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Irish DJ and producer Mike Walshe aka Satinka is back at Bonzai Progressive with a tantalising progressive breaks groover entitled A Hopeful Dawn. Based in Perth, Australia, Mike focuses in on the underground side of Trance, Psytrance and Progressive with his music being supported on many worldwide radioshows. His last outing Deep Within EP came back at the end of 2015 and gained great support among the community with its mesmeric grooves and surreal qualities. Delighted to see him back once more and no doubt we’ll be seeing even more in the future.

A Hopeful Dawn intros with a beautifully surreal sequence of sounds comprised of swirling pads, distant voices and a chunky break beat pattern. The breaks continue with dominance as a deep rooted growling bassline enters the fray. Cool melodic arps are introduced to add a wonderfully textured layer. Intricate patterns form up in the drum section creating a rhythmic flow to the track as heavenly vocals fill out the background. A fantastic sound with uplifting qualities that will most definitely appeal to many.

From Dust & Darkness delivers an epic progressive breaks trip that will both captivate and liberate. A solid breaks section provides the backbone of the track alongside cool shuffling percussions that dish out a nice flowing rhythmic vibe. Space age synths and cascading arps blend effortlessly together to create some memorable melodies that are capped off with the most beautiful choir-like vocal. This one is a monster and will no doubt find its way into many sets, a must have.

#satinka #bonzaiprogressive

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Sebastian Tourt & Natur join forces to deliver their first appearance on Piston Recordings with the superb Move Bit. These guys have generated a wave of support from their previous collabs while venturing into the tech house arena. Natur is a relative newcomer to the scene with several releases spanning a couple of years, while Sebastian has been around for quite a while with numerous top notch cuts over the last 7 years. Two varying degrees of experience on this one with an exciting end result that is sure to get the floors pumping.

Move Bit gets down and dirty with a solid tech house groove right from the off as a classic style kick and hi hat combi take hold. The bass starts to creep in and you know you’re headed straight for the dancefloor. The bulk of the track focuses in on the drums with a cacophony of beautifully sequenced drums layered up into intricate patterns with a live element feel and the spoken vocal adds an extra level of texture. Top notch stuff not to be missed.

Cut Hop is a proper ass shakin’ floor filler with its bouncy rhythmic groove that forces you to move. Nice chunky kicks lead the way against a tight drum section that delivers a smooth rhythmic flow. A wonderful low end sub bass bursts through and is joined by a cool urban rap vocal that fits the theme of the sound perfectly. With a big draw towards the drums and bass there is minimal synth use that manages to add a brighter edge to the sound. A must have track no doubt.

#sebastiantourt #natur #pistonrecordings

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Our In The Mix series continues and this time around we enlisted the sleek and tight skills of one of our high profile artists – Crocy. In The Mix 3 features two solid mixes that bring together a wealth of music from within the archives at Bonzai HQ. Crocy holds nothing back as he utilises his talent to maximum effect. Over the years he has played at many top venues across Europe and beyond. He is a pioneer in the Slovenian dance music scene and champions his own sound with every quality release. He’s had a raft of releases on Bonzai Progressive, most notable his latest cut Valve which quickly gained a lot of support.

Part 1 of this 2 part set features tracks and remixes from the likes of Vichigen, Manu Riga, Audio Storm, Airwave & Jimmy Gale, Don Longton, Steve Sai, Moshic, Kintar, Rise and Fall, Stan Kolev and many others. These tracks are blended effortlessly into a seamless mix of pure progressive delight and is not to be missed. Part 2 takes us on a more deeper orientated mix with cuts from Insert Name, Joal, Diego Alvez, Victor Maximiliano, Brett Lawrence, Konnect & Cool People, Matan Caspi, Gai Barone, Mike Vale and Nina Schatz among others. A contrasting mix that will easily set the mood and keep any party rocking.

