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Turkish DJ and producer duo Volkan Erman and Findike aka Emrah Findik debut on Bonzai Progressive with the superb Deep Connection. Volkan is no stranger to BP as he has appeared on the label under his Quantus guise back towards the end of 2015 with Pass Through Time EP and on remix duty for Nico Parisi’s Raklet at the start of 2016. Findike released his first track back in 2014 on By Ground Digital and since then he has racked up quite a few cuts on various labels. Great to see this duo getting together and we hope to see more from them soon.

Deep Connection opens with a cool punchy kick drum and tribal fuelled drum arrangement that delivers a spritely rhythmic groove. Thick probing basses come though and the track settles into a solid progressive workout. Swirling pads float overhead as the bass ramps up the pressure and the intensity rises. The break throws up a sublime melodic sequence that mesmerizes the mind before we get slammed right back into full on mode for the duration. Superb stuff you do not want to miss.

Copper Mind goes right into a full on progressive groove from the off as big chunky kicks dish out a powerful punch alongside shuffling hats and a super cool bass. Over the top we are treated to lots of interesting sounds that blend together beautifully creating a sublime progressive experience. A myriad of melodies interrupt the solid prog groove in short bursts, enough to keep our attention locked on. Top notch grooves for the late night floors here, a must have track no doubt.

#volkanerman #findike #bonzaiprogressive

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Irish DJ and producer Cerillo makes a welcome return to Piston with the pumping tech house fuelled Ill Behaviour. Hailing out of the Ireland’s capital this guy has seen his music grace the sets of top jocks all over the world as well as appearing on top labels. His last outing for Piston came back in May 2015 with Make You Shake and since then he has shown up on various compilations over at Bonzai Progressive before getting a run-out on Pistons The Secrets Of The Trade 4.

Ill Behaviour intros with a tamed kick drum and cool raspy hi hats that build up a nice and smooth rhythm. The kick drums are let loose with a pounding powerful punch that will definitely shake the woofers into submission. Percussions start to layer up and we soon find ourselves hooked on the shuffling groove on display. The track takes on a distinct drum inspired arrangement with much of the bass coming off those stomping kicks. An underlying sub rumbles on the low end to great effect. An superb slice that will rock any venue no doubt.

#cerillo #pistonrecordings

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French producer P.A.M.O. debuts on Piston Recordings with Somewhere. P.A.M.O. first showed up back in the Summer of 2014 with The Lost Thing on Eyepatch Recordings before landing appearances on a few Bonzai Progressive compilations. We’re delighted to have him here at Piston and we hope to see more soon.

Somewhere opens with a fresh round of bright crispy percussions alongside a cool vocal before a pounding kick drum takes over. A classic vibe descends over the sound to great effect that will definitely get booty’s shakin their way to the floors. Warm house chords fill the sound and deliver a distinct New York flavour with a smooth deep vibe. A superb slice of pumping deep house that will not disappoint.

Believe intros with a powerful punchy kick drum which is soon joined by a collection of rhythmic percussions. A wonderful chunky bass comes through and totally dominates the sound with its infectious groove. Cool keys play out in the background as an instantly recognisable vocal comes in to grab your attention. Nice and tight drum patterns will keep the dancing feet shuffling as cool strings are introduces alongside a mesmerizing organ. Top notch stuff you will not want to miss.

#p.a.m.o. #pistonrecordings

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Dyron aka Lucas Bika returns to Green Martian in fine style with this superb three tracker entitled Together EP. His last outing was way back in May 2015 with Beyond Horizon which gained great support from many quarters and we’ve no doubt this sublime take on progressive house vibes will follow suit.

The title track – Together, intros with a bustling flair of beats and percussions that set up a steady rhythmic flow that gets the body moving. Cool house chord stabs sit on the offbeat and give the track a wonderful textured layer. A deep pulsing, throbbing bass gives the sound a smooth groove that will definitely keep the floors filled. The big hitter here are those stunning vocals that project beautifully through the sound. The vocals deliver a solid character to the track that will appeal to many for sure, a must have.

Feeling sets out with a pumping kick drum and sharp hi hat combi as various percussions begin to form up bringing a cool rhythm. A beautifully warm synth bass come through and suddenly you find yourself locked into a vibe that makes you wish the summer was here already. A wonderful cascading melodic arp fills the track delivering a spritely upbeat kinda groove that hooks you in for the duration. The perfect track to get you in the mood on a warm sun-kissed beach or terrace.

