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Zeo debuts on Eyepatch with Cycle EP, and has the enviable job of offering a bit of a revival for the label as we haven’t had much activity since July 2014, and he definitely delivers the goods in style. Five intros with deep house grooves in mind as stabbing chords are met with a probing bass and crispy hats. You find yourself locked in for the duration as your mind is explored by that probing bass which is joined by a mesmerising pad that hangs in the air beautifully. A real solid slice here that will get the floors moving for sure.

Wave sets out with a huge punchy kick that pounds deep and is accompanied by a panning bass sound and wispy voices. Darker, more gritty sounds appear that belong in the depths yet offer a hypnotic appeal to the track. A much more structured bass line is revealed and we are on course for a superb trek deep into the house sound. Exotic keys rattle subtly over the sound and contrast perfectly with the deeper elements. Top notch tuff indeed you will not want to miss.

Drills delivers another fine slice of deep house grooves and rounds up this superb trio sounds. Big chunky kicks provide the intro as cool drums are scattered around. A smooth rhythmic flow is born out of shuffling hats and sharp claps with a little help from expertly placed FX. Rich pads and strings float across the groove and a superb display of synth work leaves the imagination running wild. The bass line gets a beef up and churns out a solid groove for the duration making this a definite go to tool for any deeper sets.

#zeo #eyepatchrecordings

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Regular SRUR contributor Harun Karabulut returns with the superb four track EP entitled Club Entrance. We’re used to seeing this guy over on our Muzika series but this time around we get a tasty full release. Club Entrance takes us right into a full on techno workout from the get go as a tough kick drum is met with distorted hats and a fantastic FM bass. The track breaks to reveal a rising 303 acid line that twists and morphs into a pitching monster before subsiding and joining in on the groove. The acid line levels out and provides the perfect fodder for a real trip deep into your mind. An expertly crafted slice that will definitely be a must have track.

Modus intros with a cool punchy kick that has a nice bassy aftertaste and is joined by equally cool percussions. The drums get a beef up as the layers build and deliver a solid, steady rhythmic groove as industrialised sounds go off all around. Great big dirty synths take over the sound and stand in contrast to that classic stabs on offer. A great blend of harsh tones against polished sounds here that will appeal to many for sure.

The Original Mix of Mumbi sets out with a pacey tech house vibe that comes complete with a superb, crispy hat and thumping kick. A classic techno piano stab come through with an Inner City style that will get boots on the floors for sure. Those stabs fade in and out of the sound as a deep rooted bass line keeps the groove firmly in place. Brilliant stuff here that will definitely get the bootys shakin.

Bouff Kerlitz offers up his remix of Mumbi and adds a real techno flavour to the sound with house in mind. Huge thumping kick drums are the big hitter here but soon get overshadowed by that Inner City style piano stab. A quite minimal approach which goes a long way to delivering a solid groove that will keep the floors lit up for sure. Bright percussions and crispy sharp hats make for a cool rhythmic flow to the sound as those stabs force you to move your body. Superb stuff, this one is gonna turn a few heads.

#harunkarabulut #soundsrusrecordings #bouffkerlitz

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Audio Noir’s Almost Famous gets its 3rd Rework with another round of top notch remixes from Yuriy From Russia, Rise And Fall, Leon Krasich and Narel. Audio Noir’s last outing was the very well received studio album – Artificial Star, which attracted a lot of attention indeed which is no surprise given the level of quality in the production. Still much more to come from this mysterious Australian so keep your eyes and ears peeled.

First up we have Rise And Fall with his remix on Wunderschong which intros with a nice solid kick with a bubbling bass line fading through that is soon joined by cool swirling pad FX. A much more probing bass layers up on the groove and we settle into a proper progressive flow that takes us deep. Subtle synths creep in and layer up to create a strong mid range that carries the track beautifully along on its prog groove. Top notch stuff from this guy as expected, not to be missed.

