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Florida based Irish DJ and producer Ed Whitty returns to SRUR with the fantastic Knowhere which comes backed up with two top notch remixes. Ed’s last outing was with Kukulkan on our Muzika Volume 5 pack which grabbed a lot of attention on the circuit. Great to see him back, you’re gonna love this one.

The Original Mix delivers a solid tech joint throughout as chunky kicks are met with a cool shuffling rhythm section. A deep rolling bass shores up the low end adding a bit of extra tech weight to the sound. Over the top we have some very cool mesmerizing metallic synths that just hang in the air effortlessly. A real nice slice of tech for the floors here, not to be missed.

Miami, USA based DJ and producing duo Thinking Of Us aka Ivan Avila and Robert Cournoyer debut on SRUR with this fine tech fuelled remix. On the DJ front these guys certainly know how to work a crowd, they have opened for many top jocks and set the tone for many great club nights. In the studio Ivan and Robert bring their musical experiences together and create some superb tracks with a leaning towards deep and funky beats. Great to see these guys on board and hopefully we’ll see more from them in the future. The remix intros with a nice punchy kick with a subtle bassy tone trailing off at the end. Cool rhythmic percussions start to form up and set the track on its tech fuelled adventure. The bassline meanders through the sound beautifully and gives the track a slight bounce that will keep the floors happy for sure. Superb synths and FX fill out the background in a variety of shapes and colours giving this track a lot of texture that works so well in the sound. Top notch stuff.

DJ and producer Torin Lawson marks his first SRUR appearance with this quality remix. Owner of Breakfast Club Recordings, Still Play Records and Get Weird Entertainment, Torin keeps himself busy running his labels on top of DJing and working in the studio. To date he has seen a raft of releases on various labels including his own and he has worked alongside Ed Whitty, Michael Rosa, Roberto Apodaca and Chris Di Solar. Another great addition to the SRUR roster, welcome aboard. Here, the remix throws up a real smooth deep house groove complete with cool chords, punchy kicks and a crispy sharp hat sequence that rattles out a steady rhythmic flow. The chords dance through the groove in a playful manner and are soon joined by a brilliant bassline that really gets the track moving. Those hats cut through the lower sounds with ease creating a cool contrast. On the break we get treated to some deep and dubby beats as well as a short but impactful vocal. Definitely one for those late night sets here, a must have.

#soundsrusrecordings #edwhitty #thinkingofus #torinlawson

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Mike Walshe aka Irish DJ and producer Satinka debuts on Bonzai Progressive with this stunning three tracker entitled Deep Within EP which is sure to cause waves through the underground. Although a debutant we have seen this guy before, his track The Way Of The Ancients featured on Bonzai’s In The Mix 001 mixed by the legend that is Airwave. A relative newcomer to producing he has definitely made a huge impact with his first release over at JOOF with his five track – Dissolving The Fear EP which was followed closely by the equally impressive Everything Is Energy on Geomagnetic. Now residing in Perth, Australia, Mike focuses in on the underground side of Trance, Psytrance and Progressive with his music being supported on many worldwide radioshows.

Deep Within Your Soul intros with a smooth sequence of sounds before bursting out into a full breaks arrangement that captures the imagination right away. Surreal atmospheric sounds flow through the track alongside some very subtle melodies that are just chomping at the bit to be let loose. A deep and driving bassline takes over the sound and is the perfect platform for the track to evolve. A beautifully crafted array of colours and sounds that melt into each other, drawing you in and locking you on for the duration, it’s hard to get away from this infectious groove. There’s so much more to Deep Within Your Soul than this description, making this a definite must have, you will not be disappointed.

Obscured By Dreams opens with a soft bell and smooth pads with a slight swell that seem to linger on forever. A deep, pounding kickdrum makes its way through delivering a breaks pattern that develops into a strong, solid arrangement complete with crispy hats and long splashy snares. The most beautiful melodies start to form up and contrast well with the tougher drums and gritty bassline. You get a real sense of underground with this expertly crafted collection of sounds, a totally immersive and mesmerizing groove that will have you coming back for more and more. Superb.

