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Russian producer Alexander Eryomin aka A.Eryomin returns to Bonzai Progressive with the superb You’ll Never Know Why which comes with a plethora of top notch remixes from top producers within the Bonzai sphere. Alexander’s debut came back in the Summer of 2015 with Lonely Nights which quickly gained a great deal of support. Since then he has been churning out quality vibes on various labels as well as featuring on many compilations. Great to see him back with this stomper which we’ve no doubt will grab a lot of attention.

You’ll Never Know Why has many strands that combine beautifully into a solid slice of progressive house. A distinct retro theme runs through the sound that will definitely grab a lot attention in today’s scene. Nice and chunky kick drums are joined by crispy hats and a superbly crafted percussion arrangement giving off a cool rhythmic flow. The probing bassline comes at us from different angles for maximum effect while a cacophony of synths stack up creating a driving groove. Soft vocals add a real character to the sound while an array of FX give the track cool textures. A definite must have right here.

Accompanying the original we have a host of top remix artists to whet the progressive appetite. First up we have the impeccable Manu Riga with his Deep Tech Mix which takes us deep into the progressive abyss with a wonderful tech edge. ConcreteWaves makes a debut appearance on Bonzai with a much more upfront remix that is sure to fill the floors while regular Bonzai contributor Dennis Franchi dishes out some of his fine deep and pleasing grooves with his remix. Negrol also makes a remix debut with a super deep slice of prog filled with fantastic probing basses and expertly crafted synths while another debutant DJ BF turns up with a wonderful hypnotic slice that takes us on a mesmerizing journey. Rounding up this impressive remix roster we have Angelo Dobric who has made the jump over from Piston Recordings to deliver a superb, driving and highly infectious piece of music that will definitely make the grade in any set.

An impressive pack that covers a lot of ground with plenty to choose from, who will be your favourite?

#a.eryomin #bonzaiprogressive #manuriga #concretewaves #dennisfranchi #negrol #angelodobric

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Spanish DJ and producer Jon Costas debuts on Piston Recordings with the upbeat groovy vibes of Don’t Touch Me which is a cool play on words and cleverly split into two tracks. Jon began his music career at just 16 years old, dabbling in different styles until he found his true calling, house music. At first he was learning all about producing music before he started to DJ and in the last few years he has been focusing more on that while still learning all he can about making beats. Great to have him on board and we hope to see more soon.

Don’t sets off with a nice bouncy tech vibe that will get feet to the floors no doubt. Pumping kick drums and crispy hi hats lead the way as a superb bouncing bassline takes the groove up a notch. Sultry, swirling pads offer a warm fuzzy glow to the track as the more edgy drums section gathers pace. A top notch slice of tech that will not disappoint.

Touch Me intros with a fantastic sharp synth that glides across the sound to the backdrop of a building percussion section and cool vocal hits. Punchy beats soon follow and are joined by slicing hi hats and a beautifully round deep sub bass. The track picks up the pace thanks to the infectious synth hook that dominates the groove. A fantastic pure tech house cut that is a definite must have.

#joncostas #pistonrecordings

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Daniel Ray returns to Piston Recordings with deep and sultry vibes of Tinker. We last saw this guy back in October 2015 with Dirty Laugh before heading over to Eyepatch Recordings in early 2016 with Petal. Daniel spreads his expertise over many genres with deep house and chill being his most active genres, today we see him with his deep house mode in full effect.

Tinker invites us into a world filled with moody deep house vibes. A nice live sounding drum arrangement leads the way as surreal piano keys add to the mesmerizing atmospherics. Deep, warm and lush basses dig deep into your soul and you soon find yourself totally hooked on the groove. A thought provoking slice of deep house grooves that is a definite must have.