#crocy #bonzaiprogressive #manuriga #stevesai #kintar #marcdepulse #vechigen #zeo #abity #audiostorm #donlongton #jadeck #margolin #michaelberklin #airwave #jimmygalle #moshic #persya #matancaspi #stankolev #hadytarek #riseandfall #stevesai #insertname #joal #diegoalvez #victormaximiliano #gaibarone #brettlawrence #mikevale #ninaschatz #coolpeople #konnect #lorysdefalco #anuragnandvanshi

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Matan returns to Bonzai Progressive with the impressive Brain Storm which comes backed up with two quality remixes from Koschk and Dennis Franchi. Matan Caspi is a name synonymous with quality progressive and tech grooves. He remains one of the most productive and refreshing producers around and his fusion of sounds is very much revered. A very active DJ he spins regularly at various venues and radio shows where he showcases his own diverse styles as well as delivering a tight mix. He is a much sought after remixer and his huge back catalogue will attest to this. As always, it’s a pleasure when his work drops into the inbox and we always look forward to more.

Matan’s Original Mix delivers a seamless and smooth mix of progressive and tech house fusions that blend into a solid groover that will quickly become a firm favourite to many. Steady flowing rhythmic beats lead the way here but the magic comes from the beautifully constructed synths and that plucked bassline with its deep sub vibe and accompanying gritty sibling. This one tells a story that allows you to lose yourself if only for a short time, top notch as always.

Köschk is first up on remix duties and comes fresh off the back of his full debut Dirwan which gained a great deal of support and featured heavily on top download portals and charts alike. Here he takes us on a sublime deep progressive journey filled with lush tones that become ingrained in your soul. A super tight drum arrangement complete with intricate patterns provides a steady rhythm as a powerful bassline takes control. Piercing synths weave their way through the sound adding some fantastic textured layers as we become hypnotised by the infectious groove. A definite must have no doubt.

Bonzai Progressive regular Dennis Franchi is up next with his remix and he delivers a wonderfully executed blend of progressive house and techno that will most definitely delight the floors. The track intros with a somewhat moody groove made up of chunky kicks and a tight percussion arrangement. Gritty basses bubble up from below and are joined by some very cool voices that add that progressive touch to the techno fuelled beats. A truly dynamic experience with minimal sounds making a huge impact, this one is not to be missed.

#matancaspi #bonzaiprogressive #köschk #dennisfranchi

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Italian DJ and producer Gianluca Rattalino debuts on Piston with the funked up tech house flavours of The Party Started. Gianluca has been dishing out quality vibes for the last few years and his repertoire extends to many top labels with a great deal of support coming in from all quarters. On the DJ front he is active at various parties as well as guest spots on several radio stations. We’re delighted to have him on board and we’ve no doubt his sound will appeal to many.

The Party Started intros with a superb funky synth riff that will have feet shuffling straight to the floors. In the background a very cool simple vocal delivers maximum effect while solid chunky beats keep the rhythm flowing. The track carries a full on club vibe that will most definitely be a welcome addition in any set.

Slow sets off with a cool rhythmic drum led intro that is filled with punchy kicks, crispy hi hats and shuffling percussions. A deep and lush bassline comes through and sends the track on its gritty tech house fuelled ride. Proper floorfilling beats here that will no doubt appeal to many, a definite must have.

#gianlucarattalino #pistonrecordings

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Portuguese DJ and producer duo Miguel Oliveira and Carlos Lazaro aka Lazer Mike join the Piston Recordings stable and delivers this fine deep house slice – Insomnia – as their debut release. Known for informative and forthright podcasts that feature a who’s who in Portuguese dance music circles and for eclectic music productions which incorporate live elements, Lazer Mike is a multi-talented duo who strive to deliver only the finest quality sounds. Over the last few years they have unleashed their sounds to the world with releases on You Feel You Records, Home Made and Nothing But. Their sound is organic and the live elements they bring to their shows reflects this beautifully. From slow beats to uptempo grooves their music has been championed by the likes of Robert Owens, Antonio Bastos, Animal Trainer and more. Well worth checking these guys out, you will not be disappoined.

Insomnia delivers a real nice deep house groove that keeps you hooked in for the duration. A tight drum section filled with chunky kick drums and shuffling patterns gets us on to the floors as lush organs cook up a deep house treat. A cool vocal gives an interesting narrative throughout as the bassline is introduced sending the booty’s into overdrive. A fantastic slice with some very tasty drums that will not disappoint.

