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Dofamine heads up our next Bonzai Progressive release with the superb artist album, Introvert. We last saw him over at Green Martian back at the start of 2015 with Zero, which gained a lot of support from across the board. Introvert takes us on a fantastic journey deep into the realms of house, from progressive to deep, filled with melodic flavours and harsh tones. A truly wonderful ride that will bring emotion and inspiration which you will embed deep into your soul.

Dofamine’s Introvert is a superb collection of tracks that will give its listener a wonderful insight into the inner workings of progressive grooves sprinkled with infectious musical sequences. From the deep progressive house grooves of Hydra and Traveller, to the more subdued, smooth vibes on Wind, Mirror, Moon and March 29 there is something for everyone. Monotone takes on a more Techno persona with its harsh bass and tribal fuelled drums while we get a respite from the madness with tracks like Sun, Native and No Way Out as they takes us high into the sky with their blissful ways leaving a sense of fulfilment in their wake.

Rounding off the album we get a glimpse at the title track, Introvert which intros with a crisp hat and distant drums before a nice punchy kick takes over. The bass powers into the sound and delivers an instant injection of smooth progressive vibes. The bass transforms into a gritty throbbing monster and sits perfectly below the maelstrom of sounds above. Bright sweeping, melodic pads fill out the groove beautifully and give off an almost euphoric feeling that captivates the mind, body and soul. A wonderful display that will definitely find its way into many sets this Summer.

#dofamine #bonzaiprogressive

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Steve Sai returns to Bonzai Progressive with the fantastic Drops which comes backed up with two top class remixes. We last saw Greek DJ and producer Steve back at the start of 2015 with a remix on Mindgamers’ The Preachers which gained a lot of support from all over. The Original Mix intros with a cinematic themed sequence filled with sweeping sounds and a thick probing bass. Cool staggered hats come through alongside an otherworldly string which leads us into nice chunky kicks and warm melancholic vocals. The track goes deeper with the bassline providing the deep groove alongside those stunning vocals and a super tight drum arrangement. Another wonderfully deep progressive cut from Steve that will definitely grab a lot of attention.

Bonzai Progressive debut remixer Acud drops a super smooth prog house stomper complete with solid grooves and sophisticated vocals that blend perfectly with punchy kicks and crispy hats. The bassline probes right through the sound as wispy strings fade in and out alongside a cool, subtle synth arp. Rich pads light up the track and bring in a spacious atmospheric vibe that adds an intense flavour to the sound. Wonderfully crafted stuff that is a must have track in your collection.

The ever present Audio Noir is back on remix duty and delivers another top notch job as usual. His last outing was on remix duty for Matt Holliday’s Memories Of Yesterday as well as his artist album Now & Zen and yet again he provides the goods in style. The Audio Noir Rekonstruction intros with a deliciously cool pad sequence that ebbs and flows to the backdrop of a solid kick and a powerful bassline. Beautiful, bright arps sweep across the sound as subtle yet very effective vocal shots pop up. We settle in for a truly epic ride as this relentless groove just keeps on giving. The break takes us deeper as those pads and arps lull us deep into the groove before that lush kick and strong bass takes us back into full on mode. From here we get locked into a solid workout complete with a full on electric rock guitar that gives off a progressive rock Pink Floyd vibe as it marries up with that superb driving bass. Sublime.

#stevesai #bonzaiprogressive #acud #audionoir

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Dutch DJ and producer Jesper Mauerhoff debuts on Bonzai Progressive with the fantastic two tracker, Eyes Wide Shut. Eyes Wide Shut settles into a solid progressive vibe from the get go with a subtle rolling bassline, chunky kicks and a cool bending synth. A strikingly sharp siren rises and takes us into full on mode as the drums and percussions deliver a smooth rhythmic flow. Some fantastic sounds come through and bring an 80’s vibe alongside a superb contemporary melodic arp that rises and falls beautifully through the track. A nice slice of progressive fodder that will do well in any set.

Electric Gathering intros with a wonderful driving synth sound that binds perfectly with the punchy kicks. A round of very cool percussions builds up and delivers a flowing rhythm right throughout the track with a very subtle tribal element. The groove goes full on cosmic with the introduction of winding spacey themed synths and pads. A definite set builder and a must have track no doubt.

