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Debut appearance on Basiks for producer Martyn Mlostekk. Over the last few years Martyn has raised his profile with quality releases on various labels. Techno, Breaks and Progressive vibes are his weapons of choice with Techno being the most prominent. Here he delivers two stunning tracks on Evolution which are a real treat so buckle up for a monster ride.

Evolution is up first with its dark atmospheric breaks intro. Chunky kicks are scattered across the arrangement beautifully as percussive layers begin to fill up the space. In the background a deep droning bass sound is joined by sinister sounding FX creating a gritty texture across the track. Understated arps rise and fall and are lost in the big bassy drone that dominates throughout. A deep and moody affair that will do well in those dark rooms.

The Tube delivers a cool raw vibe as the intro boasts a rhythmic percussion to the backdrop of some organic sounds. Punchy kicks sit well against a brilliantly tweaked synth that pulsates through the sound as a the deep basses form up from below. The synths evolve effortlessly as the filters open up injecting a deep tech groove. Top notch stuff which will turn a few heads no doubt.

#martynmlostekk #bonzaibasiks

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Chilean DJ and producer Diego Herrera joins us this week with his superb guest mix. Diego recently saw a lot of attention with his Middle Earth EP on Bonzai Basiks and his subsequent remix for Christian Bonori & Paul S-Tone on Chemtrails. Today’s mix comes packed to the rafters with Deep House and Tech House cuts from the likes of Fabio Gianelli, German Brigante, Maetrik, Nice7, Carlo Lio, Groovebox, Sidney Charles, Lauren Lane, Technasia and Matthias Tanzmann.

Tracklisting – Episode 210 – mixed by Diego Herrera:

1º Matthias Tanzmann – Tilt (Original Mix)
2º Technasia – I am Somebody (Original Mix)
3º &Me – Shallow (Original Mix)
4º Lauren Lane – Cool Kids (Original Mix)
5º Sidney Charles – Ruffline (Original Mix)
6º Groovebox – Brooklyn (Original Mix)
7º Carlo Lio – For the love of (Original Mix)
8º Nice7 – Difference (Original Mix)
9º Fabio Gianelli – Maintain (Original Mix)
10º Maetrik – The Poem (Original Mix)
11º German Brigante – Menos Latencia (Original Mix)

#bonzaibasikbeats #bonzaiprogressive #diegoherrera


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Jakhira is back for another set since we saw him a few weeks ago. Since then his remix for Kindred Spirits’ ‘Close Up’ has been released and the feedback is already very positive. This week’s set includes tracks and remixes from not only Jakhira himself but also Anthony Yarranton, Kevin Vega, Adwer, Josel, Tim Penner, Wild Guess, Hady Tarek, Eyal Cohen, Audio Noir and Daraspa.

Tracklisting – Episode 209 – mixed by Jakhira:

1º Anthony Yarranton – Bag Of Bells (Original Mix)
2º Kevin Vega – Consolidate (Original Mix)
3º Adwer – Dulce Amargo (Yuriy From Russia Remix)
4º Tim Penner – Reborn (Josel Remix)
5º Tioan – Structure Of The Mind (Original Mix)
6º Wild Guess – Nebulae (Jakhira’s Dusty Recreation)
7º Hady Tarek – Night Shift (Original Mix)
8º Michael & Levan And Stiven Rivic – The Puppet Master (Kastis Torrau & Arnas D Remix)
9º Daraspa – Rendro (Eyal Cohen Remix)
10º Audio Noir – Transfagarasan Highway (Airwave Remix)

#bonzaibasikbeats #bonzaiprogressive #jakhira


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Steve Sai is on the BBB decks this week with his fantastic progressive house set. We last saw Steve at the end of last year with his ‘White Fluffy Clouds’ track on Bonzai Progressive. In the mix today we can expect some superb cuts from artists like Yoram, Jonny Calypso, Andro V, Yuriy From Russia, Wild Guess, Napalm & D-Phrag, Crocy and Guy Mantzur as well as Steve himself.

Tracklisting – Episode 208 – mixed by Steve Sai:

1º Yoram – Susurrous (Patlac Remix)
2º Jonny Calypso – San Zhi (Original Mix)
3º Groj & Van Did – Phare (Phm Remix)
4º Andro V – Dune (Yuriy From Russia Remix)
5º Unique Repeat – Hiding Places (Original Mix)
6º Wild Guess – Nebulae (Original Mix)
7º Steve Sai – Across The Sky (Original Mix)
8º Napalm & D-Phrag – Tour de Force (Original Mix)
9º Guy Mantzur – All Over Music (Original Mix)
10º Crocy feat.Ashley Berndt – Cry (Steve Sai Remix)

#bonzaibasikbeats #bonzaiprogressive #stevesai


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Ego Progressus has been around the Bonzai stable for a while now and always delivers the goods with quality in mind. His track ‘The Broken Circle’ on Progrez featured in many sets and was met with much praise on the promo circuit. His guest mix for Bonzai Basik Beats takes us back a few years, and this one is for the true Bonzai fans out there, see how many aliases you can spot with tracks from Nova, DJ Fire, B4, Alex & Vince, Antidote, Tribal Warriors and Float.

