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Michael Berklin returns to Bonzai Progressive and shows off his producer skills with the superb Ichuri which comes backed up with a stunning remix from Steve Sai. His last outing was on remix duties for Nico Parisi’s Children Of Africa which gained a great deal of support and showcased his superb talent perfectly. This time around we treated to more quality progressive vibes that is sure to turn a few heads.

The Original Mix opens with a filtered kick drum and sharp snare on the downbeat as crispy hats fade in. The progressive groove soon gets into full on mode as a wonderful deep bass is layered up against mesmerizing synths and pads. A nice chunky kick drum beefs up the vibe alongside swirling pads that deliver a mystical ambience aided by subtle melodies. A solid slice of prog that will be a welcome addition in any late night set.

The ever impressive Steve Sai steps up for remix duties and once again we are allowed to witness the sheer quality of his work in the progressive tech realm. Steve has been dishing out superb cuts for Bonzai over a good number of years now and he never disappoints. A hard working artist, Steve releases on various other labels and tours regularly playing top venues around Europe and beyond. The remix is a wonderful trek deep into the progressive tech abyss. The intro boasts a punchy kick drum which is accompanied by a warm bass overlay while shuffling, rhythmic hi hats form up. Rich, swirling pads float over head as a deep piano chord lurks on the 8th bar adding a touch of intrigue. The bassline transforms into a fantastic chugging affair that delivers a splash of energy into the track. A wonderful display of progressive meets tech house that is a definite must have.

#michaelberklin #bonzaiprogressive #stevesai

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Ekai & Txeff On are next up on Piston Recordings with their upbeat two tracker In My Mind. Ekai returns to these shores after a bit of a hiatus, his last outing coming back December 2015 alongside Oraa on Fear Like Me. He is a lover of house in all its forms and he brings a fresh sounding quality to house music and he lists some of the greats of house as his influence such as Masters At Work, MK and Green Velvet. Txeff On aka Spanish DJ and producer Joseba Aguirre debuts on Piston and we’re delighted to have him on board as he brings a wonderfully rich house sound to the table. With a preference for the deeper side of house music, techno and minimal it’s clear to see why this guy is gonna be much sought after in the years ahead.

First up we have the pumping house joint, In My Mind. A beautifully constructed slice, this one will have the floors rocking for sure. Nice and chunky kick drums lead the way alongside crispy sharp hats and a tight drum arrangement. The bassline locks down the low end and draws you into its deep tech groove. Cool house styled vocals ring out and add that classic vibe to the sound as subtle synths and keys come through. A solid danceable groove that will be a welcome addition in any set.

Somebody Calling intros with a cool round of crispy hats and sharp claps that build up into a tight arrangement delivering a smooth rhythmic vibe. Pounding kick drums take over alongside a very cool spoken vocal which leads us deeper into the groove. A deep droning bass is introduced and is joined by a brilliant, colourful synth which delivers some interesting contrasts in the sound. A solid tech house cut that will definitely turn a few heads.

#ekai #txeffon #pistonrecordings

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South Florida based DJ and producer Meeels aka Emilio Arango returns to Piston with the superb two tracker Somebody. Meeels has delivered a few quality cuts in the short time he’s been releasing music and his last outing on Piston – Comfort Zone – was no exception. He’s shown up on labels like Bedroomrecords09, Stell Recordings, Deepmentality and Fourpoint. He is quickly building a firm base with support coming in from all quarters. An on the up artist well worth keeping an eye on.

First up we have the delectable and sultry grooves of Somebody which takes us deeper and deeper into the house sound. Chunky kick drums lead the way and are joined by the smoothest, deepest basses that just melt away and get right under your skin. Vibrant keys are also at play and these are soon joined by a superb soulful vocal that takes the track to the next level. Beautifully deep and hypnotic and not to be missed.

Gotta Get It intros with a cool warbling synth before a nice and punchy kick drum joins in. Crispy sharp hi hats and claps form up and the rhythm starts to build as spoken vocals come through in the background. The vocals deliver a cool classic clubby vibe that blends beautifully with those hypnotic synths. A top notch slice of deep house goodness that will be the perfect addition to any late night set.

#meeels #pistonrecordings

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Newly formed techno duo Luiz & Winth debut on Bonzai Basiks with the fantastic three track Bloom EP. Based in Zurich, Switzerland these guys have only one thing on their mind, to deliver only the best techno to the world. We’re delighted to have them on board and no doubt we’ll be seeing and hearing a lot more in the future.