#jespermauerhoff #bonzaiprogressive

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Italian DJ and producer Francis White marks his Piston debut with the fantastic three tracker, Don’t Wanna Be EP. Francis developed a love for all things Techno from an early age after experiencing many clubs in Verona. He soon found himself at the other end, behind the decks, where he refined his skills and honed his sets into relentless melody driven grooves. His tracks have seen releases on labels such as Autan Records, Fish Records, FHD Records and Crossworld to name just a few. For the last few years he has been running hiss monthly event, DOC, which has now been transformed into a label called DOC Music. Plenty more to come from this guy in the future, so keep an eye and an ear out for more.

Don’t Wanna Be intros with a classic punchy kick drum and crispy hi-hat combo that always grabs attention. Sharp claps and other subtle percussions deliver a cool rhythmic flow to the sound as grainy spoken vocals come through to get the groove moving. A solid, deep bass meanders through the sound while those tight drums force you to move. A very fresh sound that will definitely get the floors buzzing.

Futurity sets off with a filtered kick which joined by a slicing hat that and some cool vocal sounds that pop up along the way. The kicks get a massive thump added as the track lifts off with its infectious groove. The rolling bass line becomes a main focus in the sound while a cool house atmosphere builds up in the background. Expertly tweaked filters keep the track bouncing along nicely as those one shot vocals add that urban vibe. Superb stuff that will be a welcome addition in your box.

True Life intros with a nice solid kick drum a shuffling hat pattern that gathers pace and lets the rhythm loose. Cool, sweeping synths are joined by an equally cool spoken vocal and lead us into a superb bass line that sets the track off beautifully. Francis has a knack for building on the groove at every turn, subtle filters here and there keep the sound fresh and the vocals give the track a dark edge that works perfectly. You will find yourself on the dance floor with this one as tight drums keep the rhythm flowing. A must have track that will not disappoint.

#franciswhite #pistonrecordings

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Cysxe, the deeper side of Van Czar’s brand of techno, returns with the superb OxO EP which comes backed up with a fantastic remix from Lauro Martins. As ever we get nothing but the best from Van as he has shown us over the last few years. His last outing as Cysxe was no exception when he teamed up with Minitech Project on their Acid Planet EP. Van remains a constant force on the airwaves with his Bonzai Basik Beats Spain attracting a core following of listeners on a regular basis. In June 2015 Van rocked the Tekno Beach stage at Legacy Festival alongside Dantiez Saunderson for a stunning back to back session becoming one of the highlights of the event. A true keeper of the Techno sound who never disappoints.

The Original Mix sets out with a deep and dark menacing low bass sound that reverberates with a raw power through the speakers. The kickdrum keeps up and punches through alongside slicing hats and sharp claps. Cool rising FX deliver a spacey vibe to the sound as alien style synths lurk in the background. This one is perfect fodder for the late night, underground parties where you can let yourself go and get lost in its hypnotic groove, top notch.

Brazilian DJ and producer Lauro Martins debuts on Basiks with his superb remix. Raised in California USA, Lauro was exposed to all kinds of music as his Father was a DJ. He played his first gig in Brazil and from here he gained confidence with electronic music. Over the years he found his way into Deep House, Tech House and Techno. He draws inspiration from Latin and African sounds and brings these into his own tracks. On the remix the intro sets off with subtlety as soft kicks are met with clean, crisp hats and a dark underlying bass. The kicks soon break through and deliver their punch with gusto as that bass matures into a deep droning monster that dominates the sound. Those crisp hats are joined by a tight drum arrangement that carves out a smooth rhythmic flow where we get a taste of both Latin and African influences. A superb cut that will definitely be a go to track for many.

#cysxe #bonzaibasiks #lauromartins

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Iraqi born DJ and producer Moosick aka Mustafa Ismaeel debuts on Green Martian with The Chase. Although born in Baghdad, Mustafa grew up in India and ultimately ended up living in Canada. The experience of being exposed to different cultures has played a huge part in his sound. He started to DJ while at university and played at top clubs around Toronto including Sound Academy and Club 77. He has also graced the decks at the Bacardi NH7 festival in Bangalore and the Garden Of Eden festival in Southern Ontario as well as multiple guest spots across various radio stations. Lots more to come from this guy in 2015, so stay tuned. The Chase comes packed with three top notch remixes.

