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Birmingham, UK based DJ and producer Matt Holliday shows up at Bonzai Progressive with his solo effort, Memories Of Yesterday. He recently enjoyed a collaboration with Manu Riga on Submerged Needs and You Are Contagious, both of which gained a ton of support from across the world. Known for his dark, edgy, psy laced progressive and trance grooves, Matt has built up a solid rep on the music scene with top notch cuts on labels like JOOF, Black Hole, Afterworld and Drizzly Records among others. Matt also delves into DJing quite regularly and hosts radioshows on various stations as well as his own Moments. On top of all that he will be gracing the decks on the Bonzai stage at this year’s (2015) Tomorrowland with fellow producer and studio partner Manu Riga. Lots more to come from this guy for sure so stay tuned for more.

The Original Mix intros with a wonderful imaginative sequence filled with a deep droning bass sound and cool FX which are soon joined by a powerful kickdrum that pulls out a nice punch. All around we are faced with varying basses that add a deep, dark twist to the sound and provide the perfect foundation for the subtle background pads. The track takes off with the introduction of a rhythmic drum section that is steeped with tribal elements which are sure to get the floors moving. On the break we go deeper with a beautifully rich display of sounds, from deep lush bass notes to sweeping pads and distant voices that bring a very subtle melodic flavour. A definite must have track for those late night progressive sessions.

Ewan Rill is up first with his remix and yet again he delivers the goods in style. A regular contributor to the remix roster, Ewan marked up his full debut on Bonzai Progressive in February 2015 alongside Casper on their Vacuum EP. A very much respected artist on the scene, this guy has racked up a quite impressive back catalogue on various top labels over the years including Balkan Connection, Abstract Space and JOOF to name just a few. On the remix he takes us deep into progressive utopia with a fine display of solid beats and expertly arranged patterns that carve out a cool rhythmic flow. The big hitter here though is the bass construction, multiple variations of bass combine perfectly to etch out that deep, lush groove. Probing, throbbing and gritty basses leave us numb as they work their magic throughout. On the break we are offered a short respite before getting slammed right back into the main groove for the duration. Superb stuff yet again, not to be missed.

Fresh off the back of his first studio album, Now & Zen, Audio Noir shows up on remix duty with Another Audio Noir Odyssey. One of Bonzai’s most prolific artists, this guy boasts a hugely impressive catalogue filled with a ton of original works and remixes in just a few short years. He recently appeared on the successful JOOF Recordings, JOOF Editions Vol 2 with his track One More Night and already he is working on more material which we really look forward to. On the remix here we are taken for a sublime journey into progressive. The intro throws up a cool bassline that sets the scene for the duration. Tight, solid kicks are joined by an equally tight percussion section that dishes out cool rhythms alongside a trance-like synth in the background that ebbs and flows beautifully throughout the track. The break lets loose with smooth pads creating a blissful atmosphere before a harsh, edgy riff takes over with chunky kicks in tow. An almost total transformation that takes us to the end of the track. A monster tune you do not want to miss.

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New Dehli, India based DJ and producer Anurag Nandvanshi returns to Bonzai Progressive with the superb Expectant. We got our first glimpse of this talented producer back in the Summer of 2014 when he debuted with the very well received Soul Of India. Since then he has released a few cuts on various labels as well as a fantastic remix on JWM’s impressive Wild Soul. Expectant comes in Original and Electronica flavours.

Expectant serves up a real nice and smooth piece of progressive as solid beats are joined by a cool rhythmic percussion line. Distant melodic arps fade in and out and pave the way for surreal Indian strings that captivate from the moment they are unleashed. The strings are accompanied by an awesome display of female Ethnic vocals that add a richness to the sound. At the lower end we are treated to some superb bass notes that probe their way into every nook and cranny of the arrangement resulting in a wonderfully deep progressive groove. Top notch stuff you will not want to miss.

The Electronica Version takes us deep into the electronic abyss right from the get go as a deep droning bass lays the foundation for this imaginative journey. Indian strings and beautifully executed vocals provide the richness while an urbanised drum section keeps us firmly rooted in the 21st century. A wonderfully constructed arp sequence plays out giving cool contrasts between the ancient and modern. A fantastic track that will be a joy to listen to for many no doubt.

#anuragnandvanshi #bonzaiprogressive

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Boosh debuts on Piston Recordings with the upbeat and fresh sounds of Be A Man EP. Be A Man delivers a superbly fresh deep house sound with an upbeat tempo that will certainly get the floors into full swing. Nice and phat kicks deliver a solid punch as cool, crispy hats get the rhythm moving. Powerful chord stabs bring the house groove to life as funky keys work their magic in the background. The bass works perfectly in tandem with those stabs and really ramps up the groove to ass shakin heights. Cool vocals sweep through the sound providing a classic urban theme making this a definite must have track for your box.