Dream Of You intros with a dark pad and sharp bright snares alongside crispy hats and a punchy kick drum. A warm melodic arp flows through the track and is soon joined by a superb probing bass that drives the track brilliantly. A raspy vocal comes though and makes way for a stunning, fresh vocal that provides an uplifting quality. The music and the vocals are the perfect match making this a perfect track for those late night sets.

#dyron #greenmartian

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Jon ManimaL & Magros aka MetrONomes continue their run of top quality cuts on Progrez with this superb three tracker entitled Aeriko. The guys have proved consistent with their brand of deep techno and progressive over the years. Their last outing here was back in October 2015 with Spectreman EP which gained great support from all over. Always great to see these guys deliver the goods and no doubt we’ll be seeing and hearing much more in the future.

Aeriko intros with a deep and powerful sub bass that resonates right through the track. Big chunky kicks soon follow and are joined by bright, crispy hats and shuffling percussions that blend beautifully to form a solid, tight drum arrangement. The bass continues to dominate and is joined by other gritty, pulsing basses giving the track wonderful textures. A simply superb slice with expertly crafted intricate patterns that will definitely keep the deeper, darker techno floors alight.

So Be sets out with a nice and deep vibe that dishes out a solid techno groove filled with swirling sounds and a dominating, sinister deep bass. Tight drums do the business with a nice chunky kick leading the way as sharp hats and various other percussions stamp out a strong rhythmic flow. Dark voices lurk in the lower end of the track and fit perfectly into the sound with a menacing tone. Top notch stuff from metrONomes that will be a welcome addition in any set.

iSCREAM intros with a monster kickdrum and an equally monstrous bass that will send shivers through your body. An air of intensity and anticipation slowly builds throughout the track keeping you locked on for the duration. More darker elements are exposed as the layers build before a fantastic spoken vocal comes though on the break. A tough and relentless slice of techno here and a definite must have track.

#metronomes #progrez

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Aexfly aka Russian DJ and producer Alex Pronikov debuts on Bonzai Progressive with the superb two tracker Frozen Heart. Based in Moscow, young producer Aexfly released his first track – Across Universe – on Electronic Tree in September 2015. Focusing in on progressive house and tech house, this guy is fast becoming a much renowned name on the scene. No doubt we will be seeing much more from him in the future.

Frozen Heart gets off to a lively start with spritely percussions forming a solid rhythm as a punchy kick drum leads the way. A cool deep bass tone fades through as the layers continue to build and before you know it we’re locked in to the powerful progressive vibes on offer. The track goes deeper and deeper with a growling bassline opening the doors. A big focus remains on the drum elements but on the break a sinister edge comes through with a superb harsh synth at the forefront. Top notch stuff from Aexfly on his debut, one to watch for sure.

Rising Sun opens with cool and crispy shuffling hats and scattered percussions that form effortlessly into a smooth rhythmic flow. A nice and chunky kick drum makes a showing and we soon find our feet stomping the floor. A cool, meandering bassline lurks on the low end as those tight drums keep the track on point. On the higher end we are led into a wonderfully cosmic sounding vibe as swirling pads and high pitched strings do their thing. On the break a fantastic synth takes over taking the track deeper before those pounding kick drums are let loose once more. An excellent display of deep progressive grooves that will satisfy any late night cravings.

#aexfly #bonzaiprogressive

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Australian producer Audio Noir is back with Progressive Tales 2, the follow up to his Summer 2015 Progressive Tales. This time around we are treated to three top notch progressive cuts that hit the spot. With a distinct New York theme you can rest assured that these will quickly make their way to the top of your playlists.

Space Cab Shuffle opens with a nice punchy kick drum that whets the appetite for a trek into progressive house. Bright and super crispy hats sit alongside the kicks and are soon joined by various other percussions to get the rhythm flowing. A deep and powerful bass comes through and dominates the groove, driving the track deeper into progressive. The break throws up a surreal violin sequence that almost seems out of place yet fits perfectly into the sound. Quirky vocals are spread over the track adding a little spice. An excellent slice of prog not to be missed.

