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Dubai based DJ and producer Darko De Jan debuts on Bonzai Progressive with the superb Reflections EP. A very much established artist, this guy has seen a plethora of releases on various labels over the years. He is the resident DJ at The 27th Floor Bar at the prestigious Burj Al Arab. Previously he held a 5 year residency at the world’s tallest building Burj Khalifa. All this was achieved through hard work and dedication. In 2009 he started to focus on music production where he crafted his cutting edge sound through a fusion of genres. Darko De Jan boasts a large support base around the world including the likes of Erick Morillo, Steve Angelo, Steve Lawler, Danny Howells, Felix Da Housecat, Roger Sanchez, Sasha, Digweed and Pete Tong to name just a few. Delighted to have him on board and we’ve no doubt his sound will grab your attention.

Darko De Jan explores the intricacies of techno with Reflections. From start to finish we are drawn into and captivated by this solid mover. Deep bubbling basses rise from the depths while a tight drum arrangement sets the rhythm loose. The break unleashes a sublime synth sequence as a playful arp dances through the sound. Top notch stuff that is not to be missed.

Silent Mayhem goes deep into progressive with a sublime effort full of beautifully crafted synths and a wonderfully rhythmic groove. A deep purring bassline wraps us up in a warmth that won’t let got while stabbing synths break through the low frequencies. A high string adds tension as the layers build all around alongside cool vocals that give the track a darker character. Superb stuff that is not to be missed.

#darkodejan #bonzaiprogressive

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Russian artist Heyspace debuts on Bonzai Progressive with the fantastic Giaguaro which comes backed up with two superb remixes. Heyspace is a young and ambitious electronic musician who grew up in St. Petersburg, Russia – a city bursting with creativity from those who live in it. Spending his formative years in a cultural centre of such calibre helped him form his own style of music. Co-operating with leaders of modern electronic music culture, participating in dance festivals and charity concerts brought this young musician to the attention of the world. Combining new electronic technologies with classical methods of musical energy, Heyspace stays true to his mission of giving the audience particles of joy and happiness in every song. Already he has seen several releases on top labels and now we welcome him to Bonzai.

The Original Mix packs a punch as it straddles the thin line between tech house and deep house creating a solid hybrid perfect for any late night set. Chunky kicks lead the way while bright crispy hats and shuffling percussions add weight to the rhythm. Deep vocal shots add character while deeper synths create a classy groove. Simplistic and highly effective this one is a must have.

IFIR aka Ilyas Fors debuts on Bonzai Progressive with a stunning remix. DJing since 2005 and producing since 2015, Ilyas brings a wealth of knowledge to the table. Based in St. Petersburg he has been prominent in the local music scene for many years having won DJ competitions and gaining notoriety among his peers. He turns his hand to several styles of music with each representing his creative side flawlessly. On the remix here IFIR goes straight for the deep house jugular. Nice, warm house fuelled chords greet us on the intro alongside nice punchy kick drums and cool FX. The rhythm picks up as the percussions come through and we’re locked on for the duration. The subtle bassline lurks on the low end allowing the track to deliver lower frequencies from other areas which creates a real smooth deep house groove. Excellent stuff that is not to be missed.

Rutger debuts on Bonzai Progressive on remix duties and delivers a superb cut for our listening pleasure. Producing since 2015 he has seen a few quality releases on several labels. A talented artist who will be one to watch for the future no doubt. Rutger delivers a solid tech house joint here which will certainly translate well on the floors. Right from the off we get drawn to the upbeat nature from this one. A solid drum arrangement led by a punchy kick drum and crispy hat combo takes hold before some very cool FX and a hypnotic tones come through. Distant synths add wonderful textures as well as that deep and powerful vocal. A subtle bassline keeps the low end interesting and on the break we’re treated to a sublime pad sequence before slamming back into full on mode. A top notch slice that will not disappoint.

#heyspace #bonzaiprogressive #ifir #rutger

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Mirko Gorelli returns with more tech house flavours in the form of the two tracker Travel. Great to see another fine slice from this guy and after his last Piston release – Black Dolly – we’re sure you will not be disappointed with this latest effort. First up we have the solid tech groover Travel which intros with a monster kick drum that will certainly give the bins a rattling. Crispy hi hats are joined by repeating vocals and a probing bassline that sits off the kicks. Subtle pitch changes give the track a real dynamic feel as buzzing synths are introduced alongside subtle arpeggios. The break throws up a sublime sequence that comprises some masterful keys all wrapped up in a mesmerizing package. A truly cosmic experience that is a must have for sure.