Plot Twist intros with a chunky kick drum and high string with a cool synth stab coming on the opening bar and throughout. A very cool vocal with heavy FX comes in before the real funkness is delivered via a James Brown-esque style. The bassline keeps the track moving nicely and is joined by some warm keys later on that gives off a smooth deep house groove. Top notch stuff that is not to be missed.

#lazermike #pistonrecordings

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Spanish DJ and producer Toni Gonzalez aka Experimental Feelings follows his May 2016 slice Beautiful Eyes on Bonzai Progressive with this superb four tracker entitled Paradise Sound. This one marks his third full release on Green Martian and joins a host of other works including remixes and appearances on various compilations. Toni’s productions regularly feature in many sets from DJ’s around the world and it’s no surprise given his extensive back catalogue that spans many labels. So much more to come from this guy, well worth keeping an eye and an ear on.

Paradise Sound sets the tone for this lush progressive pack and gets right into full swing from the off. A steady rhythmic beat will get the feet shuffling as a melancholic pad drifts through the background. The track delivers a wonderfully organic vibe filled with 80’s inspired sounds and a vocal that adds deep textures to the groove. Throw in a gritty bassline and you’ve got yourself the perfect addition to any late night set.

The Jungle is a beautifully arranged slice of progressive house that takes us on a journey deep into the sound. The drum section rocks, punchy kicks and sharp snares dish out a very cool retro vibe as rich pads fill out the spectrum. A wonderful dancing bassline comes through and shores up the low end as the layers build. Such a fantastic complex rhythmic piece with surreal cosmic vibes that will definitely appeal to many.

Reflect is a deep progressive monster filled with an array of beautifully crafted sounds and melodies. A nice flowing drum section provides a solid rhythm while a superb deep and probing bassline weaves its way through the sound. Cool FX and rich pads make a showing building contrasting textures throughout. This one draws you in with its subtle melodies before taking you deeper into the progressive abyss. Top notch stuff not to be missed.

We Are All Equal completes this fantastic four tracker with beautifully constructed slice that mesmerizes for the duration. A hypnotic bassline stands out on this one as rhythmic beats do their thing. The track goes deep and the vocal helps to get it there with its gritty vibe and raspy tones. The break throws up some cool ethnic instruments that sit perfectly in the contemporary sound. A definite must have.

#experimentalfeelings #greenmartian

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Manu Riga aka Belgian multi talented artist Adriaan Baussens recently gave us his emotionally charged, quality filled album Surrounded, which performed extremely well on the scene having climbed high in many charts with support from the cream of the crop in the electronic music scene. The album was packed full of stunning progressive sounds and deeper house grooves, so what better way to celebrate this than to call in a host of top notch artists to give the album a remix makeover. Manu Riga’s journey through music has been one of dedication and passion with every project given 100%% to ensure that only the finest quality is delivered. It’s also been filled with personal ups and downs due to his health condition, but with a close knit circle of friends and a dedicated fan base he finds the strength to continue fulfilling his dream of making good music. Without doubt he is one of the hardest working producers around and this is shown through his tremendous contributions to Bonzai Progressive, in both original and remix work. During and after the album he has relentlessly churned out fantastic music and his latest remix from Man On The Moon is testament to that. With so much more coming up in the near future, it’s well worth sticking around to follow this guys story.

The remix roster for this one is a who’s who of the progressive world with veterans and newcomers alike pitching in with their visions of the albums tracks. First mention goes to Surrounded remix competition winner CJ Art who stole the show with his sublime remix of Moments Of Sobriety. The competition attracted a huge amount of entrants with every remix having its own qualities, but it was CJ who won the day, congratulations. Stan Kolev and Integral Breed get to grips with Get Me Down and both remixes carry a deep progressive groove with a sublime twist on the vocal. Cry To Oblivion is reworked by Rick Pier O’Neill and Anthony G and as you’d expect these guys turn out a magical progressive sound that draws you in with deep grooves and an effective spoken vocal. Matt Holliday and Blufeld dish out quality progressive with their remixes of When The Day Is Done. Both mixes draw out the emotional essence of the original in a beautiful way. First Steps was picked up by Jakhira and Nico Parisi with both artists delivering a diverse remix. Jakhira opted for the housey approach while Nico digs deep for an epic journey. Thorin unleashes toughened up grooves on Immortal Sins while Crocy and Sebastian Busto step up to the remix desk on Urge To Live. Vince Auon, Kevin Vega and Following Light take on Migration with fantastic results as Suduaya tackles Indigenous Rights. Chandrama delights with his remix of Surrounded which also features a stunning vocal from Mimi and lastly we have Pavlin Petrov on duty for I Don’t Need You.

