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As we say goodbye to 2016 we look back at a bumper year at Piston Recordings with this mega bundle of quality Tech House sounds. We’ve gathered up some of our very best from this year and included them all into a mouth watering 46 track compilation for your convenience. Top notch cuts from Eat Dust, Mirko Gorelli, Cerillo, Alex Bradbury, DYS (Italy) and more are all on hand to deliver maximum impact in any set. The perfect addition to your weekend weapons that is not to be missed.

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As 2016 draws to a close we present a selection of some of our very best Deep House cuts, conveniently wrapped up in a tantalising 42 track compilation that will be a serious weapon in your DJ arsenal. Piston Recordings remains at the cutting edge and, with artists such as Demarkus Lewis, Orlando Voorn, Leandro Di, JR From Dallas, Oraa, Meels, Redwax, Daniel Ray, Jakhira and label boss Rogerio Martins at the helm delivering quality sounds, we’re sure to be around for many more years to come. Get your hands on these bombs, we guarantee you will not be disappointed.

#pistonrecordings #oraa #meeels #rogeriomartins #accatone #marcomadia #demarkuslewis #p.a.m.o. #mike #danielekama #angeloferreri #eatdust #an-beat #jaderag #tuneon #victorbergh #tapeout #southerngroove #amon(ro) #orlandovoorn #polyrhythm #murrayrichardson #leandrodi #michaelnunes #pulptalks #lessovsky #redwaxx #azermike #jrfromdallas #ryo-chin #rubbaj #danielray #jakhira #bjerkpeterson #citrus #gusher #ritz #bicyclecorporation #alessandrosarsano #bonetti

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We continue our Club Traxx series with the delicious Dark & Deep 4 featuring 20 of the hottest and deepest tracks from a hugely impressive talent-pool of top notch artists. This one contains all the tools required to keep any party rocking long into the night. Tracks and remixes from the likes of Rise and Fall, MetrONomes, Matt Holliday, Gleb Rubens & Naxound, Adriano Dodici, Stan Kolev, Giuliano A.L., Samotarev, Jamie Baggotts, Matan Caspi, Koschk, Gabriel West & Ricardo Piedra, Dennis Franchi, Nico Parisi, Louis Irvine and more. A perfect blend of deep, dark progressive tech grooves that will be a welcome addition in any collection.

#bonzaiprogressive #riseandfall #jamiebaggotts #koschk #dennisfranchi #metronomes #mattholliday #glebrubens #naxound #stankolev #adrianododici #checcoesse #giulianoa.l. #samotarev #matancaspi #gabrielwest #ricardopiedra #leonkrasich #qosmio #a.eryomin #johnlead #nicoparisi #alfredomena #surveyormode #joch #louisirvine

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Russian DJ and producer duo Tkachenko Vitaly and Vladimir Pavlov make up Concrete Waves. The guys make their Bonzai Progressive debut with the fantastic Northern Dawn which is backed up with two superb remixes from Manu Riga and Crocy. Concrete Waves was formed in May 2016 when the guys got together through their passion for music. They both enjoy listening to and creating Deep House, Tech House, Techno, Progressive, Hip-Hop and House. Their first release came out in June 2016 on Emotional Noise and other works, including compilation releases, soon followed. They are still working on finding their niche and perfecting their sound while working on their first album. A hugely talented up and coming project that is definitely one to watch.

The Original Mix treats us to a sublime deep progressive trip full of beautifully crafted layers. A solid pumping kick drum leads the way alongside bright hi hats and rhythmic percussions while a wonderfully lush bassline meanders through the track creating a deep groove. Tantalising synth arps weave intricate patterns drawing us deeper into the groove. On the break sweet melodies are revealed to the backdrop of rich pads that capture the imagination before we are thrust back into the main track for the duration. Excellent stuff that will not disappoint.

Manu Riga is back once again with another one of his top notch remixes and, once again we are blown away by this guy’s superb talent. Belgian music maestro Adriaan Baussens is now a household name in the music production world, he has gained an army of followers over the years and is still reaching out to new recruits with every release. His talent lies in perfecting everything he touches which translates to those who simply appreciate “good music”. Here he shoots straight to the floors with a beautifully constructed progressive slice. Nice and chunky kick drums lead the way while crispy hi hats and shuffling percussions create a solid rhythm. A hypnotic vox loiters in the background as a prominent arpeggio delivers the lead sound. Throbbing basses deliver that pure prog vibe that keeps you hooked throughout. Simply stunning stuff that is a definite must have for any jock.

