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Italian DJ and producer Francesco Tegazzin aka Distilled Noise debuts on Piston Recordings with his Solid Roots EP. Growing up in and around Verona, Francesco found electronic music which he used to express his musical creativity. His roots lie in Blues and Rock n Roll and he uses these influences alongside vintage samples while shaping his own unique groove. We’re glad to have this young up and coming artist on the roster and we hope to see more in the future.

Mr. Please Please Please shows off Francesco’s use of the vintage sound with perfectly placed FX and some very cool vocal samples. The intro boasts a bass free kick drum that is soon joined by layers of percussions that deliver a solid rhythmic groove. The kicks get beefed up and lead us straight to the floor while a lazy bassline meanders through the sound effortlessly. Cool pianos and various other sounds combine beautifully to fill the track out and make it a definite must have for the groovier parties.

Up next we have a track that not only has a cool title but is also a seriously eclectic slice of house music. Walking On The Moog is a wonderful display of multi layered grooves with a nice jazzy rhythmic vibe. A tight drum arrangement carries the track along at a steady pace as a myriad of colourful sounds create rich textured grooves. This one goes all out for the funk factor with some tasty riffs thrown in alongside various vocals. A top notch sliced that will not disappoint.

#distillednoise #pistonrecordings


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Belfast lads Louis Irvine and Conor Doherty are the talented producers behind techno outfit Orenda. This recently formed duo have come up with something really special in the form of their Bonzai Basiks debut – Shade EP, that will translate well on the floors giving the crowd something to get down to. Belfast based Louis is no stranger to Bonzai having already released three quality cuts on our Progez imprint as well as a superb remix on Matt Holliday’s Underworld over on Bonzai Progressive. He continues to relish in his passion for music and over the last couple of years he’s rededicated himself to producing top notch sounds, with staggering results. He is always on the lookout to learn new techniques and thrives on his own challenges to get his sound to where he wants it. No doubt we’ll be seeing more from Louis in the future in both solo and duo formats. Conor Doherty is a native of Belfast but now resides in Melbourne, Australia. He’s been producing for around 10 years and in that time he has used various aliases and diced with different genres from minimal techno to more harder edged sounds. He has enjoyed gigs around Ireland, the UK and Australia and seen his music released on the likes of Modern Dance Records, Kontact Records and NB Records. A child of the 90’s he was witnessing a burgeoning dance music scene and knew he had to be a part of it. His early producing days found him churning out melodic to more harder stuff but he always seemed to go back to what he really loved, dark and dirty full on techno. Towards the end of 2016 they started to chat together and Orenda was born. The distance between them doesn’t seem to interfere, Conor does his thing while Louis sleeps and Louis picks up when Conor sleeps, and it works as you will soon find out. An exciting new project that we will definitely be seeing more of so stay tuned.

First up we have Shade which is instantly reminiscent of mid nineties techno commonly found in the deepest darkest sweatiest clubs. Pounding kick drums lead the charge here with a bright crispy hi hat on the offbeat. Shuffling hats soon follow and we find ourselves already locked in to the rhythm. On the low end you’ll find a deep penetrating bassline while up in the mids angry synths dish out a pure dirty techno vibe. The break offers up little respite as enters you into a mind trip before thrusting you back into the main groove for the duration. An epic monster of a track that will not disappoint.

Knarz hits hard right from the get go as a solid thumping kick drum rattles the bass bins as slicing hats cut through the spectrum. A subtle deep bass lurks while sharp synth stabs go to work creating an almost industrialised vibe. We find ourselves totally hooked on this one, forcibly hypnotised by the energised groove that is so expertly crafted, from simple nuanced sounds to the full on nature of the leads. This one is gonna rock, you have been warned.

