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Do Shock Booze (pronounced Doushokubutsu) aka DJ Yoichi Hayashi debuts on Progrez with the sublime Toriteva. Yoichi built a career as a rock band singer and guitarist in the late 90s before moving into the realms of electronic music. His tracks have the scent of creative melody and ethnic taste and are attributed by modern psychedelic sounds. He has seen releases on highly renowned labels such as Traum Schallplatten, Beatfreak Recordings, Baroque Records, Bonzai and Aenaria Music. He also runs his own label Totem Traxx which has a fast growing base. His DJing style is quite unique as he blends multiple genres creating contrasting sounds and melodies. He has performed on a variety of popular radio stations such as Proton Radio, Frisky Radio, Kollektiv K (Fukushima Pref),DMiX (Oscar L) Insomnia FM and Framed FM. In May 2016 his original album Modernian was released simultaneously by German label Resopal Schallware and his own label Totem Traxx. Great to have him on board and we’re sure his tracks will be very well received.

Toriteva comes in 2 flavours with each cutting its own dynamic slice of progressive grooves. Version 1 gets us underway with a cool rhythmic drum section filled with shuffling hats and snappy snares alongside various FX that create a cosmic vibe. The track takes on an epic feel as an intensity seeps into the sound thanks to background pads and distant vocals. The break takes things a step further, going deeper with an array of sounds that combine effortlessly before we’re thrust back into the main groove for the duration. The perfect fodder for a peak time set that will fill floors for sure.

Version 2 is up next and like its sibling it carries a real intense vibe that eats its way into your soul. With a solid drum section leading the way we find ourselves locked into a cosmic battle of sounds that both mesmerize and hypnotize. Although a slightly more minimal track the groove is still filled with a thick well rounded bassline and some seriously top notch FX. The break is a truly surreal experience that will draw you in before spitting you back out onto the floor as those chunky kick drums return once again. A definite contender for those late night sessions.

#doshockbooze #progrez


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Our My House Is Your House series continues and in this 14th instalment we’ve gathered together 30 choice cuts from a range of labels including Piston Recordings, HoF, Eyepatch Recordings, GMR and C&D. Tracks and remixes come from the likes of Joal, Charles Ramirez, Mike Denitz, Arturo Garces, Marco Madia, JR From Dallas, Gusher, Bonetti, Cerillo, J.Nandez, Barkai & Babylon, Polyrhythm, Victor Maximiliano, Pulp Talks and many more. Deep, Tech and pure House grooves are on offer that will keep any party in full swing which is no surprise given the calibre of artists on show. Get this one into your collection, you will not be disappointed.

#bonzaiprogressive #joal #charlesramirez #mikedenitz #mirkogorelli #stefanokosa #bicyclecorporation #jazzmanwax #ibanmontoro #marcomadia #j.nandez #southerngroove #joncostas #furniturecrew #ladyemz #joebabylon #ittaibarkai #polyrhythm #jrfromdallas #pedrofaria #andrearivi #cele #gusher #bonetti #djgas #djlulu #cerillo #alessandrosarsano #bartricardo #pulptalks #bjerkpeterson #citrus #victormaximiliano #k.a.m.a. #gebreski #gear #arturogarces

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After a solid remix on Pilots Of The Millennium back in October 2016 we welcome the return of Experimental Feelings with the sublime Can We Try which features a stunning vocal from Gizella. Spanish DJ and producer Toni Gonzalez is the man behind this brilliant project and with every release he takes us into progressive realms we’ve never been to before. His last full release was over on our Green Martian imprint with Paradise Sound which became a go to track for many on the scene and stands as a testament to the talent he has to offer. Always one to watch, he never disappoints. Singer/songwriter Gizella (Futak) debuts on Bonzai Progressive and brings along a soul bearing vocal that sends shivers up and down your spine. With a few tracks under her belt she creates a unique character in each track that brings it to life. The perfect accompaniment to this one and no doubt the world will be seeing much more from this very talented artist.

The Original Mix delivers a solid progressive vibe with a nice chunky kick at the forefront accompanied by bright open hats and a deep subby bassline that moves through the low end beautifully. A beautifully sung vocal from Gizella adds depth and character with a melancholic edge that harmonises effortlessly with the subtle melodies of the track. Deep, thoughtful and contemplative, just the tonic for any late night session.

