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Bonzai stalwart Nico Parisi is back with another of his beautifully refined progressive cuts. Attica follows his last cut – Children Of Africa – and features three top notch remixes from Gai Barone, Robert R. Hardy and Rise and Fall. He also recently showed up for remix duties himself on AudioStorm’s Underground Culture, and we’re delighted that he continues to offer only the finest quality sounds. Nico remains a solid figure on the DJing front, he certainly gets around and is a solid figure at many festivals and club venues.

If you’re after smooth progressive grooves then the Original Mix is for you. Right from the off you can feel the sound glide along with polished edges that are quite inviting. The track goes deep courtesy of a bassy percussion that is accompanied by a more gritty bassline while hypnotic and melodic arps remain a constant throughout. On the break those melodies lead the way against a fine display of deep basses before the nice and chunky kicks take us back into full on mode. Top notch stuff that is not to be missed.

Super talented progressive guru Gai Barone steps up to the remix plate with his Blue Notes Remix. Once again we are witness to the sheer quality this guy continues to offer. His last outing on Bonzai was on our Bonzai & Friends – 500 – Remixes release, which to our delight has performed very well indeed thanks to artists like Gai. Much revered among his peers this guy toils hard bringing us only the very best sounds and no doubt he will be back to Bonzai at some point in the future, all we can say is, he’s always welcome. The remix turns up the heat a little and gets right into a fine flowing progressive slice from the outset. Tight drums and percussions deliver a cool rhythmic flow as deep basses fade in. In the background a static arp pays homage to the original while a much grittier bass starts to creep in. At the midway point the sound dynamic shifts to include a stunning sequence filled with mismatched keys that send out an almost chaotic vibe while retaining the progressive groove. A stunner for sure, this one is a definite must have.

Reis Robert aka Robert R. Hardy returns to Bonzai Progressive on remix duties. His last outing came back in May 2015 with a fine remix on K.Oshkin’s Assol. Prior to this he has shown up on various compilations for Green Martian. A hugely popular artist on the scene and one we’re delighted to welcome back. On the remix here we’re treated to some very nice progressive vibes indeed as a much moodier sound is delivered. Chunky kick drums lead the way alongside bright, crispy and shuffling hi hats with a tight percussion section adding to the smooth rhythms. The big focus is on the basses, they dominate the sound perfectly and they’re matched with some equally impressive synths that mesmerize with every note. Wonderfully atmospheric deep prog grooves for those late night sessions.

Rise And Fall is back with another of his outstanding remix contributions. A very popular Bonzai artist, this guy has notched up quite an impressive back catalogue in just a few short years at BP. His original works are consistently high quality and gain the support of many, much like his remix work. His last outing – Genetic – featured heavily in many sets and topped numerous charts, a very much in demand artist, it’s always a pleasure when his audio drops into the mailbox. As you’d expect the groove goes deep here, progressively deep. The remix intros with a solid kick against a pulsing bass while various percussive elements weave in and out of the arrangement. A mesmerizing arp starts to flare up and is joined by quality synths and swirling pads. An intense build up brings us to the main part of the track where the bass comes into full effect for the duration. Such a stunning piece that will most definitely find its way into many sets.

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Ricardo Mejia debuts on Piston Recordings with the fantastic three track Disco XTC EP. Mexican born, Tijuana based Ricardo brings a fresh sound in his music and has seen releases on various labels over the last few years. On the DJ front, Ricardo regularly appears at top venues around his hometown and his style of play appeals to many. Great to have him on board and hope to see more from him in the future.

Disco XTC intros with a pumping kick drum and slowly fading in discofied riff that builds and builds into an ecstatically charged upbeat groove. Tight drums fill up the sound alongside a pulsating bassline and create a superb rhythmic flow that carries the track through to the end. Disco licks drip off the sound and you’d soon find yourself shakin’ those hips to the groovy sounds. The vocals really make the track stand out adding a contemporary flavour and bringing the retro and modern sounds together in perfect harmony. Tech house grooves for the discerning clubber, not to be missed.

Next up we have Talking S with it’s cool intro made up of distant vocals and a crispy hi hat that teases out the rhythm beautifully. Punchy kicks come through along with a deep probing bassline as those vocal shots continue. Melancholic keys fill up the background and add to the deep lushness of the groove while contrasting plucks mesmerize. This one certainly goes deep and comes off as sombre in places but the tight drums and quality vibe will most definitely give it loads of appeal to late night sessions.

