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Bologna based producer Persya debuts on Bonzai Progressive with the superb Expecto. Launched in 2015 with a release already on BQ Recordings, Persya has big plans for 2016 and this two tracker will be kicking things off in style.

Expecto intros with a surreal sequence made up of crispy hats, strange pads and distant vocals. A cool rhythm forms out of this collection of sounds and the track sets off with a little help from a nice punchy kick. A warm bass drone fills the low end as cool synths are introduced into the sound. The surreal atmosphere continues to dominate as we get drawn into the groove that twists and turns with every new sound added. The break is a mesmerizing sequence that provides all the right ingredients for a trippy mind explosion. A solid, hypnotic progressive stomper that will turn a few heads no doubt.

Ygnal intros with a cool filtered kick and percussion sound that soon transforms into a full on punchy drum section with a little bassy after tone on the end. Cool sounds start to fade through and bring a gritty vibe to the track while the percussions keep the rhythm flowing. The bassline eases into the track with a stealthy approach becoming the main driving force of the progressive groove. On the break we are treated to a sublime melodic sequence made up of subtle pianos and a very cool trumpet arrangement. Superb stuff that definitely grab a lot of attention.

#persya #bonzaiprogressive

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Spanish DJ and producer Jurgi Oraa Diaz aka Oraa returns to Piston with the superb two tracker entitled Time Out For Love. His last outing came back in December 2015 with a collaboration on Fear Like Me alongside Ekai which gained great support across the board. Lots going on with this guy in 2016 and we look forward to more in the year ahead.

Time Out For Love serves up a real tasty slice of deep house goodness right from the off as chunky kicks are met with a crispy hat and some ultra cool vocals. The big hitter has to be that retro themed chord stab that resonates throughout the track and settles perfectly above the deep probing bassline that drives the groove. A definite must have track that will get the floors moving no doubt.

Countless intros with a punchy kick and sharp hat combi in a classic set up that will hit the floors with a bounce. A deep probing bassline starts to lurk about on the low end and is joined by cool vocal snippets and a high string. The layers build nicely and the groove is boosted by those fantastic vocals that burst through. Smooth deep house chords add a warm glow to the track on the break before we get slammed right back into full on mode for the duration. Superb stuff that is definitely not to be missed.

#oraa #pistonrecordings

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Sa.Du gets 2016 off to a great start with this sublime five track EP entitled Body & Soul. This guy always delivers the goods and judging by his last outing – Glide, back in the Summer of 2015 we know we’re in for another tasty techno treat.

Body & Soul gets right down to business with a solid punchy kickdrum and bright plink plonks alongside a shuffling rhythmic hat sequence. A superb, deep probing bassline comes through and is soon joined by a darkly sinister vocal and gritty swirling synth. The track settles into its techno groove for the duration as various percussion layers build giving the track a definite dancefloor friendly vibe.

Figaro Kick intros with a wispy percussive sound that gives off a haunting vibe before a nice chunky kick comes in and gets the track moving. A shadow descends onto the track as we are taken deep into the darker side of techno with its relentless groove that locks you on for the duration. A real monster of a track here that will give any set a welcome boost.

7 Seas settles into a solid techno groove right from the off as chunky kicks are met with a superb probing bass that dominates the sound beautifully. A metallic offset note comes in alongside the crispy sharp percussions and get the rhythm moving nicely. Cool melodies float above tough groove providing some cool contrasts in the sound. The break throws up some quality sounds and blends them into a surreal sequence that fits perfectly into this full on techno groove. Top notch stuff.

Parametric is a superb slice of dark techno that will definitely keep any floor rocking well into the night. Punchy kicks and crispy hats provide a steady rhythmic vibe as a deep throbbing bassline lurks on the low end. Tough synths come through alongside a cool vocal that adds a wonderful texture to the sound. The groove intensifies as a myriad of sounds collide head on resulting in a sublime techno offering. Excellent stuff yet again from Sa.Du, this one is a must have for sure.

In Da Club is a perfectly apt title for what is about to unfold. A superb techno groove is born out of this cacophony of sounds that merge together perfectly. Chunky kicks and slicing hats are joined by a deep throbbing bassline that sits beautifully at the low end providing a solid platform for the track to drive forward. Cool clangy sounds come in on the offset and resonate brilliantly with the techno groove as equally cool vocals ring out at various intervals. This one serves up a real treat for the floors and is not to be missed.