Gai Barone is up first on remix duties with his In Depth Remix and this guy really needs no introduction due to his peerless stance within the production community. His last outing for Bonzai was a superb re-working of the anthemic Universal Nation which was released as part of our 25th year celebrations and gained instant support from many around the world. On the DJ front Gai is working with top jocks all over the globe, including Solarstone and Giuseppe Ottaviani. Gai brings his range of skills to the remix and delivers another beautifully arranged slice filled with deep seated grooves and subtle melodies. He takes us on one of his journeys into the depths of the progressive sound with this remix. A tight drum arrangement provides a solid platform to get us there as chunky kick drums lead an array of intricate percussion patterns. An abyss level bassline bubbles up and locks us into the groove as wistful melodies are complimented by Gizella’s mesmeric vocal. A superb effort once more that is not to be missed.

Russian DJ and producer Igor Platunoff returns to BP with a fantastic remix which comes after his last effort here back in September 2016 with Primavera. This guy always brings an extra sprinkle of spice to the proceedings. He’s worked alongside Blufeld and features regularly in our compilations. Here he delivers another sublime effort filled with deep rooted basses and tight drum patterns. The kick drum delivers a solid punch and is offset by cool hi hats and hypnotic percussions. The bassline sits menacingly on the low end, dominating the groove as swirling pads and Gizella’s surreal vocal come through. The subtlest of melody peeks out of the depths and combines with the vocal beautifully. Top notch stuff that will not disappoint.

#experimentalfeelings #gizella #bonzaiprogressive #gaibarone #platunoff


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Hailed as one of Bosnia and Herzegovina’s pioneering producers, Adnan Jakubovic debuts on Bonzai Progressive with the superb Traffic Mind. With an impressive catalogue of quality tracks, Adnan’s production simply has no boundaries and he has never set his music under one style. His style is one of energy and love with each track carrying many characteristics from multiple genres. His first track was released in 2011 and in August 2013 he began his monthly Big Bells podcast on Tenzi.FM radio from India. Today, Big Bells podcast has thousands of listeners worldwide and is being played on several different radio stations every month. Since the beginning of 2016 Adnan became even more active and plays at many parties and festivals across Bosnia and Herzegovina and the region as well as Serbia, Croatia and Slovenia. One of his greatest successes is his song Afraid of Happiness published as a part of Initializing V compilation for Suffused Music in Lithuania which was later signed as a soundtrack for K.O.D.O.B.O. – a film currently in production in Los Angeles. His tracks also appear regularly on Beatport’s top listings making him a much sought after artist. Great to have him on board.

The Original Mix sets a deep progressive tone right from the off as chunky kick drums pave the way alongside subtle percussions and a powerful sub bassline that bubbles up from the depths. Swirling, eerie pads fill out the background as haunting vocals creep in. Surreal melodies float through the sound giving off a true underground vibe. Superb stuff that will keep the groove alive in any late night set.

Fresh off the back of his most recent BP slice – Farewell Inti – JoC H steps up to the remix desk with a sublime effort to get the progressive juices flowing. Here JoC H takes us on a sublime journey deep into the progressive abyss with a superb construction made up of tight beats, rhythmic percussions and ethereal cascading melodies. Punchy kicks are at the forefront with crispy hi hats on the offset that generate a nice flowing rhythm. A strong bassline commands the low end as it probes deeper and deeper while those melodies glide effortlessly through the groove. Top notch stuff indeed.

After a short hiatus we welcome back Samotarev who dishes out his latest remix on this one. Last time we seen this guy here was back in June 2016 with the stunning Voice Of Phangan which gained a lot of support. Here he takes us deep, way deep in the progressive sound. Leading the way we have a solid kick that is joined by a bright closed hat and pulsating pads. The bassline keeps the groove firmly in the underground with its hypnotic gait. Cool percussive elements deliver a steady rhythm while mysterious vocals lurk in the background. A fantastic cut that will definitely turn a few heads.

#adnanjakubovic #bonzaiprogressive #joch #samotarev


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SteMI aka Italian DJ and producer Stefano Minturnino returns to Piston alongside debutant Silvestro S with their superb two tracker entitled Monday Night. SteMI’s last appearance here was back in June 2016 with Timeless and since then he’s released several tracks on various labels with each one consisting of top quality vibes. Silvestro S has also been dishing out top notch vibes on different labels for over 6 years now and his work is very much revered in the scene. A dynamic pairing here that we know will yield some positive vibes among many, great to have them at Piston.

