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An artist who never fails to please returns with a unique release that will get the progressive juices flowing. Rise and Fall is back with his latest offering – New Impressions EP which features four previously released tracks, remixed by artists at the top of their game. Matt Holliday, Jamie Baggotts, Steve Sai and Jonny Calypso are all on hand to dish out the progressive goodness that will keep the floors rocking no doubt.

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Argentine musician, composer, DJ and producer Ariel Parra aka A.R.E.S shows up on our Bonzai Progressive imprint with the superb – Sparks Will Fly which features two top notch remixes from Sa.Du and Corey Biggs. Ariel has enlisted the stunning vocal talents of Anna Julia and together they create some sublime techno grooves. This one comes after his debut back in August 2015 on Progrez with Beacon, which gained great support from across the board and no doubt this newest slice will follow suit.

#a.r.e.s #bonzaiprogressive #coreybiggs #vanczar #sa.du

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Piston Recordings enters into its 9th year in 2016, but this year the big milestone is its 200th release, and to celebrate we’ve notched up 4 top quality tracks and pressed them onto glorious vinyl for your collection, your turntables will thank you for this one. The A-side features label boss Rogerio Martins with his tantalisingly deep and groovy All That I Need alongside Lurob with his wonderfully musical slice Waking Up To The Pacific Ocean. On the flip we have tracks from Accatone with his deep n funky Swing That and a pumping floorfiller from Carlo Caldareri with Wrong. We know how to party over here, come and join us, you will not be disappointed.

#rogeriomartins #accatone #carlocaldareri #lurob #poistonrecordings

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Since its inception in 2008 Bonzai Basiks has made its goal to bring only the very best sounds to the masses. With its roots now firmly in the tech house, techno arena we thought it fitting to deliver some of the finest classic techno cuts from one of world’s most prolific artists, namely Orlando Voorn. Simply titled – Classics, this one is full of some of his earliest works from a number of aliases he used, 11 of the best tracks from 7 different guises to be exact, complete with some outstanding remixes. Orlando Voorn is revered as having brought the sounds of Amsterdam and Detroit together to create a unique flavour that still rings true today. Having won the Dutch DMC championship in 1986 he then turned his hand to producing. Since 1991 he has been churning out quality techno and he soon got noticed by the likes of Juan Atkins and Derrick May both of whom he has worked with extensively. A fan of many genres of music including Hip Hop, Electro, Drum n Bass, Techno etc…, he used a string of aliases – 31 at last count – with some gaining huge popularity. One of his best known guises is Format which was the project that gave us the superb Solid Session on the legendary ESP Records, one of the most sought after techno cuts of 1991 and beyond. His story goes on and on and on and we’re delighted to have this guy at Bonzai Basiks and we hope to see more from him in the future.

#orlandovoorn #bonzaibasiks

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Armenian DJ and producer Hovhannes Darbinyan aka Darbinyan debuts on Monog with the fantastic November EP. He has been passionate about music from a young age and in 2006 he started to produce his own sounds. House and Techno were his main styles and his first release was a remix on Chymera’s The Fathoms, released on Connaisseur Recordings. Several other releases followed on labels like Unknown Season, Muller Records, Prismat Recordings, Loup Blanc and Blossom Kollektiv Recordings. His tracks have gained support from many jocks around the world including Kevin Yost, Kaito, Chymera, Nicole Moudaber, Tensnake, Of Norway, Ame, Ian O’Donovan, Mije Van Dijk, Anthony Pappa, Jimmy Van M and more.

#darbinyan #monogrecords #fragoso

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Russian DJ and producer Anton Batukov aka AnTone debuts on Green Martian with the wonderful two tracker entitled Engine, which is a super fine slice of tech and progressive house that will surely get any floor rocking. Anton has been DJing since 2005 and moved to producing music since 2010 using the likes of Reason as his main tool alongside VST plug-ins. He likes to dabble in many different genres and can turn his hand to trance, house, techno and disco. Definitely a talent to keep an eye on.