Bonzai stalwart Crocy is up next with his remix and as you’d expect he delivers the goods once more. We’ve seen a multitude of outstanding work from this guy over the years and he always produces to the highest standard leaving the listener wanting more. His last outing was on remix duties for Manu Riga’s Surrounded Remixed which came not long after his own Valve back in July 2016. Always a pleasure to get this guy’s work in the mail box and no doubt we’ll see much more in the future. The remix opens with a solid punchy kick drum and shuffling hi hats combi. Raspy bass notes accompany the tight drums as spacey pads fade in. Intricate synth patterns make an appearance alongside a sublime hypnotic bassline that sits perfectly on the low end. An array of FX add wonderful textures while on the break we’re treated to a simplistic and effective melody that keeps you locked in. Top notch stuff perfect for any late night set.

#concretewaves #bonzaiprogressive #manuriga #crocy

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Lisbon based Portuguese DJ and producer Pedro Faria debuts on Piston Recordings with the superb deep and techy fuelled No Looking Back. Since 2012 Pedro has been releasing quality cuts across various labels. He is a lover of music, particularly everything between deep house and tech house. On the DJ front he is a much sought after spinner and he plays at top parties around his hometown and beyond. Delighted to have him on board here at Piston and we hope to see more from him soon.

The Original Mix is a top notch tech house offering that carries a solid drum arrangement made up of chunky kick drums and cool shuffling hats and percussions. A deep mesmerizing bassline weaves through the track as a sinister distorted vocal creeps in. Groovy keys fade in creating a wonderful hybrid tech sound that exudes a deeper vibe. A fantastic weapon for any late night set that will not disappoint.

Up next we have the Gear Remix which is a definite dancefloor destroyer. A solid workout from start to finish fuelled by techy beats and superb groovy elements that will get the booty’s shakin’ no doubt. The intro boasts a muted kick and subtle percussion combi before the kick get a massive boost with an added thump for good measure. Shuffling hats deliver a flowing rhythm as those deep pads start to rise. A pulsating bassline is the big hitter here that blends perfectly with the mesmeric synths and pads. A must have track you do not want to miss.

Lastly we have No More which is a wonderful display of tech house that will ignite any set. A simplistic approach here with a solid drum arrangement creating a nice flowing rhythmic vibe. Distant voices add cool textures to the sound as a deep rooted bassline shores up the low end. As the layers build we find a lot of interesting sounds that combine beautifully, but it’s that strong drum and bass combi that packs the punch here. Perfect fodder for giving any floor a boost.

#pedrofaria #pistonrecordings #gear

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Alien Waves debuts on Green Martian with the trippy progressive vibes of Basic Mood which comes in two flavours that are sure to keep any set rocking. First up we have the Original Mix with its wonderfully dynamic sound that covers everything from trippy analogue acid lines to orchestral stabs. A super tight drum arrangement with a chunky kick drum at the helm dishes out a solid rhythm while deep low end basses add warmth. An array of sounds combine beautifully delivering a somewhat unorthodox construction that is both intriguing and mesmerizing. Top notch stuff that is not to be missed.

Next we have the Remix version which carries a straight up progressive trance persona that is full of drive and energy. Nice gated synths provide the intro as a punchy kick drum and crispy hats following. A deep hypnotic bass tone dominates the low end as a myriad of sounds start to layer up. Strong piano chords, squelchy acid shots and a superb gated vox are all on show here and come together brilliantly to take us to another level. A definite must have track for any late night set.

#alienwaves #greenmartian

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Manu Riga returns to Bonzai Progressive with a sublime two tracker Entitled Disconnected. This time round he enlists the stunning vocal talent of Mandy Jones who adds a whole new dynamic to the progressive sound. As ever Manu Riga delights with his attention to detail revealing his passion for quality music with everything he touches. A string of top notch cuts, a superb album and a slew of delicious remixes have made 2016 one of his best years yet and we’ve no doubt that next year will be even better. USA born Mandy Jones makes her first appearance on Bonzai and she brings her wonderfully rich and soulful voice along for the ride. Over the last few years she has released several tracks across various labels. She possesses a beautifully rich voice which she is able to adapt to suit different musical styles. Nice to see her on board and we hope to hear more from her in the future.

