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New EP from Morpheus 7 vs Nale in Bonzai Elemental.

Timeline EP comes with five original tracks, Minutes Of The Soul (Vocal + Dub versions), The Rain, Shiva, The Beginning and Nebula.

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Fresh from his last outing on M&M entitled Second Mate, the very talented Patrik Prevlosky returns with another tech house stomper backed up with a cool house remix.

Born in the Czech Republic Patrik soon climbed the ranks of DJ land having started spinning at just 17 years of age. Patrik is an avid software user and has taken his time evolving his sound which finally got picked up by Eyepatch Recordings in 2011 in the form of Minijazz.

Today we are treated to another in depth look at the world of tech through the mind of a rising artist.

The title track La Kunde kicks us off with a thumping kick and builds up to a throbbing bass with a few vocal shorts and awesome tech keys, on the break a really cool vocal is used with wide sweeps and then comes back in on an almost tribal groove.

Lee Bradley adds his skills on the remix with a powerful housed up version with tech undertones, big sounds here with more focus on the synths and the vocals are just great!
Fiat Lux is a fun tech house tune that breaks into a sublime melody with eerie pads and piano sound.

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Bonzai Basiks debut for Radio Source with HS.

Minimal techno vibes on the original mix, very catchy hook over a heavy kick and deep throbbing bassline with some very nice FX work in the background.

Popular remixer Marcus Ilgner provides us with a massive techno fuelled club vibe, beefing up the sounds with added extras and twists along the way, the occasional breaks give us a rising pitch sound then straight back into this constant groove.

Gritty techno sound from Birkenmeier Remix focusing on the percussive side of techno creating a driving rhythm that will be sure to light up a few floors.

Another fine addition to Bonzai Basiks.

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Mars Attacks returns with another instalment of quality prog house on Green Martian.

Cuban born Abdiel Quintana and Israeli born Roy Engel form the project Abi-Q & Raw-E. These DJ’s/Remixers/Producers have delved into all sorts of musical styles and continue to create unique sounds for us. Today the now Barcelona based duo gives us a quality prog house vibe in Liquid Disco Jam, deep grooving bassline and some cool synth stabs will keep many floors alight!

Starting out at an early age and building his musical knowledge DJ/Producer Danny Jahr now runs a very successful “Selection” monthly podcast. Here he gets right down to business with Pure & Simple, this is reminiscent of that golden era of epic prog house, constant bass with sweeping synth melodies and percussion to tie it all up, simply amazing stuff here.

DJK returns to Green Martian with Butterfly Effect, super sounds converging to create a bouncing groove filled with the delights of progressive house.

Fulfilling the party atmosphere DJ/Producer duo Nu Guise deliver a sublime track in Love Will Never Die, very club orientated sound here with all the right moves for filling dancefloors everywhere, and their motto of “music for party people, by party people” rings true!

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Organic EP is the debut release of Oliver Maier, our newest family member at Monog Records!
Oliver Maier is a portuguese artist wich began his career in 2005.

Influenced by Madeira’s, Lisbon’s and Berlin’s nightlife, he drew inspiration from artists such as, Tiefschwarz, Oxia, Booka Shade, Dj T, Gorge, Steve Lawler, Sasse, Expander, Mikalogic, DJ Vibe, who helped him develop his love for techno and house music.

Organic EP is made of 3 original tracks with a lot of emotions to transmit! they are deep, they have groove all over and absolutely work great on a dancefloor. No more words needed, just listen and see for yourself!

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AU Records bring a new compilation format called Essentials. You won’t miss this!Some of the tracks contained in this compilation were supported charted and played by DJ’s like: DJ Vibe, Alfonso Padilla, Ze Salvador, Pedro Goya, Rogerio Martins, Tiago Fragateiro, Luis Leite and more.

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After last year’s hit release in Piston Recordings, Brett Lawrence is back with two hot housey tunes, Remember That Jack? and Where You From?. Add a Valeria Croft and an Accatone remix to the potion and you get sonic magic!

Early support from: Figueroa, Infestus, Maceo Plex, Mike Morales, Mirco Violi, Olderic, Paco Osuna, Piek, Rafael Yapudjian, Rees Urban, Rompante, Sasch BBC, Slam, Soul Sway, etc…

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Placid Larry aka Daniel Ray Van Zyl has been a DJ since 1999 holding residencies in South Africa before moving to the UK with gigs in London and Southampton. Daniel has also held a prestigious spot at Bahrain’s top lounge ZOE’s. During this time Daniel had been honing his skills as a producer in various styles of music.

After several popular releases and remixes on Bonzai Elemental, Placid Larry returns with his unique take on the world of ambient, downtempo and chill filled with beautiful melodies.
Yesteryear is a smooth collection of works oozing with relaxation and impressive arrangement.

We kick off with the title track, Yesteryear, coming in with a vocal hit and deep bass sound the track meanders on building up on a cool downtempo breakbeat kick with cool FX and subtle piano along the way.

Curtain Raiser brings in a laid back vibe with sweet melodies and an almost melancholic sound which hypnotises the mind.

The Distant Sea is a cool arrangement of sounds with a well arranged kick, strangely sublime yet totally gets you hooked in.

Laidback darker sound on Our Outlets with a very quiet softly spoken female vocal and kind of detuned piano, this adds an eerie feel that creates a bit of positive tension.
As The Day Slips Away is an unwinding type of track with a gritty vibe and cool FX, excellent percussions and sweet synths.