A veritable hotbed of progressive grooves on offer here that compliment the album beautifully, a definite must have collection.

#manuriga #bonzaiprogressive

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Just a few short months after his Bonzai Progressive debut (Deck Of Cards), Argentinean DJ and producer Daniel Curotto returns with the sublime four tracker Movement Close Behind. Daniel Curotto is an up and coming DJ and producer who got into music around 2001. It was shortly after a trip to Europe that Daniel first decided he wanted to get into music, in particular DJing. After a few years of playing in and around Mar del Plata he decided to create his own music. He started to practice with Subiela Francisco Fernandez who not only taught him about bass and drums, he also taught about emotion in music. Influenced mainly by the techno genre, Daniel had the opportunity to meet artists like+John Creamer, 16 Bit Lolitas, Tocadisco, Fatboy Slim, John Acquaviva, Trentemoller, Tiga, Loco Dice, Guy J etc.+Today his style is a mixture of techno, house and progressive, and he plans to continue to evolve his sound and style.

We kick off with the cosmic vibes of Movement Close Behind that delivers a solid progressive groove throughout. Quirky electronic sounds are layered over a lush bass heavy low end with a sedated vocal coming through on the break making this a definite must for any late night set.

Living The Day intros with a sublime bass sound wrapped up in cool stabs and FX as a chunky kick drum leads the way to a solid progressive workout. The vibe toughens up as the layers build and we soon find ourselves in the midst of powerful groove that will force you to the floors.

Valeur Elevee takes us deeper into the progressive abyss with a beautifully constructed slice that is carried along with a solid, driving bassline and tight drum arrangement. Cool synths and FX create some wonderful textures that will get the imagination running wild.

Rhythmically is a perfectly apt title for the last track on this stunning EP. A super tight drum and percussion arrangement deliver a strong flowing rhythm that is backed up with cool arps and quality FX. This one just keeps on going and it draws us in wanting more and more. The perfect addition to your collection, this one is not to be missed.

#danielcurotto #bonzaiprogressive

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Italian producer Marco Madia returns to Piston with another top notch two tracker entitled Ascidian. Marco has been in and around the underground scene for a number of years. In 2006 he moved to Berlin where he got a degree audio engineering and soon started work as a sound designer. He also produces under the pseudonym Flip Morton and his experience has led to working on film soundtracks and exhibitions. This one is Marco’s sixth Piston release and we’ve become accustomed to his quality, something we look forward to hearing more of in the future.

Ascidians takes us deep into the house sound right from the off as muted kicks are joined by dark sounds that rise up from the depths. The kicks get boosted to pounding status and we’re on our way. A deep rumbling bass shores up the low end while warm chords are stabbed into the groove. Throughout the track you continue to find little nuanced sounds that add some wonderful textures to this almost primordial sound that gets you right in the soul. Superb stuff.

Thaliace is a beautifully constructed slice of Summery deep house vibes that would be perfectly at home on a sunkissed terrace just before Sunset. A smooth deep groove is prevalent throughout and it’s filled with warming, lush basses and wonderfully melodic synths. The hypnotic nature will keep you locked on for the duration making this an absolute must have track in your arsenal.

#marcomadia #pistonrecordings

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Swiss based tech house guru Kenny Ground joins the Piston family with this superb debut entitled Overload. DJ and producer Kenny is renowned the world over and has released a huge amount of quality cuts on many top labels over the years. He is very well respected amongst his peers and has shared the decks with many top names. He is a co-owner of Southpark Records, Old School Department and Glory Touch Records. His style is quite diverse, but he loves to delve into tech house with a distinct oldschool flavour that creates a synergy on the floors.