#antone #greenmartian

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Belfast born Louis Irvine debuts on Progrez with the two tracker Malfunction which takes us on a sublime trek into Techno and beyond. Louis grew up with a great love of dance music, and it was during this time that he nurtured his own talents drawing influences from all genres. In 2008 he secured his first DJ gig at Concept in Omagh where he remained until its closure playing alongside the likes of Zany, Noisecontrollers, Technoboy and Showtek. With his phenomenal stage presence, unique mash-ups, banging mixes and technical tricks Louis continually tantalised the taste buds of party goers, leaving them literally screaming for more. With several national awards under his belt he took to forming Audio Bandits with a fellow like-minded artist and they began to tour around Ireland impressing local audiences and promoters alike. Throughout this period he was drawn to producing and left the stage behind to focus on making music with help from fellow musicians. An astute student he quickly picked up his own style and now, the time is right for him to unleash his sounds on the ears of the world.

#louisirvine #progrez

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Alexey Lisin serves up his next tasty treat on BP with Funny Day featuring stunning vocals from Aves Volare. This will be Alexey’s 4th Bonzai Progressive release working with different vocalists and judging by the previous cuts we know we’re in for some top quality sounds indeed.

The Original Mix delivers a real solid slice of progressive house with a superb 80’s vibe rocking right throughout the sound, from the synths to the bassline and a swinging drum section, this one will definitely fill the floors. The vocal stands out beautifully and is the main component that gives the track that wonderful new romantic groove. Top notch as always and a definite must have track.

Australia’s Audio Noir is back with Another Audio Noir Safari and shows us once more his top notch remix skills in action. His last outing was back in December 2015 with a remix pack of his track Your Love which featured Lokka Vox on vocals. The remix sets off with a cool percussion driven arrangement with warm synths bringing up the rear as a droning bass fades in. We get a taste of the wonderful new romantic styled vocals as the layers build. Cool pitching synths come through and take the track to the next level before we head into the break where an awesome electric guitar riff takes over and solidifying the prog groove that oozes out of the sound. A floorfiller for sure here, not to be missed.

Dennis Franchi shows up next on remix duties and delivers a superb slice for the floors. We last caught a glimpse of Dennis under his House Lovin Criminals guise for a remix on Matan Caspi & Roy Lebens’ Klubnichka back in September 2015. The remix takes us on a cool tech house ride filled with tight beats and a fantastic vocal. Warm chords are met with a bright rhythmic workout dished out by crispy hats and punchy kick drums. The bassline delivers a smooth funky groove that provides the perfect backdrop for the tech fuelled sound. A proper slice of house music for the floors.

Hungarian producer Paul Kardos serves up his Breathing Mix and gives us a superb deep and grooving progressive workout. Last time out Paul was on remix duty for Mendexx’s Deceptive Minds in November 2015. On the remix Paul takes us deeper into a progressive deep house hybrid sound that hypnotizes and mesmerizes. Big chunky kicks are joined by cool crispy shuffling hats and claps to provide a steady flowing rhythm. A deep meandering bassline walks across the groove effortlessly and draws you in with its warm glow. Subtle chords fill out the background as those cool vocals keep the groove deep. A must have track that will keep those late night sessions rocking.

#alexeylisin #avesvolare #bonzaiprogressive #audionoir #dennisfranchi #paulkardos

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Sam Laxton debuts on Bonzai Progressive with the fantastic two tracker, No Need To Pretend. Since his emergence in 2012 this guy has attracted quite a lot of attention. His tracks have gained support from the likes of Paul Van Dyk and Solarstone among others. He already boasts an impressive release count on labels such as Philosophy Recordings, Starblocks Music and Black Hole Recordings to name just a few. Great to have this guy on board at BP with his brand of progressive that will appeal to many no doubt.