Carefree is full of piano melodies and has a chest throbbing bass with a more upbeat rhythm, short, sharp and to the point. Immemorial takes on a drum n bass vibe with a familiar drum signature, very nice synth work ties together a well constructed sound.
Already released in July as a single, Compactor is a nice chilled out vibe with subtle melodies and a really cool kick backed up with a deep bassline.

Fresh kicks and percussion opens up the next track, Wonderland, Placid Larry’s unique signature shines through with piano, deep bass and very cool FX work.

For Peace is a totally chilled out slice of music with a nice sitar sounding instrument and melodic vox sound.

Finally for this album we have Memories Of Us which is a fitting end to a truly amazing gathering of tracks. Beautiful melody and sweeping FX is definitely one for ending a day at the office or a day at the beach.

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Established Spanish DJ/Producer Alex Roque debuts on Bonzai Progressive with a stunning tech house slice backed up with awesome remixes.

The original kicks things off in this fine pack and brings with it the flavours of tech, house and a kickin rhythm, memerizing vocal riffs dominate the break and keep you hooked.

Regular remixers and dynamic duo Mindgamers step up with a jaw dropping funk driven monster, bouncing grooves and a fantastic bassline on this will make for aural pleasure everywhere!

The Citizen 42 Remix adds in the original vocals on the break which adds an added punch to proceedings, and then finishes the release with a Dub Remix of Deep Speechless, grooving tech house vibes with throbbing basslines and some very nice synth work.

Excellent debut release which is sure to gain lots of support.

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Bonzai Progressive duo Michel Manzano and Pablo Santana team up to offer a proper progressive house buzz.

Droop Live boasts a great prog vibe that begins with a heavily FX’d kick and vocal sample, building up with synth stabs and sweeping pads the groove kicks in to full swing. On the break the beautiful female vocal sits on top of a chunky bass until the tune comes back into full on prog mode.

Energy Star takes on a slightly more techy feel while holding in the prog house elements. The percussion sits very well with the retro synth and the use of the vocal adds a bit of spice, awesome bassline on this one that will definitely fill a lot of floors.

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Returning to Eyepatch for another round of minimal tech house is Thanos Dimitriou aka Sa.Du.

Thanos became interested in the techno and trance sound during his teenage years growing up in Athens, Greece. He started to DJ in 1994 on local radio stations and along with some friends they promoted parties and booked the best Greece had to offer. In 2008 Thanos began a career in music production and went on to release through Bonzai Limited, Bonzai Basiks, Eyepatch Recordings and many more labels.

Now concentrating on a techno orientated sound we get his latest work entitled Espana along with two other tracks.

The title track Espana is a fun ride along the tech expressway. Starting off with a strong bassline and cool groove on the percussion the tune develops into an energetic dance floor friendly monster. Spanish influences all over the sound with an ever familiar guitar and trumpets, lots of great fx and a cool vocal sample.

Oneiro builds and builds to awesome tech heights, starting off with a cool rhythm and great basses, quite sublime in places with well structured melody.

Rich fits into the darker side of techno, retro sounds on the synth with awesome vocal samples, this one will gain a lot of attention for sure.

Always on the up Sa.Du will continue to deliver quality beats.

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Born in Brooklyn, New York, Juan Gonzalez learned many instruments since high school. He later discovered turntables and Hip Hop, from here Latin, Disco and R&B would influence Juan and these musical styles would lead to House music with lots of experimenting along the way.

With an ever evolving sound and after two previous successful releases and remixes on Eyepatch Recordings Wonji gives us From My Soul EP.

A sublime two track journey through house music. Smooth swirling synths and organs with a deep soulful voice over a classic bassline and drum arrangement make In My Soul a wonderful addition to any box.

Only My Love has a lot going on, lots of different synth styles including a cool retro vibe and a kick drum that stands out very well, theres also a slightly jazzy undertone here with smooth trumpet sounds.

Another release from Wonji that gives us an insight into the evolution of his sound.

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Leading tech house label Bonzai Basiks gives us an awesome release full of cracking remixes.

Arcadia focuses more on the minimal side of this genre and it does it well. The original shows us where the inspiration came from for the remixers, a wonderful driving rhythm with minimal sounds yet bouncy, one to watch here!

Miguel Bastida Remix kicks us off with that minimal tech sound with some great FX on the percussions and a hypnotic synth.

Andres Fernandez aka Knario Remix strips back to bare essentials with a lesson in arrangement, some very nifty work in there and a great kick.

D.Kowalski adds an extra punch on remix duties, tight production and stunning percs with a sublime sounding pad, big club sound for this one.

Samuel Segamara gets tribal with his remix, amazing sounds here with a big heavy bass for effect.

An all together well rounded pack here which will be lighting up floors for a while!

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Fourth instalment in the My House Is Your House series on Bonzai Progressive. Featuring original tracks and remixes from Accatone, Wonji featuring Henry M, Ecco, Lucio Grandi, Murat Uncuoglu, Mastercris, Middle Rhythm, David Kassi, Daniel Ray, Unnamed, Cristian Paduraru, Baltj_More, Project KF, Jimmy Galle, James Harcourt presents Jack Fruit, Daniel Marques, Luis Bravo, Gary DF, Mindgamers, Fab Code, Sa.Du, Qmusse, Maertz, and Valeria Croft featuring Stoletov.

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