Mellow takes us deep into the house sound with its warmth and beautifully lush groove. Driving the track we have a nice punchy kick drum alongside crispy hi hats and sporadic percussions that create a fine flowing rhythm. A selection of smooth pads and chords deliver that lush groove on a platter as bright synths bring a funky edge. The perfect fodder for any deep set, this one will not disappoint.

#ricardomejia #pistonrecordings

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Italian born and London based DJ and producer PulpTalks debuts on Piston Recordings with the superb two tracker entitled Sand. PulpTalks is fast becoming a name synonymous with deep house grooves. He spins at top parties throughout London and in 2015 he started to release his own sounds to the world which has gained the attention of many. A rising star no doubt, this guy is one to watch.

Sand intros with a nice warm deep house chord against contrasting crispy hi hats and sharp percussions. Tight beats come through and take over, driving the house groove straight to the floor. A cool sounding female spoken vocal adds a wonderful fresh vibe to the track which gives it even more dance appeal. The track gets an added bounce with some fantastic punchy stabs that just ooze pure house music, something jocks and the crowd are simply going to love. Bright and breezy summer grooves, perfect for those sun kissed beach parties.

After So Long takes us deep into the house sound and holds us there without mercy, forcing you to move to its groove. A super tight drum arrangement delivers a solid rhythm that will have the floors moving while deep and lush keys go to work on your soul. The warmth drips off the track as those superb chords do their thing. This one is the perfect fodder for after sunset when the heat gets turned up on the floor, excellent stuff.

#pulptalks #pistonrecordings

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Deep house maestro Victor Maximiliano returns to Eyepatch with the wonderful two tracker Prototype. This guy has always been and remains a firm favourite around the Eyepatch office and he never fails to deliver only the finest grooves. Prepare to get your groove on with this one, you’re gonna love it.

Prototype is a fine display of deep house grooves that will keep the booty’s on the floor for sure. An upbeat vibe is the result of a tight drum arrangement and a rhythmic shuffling hat sequence. Lush chords and warm keys are on offer to keep us firmly locked into the groove while a deep bassline wades through the sound. At the midway point we’re treated to some very nifty synth riffs that sum up the talents of MR Maximiliano perfectly. Go get this one, it will not disappoint.

The Mask intros with a very cool chord sequence that is soon joined by a nice punchy kick drum and an upbeat bassline. The synth chords are tweaked to perfection as they filter in and out while cool plucked keys dish out a smooth house vibe. The keys are the big player here but that tight drum arrangement and the warm bassline go some way to making this a top notch cut that is a definite must have.

#victormaximiliano #eyepatchrecordings

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Progressive tech and techno kings metrONomes are back to take us on another trip with their brand of deep grooves. The three track Crocodile Tears is the perfect vehicle for this trip and is proof positive of just how talented this dynamic duo is.

Crocodiles Tears sets off with a deep and lush vibe as a pulsing sub bass is met with crispy hats and a swirling background pad. Punchy kick drums soon join in and is accompanied by a rhythmic drum section that will surely get the floors moving. While the focus of the track resides with the low end and that deep rumbling bassline, up at the mid section we’re treated to some outstanding chords and keys that take us deeper into the techno sound. Top notch stuff and a definite must have track.

1, 2, Free intros with a tribalistic drum arrangement complete with nice thumping kicks and sharp congas topped off with crispy hi hats. The rhythm is let loose on this one and you’ll soon find yourself letting go and getting down to the floor. Darkly sinister sounding pads generate an intense, haunting vibe that captivates and draws you in. If you’re after some late night pumping beats and a solid deep techno groove then this one is for you, it’s a monster.

Skala intros with chunky kick drum that is joined by a deep energetic bassline and a tight drum section that creates a steady rhythmic flow. As if we didn’t have enough bass, then along comes a bassbin rattling sub that ups the ante on the techno groove. Hypnotic synths and percussions keep you locked on as that angry bass dominates the sound. Another dark slice of techno that will get the floors shakin’ no doubt.

#metronomes #progrez

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AudioStorm aka Ognjen Vukovic returns to Bonzai Progressive with the superb Underground Culture and brings along three top notch remixes from Nico Parisi, Owersound and Experimental Feelings for the ride. We last saw AudiStorm back towards the end of 2015 with his debut album First Step which gained a great deal of support from many quarters. Since then he has appeared on various compilations including the mega Bonzai & Friends 500 Remixes.