Work intros with a beautifully tweaked kick drum that packs a punch. Sitting alongside the kicks we have shuffling hi hats and percussions that start to weave out intricate patterns creating solid rhythms. A subtle bassline eases its way into the track before coming out the other side with a nice thick probing bass sequence. Cool vocal shots ring out through the track giving off a club appeal that will definitely grab a lot of attention. Top notch stuff.

#mirkogorelli #pistonrecordings

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Marco Madia returns to Piston with the superb three track Egrets EP. This one marks his 7th outing for us and comes after his latest offering Ascidians back in Summer 2016. He’s also appeared on various compilations over the years. Marco has been in and around the underground scene for a number of years. In 2006 he moved to Berlin where he got a degree audio engineering and soon started work as a sound designer. He also produces under the pseudonym Flip Morton and his experience has led to working on film soundtracks and exhibitions. Always a pleasure to have his work drop into the inbox.

First up we have Great Egret which delivers a solid deep house slice with an effortless display of tight drum arrangement and captivating sounds. The track is led by a chunky kick drum and crispy hi hat combo alongside a deep throbbing bassline. The bass meanders through the sound beautifully and contrasts perfectly with the hypnotic arpeggios that cascade throughout. A simplistic yet extremely effect cut that you will not want to miss.

Snowy Egret captures a dramatic scene with a wonderfully intense deep house workout. Solid drum and percussion patterns deliver a flowing rhythm while a deep resonating bassline rises up from the depths. Mesmeric synths and pads keep us locked in for the duration as the intensity rises through the layers. A deep and thoughtful track that will be a welcome addition to any late night set.

Little Egret delves deeper into house with a wonderfully rich and captivating sound. Chunky kick drums and beautifully crafted intricate percussion patterns create a nice rhythmic flow. Swirling pads are matched with very subtle chord stabs that create a sublime and infectious groove from start to finish. Get this one in your bag, not to be missed.

#marcomadia #pistonrecordings

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Maxim Vozisov debuts on Green Martian with M31 Andromeda which comes with a superb remix from Kevin Vega. Maxim is an electronic musician from Yekaterinburg, Russia and the very first piece of music printed on his mind in his early childhood was a track from the French group Space with Magic Fly. As a teenager he had no ideas about dance music, until he listened to U96’s Das Boot, then he discovered rave. He soon found house music in the ever changing world and he became a fan of Daft Punk, Orbital, Air, Underworld, The Chemical Brothers and many more. Sasha became an inspiration for him as he found his own sound and nurtured his own talents. After a period of time he got serious about music and began performing in clubs in Yekaterinburg and Sverdlovsk region. He organized different events and recorded lots of compilations, many of which were broadcasted on various radio stations. In the last few years he turned to producing his own music, he has opened his mind to explore sound and find his own unique style.

The Original Mix carries a solid progressive groove that will sit perfectly in any set. The big hitter here is that pulsating bassline that rises and falls effortlessly with the groove. Around the bass we find a tight drum arrangement complete with chunky kick drums and intricate patterns that set the rhythm loose. Swirling pads create wonderful textured layers and add to the captivating trait that runs throughout. A definite must have no doubt.

Kevin Vega is back on remix duties and once again he delivers the goods. A stalwart on the scene Kevin’s work is highly respected and always appreciated. We recently got treated to his The Crimson King over at Bonzai Progressive and that along with this fantastic effort will ensure that 2017 starts with a bang. Always a pleasure to have this guy’s work drop into the mailbox and we always look forward to more. On the remix here Kevin gets us settled into superb progressive groove with his beautifully crafted sound. Chunky kick drums lead the way before a powerful, probing bassline comes through to take over. Expertly crafted FX and a rhythmic drum sequence ensure maximum impact on the floors while becoming locked on the infectious groove. Lots going on here so no doubt this one will be revisited many times.

#maximvozisov #greenmartian #kevinvega

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Musical genius Airwave returns to Bonzai Progressive for 2017 with the delectable Amber Sky which comes backed up with two top notch remixes. As always we’re blown away by this guy’s brilliance, he manages to bring that WOW factor to everything he touches, his productions remain consistently of a very high standard which will continue for a very long time. 2016 was another big year for Laurent Veronnez, he ramped up his DJ profile with gigs all over the world and solidifying his stance among his army of fans. His last outing Pray For Happiness on JOOF Recordings gained a lot of support and we’ve no doubt that this one will follow suit.