It’s OK To Smile intros with a nice chunky kick drum with cool shuffling hi hats and percussions building up forming into a solid rhythmic groove. Deep resonating basses come through to beef up the sound in contrast to the surreal synth shots and quality FX. The deepness continues and we are lost in a world full of strangely melancholic sounds that draw us in, making us want more. A wonderfully crafted slice that will be the perfect fodder for those late night sessions.

#danielray #pistonrecordings

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Two stalwarts of Bonzai join together for the first time to deliver the two tracker First Flight To Mars. Blufeld and DJ Fire are names synonymous with Bonzai, Jurgen Leyers aka DJ Fire is considered with legendary status given his vast back catalogue across many of our labels in the past as well as in recent years. Best known for his work alongside Airwave on their Fire & Ice project, he also has quite an impressive collection of solo works. Still DJing regularly at many retro events you can also check out his new monthly radioshow From The Heart. Blufeld burst onto the Bonzai stage in 2008 and has given nothing but top quality cuts ever since. Always searching for that unique sound, Blufeld prides himself in creating music from the soul to evoke the most emotionally charged response from his listeners. So much more in the pipeline to come from this guy, in the meantime check out his radioshow Stimulus Sessions on DI.FM.

First Flight To Mars delivers an intoxicating hypnotic rhythm filled that draws you in right from the get go. Pounding kick drums lead the way as rhythmic percussions build up forcing you to move towards the floor. A deep solid bassline shores up the low end while arpeggio synths dish out mesmeric patterns. A wonderful energetically charged slice here that will definitely grab a lot of attention.

Whitsand Bay Memories takes us on a journey deep into the world of progressive trance with a hybrid tech undertow. A driving solid groove lies at its core surrounded by some very cool scathing synths and a tight drum arrangement. On the break we are treated to an expertly crafted sequence of synths and bass that create a fantastic atmosphere before those full on beats return keeping us locked on for the duration. Top notch stuff that is not to be missed.

#blufeld #djfire #greenmartian

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John Lead aka Lisbon, Portugal based DJ and producer Joao Apell marks his Bonzai Progressive debut with the superb Double Jay and comes backed up with a fantastic remix from Manu Riga. John Lead has been churning out quality cuts for a number of years now and his style is not restricted to any one genre. His goal is to be innovative and combine different musical elements for a unique sound every time. A strong passion for music gives Joao the drive to pursue music as he does now. His music takes us on a journey, telling a story along the way and drawing out many emotions from the listener. Great to have him on board and we certainly hope to see more soon.

The Original Mix intros with a wonderful warm synth pad that sets the scene for this one perfectly as we embark on a mesmeric journey filled with all the wonders of electronica. A steady flow of solid beats dish out a smooth rhythm over a meandering bassline that delivers a laidback groove. The big hitter here though are the impeccable synths. Cascading arps and piercing synths in various shapes and sizes ring out that captivate the imagination with subtle melodics and powerful note changes. A superb cut that is definitely not to be missed.

The ever present Manu Riga delights with another one of his sublime remixes with its groovy beat and surreal, mystical sound. As with previous remixes and originals, Manu Riga never lets up on the quality front and even though his style has changed to be directed more towards the dance floors this is even more true. Good things continue for Manu Riga in 2016, a new EP – Unstoppable (October)as well as numerous remixes and future original material are all still in the pipeline. His craftsmanship is still very much revered by his peers and he remains an inspiration to artists and music fans alike. His radioshow Escape continues to gather pace delivering the very best sounds every month on Progressive Beats. Stay tuned for more, there’s plenty to come. The remix here intros with a solid kick drum to get things moving as warm basses start to fade up alongside cool arpeggio sequences. As we are lured into the deep prog vibe, sweeping accordion pads add wonderful textures on top of the infectious groove. The break throws up some very nice vocals giving the track a lot of character and depth. An absolute stomper once again from this guy that will sit perfectly in any set.