#orenda #bonzaibasiks


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Afterhour Trax continues on its run of delivering top quality progressive grooves and, volume 21 is no exception. We’ve gathered together 20 of the finest cuts from our latest releases so you can get them straight into your live crates. Tracks and remixes from Stan Kolev, Airwave, Jam El Mar, Matan Caspi, Nico Parisi, Gai Barone, Manu Riga, Anthony G, Crocy, Platunoff, Kˆschk, AudioStorm, Nico Parisi, Naxound, G Rubens, Man on the Moon, Michael Berklin, Steve Sai, Ruslan Vashkevich, Daniel Curotto, Traveltech, Samotarev, Jamie Baggotts, Dofamine, Jadeck & Margolin Whirlpool, Config & Stemvork, Persya, Don Longton and Mendexx, will guarantee satisfaction from the floors.

#greenmartian #stankolev #airwave #matancaspi #nicoparisi #manuriga #crocy #platunoff #audiostorm #glebrubens #naxound #manonthemoon #michaelberklin #ruslanvashkevich #danielcurotto #traveltech #samotarev #dofamine #jadeck #margolin #persya #donlongton #mendexx #jamelmar #gaibarone #anthonyg #koschk #stevesai #jamiebaggotts #config #stemvork

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We continue our In The Mix sessions with another outstanding two part mix which has been beautifully crafted by none other than Phi Phi. This series is proving popular among many, each mix goes deep into the realms of progressive grooves, throwing up unexpected, surprising and intriguing twists and turns. With each session comes a master of their craft and Phi Phi is highly ranked as a master of all when it comes to stringing together a tight set. This guy retains his legendary status among a burgeoning DJ scene and, it’s little wonder given his pedigree and where he cut his teeth on the wheels of steel. At The Villa, Fuse, Boccaccio, Oxygene, Tour & Taxi, Cirao, Extreme, Pulp and Barocca are just some of the infamous venues to have welcomed him to the stage. He is also a major player on the retro circuit and features heavily in many Bonzai Retro events as well as many other club nights and festival events. Phi Phi also continues to dish out quality tunes on our Bonzai Progressive imprint and regularly teams up with other producers with stunning results.

In The Mix 004 features several tracks from Phi Phi himself as well as tracks and remixes from the likes of Manu Riga, C J Art, Art Of Trance, Gai Barone, Roddy Reynaert, Kevin Vega, Davi, Rick Pier O’Neil, Darko Dejan, Matan Caspi and Ruslan Vashkevich among others in Part 1, which sets us on course for a mind blowing trip into the progressive abyss. Part 2 throws up some serious dancefloor fodder in the form of tracks and remixes from Herman Cattaneo & Guy Muntzur, Robert Babicz, Jam El Mar, Airwave, Matt Holliday, Nico Parisi, Nick Curly, Cid Inc Vs Darin Elipson and Gorge to name a few. This one delivers an energetic punch that will set your party alight and keep the groove rocking long into the night.

#phiphi #bonzaiprogressive #manuriga #artoftrance #lex&lamaze #luigicastaldo #matancaspi #kevinvega #marcmarzenit##roddyreynaert #rickpieroneil #ruslanvashkevich #alfonsomuchacho #darkodejan #hernancattaneo #guymantzur #robertbabicz #gorge #cidinc #nickcurly #albertoruiz #joered #lucagaeta #airwave #nicoparisi #mattholliday #cjart #gaibarone #davi #mikegriego #darinepsilon #jamelmar #riseandfall

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Matan Caspi returns with Luxurised which comes backed up with two tasty remixes that are sure to set the progressive world alight. Matan’s last outing here – Distant Muse – proved popular as did his remix for Iga Deep’s Indigo. We’re always blown away by this guys sound and you can put this one up there with some of his best work. Much more to come from Matan so stay tuned.

Right from the off on the Original Mix we’re faced with a solid progger thanks to chunky kick drums and a round of bright crispy hi hats and tight percussions. A deep rumbling bass casts a deep shadow over the sound, creating a vortex of subsonic grooves. Expertly crafted FX and perfectly placed synths add strength to the groove as gritty pads fade in. Put of the bass soaked sound comes some fantastic vocals that add character to the track making this a definite must have for any progressive set.

