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Prolific DJ and producer Joni Saarelainen aka Johny S returns to Eyepatch after a long hiatus, but this time he is back making a full release debut with the superb Less Could Be More EP. previously we had seen Joni on remix duty on a few tracks for Chantola way back in 2011, and he continues to offer his skills on Chantola’s tracks to this day. Joni is no stranger to us here in the Bonzai offices either, his first release came on our legacy label Tranceportation under his Saarre guise with Time Stops Here in 2008 and then The Dark EP in 2009, he has also shown up on Green Martian and Nemesis back in 2010. In 2010 he gave us Saxian on Tripomatic Records, this time as Joni S. Since then he has continued to appear on quality labels such as Bullbeat Recordings, Club 86 Recordings as well as appearances on compilations for Bonzai Progressive and Green Martian. Great to see him back and we’re sure this newest cut will have a big impact in many sets.

The title track Less Could Be More intros with a nice chunky kick drum and crispy hats with a simple vocal shot in tow. A cool plucky bass comes in and we see the tech house groove take shape. Tight drums make for a smooth flowing rhythm as the deep rooted bass takes hold and dominates the track beautifully. A somewhat minimal sound with subtle synths on the break, this one is a definite floorfiller with killer beats and a pumping vibe that will force you to move.

All Around sets off with a sharp snare and clap combi as distant pads fade in before a cool snare roll takes us to the solid, pounding kick drums and crispy hats. A deep probing bass comes through and settles the groove into full on tech mode that will get the booty’s shakin in no time. A real smooth chord arrangement keeps the groovy vibe moving and is complimented by equally cool vocal snippets. A definite must have track for any set.

#johnys #eyepatchrecordings

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Daniel Ray Van Zyl aka Placid Larry is back on Bonzai Elemental with his latest downtempo offering entitled Not What It Seems. As always we are in for a real chilled treat with this one which follows his June 2015 cut Trapeze. We are never disappointed when this guys sounds come through the mailbox.

First up is the title track Not What It Seems which intros with a real smooth and laidback beat made up of crispy hats and nice phat kicks. Swirling pads fill the space and add wonderful textures to the sound as the layers build. A superb big double bass section provides the lushness here and keeps things nestled into a deep and lazy groove. The perfect fodder for a cozy night in or chilling at the bar.

Sunday Morning bursts into life with bright splash that leaves cool trails before settling into a smooth chilled out groove. A nice and tight drum arrangement gives the groove a downtempo vibe as beautifully crafted melodies flutter through the sound in the form of toy pianos and cool plucky strings. A deep bass resonates through the track and brings a wonderfully lush texture. Another fine slice to steal away an evening by the fire.

#placidlarry #bonzaielemental

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We welcome Gai Barone back to Bonzai Progressive and he has brought along another one of his deep progressive creations for our listening pleasure. When In June is Gai’s latest offering and comes backed up with four top notch remixes from none other than Belgian stalwarts Airwave and Manu Riga, Australia’s Audio Noir and Slovakia’s Crocy. Throw in Gai’s Italian roots and we have a hotbed of international talent that knows how to work a track.

The Original Mix intros with various percussive elements to the backdrop of a deep droning pad that builds up an air of intensity. The contrasts are stark with bright crispy hats slicing through that low tone. A nice punchy kick drum comes through and we find ourselves locked on to a sublime hypnotic vibe for the duration. The bass floats through the sound with a beautifully warm glow and gives the track that deeper grooving feeling. Just after the midway point we are introduced to some sharp, perfectly balanced strings that carry a beautiful melody as they sweep through the groove. Top notch from Mr Barone and a definite must have track.

First up on remix duty is Airwave and once again he takes us on a trek deep into progressive to the backdrop of a solid breaks groove. The remix intros with a fantastic string ensemble with a deep bass tone sitting on the low end while the subtle melodies of the strings swirl overhead. The drums burst onto the track and deliver a brilliant breaks arrangement filled with punchy kicks and snapping snares alongside stuttering hats and rides. The intensity builds as the layers form up into a wonderful energetically fuelled monster of a tune. On the break we are offered a little respite in the form of some very cool strummed guitar licks as those strings continue to linger above and below. The track climaxes and we are thrust right back into the full on progressive breaks routine for the duration. Simply awesome.