#sa.du #bonzaibasiks

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Experimental Feelings aka Spanish DJ and producer Toni Gonzalez returns to Green Martian with the fantastic three tracker entitled Between The Stars. This one comes after a successful debut back in September 2015 with his Indian Trip EP and more recently he showed up as a guest remixer on Audio Noir’s – Your Love. Prepare to get lost in a world of beautifully deep melodic progressive house on this one.

Between The Stars intros with a deep vibe that settles us into a solid progressive groove. Chunky kicks and crispy hats are met with a deep sweeping pads and an equally deep probing bass that dominates the low end beautifully. Subtle melodies can be heard but are overshadowed by the deep nature of the track. The break allows the melody to come through for a short time before we are consumed once more by the deeper elements. A top notch track that will sit perfectly in those late night prog sets.

Underwater Love sets out with a real nice kick and a rich string in the background that delivers a cool melody. A deep throbbing bassline comes through and takes us deeper into the progressive abyss as brighter sounds keep the track fresh up top. A wonderfully crafted sweeping melodic sequence comes in and stays the course on the break before the bass takes control once more and we are led back to this solid groove for the duration. A fantastic display of the deeper side of prog house that is not to be missed.

Don’t Be Afraid intros with a solid kick drum which is joined by cool shuffling hats and a mesmerizing string that hangs beautifully in the background alongside spacey FX. The bassline bubbles up from below and takes the sound deep into progressive with ease. This one stays deep, the subtle melodies keep the track locked into a deep groove. On the break we get blown away by a wonderfully intense sequence complete with a stunning spoken vocal before the main track kicks back in. A real progressive treat here that will be a welcome addition in any set.

#experimentalfeelings #greenmartian

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Johnny Deep returns to Eyepatch after a bit of a hiatus with the superb three tracker Feel The Realness EP. Just under a year ago was the last time we got a glimpse of this guys talents when he delivered the excellent Flowting Up which was very well received indeed, although we did get a couple of tracks on Tech House Toolbox 4 and My House Is Your House 11. A great way to kick off 2016, we hope to see much more from Johnny in the year ahead.

Feel The Real intros with a superb punchy kickdrum that is soon joined by rhythmic percussions that set the track up nicely for those dancing feet. A wonderfully subtle bassline takes the track deeper into the groove as we are teased with some lush house chords. The deep house groove is relentless as a solid wall of drums dominate the sound. On the break the bass rules alongside those superb chords while a brighter sound comes through adding cool contrasts to the sound. Top notch stuff that you will want in your collection no doubt.

Revival Spirit sets out with a cool drum arrangement complete with muted kicks and strange percussive sounds. The kicks get beefed up with a solid punch and we are on our way into a solid tech fuelled journey that will definitely get the floors bouncing. The drums layer up nicely and create a solid rhythmic platform for the track to evolve. A deep bassline keeps things moving nicely as we are teased with short chord stabs and quirky FX. The track hypnotizes with those deep offset basses and FX, on the break we are faced with some superb chords that give off a deep house vibe while the drums and bass ensure we stay firmly in the tech arena. A must have track for sure.

Until You Love Me is a wonderful trek into deep house with the drums and percussions being the dominant force throughout, with a little help from some extra cool vocals. A nice and solid arrangement ensues that will get the body moving to the deep grooves. The bassline meanders through the sound with ease and takes the groove deeper with a hint of funk thrown in. The vocals sit perfectly in the sound and add to the already superb house vibe. Cool piano chords ease in and accompany the vocals beautifully as well as that hypnotic bassline. On the break we get more from those chords as we get lost in the groove before the main track kicks back in for the duration. Excellent stuff that will be a welcome addition in any deeper set.