#johnlead #bonzaiprogressive #manuriga

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JoC H aka Bolivian DJ and producer Jose Henry returns to Bonzai Progressive with the fantastic two tracker – Momento EP. With a hugely impressive back catalogue on top labels this guy has one thing on his mind, to transmit his energy into everything he does creating an exciting and amazing experience to his listeners. His debut came in February 2016 – Never Give Up – and gained a great deal of support. Great to see him back once more and hopefully more to come in the future.

Momento is a solid progressive workout that mesmerizes with its warm grooves filled with lush basses and a tight drum arrangement. The progressive vibes ooze out of this one as beautifully tweaked synths deliver that rich sound alongside the hypnotic bassline. The break delivers a short respite from the full on nature of the track before we’re slammed right back into the groove for the duration. Top notch stuff once more from this guy, a must have no doubt.

Pulso intros with a muted kick drum and crispy hi hat combi that set up a nice flowing rhythmic slice. The kicks get their punch soon after leading the track on its path deep into tech. A powerful bassline is the main player here and it dominates the groove beautifully alongside that super tight drum arrangement. Scattered synths and swirling pads create some very nice textures in the sound, but it’s that solid bassline that will get you hooked. One for the late night sessions right here, not to be missed.

#joch #bonzaiprogressive

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Gebreski makes a debut appearance on Piston Recordings with the fantastic Dragones & Serpientes. Since the first quarter of 2016 Gebreski has been churning out quality vibes on various labels which have gained a lot of support right across the world. A mysterious character with a rising profile on the scene, we don’t know too much about this artist just yet, but what we do know is, the music is superb. Stay tuned for more.

Dragones entices with its deep, dark and techy vibe that gets a hold of your senses right from the off. A fantastic deep probing bassline flows effortlessly through the sound as tight punchy kick drums and slicing hi hats deliver a solid rhythmic flow. The stand out action here though is the vocals, they captivate and intrigue, and alongside an array of quality FX they play on the imagination beautifully. A wonderful slice of tech house for the floors that is not to be missed.

Serpientes delivers a solid tech groove that will definitely get the floors moving. Leading the way is a brilliant punchy kick drum and alongside sharp crispy hats they etch out a cool dancey rhythm. The bassline is boss here as it dishes out its dominant groove with a very cool vocal popping up through the phrases. A superb hypnotically charged chunk of tech house that will fit nicely into any late night set.

#gebreski #pistonrecordings

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Rubba J aka Jan Costermans hits us up with his third Piston release entitled Aqua Park. His previous outings – The Next and The Art Of Doing Nothing – both hit the mark and gained some great support. Having honed his skills using a drum machine and a guitar, Rubba J’s unique signature style consists of quality drum patterns and groovy synths and basses all rolled up into smooth deep house sounds. Great to see him back once again.

Aqua Park kicks off this superb three tracker and we get a real taste of this guy’s diverse style with a wonderfully deep house groove. The drum sequences alone will keep you hooked as they etch out intricate patterns and keep the rhythm flowing. The bass is powerful, it probes into every orifice of the track bringing a groovy warmth to the sound. The track is given character with an injection of cool FX and deeper sounds. Top notch stuff that will not disappoint.

The Path To The Ear intros with a fantastic punchy bass stab in tandem with a very cool synth that delivers a smooth deep house vibe. Chunky kick drums and shuffling hats soon join in and we find ourselves dancing along to the groove. Cool vocals are scattered throughout adding that little extra bit of spice to the sound, bringing the deeper elements together beautifully. Get this one in your box, excellent stuff.

Play With Me opens with a nice punchy kick drum and crispy hi hat combi alongside cool building percussions that get the rhythm on the move. Melodic deep house chords burst through with a teasing funky groove that will surely get the floors moving. A bouncing bassline comes in and gels the sound brilliantly as we get lost in the groove. This one has a lot going on and a combination of loungey elements and some infectious house keys make it a definite must have.