Progressive guru Manu Riga steps up to the remix desk and churns out yet another top quality cut for our aural pleasure. The remix sets off with a nice chunky kick drum with cool hats on the offset and an extra cool drum pattern in the background. A fantastic pulsing bassline gives the track a nice drive that will easily get the dance floors moving. A wonderful lead synth riff delivers a nice touch to the sound and freshens up the groove beautifully. Out of nowhere a superb cascading arp fades in and out of the sound and takes us up to the break where a cacophony of strings take over. The icing on the cake though comes in the form of a stunningly rich vocal that sends shivers down your spine before we head back into the main groove. Definitely one of Manu’s best remixes here, lots going on that will bring new experiences with each listen. This one is not to be missed.

Crocy returns and gives us another one of his deep progressive house remixes that tantalises the musical taste buds. The remix sets off with a cool chunky kick and equally cool crispy hats and rhythmic drums. A gritty bassline courses through the sound and stands in contrast to the bright melodic strings that swell up early on. The track takes on a real deep progressive edge before heading into the break where a beautifully arranged ensemble of strings rings out to lull us into their grasp. After a subtle climax we are thrust back into the main groove to get those booty’s shakin’ once more. Top notch from Crocy yet again, the perfect addition to any set.

Audio Noir is up next and rounds off this pack with his Rekonstruction that pumps out a rip roaring breaks set up. The remix intros with a superb pumping breaks drum arrangement complete with a prominent snappy snare drum and punchy kick. Shuffling hats begin to form up and we soon find ourselves hooked on the groove. In the background we get an array of FX and a gritty bass pulse, but it’s those drums that keep your ears trained with cool variations on the snare standing out perfectly. A fantastic gated synth makes a showing alongside a rising maelstrom of strings that bring a real intensity to the sound. On the break those strings burst through and shine bright before the breaks come back in with a tough acid laced bassline in tow that adds an extra level of drive to the groove. Superb stuff once more from Audio Noir, a must have in any collection for sure.

#gaibarone #bonzaiprogressive #airwave #manuriga #crocy #audionoir

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Diego Alvez makes a welcome return to Bonzai Progressive after a bit of a hiatus, with the fantastic two tracker – Reflections EP. Diego’s last outing on BP was back in 2013 with Sleepless Night, but he has appeared on several compilations across various labels over the last couple of years. His brilliant remix of Loquai’s We Love The Night gained great support after it appeared on Bonzai & Friends Underground Progressive Collection. Great to have this guy back at the helm and we hope to see more soon.

First up we have the title track Reflections which takes us on a superb deep house fuelled journey of epic proportions. A nice pounding kick drum leads the way as a throbbing bass begins to leak into the sound. Soft hats start to form up and fade slowly into the sound as we become hooked on the hypnotic nature of the sound. Swirling pads fill the background and bring a richness to the sound that bonds beautifully with the lower frequencies. This one goes deep, seriously deep, so get ready to have your mind lured into this wonderfully surreal expansive sound.

Deep Lights intros with a nice thumping kick drum and a subtle drum bringing up the rear. The kick drum leaves a cool tone on the end and adds depth to the construction. Shuffling hats find their way and let the rhythm loose while the track builds up a solid groove. We find ourselves locked on to the drum arrangement and suddenly a beautifully lush house chord comes through and transforms the track into a deep groovy monster with a subtle retro theme. The break focuses in on those chords to perfection as they keep the groove alive before making way for those fantastic drums and getting the bootys shakin once more. Awesome stuff from Diego here, a definite must have track you will not want to miss.

#diegoalvez #bonzaiprogressive

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Carlo Caldareri returns and hits us up with another one of his superb tech house fuelled cuts that will surely get the floors pumping. His last outing on Piston came back in November 2015 when he appeared on remix duty for Bonetti’s Pumping Pumping which gained great support all over. Always an exciting time when this guys tunes come into the office and no doubt we’ll be seeing much more from him in the future.

People Run intros with a very cool percussion arrangement followed up by a nice chunky kick drum. Shuffling hats and rides fill the gaps and set the rhythm on the loose. Cool vocal snippets come through and bring a subtle retro theme to the sound. The bassline takes over and walks flawlessly across the groove with ass shakin precision. The break throws up more cool vocals before we get right back into full on mode. A beautifully constructed slice here that will appeal to the movers and shakers on any floor.

Move Right sets off with a bright crispy hat and sharp claps alongside a pounding kick drum that will rattle the cones on any speaker system. The rhythm lifts off as those shuffling hats gain momentum before a short break unleashes the dirty tech fuelled bassline. A big focus on the drums here which is great news for the purists, but we do get a glimpse at some subtle synths that add cool textures throughout. Top notch stuff that will not disappoint.