Electronic music icon Rolf Elmer aka Jam El Mar is back at Bonzai Progressive and is up first on remix duties. Unless you’ve been locked away for over 25 years, you’ll know this guy’s history and how he was responsible for a plethora of classic material, but these days he is still hard at work looking for his next groove and forming it into an energetically charged track. Recently he showcased his talents on a special remix celebrating Bonzai’s 25 years as a record label, his take on Cherry Moon Trax – The House Of House became an instant hit among many and verified his legendary status. Here Rolf takes us deep into his world where we find big punchy kick drums and a reverberating bass alongside superbly tweaked vocals. We are treated to flashes of instruments in many forms that build up cool textured layers while the main focus of the track goes to the hypnotic stabbing synth that rises up on the break and for the duration. Top notch stuff once again from this guy, not to be missed.

Gabriel West & Ricardo Piedra return to Bonzai Progressive on the remix after their debut album – Mission – back in late Summer 2016 grabbed a lot of attention. Gabriel and Ricardo are definitely a perfectly matched studio partnership, they’ve been cutting tracks together for a couple of years and they always deliver the goods. They’ve developed a unique sound that mesmerizes and draws the crowd into their groove, proving just how in sync they are. This is manifested more so when they are DJing as a duo, bringing their brand to the floors and ensuring good times for all. Great to see them back once again and hopefully we’ll see more in the future. The guys deliver a real solid slice of deep progressive grooves with their remix. Right from the off we’re locked in as chunky kicks lead the way alongside shuffling hi hats and tight percussions. Surreal sounds evolve within the track creating a multi layered groove that is focused on the deep subby basses. Softly sung vocals appear adding some very cool contrasts while a myriad of FX and synths build up. Superb stuff that will not disappoint.

#matancaspi #bonzaiprogressive


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Madrid based artist Jesus Gonzalez aka Jacob Singer debuts on Bonzai Progressive with the superb My Inner EP. Jacob started out in music playing the guitar and was heavily influenced by rock and metal bands for many years. After he discovered electronic music however, he soon realised that this is where his passion lay. Now a veteran on the progressive scene he has churned out many noteworthy releases on various labels. He has already got off to a great start for 2017 by signing with Bonzai as well as hosting his own radio shows and, just a few short weeks ago he showed up on guest mix duties for our very own Bonzai Basik Beats. Great to have him on board and we hope to see more in the future.

My Inner offers up a seriously stunning slice of progressive house with its alluring draw that pulls you in thanks to expertly crafted arrangements and mesmeric sounds. In the background we find a host of sounds that combine beautifully to create a multi layered textures that compliments the main track. Up front we’re led deep into the progressive abyss with a tight drum section and a hypnotic bassline that drives the track effortlessly. Swirling pads and subtle melodic arps greet us on the break before we head back into the main track for the duration. A top notch cut that will definitely be a welcome addition in any late night set.

Tiahuanaco Returns is a steady, fine flowing progger that will be welcomed on the floors no doubt. A subtle, laidback intro precedes an ever growing groove that delivers a superb progressive experience. Pumping kick drums are joined by bright and crispy shuffling hats while a deep and moody bassline rattles the lower frequencies. Pulsing synths mesmerize as sweet melodic arpeggios take over on the break. A beautifully crafted slice that will definitely grab a lot of attention.

#jacobsinger #bonzaiprogressive


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Fresh off the back of his Egret EP, Marco Madia returns with another tantalising cut, this time around he delivers the fantastic two tracker Toucan EP. Marco is a solid, dedicated artist who always dishes out quality sounds. He’s considered with very high regard among his peers and his music is a testament to this. Never one to disappoint, we just know you’re gonna love this latest cut.

Channel-Billed intros with a nice chunky kick drum and crispy offset hi hat that generates a cool steady beat. A deep rumbling bassline soon joins in and we find ourselves locked on to a solid deep house groove filled with warm keys and hypnotic sequences. The track layers up beautifully creating moody textures that will keep the floors moving with ease. A top notch slice that is not to be missed.