Leon Krasich takes control on remix duty also on Wunderschong and delivers a superb prog effort that will keep the darker rooms moving well into the night. A brilliant kick drum opens up the track and packs a nice punch as the bass starts its upward journey from the depths to drive the deep groove on. Bright open hats get the rhythmic juices flowing and are joined by cool shuffling hats to really get things moving. A mesmerising chord hangs in the background for most of the track and adds a deep groove that binds perfectly with the construction of the sound. The break descends into a cacophony of synths that eat their way into your brain before subsiding and getting us back into the main groove for the duration. Excellent stuff and a must have track for those late night sessions.

Next up is Yuriy From Russia and his fantastic remix on Love which opens with a beautifully soft sound that is joined by a contrasting punchy kick and a deep probing bass line that dances along the groove brilliantly. Those sweetly soft sounds transform into a superb vocal arrangement that provides an uplifting vibe which works perfectly with the meandering groove from the bass line. The break reveals some cool distant piano melodies which work so well with that fantastic bass. A simply wonderful slice of prog that will keep any floor on a musical high.

Rounding off this superb pack we have Narel’s Age of Love & Acid Mix on Love which intros with a drum filled set up as various drums are tightly packed into cool patterns forming an equally cool tribal rhythm. Swirling pads float across the sound as a soft, sensual vocal appears alongside a tough kick drum that starts to give the track its progressive drive. This drive is reached with the introduction of a superb, solid chugging bass line that wraps everything up into a wonderful progressive cocoon. Cool melodic synths find their way into the sound as that vocal continues to mesmerise. A brilliant acid line starts to form up and becomes a big focus on the track and totally dominates the break where it ebbs and flows with the tweaking of the knobs before we slam right back into full on mode. Brilliant stuff that is a must for any peak time set.

#audionoir #bonzaiprogressive #riseandfall #leonkrasich #yuriyfromrussia #narel

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Matt Holliday delivers his latest progressive slice – Light Year to the Bonzai office and once again he knocks it outta the park. His last solo release was Memories Of Yesterday back in June 2015 and this one hit the ground running with features on many download portals and great support from the DJ and club scene. Based in Birmingham UK, Matt also releases on other labels including the mighty JOOF where he delivers his more trance licked tracks. When he’s not flying solo he joins forces with other artists, most notably Manu Riga whom he has several releases and remixes with. Much more to come from this guy so stay tuned.

First up we have Light Year which intros with a fantastic sequence filled with soft melodies, mysterious voices and strangely atmospheric sounds alongside a deep tribal drum arrangement. The intro takes us on its own journey before we get thrust deeper into the world of progressive with a little help from a solid kick and rolling bass line. The kick and bass combi drives on relentlessly as those atmospherics from the intro continue to float through the sound. The break intensifies the groove with rich, full strings and pads before they subside and slamming us back into the main track for the duration. Another Matt Holliday stomper that will definitely be at home in a deep dark set.

Subsequential is a real prog mover with its tight rhythmic drum arrangements and driving bass line that surfaces from deep below bringing a solid groove in its wake. Sweeping synths play a big part in the sound as they ebb and flow throughout alongside a top notch range of FX. That bass line totally locks you in and won’t let go until we get a respite on the break where a wonderful display of pads and FX takes over before we are locked in once more to that super tight groove. Superb effort yet again which will definitely find its way into many playlists no doubt.

#mattholliday #bonzaiprogressive

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GmT aka Gamut returns after a bit of a hiatus since his debut Vices & Transgressions EP on Green Martian back in April 2013. This time out he churns out the goods on Bonzai Progressive with the fantastic Closer EP. Slovenian born Gamut is the product of a very musical family having taken to this art from an early age with a venture in drums and percussion instruments. His teenage years were spent performing with bands and in 2000 he entered into the world of EDM with his first listen to a progressive CD. It wasn’t too long after that he started to DJ and ultimately produce his own sounds, many releases followed on many labels and here we see this diverse talent shine with more already lined up for the future.