#johnnydeep(akayonathandahan) #eyepatchrecordings

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Belgian maestro Manu Riga aka Adriaan Baussens kicks off 2016 with Indigenous Rights which is taken from his much anticipated forthcoming studio album. 2015 was indeed a bumper year for this guy and we’d need quite a few paragraphs to cover everything as he was a very busy man. Aside from an exhaustive release schedule which included several original works as a solo artist and a few collaborative projects, he also churned out a raft of remixes and featured on a lot of compilations including Bonzai Progressive’s 500th release – Bonzai and Friends 500 – where he appeared three times with his own A Sense Of Hope, with Matt Holliday on As We Become One and on remix duty alongside Matt on Phi Phi’s Hiccup. Check out for more and be sure to stay tuned for another fantastic Manu Riga-music filled year ahead.

Indigenous Rights intros with a nice chunky kicks and rhythmic hat alongside a fading in bass pulse. We get a glimpse of some beautiful melody from the superb vocal snippets and swirling pads and strings that mesmerize throughout. The pulsing bass is soon joined by a much grittier but very subtle wub wub bass that works perfectly within the track. The track takes a short break to prepare for one of the stars of the show, those stunning vocals. As the title suggests we get treated to some of the most beautiful chants that takes us up to the main break where a powerful poetic vocal rings out and sends shivers down your spine. A very strong sound on this one with a superb solid progressive groove, perfect for those late night sets.

Moments Of Sobriety opens with a cool punchy kick and is surrounded by layering percussions that form into a solid rhythmic sequence. A wonderful sequence follows as a Turkish Oud plays out its rich melodic sound to the backdrop of some cool sweeps and FX. A fantastic bassline sits perched on the low end and moves effortlessly through this sea of melodies, driving the track forward. The break is a beautifully constructed kaleidoscope of sound which is joined by some stunning hair raising vocals that deliver a haunting groove. A truly epic slice of progressive with a plethora of sounds, from tribal to Ethnic and beyond, top notch.

#manuriga #bonzaiprogressive

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The prolific Serbian DJ and producer Vlada D’Shake debuts on Bonzai Progressive with the fantastic two tracker – Friday Night. Since 2011 this guy has been churning out top quality cuts on various labels including Balkan Connection, Juicebox Music, Mistique Music and Stripped Digital to name just a few. His tracks are regularly picked up and featured in the sets of some of the world’s best known jocks. This is a testament to the quality and style this guy offers and judging by his already extensive discography, it’s no real surprise. Great to have him on board and we hope to see more soon.

Friday Night intros with a slight air of intensity as shuffling hats are joined by a layered pad and a deep vocal. A nice and chunky kick takes over and is accompanied by various synths and plucks that spell out some cool melodies. The bassline adds a solid driving groove to the sound and keeps the track firmly in the progressive sphere. The vocals continue and become a big focus in the sound alongside the ever expanding melodies. The intensity remains throughout and keeps you locked on for the duration, not to be missed.

Ihh sets out with a cool percussion led intro with a single bass pulse that is soon joined by a punchy kick drum to get the things moving. A series of quirky one shots ring out and give the track a rough tech edge as the deep growling bass hypnotises, hooking you in for the duration. A surreal vibe envelopes this one as the myriad of sounds converge into a single tech groove that ploughs on relentlessly. An epic slice here that will be a welcome addition in any set.

#vladad’shake #bonzaiprogressive

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Italian DJ and producer Hermann Dius aka Emmanuel De Caprio returns to Piston with UK Movement which also features three top notch remixes. His debut came back in May 2015 with Baht which also appeared on Bonzai Progressive’s Tech House Toolbox 4 back in the Summer of 2015.

The Original Mix intros with a very cool kick and hat combi that really starts to get the rhythmic juices flowing. Short vocal hits litter the sound as synths stabs fade through and lead us up to the deep tech fuelled bassline that dominates the sound. As the layers build we find more vocals come through which gives the track a cool upbeat vibe. A quite minimal sound with a huge punch that will definitely get the floors on the move.

Bonetti aka Spanish DJ and producer Andres Boned is back at Piston with another of his superb remixes. Since 2014 we’ve had four fantastic releases with this guy, as well as a few remixes in between. His latest offering – Pumping Pumping EP continues to perform well on the circuit, which is no surprise really given that the tracks are perfect dancefloor fodder. The remix intros with a nice crispy hi-hat that is accompanied by a sharp clap and snare. A chunky kick joins the party and we set off deep into a house groove with the introduction of some warm chords. The track breaks to reveal a groovy bassline and a superb bright piano melody which take over the sound for the duration. Quirky counting vocal snippets are spread over the track and timed to perfection. A host of cool drums dish out a solid rhythm and set the scene for this epic funky groover.