Keel-Billed sets out with a very interesting percussion pattern that sets the track up with a cool rhythmic flow. A combination of drums sit tightly packed in the groove and serve as a solid platform for the track. Trippy arpeggio synths bellow out their mesmeric sequences as a subtle bassline sits on the low end. On the break those synths come to life and dish out colourful patterns that blend effortlessly with the deep groove. A definite must have for sure.

#marcomadia #pistonrecordings


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Santa Cruz de Tenerife based DJ and producer Alejandro Gutiérrez aka Alex Wellmann marks his Piston Recordings debut with the superb Peaky Blinders. Alex has delivered quality cuts for the last number of years across various labels and we’re delighted to have him here with his latest effort. His style focuses in and around house music with slight variations in between, but he consistently lays on the quality in all of his works and this one is no exception.

Peaky Blinders sets off with a distinct kick drum that leaves a nice bassy trail as shuffling percussions add rhythmic spice to the track. A cool house vibe full of distant voices and rich high strings prevails while a deep rumbling bassline shores up the low end. The track manages to muster up a seriously groovy workout with a minimal approach, a top class effort and one that is not to be missed.

Way Back serves up a real tasty house groove with pumping kick drums and bright crispy hi hats leading the way. Tight percussions for up to bring in a cool rhythmic element as urban style vocals add character to the sound. The bassline lurks in the depths providing a solid groove that becomes the mainstay of the track alongside warm chords that crop up throughout. Super stuff that will not disappoint.

#alexwellmann #pistonrecordings


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As our 25th year celebrations gather momentum we pick up the pace with a reimagining of another absolute banging track from back in the day. One of our most prolific and successful artists Yves Deruyter gave us Calling Earth back in 1994 which was the A-side to IV – BR 94061 – and backed with Rave City (Cherry Mix). The original was the epitome of the sound of the time and quickly rose to mega status among throngs of ravers and DJ’s. A string of remixes followed as well as multiple releases over the years. The man himself relentlessly churned out hit after hit putting him at the top of his game and, to this day he is still very much revered by his peers. This special 25 years remix is delivered by London based DJ and producer Han Haak and he certainly does the track justice with his slick rendition. In 2012 Han decided to brings his brand of twisted sounds to the masses and his tracks where very quickly championed by a slew of top DJ’s. He is described as being amongst a new wave of rising talent that will make the underground scene much stronger. His passion and drive will most definitely give him the opportunity to make this happen. We’re delighted to have him on board for this one and we hope to see more from him in the future.

On the remix we’re greeted with that too familiar Yves Deruyter signature synth that sits behind a punchy kick drum waiting to be unleashed. The track then takes on its contemporary role as striking synth hits fall into the offbeat accompanied by spiralling basses and a solid, tight drum section. The off-melody riff from the original adds the finishing touch to this stomping cut that will most definitely tear up the modern dancefloor.

#yvesderuyter #bonzaiprogressive #hanhaak


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Bolivian DJ and producer Jose Henry aka JoC H returns to Bonzai Progressive and is joined by fellow countryman Paul Jove on their Farewell Inti EP. This one marks Jose’s third outing on BP and is another fine example of his top notch quality vibes. His last effort here was back in 2016 with Memento EP which gained great support across the board. Audio and visual artist Paul Jove debuts on BP bringing his unique style to the table. Music has been a constant in his life and has brought him into contact with many genres and styles. In 2001 he got hooked on DJing and this solidified his passion for electronic music. A fine partnership doing their homeland proud and who certainly knows how to get the grooves flowing.

Farewell Inti sets out with a nice punchy kick drum alongside crispy hi hats, sharp claps and an array of shuffling percussions. We’re teased with subtle references to the bass before mercy is shown and the bassline comes through in all its lush glory. Swirling pads create eerie melodies as that bassline probes its way into your soul. The break dishes out more of the subtle melodies creating a wonderful atmosphere before the chunky basses and rhythmic drums come back for the duration. A top notch slice no doubt.