4Ev3r starts off with a classic styled kick drum and sharp closed hat as rich pads swirl overhead. As the percussions build and we get drawn into the sound you get a sense of some kind of futuristic look at how music will sound in 100 years. The rich strings really get under your skin and a rumbling bassline delivers a powerful groove. Gritty vocals and an electrified deep synth give the track an edge that make it stand out and no doubt this one will turn a few heads.

Swingtime Swindler intros with a round of tight percussions that form a solid rhythm and give the track the perfect platform to build on. A nice subtle kick drum leads the way into a world of deep progressive grooves complete with swirling pads and a superb bassline that becomes instantly infectious. Cool vocals grace the track and offer up a slice of freshness amidst the deeper elements. A fantastic trek into progressive house that you will not want to miss.

#audionoir #bonzaiprogressive

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Piston Recordings’ Secrets Of The Trade continues with its 5th instalment and once again we are treated to a superb display of deep house, tech house and techno. 20 of the finest tracks and remixes come from the likes of Danny eM, Meels, Limyth, Hermann Dius, Bonetti, Niceteed & FactAlone, Dominic Smith, Ecco, Son Of Gabriela, J Nandez, Tony Monero, JR From Dallas, Tommy Ro, Goodge and many more. Get this one in your collection and watch the floors come alive.

#pistonrecordings #bonetti #furniturecrew #nouskynousk #jrfromdallas #limyth #ericpowab #hermanndius #sabrinajohnson #move88 #dannyem #goodge #beyondbeats #lebabar #jazzawesz #sonofgabriela #ecco #tommyro #factalone #niceteed #glasidum #hamdiryder #hatelate #sonzofthepitch #dominicsmith #meeels #artsparks #tonymonero #j.nandez

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After Hour Trax 19 offers up a fresh selection of some of the very best in deep progressive and house vibes. Enhance your personal collection or give your sets a boost from a choice of 20 infectious grooves. Tracks and remixes from the likes of John 00 Fleming, Manu Riga, Youngen, Audio Noir, Gai Barone, Mendexx, Rise and Fall, Luciano Delgado, Mathov, Alexey Lisin, Rick Pier O’Neil, Alex Vidal and Matt Holliday, among others, are on hand to satisfy your thirst for quality sounds and get the weekend moving in the right direction.

#greenmartian #gaibarone #alexvidal #altek #manuriga #audionoir #rickpiero’neil #ruslanvashkevich #youngen #john00fleming #lokkavox #mendexx #dharmalogy #chandrama #alexeylisin #alexandrapride #experimentalfeelings #mattholliday #abity #riseandfall #mathov #quantus #vinceaoun #timaaron #vladad’shake #persya #seconds #lucianodelgado

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Pavlin Petro is back at Bonzai Progressive with the superb Resistance. This one comes after he dished out the goods on remix duty for Crocy’s – Mind, back towards the end of 2015. His BP debut – Feeling Alive certainly turned a few heads and we’ve no doubt that this one will follow suit. Resistance is a dark and dirty progressive groove that grabs a hold of you and won’t let go until you’re suitably infused with its deep and powerful groove. Chunky kicks and hypnotic cymbals provide a steady beat as an evolving bass generates a static energy that roots you to the spot. Gritty tones and lurking sounds fill the space and on the break we are faced with a haunting sequence. After the break a seriously cool vocal comes through adding a wonderful character to the sound. Tough and gnarly for the late night sets, you do not want to miss this one.

Synthetic Desire opens with a cool percussion led arrangement that is soon joined by a nice chunky kick and sharp claps. The drums dish out a solid rhythmic groove that provides the perfect platform for the beautifully lush bassline to latch on to. Fantastic spoken vocals leap out of the track and captivate with their dark tones as subtle synth keys are introduced later on. A powerful slice of progressive here that will be a welcome addition in any set.

Can’t You See sets off with a very nice display of drums and percussions that gets the rhythm moving smoothly into a fantastic deep house groove. Big chunky kick drums, crispy hi hats and intricate percussive elements are to blame for these tight patterns that become highly infectious. The deep house oozes out of the sound with the help of a lush bassline that carries a powerful draw. On the break we are treated to some darker elements as low end pads are joined by twisting synths before we are thrust back into full on mode. An excellent display of smooth deep grooves that will deliver the killer blow to any set.