Monday Night builds nicely with concoction of drums that form up nicely into a solid rhythmic package to get the floors moving. The bassline moves through the low end providing a deep groovy vibe to get that ass shakin’ while cool vocals add an extra spice to the sound. An expertly crafted slice that will be the perfect addition to any tech flavoured set.

Something Happened intros with a cool shuffling drum pattern which takes us to a thumping kick drum that gets the track firmly on its way. The drums are the big player here and we soon find ourselves locked in to the various patterns that make up the steady rhythmic groove. Hypnotic synths deliver a deep edge to the track as a cool vocal litters the sound and adds an interesting narrative to compliment the track. A nicely constructed tech house stomper here that is not to be missed.

#stemi #silvestros #pistonrecordings


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Aveiro, Portugal born André Filipe Rodrigues aka Andy Book debuts on Piston Recordings with the deep house two tracker Short Circuit EP. Now residing in Nice, France, Andy spreads his artistic range from music to art and illustration. He has harboured a passion for electronic music for a long time and in 2007 he started to produce his own music with his first release being Geometric Drop EP which gained support from Silicone Soul among others. In 2008, together with Alexx Wolfe he got his first release on vinyl, a remix for Frederic De Carvalho. Then he started working with Sui Generiz and released the Lost Words EP which received huge feedback from the likes of Rodriguez Jr, Kolombo, and James Teej to name just a few. A highly regarded artist we’re glad to have on board.

Short Circuit gets right down to business with a nice chunky kick drum and crispy hi hat combi alongside tasty chord stabs and a deep subby bassline. The keys are sublime here and really deliver a true deep house groove. Rhythmic percussions will get the dancing feet shuffling and floors filled as the track lures you in. A beautifully constructed slice that will be a welcome addition in any set.

FlexKey delivers a stompingly good deep house groover filled with warm tones and a fantastic drum arrangement that will force you to move. Punchy kicks lead the way with slicing hi hats on the offset while a meandering deep bassline moves effortlessly through the lower frequencies. A rhythmic percussion section dishes out a dancey groove accompanied by expert keys and fresh vocals that give the track club vibe. Brilliant stuff and the perfect fodder for any deep house fueled set.

#andybook #pistonrecordings


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As Piston Recordings celebrates its 10th year at the forefront of the house music scene we present our 8th Secrets Of The Trade compilation pack. Once again we’ve filled this one with some of the finest cuts from the past year including tracks and remixes from the likes of Bart Ricardo, JR From Dallas, PulpTalks, Daniel Ray, Bjerk Peterson, Jakhira, Bonetti, Leandro Silva, Lazer Mike, label boss Rogerio Martins and many more. Our ethos remains the same, to deliver cutting edge grooves from the best up and coming producers while showcasing the talents of top artists from around the world. Get this one in your collection, you will not be disappointed.

#pistonrecordings #rogeriomartins #jrfromdallas #cerillo #ritz #ryo-chin #pulptalks #lazermike #bonetti #bartricardo #bicyclecorporation #bjerkpeterson #citrus #rubbaj #alessandrosarsano #maxhebert #jakhira #gusher #marcomadia #shait #danielray #leandrodi #hatelate #leandrosilva

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Mustafa Gedik debuts on Bonzai Progressive with the wonderful Rihe EP which is backed up with three exceptional remixes from Manu Riga, JoC H and John Lead. Mustafa is a DJ and producer from Istanbul, since 2008 he has been very active on the music scene having shared the stage with top DJ’s and artists as well as performances on many international radio stations. During this period he continued to development himself and has released lots of EP’s on various labels including Baroque Records, Plusquam Records, Virtual Love, Proton, Weekend Music, Lohit and many more. In the studio has worked with many likeminded artists such as 21street, Andrea Bertolini, Minimize, Rafael Osmo, G-Mohris, Mr.raf, Sterbai and Strigata to name a few. A hugely talented artist we are glad to welcome on board at BP

First up we have the Original Mix which is as pure as progressive can get thanks to lush grooves filled with warm bass tones, swirling atmosphere’s and subtle melodies. A distinct Eastern flavour oozes from the sound which is no surprise given Mustafa’s location in the world. One thing that will stand out here is the captivating vocal which alone makes this a must have track. The original is accompanied by a Dub Mix which strips out most of the vocal leaving only teasing snippets in its place. The dub is a standout track with an emphasis on the synth work and is also a not to be missed cut.