#rubbaj #pistonrecordings

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Manu Riga is back with his latest effort, the two tracker Unstoppable, a fresh sound that will definitely get floors pumping. We’ve grown extremely fond of this guys talent over many years, he never disappoints and delivers his music with integrity and professionalism. Having mainly focused on the deeper end of progressive we now get a chance to hear a different side of Manu Riga. After many thoughtful weeks, Adriaan is about to unleash a slightly different style than before. He is aiming directly for the floors with a more clubby approach all wrapped up in an expertly crafted package. On the DJing front you can catch Manu Riga in the mix on his monthly podcast Escape which can be heard on Progressive Beats Radio. An ever increasing fan base, top charting positions, a successful album and follow up remix package on top of a hugely impressive back catalogue, this guy certainly is Unstoppable.

Don’t Stop Me Now is a perfectly apt title as it is the manifestation of the Unstoppable force that is Manu Riga. Heading straight for the dancefloor, this one will definitely get things moving with its expertly crafted drums and upbeat tech vibe. The bassline sets the tone perfectly as you find yourself drawn to its infectious groove. Swirling pads create a wonderful atmosphere as we head into the break where a hypnotic arpeggio takes over dishing out cool melodies as it goes. A definite must have for any playlist.

Let Them Play reflects the plight of indigenous peoples and takes on the narrative to leave them alone. The sound incorporates some very cool ethnic vibes which are perfectly exposed through subtle melodies. Chunky kick drums and shuffling hats will get feet on the floors and some fantastic percussions will keep them there. The break throws up a wonderfully rich and beautiful piano that is joined by tribal voices before we are slammed right back into the main groove for the duration. Another fine slice from Manu Riga that you will not want to miss.

#manuriga #bonzaiprogressive

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Gabriel West and Ricardo Piedra debut on Bonzai Progressive with this superb jam packed album entitled, Mission which throws up some top notch progressive house and techno cuts that are sure to delight many. 11 beautifully crafted tracks take us on a wonderfully rich journey into music as they walk a fine line between progressive house and techno. These guys have been working together now for a couple of years and they’ve racked up quite an impressive release count on many top labels including Electrified Mindz, Krata, Dlimited, Egothermia, Zero and many more. They also enjoy DJing at various venues where they dish out their own brand of deep prog and infectious techno. We’re happy to see these guys at BP we’ve no doubt they’ll grab a lot attention.

From the outset we get drawn into the sound laid down by this talented duo, they tear up any rules that might exist and just make sublime music. Honey gives us our first taste of their progressive side as tight punchy drums lead the way to the back drop of cool spoken vocals, subtle melodies and a deep layered bass. Mission is up next and we’re kept in the depths with a hybrid prog-techno offering filled with pulsing basses and chunky kicks that will definitely keep any late night venue rocking. Bozon goes deeper again with a fantastic probing bass as the main focus alongside well rounded kicks, sharp hats and some gritty synths to stir the track up a bit. Troll comes out of the blocks with a nice kick drum and cool FX as rhythmic percussions start to form up. A deep rumbling bassline gives the track a warm glow as scathing synths break up the low frequencies. Next we have Be Ok which delivers a straight up techno joint that carries a prog edge throughout. Rumbling basses and tight drums make up most of the track while cool textures are created from the vocal and brilliant synths. At the midway point we get a taste of the prog-tech hybrid Epic, and that title could not be more apt. This one delivers a truly hypnotic slice as that mesmeric bassline takes us deeper. Up top we are treated to some expertly crafted FX and drum patterns that will definitely keep the floors moving.

On the home straight this album continues to throw up some tasty treats. Carparthians and Lagoon are beautiful examples of deep, moody and melancholic progressive house. Wrapped up in warm basses, both tracks will leave you in a dreamlike state. In the fusion between tech and prog we have three superb cuts with Exoplanet, Empire and Champagne, gritty edgy synths, subtle melodies and some very cool vocals reside within and each track will surely project very well on the floors.