Jader Ag aka Italian born, Canada based DJ and producer Jader Agnolin returns to Piston on remix duty after his debut – Triggs back in July 2015. Here, the remix intros with a nice solid kick drum and hi hat combi before a raw, deep bassline takes over. Cool percussions layer up and we soon get locked into a very smooth rhythm that flows effortlessly out of the speakers. Short synth stabs are met with cool vocals and give the track a nice tech flavour. But it’s the bassline that wins the day here, it stands out beautifully with its probing tentacles looking for new orifices to invade. Another fine slice of tech you will not want to miss.

Italian artist Daniele Kama returns to Piston Recordings on remix duties after a bit of a hiatus. We last saw him way back in 2012 with She Appears EP and since then he has shown up on Eyepatch Recordings and Sounds R Us Recordings. Daniele remains a highly respected artist in the world of electronica having gained lots of support from a host of international DJ’s and working with many other fine artists on various record labels. The remix intros with a cool percussion led affair. Shuffling hats and various other drum themed sounds converge alongside the chunky kicks to deliver a solid flowing rhythm. Soon enough the bassline arrives and transforms the track beautifully with its infectious warm glow. In the background we are faced with some very cool FX indeed, some come direct from the cosmos with their surreal spacey vibes and alien themes. The track suddenly breaks to reveal an ear splitting high pitch tone as counting vocals go off over the top before the drums kick back in and we are left with a superb laidback tech groove. Top notch stuff.

#hermanndius #pistonrecordings #bonetti #jaderag #danielekama

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Crocy’s Mind is given the remix treatment on our next release and we have enlisted the talents of two top notch producers to lend their talents on the mixing desk. Mind was first released back in Summer 2015 to a great reception, the vocals from Ashley Berndt had a huge impact and we’ve no doubt that these new cuts will follow suit.

First up we have Pavlin Petrov on remix duty and he certainly knows how to turn up the groovy meter. Pavlin first appeared on BP back in September 2015 with the superb Feeling Alive which featured the vocal talents of Selina Stone, and what a debut that was. Hailing from Bulgaria Pavlin grew up with the music by Jean Michelle Jarre, Vangleis and Enigma. He started producing in 2005 with a keen interest in Ambient before he got more into progressive house. Since then he mixes his tracks with an ambient atmosphere which is essential for progressive house. He likes to experiment with every new track and express that deep and dark feeling dedicated to his unique style. Over the last 5 or 6 years he has released a plethora of music on various labels including Mystic Carousel Records, KP Recordings, Beat Block Records, Suffused Music among others. On top of this he has an impressive list of remixes for others making him a very much in demand artist. On the remix Pavlin finds that precarious line between tech house and progressive house in a way that allows both iterations to meet in the middle and deliver the best of both worlds. A solid workout ensues complete with nice punchy kicks, a raw, organic bassline and swirling pads. On the break we get a taste of Ashley’s stunning vocal and a reminder just how good this seemingly simplistic vocal really is. A perfect track for that crossover period in any set.

Since his first Bonzai Progressive outing back in June 2015, we have seen some fine work from this guy, both in original and remix formats. Starting out in Techno he made his way over to the Progressive side with a truly unique style that is definitely getting a lot of attention. Always worth checking out this guy’s endeavours, we hope to be seeing more from him in the future. Alexey’s remix goes straight into a deep house groove with a series of chord stabs that are mashed up beautifully resulting in a cool upbeat kinda vibe and are soon joined by the superb dancefloor friendly kicks and percussion that will keep the booty’s shakin all night. The star of the show however is that mesmerizing piano riff that weaves throughout the track. Working beautifully with the vocals on offer this piano riff is a nod to proper classic deep house that will leave punters feeling very good indeed. A definite must have in general but if you know your stuff then this one is for you.

Crocy’s House Mix intros with a real nice chunky kick and a crispy hi-hat that is soon joined by cool percussions. A quirky pluck takes over as a deep bassline dominates the low end resulting in a perfectly matched arrangement that allows the groove to flow effortlessly. The vocals start to make an appearance in a subtle way before Ashley’s voice bursts out into full on effect on the break accompanied by that super sweet piano riff from the original cut. A much tougher slice of progressive than the original which gives the track a whole new dimension, fantastic stuff.