The Original Mix takes us on a sublime journey, deep into the melodic side of progressive house complete with a deep lush groove that just wraps itself around you. On the low end we’re treated to a wonderfully robust bassline that meanders through the sound effortlessly while on the mid range we’re faced with some beautiful melodic sequences in the form of rich strings and cascading arps. Keeping the track bound together we have tight beats that offer up a solid flowing rhythm creating that brilliant lush groove. Awesome stuff once more from this guy, a definite must have.

Nico Parisi is up first on the remix and once more he holds nothing back on the quality front. Nico’s last outing was in June 2016 with the superb Children Of Africa which definitely turned a few heads with a lot of attention, a feature on Beatport among others. Also in June Nico played at one of the best Summer festivals Europe, namely Legacy Festival. He made his third appearance there this year and is a testament to his dedication to playing out in front of crowds. On the remix here Nico employs his own special brand of progressive house, one that encompasses all manners of feelings and styles. The track intros with a solid thumping kick drum alongside a crispy hi hat giving off a classic vibe. A deep droning bassline joins in and becomes the star of the show as it draws us into its powerful grip. Cool melodies float through the sound and are delivered by organic synth arps adding fantastic colourful textures. This one is a beast of a tune that will rock any floor, anywhere.

One of Europe’s freshest and newest producers on the block, Arthur Minnahmetov aka Owersound debuts on Bonzai Progressive with a divine remix that will most definitely rock your progressive world and more. This exciting Russian DJ and producer is already making his mark on the scene with releases on various labels and gigs at top venues. DJing was his priority until he discovered a knack for writing his own music, and in 2007 he started to learn everything he could about this and he focused on deep house, tech house and techno. Nowadays he is into progressive house and this remix will tell you all you need to know about that. The track intros with a brash pumping kick drum and crispy hat combo alongside cool percussions and snappy snare rolls. The drum section delivers a fine flowing rhythm for the track to build on. Swirling pads stand out as strange voices come through creating a surreal atmosphere with a sharp bite. The bassline comes in to warm things up a bit and delivers a solid deep groove. In the background we get some very cool arp melodies that capture the imagination. Those melodies are further enhanced by the note changes on the bassline generating a wonderful contrast. Top notch sounds that are destined for many sets no doubt.

Spanish DJ and producer Toni Gonzalez aka Experimental Feelings is back and fresh from his last cut – Beautiful Eyes, in June 2016. As ever we are treated to a fine display of production from this guy. His originals stand out from the crowd for having a surreal atmospheric edge as well as tight arrangements. He is also well respected as remixer and he has turned around many tracks with his unique brand of progressive. On the remix here he does the original much justice by staying true to the original cut. A wonderfully melodic intro greets us as mesmeric swelling pads are joined by sweet high pitched notes that feed right into your soul. A nice well rounded kick drum comes through with just the right amount of punch and is soon joined by expertly crafted percussions. A deep and powerful bassline swells up from the depths creating a superb deep progressive groove. As the layers build the track goes deeper as that bass dominates, staying the course and only fading on the break to allow the pads and melodies to shine once more. A truly outstanding slice of prog that you do not want to miss.

#audiostorm #bonzaiprogressive #nicoparisi #owersound #experimentalfeelings

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Köschk returns to Bonzai Progressive with a full debut in the form of the superb Diwän which comes backed up with two top notch remixes from Manu Riga and Dennis Franchi. We last saw Köschk back in May 2016 on remix duties for Rise and Fall’s Genetic which generated great support across the board. First up we have the Original Mix which intros with a muted kick drum alongside subtle percussions that build slowly into a nice shuffling rhythmic flow. A fading in bass pluck delivers a superb energetic sound that gets into every nook and cranny before being joined by a warmer, more lush bass. Progressive vibes ooze out of this one, with the bass shoring up the low end we’re treated to some sublime swirling pads and strings that bring a cosmic vibe into play. Bright crispy hats are moved into double time as we find ourselves totally hooked while our feet do the dancing. The break offers up a beautifully surreal moment as the pads take over before we get slammed back into full on mode. Top notch stuff you do not want to miss.

Fresh off the back of his much anticipated album – Surrounded – Manu Riga is back with his outstanding Analogics Remix. With the album release still generating a buzz by topping many charts, Adriaan Baussens wastes no time in churning out yet more quality cuts. At the start of 2016 we said that this would be a huge year for this guy, and at the midway point this could not be more true. The support for Manu Riga continues to rise and with remixes like this one it will no doubt go through the roof by the end of the year. We couldn’t be more proud of this guy and what he brings to the label, to ourselves personally and to his ever growing army of fans across the world. The remix intros with a dark bass sound that traps us into the deep progressive vibe it creates. Nice chunky kick drums come into play as various otherworldly sounds are introduced. On the low end the bassline offers a wonderfully deep groove that resonates perfectly through the track as expertly crafted FX and sweeping pads do their thing. Manu brings in a beautiful melodic sequence that contrasts brilliantly with the deeper elements in a melancholic way. On the break we are drawn deeper into the groove as those pads work their magic and the bass fades in slowly taking us back into full on mode and those tasty beats. Simply stunning yet again from the master, a must have for sure.