No Need To Pretend goes straight into a full on rip roaring groove right from the off. Nice punchy kicks are joined by a tight percussion arrangement that delivers a solid rhythmic flow to the sound. A pulsating bassline drives the track alongside some retro styled chord stabs and takes us up to the break where we are met with sharp plucks and a deep droning bass. With a hint of psy creeping in to the sound the break climaxes and we are thrust back into the melodic techno workout. Top notch stuff that will not disappoint.

Once Upon A Time dishes out a tight progressive groove as punchy kicks and crispy hats join forces alongside a fantastic pitching bassline that is the main driving force on the track. Tight percussions do a fine job and keep the rhythm flowing as cool FX go off in the background. On the break we are treated to some real nice plucky melodies that lock us in for the ride before we get slammed back into the main track for the duration. A definite must have track on this fine debut from Sam.

#samlaxton #bonzaiprogressive

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Danny eM is back at Piston with this fantastic three tracker entitled Voces EP. It’s been a while since we last saw him round these shores, it was July 2014 when he delivered his first Piston cut – Shades Of Summer EP. Heavily influenced by the early Chicago and New York sounds, Danny brings a wealth of quality to his productions which always raises the excitement levels and we can tell you that this one fits the bill.

Voces serves up a solid tech house workout with a tight drum arrangement that gets the rhythm flowing nicely. Big punchy kicks and bright crispy hats are joined by a plethora of rhythmic percussions that dish out a tribalistic vibe. The track breaks to reveal a soft chord before slamming us head first right back into this relentless groove. The perfect track to keep those dancing feet shuffling on the floors.
Interrupcion intros with a cool deep groove made up of tight drums and a warm rising synth alongside subtle funky guitar licks. An array of vocals litter the sound and are perfectly placed to keep the groove moving going deeper and deeper. Funky guitars and soft keys become a big focus on the track and are joined by some expert trumpeting later on. A feel good sound that will lift any set and get booty’s on the floor.

Sydril delivers a solid tech house groove right from the get go as chunky kicks and a wonderfully deep and lush bass combine to form the main body of the sound. Cool FX sweep across the sound as drum layers form up to bring a steady flowing rhythm. The track has a wonderful natural flow which is shown through contrasting sounds such as the cascading soft keys and the harsher noises that complement each other. A superb slice of tech here that will not disappoint.

#dannyem #pistonrecordings

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Long Garden Avenue is the brainchild of Adriaan Baussens aka Belgian musician, composer, DJ and producer Manu Riga. LGA first came into existence back in 2005 when Adriaan was transitioning between house and progressive. His intention was and still is, to keep his music open to movement between genres and LGA is his vehicle into a more deep house sound. This full release debut entitled Lovelight EP is a collaboration between Adriaan, his good friend Matt Holliday and the stunning vocalist Sam Zeito. This one is a change of direction for Matt as he normally resides over epic progressive cuts, much like Manu. His last outing for Bonzai Progressive – Pipe Dream – proved popular among many and found its way into many sets and charts. Lots more coming from Matt, always worth keeping an eye on. Long Garden Avenue has a story to tell and you can check out our website for an in-depth write up on the man behind the music.

Lovelight intros with nice and smooth laidback groovy kinda vibe before a throaty vocal introduces a tight drum arrangement complete with punchy kicks and a smooth rhythmic percussion. This one has so many standout elements, from the mesmerizing bassline to the eclectic guitar licks and a plethora of instruments that are layered perfectly to deliver a solid workout. The vocal is the big hitter here though, a smooth rendition with a cool narrative that leads up to an uplifting chorus with an instantly catchy theme. If that wasn’t enough we are treated to some groovy leads that will keep the booty’s shakin all night long. An absolute beauty of a track here and one that you will not want to miss, it’s gonna be big.