Be A Woman takes a funky approach with super smooth keys filling out the background as solid, well rounded kicks and crisp percussions take the rhythm to the hilt upfront. A classic styled piano groove comes through and sets the scene for the duration as cool female vocals litter the sound. Warm silky basses are the perfect companion to those fantastic piano leads and a sure fire winner on the floors, delicious.

#boosh #pistonrecordings

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The emphatic Diego Herrera returns to Basiks with the superb four track EP entitled Rocker. We last saw Diego back at the end of 2014 with the equally superb, Slow Burn-The Vibe, which gained a healthy following among the Techno fraternity. With cuts across various other labels we are always delighted when his track cross our desk.

Rocker serves up a solid wall of deep tech grooves that will definitely grab the attention of many. Tight drums accompany a deep throbbing offset bass that will have woofers quaking for sure. An array of Techno induced sounds descend onto the groove and sends out a tough industrialised vibe. On the break the track goes dark as a sinister voice fades through to the backdrop of an intensely haunting sequence before bursting back into full swing. A must have track that will be a welcome addition in those dark filled rooms.

Respect intros with a nice solid kick and probing bass combo that paints a tough edged groove right from the off. Crispy open hats are let loose and the rhythm starts to boil as various percussive elements come through. Clanging metallic sounds are introduced and fills out that tough edged exterior perfectly. The break takes a closer look at these sounds with a sublime heavily effected vocal thrown in which takes us slamming back into the main track for the duration. A monster of a track that must be respected.

Broke sets out with a superbly textured kick that is soon joined by a hyperactive display of percussion that builds and builds delivering a seemingly chaotic arrangement with a beautifully rhythmic vibe. A very subtle bassline lurks at the low end allowing the percussions to run wild and dominate the sound. The break descends into a smooth atmospheric sequence that retains the chaotic nature of the sound as those expertly crafted drums come back for more. An imaginative and rip roaring trek into drums that provides a powerful tool for any set.

Trutuka intros with a cool display of sounds and FX that play out a surreal scene. Big chunky kicks soon take over and are accompanied by bright and crisp open hats that get the rhythm on the move. A wonderfully deep bass presides as a cavalry like trumpet squeals through the groove alongside detuned clanging metallic sounds. Definitely one for the boxes here that will keep the Techno floors burning no doubt.

#diegoherrera #bonzaibasiks

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Hailing out of Cyprus, Michael Berklin aka Michalis Fotiou debuts on Green Martian with the impressive Citizens Of The Earth Vol.1. Michalis found music from a young age and began to teach himself synthesizer where he would discover the magic of creativity. An explorer of all kinds of musical styles he soon settled into electronica having met film composer and sound designer Mario Christophorou who gave him lots of encouragement and guidance. He also takes to the turntables and has entered into many DJ competitions with good results and reviews. Delighted to have this guy on board and we hope to see more in the future.

Citizens Of The Earth Vol.1 intros with a solid, tight groove made up of nice chunky kicks and cool percussions that set the rhythm alight. Smooth, melodic pads begin their rise as ethnic styled voices ring through. A probing deep bass binds the sounds together beautifully unleashing a truly sublime progressive groove. The break provides a contemplative respite as wistful sounds play out before we get thrust back into the main track for the duration. A stunning slice of prog that will definitely hold its place in any set.

Story Of The Descendants sets off with a cool rippling synth and sweeping pad before a phat, chunky kick takes over alongside a deep throbbing bassline. Soft hats accompany a subtle drum arrangement as the focus turns to the melodic side where fleeting arps and enigmatic vocals shine through. The break is filled with these soft, hypnotic sounds and hair raising vocals. That dark sub heavy bass comes through once more and we are led back, deep into progressive territory. Top notch stuff and a must have track.

#michaelberklin #greenmartian

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The ever present force of metrONomes aka Jon ManimaL & Magros return to Progrez with another fine slice of deep, dark and techy prog on Mistique. The guys have made us wait five months since their last outing, Domin.US which gained a lot of attention on the scene. As always the excitement mounts each time they deliver the goods and this time around is no exception as they gear up for another head twisting cut.

Mistique intros with a smooth deep and grooving vibe as punchy kicks are joined by soft hats and a lush bass that envelops the sound beautifully. Tight percussions begin to form up and deliver a tasty tribal sequence that fits the sound perfectly. The bass is boss here as it meanders along bringing in that superb progressive groove. A short break unleashes a cosmic spacey vibe before we get thrust back into the main track for the duration, top notch stuff that is not to be missed.

Philosopher sets out with a cool flowing vibe made up of sharp hats and chunky kicks with a fantastic rumbling bass bringing up the rear. The track takes on a sinister element with a little help from haunting wide eyed FX and cool robotic voices. A totally hypnotic experience that delivers a relentlessly deep solid groove and one that you will most definitely want in your collection.