#carlocaldareri #pistonrecordings

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Belgian progressive house stalwart Nico Parisi returns to Bonzai Progressive in fine form to deliver his newest cut, Raklet. His last outing came back in November 2015 when he gave us the exclusive track Salva Mi which featured on the Bonzai and Friends 500 compilation. Shortly after this he appeared on remix duty for Alexey Lisin’s Try My Soul as well as on various compilations with previous tracks such as Cacaooh. Great to see this guy back at the helm and we always know we get only the very best quality recordings when his sounds drop into the office. Raklet comes backed up with two quality remixes.

The Original Mix intros with a cool clicky percussion as a deep pad swirls underneath. Shuffling hats join in alongside a cool chunky kick that combines to deliver a mesmerizing sequence. As the track gathers pace we are introduced to various sounds that create a surreal atmosphere with a cosmic vibe. The break throws in some interesting sounds that carry the slightest melodies that builds on the surrealness of the track. A truly deep progressive groove that that would be a welcome addition in any set.

Following Light aka Ukranian born Kirill Guk makes the jump from Green Martian to Bonzai Progressive for remix duties. He debuted back in November 2015 with the superb Dell on GM and prior to this he had a fantastic remix on Samotarev’s Midnight Pinball. The remix intros with a nice wide open chunky kickdrum that sets the scene for this superb progressive journey. A rumbling bassline sits on the low end menacingly as cool synths come through and glide across the top. An array of different sounds greets each section of the track and tell their own story as that relentless bassline drives the track. On the break we get a nice contrasting sound as the low end meets the high before we get slammed back into the main track for the duration, top notch stuff indeed.

Recent Bonzai Progressive debutant Quantus returns to BP and hops on to the remix for a fine slice of progressive goodness. His debut track, Pass Through Time EP, was very well received with great support all over and we’ve no doubt that this remix will follow suit. A big punchy kick greets us on the intro of Quantus’s remix and is joined by crispy hats and sharp claps to get the rhythm flowing. The bassline bursts through and rumbles right through the track taking full control carrying us along on its chugging journey. We head into the break for a short respite were we are met with some surreal wispy pads and pulsating synths all wrapped up in a beautiful soundscape. The main groove kicks back in and we get locked on once more. A definite must have in any set, this one will not disappoint.

#nicoparisi #bonzaiprogressive #followinglight #quantus

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Ruslan Vashkevich’s tenth appearance on Bonzai Progressive gives us this superb two tracker entitled Crystal Jelly. This guy is racking up quite a substantive back catalogue and each track is filled with the finest quality progressive sounds. He has also shown up over at Bonzai Basik Beats in the past with a new show upcoming in a few weeks time.

Crystal Jelly sets out with an action packed intro full of powerful kicks and energetic synths on top of cool FX and crispy hats. A superb driving, surging bassline come in and takes over which settles us into this full on progressive stomper complete with distant voices and an air of intensity. On the break we are treated to some fine brighter sounds that contrast beautifully with the darker progressive elements. We head back into the main groove with that thumping kickdrum and fantastic bassline for the duration. A relentless stomping slice of progressive that will not disappoint.

Kosmos offers up a cool punchy kick drum on the intro and is backed by equally cool spacey synth pads that float across the sound with ease creating a sublime atmosphere. A brilliant offset bass comes though and the track literally takes off leaving a powerful progressive groove in its wake. Subtle synths lurk behind the tight drum arrangement as the FX sweep across the sound. On the break we are drawn deeper into the groove as hypnotic synths play their part before that mesmerizing kickdrum takes control once more. A must have for any serious prog jock.

#ruslanvashkevich #bonzaiprogressive

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South Florida based Emilio Arango aka Meeels debuts on Piston with the superb Comfort Zone which also comes backed with a great remix from Limyth. Meeels has delivered a few quality cuts in the short time he’s been releasing music. He’s shown up on labels like Bedroomrecords09, Stell Recordings, Deepmentality and Fourpoint. He is quickly building a firm base with support coming in from all quarters. Great to have him on board and we look forward to more in the future.

The Original Mix of Comfort Zone intros with a nice punchy kick and is soon joined by crispy hats and shuffling percussions that gets the rhythms flowing. In the background we have a swirling, deep pad that slowly rises up alongside cool indie vocals that are licked with some superb FX. The bassline meanders through and adds a warm depth to the sound as the deep house grooves surge forward. Powerful stuff here that will definitely keep those late night sessions rocking.