The Original Mix intros with a superb kickdrum that packs a nice punch on the low end and some cool rhythmic drums to get the floor moving. A deep, probing bassline comes through and takes over with its powerful groove and is soon joined by cool pads that sweep across sound. Sustained chords drive the hypnotic edge of the track as the shuffling hats keep the rhythm flowing. On the break those chords come to life with sharp stabs that split the low frequencies in two. A top notch cut that will be a welcome addition in many sets.

The first of three remixes is Jekyll’s Metastasis Remix which intros with a cool elemental flow as rattling chimes are met with blowing winds and light rain. In the background a warm pad begins its rise alongside a distant heart beat. A nice big punchy kick comes out of nowhere with crisp hats in tow and we soon find ourselves on the cusp of an epic ride. Sharp, bright melodic keys dish out a cool lead as a siren winds up and takes us deep into the groove with the addition of a driving bassline. On the break the melodies break free in various guises and deliver a sublime sequence before crashing right back into the main track for the duration. A wonderfully rich progressive journey you will not want to miss.

Onez!e returns to remix duty on Green Martian after a short hiatus. We last saw this talented artist back in November 2014 with his remix on Lonely Sun & Nicolas Agudelo’s Robotronica which turned a few heads and gained great support. Here he takes the remix on a fantastic ride filled with wonderful melodies and a driving relentless bassline that never lets up. An intensity develops in the track as those background pads and winding synths rise and rise bringing the track to its highest level before we drop into the break where the bass remains king. A deep progressive monster that will shake up a lot of floors.

Video Life debuts on Green Martian with a fantastic remix that will fast become a go to track for sure. On the intro we get a soft start as muted kicks are joined by a cascading percussion and shuffling hats. The softness disappears as a superb offset bass ploughs through and dominates the sound. The bass transforms after a short break and delivers a powerful, driving groove that is matched beautifully with strong chords and a tight drum arrangement. A definite go to track that will keep the party rocking.

#moosick #greenmartian #jekyll #onez!e

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Our Tech House Toolbox series continues with volume 4 churning out another round of the finest tech fuelled cuts from labels including Piston Recordings, Bonzai Basiks, Sounds R Us Recordings, Sudam, Monog Records and more. We never let up on the quality front and this time around we have sourced top notch original tracks from the likes of Carlo Caldareri, Ecco, Jonathan Calvo, Oz Romita, Chrono, Toral, Lagho, Hermann Dius, Davina, GgDex, Di Chiara Brothers, Laesh, Ricardo Espino, DJ Ferry, JR From Dallas, Alan Castro, Art Sparks, Matteo Cabassi, Lucky, Cerillo, Ecco, Milos Pesovic, Blansch, Jazzman Wax, Iban Montero, Capryo, Wrightly, HedUbble, Marco Madia and Johnny Deep. Just the boost required to get your dance filled weekend started.

#bonzaiprogressive #carlocaldareri #ecco #jonathancalvo #chrono #ozromita #toral #lagho #hermanndius #davina #ggdex #dichiarabrothers #laesh #ricardoespino #djferry #jrfromdallas #alancastro #artsparks #matteocabassi #luky #cerillo #milospesovic #blansch #jazzmanwax #ibanmontoro #capryo #wrighty #hedubble #marcomadia #johnnydeepakayonathandahan #pierrelusthilia

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Bonzai Progressive firm favourite Crocy is back with another of his spine tingling progressive cuts entitled Mind. He once again enlists the delicious talents of Canadian vocalist Ashley Berndt who was also the voice behind the very well received Cry. Crocy continues to be a much revered artist on the scene given his attention to detail and levels of creativity. His music finds its way into many sets and has featured on lots of compilations across Europe. On the DJing front he continues to impress with ass shakin, feet stompin mixes. Much more to come from this guy, well worth keeping an eye on. Ashley is making her mark on the scene with perfectly executed vocals and strong lyrics, both of which fit snugly into the progressive, deep house genre. A superb talent that captivates with a magical singing voice, we are sure to be hearing a lot more from this lady in the future.