Amber Sky delivers a beautifully constructed simplistic track that packs a massive punch. Airwave’s trademark pumping kick drums lead the charge before a deep and lush rumbling bassline enters to the backdrop of mysterious layered FX. An intensity creeps in as the track builds while a calming pad fills the background. The lead melody comes through and marries perfectly to the changing notes of the bassline. The break dishes out a wonderful soundscape filled with rich pads and droning bass that fade off leaving a tempo increasing build up before slamming right back into the main track for the duration. Superb stuff that will not disappoint.

Basil O’Glue aka Greek DJ and producer Haris Vasiloglou is up first on remix duties and, after appearing on a few compilations for us in the past, this one marks his Bonzai Progressive debut. Having honed his musical taste through listening to many different styles he discovered that he had a penchant for electronic music. Through hard work and devotion he started to produce his own music and he found himself releasing on labels such as Coldharbour, Saturate Audio, Afterglow and Armada to name just a few. The remix intros with a proper oldskool progressive vibe that offers a deep warmth to the sound as throbbing bassline makes its way through. Beautifully crafted FX and a tight drum arrangement deliver a solid rhythm while floating subtle melodies come in. We are soon embroiled in a more contemporary euphoric sound as wide pads and big synths are introduced. A seriously banging track that is a definite must have.

Jamie Baggotts returns with another top notch remix. His last effort was on remix duties for Platunoff’s Primavera which proved popular among many. With a slew of top quality cuts under his belt here at BP, Jamie is establishing himself as a solid artist and very much in demand. Lots more to come from this guy no doubt so keep an eye and an ear on him. On the remix here we set off with huge pounding kick drums accompanied by crispy hats and a bubbling bassline. In the background mysterious pads shimmer as an intensity starts to build. The bassline transforms into a powerful rolling pattern while melodic synths fade in. The break offers a short respite where we’re treated to a beautiful array of sounds that contrast between the low and high frequencies before slamming back into full on mode. Not to be missed.

#airwave #bonzaiprogressive #basilo’glue #jamiebaggotts

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Bonzai Progressive newcomer DietFried debuts with the tech house fuelled, party rocking two tracker Nina’s Days EP. First up we have the upbeat groover Days which intros with nice punchy kick drum and rumbling bass combo. Cool percussions ease their way in as short, sharp one shot vocal hits come through. Distinctive acid style patterns deliver a fantastic tech vibe as a deeper vocal fades in. A brilliant bouncy slice that will definitely get the floors moving.

Freedom sets out with a pulsing bass and punchy kick drum alongside distant percussions that set the mood for a tech fuelled ride. The bassline breaks off into layers that deliver a solid groove to get the booty’s shakin’. Acid lines and ultra cool vocals combine in a mesmeric pact that sets the rhythm on fire making this a straight up pumping track that will not disappoint.

#dietfried #bonzaiprogressive

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Daniel Ray returns to Piston Recordings with another superbly crafted deep house double entitled Low Heals. Over the last few years Daniel has delivered some top quality sounds both here and over at Eyepatch Recordings. His last effort – Tinker was very well received indeed and we’ve no doubt he will continue to bring his A-game to everything he touches.

Low Heals opens with scattered percussions that are soon joined by a chunky kick drum and deep piano chords. Shuffling hats pick up the rhythm as deep bassy notes come through. A general air of melancholy and intrigue arises as the track lays down its roots. Sweeping pads and strings create interesting textures throughout that gives the track character. A beautifully constructed slice of deep house grooves that will not disappoint.

Time Signal intros with a cool crispy hats and clangy FX alongside a punchy kick drum. Synths stabs and deep low frequencies leave their mark as the layers build. A slow mesmeric arppegio is joined by various one shot sounds creating intricate patterns. On the low end a lush bass lingers allowing other sounds their freedom to roam. A truly deep and thoughtful slice filled with wonderful piano chords that offer a hypnotic experience, top notch stuff.

#danielray #pistonrecordings

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Southern Groove aka Adrian Romero and Mariano Chiappe are back at Piston Recordings for more of their house fuelled shenanigans in the form of the superb two tracker entitled Dirty Business. The duo’s last outing here was back in May 2016 with Bodyjack which gained great support across the board. Delighted to have them back once again and we look forward to more in the future.

First up we have Dirty Business which is certainly in the business of delivering the goods. A solid house joint that will definitely fill floors. Cool spoken word vocals sit over a driving house groove filled with deep basses and a tight drum arrangement. Funky fills come through creating perfect ass shakin’ moments as chunky kicks and a throbbing bassline dominate. Strong chords play a big role here making this a definite must have track.