Bloom intros with a superb classic style heavy kick drum that leaves a wonderful bassy aftertaste in its wake. A cool vocal rattles about throughout the track adding a nice touch to the deep techno groove while shuffling hi hats and cool percussions dish out a solid rhythm. A mesmerizing synth pad hooks you in and on the break this becomes much more enhanced against the backdrop of a rapid percussive hit that speeds up and slows down before we’re slammed right back into full on mode. Top notch stuff that is not to be missed.

Hunt gets right into a full on techno-fest from the get go as a deep rumbling bass is joined by pounding kick drums and sporadic shuffling hats. Cool percussive hits fill the spaces and we soon find ourselves totally hooked on the deep rooted groove on offer. This superb techno groove powers on relentlessly before a short respite on the break delivers a fantastic percussion sequence. A brilliantly constructed techno slice that will definitely keep those late night parties rocking.

Rounding up this superb pack we have Detroit with its deep rooted, solid techno grooves. The intro boasts a wonderful energetic bassline that just grabs a hold of you and won’t let go for the duration. Punchy kick drums are accompanied by cool crispy hi hats that deliver a nice flowing rhythm. Classic style stabs come through and if you close your eyes you would instantly be transported to the heart of the Detroit techno scene. A stunning techno cut that is a definite must have.

#luiz #winth #bonzaibasiks

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Ibiza 2016 is our latest in a long line of quality compilations designed to fulfil all your music needs. As the title suggests you will most certainly find yourself locked on to the wonderfully crafted progressive sounds we’ve put together for you. 25 of the very best progressive tracks and remixes come from the likes of Airwave, Phi Phi, Manu Riga, Chandrama, Alex Vidal, Rick Pier O’Neil, Gai Barone, Yuriy From Russia, Matan Caspi, Audio Noir and many, many more. The perfect addition to your collection, this one is not to be missed.

#bonzaiprogressive#chandrama #manuriga #rickpiero’neil #alexvidal #stankolev #chrisdrifter #robertrhardy #audionoir #airwave #mimi #srinivas #gaibarone #yuriyfromrussia #phiphi #matancaspi #blufeld #platunoff #traveltech #danielcurotto #riseandfall #zrg #nicoparisi #pavlinpetrov #joch #kush(mu) #persya #aexfly #christopherhermann #alexeylisin #avesvolare #djdimitri #sebastianbusto #paulamelicci #nightshiftmaster

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Samotarev is back at Bonzai Progressive with the superb Voice Of Phangan. This is a special one from Alexey and it’s clear to see how much of his talent he put into it. The track oozes quality and delivers a solid progressive flow from start to finish. Alexey gives special thanks to Julie Forrest who recorded her magical Nepalese instruments which are used so beautifully in the track. His last outing was on remix duties for Nico Parisi’s Raklet back at the start of 2016, great to see him back once more and we’re sure we’ll be seeing and hearing much more in the future.

The Original Mix intros with a nice punchy kick drum and a dark synth sound that mesmerizes. A sharp clap comes though which is quickly followed by a rising pad that brings a cinematic quality to the sound. A superb deep bassline brings a warming glow to the track and we soon find ourselves locked into a solid deep progressive groove. On the break we are treated to some beautiful sounds courtesy of an array of Nepalese instruments recorded by Julie Forrest, these sound are the perfect accompaniment to the deep and dark grooves on offer. A top notch cut and a definite must have.

UK DJ and producer Jamie Baggotts steps up to the remix plate and delivers another one of his solid progressive cuts for our listening pleasure. His last showing on Bonzai Progressive was on the remix for Rise and Fall’s New Impressions EP, which gained a great deal of support from across the board. Always a pleasure to have this guy’s work drop into the mailbox and no doubt we’ll be in for more tasty treats in the future. As ever we are treated to some tasty progressive treats from Jamie as he pulls out all the stops to deliver a beautifully constructed arrangement of sounds. Right from the off we get a sense of the deep prog vibes on offer as chunky kick are met with crispy hi hats and a swirling pad in the background. An array of cool percussions keeps the rhythm flowing as a stuttering synth line comes into play. This is soon followed by a fantastic deep throbbing bassline that takes us so deep into the abyss we’re in danger of never returning. A brilliant display once more that is not to be missed.