First up we have They Don’t Matter which intros with a soft piano sequence as the kicks start to fade in and take over with a contrasting toughness to the soft piano. A deep, almost growling bass line soon joins in and takes the track down into the depths. In the background tight drum patterns form up and deliver a solid rhythmic flow to the sound. Out of the blue the most wonderful vocal cuts through the groove bringing a classy vibe that works perfectly with that piano and those tough beats. Top notch stuff that will definitely be at home in many sets.

Planet Of Two sets out with a cool drum arrangement alongside an equally cool spoken vocal. Big punchy kicks find their way into the sound and take full control before a fantastic walking bass line comes in to dominate. Striking, pitching synth stabs ride along the mid range as the vocals start to become more prominent. The break lets loose with subtle classic stabs that give the track a pure club vibe that will definitely get the floors moving. A brilliantly constructed slice here filled with tight drums, quirky synths, cool vocals and a smooth driving bass, superb stuff.

#gmt #bonzaiprogressive

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Spanish DJ and producer duo Pandeo & Satour aka Diego Garcia Cruz and Satur Lastra join forces on Piston with the fantastic double A-side entitled Fresh/Kindel. Diego (Pandeo) started out as a DJ many years ago as this was always the best way he could express himself. His sound can be defined as quite diverse ranging from Funk to Hip Hop and Detroit to Chicago, but always with a house music feeling. He has released a raft of top notch tracks over the years on many labels including Recovery Tech, Not For Us Records, Recovery House, Crossworld Vintage and Sonido Local Recordings as well as his March 2015 release on Piston, Bring Us Back. Satur (Satour) is new to these shores but has a hefty back catalogue himself. His music career began as a DJ and he was heavily influenced by the rhythm and groove of Black music from the 70’s. In 2003 he got into producing and set up his own studio from where he would release his cuts on many labels including Logical Records, Freyja Records, Crossworld Vintage, Black Mamba Records, Dubhe Recordings, Disciple Of Groove, Eye Records and more.

The Original Mix of Pandeo’s Fresh sets off with an upbeat kick and hat vibe with an underlying shuffling hat that gets the rhythm flowing nicely. A classic 303 acid line fades in and kicks the groove into overdrive that will definitely get the floors filled. Cool house inspired vocals litter the sound as that acid line goes deep with an added bass touch, bringing a warmth to the sound. The break throws in some contrasting chords that keeps the track firmly rooted into tech house with a sprinkling of deep flavours. Top notch stuff you will not want to miss.

Satour offers up his remix of Fresh and intros the track with a nice punchy kick and rolling chord licks alongside cool vocals. Sharp claps cut through the pounding kicks and crispy hats come in to get the rhythm on the move. A real nice, warm bass walks along the groove at a steady pace as the chords layer up to deliver an intricate structure. Superb warbling keys fade in and take over the sound at the midway point bringing a real groovy feel to the track. Nice and smooth tech vibes that will be at home in any house set for sure.

Satour’s Original Mix of Kindel takes us on a sublime journey deep into smooth house grooves. Keeping the rhythm in check we get a tight drum arrangement filled with crispy hats, punchy snares and a cool pounding kick that reverberates beautifully. Lush chords are scattered all over the track and compliment a solid pulsating bass. The break unleashes a sequence full of rich pads and chords that pulse with the beat before snappy snare rolls slam us back into the main groove for the duration. An excellent deep and grooving slice that will be a valuable tool in any box.

Pandeo delivers his remix of Kindel and keeps the deep house vibe alive right from the off as swirling chords float across the sound and are joined by a super tight drum arrangement. A solid throbbing bass takes over as those upbeat drums move your feet while a classic vocal sample rings out. Cool retro style pianos kick in and really give the groove a bouncy vibe. Those swirling pads stay true to the deep grooves of the track and dominate on the break alongside that fantastic vocal and piano riffs. A definite dance floor destroyer here that you will not want to miss.

#pandeo #satour #pistonrecordings

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Belgian DJ and producer Petro Chatzopoulos aka Petri Petro returns to Basiks with the superb four tracker Beam Of Light EP. It was back in April 2015 that we last got a glimpse of this guy’s talents when he delivered his Deflector EP, which saw great support on the techno and tech house floors. This one marks his 4th Bonzai release and we look forward to many more.