Dennis Franchi returns and he knocks up a superb remix which comes not long after his latest cut – Into Place featuring Angelo Dobric saw some fantastic reviews becoming a firm favourite among many. It’s always an exciting time when this guy comes along for the ride, delivering his own brand of techno that is guaranteed to get the sweat dripping off the ceilings. On the remix here, Dennis offers up a techno approach that will most definitely get any floor rocking. Punchy kick drums and crispy hats lead the way as hypnotic sounds go off in the background. A beautifully subtle bassline eases its way into the groove and is joined by some cool synth sounds that add wonderful textures. The bassline beefs up to dominate the groove and as the layers build we find ourselves locked on. Some excellent techno sounds lurk around here and they capture the essence of the original brilliantly. The break takes us further down the rabbit hole with a relentless vocal and swirling pads and FX. A super tight production that will find its way into many late night sets.

#koschk #bonzaiprogressive

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DJ and producer Michael Nunes marks his Piston debut with the stunning three track Journey EP. Over the years he has taken in lots of music and draws influences from many styles like funk and soul with artists and groups such as Prince, Cameo and Isaac Hayes among his favourites. Growing up in Amsterdam he became intrigued by house music and when he started to DJ he blended the sound of his early years with the sounds of house and disco and spitting out quality deep house, nu disco and tropical. He has played at many top venues across Europe including Paris and the infamous Berghain Cantine in Berlin. Much more to come from this guy on the production and DJing fronts, well worth keeping an eye and an ear on.

Journey intros with a wonderfully warm chord sequence that is joined by a subtle bass creating a deep house groove that gets right under your skin. A very cool bright drum section keeps the rhythm moving at a smooth tempo giving you plenty of time to get your groove on. This one really is a journey, a journey that keeps you locked on for the duration with its infectious hooks and deep grooving basses. Excellent stuff that you will not want to miss.

Sweet Avenue sets off with a pretty upbeat bass alongside a sharp hat as shuffling percussions fade in delivering the rhythm. Punchy kick drum soon follow and are joined by some very cool keys that throw in a sublime take on the deep groove. Beautifully executed house chords fill the sound with a contemporary sound that will most definitely get the floors moving. Cool instrument riffs add wonderful textures to the track and will make this one appeal to many house jocks no doubt, a must have track.

Stay Away From The Fake is true deep house groover from start to finish. You’ll find yourself wrapped up in its warm basses and out of this world FX. A tight drum section leads the way giving you the chance to get those feet shuffling to the floors while excellent synth keys weave through the sound. The track eases along with its smooth pace and sultry sounds while an ultra cool spoken vocal is introduced giving the sound a fantastic urban characteristic filled with wonderful textures. Top notch grooves not to be missed.

#michaelnunes #pistonrecordings

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Italy based DJ and producer Lorys De Falco debuts on Piston with the fantastic three tracker This Day Is A Gift EP. Lorys developed a passion for music from a very young age and at just 14 he entered the world of DJing after purchasing his first equipment. He got plenty of gigs in bars and clubs around his hometown and soon after he secured his first residency at Fitzroy Disco Club. Offers started to come in for other residencies and he chose Capitol Disco Club in Pescara. To date he has played all over Italy alongside top jocks in top venues. A relative new comer on the production front, the future looks promising as this guy dishes out quality tech house vibes for our listening pleasure, definitely one to watch.

This Day Is A Gift intros with a muted kick drum that soon finds its low end after a few bars turning into a well rounded punchy mofo that will rattle any bass bin. Bright crispy hi hats come in and are joined by cool FX and a tight percussion section complete with rolling snares. Cool vocals are littered throughout and add superb textures to the sound. The bassline stands out and really gets the body moving with its up tempo tech house groove. Top notch stuff indeed, a must have.

Eden steps into a wonderful world of deep tech grooves that ooze out of the track right from the get go. Punchy kick drums and sharp claps lead the way as hypnotic keys fill the background alongside cool vocal shots. The track breaks for a few beats before slamming back with a fantastic dancey bassline in tow. The bassline will definitely move you as it plies its infectious groove on our senses. A brilliantly crafted slice of tech house with a deep vibe that will delight many floors for sure.