The Flow Of Let Go boasts a fantastic arrangement made up of intricate drums and some very cool FX and basses. An intensity creeps into the track as the layers build with anticipation taking over as we wait for the bass to burst free. Subtle arpeggio’s rise and fall alongside cool synths while the bass meanders through the sound beautifully. The break dishes out some brilliant synths that are tweaked to perfection resulting in a wall of sound that crashes back into the main groove for the duration. Superb stuff that will not disappoint.

#joch #pauljove #bonzaiprogressive


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Mario Silva aka Eat Dust returns to Piston with a tasty three tracker entitled Come Together EP. His last outing here – Ghetto Hustle – was very well received indeed having featured on Beatport upon release back in August 2016. Mario also enjoys releases on other labels and his style is a welcome addition in many sets. Always a pleasure to hear new sounds from this guy and no doubt we’ll be seeing more in the future.

First up we have Come Together which delivers a solid slice of Tech House goodness from start to finish. Pounding beats and rhythmic percussions lead the way as an alluringly hypnotic bassline dominates on the low end. The track presents many layers filled with quirky FX and surreal synths alongside sporadic voices. This bass heavy monster is a definite must have for serious tech jocks.

Just Like That centres itself around a superbly crafted drum arrangement that showcases Mario’s skills beautifully. Intricate patterns combine effortlessly resulting in dancefloor friendly grooves. A deep probing bassline reverberates right through the track forcing your hips to sway to its seductive groove. Cool urban style vocals are scattered through alongside subtle synths that deliver a cosmic laced vibe. Top notch stuff that will not disappoint.

Thinking About You intros with a cool shuffling percussion pattern that draws you in before a thumping kick drum is unleashed. The drums hypnotise with their smooth rhythms as a fantastic deep throbbing bassline dominates the sound. An array of pitched vocals add some very cool textures to the groove while funky keys come through on the break. A fine slice perfect for a late night session.

#eatdust #pistonrecordings


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Spanish artist Oscar Holgado debuts on Piston Recordings with the superb two tracker Quiddity. Residing in Amsterdam, Oscar is passionate about music in all its forms, he has already amassed an impressive back catalogue on various labels over the years where he has delivered his unique productions. Great to have him on board at Piston and we hope to see more in the future.

Quiddity intros with a rich chord that unleashes a wave of warmth that is enhanced by beautifully placed vinyl noise. Nice and chunky kick drums come in alongside building percussions and a subtle bassline that peeks out from the depths just enough to get you locked in. The chords are the big player here as they hypnotise the mind and get you into that deep house mood. Contrasting strings and pads add smooth textures to the sound as well as subtle FX. Excellent stuff that is not to be missed.

Le Groove Est Dans Le Move sets off with a very smooth synth sound with a sharp clap taking us up to the punchy beats and soft percussions. The drum section layers up brilliantly creating a steady flowing rhythm while a funky ass bassline does a fine job in getting the booty’s shakin’. On the break we’re taken down the rabbit hole into a surreal world filled with colourful keys before starting to build back into the main groove. The track feels groovy and would sit perfectly in a late night session, a must have no doubt.

#oscarholgado #pistonrecordings


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AudioStorm returns in 2017 with this superb effort entitled Lethal Engine which boasts two originals and two exceptional remixes from Rise and Fall and Robert R. Hardy. As ever we’re treated to nothing but the best of quality from this guy, just like his last outing for BP – Underground Culture as well as several other remixes.

Before we get to the remixes we have two superb originals – Lethal Engine and Suspense. Both tracks offer up sublime progressive grooves and will certainly turn a few heads. Lethal Engine hits us with a dark and moody prog vibe filled with tight drums and hypnotic arps. The break is a sublime sequence and when that vocal comes through the track blows up, a definite dancefloor destroyer. Suspense also delivers the goods on the progressive front with a solid workout that drives with an intense vibe. Well crafted drum patterns lead the way as a meandering bassline casually works its way through the sound. Contrasting high frequencies work perfectly with the sub sounds here making this one a definite must have.