The original mix of Mind opens up with a solid kick and cool hats and cymbals that set the scene for a very dancey groove. A short vocal snippet leads up to the wonderfully rich bassline that becomes a big focus on the track and the main drive throughout. Sweet melodic piano sequences are the perfect accompaniment to the beautifully weighted vocal performance from Ashley. Another superb progressive cut from Crocy that will gain a lot of attention no doubt.

Comfort intros with a cool drum arrangement made up of punchy kicks, sharp claps, crispy hats and rhythmic patterns. The attention remains firmly on the drum patterns throughout and along the way we are treated to some expert FX tweaking. The track takes on a surreal cosmic vibe filled with deep, dirty synths and cool noisy licks resulting in a very interesting construction. A must have tool in your box that will not disappoint.

#crocy #ashleyberndt #bonzaiprogressive

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Russian producer Alexander Eryomin aka A.Eryomin debuts on Bonzai Progressive with the delectable and stylish sounds of Lonely Nights. A purveyor of deep house and progressive house grooves, Alexander has graced many top labels including the likes of Emotional Noise, Crosslink Music, Trento Music and Reelaux Digital to name just a few.

The Original Mix intros with a cool sweeping synth that paves the way for the vocal which plays a huge part in the track. A solid, tightly arranged drum construction gets us on the move and is coupled with a wonderful, rich bass that binds the sounds together beautifully. Bright arps fill the sound alongside an array of percussions that keep the rhythm in check for the duration. The big hitter here is that stunning vocal and the lush bass, a combination that will definitely get the floors moving.

Bonzai debutants Geonis & Mier deliver a solid remix filled with groovy house flavours. Right from the off we get locked into the fantastic pure house driven grooves as chunky kicks sit on top of cool house stabs with slicing open hats delivering the rhythm. The bassline runs through the low end beautifully and is accompanied by that stunning quality vocal that brings out so much character in the track. On the break those big, powerful stabs do their thing and keep the groove flowing in style. Top notch stuff that will definitely turn a few heads.

#aeryomin #bonzaiprogressive #geonis #mier

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Jader Ag aka Italian born, Canada based DJ and producer Jader Agnolin debuts on Piston with the superb Triggs EP. Jader began his musical journey at a young age when he started to play electric guitar in a Punk band before moving onto drums which gave him an insight into changing things up with a variety of sounds. He began to DJ and soon found himself playing at many parties in Italy and in 2010 he started to produce his own sounds. While travelling through Europe and America he experimented with many genres and discovered his love for all things tech house with deep undertones. Like his own music, his DJ mixes are authentic and carry a deep understanding of sounds which unveils his passion for music.

Triggs is a full on Tech fuelled slice of House that gets the booty shakin right from the off with its rhythmic drums that just keep on giving. Cool voices litter the sound early on and really drive the House flavours of the track. The drums get a boost as the track evolves becoming tribal in parts while on the break a cool spoken vocal sits under the relentless drums. A deep bass ploughs through the sound delivering a shuddering groove that does not disappoint. Top notch stuff and a definite must have track.

Maniakal intros with a cool percussive arrangement that is soon joined by a powerful punchy kick. Sharp claps and slicing hats build up and get the rhythm moving nicely as the bass comes through. Cool distant voices sweep by as the track gathers pace with the super tight drums playing a huge part. The break brings those short vocal hits closer to home to the backdrop of those superb ever evolving drums that just seem to play on forever. After the break cool keys come through and drive the Tech elements of the groove beautifully. A fine slice of house music that will be a go to track in your box no doubt.

Pinwheel Galaxy intros with the classic punchy kick, sharp claps and crispy hats that take us deep into Tech House territory. A wonderfully lush bass soon joins the party and delivers a nice pounding groove that will get those dancing feet shuffling. The break throws up a surreal sequence filled with sweeping noises and a fantastic deep house chord that dominates with a cool vocal effect going off in the background. After the break the track settles into a solid house joint that you will be forced to move to with its infectious rhythmic groove. Superb stuff you will not want to miss.

#jaderag #pistonrecordings

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