Tracklisting – Episode 207 – mixed by Ego Progressus:

1º Nova – Afrikamama (Original Mix)
2º Nova – Dead (Original Mix)
3º Dj Fire – Himalaya (Original Mix)
4º B4 – Onde (Original Mix)
5º Alex & Vince – Brazil (Original Mix)
6º Antidote – Paraglider (Original Mix)
7º Tribal Warriors – Spirits In Love (Original Mix)
8º Float – Break Out (Original Mix)

#bonzaibasikbeats #bonzaiprogressive #egoprogressus


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Rise and Fall step up to guest DJ duties this week and deliver a stunning deep progressive journey for our listening pleasure. Recently we saw his own release ‘Imagination’ on Bonzai Progressive which turned a few heads. The mix today includes tracks and remixes from artists like Nico Parisi, Manu Riga, LSG, Luke Porter and well as Rise and Fall originals and a few ID’s.

Tracklisting – Episode 206 – mixed by Rise And Fall:

1º Nico Parisi & Gai Barone – Perla (Rise And Fall Remix)
2º Unknown – Unknown
3º Rise And Fall – Point Of View
4º Unknown – Unknown
5º Rise And Fall – Seize The Day
6º Unknown – Unknown
7º Lsg – Netherworld (Rise And Fall’s The Darkest Bootleg)
8º Rise And Fall – Second Chance (Luke Porter Remix)
9º Rise And Fall – Imagination (Manu Riga Remix)
10º Rise And Fall – Imagination (Original Mix)

#bonzaibasikbeats #bonzaiprogressive #riseandfall


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Kevin takes on the guest spot this week on Bonzai Basik Beats and not for the first time either. He has been a prominent figure over the years at the Bonzai HQ having been a guest DJ on many occasions and with releases on several of our labels. His latest offering was with ‘Andromeda’ on our Bonzai Progressive imprint which saw much attention. Today’s mix comes with tracks and remixes from artists like deepAlexander, Terranova, Oliver Lieb, Gui Boratto, Guy J, Anthony Yarranton, Danny Lloyd and Navar as well as Kevin himself.

Tracklisting – Episode 205 – mixed by Kevin Vega:

1º deepAlexander – Midnight Launch (Kevin Vega Remix)
2º Terranova – Headlock (Original Mix)
3º Alessandro Diga – Berlin (Oliver Lieb Remix)
4º Gui Boratto – Paralelo (Solee Remix)
5º Michael A & Dmitry Molosh – Resolutions (Original Mix)
6º Lovejet – Babylon (Original Mix)
7º Dalaspa – Rendro (Andre Sobota Remix)
8º Guy J – Diaspora (Original Mix)
9º Antrim – Labyrinth (Gai Barone Remix)
10º Mind Against – Avalon (Original Mix)
11º Scotty A – Sense Of An Ending (Navar Remix)
12º Anthony Yarranton – Bag Of Bells (Danny Lloyd Remix)

#bonzaibasikbeats #bonzaiprogressive #kevinvega


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Johnny Calypso is no stranger to Bonzai Basik Beats having been a previous guest, and he is certainly no stranger to the Bonzai stable. His last outing ‘Definition’ on Bonzai Progressive was very well received indeed. He takes to the BBB decks this week with a classy progressive set filled with sublime tracks from artists like Kevin Vega, Matan Caspi, Moshic, Cordoba, Marcelo Paladini and more.

Tracklisting – Episode 204 – mixed by Jonny Calypso:

1º Marc Romboy,Rodriguez Jr. – Lac De Nivelles (Original Mix)
2º Kevin Vega – Destiny (Original Mix)
3º Matan Caspi – I Wanna (Original Mix)
4º Matzak – African Roots (Rodriguez Jr. Remix)
5º Eelke Kleijn – A Tale Of Two Lovers (Original Mix)
6º Marcelo Paladini – Benja Arrives (Dmitry Molosh Remix)
7º Moshic – Do It To Me Now (Gai Barone Remix)
8º Fingers Clear & Juli Dee – Frog Is Deep (Original Mix)
9º Lateral Cut Groove – Guajiro (Original Mix)
10º Cordoba – Surface (Audio Noir Remix)

#bonzaibasikbeats #bonzaiprogressive #jonnycalypso


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Jakhira steps up to the DJ booth for his guest mix on Bonzai Basik Beats with a smooth progressive set that will set any party off. Jakhira saw good support on his last Bonzai release ‘Princess EP’. When he’s not going solo he hooks up with his studio partner to form Kindred Spirit which has also gained much respect on the circuit. His set contains some gems for sure, Quincy, Silinder, Yoram, Martin Roth, Lolo, Airwave and Jimmy Galle are just some of the artists showcased today in a set that is not to be missed.