Overload delivers a minimal tech house cut that will definitely get the floors moving with its infectious rhythms and pumping vibes. The intro boasts a nice and solid kick drum with crispy hi hats on the offset that get the rhythm up to speed. In the background an almost eerie pad dominates and draws our attention. The pads fade and we’re left with a pumping tech house groove with a deep low end and a cool one word spoken vocal. Those pads return in the final third and keeps us hooked for the duration. Top notch stuff indeed and not to be missed.

WTF, translated as text speak for what the fuck, is the perfect reaction to this superb slice of tech house. There will be many clubbers who will exclaim WTF on hearing this cut as it’s one of those tracks that will perk you up and get you straight onto the floor with its fist pumping grooves and cool vocals. A tight drum section ensures a flowing rhythm while on the low end a superb sub does its thing. The vocals create a very cool vibe and are matched in equal coolness by raw acid lines and quirky synth plucks. Brilliant stuff and a must have no doubt.

#kennyground #pistonrecordings

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Petro Chatzopoulos aka Petri Petro returns to Bonzai Basiks with the seven track mega EP entitled Human Side. Petro is Belgium based DJ and producer, he was strongly influenced by early Hip Hop and Big Beat sounds. After studying at SAE in Brussels he gained the required skills in audio production and after listening to the likes of Armand Van Helden and Junior Jack, he decided to start into creating house beats. Since then he has appeared on labels like Dash Deep Recordings and Gam Recordings. Petri Petro has contributed some magical moments on Bonzai Basiks over the last number of years with previous releases – Starburst, Dragonfly, Beam Of Light, Deflector and more – enjoying great support from the techno fraternity. Another fine slice of techno this time around that we’re sure will appeal to many.

This mini album kicks off with the tough edged driving grooves of Human Side that sets us up for a whirlwind ride through techno and beyond. This is followed up by Safety Area that pounds us relentlessly with a deep sub bass and pumping kicks to the backdrop of some classic techno sounds. Danger hits hard straight outta the box with a kick drum that will shake any foundation to its core. The kicks are backed up with a chest pounding offset bass that stays the course from start to finish. The track is garnished with a very cool vocal and some electrifying synths. Up next we have the pacey Target that raises the energy levels by several degrees. Again we get pounded by a solid kick drum and bass combi alongside a stuttering hi hat sequence. Fantastic mesmeric FX come through and suddenly you find yourself locked on to a classic techno groove that will definitely turn a few heads. Awakening keeps the heart racing with its powerful beats and low sub bass while Transportation rolls back the years to deliver a wonderfully constructed techno cut laced with classic style sounds and a superb vocal. The final cut on this one is Modification and this one personifies the contemporary sound meeting the classic. The standards of today’s music production continues to rise and when you take a solid dynamically balanced modern sound and throw in some retro vibes, this is what you get. The very essence of the track will get right into the depths of your soul and force you to succumb. Think Sapiano – Don’t Stop and draw the comparisons. This one rocks and we’ve no doubt it will cause a stir on many floors.

#petripetro #bonzaibasiks

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Airwave – The Man, The Legend – returns to Bonzai Progressive with a delicious helping of the most beautiful trance in The Quest For Beauty which comes complete with two superb remixes from Jam El Mar and Airwave’s own Fuel Terrace Remix. What more can be said about this guy, he just keeps on giving and surprising his army of followers with every production and with a career spanning over 20 years, Airwave’s profile just keeps on rising. More recently he has been delighting his fans with a mixture of videos that cover everything from production tutorials, reviews and critiques as well as some very interesting live casts that take place on the way to or during his gigs, check out Airwave’s social media spots for more on these as they are fast becoming quite regular and much anticipated. This Summer has already been a very busy one for Airwave, Legacy Festival, Tomorrowland, Luminosity, Retro Beach and others are just a sample of where you got to hear some classic sets. Coming up very soon you lucky people down under can expect to hear an Airwave set at Bad Habit in Perth which follows a return to Gatecrasher for their Reunion bash. Lots more to come from this guy so it’s well worth staying tuned in.