Prolific Bonzai artist Audio Noir is back once more on remix duty with his epic 20 minutes plus – An Audio Noir Soundtrack. This guy is surely one of the hardest working artists on the scene as far as music production is concerned. He churns out the quality at every turn, and this was shown on his last cut – Progressive Tales 2 as well as a remix pack of his From London To Moscow. He also delivered a sublime double header DJ mix for our In The Mix – Progressive Sessions series which gained some great support. This particular mix took just under one month to complete and contains hundreds of sounds. The idea was to have a long, intense Zen-like build up and then transition into a full on prog banger, we think you’ll agree that this concept has been realised to the fullest. The remix intros with a very cool spoken vocal that brings an interesting narrative to the track. In the background we have a chaotic, noisy sequence that is joined by a deep droning bass pad. The vocal continues as various other sounds come through including some superb melodic synths and FX. This kaleidoscope of sound comes together to form a sublime and surreal experience that has you completely hooked for the duration. This epic monster is not done yet though, at the midway point we get down to the business of pumping beats and tight percussions that create a flowing rhythm. The warm bass and melodic synths takeover and we’re hypnotized by the solid progressive groove that follows. A simply stunning piece that will most definitely grab the attention of many, especially the technically minded, experimental DJ’s out there.

#samotarev #bonzaiprogressive #jamiebaggotts #audionoir

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Bonzai Progressive is proud to present DV1, a special release featuring three top artists and resident DJ’s delivering the sounds that bedecked the DV1 club in Lyon, France. The team at DV1 are a tight knit collective who specialise in quality and in creating the ultimate club experience for an army of pure breed clubbers. In recent times the club has had to close its doors, after 15 years of operation hosting some of the very best techno parties in France. The club was built up to become one of the best underground venues in France and no doubt this release will serve as a timely reminder for some of the memories created within its walls. The organisers behind the club night are actively looking for a new venue and there is hope of a new concept called DV1 Outdoor which will hopefully get off the ground in the coming months. To the artists, the DJ’s and fans, this is DV1.

#d’jamency #jibis #sa.du #bonzaiprogressive

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Dennis Franchi debuts on Piston Recordings with the fantastic Inyo Place and he brings along one of Belgium’s rising talents Angelo Dobric aka Angelo Jensen for the ride. Into Place also features three top quality mixes that will surely get the deep and tech juices flowing. We’re used to seeing Dennis ply his trade over at Bonzai Progressive and Creaminal Records. His last outing was under his House Lovin’ Criminals guise – alongside studio partner C-Les – and as always he caused quite a stir with his expertly crafted brand of tech house flavours. Angelo is leading a new wave of up and coming Belgian artists and he is already well known for his deep and heavy trademark. His first release was back in March 2016 when he appeared alongside House Lovin’ Criminals with Cander on Hush Recordz. His techno sets are renowned for getting the crowd into a hypnotic state, he’s played in many places including various spots around Ibiza, definitely one to watch here.

The Original Mix sets off with a very smooth groovy vibe as punchy kick drums are met with bright crispy hats a warm, deep and lush bassline that melts into the groove beautifully. The track goes deep with some moody sounding pads and chords as well as distant arps and cool vocals that are spread throughout. Definitely a contender for peak time sets and sure to get the floors moving.

Portuguese DJ and producer Mario Silva aka Eat Dust returns to Piston, this time on remix duties. We last caught a glimpse of this hugely talented artist back in March 2016 with his Robots EP which found its way into many sets to the delight of many. On the remix Mario delivers yet another superb slice of tech that sets off with a nice punchy kick drum and shuffling hat combi that gets the rhythm moving. Cool percussions are introduced and the track layers up smoothly into a full on pumper. The bassline rumbles through the low end as stabby chords reside in the mid section. A big focus remains on the drum arrangements that become the backbone of the track creating a fantastic groovy tech monster. A definite must have no doubt.

Medellin, Columbia based DJ and producer duo Hassio (COL) and Ghek join forces on their Piston Recordings debut for remix duties on Into Place. Hassio aka Daniel Messa has amassed a hugely impressive release count over the last few years and has appeared on many top labels during this time. He is also a hard working DJ, playing out at many gigs around his home country and beyond. Daniel also runs events for UnderGrooveNation. Ghek also plays out at top venues around Columbia and has notched up a very impressive release count in just a short space of time. His music has been released on Dirty Humans, Frequenza and High Contrast, to name just a few. On the remix the guys pull their resources to deliver a solid slice of tech house that draws you into its beautifully crafted layers that are stacked full on quality sounds. The tight drum arrangement ensures a flowing rhythmic groove while a deep bassline will most certainly get booty’s shakin on the floors. The synths are top notch here and they’re complimented with cool vocals and colourful FX. Excellent stuff that you’ll not want to miss.