Limyth aka Martin Vejvoda returns to Piston on remix duty and we’re delighted to have this guy back once more. He made his debut release with Piston back in 2013 with his Reminiscence EP which proved quite popular among many. Since then he has appeared on various labels including Dutchie Music and HiFi Stories. The remix intros with a nice clubby vibe complete with punchy kicks and sharp hats alongside a building percussion arrangement. Cool stabs come through as the vocal peeks out giving us a taste of what’s to come. As those chords gather momentum we are gifted with a wonderfully warm, lush bass note that caresses the whole sound and takes control of the deep groove. A proper deep Chicago vibe ensues that locks us in for the duration, top notch stuff.

#meeels #pistonrecordings #limyth

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Petro Chatzopoulos aka Petri Petro marks his seventh appearance on Bonzai Basiks with the superb four tracker, Dragon Fly. Over the last few years we have seen some top notch cuts from this guy and we’re sure he’ll continue to ply us with his own unique brand of Techno, we look forward to much more from Petro in the future.

The title track, Dragon Fly, gets us on the move with a pacey drum arrangement complete with punchy kicks and crispy hats. Lots of noise is generated and we find ourselves totally hooked early on. A fantastic offset bassline is the driving force here and is backed up with those tight drums and a rattling sound that oozes a pure techno vibe. Simple and highly effective, this one is not to be missed.

Manual Search sets off with a thumping kick drum and metallic sounding hat that drips with techno flavours. A subtle bass sits on top of the kicks and lays the foundation for some top notch grooves to come. A tough approach is taken here as the focus is drawn towards the drums that are delivering a solid workout. Cool FX are spread over the hats and percussions as a surreal alarm is let loose in the background. One for the edgier sets here, top notch stuff.

Escaping gets down and dirty right from the get go as tough kicks are met by gritty sounds that dig deep into your brain. A superb shuffling rhythm section gets the techno groove onto the floors amid a storm of wailing sounds that send the track into overdrive. A short break offers little respite here as we are soon thrust back into full on mode for the duration. An excellent slice of techno that will be a welcome addition in any late night set.

Clock Work intros with a tough pounding kick drum and a slicing sharp hat while cool noises fade up into the sound. As the track powers on we are treated to an array of cool sounds and as the title suggests, everything runs like clockwork. This one is a masterclass in the art of techno construction, a tight drum arrangement that will get any floor pumping coupled with a mesmerizing display of percussion patterns, what more could any techno purist ask for? Top notch stuff.

#petripetro #bonzaibasiks

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Russian producer Scanfix aka Shamil Gaisin debuts on Green Martian with the superb three tracker Mirrors EP. Born in the Republic of Bashkortostan, Russia, he really started to listen to music in the early to mid nineties. U96, The Prodigy and Scooter where some of his favourite artists. When he heard PPK he made the switch to trance and then Goa and Psy before discovering progressive sounds in 2005. In 2001 he started to explore producing on DAW’s like Cakewalk 6 and later FL Studio and Cubase SX2. 2009 saw his first release as a remix for Alexander Polyakov on iRecords before he made his full release debut on Mistique Music with Memoirs and then later an appearance on JOOF’s Progressions Of Trance in September 2015.

Breath Part A intros with a pacey kick and sharp hats delivering the perfect set-up for the track to build. Super cool snares grace the downbeat before a riser crashes out and reveals the sublime bassline that accompanies us on this fantastic progressive fuelled journey. This track has a lot going on and the sounds combine beautifully, from acid lines to melodic synths and high strings, we get locked into it all. The icing on the cake though is the super tight drum arrangement that keeps the rhythms flowing and the dance floors pumping.

Breath Part B takes the tempo down slightly and focuses more on the beautifully crafted synths and swirling atmospherics. The drum section packs a huge punch with that solid kick and rhythmic hat combi. Bright synths form into cool melodies and are the perfect match for the superb bassline that powers through the sound controlling the groove. A late night stomper for sure, not to be missed.

Mirrors eases into existence with a soft pad and swirling FX as a chunky kick fades in and takes control. Cool percussions build up and bring a steady flowing rhythm as various sound go off in the background. The bassline bursts out and settles into a full on driving progressive groove that hooks you in for the duration. This one is relentless and continues to drive forward unloading subtle melodies on its way. A superb slice of prog here and a definite must have track.