Tarzan intros with cool tribal drums alongside a nice punchy kick and short sharp hats that provide a cool contrast to the low and high ends. A deep, throbbing bass rumbles up from below as the drums tighten up into a solid dance fuelled groove. Stunning, heavily effected voices come through as the tribal vibe ramps up a gear giving off that jungle feeling which befits the name of the track. A wonderfully surreal track that will both captivate and mesmerize, perfect fodder for those late night sessions.

#metronomes #progrez

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Dutch DJ and producer Dr Mabuze returns to SRUR with the fantastic two track Universe EP which comes in two original cuts alongside two quality remixes. We last saw this guy round these parts back in March 2015 with Same Question on Muzika Volume 10 which gained great support from far and wide. With a fast rising profile on the scene, he has played at top clubs across Europe including multiple appearances in Ibiza and has seen releases on labels like Baroque Records and Babylon Records. He also guests regularly on several Europe wide radio stations where he delivers his own brand of Techno goodness.

The Original Mix of On The Earth intros with a solid kickdrum with an underlying bass tone that gives it a big punch. The bass lurks on the low end with menace as sharp contrasting hats and cymbals etch out a rhythmic vibe. We get drawn deeper into the Techno underworld as the arrangement tightens up for the duration. Top notch stuff that is not to be missed.

Rod B. aka USA based DJ and producer Rodrigo Barreto returns to SRUR with his remix for On The Earth and pulls out a Techno monster that will be a definite go to track for the purists. Rodrigo’s last outing was on remix duty for Oz Romita’s Idiots back in early 2015. Previously he showed up on Dany Cohiba’s Liquid Cha, Ed Whitty & Gabriel Ben’s Epoch as well as his own cut 24H Amsterdam which appeared on the Best Of SRUR 2013 and our ADE Sampler in the same year. The remix intros with a subtle percussion section with distant sounds beginning to fade through. A crisp electro styled hat leads us into the punchy kick and the track is on course. Deep, sinister sounding vocals are brought in and add the deeper elements to the sound. The first break throws up a wonderful clanging, metallic themed synth that just owns the track and cuts off the smoother techno edges to leave behind a rough and ready stomper. Superb stuff that will turn a few heads for sure.

The original mix of On The Moon sets off with a cool cosmic, spacey vibe as strange sounds converge to the backdrop of a crystal clear hat and cymbal arrangement. The other worldly vibe continues to develop with the introduction of a beautifully crafted bassline that gives the impression it’s alive and kicking. We find ourselves totally drawn into the sound as hypnotic elements ooze out and grab on to our senses. The break keeps the theme going with a dark, grooving sequence before we get thrust back to the main event. Excellent stuff that will fill the late night floors for sure.

SRUR regular Harun Karabulut returns with a superb remix for On The Moon. We’ve seen Harun several times around the SRUR office and we know he always delivers the goods with his fantastic brand of Techno. Here the remix intros with a solid, powerful kick that dominates the sound throughout. The kicks are met by an equally impressive bass that holds up the low end beautifully with its powerful probing prowess. Cool FX litter the groove and really brings the Techno roots of the track to life. On the offbeat we get treated to a very cool noisy synth that takes hold and doesn’t let go for the duration. Another fantastic Harun cut that will not disappoint.

#drmabuze #soundsrusrecordings #rodb #harunkarabulut

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Manu Riga teams up with fellow producer Alex Vidal for their first tantalising collaboration on When Worlds Collide. The constant force that is Manu Riga never ceases to amaze, his productions always come in at the high quality end and leaves us stunned with their intricate progressive prowess. To top it all off he now appears as a DJ on many radio shows on the likes of Progressive Beats, Pure FM and Bonzai Basik Beats. 2015 has also seen Manu hit the clubs but the big event of the year has to be his appearance at Tomorrowland alongside studio partner Matt Holliday, something we know he is very much looking forward to and will no doubt relish the experience. The hugely impressive Spanish DJ and producer, Alex Vidal is fresh off the back of his last outing Mesmerized. We know what this guy brings to the table and can safely say that these two guys will definitely hit the progressive sweet spot and we look forward to more from these two in the future. Aside from the Original Mix, the guy’s branch out with their own takes on this monster progressive cut.

The Original intros with a nice and chunky kick and a sharp closed hat as a beautiful, swirling pad begins to swell. Cool and very subtle percussive elements are introduced and sets the rhythm up nicely as the layers build. A deep droning bass takes over and the deep progressive groove is set in stone. In contrast we are treated to some wonderfully rich plucked notes which are accompanied by the most stunning female vocal that will get the hairs raised on the back of your neck for sure. Little nuanced sounds filter through, like the gentle arps that just glide across the sound. A superb piano melody takes the centre of attention on the break alongside that lush bass before we get thrown right back into the main groove for the duration. A definite must have track in your box this Summer, the floors are gonna love this one.