#pavlinpetrov #bonzaiprogressive

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JoC H aka Bolivian DJ and producer Jose Henry debuts on Bonzai Progressive with the fantastic two tracker – Never Give Up. With a hugely impressive back catalogue on top labels this guy has one thing on his mind, to transmit his energy into everything he does creating an exciting and amazing experience to his listeners. We think you’ll agree that this debut does just that. Never Give Up intros with a cool arrangement that gets the rhythms flowing nicely. Punchy kick drums are offset with thick hi hats on top of an extra layer of percussions that blend seamlessly into the sound. The bass arrives and takes us deeper into the world of tech house as it rattles along the low end with ease. Gritty sounds and spacey vibes flow through the track as we get locked on for the duration. The break throws up some excellent pads that draw you in before slamming back into full on mode. Definitely one for the darker late night rooms here, not to be missed.

Grow delivers a cool pacey groove right from the get go as powerful punchy kick drums lead the way with shuffling hats and crashing cymbals getting the rhythm moving. A wonderfully deep, solid bassline drives the track forward with a surging power that will surely get floors moving. The progressive juices are flowing strong here as colourful textures start to light up the sound. On the break a deep droning bass takes over as subtle melodies find their way before we crash right back into the main groove for the duration. Top notch stuff that will not disappoint.

#joch #bonzaiprogressive

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Having made his first appearance on Piston back towards the end of 2015 on The Secrets Of The Trade 004, Demarkus Lewis makes his full debut with the superb three tracker – Strung On You. A powerhouse in the electronic music world, this guy has been churning out quality vibes for over 15 years. He is well known for taking things deep, way deep, while maintaining an energy level that keeps floors busy. His sounds have graced many labels over the years, Nervous Records, Slip N Slide, Black Vinyl, Kingtstreet Soundz and Guesthouse Music are just a few of the labels to mention. He also owns the successful Grin Music where he showcases only the finest grooves. Considered a legend in the underground scene, we are delighted to have this guy on board and we hope to see more from him in the future.

The Main Mix is up first and intros is classic style with a punchy kick drum and super crispy open hats alongside sharp claps. Flavourful keys and lush tones soon take over bringing the sound deeper. A superb, solid bassline gives the track its deep house groove as those keys and pads swirl overhead creating a perfectly balanced sound that will keep the floors burning. Cool vocals deliver a real classic feeling full of funky phrases and luscious vibes. This is what deep house is all about, a definite must have track.

The Dub Mix removes the main vocal leaving behind just a taste to whet the appetite. A classy affair that derives the deep house sound in a classic sense. This one will be a most welcome addition in any set.

Piston main man and head honcho Rogerio Martins is remix duty and delivers another fine slice of deepness for our listening pleasure. When this guy isn’t busy sifting demos and managing his label he gets into the studio to delight us with his sounds. Fresh off the back of his debut release on the legendary KMS Records, Rogerio loves nothing more than dishing out deep and groovy vibes and here he does not disappoint. The remix open with a very cool bassy kick drum and a super crispy hat with subtle percussions bringing up the rear. No time is wasted and soon the beautifully warm bass envelopes the sound while equally warm pads create a deep atmosphere. The track takes a short break where we are introduced to the star of the show, a fantastic piano chord that just oozes coolness and sophistication. The piano is so understated that it quite simply dominates the groove to perfection. Sprinklings of that smooth vocal litter the track making this a track you do not want to miss.

#demarkuslewis #pistonrecordings #rogeriomartins

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Cassandria Daiva returns to Bonzai Basiks after a bit of a hiatus with a fantastic five track pack entitled Rising Funk EP. Her last appearance on Bonzai was way back in 2012 with her Sulabha EP. An avid producer and remixer Cassandria utilises her DJing experience to deliver what the crowd wants. She has appeared on many labels including High Gloss Records, Triskel-Tech Recordings and Click Muziq Records. She toured in Europe, played several Winter Music Conference events in Miami and performed at one of the largest music festivals in North America – WEMF. Her unique energy, coupled with the ability to instinctively relate with partygoers makes her performances stand out, leaving crowds wanting more.

Rising Funk dishes out a cool tech house vibe right from the off as a tight tonal kick drum is paired up with cool crispy hats and percussions. Distant vocal shots add a little character to the sound alongside cool FX. The bassline comes in and takes control of the groove giving us plenty to shake our thangs to on the floors. Top notch stuff.