#scanfix #greenmartian

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Sounds R Us Recordings head honcho Oz Romita returns to the studio and delivers the superb The Music Stops Now which comes backed with four top notch remixes. His last outing was back in the Spring of 2015 when he teamed up with Chrono on the fantastic Dollin. As always Oz remains committed to bringing only the very best sounds to SRUR and once in a while it’s great to see his own work get a run out. Lots going on in the SRUR world so stay tuned for much more in 2016.

The Original Mix oozes tech vibes right from the off a sharp, slicing hats deliver a rhythmic flow to the backdrop of a sinister bass sound that lurks on the low end. A short vocal comes in alongside a superb snare fill before the thumping kicks burst through and get the track into full on mode. The layered basses offer a hypnotic ride and sit perfectly in the groove accompanied by snippets of those upbeat vocals. A driving relentless tech groove that will definitely keep the floors busy.

Roderick Fox is up first to the remix desk with his powerful remix. Last time we seen this Dutch techno wizard at SRUR was back in 2013 when he remixed Oz Romita & W&DY’s Stripe Two, which gained a great deal of support from all over. Delighted to see him return, and even more delighted at the superb remix he delivers. The intro takes us right into a techno fuelled ride as thumping kicks set the scene alongside a tight drum pattern and crispy hat arrangement. Deep low frequencies ring out and form a solid base for the track to build while cool vocal shots come through. A kind of industrial element creeps in as metallic clangy sounds are introduced. One for the tougher edged sets here that will not disappoint.

In demand and on form Canada based DJ and producer Lyle Quach is up next on the remix and yet again he delivers the goods with a rip roaring tech house vibe that will have the floors pumping. It’s been just over two years since we seen Lyle at SRUR when he teamed up with Oz to bring us a tasty Piece Of Cake. Great to have him back at the helm. The remix sets off with a powerful punchy kick drum that is joined by cool shuffling hats that get the rhythmic juices flowing. A rumbling deep low end bassline comes through and the tech grooves are let loose. The tight drums make this one a floor friendly affair along with the ultra cool vocals on offer. The break dishes out some clangy synths as a riser takes us back to the main track for the duration. Big, punchy and in your face, top notch stuff.

Turkish DJ and producer Utku Dalmaz debuts on SRUR with the first of two fantastic remixes. An aficionado of all things music, Utku is a Jazz guitarist and electronic music producer first with a passion for experimenting. He has racked up quite the impressive back catalogue in his time and he graces the decks at many top Istanbul venues. His tracks have appeared on many top labels and have gained top spots on various download portals. Great to have him on board at SRUR and we hope to see more in the future. The remix here settles into a smooth tech fuelled ride from the outset, bright hats and superb tight drums lead up to a brilliant thumping kick drum and a meandering bassline that walks across the sound effortlessly. Subtle synth stabs make a showing alongside cool vocals that make the track stand out beautifully. Tech house at its best here, just the tonic for the more upbeat floors.

Utku’s second remix is the Dub Remix and is made for those that want to lose the vocal from his first remix. The perfect track to get the party into full swing.

#ozromita #soundrusrecordings #roderickfox #lylequach #utkudalmaz

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The Club Traxx series continues with Deep & Dark 3 where 20 off the hook tracks are poised and ready to blow your mind wide open. We’ve selected some of the finest cuts from our own labels, Bonzai Porgressive and Progrez as well as from top labels like JOOF and Mistique Music to bring you a rip roaring trek into some deep and dark places within the progressive spectrum. Leading the way on this superb ride we have some top notch artists such as Kevin Vega, Audio Noir, Youngen, JF & Rick Pier O’Neill, Rise and Fall, Leon Krasich, Jesper Mauerhoff, Stanisha, metronomes, Seconds, Zoe Song, Jamie Baggotts, A.R.E.S, Matt Holliday, Adrian Roman, Surveyor Mode, Ruben Losada, Complete J & Mr Sativo and Corey Biggs. A definite must have compilation that will keep parties rocking long into the night.

#bonzaiprogressive #audionoir #kevinvega #john00fleming #rickpiero’neil #riseandfall #youngen #leonkrasich #jespermauerhoff #stanisha #metronomes #seconds #zoesong #jamiebaggotts #ares #mattholliday #adrianroman #surveyormode #rubenlosada #completej #mrsativo #coreybiggs

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Italian DJ’s and producers Matteo Tonioli and Marco Nascetti aka Surveyor Mode return to Bonzai Progressive with the tasty two tracker VV EP. We go back to June 2015 to find these guys making their debut with Val Kilmer which gained a great round of support from across the board. Nice to see them back at the helm and we always look forward to more.