Rounding off this top notch remix pack we have Crocy’s House Instrumental which strips out the vocals for those that like to keep it purely musical.

#crocy #ashleyberndt #bonzaiprogressive #pavlinpetrov #alexeyylisin

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Indian DJ and producer Shashi Shaw aka Chandrama debuts on Bonzai Progressive with the fantastic Lost In Nubra which comes backed up with two equally fantastic remixes from Manu Riga and J’Dan. He started DJing in 2007 in various commercial events and night spots. In 2013 after learning the art of making music he started to create hypnotic, melodically charged journeys which opened up a doorway to a whole new world. This gave birth to his new project Chandrama which means ‘Moon’ in his native language and as Moon is the source of light during all darkness, Chandrama portrays light through his deep melodies with very natural Asian and Indian elements. He has released his music on Beat Block Records, Never Too Late Recordings and Revelation Records with upcoming releases on By Ground Digital (BGD) and Bonzai Progressive. Lost In Nubra is the result of a real life experience for its composer after exploring the Nubra Valley in India.

We kick off with Lost In Nubra which opens with a muted kickdrum that builds slowly before a major thump is added alongside a deep chugging bassline. This gets the progressive juices flowing and we settle in for a magical journey filled with melody and a real sense of surrealism which comes through on the atmospheric elements of the track. On the break the true feeling of the track emerges as a beautifully sequenced series of sounds combine to deliver those stunning Asiatic vibes all wrapped up in exquisite melodies. An epic slice of prog that will not disappoint.

Belgian DJ and producer Manu Riga aka Adriaan Baussens returns to Bonzai Progressive for yet another of his mind blowing remixes. 2015 has been this guys busiest year to date, a lot has gone on and he has never failed to churn out only the finest quality in all his works. On top of all this he is nearing the completion of his first studio album as Manu Riga, something we literally cannot wait to get our hands on. On the remix are drawn deep into the progressive abyss with a tight drum arrangement alongside swirling pads and FX. A superb offset bass gets the groove into full on mode as the layers build into a solid construction of wonderful sounds. Distant Eastern-esque melodies creep through and deliver an air of mystery around the track. These melodies come to prominence on the break and are joined by a fantastic spoken vocal before we get thrust right back into this deep, dark chugging monster for the duration. A must have track for sure, Manu Riga does it again.

J’Dan debuts on Bonzai Progressive with a fantastic remix that will be a welcome addition in any set. J’Dan spices things up on the remix with a stomping intro that gets right down to business. Big chunky kicks are joined by a crispy hat and a superb percussion arrangement. A deep throbbing bassline bubbles up from the depths and is contrasted by Ethnic sounds and rich strings that swirl overhead. That hypnotic chugging bassline works wonders here and drives the track beautifully. Various synth stabs deliver a real progressive vibe and take us to the break where we find a quite stunning Eastern flavour burst out all wrapped up in a wonderful melody. An awesome slice of prog here that will be a welcome addition in any set.

#chandrama #bonzaiprogressive #manuriga #j’dan

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Eat Dust aka Portuguese DJ and producer Mario Silva debuts on Piston with the impressive two tracker – Savages EP. Over the last 3 years or so this guy has released some excellent cuts on various labels including Obscura Recordings, Plastik Galaxy and Dubtek Records to name just a few. He has also shown up on Monog Records back in 2014 with Portrait Illusions and a remix on HedUbble’s Animal Feeling as well as an appearance on Tech House Toolbox 3 for Bonzai Progressive. Delighted to have him on board and we look forward to more from this talented artist.

Savages intros with a cool tribal drum set up with a nice chunky kick over the top alongside some bright crispy hats and sharp claps, enough to get the rhythm into full swing. After a short break we get thrust into a proper tech house groove with a solid, deep bassline moving the track along effortlessly. Short stabs litter the sound and offer cool textures that will make the DJ’s work so much easier when cutting up in the mix. A real nice slice of chugging tech house for the floors, top notch.