Beam Of Light intros with a solid kick and bass combi that gets right down to a pacey Techno groove. Cool percussions slice through the low end frequencies like a knife as crispy hats and sharp snares do their thing. The drum arrangement is top notch and provides a steady flowing rhythm that will definitely have those dancing feet on the floors. Expertly crafted noise FX and a mesmerising synth light the track on fire as that strong offset bass keeps the techno groove moving. Brilliant stuff here that will be a big hitter on the techno floors for sure.

Elliptical intros with a tough edged kick drum that pounds out a solid punch and is joined by subtle hats and cool noise FX that fade in nicely. An underlying bass accompanies those kicks perfectly and the two become one with ease delivering that solid punch with some oomph behind it. Shuffling hat patterns appear and the rhythm gets flowing beautifully as we are taken deeper into the techno sound. A pure in your face techno monster here and a definite must have track no doubt.

Polygone sets off with an effortless kick and bass combi and the two complement each other perfectly, the kicks have a nice thump with clicked top end while that bass resides much lower in the depths and provides the warmth. Cool drums start to form up into intricate patterns as shuffling hats come through to keep the rhythm tight. Intense synths rise up in the background and deliver a tension to the sound that builds and builds before dissipating and taking right back into the main groove. A definite big hitter here that will be at home in any of the tougher techno sets.

Nebulosity rounds off this superb pack and takes us on a surreal trek into the deeper side of techno. Right from the off we are locked into this solid techno workout with thumping kicks and cool sharp claps and an on beat bas that hypnotises the mind. A fantastic round of tight percussion patterns gives the track a nice bounce ass mesmerising synths lurk in the background. Another fine slice of pure techno that is most definitely not to be missed.

#petripetro #bonzaibasiks

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Experimental Feelings aka Spanish DJ and producer Toni Gonzalez gets his full Green Martian release with the superb three tracker – Indian Trip EP. He first showed up in September 2015 on remix duties for Pavlin Petrov featuring Selina Stoane’s Feeling Alive which gained great support, and prior to this he appeared on Green Martian’s Afterhour Trax 17 and Bonzai’s Progressive House 15.

Indian Trip gets right down to business from the off and takes no prisoners with its punchy kicks and tight percussion arrangement. Swirling sounds create a wonderfully atmospheric vibe that drives the groove beautifully before getting some backup from the solid bass line that bubbles up from the depths. The groove is relentless here as we get totally hooked right up to the break where the track digs deep into an Eastern flavour filled with Indian voices and wonderful melodies. Fantastic slice of prog here that will definitely light up any floor.

Forces Of Nature gets the progressive juices flowing with a truly atmospheric vibe filled with airy pads and melodic strings that melt into the sound with ease. A cool synth chord is present throughout and serves as a mesmerising focal point. The bass line trods along with a smooth driving force that shores the track up perfectly and allows the melodic nature of the groove to shine. The break takes us to a more intense arena with a deep vocal and some harsher synths that add a tougher edge to the sound. Top notch stuff yet again from this guy.

Insomnia intros with a complex arrangement of percussions drums and sweeping synth pads that when combined provide a solid groove filled with progressive delights. A punchy, probing bass enters the fray and gets the groove going on a deeper course. A seemingly haphazard affair which alludes to that sense of insomnia where you find yourself torn between sleep and an awakened state. The break almost frees you from this inertia with a subtle yet short lived melody that threatens to cut through the darkness only to be swallowed up and slammed back into the main groove for the duration. The perfect tool for those late night sessions for sure.

#experimentalfeelings #greenmartian

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Jessy Winters and Tezija Zararic aka Swiss artistic group Vechigen are back with another super chilled cut – Vice City. Last time out, back in May 2015, they gave us The V-Files which proved popular among many and we have no doubt that this new cut will follow suit.