Disconnected intros with a very nice pounding kick drum as shuffling hats form up into a solid rhythmic flow. A deep and probing bassline soon finds its way into the sound as percussions start on their intricate journey. The track takes on a real deepness early on which is further enhanced by the stunning vocals from Mandy. Sultry, melancholic and dynamic, the vocal tells an interesting story that fits perfectly with the groove. In contrast to the deeper elements we find a sweet melodic arpeggio that washes over the sound. A definite must have that will not disappoint.

If Only is up next and we’ve no doubt that this one will become a firm favourite among many. Right from the off we’re drawn into its grasp. Nicely rounded kick drums lead the way against a very cool percussion arrangement complete with shuffling hit hats that really get the feet tapping. The big hitter here is the vocal, a simply sublime delivery with a very intriguing narrative that digs deep into your soul. The vocal blends effortlessly with the melancholic groove created by subtle tones and expert attention. Captivating and enlightening, this one is most definitely not to be missed.

#manuriga #mandyjones #bonzaiprogressive

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Verona based Italian DJ and producer Titan Road aka Marco Pettenon debits on Piston with a tasty two tracker entitled Lotus. Marco comes from an electro and progressive house background and he is not new to the dance music scene, he has been producing and DJing for several years under a different alias. In the Summer of 2012 he fell in love with the warmth of deep house and garage vibes which spurred him on to create his Titan Road guise. Totally addicted to the groove this new project has already had releases out on labels like Cr2 Records, LouLou Records, Smiley Fingers, Twisted Fusion and DTD records. He is currently DJing at Qloom and Alter Ego events in Italy and he is co-founder of the label Endless Music. He is also an active member of the Verona based Monkeys Music collective.

Lotus intros with a muted kick drum and eerie pad combi alongside shuffling hi hats. The kicks get a boost of power and we find ourselves locked on to the infectious groove that follows. Thos pads linger for a long time before opening up creating a rich texture. Cool vocals litter the sound and blend beautifully with the deeper vibe. A rumbling bassline keeps the low end rocking making this an absolute stomper of a track you will not want to miss.

Backlash offers up a superb tech house groove that will have the floors pumping all night. A nice and smooth intro brings in a pumping kick drum and a captivating synth pad. Dancey, rhythmic hi hats come through and really get the track moving with a little help from a fantastic percussion section. The hypnotic bassline keeps us hooked for the duration giving the track truly infectious nature. A must have track no doubt.

#titanroad #pistonrecordings

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Bonetti returns to Piston Recordings with another fine slice of deep house goodness in the form of Back To Nature. Since Bonetti’s last Piston outing – Pumping Pumping, he has scored several top notch cuts that have impressed many. Great to see this guy back once again and hopefully we’ll be seeing more in the near future.

The Original Mix kicks us off with a nicely flowing rhythmic kick drum, hi hat and percussion combi. Funky guitar licks are filtered in alongside catchy club style diva vocals creating the perfect dancefloor bomb. a Smooth and groovy bassline adds a superb depth to the sound as we relish in the funky disco vibes. Top notch stuff that will most definitely not disappoint.

On Funky Main Mix we’re treated to slightly more dubby impression of the original with a focus squarely on the funky elements. Those filtered guitars ring through the sound and compliment the cool vocals nicely while a deeper more edgy bassline shores up the low end. A definite dancefloor weapon that will find its way into many sets for sure.

#bonetti #pistonrecordings

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Van Czar returns to Bonzai Basiks with Fortuna Propitia which comes backed up with two superb remixes from Petri Petro and Sa.Du. His last outing here was back in May 2016 with 100-1 which proved popular among the techno fraternity. Since then he has been very busy indeed with building his CZ label, hosting Bonzai Basik Beats Spain and playing out at many top venues. Always worth keeping an eye on this guy because you know he always delivers the goods.

The Original Mix offers a truly deep and dark techno experience with its pumping kick drums and pulsing basses. Rhythmic hi hats deliver a steady flowing rhythm and are joined by a superb percussion arrangement for maximum effect. Wonderfully rich chord stabs are filtered to perfection and add a lot of spice to the track while generating a hint of retro to the groove. A simply stunning slice that is a must for any serious techno head.

Petri Petro is up first on remix duties and once again he dishes out a top notch techno stomper. His last outing on Basiks was back in the Summer of 2016 with the hugely impressive Human Slide which gained a great deal of support. Always a treat when this guy’s work drops into the mailbox. On the remix here Petri goes for the jugular once again with a rip roaring techno monster. Pounding kick drums and seriously low end sub basses rattle the speakers as crispy hi hats slice through. A deep and darkly sinister lead fades in and hooks us in for the ride as the filter knobs are given a workout. Top notch stuff that will be a most welcome addition in any set.