Everywhere sets out with a deep grooving vibe as chunky kicks are joined by warm, deep pads and a subtle percussion arrangement. A deep bassline takes over the sound as the equally deep vocal comes through alongside jazzy one shots. Shuffling hats, sharp claps and layered drums bring in a rhythmic element as the groove deepens with melancholic piano chords and contrasting brighter notes. The break reveals a cool lead that accompanies the vocal beautifully before we head back into the main track for the duration. A superb piece filled with many elements that blend together nicely, a must have for sure.

#longgardenavenue #bonzaiprogressive

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Continuing with a string of top notch cuts on Bonzai Progressive, Matan Caspi returns with Celebrium which comes backed up with three superb remixes from Yuriy From Russia, Rise and Fall and Mendexx. His last outing came back in October 2015 with Klubnichka alongside Roy Lebens which gained great support across the board. He also makes regular appearances on our Bonzai Basik Beats radioshow and his sets always go down very well indeed.

The Original Mix sets off in a moody deep progressive vibe with a nice chunky kick, crispy hats and deep basses that pulsate through the sound. Cool vocal shots pop up from time to time and add a strong character to the sound. In the back end a super tight drum and percussion arrangement keeps the rhythm flowing while up front we’re met head on with a solid groove. Top notch stuff from Matan and a definite must have track in your arsenal.

Yuriy From Russia is up first on remix duties and yet again he enthrals us with his brand of deep progressive vibes which have graced so many remixes on Bonzai Progressive over the last number of years. Here the remix intros with a cool mixture of hats claps and FX which are soon joined by a punchy kick drum that carries a nice solid hit. A deep droning bass comes through and adds a sinister element to the sound with a deep rooted groove. Cool percussion hits litter the sound and boost the rhythmic elements. As the layers build we get locked into an infectious mesmerizing groove that leads up to a short break where we get teased with a modicum of melody before being transported back to the deeper recesses of this fantastic progressive slice. Excellent stuff yet again, the perfect fodder for any late night session.

Rise and Fall is up next on the remix and once more we are blown away by the talent on offer from this guy. He has given us some fine progressive cuts over the years and he never fails to deliver. His last outing Open System proved popular among many which is a testament to his contribution to the scene. The remix intros with a cool muted kick and a great warping bass alongside an array of surreal FX and sounds. A subtle melodic arp fades through and stands out in contrast to the deeper sounds around. The drums layer up nicely with a cool rhythmic vibe that will transform easily to the floors. A solid progressive groove ensues with sweeping synths and risers taking us to the break where we enter a deeper abyss before getting thrust back into the main groove for the duration. Another fine example from Rise and Fall, not to be missed.

Mendexx returns to the remix desk for another one of his sublime offerings. His last outing on BP – Deceptive Minds gained fantastic support and found its way into many sets and charts on top download portals. 2015 was a great year for this guy and no doubt 2016 will follow suit. Here the remix intros with a solid kick drum and crispy hat combi and a snappy snare on the downbeat. A cool staccato bassline starts up and lets the progressive juices flow effortlessly through the sound. Sublime synths ebb and flow with sweeping pads in the background bringing in a cool cosmic vibe that keeps you locked on with its hypnotic groove. A raspy vocal litters the track and adds great texture to the sound alongside a tight percussion set up. Brilliant stuff from Mendexx that will definitely have those late sets rocking.

#matancaspi #bonzaiprogressive #yuriyfromrussia #riseandfall #mendexx

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Portuguese DJ and producer Mario Silva aka Eat Dust returns to Piston with another fine slice of Tech House on his latest offering entitled Invaders EP. Mario is no stranger to these shores as he made his debut here back at the start of 2016 with the Savages EP which gained great support from all over. We’re delighted to see him back and no doubt we’ll be seeing more from this guy in the future.