Transitions sets out with a punchy kick and soft hats combi before being joined by a cool effected vocal and a hypnotic rising percussion arrangement. The bass suddenly drops in and takes us away on a superb deep house groove that will have the floors bouncing to the beat. The deep house vibe oozes out of this one as warm chords and scattered string swells cut through the bassline. The break throws up some nice synth key stabs that take hold and stay for the duration and adding a bit of spice to the track. A superb cut that will not disappoint.

#eatdust #pistonrecordings

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Kidsune & Saiki debut on Bonzai Basiks with the brilliant two tracker – Strange Days EP. Kidsune aka DJ and producer John Nino grew up listening to different kinds of music, from Donna Summer to Derrick May. In that moment he felt caught by the cadence of house music and the forcefulness of techno, a fact that would change life and define his musical taste. A DJ for 15 years his sets are full of groove, bass lines, sub bass and hats, skilfully mixed with dark synths and some distorted samples. The curves of his sets are pronounced between deep, tech house and techno, his musical selection is permanent and meticulous, which is reflected on the dance floor. He is a pragmatic DJ playing music exclusively to make people dance while he expresses his energy. His reserved personality and character of his music have kept him firmly in the underground scene. Saiki aka DJ and producer Luis Gabriel Gomez Vergez takes a spiritual approach to music believing that electronic music has become a way to spread a message of love and transcend the space-time in which we live. His philosophy is strong beats to dominate the heart and intergalactic hypnotic atmospheres run through the body to expand to infinity and pass on the true essence of your being. Astral messages in their genetic code move through his music to remind us eternal life.

Strange Days gets right down to a solid Techno groove right from the off as those big chunky kicks are joined by a stuttering hat sequence and a monster bassline that will have the subs shakin. Cool stabs deliver that extra spicy Techno touch and paves the way for a tight percussion arrangement that sets the rhythm loose. Quirky acid licks litter the sound and give the track a whole new dimension. Top notch stuff you do not want to miss.

Gray intros with a heavy hitting kickdrum and a probing bassline combi, a super crispy sharp hi hat slices through the low frequencies with ease as the bassline is joined by a punchy 303 stab that lurks on the offset. An intensity can be felt in the sound as the layers are added, the background sounds really add to this and give the track depth. The break throws up a wonderful bass sequence accompanied by some very cool synth work that give of a cosmic vibe. A superb cut that will definitely have punters on the floor.

#bonzaibasiks #kidsune #saiki

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Russlan Jaafreh marks his Green Martian debut with the superb two tracker – Pluto To Mercury. This guy has racked up a quite impressive back catalogue in just a few short years. His tracks have graced top labels such as Mistique Music, Mystic Carousel, BQ Recordings, Green Snake, Innertek Recordings and Deepsessions to name a few. His tracks have featured on many radio shows across the globe and have been given the remix treatment by several top artists including Timewave, Yuriy From Russia, Experimental Feelings and Hady Tarek. He is a modest producer who ‘just makes music’, but we think he is something special and these two tracks will prove just that.

Sunrise In Pluto opens with a very cool expansive sound that befits the title of the track in every way. Rich pads open up and creating a real smooth texture. Soft edged warm bass notes come through before turning to a more rugged, gritty bassline that dominates the track beautifully. Those pads layer up against a sweet melodic pluck that just sends the track higher and higher. The break enhances those melodies beautifully with twangy synths that melt together perfectly. A real smooth slice of mesmerizing progressive house, top notch.

Sunset In Mercury intros with a muffled kick alongside swelling pads and a subtle arpeggiated note. Cool percussions start6 to form up and provide a nice flowing rhythm as we are drawn into the sound. The kicks break loose and are joined by a beautiful warm bass the flows effortlessly along the low end. Alien style FX litter the background as the cosmic vibe gathers pace and takes us deeper into the groove. On the break we are treated to a sublime display of melodies that weave colourful patterns that evoke that sunset feeling. A fantastic slice of prog to warm up the coming Winter nights.

#russlanjaafreh #greenmartian

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Florida based Irish DJ and producer Ed Whitty returns to SRUR with the fantastic Knowhere which comes backed up with two top notch remixes. Ed’s last outing was with Kukulkan on our Muzika Volume 5 pack which grabbed a lot of attention on the circuit. Great to see him back, you’re gonna love this one.