Sa.Du is our next guest remix artist and as expected he treats us to another sublime techno experience. A very much revered artist in the underground scene, his last outing – Minimalise, was very well received indeed. Much more to come from this guy so keep your eyes and ears peeled. The remix here takes us on a trippy trek deep into the techno abyss. Chunky kick drums lead the way as a myriad of sounds and FX are moulded into intricate patterns. A cool crispy hi hat cuts through the layers to stand out while a subtle percussion arrangement keeps the rhythm flowing. A deep and eerie slice from Sa.Du that you will not want to miss.

#vanczar #bonzaibasiks #petripetro #sa.du

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Cypriot DJ and producer George Ellinas debuts on Bonzai Progressive with the stunning Illusionize which comes backed up with a superb remix from Manu Riga. Since 2010 George has been responsible for a string of top quality tracks across many labels and delving into various genres along the way. His music enjoys great support from the likes of Armin Van Buuren, EDX, Paul Oakenfold, Moonbeam and more. Delighted to have him on board and we hope to see more in the future.

The Original Mix intros with a subtle kick to the backdrop of a mesmerizing arpeggio that cascades through you mind, lulling you into its warm groove. Swirling pads create a serene atmosphere as the arps are given a dose of modulation before subsiding back to a more mellow flow. The kick drum gets beefed up which tightens up the drums beautifully. As the track progresses we are introduced to an array of sweet melodies as well as a captivating voice that really digs deep into your mind. A fantastic slice that delivers a somewhat euphoric side to progressive house.

Manu Riga continues to go from strength to strength, he remains consistent in the quality department in everything he does. After a string of very popular remixes in 2016 – including his last Lift Off Remix for Karim S featuring Lounasan – Pilots Of The Millennium – he delivers his Melodic Remix and in true Manu Riga style he knocks it outta the park. On the remix here we can tell that Manu is going straight to the floors as he dishes out a solid drum arrangement complete with punchy kick drums, bright hi hats and a building percussion set. Melodic arps start to fade in and we quickly succumb to its hypnotic prowess. On top of the arps we find super sweet harmonious notes that compliment the sound superbly. The arps have a weaving effect as the filters are let loose creating a wonderful tapestry of textures. Driving the groove is a strong and powerful bassline that hangs perfectly on the low end allowing the track to breath while holding us in it grasp. Another sublime effort by Manu Riga that you do not want to miss.

#georgeellinas #bonzaiprogressive

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Italian DJ and producer Andrea Rivi returns to the Piston stable with the superb Time Lapse EP. Since 2012 we’ve been treated to some fantastic cuts from this guy. From his first foray into production with Because to his last effort My Weapon on Piston, the quality remains at its highest standard. Big things to come from this guy so stay tuned.

Time Lapse delivers a solid tech house fuelled ride that will no doubt grab a lot of attention. Punchy kick drums are at the forefront with bright crispy hi hats slicing through the lower frequencies with ease. A deep rooted sub bass dominates the low end and mesmerizes throughout. Crazy synths create a kaleidoscope of sound that intrigues as it lashes out with hap hazard patterns that form into something special. A top notch cut that will be a welcome addition in any set.

Esotica is a wonderful club driven slice of tech house complete with diva-esque vocal snippets and a solid rhythmic flow that will have asses shakin’ all over the floor. The drum section dishes out a bouncy groove to get down to while a deep, powerful bassline shores up the low end. Cool FX are littered throughout adding some very nice textures while that wailing vocal adds character. The icing on the cake here though is those retro style synths that just give the track fantastic depth, a must have no doubt.

Be Careful offers up a pacey trek into the tech house arena with a solid driving drum arrangement led on by a punchy kick drum and shuffling percussions. The drums play a massive role here and are showcased by various snare rolls that give the track a definite dance floor appeal. Cool acid-like single hits add a nice touch while pitching vocals come through. A deep pulsating bass pokes through the cacophony of drums adding a hypnotic vein to the sound. Excellent stuff that is not to be missed.

