the original. Joal has been running Monog since 2009 and he remains committed to sourcing only the best sounds to get on the books. Joal also releases his works on various other labels including Selador, Knee Deep in Sound and High Strings to name just a few. On top of that he is currently developing his live act which is well worth checking out on Youtube.

The Original Mix intros with a very cool thumping kick that is accompanied by equally fresh percussions that deliver a nice retro theme. A long, easy bass note rings out and gets us settled into the deep tech groove. We go deeper into the sound with a wonderful acid line that fades in from nowhere and totally dominates the groove. Big stabby synths fill in the gaps and add a kind of futuristic vibe that contrasts well with the deeper, retro elements. On the break we get treated to a smooth, subtle breakbeat as the cosmic synths are joined by an eerie high string and cool spoken vocals. A strong build up takes us back to the main sound for the duration of this superb slice of tech, a must have for sure.

Berlin based Pascal Hetzel debuts on Monog with his fantastic remix. DJ and producer Pascal has spent the last few years conquering the Berlin’s bustling club scene and along the way he has released his music through various labels including Sound Of Vast, Upon You Records, Non Pop Records, Wood Recordings and many more. As well as playing at top gigs in Berlin, Pascal has played around the world at various top venues including at the Analog Room in Dubai and Resolute in New York City. The remix intros with a solid kick that packs a nice punch and sits snugly amidst an ever increasing array of drums and percussions. Soft plinks and plonks dissolve into the sound in a playful manner that gives the impression of being trapped inside an 8bit video game. These sounds keep the vibe firmly locked into a techno groove that builds and builds to become even more surreal. The bass offers up a smooth warmth to the sound that contrast beautifully with the higher frequencies. A superb display of tech grooves that will both captivate and invigorate.

Berlin based, Portuguese DJ and producer Jepe debuts on Monog with the first of two remixes. Jepe started out in 1994 on local radio stations in Portugal, which led to his first residency in the Estacao La Luz club, a residency he has held since 1997. From here he got in production and has released on many top labels including Let’s Play House, Circle Music, Cecille Records, Brown Eyed Boyz, Beef Records and Get Physical as well as his own label, Blossom Kollektiv. A much revered artist who has played all over the world, we are delighted to have this guy on board. The Let’s Celebrate remix intros with a nice and strong punchy kick alongside rhythmic percussions that will get the feet dancing on the floors. Strange sweeping synths come through and add a metallic edge to the sound as the tech layers build. Cool vocals litter the sound throughout and add character to the track creating a very fresh rhythmic groove. The low end sounds subtly ply their trade as this track is all about the drums and synths. A top notch relentless groove that will be a welcome addition in any set.

Jepe’s Stripped Raw Mix is up next and does exactly what the title suggests. Very smooth, rounded sounds blend perfectly to deliver a solid deep tech workout. The synths develop a little grit to beef things up a bit and add an edginess to the sound. The drums beat out a cool rhythmic groove that is joined by those cool vocals. Excellent stuff yet again from Jepe and a track that will not disappoint.

#joal #monogrecords #jepe #pascalhetzel

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