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Debut appearance on Bonzai Progressive for Tomin, Aniko and Cherif with the wonderful deep progressive tones of Summer’s Gone. First time venture for this trio of artists with each bringing their own unique flavour to the table. Bratislava based Tomin has been around the scene for quite a while having started out in 2004 as resident DJ in Exit and Mecca before getting his teeth into music production. He has flirted with many styles of music but always brings out a deep emotional vibe.

Summer’s Gone Original Mix gets right into a smooth groove right from the off with those punchy kicks and subtle drums which are contrasted by snappy, sharp claps. In the background a nice melody floats around before the track takes a nose dive into progressive depths with a superbly deep and throbbing bass that will have sub woofers quaking. Cool synth notes litter the sound and form a textured layer throughout as sweeping pads and strings dish out a cool atmospheric vibe. On the break the track whittles down to reveal a super sweet melody as soft plucks are faced off by that bass before we are plunged back into the groove for the duration. Top notch cut here you will definitely want in your collection.

The Deeper Dub Mix of Summer’s Gone takes on a deeper role as the more progressive elements are enhanced. That deep throbbing bass remains and is a big focus in the sound alongside very subtle synth plucks and chords. As the track evolves we are drawn into the depths as the hypnotic groove takes hold of your senses. The break throws up a hint of melody but is overshadowed by that powerful bass. One for the late night sessions here, a must have.

Divergence intros with a cool drum arrangement that boasts cool hat and percussion patterns alongside a muted kick. That kick gets its punch on soon after as the layers build creating a nice, flowing pro house groove. The bassline comes at us with a merciless reverberating prowess that will definitely have the floors shakin. Colourful textures evolve from the various synth sounds on offer as the track mesmerizes with each phrase. Tucked away deep inside the track are subtle house chords that adds a great character to the sound. A relentlessly powerful track that will sit well in the deeper sets for sure.

#tomintomovic #anikotomowitch #cherif #bonzaiprogressive

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Brett Lawrence is back at Piston with the superb Just Jestin’ EP. His last outing Different Heat EP was very well received and you can rest assured that this new cut will turn a few heads. Brett has been around the music scene for quite a while now and he remains as dedicated as ever. After shuffling around the UK organising parties, DJing and clubbing he settled in London where he established the thriving Assembly Records which continues to be a go to label for uncompromising sounds.

Just Jestin’ intros with a tight drum and percussion arrangement that gets the rhythmic juices flowing beautifully. A butt shakin bass soon takes over and will definitely have the floors rocking to its deep and lush groove. Cool synths flutter throughout the sound and really bring forth that true house feeling. On the breaks we are treated to a superb display as a wall of synths rise up alongside filtered kicks and bass before we slam right back into full on mode. Definitely one for the boxes here that will not disappoint.

Tear It Up brings home a real sense of deep house right from the get go with its chunky kicks and bobbing bass. Cool crispy hats and snappy claps deliver a solid rhythm to the sound as that bass continues to hold power in the groove. Smooth keys begin their journey as they fade up into the groove alongside scattered vocal hits. But, it’s that bassline that will have punters coming back for more, a must have slice of deep goodness.

#brettlawrence #pistonrecordings

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Altek debuts on Green Martian with the tantalising Control EP. Hailing from El Paso, Altek has been influenced by lots of different genres which have shaped his sound today. In mid-2000’s he became more involved with electronic music, particularly deep house, progressive house, minimal, techno, and trance. He started DJing in 2006 and was mainly focused on trance but changed direction as he looked more into progressive sounds. Now residing in Austin, TX and thanks to the help from RealMusic Events, Electric Avenue ATX †and Hypersonic Radio, today Altek can showcase his record box at local clubs (Kingdom and Lania) which contain sounds from Cid Inc, Stas Drive, Hernan Cattaneo, Nick Warren, Guy J, Guy Barone, †Mike Griego, Marcelo Vasami, Andrea Cassino, Anthony Mea, Addex and many more underground house hold names. He started producing back in 2007 when he took piano and music theory lessons which in essence have helped with his understanding of music.† After many years of learning and practicing, he got recognition for his remix on One of Use, One of Them by Lukajieff. Delighted to have him on board and we look forward to more.

First up we have the slinky progressive house grooves of Control. A tight punchy kick intros with cool atmospheric sounds coming through in the background. The track breaks early to reveal a fantastic dancing bassline that will definitely get the floors moving. The bassline melds into the groove as cool vocals blend in alongside subtle melodies. On the main break we get drawn into a superb melodic sequence filled with sweeping pads and lush synths. A real smooth slice of prog here that will not disappoint.