Vice City comes into existence with a flurry of cool percussions and a strong rich pad that is complimented by a bright lead synth that belts out a classic Hammer melody. The percussions deliver a super chilled experience as that classic melody allows your mind to wander. A superb take on hugely recognisable melody that will let you slip into the world of chilldom.

Night In The Desert intros with soft pianos that lead into a wide sweeping pad vox and a cool spoken vocal. Gated synths fade in alongside a big drum arrangement that delivers a scene of wide open expanse. Rich strings become a big part of the sound before they subside and let the drums take control. The track breaks to reveal that beautiful vox as the hairs on the back of your neck rise. A wonderful slice of chill with a fantastic downtempo beat, perfect for an evening beside the fire.

#vechigen #bonzaielemental

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It’s that time of year again when we head off to the Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE), for a round of networking, socialising and business meetings. Over the years we have showcased our hugely talented pool of artists to the world through various mediums including compilations and DJ events. With compilations proving popular among listeners we decided to notch up another superb selection of the finest cuts which really shows what the Bonzai Progressive sound is all about. Tracks and remixes from the likes of Airwave, Manu Riga, Audio Noir, Matt Holliday, Crocy ft. Ashley Brandt, Matan Caspi, Phi Phi, Jamie Baggotts, Ewan Rill, Steve Sai, Alex Vidal, Dofamine, AudioStorm, Amteron, Jakhira, Time Bourne, Jesper Mauerhoff, Samotarev, Yuriy From Russia, Anurag Nandvanshi, Hady Tarek, Dennis Franchi, Tribal Warriors, K-Fel, CompleteJ, Surveyor Mode, House Lovin’ Criminals, EFG, Aitra, Alexey Lisin, Ange Vesna, A.Eryomin, Geonis, Mier and Daddy will be on hand to deliver deep tech house grooves to full on progressive vibes and everything in between. Give your DJ tool box a boost with this fantastic collection and come along and join us at ADE, we might be just what you’re looking for.

#bonzaiprogressive #airwave #manuriga #audionoir #mattholliday #crocy #ashleybrandt #matancaspi #phiphi #jamiebaggotts #ewanrill #stevesai #alexvidal #dofamine #audiostorm #amteron #jakhira #timebourne #jespermauerhoff #samotarev #yuriyfromrussia #anuragnandvanshi #hadytarek #dennisfranchi #tribalwarriors #k-fel #completej #surveyormode #houselovincriminals #efg #aitra #alexeylisin #angevesna #aeryomin #geonis #mier #daddy

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Tel Aviv based DJ and producer Matan Caspi joins forces with fellow Tel Aviv DJ and producer Roy Lebens on the superb Klubnichka which comes backed up with two brilliant remixes. Matan is undoubtedly one of the most productive & rising electronic music producers under the spotlight. He has been constantly developing his music productions and his work has been internationally exposed and played by many artists and top DJ’s around the globe. He has releases a slew of top tracks on Bonzai Progressive, among others, over the last few years and sits in high regard among his peers. Roy is also an artist on the up, he has seen a raft of releases on many labels and is no stranger to Bonzai Progressive, in 2014 he featured on our Club Traxx Progressive House 1 compilation with his track Alien Boys alongside R3cycle. As well as many solo cuts, Roy and Matan have delivered lots of top notch tracks as a duo, particularly through Matan’s Outta Limits label.

The Original Mix intros with a solid rhythmic drum fuelled workout that will get the floors on the move for sure. Cool vocals sit in the background as a gritty synth rises before dissipating and leaving a fantastic grooving bass line in its wake. The subtle vocal continues and is joined by a cool clubby female vocal that works perfectly with tech house elements of the sound. Various basses are introduced creating a maelstrom of intricate patterns and textures. The female vocal shines on the break alongside those tightly packed drums and percussions which bode well for a smooth rhythmic flow. Excellent stuff you will not want to miss.