First up on the trio of remixes we have Belgium’s progressive house maestro and Bonzai stalwart Manu Riga with his Technotized Remix which puts a firm tech stamp over the track. Not Manu Riga’s usual approach but we think it’s a winner with its warping basses, tight drums and beautifully arranged vocal. A solid driving ‘technotized’ progressive stomper and a must for the collection. JoC H is up next with his remix and once again we’re reminded just how talented this guy is. The progressive vibes ooze out of this one as beautifully tweaked synths deliver that rich sound alongside the deep, hypnotic bassline. The vocal works wonders in the groove and will definitely draw lots of attention. John Lead aka Lisbon, Portugal based DJ and producer Joao Apell is next on the remix roster and he delivers a fantastic slice that will get the progressive taste buds tingling. Here he sticks to a driving, solid formula to get the floors rocking as those chunky kick drums and shuffling percussions combine alongside warping synths and that stunning vocal. Intricate arpeggios litter the sound creating cascading melodies that light the track up beautifully. Excellent stuff you do not want to miss out on.

#mustafagedik #bonzaiprogressive #manuriga #joch #johnlead


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Scottish DJ and producer Mendexx delivers another superb progressive two tracker entitled Flashback which comes fresh off the back of his last effort on remix duties for Cryss’ Simple Pleasure. We never tire of this guys sound, he brings a cool dynamic to the table which translates brilliantly on the floors. His warm tones are full of richness and subtle melodies which give him a unique slot in the music world. Always a pleasure to get his music through the inbox.

Flashback draws you in right from the off with an alluring vocal that peeks out from behind a nice chunky kickdrum. A probing bass shows up alongside loose hi hats creating a cool clubby vibe. Swirling FX add an extra layer to the ambience as melodic arps tinkle in the distance. The vocal remains a constant, mesmerizing force and blends perfectly with the simple synth melody. A nice and warm track that will set the mood for an endearing progressive set.

Force Field opens with punchy kick drum and a deep penetrating bassline that sets the track up nicely on its progressive journey. Soft open hi hats are matched with rhythmic percussions and a cool vocal as the bassline hypnotizes. Subtle melodies come through and add to the already warming glow from the track. A more prominent synth emerges in the latter stages to give the track a cool contrast. Top notch stuff that is not to be missed.

#mendexx #bonzaiprogressive


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Portugal’s cutting edge electronic music label Piston Recordings reaches a double milestone in 2017 as it celebrates 10 years as well as its 300th release. To mark this occasion we get a dosing of deep house grooves on the two track 300 EP courtesy of label head honcho, Rogerio Martins. Since 2007 Rogerio has showed true grit and determination to get his label to where it is today, at the forefront of a worldwide scene where the sounds of Piston are championed by a multitude of top DJ’s. The Piston ethos has been embraced by many artists and the demand is ever more popular and artists from around the world delight at the prospect of releasing their material through Piston which is why there is a consistent stream of quality cuts. Here’s to another 300 releases and another 10 years!

No Gimmicks intros with a solid kick drum and cool shuffling hat arrangement that gets the rhythm flowing nicely before a super bright crispy hi hat joins in. A superb dancing, chunky bassline delivers a killer blow that will definitely get feet to the floors. Rogerio dishes out a real treat here, especially with the huge filtered piano chords that will attract the discerning clubber if only for its nostalgic appeal. A diva inspired vocal wails through the track beautifully making this an absolute stomper and a must have.

Secondly we have the deliciously warm and endearing Find The Love which intros with nice subby kick drums and a crispy hi hat combo. Smooth house chords fade in and we soon find ourselves engrossed in a lush groove. The track delivers a solid rhythmic flow thanks to tight drums and percussions while cool vocals bring in a clubby vibe. The bass resides deep within the sound here and will certainly give the bassbins a bit of work to do. A definite dancefloor contender here you do not want to miss.