SteMI aka Italian DJ and producer Stefano Minturnino returns to Piston for remix duties and is fresh off the back of his debut – Timeless, in June 2016. With a rich musical knowledge and years of experience, this guy certainly knows how to work a track, and this one is no exception. The remix opens with a smooth deep groovy sound that delivers a flawless rhythmic vibe. You find yourself completely locked on right from the off and as the layers build we go deeper into the abyss. The bassline probes its way into your inner core as tight drums keep the rhythm flowing. The track takes a minimal approach which delivers a superb seriously deep groove making this a top notch tool for those late night sessions.

#dennisfranchi #angelodobric #pistonrecordings #eatdust #hassiocol #ghek #stemi

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Argentinean DJ and producer Leandro Di returns to Piston with the superb two tracker Spiral Space. Leandro has made several appearances on Piston over the last couple of years, his tracks have featured on various compilations of ours as well as over at Bonzai Progressive. He got his full debut back in the summer of 2015 with Love From Another Woman EP which gained great support across the board. A master of the deeper grooves, we’re delighted to have him back once more.

Spiral Spaces is a wonderful moody deep and groovy track that will give the floors something to get down to. Big chunky kick drums lead the way alongside bright crispy hi hats and a superb hypnotic synth note. Dark vocal snippets come though and build the track smoothly into an all round deep house groover. A definite must have, the floors are gonna rock to this one.

Chicago Streets intros with a nice punchy kick drum and offset hi hat that delivers a classic feel to the track. Beautifully composed piano house chords fade in and suddenly you find yourself at the epicentre of an eruption of pure quality sounds. A deep probing bassline snakes through the track as those pianos dominate. The track is then given its cherry on top in the form of a diva driven vocal that personifies the house sound. A straight up stomper that will destroy the floors no doubt, not to be missed.

#leandrodi #pistonrecordings

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Raw Axe debuts on Bonzai Elemental with wonderfully chilled three tracker entitled Raw Axe. This one features a couple of collabs with Not Dead Yet and Melanie Houston, and each artist brings forth a unique signature that gives the tracks a brilliant dynamic characteristic.

Raw Axe & Not Dead Yet – Romantic Wannabe intros with a ballad-esque sound that catches your intrigue, drawing you in with its sultry sounds. Rich guitar licks are accompanied with warm pads and subtle synth melodies. The sound evolves beautifully to the backdrop of a downtempo break beat drum arrangement and a smooth, warm bassline. The perfect fodder for those lazy evening watching the sun go down.

Raw Axe & Not Dead Yet – Start The Dance sets off with a cool indie vibe that finds its way deep into your soul with its moody vibes and captivating grooves. Top notch guitars and a beautiful warm bassline deliver the goods alongside a wonderfully constructed drum section that provides a solid rhythmic flow. Excellent stuff that will keep those loungy evening interesting.

Raw Axe & Melanie Houston – Night Search intros with a cool downtempo, slow drum beat that is broken up with expert precision to deliver maximum rhythmic goodness. Warm synths and pads fill the spectrum and bring a little melancholy into the sound as a fantastic bassline sits perfectly in the mix. The synths get a cosmic makeover and bring a very cool textured layer to the sound making this a top notch slice of chilled out goodness.

#rawaxe #bonzaielemental

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South Shore, Nova Scotia based producer Don Longton debuts on Bonzai Progressive with the fantastic It’s Pouring Outside, and this one features a top notch remix from long time friend and Twins In Mind partner Manu Riga. The son of a Jazz pianist, Don was drawn into the synth sound since the early 70’s and was fascinated by the sounds of ELP, Rick Wakeman and others. He then caught the bug and started to produce his own sounds during the MIDI boom. Although he was constantly on the move, moving to new homes, he continued to play music. In 2007 he joined Twins In Mind with Manu Riga – aka prolific Belgian artist and Bonzai stalwart Adriaan Baussens – and later he went on to focus more on the progressive house side of things. In his own words Don is inspired by the incredible talent within the music industry and he is on course to unleash his own sound on the world. Much more to come from Don in the future so it’s well worth watching this space.