Rise and Fall is back on remix duties and here he takes Lethal Engine to a whole new dimension with his unique brand of prog. Right from the off you are drawn to the groove with its almost downtempo vibe, but as the track evolves we are taken deeper, much deeper. This one is a solid builder with layer upon layer revealing subtle changes that have a huge impact. The big hitter here though is the acid sequence that seems to go on forever. Enough said, do not miss this one you will not be disappointed.

Reis Robert aka Robert R. Hardy returns to Bonzai Progressive on the remix and here he gets to grips with Suspense and delivers a superb slice for our listening pleasure. The track intros with muted kicks against subtle percussions before the kicks get their thump and the percussion section starts to shuffle creating a steady rhythmic groove. Soft melodic arps linger as a warm bassline rises up enveloping the sound beautifully. A pure hypnotic groove that will draw a lot of attention no doubt.

#audiostorm #bonzaiprogressive #riseandfall #robertrhardy

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Romanian DJ and producer Cryss debuts on Bonzai Progressive with the superb Simple Pleasure which comes backed up with two top notch remixes from Bob The Groove and Mendexx. Cryss comes from a musical family and this exposure has nourished his passion for music. He learned guitar and keyboards before finding his way into DJing and then producing. With several releases on various labels we’re delighted to have him on board at Bonzai Progressive.

The Original Mix intros with a nice pounding kick drum along with cool shuffling hi hats and various percussions. A distant melodic arp begins to rise and is soon joined by a warm, probing bassline. The bassline morphs and transforms with a little help from some filtering as subtle guitar riffs and sweeping pads join in. A super tight slice from start to finish that will sit perfectly in any set bringing a smooth deep vibe.

Bob The Groove returns to Bonzai Progressive on the remix and once again he shows us his superb talents in the studio. The intro boasts a deep droning bass that takes hold, drawing you in alongside nice chunky kicks and crispy hi hats. Mesmeric pads fill the background and continue for the duration becoming prominent on the break as they blend effortlessly with hypnotic vocals. The result is cosmic bliss that will definitely be a welcome addition in any late night set.

Scottish DJ and producer Mendexx delivers a superb deep progressive remix that will not disappoint. Mendexx returns to Bonzai Progressive after his last outing Mutate performed very well indeed. Here he takes us on a sublime prog journey that sets out with superb punchy kick drums and crispy hi hats. A stabbing, probing bassline soon comes through and we’re hooked. The bassline is joined by cool synth stabs and subtle vocals that add an air of mystery to the track. Rich strings sweep through and on the break we find intriguing melodies that linger for the duration. Top notch stuff not to be missed.

#cryss #bonzaiprogressive #bobthegroove #mendexx

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Southern Groove aka Adrian Romero and Mariano Chiappe return to Piston with the pumping house grooves of Baby I Need You. This Santa Fe based duo combine various styles and bring their own influences to the table resulting in cool and diverse sounds. House music is their main genre and their years of experience ensure that only the very best sounds are unleashed. Their DJ sets deliver a dynamic experience leaving the crowds feeling happy. Much more to come from these guys so stay tuned.

Baby I Need You gets right into full on house mode right from the off as solid kicks and shuffling hi hats generate a flowing rhythm. A groovy bassline soon follows which will get the floors moving for sure. Cool vocal shots litter the sound adding a very nice vibe and work well with the stabbing synths. Superb stuff that will be a welcome addition in any set.

Fuck Yeah offers up a funky house groove that will force you to move. The pacey drum section gets right down to business with chunky kick drums and shuffling percussions creating that solid rhythmic flow. Groovy guitar riffs give the track a lot of movement as warm piano chords come through. The bassline is a beautifully crafted underlying feature of the track with its raw jazzy vibe and dancey groove. A real foot stomper this one that is not to be missed.

#southerngroove #pistonrecordings

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