Dennis Franchi and studio partner C-Les make up the House Lovin Criminals and their mission is to take various house music fusions and bring them to new heights while retaining a classic vibe. The guys have known each other for a number of years and regularly DJ’d together at various parties. They went their different ways for a time before somehow getting back together and ultimately getting into the studio. A truly fresh approach from this dynamic duo and we have no doubt they will make their mark on the scene in a big way. The House Lovin Criminals debut came in the summer of 2015 with Basetimes and proved to be a dancefloor hit. The remix intros with a super bassy punchy kick that pounds out a solid hit which is joined by a cool open hat and gritty synth shots. The female vocal spurs the bass line that meanders through the sound beautifully delivering a deep solid groove. Cool synths come through on the break and keep the tech vibes flowing which will transfer effortlessly onto the floors.

Slovenian DJ and producer Matevz Crocy aka Crocy returns to remix duty and dishes up another tasty treat for us to get our groove on. His last outing on Bonzai Progressive, Mind featuring Ashley Berndt was a firm favourite among many and continues to prove popular. Here, Crocy takes us deep into tech house with his effort as super tight drums are led by a nice punchy kick and crispy hat combo. Cool synth risers litter the sound alongside perfectly placed vocals that give the groove a definite club vibe. The bass line rattles through the sound with ease and undergoes various transformations, from smooth and well rounded to tough and edgy which works beautifully with the groove. To top off the tech vibe we get some very cool stabby synths that offer an air of retro which will definitely go down very well on the floors.

#matancaspi #roylebens #bonzaiprogressive #houselovincriminals #crocy

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Hungarian producer Paul Kardos shows up on our Bonzai Progressive imprint with fantastic two tracker, The Workout Song. He marked his Bonzai debut on Green Martian with the wonderful Tres Sonidos EP back in July 2015. Since 2013 Paul has been churning out the quality on OLD SSQL Recordings with a raft of releases focusing in on the Progressive House side of the tracks.

The Workout Song intros with a very cool sequence of subtle melodies that intertwine with harsher synth shots and quirky FX creating a colourful, textured sound. A nice and chunky kick comes through and is joined by a fantastic pulsing synth that sits on the offset. Crispy hats and sharp claps deliver a rhythmic flow to the sound as the layers continue to build. A subtle bass sits back and allows the groove to move while adding just enough oomph to the groove. The short break allows chords to develop that takes the track even deeper into the progressive house abyss.

We Are One sets out with a nice chunky kick and a gently tip tapping hat. A distant synth begins to rise and becomes the big focus in the sound as it mesmerises with a subtle sweetness before crashing out to unleash the true deep traits of the track. Warm chords and a deep reverberating bass take over as we settle into a solid deep progressive groove. Those chords go through a transformation as they are opened up to reveal a striking bright melodic flavour. The break lets the melodies shine and weave intricate patterns that captivate beautifully. A wonderful display of melodies that will definitely appeal to many.

#paulkardos #bonzaiprogressive

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Debut appearance on Piston for young up and coming Argentinean DJ and producer Pablo Woof with the superb two tracker Fireworks. Fireworks takes us on whirlwind ride into tech house which intros with a wonderful display of drums and percussions. Sharp crispy hats and cymbals, snappy snares and superb electro styled rolls are the order of the day. Keeping things in check and on point we have a lush bass that sits beautifully in the sound and commands the track throughout. Cool sounds litter the groove and on the break some very cool crowd effects comes into play before we get thrust back into full on mode. A tasty tech treat indeed, not to be missed.

In The Air sets off with a very cool drum led intro before a nice big chunky kick comes through and takes over. Super crispy hats join in and a solid rhythmic flow develops that locks you in for the duration. A deep, probing bassline comes into play and transforms the groove brilliantly into a proper dance floor mover. The break unleashes cool vocals that lend a helping hand in the build-up that crashes us back into full swing. Top notch stuff which will definitely turn a few heads.

#pablowoof #pistonrecordings

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DJ and producer Leon Krasich returns to Progrez with the wonderful three tracker Melancholy. His first outing Buddha The World EP back in May 2015, was very well received indeed having gained features on top download portals and many sets across the world.