Introspection fades into existence with some real nice sounds including a deep droning bass and warm raspy flute. A beautifully melodic guitar soon follows and leads us into the superb, tight breaks arrangement we’ve been waiting on. Cool vocals are scattered all through this epic monster of a track and bring a little taste of retro to the sound. Again we witness the true power of the underground as Satinka unleashes an obscene array of quality sounds that seem to find common ground in the most fantastic way. Another fine slice of progressive breaks with a hint of almost everything thrown in, absolute genius.

#bonzaiprogressive #satinka

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French DJ and producer Mathov aka Mathieu Meyer returns to Bonzai Progressive with the superb Insane which comes with two awesome remixes from Ruslan Vashkevich and Config. Mathov’s last outing was on our 500th release where he delivered his exclusive Chill Out Trip. Prior to this he joined forces on two occasions with Dark Soul Project receiving huge support with the tracks Between 2 Sides and We Are Not Alone. Mathov is a lover of deep progressive vibes with ethnic flavours and endeavours to keep his music in the underground. Over the years he has seen his music released on top labels like Mystique Music, OLD SQL Recordings and Bonzai Progressive. His music has gained the support of some of the finest names including Airwave, Kintar, John 00 Fleming, Dark Soul Project and Moshic. He believes in releasing his music slowly so he can put as much effort into the sound as he can to deliver the highest quality.

The Original Mix gets right into a full on progressive groove from the off as cool shuffling hats are met with a chunky kick and hypnotic bass that just lurks menacingly on the low end. Very cool atmospheric sounds and FX rattle through the track adding a whole new dimension in the sound, all the while that superb prog groove is building and building. Just before the midway point the star of the show emerges in the shape of a mesmerizing synth line that arpeggiates in a never ending waterfall of melody. This one has it all and no doubt a lot of attention will follow, watch out for that bass, it’s a monster.

Russian DJ and producer Ruslan Vashkevich is first up on the remix and yet again we the sheer quality of this guys talents shine through. He recently unleashed Acid Pig on Bonzai Progressive – which gained great support and solidified his standing in the progressive world. He also had a feature on our 500th release with Hyper Space to the delight of many. Always well worth checking this guy out. The remix sets out with a pounding kick and distant rising pads that reveal a rich texture to the sound. These pads are soon expertly manipulated to include a grittier edge that matches beautifully with the monstrous bassline that takes over the track. This one packs a massive punch even with a minimal approach to the sound. Those big swelling synths and pads will have a huge impact in any set, but the bassline will shine through for sure. A definite must have track.

Config aka Wouter Vermeire is up next with his Encrypted Reality Remix which takes us on a trippy progressive trance journey filled with melodies and a solid groove. We normally see Config as one third of producer and DJ trio Wild Guess who debuted back in February 2014 with Nebulae and followed that with Trysal 35. Several remixes followed on Green Martian and Bonzai Progressive and have become a consistent force when it comes to delivering quality. More recently though we have seen Wouter break out on his own and is putting himself out there as a go to artist for remix duty, hopefully we’ll be seeing a lot more from this guy in the future. The remix delivers a smooth intro that slowly builds into a full on, well rounded progressive groove with a sprinkling of trance that gives off a subtle euphoria. The kickdrum stands out with a nice punch and is matched with an equally nice bassline that effortlessly dominates the whole sound. On the break we get drawn into a much more trance induced sound with wonderfully crafted synth arps and sweeping pads doing the rounds. The break concludes with a simply awesome climax that locks you in for the duration. Brilliant stuff from Config, not to be missed.

#bonzaiprogressive #mathov #ruslanvashkevich #config

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Oraa & Ekai return to Piston with the superb two track Freak Like Me. This dynamic duo’s first outing for Piston was back in January 2015 with Hot Like 95 Fahrenheit, which picked up great support from across the board and no doubt this newest cut will follow suit.