Mission is a stunning display of Gabriel and Ricardo’s talents, injected with warmth and some seriously infectious grooves, this one is a definite must have.

#gabrielwest #ricardopiedra #bonzaiprogressive

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Portuguese purveyor of fine ass beats and grooves, Joal, returns to Piston Recordings with the fantastic three track Fish Head EP. Joal has been responsible for some top quality music over the years and has seen many releases on labels like Eyepatch Recordings, Howz Choonz, Bonzai Progressive and Bonzai Basiks to name just a few. His last outing on Piston was back in 2014 on remix duties for Paul Rudder’s Never Ending. But, his main outlet is his own Monog Records which he oversees as A&R, bringing in new talent and setting high standards. He also performs outstanding live shows where he showcases his skills running live studio equipment and instruments.

First up we have the deep and dubby acid laced Fish Head. This one burrows deep into your brain and finds its way out by bombarding your senses with scorching acid licks and some cool vocals. A super tight arrangement consisting of intricate drum patterns ensure the rhythm is flowing nicely. We are treated to some full on four on the floor beats as well as cool breaks that add a strong dynamic to the sound. Top notch stuff and a definite head turner.

Kimbra intros with a wonderfully deep and warm sound made up of chunky kick drums and a lurking bass. Crispy hats join in as a steady rhythm builds up with the introduction of various percussions. This one goes deep and taking us there we are exposed to some very well crafted sounds, just like the very cool chords and subtle acid lines that weave through the track. Surreal vocals creep in and deliver cool textures while also creating a mesmeric groove. A must have track no doubt.

XCTMNT is a nice, full on floor filler with a distinct tech house edge made up of tight drums and an ever present acid style groove. Shuffling hats and percussions dish out a solid rhythmic flow as a bubbling bassline rises up from the depths. Mysterious voices capture the imagination as intensity creeps into the sound before the acid lines are let loose on the filter. One for the dark and sweaty late night session that will not disappoint.

#joal #pistonrecordings

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Italian born and London based DJ and producer PulpTalks returns to Piston Recordings with the superb two tracker – Sugar Lips. We saw PulpTalks debut here back in the Summer of 2016 with Sand which gained good support all over. With a penchant for turning out some quality vibes and for igniting the party with his DJ sets, we’ve no doubt that this guy will just get better and better.

Sugar Lips is a smooth deep house groover with a steady flowing rhythmic vibe that is made up of punchy kick drums and slicing hi hats alongside intricate percussion patterns. The bassline and synths are where it’s at here, they both combine beautifully to deliver that solid deep house groove that is sure to get the bootys on the floors, a must have no doubt.

When She Smiles intros with a fantastic heavily filtered synth that morphs brilliantly alongside a deep slow vocal. Big chunky kick drums come through and we’re taken on a deep and groovy trek filled with crispy hi hats and those excellent synths. A superb rumbling bassline sits on the low end shoring up the track and giving it a cool edge. On the break the synths are let loose before the filters kick back in leaving us wanting more. This one will definitely be a welcome addition in any late night set.

#pulptalks #pistonrecordings

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Sa.Du returns to his spiritual home with another of his sublime techno infused slices. This time we get three top notch cuts on Minimalise that are sure to grace many sets. Last time we saw Sa.Du on Bonzai Basiks was back at the start of 2016 with Body & Soul EP, but since then he has continued to produce quality beats no matter where he shows up. In July 2016 he made an appearance over on Bonzai Progressive as part of a special release to mark his time at DV1 Club in Lyon, France. Great to see him back to Basiks with this tasty treat.

Minimalise is a pure unadulterated hypnotic techno offering that delivers a solid groove from start to finish. Warm punchy kick drums are met with equally warm basses and synths as tight percussions keep the dancing feet moving. A proper in your face techno moment that will definitely do the damage on the floors.