#rogeriomartins #pistonrecordings


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Winchester, England born Paul Sawyer debuts on Green Martian with this sublime two tracker entitled I Know. Paul is a serious hands on artist who is not afraid to get his hands dirty trying new things and looking for the next melody or harmony. Inspired by his younger brother, one of the original DJ’s on the free rave scene around Hampshire. Paul would later start to learn the art of mixing once the parties had started to move into clubs, developing a serious vinyl habit and embracing the pioneering, cutting edge dance music of the time. As the expansion of the house music movement started to take hold of the early 90´s, Paul´s DJ career blossomed as a valued resident at a flurry of new, enticing clubbing hotspots around the home counties, including the House of Windsor parties, of which his first appearance involved warming up for major influencer and teenage hero Sasha. After several stints in Ibiza he returned to the UK and by the late noughties he was cited one of DJ Mag´s Top 10 Resident DJ’s in the UK and quoted by Mixmag as a DJ to look out for. He soon moved into production and launched his label Krafted, which saw multiple releases with Konneqt, Whartone Records, Sweep the Floor, Suffused Music and Cockpitch Records amongst others. Paul’s new project Soultrak, with long time free-party buddy and fellow DJ Paul Moore is making waves across the underground, while his original productions are gleaning support from industry key players. Great to have him on board here at GM and we hope to see more in the future.

I Know is a beautifully constructed hybrid track that will slot easily into different style sets with ease. A tight drum arrangement leads the way over a dancey bassline that lures you in with its phat charms. Cascading synths deliver subtle melodies alongside a superb mesmerizing vocal while cool FX add colour to the sound. The break is a brilliant sequence that will keep you locked with anticipation before those solid beats come crashing through for the duration. Top notch stuff that is not to be missed.

Fight For Love takes us on a sublime journey filled with serene landscapes, sweet melodics and a solid, tight break beat drum arrangement. Throughout the track we’re pleasantly surprised by the endless variations on the melody that can be interpreted. A strong spoken vocal provides a captivating narrative the piques the interest while that punchy kick drum dishes out its breaks patterns. Fantastic stuff that will be a welcome addition in any collection.

#paulsawyer #greenmartian


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Time to shake off the Winter bite and get ready for this year’s WMC in Miami, Florida, and if you’re not heading over to the event itself – to bask in the glorious sunshine – then we have just the thing to get the heat rising in your party. We’ve selected some of the finest examples of expertly crafted grooves from our vast catalogue of works, conveniently wrapped in a mega pack that will add a much needed boost to your crate. We have 70 original and remix tracks on offer here that will cater to all your progressive needs from artists such as Airwave, Jam El Mar, Phi Phi, Manu Riga, Nico Parisi, Stan Kolev, Matan Caspi, Thorin, Gabriel West & Ricardo Piedra, Gai Barone, Don Longton, Blufeld, AudioStorm, Cryss, Iga Dep, Koschk, Phi6, Kevin Vega, Robert R. Hardy, Rise and Fall, Ruslan Vashkevich, Rick Pier O’Neil, Andy Leavy, Jakhira, Steve Sai, Ewan Rill, Audio Noir and Crocy to name just a few. A definite must have collection that will provide hours of Winter warming fun.

#bonzaiprogressive #airwave #stankolev #darkodejan #phiphi #jeeves #riseandfall #matancaspi #audiostorm #nicoparisi #mattholliday #gabrielwest #ricardopiedra #koschk #cryss #sonsez #platunoff #experimentalfeelings #yuriyfromrussia #phi6 #crocy #manuriga #joch #kush #srinivas #aeryomin #igadep #bobthegroove #persya #mandyjones #paulangelo #donargento #manonthemoon #aexfly #blufeld #danielcurotto #audionoir #ruslanvashkevich #volkanerman #findike #glebrubens #naxound #koshkin #samotarev #traveltech #eugenebecker #dietfried #manuelpalmitesta #heyspace #concretewaves #johnlead #michaelberklin #russlanjaafreh #pavlinpetrov #andyleavy #christopherhermann #dofamine #georgeellinas #kevinvega #donlongton #giorgiophoenix #mendexx #djdimitri #jamelmar #robertrhardy #gaibarone #bobthegroove #thorin #basiloglue #owersound #rickpieroneil #alexvidal #ewanrill #jamiebaggotts #rutger #crocy #stevesai #jakhira

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Manu Riga aka Adriaan Baussens returns to Bonzai Progressive with the fantastic two track slice Your Silent Cries. As ever we’re treated to some sublime progressive moments from this guy who is relentless in his consistent approach to top quality grooves. His last outing here – Disconnected – featured the amazing vocals of Mandy Jones and gained a lot of support from across the board. This time around Adriaan took inspiration from watching a documentary about abuse toward women and the taboo that still surrounds it which will go some way to explain the deep and emotive sounds found within. Two stunning tracks that will be a welcome addition in any collection.