Freak Like Me is a super groovy, upfront and in your face slice of tech house that will surely get the floors rocking to the beat. Nice chunky kicks and crispy hats reside alongside a tight percussion arrangement that sets off a cool rhythmic flow. Beefing up that rhythm we get treated to some cool keys and a superb probing bassline that will control those booty movements all night. Throughout the track we have a classic mid-nineties vocal acappella that will be instantly recognisable to those that know. The perfect party pumper, a must have track for sure.

Shakedown sets out with a percussion led intro which is soon joined by a super thumpy kickdrum and a cool vocal. A high pitched string offers a cool retro theme to the sound before that top notch grooving bassline comes in and takes over. Aside from a fantastic, tight drum arrangement we get treated to some ultra techy stabs that keep this groove rolling on. Various vocal flavours give the track a funky twist making this one a definite go to track for any set.

#pistonrecordings #oraa #ekai

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Kevin Vega heads up our next Progrez cut with the fantastic three tracker – In Chains. A big part of the Progrez journey, Kevin has consistently delivered the goods with his lush progressive house vibes. His last outing, The Gambler gained a lot of support across the board and since then he has racked up several top notch remixes for the likes of Dofamine and Airwave & DJ Fire. He also featured on Bonzai Progressive’s 500th release with his exclusive track – Afraid. With releases and remixes spread over various labels including Progrez, Bonzai Progressive, ADSR Records and GR8 Trance Music it’s always worth checking this guy out, he never disappoints.

First up we have In Chains with its superb progressive meets techno fusion. A tight arrangement filled with rhythmic percussions and a solid kick that drives the techno end of the track. On the progressive side we are treated to some cool cascading melodic arps that mesmerize with an infectious hook. A deep throbbing bassline lurks below alongside a simple yet highly effective low note. Top notch stuff that will definitely keep those darker floors rocking.

Trojan quickly builds to become a solid slice of progressive with a hint of techno weaving through to add a little spice. We find ourselves completely hooked on this totally engrossing groove that holds on relentlessly with a series of spiralling arps and a band of rich strings that add some wonderful textures. At the bottom we find a solid bass that holds the track together beautifully while providing a warm glow over the sound. Definitely a track to look out for, a welcome addition in any set.

Rounding off this fine cut we have The Gentle Warrior which intros with a subtle kick that soon finds a full bodied thump alongside a rhythmic percussion section. A deep pulsating bassline is let loose and we settle into real progressive groove that is joined by a nice tonal stab providing cool contrasting sounds. Just before the break a fantastic synth riff comes in alongside melodic pads that take us through the break and beyond. A superb track that offers a nice, diverse range of sound, perfect for a proper music hungry crowd.

#progrez #kevinvega

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Our long standing Club Traxx series continues with Progressive House 17 featuring 20 top notch progressive cuts from a host of prolific artists from our own Bonzai Progressive imprint and beyond. We’ve sourced some excellent tracks from labels like Green Snake Records, JOOF, Mistique Music, Sudam, Contrast and Green Martian as well as BP. Artists such as Frangellico, Rick Pier O’Neil, Phi Phi, Rise And Fall, Slam Duck, Kintar, Basil O’Glue, Matt Holliday, Experimental Feeling, Moshic, Lymbic, Manu Riga, John 00 Fleming, Tim Penner, Urban Flex, Oliver Petkovski, Michael & Levan and Stiven Rivic, Juan Astudillo, Sween, Woods, Ruslan Vashkevich and Modeplex are all on hand to deliver these superb cuts to the floors. A wonderful bumper pack for any collector and the perfect way to get a night of partying on the move.