Parser intros with a tough punchy kick drum alongside cool vocal shots and tight percussions. A metallic vibe ensues as cool synths come through and those percussions continue to layer up. A deep probing bassline pairs up with the kicks bringing a more techno fuelled groove. On the break we get a mixture of the bass and little snippets of synths that litter the sound throughout. A cool fresh sound that is not to be missed.

Totally Unknown unleashes a wonderfully constructed drum fuelled track onto our senses. An immersive tribal experience ensues as a tight drum arrangement takes hold alongside a meandering deep bass. Cool riser add a bit of flare as well as equally cool vocals that are scattered throughout. An excellent cut that will fit into any set with ease.

Bliss intros with a chunky kick and bright crispy hat combi to the backdrop of a building drum arrangement. Cool rhythmic patterns are formed and we are soon locked into the tech house groove. A playful dancing bassline weaves its way through the sound and adds an upbeat kinda vibe. Top notch tech house grooves that will not disappoint.

Sweet Addiction carries a solid, deep tech vibe that that will definitely get those feet shuffling to the floors. Tight drums and some cool vocal shots keep the rhythms loose while an underwater type bassline rocks the low end. More drum and percussion layers are added resulting in a tight knit groove with a big punch. A definite must have track in any set.

#cassandriadaiva #bonzaibasiks

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Daniel returns to Eyepatch with the superb two tracker – Petal which comes a few months after his last cut – Dirty Laugh on Piston Recordings. Petal delivers a solid deep house groove right from the off as chunky kick drums and soft hats dish out cool rhythms. Warm notes lace the groove and are soon joined by a wonderfully lush deep bass that carries the sound beautifully. As the layers build we get treated to some cool drum patterns alongside weird and wonderful FX the fill up the space bringing a surreal touch to this mesmerizing slice of deepness, top notch.

Wanderer goes head first into a superb deep and grooving track filled with spacey, cosmic vibes and some killer chords. The rhythm section keeps the juices flowing and will surely delight many floors with those punchy kicks and shuffling hat arrangements. A truly deep and powerful bassline runs through the sound and adds an extra level of depth that will captivate. Strange melodics are littered throughout adding wonderful textures to the sound making this a definite must have track for those late night sessions.

#danielray #eyepatchrecordings

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Alex Greenhouse aka Uzbekistan native Aleksandr Pletnev makes his Bonzai Elemental debut with Seasons, a super chilled trek into electronica with wonderfully layered textures and soundscapes. Having started to create his own music since he was 15, Aleksandr scored his first release in 2013 and ever since then he has churned out a plethora of tracks across various labels. He turns his hands to many styles and genres with a direct focus on quality. Great to have him on board and hopefully we’ll be seeing more of this talented artist in the future.

Seasons Intro slowly fades into existence with soft strings and pads before a marching snare drum gathers momentum alongside huge crashing drums and a large orchestral soundscape, the perfect set up to get us underway.

The fresh sounds of Winter enlighten the mind with a euphoric composition comprised of beautiful piano chords and joyful strings. A slow downtempo beat comes through as the track settles into it smooth groove. Nice and uplifting vibes that tell the tale of Winter perfectly.

Spring intros with a colourful piano melody that exudes spurts of life and new beginnings as the melodies intertwine to create an elaborate myriad of textures. A perfectly executed human beatbox carries the sound forward and provides a solid beat for the uplifting groove.

Summer presents a bright and uplifting vibe right from the off as a plinky high pitched piano dishes out its melodics. Cool percussions deliver a real smooth laidback groove the will get the feet tapping as rich strings and pads swirl overhead.

Autumn intros with a wonderfully deep sound that captivates instantly and locks you in for the duration. A brilliantly arranged collection of piano melodies blend together in perfect harmony before a harsh lower bass sound takes over delivering a more intense vibe. Beautifully big and bold with a lot of gusto, just like those Autumn months.

Seasons Outro takes us on a journey of resolve after we trekked through the seasons. Warm, homely sounds make up a rich and pleasing groove that derives a sense of relief and enchantment all rolled into one. Marching snares make a return but in a more subdues fashion than previous that takes us to the end of the track before a soft melody sees us out.

#alexgreenhouse #bonzaielemental

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