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Alex Greenhouse aka Uzbekistan native Aleksandr Pletnev makes his Bonzai Elemental debut with Seasons, a super chilled trek into electronica with wonderfully layered textures and soundscapes. Having started to create his own music since he was 15, Aleksandr scored his first release in 2013 and ever since then he has churned out a plethora of tracks across various labels. He turns his hands to many styles and genres with a direct focus on quality. Great to have him on board and hopefully we’ll be seeing more of this talented artist in the future.

Seasons Intro slowly fades into existence with soft strings and pads before a marching snare drum gathers momentum alongside huge crashing drums and a large orchestral soundscape, the perfect set up to get us underway.

The fresh sounds of Winter enlighten the mind with a euphoric composition comprised of beautiful piano chords and joyful strings. A slow downtempo beat comes through as the track settles into it smooth groove. Nice and uplifting vibes that tell the tale of Winter perfectly.

Spring intros with a colourful piano melody that exudes spurts of life and new beginnings as the melodies intertwine to create an elaborate myriad of textures. A perfectly executed human beatbox carries the sound forward and provides a solid beat for the uplifting groove.

Summer presents a bright and uplifting vibe right from the off as a plinky high pitched piano dishes out its melodics. Cool percussions deliver a real smooth laidback groove the will get the feet tapping as rich strings and pads swirl overhead.

Autumn intros with a wonderfully deep sound that captivates instantly and locks you in for the duration. A brilliantly arranged collection of piano melodies blend together in perfect harmony before a harsh lower bass sound takes over delivering a more intense vibe. Beautifully big and bold with a lot of gusto, just like those Autumn months.

Seasons Outro takes us on a journey of resolve after we trekked through the seasons. Warm, homely sounds make up a rich and pleasing groove that derives a sense of relief and enchantment all rolled into one. Marching snares make a return but in a more subdues fashion than previous that takes us to the end of the track before a soft melody sees us out.

#alexgreenhouse #bonzaielemental

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As the 2016 Winter Music Conference nears we decided to roll out our biggest WMC compilation to date. 70 tracks and remixes – from almost as many artists – covering all sorts of genres from Deep House to Techno and Progressive House to Tech House with sprinklings of Psy and Trance thrown in. We tapped into our vast catalogue of tracks from labels such as Bonzai Progressive, Bonzai Basiks, JOOF, Sounds R Us Recordings, Piston Recordings, Progrez, Green Martian and Eyepatch Recordings to come up with what we think is a true representation of today’s and tomorrow’s electronic music scene. Artists such as Airwave, Manu Riga, Van Czar, Phi Phi, John 00 Fleming, Blufeld, Matt Holliday, Orlando Voorn, Gai Barone, Nico Parisi, Bonnetti, Diego Alvez, Oz Romita, Crocy and House Lovin’ Criminals to name just a few are all on hand to deliver quality sounds that will definitely keep floors rocking all night long.

#bonzaiprogressive #alexvidal #rickpiero’neil #gaibarone #stevesai #manuriga #audionoir #platunoff #altek #ruslanvashkevich #kevinvega #yuriyfromrussia #paulkardos #experimentalfeelings #alexeylisin #dapadeep #pandeo #carlocaldareri #lylequach #upright #jepe #kevinsaunderson #onofrioconte #gaibarone #audionoir #lokkavox #riseandfall #phiphi #airwave #satinka #mattholliday #john00fleming #nicoparisi #audiostorm #youngen #dharmalogy #chandrama #vinceaoun #blufeld #chantola #mathov #quantus #persya #lucianodelgado #a.r.e.s #stevesai #leonkrasich #seconds #expectedmirage #followinglight #kevinvega #samotarev #timaaron #vladad’shake #andrewmichael #experimentalfeelings #moosick #abity #paulkardos #mendexx #selinastoane #pavlinpetrov #crocy #ashleyberndt #zatonsky #alexandrapride #anndi #alexeylisin #diegoalvez #joyfullfamily #matancaspi #roylebens #satour #berbush #kotobuki #bonetti #houselovincriminals #dennisfranchi #franciswhite #ozromita #leandrodi #robsmall #dannyhartley #joal #giulianoa.l. #annsaunderson #vanczar #dantiezsaunderson #sa.du #metronomes #petripetro #orlandovoorn #majed

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Piston Recordings enters into its 9th year in 2016, but this year the big milestone is its 200th release, and to celebrate we’ve notched up 4 top quality tracks and pressed them onto glorious vinyl for your collection, your turntables will thank you for this one. The A-side features label boss Rogerio Martins with his tantalisingly deep and groovy All That I Need alongside Lurob with his wonderfully musical slice Waking Up To The Pacific Ocean. On the flip we have tracks from Accatone with his deep n funky Swing That and a pumping floorfiller from Carlo Caldareri with Wrong. We know how to party over here, come and join us, you will not be disappointed.