Our first remix comes from Alex with his Inner Void Remix. The track sets of with a punchy kick alongside a wonderfully rich deep bass that captivates from the moment it arises. Soft hats and cool percussions deliver a solid and steady rhythm as the bass begins to transform into s full on driving progressive groove. Subtle melodic arps fill the background and offer a cool contrast between the low and high frequencies of the sound. On the break we are thrown into a world filled with beautifully sweet sounds and prominent tribal edged drums. The melodies float across the sound and keep your attention before taking a back seat once again to allow the driving bass and pounding kicks to shine. An absolute belter of a track you will not want to miss.

Next up we have Manu’s Balearic Dreams which intros with a cool drum filled sequence alongside some very cool synths and stunning FX. A very intense groove is borne out of those deeper elements that shore up this solid groove as tight breaks carry the track forward. The impressively intricate structure will definitely leave you wanting more as you discover new and exciting patterns with each listen. Manu is a master of the drum sequence and here he holds no bars as those breaks deliver a very solid and upbeat rhythm. Trademark voices come through and really capture the imagination which is given a huge boost with the addition of a fantastic ethnic guitar riff. On the break we descend into a melodic filled world that will touch your soul with a sense of euphoria before those tough breaks make their way through once more. A superb display of Balearic vibes that will no doubt feature heavily on the terraces this Summer.

#manuriga #alexvidal #bonzaiprogressive

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Italian DJ’s and producers Matteo Tonioli and Marco Nascetti make up the duo, Surveyor Mode. The guys mark their Bonzai Progressive debut with the superb two tracker Val Kilmer. Driven by innovative musical inspirations offered by their city, at the age of 15 their passion towards club music reached into their souls. A key moment in their career was playing in a well-known club in Bologna that, in a short time, transformed a simple passion into a real job. From here they started to produce and were quickly signed to different labels. Tracks include Noster Annuit EP on DNC Limited, Arkham EP on Presslab Electro Label, Call Batman EP on Attik Room Records, More Blend EP on MO2 Records and Il Perito EP on Electro Top Records.

Val Kilmer intros with a dark Techno style vibe as muted kicks are met with a solid wall of percussions. A monster deep and throbbing bass comes through and just totally owns the track, all the while a sinister sounding vocal is going off in the background. The track gathers pace as that bassline surges into a driving groove with up and down motions taking your mind on a trip. The track breaks into a surreal melody before those super solid dirty beats raise their head once again to take us back into its murky world for the duration. Top notch stuff that will definitely have bassbins quaking.

051 sets out with a cool percussion led intro complete with muted kicks and cool FX. The kicks deliver a monster blow when they are let loose with pounding prowess. A deep, solid probing bassline sits on the low end with intent as the track drives on. On the break the low end sounds are filtered out and leave behind a super cool sequence made up of delayed vocals and a wall of filtered sounds. We are then thrust back into the main groove and those super pumping kickdrums. A real slice of deep, dark and dirty grooves that will be a welcome addition to your dancefloor arsenal.

#surveyormode #bonzaiprogressive

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Rubba J aka Jan Costermans returns to Piston for more house party goodness with his three tracker entitled The Next. His debut came in 2013 with the fantastic The Art Of Doing Nothing and quickly gained a great amount of support around the circuit. Great to see him back once again and hope to see more of this guy in the future.

The Next intros with a cool house flavour that builds nicely as various deeper sounds converge. Chunky kicks pound out a solid groove and are accompanied by a tight percussion arrangement complete with sharp hats and snappy snares. Lush deep house chords faded in and out of the groove as subtle keys fill in the background. The bass sits perfectly on the low end and lurks ominously with its warm tones that really keeps the track on course. The break throws the focus squarely on that superb bassline before we get thrust right back to the main groove for the duration. Brilliant stuff that you will not want to miss.

Detroit Soul Searchers intros with a cool percussion rhythm alongside a high pitched string. Big phat kicks soon find their way in and really sets the track off on its pure house journey. A wonderful probing bassline cuts through the sound and dominates the groove perfectly. Cool synth plucks are added and give the groovy rhythm a boost. Classy vocals stand out and offer up a true Garage vibe with solid deep roots. Definitely a floor filler for sure, this one will get the booties shakin’.

Grabbit sets off with a fantastic upbeat kinda vibe as big punchy kicks are met with cool shuffling percussions complete with open hats that gets the rhythm moving nicely. Deep and groovy sounds begin to form up as lush chords are accompanied by rougher edged keys. The bassline just trots along superbly and really allows the upbeat elements to come through much more prominently. A definite must have track that will most definitely notch the party up a gear.

#rubbaj #pistonrecordings

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