Your Silent Cries is a sublime cut that takes on deep progressive grooves in true Manu Riga fashion. A solid driving arrangement sets the course as tight drums lead the way with a bubbling bassline lurking on the low end. The attention to detail in the drums is outstanding, subtle snare rolls and shuffling hats combine beautifully to give off a rhythmic vibe. Warping synths dish out cool melodics as distant voices loiter in the background. The break contains a beautifully crafted melody from rich sounding instruments adding wonderful colours to the groove. A deep and evocative sound that will appeal to many, a must have for sure.

Point Of No Return intros with a solid punchy kick drum that has a very subtle bassy tail that adds roundness to the sound. Rhythmic percussions soon follow and the track takes us to the floor. A deep and penetrating pulsing bassline fills the groove with a warming glow as swirling pads create a surreal ambience overhead. The track oozes emotion that provoke thought and on the break this is more true as we’re met with a spine tingling vocal. The drums return and get us back on the progressive trail for the duration making this an absolute stomper that is not to be missed.

#manuriga #bonzaiprogressive


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Pavlin Petrov returns to BP alongside studio partner Graham Lloris with We Are Not Alone which features two top notch remixes. Pavlin joined BP back in September 2015 with the superb Feeling Alive which featured the vocal talents of Selina Stone and which led to a remix on Crocy feat Ashley Berndt’s Mind at the start of 2016. Since then he gave us Set Me Free and Resistance both of which typify the sheer talent of this popular artist. Budapest native Graham Lloris debuts here at BP but he has worked alongside Pavlin on other occasions with fantastic results. He’s been churning out quality cuts since 2012 and has established himself as a solid, consistently creative artists. Great to have him on board and no doubt we’ll see more from both in the future.

The Original Mix delivers a solid prog house groover that intros with a chunky kick drums and rhythmic percussion combi. Intricate patterns are formed from the percussion arrangement and slot nicely into the groove. A deep droning bass pad ebbs and flows overhead as the layers build creating depth and drive. A wailing hybrid sax-synth draws attention as the subtle melodies begin to appear on the break taking us on a surreal trek deeper into progressive house. One for the late night session here that will not disappoint.

Nico Parisi is back at his progressive home with another one of his sublime remixes. His last full release was back in 2016 with Attica which performed very well indeed. He has also contributed some fantastic remixes since then and his works continually appear on multiple compilations. On the DJ front he enjoys plenty of gigs across Belgium and beyond. Always worth keeping an eye on this guy with much more to come in the future. On the remix here Nico utilises the melodic elements of the original beautifully working them into his deep and grooving progressive flow. Tight drums and cool percussion patterns create smooth rhythms that flow effortlessly through the track. That deep droning bass adds wonderful depth to the sound as the melodies work their magic. Another top notch slice from Nico and a must have track.

Kevin Vega makes a welcome return and steps up to the remix plate with a brilliantly worked progressive groove. His last outing here – The Crimson King was championed by many and topped many charts. His works always find their way into compilations adding some extra weight to every release. We never tire of this guys attention to detail in his tracks and we’re sure we will see much more in the years ahead. Here Kevin takes the original mix and gives it one of his sublime makeovers adding in extra punch and a driving edge. Tight drums lead the way and a cacophony of percussions insure that the floors will get a workout from this. Various synths layer up to create a sublime sequence that mystify and captivate thanks to the subtle melodies borrowed from the original. A beautifully crafted groove from Kevin that is most definitely not to be missed.

#pavlinpetrov #grahamlloris #bonzaiprogressive #nicoparisi #kevinvega


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Adriaan debuts on Piston Recordings with the delectable house music grooves of La Oscuridad. Two tracks take us on a sublime journey deep into the house music abyss. Both tracks will ensure that any set has depth as well as provoking a melancholic feeling. Great to have this superb talent on board and we hope to see more in the future.

The epic multi layered story that is La Oscuridad is up first and goes deep right from the off muted drums are layered over a glitchy sound and eerie pads. Chunky kick drums fade in drive the track nicely with a mesmeric trait while sultry synths and mysterious vocals come through. The track cuts deep into your soul and holds on relentlessly for the duration wrapping you up in its warming grooves as the more darker side creeps through. Top notch stuff that will not disappoint.

Whatever You Know intros with some very cool dark drums and hypnotic percussions that deliver a solid, tight arrangement. On top of the bassy tones we find sharper synth notes as well as surreal FX, melancholic melodies and a haunting vocal. The groove takes hold and we find ourselves locked on for the duration on this epic 11 minute monster of a track that is a definite must have for the late night sessions.

#adriaan #pistonrecordings


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