Coven intros with a cool melodic arp as deeper tones go off in the background. A nice and phat kick soon takes over and we begin our trek into a true progressive house groove. Smooth swelling pads rise up alongside a superb bass that meanders along in its slinky groove. Fresh sounding synths bring an air of brightness to the sound and on the break we get a taste of a very cool lead that ties the track together beautifully. Perfect fodder for an early morning session, not to be missed.

Rounding up this fine EP we have Bayside Drive with its classic intro filled with a surreal atmosphere that builds and builds with a blissful flavour. Cool synth arps deliver a subtle melody as the track evolves and takes us deeper into the groove. Sleek percussions dish out a solid flowing rhythmic vibe as we head into the break where we are drawn into the sound even more with a little help from a smooth melodic groove. A top class progressive house experience that will turn a few heads for sure.

#altek #greenmartian

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Alex Wolf and Claas Herrmann join forces on the techno fuelled Wormhole EP. These two young German producers have been around for a while now and have worked together in the past on Captiol Input. Alex started out at a young age and found himself immersed in Minimal Techno vibes. In 2011 he began to produce his own material and gained a lot of support with his first release Drugs All Night. Soon after he embarked on a new journey when he got the DJing bug which led him to play at lots of top parties. Claas also started out in music when he was young, his first release Unknown Groove was snapped up by many labels and spread around the globe with much support. He also DJ’s regularly alongside some of the world’s top jocks.

Wormhole is a straight up techno stomper with big chunky beats and a hypnotic groove that locks you right in for the duration. A deep probing bass rocks the speakers with its raw power and sits perfectly at the lower end. Cool FX litter the background and pair up brilliantly with a tight drum arrangement. Definitely a big hitter that will dominate the floors.

Vortex goes in for the kill with a tight construction filled to the brim with punchy kicks and shuffling hats that dish out a solid rhythmic flow. The bassline dominates in a simplistic style that hooks you into its grip for a deep and groovy ride. Grungy synths fill out the break as a riser takes us back into full on mode, top notch stuff you will not want to miss.

#alexwolf #claasherrmann #bonzaibasiks

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The Club Traxx journey continues with Psy Progressive 2, an expedition into full on banging beats and trippy basslines. The first outing proved popular and this time around again, we have meticulously selected only the finest cuts for inclusion. 20 of the best top notch, hard hitting grooves are on offer from the likes of Liquid Soul, Zen Mechanics, ManMadeMen, Martian Arts & Black Noise, Ananda Shake, Faders, ON3, Bliss, Outsiders, Symbotic , Spirit Architect, Dj Antrix, Killer Weekend, Masticate, Sonic Species, System Nipel, Aquatica, Dapanji, Mystical Complex, Vibe Tribe, Spade, X-Noize, Funk, Truck, Nitro Drop, Roger Rabbit, Stereo Plug ft. Twelve sessions, Aerospace, Planet 6, Mystical Complex, Kali, Lifeforms, Yar Zaa and Artsense. Grab yourself this megapack and boost your DJ prowess to the limit.

#bonzaiprogressive #zenmechanics #dapanji #mysticalcomplex #planet6 #lifeforms #liquidsoul #jamiebaggotts #anandashake#faders #on3 #bliss #outsiders #symbolic #spiritarchitect #djantrix #killerweekend #masticate #sonicspecies #systemnipel #aquatica #vibetribe #spade #xnoize #funktruck #nitrodrop #rogerrabbit #stereoplug #twelvesessions #aerospace #mysticalcomplex #kali #yarzaa #artsense

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Hurlee returns to Piston with the two tracker, The Vox EP. It’s been a while since we last saw this talented Spanish DJ and producer, it was way back in 2013 when he delivered his debut Dancing With You EP. Great to see him back and we look forward to more in the future.

Hurlee – The Vox EP, out this week on Piston Recordings, is featured by Beatport in the Tech House genre page!

#pistonrecordings #beatport #hurlee

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Blufeld returns to take us on one of his beautifully colourful progressive trips with the superb A World Less Ordinary which comes packed to the hilt with three top notch remixes. As ever Blufeld remains hard at work in the studio and he has recently announced his 4th studio album is just about ready for our listening pleasure, so stay tuned for more on that. In the meantime his latest track Threlkeld got a nod on Drizzly Records’ Trance Sessions 14. As well as that his remix on Greenage’s Lost Memories stalked the charts for a while and keeps with his constant presence on the scene. Exciting times ahead that you will not want to miss.

The Original Mix takes us on a beautiful journey into the progressive sound with a wonderful driving bassline on top of a tight drum arrangement. The attention to detail is sublime with sweeping pads and FX creating textured layers that blend effortlessly. As the track reaches its peak we are locked into an intricate web of melodies that just seem to flow into our minds with ease. The break gives those melodies their chance to shine with a superb synth hook that climaxes with us getting shoved right back into the main groove, excellent stuff yet again from Blufeld and not to be missed.