Amaretto goes deep, deep into the techno psyche with a raw sound wrapped up in a solid arrangement. Pounding kicks and crispy hats lead the way as surreal pads swirl over head creating an air of mystery. A stuttering bass arp drives the groove and carries a retro vibe as it filters on the high and low pass. Big stabby dark synths come through to add some very cool dynamics in the sound making this a definite must have.

Bad Days is made up of some very nice beats and some stunning cosmic sounds that blend effortlessly into a surreal techno slice. Chunky kick drums lead the way as those strange and eerie sounds begin to fade up. A series of blippy techno sequences takes place and we soon find ourselves locked on for the duration. A fantastic display of music construction that will grab a lot of attention.

#sa.du #bonzaibasiks

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Jeeves debuts on Green Martian with the fantastic Mutate which comes backed up with a remix from music maestro Manu Riga. Mutate is a full on driving progressive groover with some wonderfully crafted melodies that float across the track creating some very nice textures. At its core we get a strong, solid beat which is joined by a throbbing sub bass. Swirling pads and cool FX litter the sound as a mysterious deep spoken vocal comes through. The big hitter here though is the drum section with that pounding kick and crispy hats creating a smooth rhythmic flow. Top notch stuff that will not disappoint.

The ever inspiring Manu Riga is up next with his Hybrid Remix and once again we are given a masterclass in arrangement and in music. 2016? What a year for this guy, his popular album Surrounded was followed by the even more popular Surrounded Remixed, and let’s not forget the multitude of remixes such as this. An ever growing fan base is testament to this guy’s talent and, thankfully, we won’t have to wait too long for his next slice which takes him in a different direction in style and will delight his fans and jocks alike. The remix intros with a nice punchy kick drum that delivers an instant dancefloor vibe. Crispy hi hats and Manu-esque drum patterns get the rhythm moving while club-style female vocals sing out alongside an intriguing spoken narrative. A deep droning bass takes centre stage and draws you in with a little help from some cool synth, arps and FX. The break pulsates drawing in a more intense vibe on this deep and moody tech monster. Another top notch effort that will most definitely not go unnoticed.

#jeeves #greenmartian #manuriga

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It’s been a year already from our last foray into the mosh-pit of networking, PR, meetings and general pure unadulterated fun that is the Amsterdam Dance Event. This year we aim to delight once more with a seriously jam packed compilation filled with some of the very best cuts over the last 12 months from Bonzai Progressive. ADE 2016 (Bonzai Progressive) features 50 progressive slices from a host of artists including tracks and remixes from the likes of Airwave, Rise and Fall, Kevin Vega, Blufeld, Manu Riga, Gai Barone, Stan Kolev, Cortex Thrill, Rick Pier O’Neil, Jakhira, Phi Phi, Audio Noir, Matan Caspi, Crocy and many more. You know we always do it in style, so grab your copy of this veritable who’s who in the progressive world, and if you’re in Amsterdam between 19th – 23rd October, come and say hi.

#bonzaiprogressive #jamelmar #gaibarone #audionoir #stankolev #rickpiero’neil #riseandfall #a.r.e.s #yuriyfromrussia #mattholliday #stevesai #robertr.hardy #manuriga #alexvidal #jakhira #j’dan #config #paulkardos #followinglight #russlanjaafreh #airwave #nicoparisi #joch #phiphi #persya #traveltech #glebrubens #naxound #matancaspi #crocy #koschk #ruslanvashkevich #experimentalfeelings #kush(mu) #aexfly #cortexthrill #jamiebaggotts #samotarev #danielcurotto #vladad’shake #michaelberklin #christopherhermann #jadeck #margolin #dofamine #yuriyfromrussia #audiostorm #blufeld #platunoff #k.oshkin #srinivas #volkanerman #findike #kevinvega #donlongton #chandrama #jakhira #alexeylisin #avesvolare #j’dan #historus #nightshiftmaster #sebastianbusto #paulamelicci #timaaron

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