#pistonrecordings #rogeriomartins #accatone #lurob #carlocaldareri

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Phi Phi is back and once again he delivers a solid slice of progressive, this time in the form of the outstanding – Breaking Danger. This guy has been churning out quality vibes since the mid 80’s with projects like Dobel You, Honey C, The Gaps, Extreme Trax and the famous Quadran, most of which he produced alongside the late great Philippe Van Mullem. Over these years Phi Phi’s attention was mainly on progressive and trance, and he still leans in that direction to this day. He has had countless residencies and club and festival appearances and is regarded with legendary status amongst his peers.

Breaking Danger is a beautifully executed progressive cut filled with driving energetic grooves over a tight drum arrangement that will keep floors pumping. Hypnotic synths and a chugging bassline keep this one in top gear for the duration as punchy kicks and crispy hats alongside intricate percussion patterns get the rhythm flowing. The sound will captivate and invigorate your senses. The break throws up a fantastic monologue from one of the most iconic TV shows of the last decade. Heisenberg’s speech fits perfectly into the deep progressive nature of the track and will definitely prove to be a big draw. Top notch stuff that you will not want to miss.

#phiphi #bonzaiprogressive

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Christopher Hermann returns to Bonzai Progressive with the superb Emerald Queen which features the original and a top notch remix from Robert R Hardy. It’s been just over a year since we last saw Christopher when he debuted with the very well received Point G. He did show up on various compilations in the meantime though. Great to see him back and we hope to hear more from him in the coming months.

The Original Mix intros with a nice well rounded punchy kick drum and some subtle percussions that build up slowly into a cool shuffling rhythm. A monstrous, deep droning bass comes through and dominates the sound as soft synth pads and chords form up. A mystical vibe descends upon the sound alongside some beautifully crafted vocals that add a rich flavour to the groove. The break is a cacophony of strings and pads that blend effortlessly creating a wonderfully textured sequence. A truly deep and mesmerizing trek into prog that is not to be missed.

Having provided quality cuts for our Afterhour Trax compilations, Hungarian DJ and producer Reis Robert aka Robert R. Hardy and D.M.P shows up on remix duty and gives us a taste of his own progressive sound. Over the last couple of years this guy has brought some quality vibes to various labels including Mistique Music, Suffused Music and Clinique Recordings to name just a few and no doubt we’ll be seeing much more from this talented artist. The remix sets off with a cool upbeat kinda vibe a chunky kicks are met with a tight drum arrangement that dishes out a tribal rhythm to get the dancing feet moving towards the floor. A deep, lush bassline comes through as sweeping synths float across the sound and we find ourselves getting locked on for the ride. On the break we get treated to a beautifully surreal sequence before we are slammed back into full on mode. One to watch here, a definite must for any prog set.

#christopherhermann #bonzaiprogressive #robertrhardy

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Marco Madia is back at Piston with this superb three tracker entitled Exos Lusius EP. His last outing was back in April 2015 with Sugar Lift EP and no doubt he’ll be cranking up the deep grooves once more on this newest slice.

Gardon intros dripping with a deep house groove that gets right under your skin instantly. A deep penetrating bass tone ebbs and flows as punchy kicks and bright crispy hats settle into a cool dancey rhythm. The intensity builds on the lower frequencies while more mid range sounds come through creating a very interesting dynamic. In the background a tight drum arrangement keeps the rhythm flowing as those wandering synths do their thing. A wonderfully crafted slice of deepness that will be a welcome addition in any jocks box.

Rodeo Amaro sets off with a cool chunky kick drum alongside a subtle percussion arrangement with a probing bass that fades in from the depths. Bright crispy hats enhance the sound and get the rhythm moving nicely. A solid tech house groove ensues as surreal strings are introduced to the sound resulting in a definite must have track to keep the floors burning into the small hours.