Samanta intros with a monster kick that pounds out a solid techno flavour as strange, eerie FX creep through alongside inventive percussions and a deep rich spoken vocal. Sinister, haunting atmospherics begin to play a role as we are led deeper into dark techno territory. Intense screaming synths begin to rise which locks us into with its mesmerising power. A massive slice of epic techno that will keep the floors grooving for sure.

Melancholy offers a deep, raw techno flavour that features a solid two tone bass that probes and pulsates through the sound alongside a punchy kick and subtle percussions arrangement. In the background, superb intense pads fill in the spaces via a wall of sound that really digs deep into your brain. On the break that intense pad remains as strangely mesmeric bright melancholic melodies play out and contrast wonderfully with the deep, grooving bass. Top notch stuff.

Amplitude keeps with the dark themes of this release with another solid arrangement filled deep throbbing basses, contrasting bright high pitched strings and a super tight drum workout headed up by a chunky kick. Throughout the track a fantastic deep male spoken vocal delivers a few lines that adds so much character to the sound. At the break an awesome melodic synth brings in a musical element that rises and rises to a fever pitch. Brilliant stuff yet again that will definitely turn a few heads.

#leonkrasich #progrez

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Our next vinyl release – The Force – comes courtesy of a fantastic collaboration of artists featuring Belgian DJ and producer Van Czar, DJ and producer Dantiez Saunderson and UK songstress Ann Saunderson. Van continues to lead the way in deep techno grooves and his tracks are always powerful tools in the mix for many jocks. After he joined Dantiez on their back to back set at this year’s (2015) Legacy Festival, they decided to get together in the studio and soon after they started working on this fine cut. Over the last few years Dantiez has taken after his legendary father, Kevin Saunderson, and released quality cuts on several labels including Kevin’s own KMS. The guys then decided to employ the soulful, gospel-esque vocals of Dantiez’s mother, Ann. Back in 1992 Ann featured as backing vocals on the anthemic Pennies From Heaven by Inner City which was headed up by her husband Kevin, and went on to record several high profile tracks over the years. To keep it all in the family we get treated to a wonderful remix by the legend himself, Mr Kevin Saunderson who led the way in the early Detroit house and techno scene and gave the world some of the most memorable tunes ever with Inner City and others.

The Original Mix delivers a wonderfully upbeat techno vibe with massive sprinklings of cool house flavours. Big chunky kicks pair up with sharp claps and shuffling open hats while the rhythm gets a boost from a top notch, tight drum section. A rumbling bassline rattles through the sound as the vocal starts to come into play. Warm chords fade through and we settle into the groove nicely before we get blasted with amazing retro style piano chords and a transformed vocal that will have you up and on that floor for sure.

Kevin Saunderson’s remix goes straight for the jugular with a monster kick on the intro that pounds out a solid techno sound. Perfectly placed vocals litter the groove and keep with the darker elements of the track. A deep, growling bass comes through and takes control of the groove and is soon joined by scathing gritty synths that rise up from the murky depths and take the track deeper into techno. A definite must have track for the purists that will get any floor moving.

Van Czar turns up the heat with a double remix. First up is the Playa Den Bossa Mix which serves up a real nice treat filled deep grooving techno vibes that’s come straight out of those late night Ibiza sessions leaving you frazzled and fully partied up. Punchy kicks and crispy sharp hats dish out a solid rhythmic flow to the track as tight drum patterns are let loose. Swirling synth chords stand out beautifully as subtle chord stabs hold back waiting to pounce while a slicing higher pitched single note cuts through. Top notch stuff you do not want to miss.

We go deeper on Van’s second remix, the Gladiator Cysxe Remix which delivers a more punchy sound with a darker techno edge that stands out brilliantly with its powerful grooves and superb synths that range from swirling warm chord to classic stabby hits. Along the way we are introduced to a much harsher synth that carries a brilliant techno vibe. Another sure fire floor filler that will appeal to many no doubt.

#bonzaivinyl #vanczar #dantiezsaunderson #annsaunderson #kevinsaunderson

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