The Other Side Of The Groove is a straight up delicious helping of pure house that will entice bodies to the floors no doubt. Pumping kick drums lead the way and are joined by a superb pitching bassline that grabs a hold of you and lock you in. Filtering guitar licks dominate as spoken vocals deliver their stereo sound vinyl record based narrative. A top notch cut that is a must for your house music arsenal.

#southerngroove #pistonrecordings

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Samuele Squicciarini debuts on Progrez with the superb Hold On which features a top notch remix from Angelo Dobric. Samuele started to DJ at the age of 15 which led him into the world of live performance where he showed off his skills. In 2011 he began to produce his own music in the studio and soon got releases on international labels like King Street Sounds, Go Deeva Records, King Street, Pocket Jacks Trax and many others. His work constantly receives support from some of the best DJs in the world such as Roger Sanchez, Bob Sinclar, Todd Terry, Joe T Vannelli, Chus & Ceballos, Ferry Corsten, David Herrero, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, Boostedkids and more. He was resident and guest in clubs like the mythical ArtClub, Sesto Senso in Desenzano, and the famous Hollywood in Bardolino.

The Original Mix gets down and dirty right from the off as a punchy kick drum leads the way with a bright crispy hi hat and sharp claps in tow. A hypnotic bass note draws you in as mesmeric vocals come through. Surreal pitching FX and a high string offer start contrast with the deep rooted bassline creating some fantastic textures. Definitely a big floor filler here that will be a most welcome weapon in your arsenal.

Angelo Dobric is on remix duties for this one as he makes the jump from Piston Recordings to Progrez. He recently featured alongside Dennis Franchi on Into Place back in June 2016. He continues to lead a new wave of up and coming Belgian artists and he is already well known for his deep and heavy trademark. His first release was back in March 2016 when he appeared alongside House Lovin’ Criminals with Cander on Hush Recordz. The remix intros with a bassy kick drum and sharp clap while various percussions start to fade in. We get caught up in the tech house groove as it draws us in with those mesmerizing vocals and hypnotic percussion hits. Crispy hi hats set the rhythm loose while deep throbbing basses rear up from the depths. Bright melodic arps fill the background as rasping shakers take over. Beautifully crafted with a deep groove that will not disappoint.

#squicciarini #progrez

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The ever impressive Kevin Vega returns to Bonzai Progressive to get us up and running for 2017 with the superb three tracker The Crimson King. A stalwart on the scene Kevin’s work is highly respected and always appreciated. His last outing for BP was back in the Summer of 2016 on remix duties for Manu Riga’s Surrounded Remixed which proved very popular indeed among many. He also featured on our ADE 2016 compilation as well as many other compilations over the years. Always a pleasure to have this guy’s work drop into the mailbox and we always look forward to more.

The Crimson King opens with a beautifully crafted intricate percussion filled pattern that is soon joined by a chunky kick drum. We settle into the groove nicely here as a powerful deep rumbling bass is introduced. Warm synths accompany the bass as we’re drawn deeper into the groove by those hypnotic drums. In the background a rich pad starts to rise creating a melodic vein through the track and forming a wonderful contrast to the tougher edged deeper sounds. A stunningly simple yet diverse track that will grab your attention, a definite must have.

Wayan intros with a nice chunky kick drum and subtle hi hat combi as various percussions make their way through. A steady flowing rhythm forms up and we are locked in for the duration. The layers build nice and smooth and take us to a fantastic bassline that drops on the beat creating a very intense groove. Beautifully crafted melodic arps fade in and blend effortlessly into the maelstrom of low end bass. On the break those melodies dominate, drawing us in deeper before that powerful kick and bass combo returns for more. Superb stuff that will not disappoint.

Finishing off this fantastic pack we have Seraphim which delivers a solid progressive house groove throughout. We’re drawn into this one right from the off as chunky kicks are joined by shuffling hats and a mixture of stabbing strings and cool piano chords. A deep raucous bassline comes through and dominates with a strong hand tying the track together beautifully. The intensity rises and becomes tangible as the layers build. On the break we’re offered a short respite and treated to a pulsing note before being thrust back into the main groove. Excellent stuff once again from Mr Vega, this one is not to be missed.

#kevinvega #bonzaiprogressive

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With 2016 proving to be a massive year for us at Bonzai Progressive, we look forward to 2017 with more top quality cuts from fresh new artists as well as veterans with each bringing their own unique characteristic sounds. Kicking us off we have Colombia native Giorgio Phoenix and his debut two tracker Hypnagogia.