Tracklisting – Episode 203 – mixed by Jakhira:

1º Quincy – In Balance (Pole Folder & Cp Remix)
2º Silinder – A Doomed Endeavour (Original Mix)
3º Yoram – Back In Time (Matias Chilano Remix)
4º Michael & Levan And Stiven Rivic – Waste Land (Dmitry Molosh Remix)
5º Soulfinder Feat. Amanda Dempsey – Out Of Time (Silinder Remix)
6º Martin Roth – Suite 909 (Original Mix)
7º Alex Vidal – Stellarium (Van Bellen Remix)
8º Tom Conrad & Andre Bonsor – Marcahuasi (Velvet Girl Remix)
9º Lolo – Laia’s Theme (Original Mix)
10º Airwave Vs. Jimmy Galle – Karaba (Airwave Mix)

#bonzaibasikbeats #bonzaiprogressive #jakhira


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Belgian artist Quincy joins us this week on Bonzai Basik Beats with a top quality set. Quincy’s last outing on Bonzai Progressive, ‘In Balance’ was very well received indeed from many quarters. The track as well as its remixes were featured heavily on top download sites and was a regular choice for many top jocks. In the mix today we have a great selection of tracks from artists including Rogerio Martins, Hot Since 82, Jaydee, Booka Shade, Airwave & DJ Fire, Sasse, Ian Pooley and Kings Of Tomorrow among others. Dynamic and deep is what you should expect here and is most definitely not to be missed.


Tracklisting – Episode 202 – mixed by Quincy:

1º Good Guy Milkesh – Place Of Love Feat. Ilburt
2º Kings Of Tomorrow – Finally (Foz Remix)
3º Ian Pooley – Compurhythm
4º Mano Le Though – Everything You’ve Done Before (Dixon Remix)
5º Quincy – in Balance (Cp & Pole Folder Remix)
6º Sebastian San Asphalt
7º Saschienne – Unknown (Dixon Remix)
8º Hot Since 82 – Mr Drive
9º Jaydee – Pulsate
10º Rogerio Martins – Gonna Be Mine
11º Maceo Plex – Conjure Balearia
12º Booka Shade – Love Inc. (Hot Since 82 Remix)

#bonzaibasikbeats #bonzaiprogressive #quincy


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Our guest this week is Yuriy From Russia with a fantastic progressive set to get the party into full swing. Recently Yuriy has been busy on the remix front with remixes for Phi Phi & Airwave’s ‘The Horn’ and Napalm & D-Phrag’s ‘Tour de Force’. In the set today we can expect to hear some stunning tracks from artists including Lolo, Kaan Koray, Stickman Gil, George Yammine, Beat Syndrome, Wild Guess, JJ Grant, Daraspa and Phi Phi & Airwave. Smooth progressive vibes for your start to the weekend, enjoy!


Tracklisting – Episode 201 – mixed by Yuriy From Russia:

1º Lolo – Laia’s Daydream (Airwave Breaks Mix)
2º Kaan Koray – Heart Of Africa  (Faskil Breaks Mix)
3º Stickman Gil – Going Forth  (Yuriy From Russia Remix)
4º George Yammine – You (Ewan Rill Remix)
5º Beat Syndrome – Box  (Li-Polymer Remix)
6º Wild Guess – Nebulae (Jakhira’s Dusty Recreation)
7º JJ Grant – The Path Chosen  (Kay-D Remix)
8º Phi Phi & Airwave  – The Horn (Yuriy From Russia Remix)
9º Daraspa – Rendro  (Andre Sobota Remix)

#bonzaibasikbeats #bonzaiprogressive #yuriyfromrussia


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Australian DJ and producer Audio Noir is our guest this week on Bonzai Basik Beats and he turns up with a fantastic classic set that will have those nostalgic juices flowing. Audio Noir has been churning out top quality tracks of his own recently and he always finds himself on the remix roster for many artists also. The set today is stunning, a blast from the past like no other with tracks from Mike Koglin, Dove Beat, Datura, Three Drives On A Vinyl, Zero B, Grace, Opus III, E-Rection, Nalin & Kane, BT, Der Dritte Raum, Humate, Rabbit In The Moon, Energy 52 and Union Jack. Get the party started in style with this full on retro set you will not want to miss.