#andrearivi #pistonrecordings

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Italian house music maestro Alessandro Sarsano debuts on Piston Recordings with the delectable three track UndaFunk EP. From a young age he developed a passion for music and the visual arts. At 14 he started to take notice of the Hip Hop scene in his home city as well as starting to get into DJing. He understood that scratching and cutting was an important form of entertainment and this led to him generating a collection of vinyl ranging from funk to disco and pop to new wave. from here to collect discs ranging from funk to disco, from pop to new wave. In the late 80s and early 90s Italy experienced the house phenomenon and this appealed to him very much and brought him into contact with many DJ’s. He soon discovered the Balearic beat after a Summer in Ibiza and found that house music was his passion. Over the years he has played alongside the likes of Jose de Divina, DJ Oliver, Willie Graff, Tuccillo, Alfredo, Pippi, Jon Sa Trinxa and many more. Since 2010 he has released quality tracks on many labels and we’re delighted that his next effort will be on Piston.

Emotional Lee intros with a cacophony of shuffling snares that lead us straight to the floors alongside a warm house laced chord. Big chunky kick drums soon follow with a sublime pulsing bass in tow which solidifies the groove and locks you in for the duration. The track has a rich urban vibe that is bolstered by cool vocal snippets. A powerful slice that will surely get the booty’s shakin’.

Next up we have the Latino inspired Viva Chicanos with its fantastic Samba style groove and wonderful flowing rhythms. Leading the charge is a pumping kick drum with an array of rhythmic percussions in accompanying mode. In the background we get a House Of Pain inspired sample alongside some very cool vocals that give the track character. As we get drawn deeper we’re treated to some very cool sounds from various instruments that give this track a distinct flavour. A definite must have.

The Basement rounds off this superb pack with a deep fuelled ride deep into the house sound. Beautifully lush low end basses and chunky kick drums with crispy hi hats alongside sharp claps and snappy snares make for a wild ride. The groove is hypnotic and the cool spoken vocal is both mesmeric and informative as it delivers a philosophical narrative. At the midway point a sublime bassline change drives the groove harder which will most definitely get the floors pumping, top notch stuff.

#alessandrosarsano #pistonrecordings

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Jakarta, Indonesia based DJ and producer Chris.M aka Krishna Prabawa returns to Green Martian after a bit of a hiatus under his new guise Jumpers_27 and the impressive Feel You EP. With many releases under his belt during his time with Bonzai, Krishna delivers yet again in his true professional style. Great to see him back once again and we hope to see much more in the future.

The Original Mix carries a very distinctive sound that would certainly befit Krishna’s native land. Right from the off we are thrust into a world filled with rich and beautiful melodies dished out via a cascading arpeggio. Throughout the track we are mesmerized by a stunning vocal that delivers a wonderfully warming vibe and which fits so perfectly with the Balearic bassline. The groove intensifies on the break with a wall of synths delivering a sublime progressive trance vibe that lingers for the duration. Top notch stuff that is not to be missed.

The Chris.M Remix takes things up a notch or two with his pacey driving groove made up of a solid drum arrangement and a throbbing bass that lurks on the low end. Punchy kicks and bright crispy hi hats lead the way as a super tight percussion arrangement delivers an edgy, dark vibe. That wonderfully rich, euphoric vocal dominates the track and is backed up by calming choir voices. On the break we get into a Balearic feel with beautifully plucked guitars and melodic synths before slamming back into full on mode for the duration. Simply amazing, a definite must have.

#jumpers_27 #greenmartian

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German DJ and producer Manuel Palmitesta marks his full release debut on Bonzai Progressive with the superb two tracker Rush Hour EP. Over the last few years we have seen this guy crop up on several releases where he delivered top notch remixes. Ecco’s Switch, A.M.X’s Secret Lover and Tech Dealer’s Plastic Vibes are just some of the releases he’s contributed to. We’ve also seen him appear on Bonzai Basik Beats radio show. He has also seen releases on many labels over the last few years and he always gains lots of support. We’re delighted to see him back with his own cut and we’ve no doubt this one will turn a few heads.

Rush Hour is a solid tech house driven minimalistic slice that delivers a superb four to the floor groove. Pumping kick drums lead the way as a beautifully arranged percussions arrangement keeps the rhythm moving. The minimal approach speaks volumes as we’re drawn into the hypnotic nature of the track thanks to some cool FX and an eerie vox sound. Excellent stuff you do not want to miss.

Corruption takes us deep into the tech house abyss with a bassy thumper that will certainly get the bootys shakin. The track is powered by some chunky kick drums and a cacophony of bright and noisy hats and cymbals. On the low end we’re treated to a pulsating bassline that becomes the soul of the groove. Tribal style percussions mesmerize as the bass transforms and intensifies the groove. Definitely a track not to be missed.

#manuelpalmitesta #bonzaiprogressive

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