First up we have Hypnagogia with its deep brooding tones and superb nostalgic vocals that deliver an intriguing narrative throughout. Big chunky beats lead the way here and are backed up by a tight drum arrangement that offers a steady flowing rhythm. A deep rumbling bassline dominates the low frequencies and marries perfectly with those raw vocals. Cool synth hooks litter the sound giving a cosmic vibe to the proceedings making this a definite must have track for your arsenal.

Introspection sets out with a nice bright, sharp snare hit alongside various hats and cymbals before being joined by a punchy kick drum and deep lush bass. The drum section builds nicely creating a solid rhythmic mover as the groove intensifies with the addition of some seriously tough synths. Cool melodic arpeggios cascade through the sound while sinister vocals creep in. The break offers a surreal respite from the toughness of the main track before we get slammed right back into full on mode. Top notch stuff that will not disappoint.

#giorgiophoenix #bonzaiprogressive

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As we say goodbye to 2016 we look back at a bumper year at Piston Recordings with this mega bundle of quality Tech House sounds. We’ve gathered up some of our very best from this year and included them all into a mouth watering 46 track compilation for your convenience. Top notch cuts from Eat Dust, Mirko Gorelli, Cerillo, Alex Bradbury, DYS (Italy) and more are all on hand to deliver maximum impact in any set. The perfect addition to your weekend weapons that is not to be missed.

#pistonrecordings #oraa #ekai #eatdust #hermanndius #factalone #niceteed #carlocaldareri #dannyem #cerillo #upright(pt) #victorbergh #marcomadia #mend #mirkogorelli #satour #davidvanbylen #deanchapple #jamesdaniels #bjerkpeterson #stevenvoorn #monotronik #alessiorizzo #stemi #dennisfranchi #angelodobric #txeffon #lorysdefalco #ricardomejia #alexbradbury #coolpeople #konnect #lex(athens) #estebandeharo #kennyground #gianlucarattalino #sebastiantourt #natur #k.a.m.a. #thule #hassio(col) #joal #gebreski #joncostas #andrearivi #dys(italy) #mattiascolaro #titanroad #pedrofaria

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As 2016 draws to a close we present a selection of some of our very best Deep House cuts, conveniently wrapped up in a tantalising 42 track compilation that will be a serious weapon in your DJ arsenal. Piston Recordings remains at the cutting edge and, with artists such as Demarkus Lewis, Orlando Voorn, Leandro Di, JR From Dallas, Oraa, Meels, Redwax, Daniel Ray, Jakhira and label boss Rogerio Martins at the helm delivering quality sounds, we’re sure to be around for many more years to come. Get your hands on these bombs, we guarantee you will not be disappointed.

#pistonrecordings #oraa #meeels #rogeriomartins #accatone #marcomadia #demarkuslewis #p.a.m.o. #mike #danielekama #angeloferreri #eatdust #an-beat #jaderag #tuneon #victorbergh #tapeout #southerngroove #amon(ro) #orlandovoorn #polyrhythm #murrayrichardson #leandrodi #michaelnunes #pulptalks #lessovsky #redwaxx #azermike #jrfromdallas #ryo-chin #rubbaj #danielray #jakhira #bjerkpeterson #citrus #gusher #ritz #bicyclecorporation #alessandrosarsano #bonetti

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We continue our Club Traxx series with the delicious Dark & Deep 4 featuring 20 of the hottest and deepest tracks from a hugely impressive talent-pool of top notch artists. This one contains all the tools required to keep any party rocking long into the night. Tracks and remixes from the likes of Rise and Fall, MetrONomes, Matt Holliday, Gleb Rubens & Naxound, Adriano Dodici, Stan Kolev, Giuliano A.L., Samotarev, Jamie Baggotts, Matan Caspi, Koschk, Gabriel West & Ricardo Piedra, Dennis Franchi, Nico Parisi, Louis Irvine and more. A perfect blend of deep, dark progressive tech grooves that will be a welcome addition in any collection.

#bonzaiprogressive #riseandfall #jamiebaggotts #koschk #dennisfranchi #metronomes #mattholliday #glebrubens #naxound #stankolev #adrianododici #checcoesse #giulianoa.l. #samotarev #matancaspi #gabrielwest #ricardopiedra #leonkrasich #qosmio #a.eryomin #johnlead #nicoparisi #alfredomena #surveyormode #joch #louisirvine

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