Tracklisting – Episode 200 – mixed by Audio Noir:

1º God Within – Raincry
2º Mike Koglin – Enjoy The Silence (Tekara Mix)
3º Dove Beat – La Paloma (Ocean Mix)
4º Datura – Yerba Del Diablo (Shagras)
5º Datura – Yerba Del Diablo (Brujo)
6º Three Drives On A Vinyl – Greece 2000 – Three Drives On A Vinyl
7º Jagga – FInito
8º Zero B – Lock Up (Monolith Mix)
9º Grace – Not Over Yet (Perfecto Mix)
10º Opus III – Hand in Hand (Perfecto Mix)
11º E-Rection – Smoke My Dang A Long
12º Nalin & Kane – Beachball (Extended Vocal Mix)
13º BT – Mercury & Solace (Dub Mix)
14º Der Dritte Raum – Hale Bopp (Ison Adaption)
15º Humate vs. Rabbit In The Moon – East (The Opium Den Mix)
16º Quench – Dreams
17º Energy 52 – Café Del Mar (Kid Paul Mix)
18º Union Jack – Two Full Moons & A Trout (Caspar Pound Mix)

#bonzaibasikbeats #bonzaiprogressive #audionoir


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Brighton based UK producer Kenny Keys debuts on Piston with wonderful Source and comes backed up with two quality remixes. Kenny has been delivering his faultless cuts for a few years now and his tracks have appeared on Massive Music, GND Records and Kompass Recordings. We’re delighted to have this guy on board and look forward to more in the future.

First up we have the Original Mix of Source which intros with a brilliant percussion driven groove alongside a punchy club kick. The rolling percs are tweaked to perfection and become a major player on the track. A fantastic deep sub bass bursts through with a cool plucky synth over the top which is replaced with a sublime sliding riff. Super tight arrangement that will be a big feature for many floors no doubt.

No introduction needed for Piston boss Rogerio Martins as he steps up with a superb remix. Beautifully tapered kicks pack a huge punch on the intro and throughout as the rolling percussions build us up to the main groove. The groove is intensified with a brilliant deep bass that has the power to move, this is coupled with a classy chord that filters in and out beautifully. Silky smooth female vocals give it the club feel making this an absolute gem of a track that will light up many floors this summer!

Italian DJ and producer Marcus Raute spends his time between Naples and Berlin where no doubt he draws from both cultures to refine his own sounds. Marcus is a player in the modern underground world where he dishes out his brand of all things House and Techno. Here he delivers a solid remix that intros with a chunky kick and cool, crispy hats and percussions. Deep chords rise up from the depths and blossom into a very cool, sliding riff before leaving the scene and letting those tight drums, pulsing basses and vocals do their work. The break reveals those chords once again and locks us in for the duration, superb stuff!

#pistonrecordings #kennykeys #rogeriomartins #marcusraute


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Spanish DJ and producer hits the airways on Bonzai Basik Beats this week with an epic set. Fran’s last release ‘Feeling’ on Bonzai Basiks was well received and we hope to hear more very soon. The set today includes top notch tracks from the likes of Maetrik, Enrico Sangiuliano, Arjun Vagale, Dj Boris, Quivver, Jewel Kid, Technasia, Carlo Lio and Bodyscrub as well a no less than three tracks from Fran himself. With so many tracks packed into 1 hour prepare to be blown away.


Tracklisting – Episode 199 – mixed by Fran Navaez:

1º Maetrik – The Entity (Original Mix)
2º Enrico Sangiuliano – Capernoited (Original Mix)
3º Julian Jeweil – Green Room (Original Mix)
4º Arjun Vagale – Wombat (Original Mix)
5º Dj Boris – Foul Beats (Original Mix)
6º Quivver – All that will be (Original Club Mix)
7º Fran Navaez – Voltech (Remix Dub)
8º Sian, Mladen Tomic – Jade Coma (Kaiserdisco Remix)
9º Fran Navaez – Danza (Original Mix)
10º Miquel T – Dreams Of The Titans (Steve Mulder Remix)
11º Jewel Kid – My Reaction (Vox Mix)
12º Mark Reeve – Move It (Original Mix)
13º Juanmy.R T – Club 76 (DJ Fronter Remix)
14º Dosem – Cityscapes (Original Mix)
15º Dart Dakman, Kevin Sunset – In the Nation (Original MIx)
16º Technasia – I Am Somebody (Delaze Dub)
17º Carlo Lio – Pepito´s Groove (Fer BR Remix)
18º Dosem – Urban Shelter (Original Mix)
19º Fran Navaez – Colission (Remix Dub)
20º Maroto & Bosco T – The Hacker (Original MIx)
21º Bodyscrub – Zero Latency (Jewel Kid Remix)
22º Jewel Kid – Satisfied Clowns (Original Mix)
23º Gabriel D´Or, Bordoy – Tripolar Fact (Original Mix)
24º MiniCoolBoyz, NHB – Placebo (Original Mix)

#bonzaibasikbeats #bonzaiprogressive #frannavaez


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