The Original Mix delivers a solid tech joint throughout as chunky kicks are met with a cool shuffling rhythm section. A deep rolling bass shores up the low end adding a bit of extra tech weight to the sound. Over the top we have some very cool mesmerizing metallic synths that just hang in the air effortlessly. A real nice slice of tech for the floors here, not to be missed.

Miami, USA based DJ and producing duo Thinking Of Us aka Ivan Avila and Robert Cournoyer debut on SRUR with this fine tech fuelled remix. On the DJ front these guys certainly know how to work a crowd, they have opened for many top jocks and set the tone for many great club nights. In the studio Ivan and Robert bring their musical experiences together and create some superb tracks with a leaning towards deep and funky beats. Great to see these guys on board and hopefully we’ll see more from them in the future. The remix intros with a nice punchy kick with a subtle bassy tone trailing off at the end. Cool rhythmic percussions start to form up and set the track on its tech fuelled adventure. The bassline meanders through the sound beautifully and gives the track a slight bounce that will keep the floors happy for sure. Superb synths and FX fill out the background in a variety of shapes and colours giving this track a lot of texture that works so well in the sound. Top notch stuff.

DJ and producer Torin Lawson marks his first SRUR appearance with this quality remix. Owner of Breakfast Club Recordings, Still Play Records and Get Weird Entertainment, Torin keeps himself busy running his labels on top of DJing and working in the studio. To date he has seen a raft of releases on various labels including his own and he has worked alongside Ed Whitty, Michael Rosa, Roberto Apodaca and Chris Di Solar. Another great addition to the SRUR roster, welcome aboard. Here, the remix throws up a real smooth deep house groove complete with cool chords, punchy kicks and a crispy sharp hat sequence that rattles out a steady rhythmic flow. The chords dance through the groove in a playful manner and are soon joined by a brilliant bassline that really gets the track moving. Those hats cut through the lower sounds with ease creating a cool contrast. On the break we get treated to some deep and dubby beats as well as a short but impactful vocal. Definitely one for those late night sets here, a must have.

#soundsrusrecordings #edwhitty #thinkingofus #torinlawson

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Mike Walshe aka Irish DJ and producer Satinka debuts on Bonzai Progressive with this stunning three tracker entitled Deep Within EP which is sure to cause waves through the underground. Although a debutant we have seen this guy before, his track The Way Of The Ancients featured on Bonzai’s In The Mix 001 mixed by the legend that is Airwave. A relative newcomer to producing he has definitely made a huge impact with his first release over at JOOF with his five track – Dissolving The Fear EP which was followed closely by the equally impressive Everything Is Energy on Geomagnetic. Now residing in Perth, Australia, Mike focuses in on the underground side of Trance, Psytrance and Progressive with his music being supported on many worldwide radioshows.

Deep Within Your Soul intros with a smooth sequence of sounds before bursting out into a full breaks arrangement that captures the imagination right away. Surreal atmospheric sounds flow through the track alongside some very subtle melodies that are just chomping at the bit to be let loose. A deep and driving bassline takes over the sound and is the perfect platform for the track to evolve. A beautifully crafted array of colours and sounds that melt into each other, drawing you in and locking you on for the duration, it’s hard to get away from this infectious groove. There’s so much more to Deep Within Your Soul than this description, making this a definite must have, you will not be disappointed.

Obscured By Dreams opens with a soft bell and smooth pads with a slight swell that seem to linger on forever. A deep, pounding kickdrum makes its way through delivering a breaks pattern that develops into a strong, solid arrangement complete with crispy hats and long splashy snares. The most beautiful melodies start to form up and contrast well with the tougher drums and gritty bassline. You get a real sense of underground with this expertly crafted collection of sounds, a totally immersive and mesmerizing groove that will have you coming back for more and more. Superb.

Introspection fades into existence with some real nice sounds including a deep droning bass and warm raspy flute. A beautifully melodic guitar soon follows and leads us into the superb, tight breaks arrangement we’ve been waiting on. Cool vocals are scattered all through this epic monster of a track and bring a little taste of retro to the sound. Again we witness the true power of the underground as Satinka unleashes an obscene array of quality sounds that seem to find common ground in the most fantastic way. Another fine slice of progressive breaks with a hint of almost everything thrown in, absolute genius.

#bonzaiprogressive #satinka

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