The Quest For Beauty – Original Mix boasts a long intro made up of some wonderfully crafted soundscapes that lead into a powerful driving trance groove full of melodies and euphoria. The cinematic qualities that we know and love are present making this another epic slice from the man himself and we’ve no doubt this one will be a firm favourite among many. First up on the remix we have the legendary Jam El Mar, an artist who championed the trance sound from the very early days alongside his friend and studio partner the late, great Mark Spoon as Jam & Spoon. For many years this guy has brought his super-charged sets to countless festivals and parties across Europe, as well as producing some of the most memorable tracks ever to be created (Stella, Follow Me, Odyssey To Anyoona, Tripomatic Fairytales 2001 and 2002 anyone?) We’re delighted to have him on board at Bonzai Progressive and hope to see more in the future. Here he delivers a solid, deep and moody progressive groove full of lush tones and a pounding, driving beat. The break features a sublime vocal sequence that fits the sound perfectly before we get back into full on mode for the duration. Up next is Airwave’s own Fuel Terrace Remix which is inspired by the Beach Bar at Fuel in Amsterdam. This time we go full on driving progressive with a chugging bassline and some tasty synths, strings and pads. An underlying acid line moves the sound beautifully while the super sweet melodies draw you in.

Get this one in the bag, you will not be disappointed!

#airwave #bonzaiprogressive #jamelmar

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Bonzai Progressive debutant Man On The Moon delivers the deep and thoughtful Sense which comes with a top notch remix from Manu Riga. The Original Mix is a proverbial rabbit hole of deep progressive grooves that just keeps going deeper and deeper. A solid, punchy kick drum drives the track while surreal synths and pad sounds create an eerie atmosphere. A distant vocal repeats ‘sense’ which mesmerizes throughout the track. A powerful deep rooted bassline comes into play to take us further into the abyss and solidify an already strong progressive groove. The break takes surreal to a whole new level and we find ourselves totally hooked before we get slammed right back into the main track for the duration. Superb stuff that is not to be missed.

The hugely talented Manu Riga steps for remix duties on this one with his Perseverance Remix and once again he delivers a fine slice of progressive for our listening pleasure. For the past 11 years this guy has been a champion for the Bonzai Progressive sound while realising his own diverse sounds. Still enjoying the warm reception from his studio album (as Manu Riga) Surrounded, he wasted no time in getting back to full on work mode and is already lining up some new material and remixes such as this one and his last outing on remix duty for Koschk’s Diwan. Big things still to come from this guy and we always look forward to more. The remix keeps with the deep theme of the original but adds that extra punch to get the floors moving. A nice punchy kick drum leads the way as tight percussions dish out a fine flowing rhythm. The bassline keeps thing on the deeper side with its warm well rounded groove. Pads layer up to fill the sound and create a sublime atmosphere which comes to the fore on the break before breaking down to percussions and FX and then rising once more to take back to the driving groove. Very nice indeed and a definite must have.

#manonthemoon #bonzaiprogressive #manuriga

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Demarkus returns to Piston with the fantastically upbeat dance-your-socks-off I do It Naturally which comes backed up with a great remix from Bonetti. After appearing on Secrets Of The Trade in 2015 Demarkus delighted us with his full debut – Strung On You, soon after. His sound carries a wonderful deep house flavour and it’s no wonder he’s appeared on many top house labels over the years. We’re delighted to see him back and we just know that this one is gonna rock.

First up we go with the Original Mix straight to the dancefloor, there’s no choice here, the track will force you to move to its solid rhythmic flow while an instantly recognisable diva-esque vocal rings out. The pounding kicks and bright crispy hi hats keep things moving nicely while a deep rooted bass rattles the subs mercilessly. Cool synth chords remain strong throughout, but it’s the vocal that steals the show here. A definite must have for the floors to get down to.

Piston firm favourite Spanish DJ and producer Andres Boned aka Bonetti steps up to the remix desk with a superb rendition that takes us deep into the house sound. His last outing – Pumping Pumping at the start of 2016 proved popular and this one follows suit with its party fuelled sounds. Right from the off we’re instantly dragged towards the floor as that funky bassline does its thing. Big chunky beats are matched with a tight percussions arrangement to deliver a well oiled rhythm that just lights up the groove beautifully. The vocal stands out nicely and adds to the funky nature of the sound. Top notch stuff indeed.

#demarkuslewis #pistonrecordings #bonetti

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