The Original Mix intros with a wonderfully deep and atmospheric vibe as lush tones are met with sporadic percussions and cool FX. Subdued kick drums come into play and we find ourselves being drawn into the infectious progressive groove. The expertly crafted layers build slowly to become a full on pumping groove that will surely have the floors filled. At the midway point a fantastic array of soothing melodies come though, made up of brash synths, soft voices and swirling pads. A top notch sound that is a definite must have track for any prog set.

Manu Riga turns up on remix duty and delivers his superb Sunshine Remix. A long time friend of Don, the guys have collaborated on the Twins In Mind project where they churned out some top quality chillout and downtempo cuts on Bonzai Elemental. Adriaan recently enjoyed the release of his first album – Surrounded – and now we can’t wait until the next one. Currently working on new material as well as other remixes, we always look forward to the pure quality in this guy’s productions. The remix intros with some very nicely crafted kicks that are joined by a subtle display of hats and percussions. A deep, chugging bassline comes through and dominates the sound, locking us into its hypnotic groove. The track slowly builds and we’re treated to some very nice progressive sounds that lead us into the first break where beautifully crafted and very subtle melodies come into play before we are thrust back into the main groove. Yet again we find ourselves completely hooked on the Manu Riga sound, and this one heralds a new era in that sound, one which his army of fans will undoubtedly embrace.

#donlongton #bonzaiprogressive #manuriga

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Matteo Tonioli and Marco Nascetti aka Surveyor Mode return to Bonzai Progressive with this two tracker entitled Seyfried. The guys’ last outing VV EP, gained great support across the board and they’re quickly becoming a name synonymous with tech infused progressive vibes. Great to see them back once again and we’ll no doubt be seeing much more from them in the future.

Seyfried is a straight up progressive monster that packs in a huge punch. Right from the off you find yourself in the middle of a progressive storm as a multitude of sounds swirl overhead. Big punchy kick drums lead the way alongside a hypnotically charged bass that probes through every crevice on the low end. A distinct intensity fills the sound which is spurred on by cool FX and a cosmic synth riff. The break unleashes a fantastic gated synth sequence that is accompanied by a deep growling synth before the beats return and the track gets back into full swing. A definite must have, no doubt.

State 526 takes the deep progressive house approach and delivers a solid all rounder that will fit any late night set for sure. Huge, powerful, punchy kick drums are at play here and they are complimented with a shuffling hat sequence and a superb deep bassline. Melodic synths cascade up and down in an arp style on the break as swirling pads lure us in with their lush tones before those massive kicks come back to take control. Wonderfully mesmerizing, the perfect slice for any set.

#surveyormode #bonzaiprogressive

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Scottish DJ and producer Murray Richardson debuts on Piston Recordings with the fantastic two track release Over By 91 and Shagarama. Murray grew up listening to music and his interest piqued when he listened to Devo, The Specials and The Clash among others. In 1987 he found the house sounds of Trax Records and DJ International which led him to become involved in the Ayrshire club scene and West Coast Jams at Ayr pavilion. He moved to Edinburgh and quickly established himself as one of the world’s best up and coming DJ’s. After winning the Muzik Magazine Bedroom Bedlam DJ Award he began getting gigs all over the world. He runs his own night – Rebel Waltz – which showcases some of the finest Deep House grooves around. The night has held residencies in Edinburgh, Nottingham, Barcelona, London and Sao Paulo and the night has toured as far and wide as the UK, Europe, Asia and South America. Rebel Waltz was also recorded live for DJ Magazine. With releases across a plethora of top labels, Murray continues to ply his trade all over the world both in the studio and DJing. Great to see him here at Piston and hope to see more soon.

Over By 91 gets moving with a fine display of chunky kick drums and a fantastic percussion arrangement that delivers a solid deep house experience right from the off. The drums play a huge part on this one, but the track also gets down with some very cool synth stabs that capture the true nature and depth of the groove. After the midway point the track shifts slightly as a brilliant bassline takes us deeper while those beautifully arranged drums keep the rhythm moving. Superb stuff that is most definitely not to be missed.

Shagarama intros with an almost tribalistic drum sequence made up of chunky kick drums, erratic congas and crispy hi hats that combine beautifully to unleash a fine flowing rhythm. Classic styles piano chord stabs are introduced and along with the deep growling bassline they deliver a solid deep house groove that will get the asses shaking for sure. Throughout the track a cool vocal mesmerizes and ensures we remain hooked for the duration. Just the tonic to get any set pumping.