The title track, Exos Lucius, rounds up this EP and delivers a truly deep and grooving house sound right from the off. Deep basses form dominate the intro as cool percussions fade up and a solid punchy kick comes through. The track definitely gets its groove on with a little help from those tight drums and shuffling percussions. Swirling pads and warm chords fill up the sound and takes us deeper into the groove. A wonderfully crafted slice that will turn a few heads for sure.

#marcomadia #pistonrecordings

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Russian producer Alex Philipp returns to Green Martian the superb Buddha Highway. He first showed up at GM back in the Summer of 2014 with his debut Parallel Crosspoint, and this time round you will see that the quality remains with a strong progressive house vibe.

Buddha Highway gets right into a deep progressive groove from the outset as pounding drums are met with a deep bassy atmosphere. Swirling pads fill the background as stabby chords join in alongside a wonderfully lush low end bassline that is laced with a sophisticated groove. Brighter synths come into play and stand is cool contrasts the lower frequencies. Tight drums and crispy hats keep the rhythm flowing as we get totally hooked on this one for the duration. Top notch stuff and well worth adding to your collection.

Helena Wants It intros with a superb punchy kick drum and crispy closed hat alongside a deep droning pad. A superb probing bass makes its way into the sound and surges the track forward and locks it into a solid progressive groove. Sweeping synths are littered throughout delivering a complete kaleidoscope of colourful textured sounds. A real nice slab of prog that will sit beautifully in any late night set.

#alexphilipp #greenmartian

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An artist who never fails to please returns with a unique release that will get the progressive juices flowing. Rise and Fall is back with his latest offering – New Impressions EP which features four previously released tracks, remixed by artists at the top of their game. Matt Holliday, Jamie Baggotts, Steve Sai and Jonny Calypso are all on hand to dish out the progressive goodness that will keep the floors rocking no doubt.

#riseandfall #bonzaiprogressive #mattholliday #stevesai #jonnycalypso #jamiebaggotts

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Argentine musician, composer, DJ and producer Ariel Parra aka A.R.E.S shows up on our Bonzai Progressive imprint with the superb – Sparks Will Fly which features two top notch remixes from Sa.Du and Corey Biggs. Ariel has enlisted the stunning vocal talents of Anna Julia and together they create some sublime techno grooves. This one comes after his debut back in August 2015 on Progrez with Beacon, which gained great support from across the board and no doubt this newest slice will follow suit.

#a.r.e.s #bonzaiprogressive #coreybiggs #vanczar #sa.du

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Piston Recordings enters into its 9th year in 2016, but this year the big milestone is its 200th release, and to celebrate we’ve notched up 4 top quality tracks and pressed them onto glorious vinyl for your collection, your turntables will thank you for this one. The A-side features label boss Rogerio Martins with his tantalisingly deep and groovy All That I Need alongside Lurob with his wonderfully musical slice Waking Up To The Pacific Ocean. On the flip we have tracks from Accatone with his deep n funky Swing That and a pumping floorfiller from Carlo Caldareri with Wrong. We know how to party over here, come and join us, you will not be disappointed.

#rogeriomartins #accatone #carlocaldareri #lurob #poistonrecordings

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Since its inception in 2008 Bonzai Basiks has made its goal to bring only the very best sounds to the masses. With its roots now firmly in the tech house, techno arena we thought it fitting to deliver some of the finest classic techno cuts from one of world’s most prolific artists, namely Orlando Voorn. Simply titled – Classics, this one is full of some of his earliest works from a number of aliases he used, 11 of the best tracks from 7 different guises to be exact, complete with some outstanding remixes. Orlando Voorn is revered as having brought the sounds of Amsterdam and Detroit together to create a unique flavour that still rings true today. Having won the Dutch DMC championship in 1986 he then turned his hand to producing. Since 1991 he has been churning out quality techno and he soon got noticed by the likes of Juan Atkins and Derrick May both of whom he has worked with extensively. A fan of many genres of music including Hip Hop, Electro, Drum n Bass, Techno etc…, he used a string of aliases – 31 at last count – with some gaining huge popularity. One of his best known guises is Format which was the project that gave us the superb Solid Session on the legendary ESP Records, one of the most sought after techno cuts of 1991 and beyond. His story goes on and on and on and we’re delighted to have this guy at Bonzai Basiks and we hope to see more from him in the future.