People From Mars takes us on a superb tech house ride that will have us shuffling to the floors pretty quickly. Big chunky kick drums are joined by rhythmic hats and some expertly crafted percussion patterns, while a deep resonating bassline forces you to get your groove on. Cool vocals are spread throughout the sound along with a couple of very subtle classic snippets. A fantastic tech house cut full of bouncy grooves and dancey vibes.

#lorysdefalco #pistonrecordings

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Veteran DJ and producer Michael Dow joins the Green Martian ranks with the epic prog trancer Planisphere. Since 2006 London native Michael boasts a hugely impressive back catalogue on a multitude of top labels and has worked with the best of the best during this time. He runs his own mastering and production studio – Alderney Studio – which explains the sheer quality in his work. A nod to the highly respected Planisphere (Laurent Veronnez and Georges Petkidis) who dominated the Green Martian sound back in the day? Maybe so, all we know is, it’s awesome.

If you like your progressive trance atmospheric and with an epic retro flavour and full of melody then you’ve found the right track. Both the Original and Extended mixes offer up a sublime trek deep into the prog trance sound. Planisphere epitomises the genre with a full on tight drum section filled with chunky beats and wonderfully rhythmic percussions. The bassline bubbles up from below and grabs a hold of your inner groove to get you moving. The extended mix focuses in on the epicness with a seriously superb breakdown that creates a beautifully immersive sequence filled with rich pads and euphoric melodies. After the break we’re right back into those pumping beats and the infectious groove. Definitely one for the peak time sets that will send any crowd into the stratosphere.

#michaeldown #greenmartian

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Hungarian DJ and producer Traveltech aka Balint Bendeguz Bakos returns to Bonzai Progressive with the fantastic and epic two tracker entitled Forbidden Planet. Fresh off the back of his BP debut back in May 2016 with Eiffel Tower, this guy certainly knows how to rock out the progressive vibes. No doubt we’ll be seeing and hearing a lot more from this guy in the future so keep your eyes and ears peeled.

Forbidden Planet sets off with an infectious synth line that draws you in with its sonic vibe as nice chunky kick drums and crispy hi hats come through delivering a smooth flowing rhythm. In the background we’re treated to stunning pads that swirl through the sound creating colourful textures and a beautiful ambience. The progressive elements in the track blend perfectly and you soon find yourself totally immersed in the groove. The intensity rises and rises and on the break those synths are wide open and let loose before everything goes quiet and then, boom, right back into full on mode. Top notch stuff indeed, not to be missed.

New Life intros with a cool drum pattern made up of punchy kicks which are soon joined by a fading in synth line and a fantastic plucky bassline. Shuffling hats and rhythmic percussions start to form up and it’s not long before we’re locked on to the deep progressive groove. As the layers build we find new sounds with new melodic flavours that become so immersive we get lost in the groove. The break is a quiet affair focusing on the percussive elements before bursting back into life for the duration. An expertly crafted slice of prog that will definitely turn a few heads and hypnotize a few minds for sure.

#traveltech #bonzaiprogressive

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Michael Berklin returns to Bonzai Progressive and shows off his producer skills with the superb Ichuri which comes backed up with a stunning remix from Steve Sai. His last outing was on remix duties for Nico Parisi’s Children Of Africa which gained a great deal of support and showcased his superb talent perfectly. This time around we treated to more quality progressive vibes that is sure to turn a few heads.

The Original Mix opens with a filtered kick drum and sharp snare on the downbeat as crispy hats fade in. The progressive groove soon gets into full on mode as a wonderful deep bass is layered up against mesmerizing synths and pads. A nice chunky kick drum beefs up the vibe alongside swirling pads that deliver a mystical ambience aided by subtle melodies. A solid slice of prog that will be a welcome addition in any late night set.

The ever impressive Steve Sai steps up for remix duties and once again we are allowed to witness the sheer quality of his work in the progressive tech realm. Steve has been dishing out superb cuts for Bonzai over a good number of years now and he never disappoints. A hard working artist, Steve releases on various other labels and tours regularly playing top venues around Europe and beyond. The remix is a wonderful trek deep into the progressive tech abyss. The intro boasts a punchy kick drum which is accompanied by a warm bass overlay while shuffling, rhythmic hi hats form up. Rich, swirling pads float over head as a deep piano chord lurks on the 8th bar adding a touch of intrigue. The bassline transforms into a fantastic chugging affair that delivers a splash of energy into the track. A wonderful display of progressive meets tech house that is a definite must have.