Fandere intros with a pacey kickdrum that pounds out a solid punchy hit right to the chest. A crispy hat sits on the offset and is accompanied by cool FX that mesmerize with every hit. A fantastic retro themed chord pattern comes in and takes this fast paced slice deep into the heart of techno. Throughout the track we get short glimpses of various percussions and FX that really add a lot of texture to the sound. A simple concept with essentially a kick, some hats and a killer synth line that ultimately packs a massive punch. An absolute floor stomper here that will not disappoint.

BCAA intros with a dark and murky bassline with a well rounded chunky kick over the top. Bright crispy hats make a show and layer up to provide a superb rhythmic flow to the track. It’s that bassline that drives this one though, it throws out a big punch that gets right into your chest and forces you to move. Cool synths hang around throughout and bring a dark twist and a haunting vibe to the groove. An epic monster of a tune with a solid driving techno edge that will definitely appeal to many.

#surveyormode #bonzaiprogressive

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Italian DJ and producer duo Niceteed & FactAlone debut on Piston with the fantastic two track EP entitled The Acid Line. Both guys have come a long way in a relatively short space of time, they have released a wealth of music across many labels already in their young years with quality always shining through. Niceteed aka Biagio got into music from an early age and at just 11 years he was learning the ins and outs of DJing, finding his style and perfecting techniques. In 2011 he started his own label, Chapeau Music where he is always searching for new and unheard sounds. He is influenced by all kinds of music with no genre left untapped. FactAlone aka Antony Sala also got into music at a young age, he was heavily influenced by 90’s sounds and quickly got hooked into DJing. Having played many gigs around Italy he looked into producing in 2012 and established himself firmly on the scene with quality cuts on various labels. Antony is also inspired by multiple genres and he likes to mix things up both on the decks and in the studio. Great to have this exciting duo on board at Piston and we hope to see more in the future.

The Acid Line gets moving with a superb kickdrum that pounds out a solid punch and is helped along by a deep throbbing bassline and some crispy sharp hats and retro electro percussions. In the background a tantalising acid line starts to fade up and instantly we are thrust back into that nostalgic world at the birth of a phenomenon in dance music. A real solid slice of pumping house music with a pristine acid lick that will appeal to veterans and newcomers alike. A must have record for sure.

Check My House intros with a cool musical stab that leaves behind a crispy shuffling hat and a sharp clap alongside a muted kick that transforms into a thumping monster kickdrum. A cool pad lurks in the background and builds an air of tension as we wait for that kick to get its punch on. A deep throbbing bassline drives the groove and sits beautifully in the world of drums around it. The break offers a short respite as smooth pads and keys come through before we climax back into the main groove for the duration. A wonderful slice here that is sure to keep the floors rocking.

#niceteed #factalone #pistonrecordings

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Russian producer and sound designer Alex Ledov debuts on Progrez with Wonderland which takes us on a fantastic journey through various stages of house music all wrapped up in three top notch tracks.

Wonderland opens with some cool drums and percussions that form up a nice flowing rhythm. A strong kickdrum comes through and is joined by an array of fantastic synths alongside a gritty bassline that drives the groove brilliantly. This one grabs a hold of you and keeps you locked on for the duration with its tech fuelled beats and top notch synths and melodies. A floor stomper for sure.

Svati intros with a cool kick drum and a subtle percussion bringing up the rear. The kickdrum gets a huge punch added and bursts into the track closely followed by a superb deep, rolling bassline. We are treated to a fine display of synths that weave through the track effortlessly with their pitching notes and striking chords. The track breaks early to reveal a smooth melodic sequence before slamming back into full on mode. A wonderfully crafted slice of progressive house for the floors here, not to be missed.

Sunset starts out with a muted kick and a stuttering percussion alongside cool one shot sounds that add texture to the track. A big focus lies on the percussions here with subtle melodies floating in the background. The breakdown enters us into a surreal world filled with deep sounds and a melancholic flavour which is only broken by a pounding kickdrum and those superb percussions alongside a meandering bassline that sits perfectly on the low end. Excellent stuff that will be a welcome addition in any set.

#alexledov #progrez

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