Up first on remix duty we have the ever impressive Manu Riga with his Vision Remix. Manu continues to deliver the goods with only the highest quality in mind. He is always looking for new angles and pushes himself past any barriers that get in the way. While 2014 was a big year for him, 2015 is already shaping up to be even bigger with multiple projects on the go with various artists. His collab with Matt Holliday got off to a flying start with their Ethnology EP (You Are Contagious & Roots) which charted well upon release. Keep your eyes and ears peeled for more on this guy soon, you will not be disappointed. On the remix Manu goes full on right from the get go with a brilliant evolving offset bass that drives the track beautifully with the help of a nice punchy kick and a trademark tight drum arrangement. Running through the track we get an almost acid-style riff that filters brilliantly throughout. High strings come into play alongside an angelic voice that melts into the sound. In the background a complex array of FX and sounds fill the spectrum giving us lots to focus on. Another fine slice of prog from Manu that will definitely fill a peak time slot.

Mark Found is up next on the remix and in typical fashion he knocks it outta the park. We last saw Mark on the remix for Thorin’s Secrets back in October 2014 and since then he has released various cuts on different labels with a lot of attention going his way. Also in recent months, Mark launched his own radioshow, Cityscape on DI.FM which is gaining great momentum as he takes listeners deep into progressive territory, worth checking out every third Thursday of the month at 20:00 CET. The remix here intros with a well rounded kick that packs a nice punch alongside crispy hats and a spacey synth line. The intro climaxes into a solid, deep bass that shores up the groove beautifully. On top we have winding synth pads that ebb and flow and bring subtle melodic sequences to the fore. An array of layers provide for contrasting textures that will keep you looked in for the duration. On the break a much brighter melody is unleashed as those sweeping synths mesmerize the mind. A superbly tight slice of prog that will definitely be a big floor hitter.

Horizons aka DJ Shy rounds off this top notch pack with his remix. It’s been a while since we last saw this guy over at the Bonzai offices, although he has been busy with DJing and other releases. Since his last outing he has been a prominent feature on our compilations such as Bonzai & Friends, After Hour Trax 14 and Club Traxx Progressive House 13. Great to see him back and we hope to see more in the future. The intro on the remix takes hold right from the off as we are drawn into a surreal world of floating strings and droning pads that create a stunning atmosphere. A nice big chunky kick gets the track on the move and is soon backed up by a lush bassline that takes control and drives the groove beautifully. On the break a wonderful melodic sequence unfolds as the lead synth winds its way through the kaleidoscope of sweeping pads. A truly epic slice of progressive vibes you will really not want to miss.

#blufeld #bonzaiprogressive #manuriga #markfound #horizons

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The prolific Crocy returns with Live Your Lies, a four tracker full to the brim with superb progressive vibes. Crocy continues his string of top cuts as evident on the reworking of Recht as well as some excellent remixes and features on various compilations.

The title track, Live Your Lies, stands out as a superb house groover with its warm bass that dances across the sound brilliantly while chunky beats and crisp hats keep the rhythms in check. On the break a raw synth etches its mark on the sound alongside cool vocal one shots that add a cool character to the groove. A solid must have track that will no doubt have those dancing feet shuffling across many floors.

Sivan intros with a cool drum arrangement that sets up the rhythmic flow of the track while a pulsing bass lurks in the rear. Subtle strings ease in as a riser takes us into the main groove with a pounding kick and a monster bass. As the track builds a classic acid line begins to form and is unleashed fully on the break taking us into spaced out territory. The break mesmerizes as it reaches a climax where we get thrust back into the main track as a high pitched lead takes over for the duration, top notch yet again.

Next up we have 78 which intros with a superbly tuned kick that seems to leave a little bit of aftertaste to keep us wanting more. On the upbeat a rich chord stab helps us on our way and gives us a glimpse of what’s to come. A gritty bass creeps its way into the sound alongside a piercing acid lick and strange voices that mystify with their presence. Tight drum patterns litter the groove and add cool contrasts between the deeper elements. A real dark and moody affair that will no doubt grab a lot of attention.

Amigos rounds up this top notch pack and does it in style. A monster kick that pounds out a driving groove intros with a little help from shuffling hats. If that wasn’t enough a deep chugging bassline joins the party and we are on course for a real progressive treat. As the groove is locked in a synth line fades up and delivers a hypnotizing pattern that captivates the mind. On the break a melodic flavour is introduced that leads to a superb cosmic like string before we are slammed back into the main sound. A definite big hitter here that will not disappoint.

#crocy #bonzaiprogressive

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