#michaelberklin #bonzaiprogressive #stevesai

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Ekai & Txeff On are next up on Piston Recordings with their upbeat two tracker In My Mind. Ekai returns to these shores after a bit of a hiatus, his last outing coming back December 2015 alongside Oraa on Fear Like Me. He is a lover of house in all its forms and he brings a fresh sounding quality to house music and he lists some of the greats of house as his influence such as Masters At Work, MK and Green Velvet. Txeff On aka Spanish DJ and producer Joseba Aguirre debuts on Piston and we’re delighted to have him on board as he brings a wonderfully rich house sound to the table. With a preference for the deeper side of house music, techno and minimal it’s clear to see why this guy is gonna be much sought after in the years ahead.

First up we have the pumping house joint, In My Mind. A beautifully constructed slice, this one will have the floors rocking for sure. Nice and chunky kick drums lead the way alongside crispy sharp hats and a tight drum arrangement. The bassline locks down the low end and draws you into its deep tech groove. Cool house styled vocals ring out and add that classic vibe to the sound as subtle synths and keys come through. A solid danceable groove that will be a welcome addition in any set.

Somebody Calling intros with a cool round of crispy hats and sharp claps that build up into a tight arrangement delivering a smooth rhythmic vibe. Pounding kick drums take over alongside a very cool spoken vocal which leads us deeper into the groove. A deep droning bass is introduced and is joined by a brilliant, colourful synth which delivers some interesting contrasts in the sound. A solid tech house cut that will definitely turn a few heads.

#ekai #txeffon #pistonrecordings

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South Florida based DJ and producer Meeels aka Emilio Arango returns to Piston with the superb two tracker Somebody. Meeels has delivered a few quality cuts in the short time he’s been releasing music and his last outing on Piston – Comfort Zone – was no exception. He’s shown up on labels like Bedroomrecords09, Stell Recordings, Deepmentality and Fourpoint. He is quickly building a firm base with support coming in from all quarters. An on the up artist well worth keeping an eye on.

First up we have the delectable and sultry grooves of Somebody which takes us deeper and deeper into the house sound. Chunky kick drums lead the way and are joined by the smoothest, deepest basses that just melt away and get right under your skin. Vibrant keys are also at play and these are soon joined by a superb soulful vocal that takes the track to the next level. Beautifully deep and hypnotic and not to be missed.

Gotta Get It intros with a cool warbling synth before a nice and punchy kick drum joins in. Crispy sharp hi hats and claps form up and the rhythm starts to build as spoken vocals come through in the background. The vocals deliver a cool classic clubby vibe that blends beautifully with those hypnotic synths. A top notch slice of deep house goodness that will be the perfect addition to any late night set.

#meeels #pistonrecordings

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Newly formed techno duo Luiz & Winth debut on Bonzai Basiks with the fantastic three track Bloom EP. Based in Zurich, Switzerland these guys have only one thing on their mind, to deliver only the best techno to the world. We’re delighted to have them on board and no doubt we’ll be seeing and hearing a lot more in the future.

Bloom intros with a superb classic style heavy kick drum that leaves a wonderful bassy aftertaste in its wake. A cool vocal rattles about throughout the track adding a nice touch to the deep techno groove while shuffling hi hats and cool percussions dish out a solid rhythm. A mesmerizing synth pad hooks you in and on the break this becomes much more enhanced against the backdrop of a rapid percussive hit that speeds up and slows down before we’re slammed right back into full on mode. Top notch stuff that is not to be missed.

Hunt gets right into a full on techno-fest from the get go as a deep rumbling bass is joined by pounding kick drums and sporadic shuffling hats. Cool percussive hits fill the spaces and we soon find ourselves totally hooked on the deep rooted groove on offer. This superb techno groove powers on relentlessly before a short respite on the break delivers a fantastic percussion sequence. A brilliantly constructed techno slice that will definitely keep those late night parties rocking.

Rounding up this superb pack we have Detroit with its deep rooted, solid techno grooves. The intro boasts a wonderful energetic bassline that just grabs a hold of you and won’t let go for the duration. Punchy kick drums are accompanied by cool crispy hi hats that deliver a nice flowing rhythm. Classic style stabs come through and if you close your eyes you would instantly be transported to the heart of the Detroit techno scene. A stunning techno cut that is a definite must have.

#luiz #winth #bonzaibasiks

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