#murrayrichardson #pistonrecordings

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SteMI aka Italian DJ and producer Stefano Minturnino makes his Piston debut with the superb two tracker Timeless. Stefano is following in his Father’s footsteps, his Father became a DJ and set up his own local radio station, and soon enough Stefano was interested in music and clubbing. Over the years he has worked on several projects including Deependance, Dejavu and Hysteria to name just a few. He has also supported top artists including the likes of Francois K, Smokin Jo, Paul Trouble Anderson and Quentin Harris among others. Stefano focuses on deep tech and house and he is always aiming for an innovative sound in his productions were he can develop his own idea of dance music culture.

Timeless oozes a tech house vibe right from the start as crispy sharp percussions dominate. Cool deep synth notes break through the bright hats and soon a nice and chunky kick drum appears to drive the groove. A deep chugging bassline comes through and takes control of the sound as the layers continues to build all around. The tight drums and shuffling percussions make for a wonderful rhythmic flow that will be welcomed on the floors. A fine display of tech house that is not to be missed.

Piano S takes us on a superb trek into deep house and does it in style. Right from the intro we get the vibe as chunky bass notes ring out alongside bright hats. A nice and phat kick drum takes over and is soon joined by some cool vocals and a fantastic, thick low end bassline. Warm keys offer up sporadic stabs that give the track a true deep house groove and these are accompanied by sparse piano riffs that crop up out of nowhere. A fun track that definitely grab a lot of attention.

#stemi #pistonrecordings

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Israel based producers Jadeck Berger and Max Margolin join forces to deliver their Green Martian debut entitled Whirlpool, which also comes backed up with two top notch remixes. The guys met in 2000 and have worked closely together on many projects over the years including remixes, original material and radio shows. Max grew up listening to many various styles of music but in 2000 he was heavily influenced by the radio show Oslo Nights and found his way into progressive which became an integral part of his music creation. In 2003 he developed his music making skills and refined his DJ sets on various radio shows. Jadeck grew up listening to early 90’s acts such as E-Type, Ace Of Base The Prodigy and Dr Alban. He moved to Israel in 1999 where he continued to delve into his passion for music. After meeting Max in 2000 they conceived several concepts for radio shows and in 2003 they launched TLV Nights on party107 where they showcased the best in progressive house and progressive trance. During this time Jadeck was honing his own music making skills with an aim to create beautiful atmospheric sounds.

The Original Mix intros with a superb pounding kick drum with noisy risers filling up the space before a deep, droning bass comes through. As the percussions start to layer up a warm synth rises in the background creating a truly mesmerizing sequence. Various other synths enter the composition alongside an uplifting voice that captivates the mind. On the break we are treated to some intense pads and that beautiful voice before slamming right back into full on mode and those thumping kicks and powerful droning bass. Top notch stuff and a must have for sure.

Prolific Belgian DJ, producer, composer, writer and all round hugely talented artist Manu Riga steps up for remix duties and delivers yet another fine slice of progressive goodness for us to indulge. Adriaan remains busy in the studio despite going through a rough time in regards to his health. He is an inspiration to many and offers up his wealth of musical knowledge to help others achieve their goals. With much more on the way from this guy we’re sure that this one will get the progressive taste buds going. The remix intros with a nice punchy kick drum with accompanying percussive elements. A thick, low end bassline soon comes in and takes over, forcing you to move with its infectious groove. Cool FX go off throughout the track as warm synths are introduced. After the first short break we are well and truly locked on and on the main break we are taken higher with an expertly crafted sequence filled with cascading arps and sweet melodics. Another fine slice of Manu Riga style progressive house that is most definitely not to be missed.

Config aka Wouter Vermeire and Stemvork join forces to dish out a tasty progressive treat for us on the remix which intros with a chunky kick drum and a cool display of crispy hats and percussions. Swirling pads fill the spectrum as a stunning bassline begins to fade. When the bassline is up to full power the track delves into a solid progressive groove that will definitely get the floor moving. The track hypnotizes as the layers combine, short stabby synths break through but the tight arrangement keeps you locked in. On the break a softer more subdued side of the track appears filled with beautiful melodies and a warming bass tone that offers a soothing respite before the track gets back into full on mode for the duration. Top notch stuff indeed.

#jadeck #margolin #greenmartian

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