First up we have Invaders which gets going with a nice solid kick and a cool shuffling hat sequence that will surely get butts moving towards the floors. The track takes on a smooth persona with subtle synths delivering a bit of funk to the sound. Sprinklings of acid and vocal snippets are littered throughout and add cool textures to the tech groove. The big hitter here though is that bassline as it effortlessly meanders through the sound ramping up the groove in style. A nice phat sound that will be a welcome addition in any set.

Shades Of Love intros with a punchy kick drum and bright hats and percussions that form into a cool rhythmic flow. The track breaks to reveal a cool vocal before the beats come back with a superb phat bassline that probes through the sound beautifully. The tech grooves ooze out of this one and has that dancey vibe the floors are gonna love. The vocals continue throughout and are joined by cool chord stabs that have a nice retro edge. Top notch stuff you will not want to miss.

#eatdust #pistonrecordings

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Russian DJ and producer Kirill Smirnov aka Enlusion debuts on our Green Martian imprint with his Innervate EP, a superb two track progressive trance workout that would fit beautifully into any set. This young artist is making his mark on the progressive scene with some gusto, in just a very short space in time he has notched up quite an impressive back catalogue with releases on labels such as Unique Sound, Abstract Space, OLD SQL Recordings and Mystic Carousel. Towards the end of 2015 he was on remix duty for our very own Blufeld’s Letting You Go on Sunstate Records. In January 2016 he announced a new record label called Forescape Digital which intends to focus on the progressive, trance and techno genres, exciting times indeed we’re delighted to have him on board at Green Martian.

Innervate sets out with a real epic building theme that hooks you right in from the off. Chunky kick drums and bright crispy hats keep the rhythm flowing as we are carried along by warm pads and droning basses that deliver a fresh almost Spring vibe. A beautiful melodic sequence comes through and provides the perfect narration on this superb solid slice of progressive. Just the tonic needed in the middle of Winter, this one will warm up any venue.

Memories intros with a cool percussion led sequence which takes us up to the pumping kicks and a wonderfully lush bass that wraps you up in its warmth. In the background we get a taste of some cool and complex layers that blend effortlessly together, while up top a sweet melody sweeps through the sound. The break delivers more of those Spring-like melodies alongside that fantastic bass drone before slipping right back into the main track for the duration. Brilliant stuff here that will bring a lot of joy in the dark months.

#enlusion #greenmartian

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Prolific DJ and producer Joni Saarelainen aka Johny S returns to Eyepatch after a long hiatus, but this time he is back making a full release debut with the superb Less Could Be More EP. previously we had seen Joni on remix duty on a few tracks for Chantola way back in 2011, and he continues to offer his skills on Chantola’s tracks to this day. Joni is no stranger to us here in the Bonzai offices either, his first release came on our legacy label Tranceportation under his Saarre guise with Time Stops Here in 2008 and then The Dark EP in 2009, he has also shown up on Green Martian and Nemesis back in 2010. In 2010 he gave us Saxian on Tripomatic Records, this time as Joni S. Since then he has continued to appear on quality labels such as Bullbeat Recordings, Club 86 Recordings as well as appearances on compilations for Bonzai Progressive and Green Martian. Great to see him back and we’re sure this newest cut will have a big impact in many sets.

The title track Less Could Be More intros with a nice chunky kick drum and crispy hats with a simple vocal shot in tow. A cool plucky bass comes in and we see the tech house groove take shape. Tight drums make for a smooth flowing rhythm as the deep rooted bass takes hold and dominates the track beautifully. A somewhat minimal sound with subtle synths on the break, this one is a definite floorfiller with killer beats and a pumping vibe that will force you to move.

All Around sets off with a sharp snare and clap combi as distant pads fade in before a cool snare roll takes us to the solid, pounding kick drums and crispy hats. A deep probing bass comes through and settles the groove into full on tech mode that will get the booty’s shakin in no time. A real smooth chord arrangement keeps the groovy vibe moving and is complimented by equally cool vocal snippets. A definite must have track for any set.

#johnys #eyepatchrecordings

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