#orlandovoorn #bonzaibasiks

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Armenian DJ and producer Hovhannes Darbinyan aka Darbinyan debuts on Monog with the fantastic November EP. He has been passionate about music from a young age and in 2006 he started to produce his own sounds. House and Techno were his main styles and his first release was a remix on Chymera’s The Fathoms, released on Connaisseur Recordings. Several other releases followed on labels like Unknown Season, Muller Records, Prismat Recordings, Loup Blanc and Blossom Kollektiv Recordings. His tracks have gained support from many jocks around the world including Kevin Yost, Kaito, Chymera, Nicole Moudaber, Tensnake, Of Norway, Ame, Ian O’Donovan, Mije Van Dijk, Anthony Pappa, Jimmy Van M and more.

#darbinyan #monogrecords #fragoso

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Russian DJ and producer Anton Batukov aka AnTone debuts on Green Martian with the wonderful two tracker entitled Engine, which is a super fine slice of tech and progressive house that will surely get any floor rocking. Anton has been DJing since 2005 and moved to producing music since 2010 using the likes of Reason as his main tool alongside VST plug-ins. He likes to dabble in many different genres and can turn his hand to trance, house, techno and disco. Definitely a talent to keep an eye on.

#antone #greenmartian

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Belfast born Louis Irvine debuts on Progrez with the two tracker Malfunction which takes us on a sublime trek into Techno and beyond. Louis grew up with a great love of dance music, and it was during this time that he nurtured his own talents drawing influences from all genres. In 2008 he secured his first DJ gig at Concept in Omagh where he remained until its closure playing alongside the likes of Zany, Noisecontrollers, Technoboy and Showtek. With his phenomenal stage presence, unique mash-ups, banging mixes and technical tricks Louis continually tantalised the taste buds of party goers, leaving them literally screaming for more. With several national awards under his belt he took to forming Audio Bandits with a fellow like-minded artist and they began to tour around Ireland impressing local audiences and promoters alike. Throughout this period he was drawn to producing and left the stage behind to focus on making music with help from fellow musicians. An astute student he quickly picked up his own style and now, the time is right for him to unleash his sounds on the ears of the world.

#louisirvine #progrez

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Alexey Lisin serves up his next tasty treat on BP with Funny Day featuring stunning vocals from Aves Volare. This will be Alexey’s 4th Bonzai Progressive release working with different vocalists and judging by the previous cuts we know we’re in for some top quality sounds indeed.

The Original Mix delivers a real solid slice of progressive house with a superb 80’s vibe rocking right throughout the sound, from the synths to the bassline and a swinging drum section, this one will definitely fill the floors. The vocal stands out beautifully and is the main component that gives the track that wonderful new romantic groove. Top notch as always and a definite must have track.

Australia’s Audio Noir is back with Another Audio Noir Safari and shows us once more his top notch remix skills in action. His last outing was back in December 2015 with a remix pack of his track Your Love which featured Lokka Vox on vocals. The remix sets off with a cool percussion driven arrangement with warm synths bringing up the rear as a droning bass fades in. We get a taste of the wonderful new romantic styled vocals as the layers build. Cool pitching synths come through and take the track to the next level before we head into the break where an awesome electric guitar riff takes over and solidifying the prog groove that oozes out of the sound. A floorfiller for sure here, not to be missed.

Dennis Franchi shows up next on remix duties and delivers a superb slice for the floors. We last caught a glimpse of Dennis under his House Lovin Criminals guise for a remix on Matan Caspi & Roy Lebens’ Klubnichka back in September 2015. The remix takes us on a cool tech house ride filled with tight beats and a fantastic vocal. Warm chords are met with a bright rhythmic workout dished out by crispy hats and punchy kick drums. The bassline delivers a smooth funky groove that provides the perfect backdrop for the tech fuelled sound. A proper slice of house music for the floors.

Hungarian producer Paul Kardos serves up his Breathing Mix and gives us a superb deep and grooving progressive workout. Last time out Paul was on remix duty for Mendexx’s Deceptive Minds in November 2015. On the remix Paul takes us deeper into a progressive deep house hybrid sound that hypnotizes and mesmerizes. Big chunky kicks are joined by cool crispy shuffling hats and claps to provide a steady flowing rhythm. A deep meandering bassline walks across the groove effortlessly and draws you in with its warm glow. Subtle chords fill out the background as those cool vocals keep the groove deep. A must have track that will keep those late night sessions rocking.

#alexeylisin #avesvolare #bonzaiprogressive #audionoir #dennisfranchi #paulkardos

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