#bonzaiprogressive #riseandfall #timpenner #oliverpetkovski #frangellico #themanindarksuit #rickpiero’neil #phiphi #slamduck #kintar #basilo’glue #mattholliday #experimentalfeelings #moshic #lymbic #manuriga #john00fleming #urbanflex #stivenrivic #michael&levan #juanastudillo #sween #ruslanvashkevich #modeplex

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As 2015 draws to a close it’s time for us to take a look back at some of the highlights that continue to keep Piston bursting at the seams with only the highest quality cuts. We’ve also worked hard to bring on board a whole swathe of new talent on top of our current pool of established artists. In this year’s bumper round-up we feature 50 superb tracks and remixes from artists such as Leandro Silva, Bonetti, Leandro Di, Upright, Rick Wade, Daniel Ray and label guru Rogerio Martins to name just a few. At Piston it’s all about the music and this showcase is the perfect starting point to get locked on to some of Europe’s finest deep house, tech house and techno grooves. Roll on 2016!

#pistonrecordings #tomokitamura #kriswadsworth #satour #jacky(uk) #ivanmasa #gobbettipizzini #bhoo #dirtyplan #leandrosilva #kunda #fabioricciuti #qubiko #bonetti #oraa #ekai #olifrances #danielray #vincentesperanza #pandeo #cerillo #hurlee #brettlawrence #marcusraute #marcomadia #laesh #juanmallopis #matteocabassi #luky #hermanndius #angelodraetta #giannialessandrelli #rogeriomartins #grooveapartment #rickwade #italobros #rubbaj #boosh #jaderag #franciswhite #flat #alessiorizzo #ilariolaggetta #leandrodi #camilodosantos #dimiwilson #lex(athens) #capryo #southerngroove #davidmuseen #primebrothers #pablowoof #joyfullfamily #charliepearson #mash #ggdex #keygi #upright(pt) #robsmall #dannyhartley

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Matt Holiday returns to BP with the hugely impressive two tracker – Pipe Dream. A very much in-demand producer Matt always notches up the quality and this one is no exception. Last time out we had Light Year which proved very popular indeed with great support having shown up in many sets and DJ charts. Outside of Bonzai he still continues to impress the head honchos over at JOOF(as well as ourselves of course). On the DJ front he plays regularly around the UK where he brings his solid progressive grooves to the floors. Much more to come from this guy and well worth keeping an eye and an ear on.

Pipe Dream intros with a subtle kick and cool percussive arrangement as a dark bass teases us with its existence. The teasing abates and we are exposed to a superb deep and lush bass that moves slowly through the sound. Hints of melody pop up and build anticipation before a dark chant starts to form up. In a wonderful twist the dark chant is replaced by the most beautifully layered, soothing Ethnic voices that cascade through the sound to the backdrop of a deep, dark sinister progressive groove which comes to prominence on the break. As the voices subside we are taken back into full on prog mode with a little help from some cool synths that offer a rich tone to the sound. A fantastic slice and a definite must have track.

Navajo sets off with a nice punchy kick and a simple percussion arrangement that builds up into a solid drum section that carries a top notch tribal vibe. As the title suggests we are treated to some excellent Native American chants that resonate right throughout the sound and fit perfectly into the progressive nature of the track. A deep and beefy bassline shores up the low end providing a solid platform for the myriad of sounds to take hold. The break throws up a great mixture of sounds with subtle melodies at the centre before we crash back into the main track for the duration. Top notch stuff yet again from Matt, this one will be a welcome addition in any set.

#mattholliday #bonzaiprogressive

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Kay Barton aka Kay Piranha debuts on Bonzai Progressive with the superb Return 01 which comes with 2 brilliant remixes from Van Czar and Jesper Mauerhoff. Kay was born in Northern Germany in 1980. From just 14 years of age he started to realize he had a passion for electronic music and his ideas soon turned into tracks with his computer using basic DOS operating software. After moving to Southern Germany near Heidelberg in 1997, Kay was given the possibility to actually work on his career for the first time. Besides producing he started working as a DJ and ever since he plays dynamic techno, house and electro swing DJ sets. For more than 2 years he has been a part of La Nuit Boheme, the biggest event series for swing and electro swing music in Germany, as a resident DJ. Over the years Kay has played in many national and international locations, at events like Love Parade, Street Parade and G-Move as well as for several German broadcast transmitters and radio stations.

The Original Mix delivers a cool slice of tech house with a pumping groove that will keep the floors alight. Punchy kicks and crispy hats provide a tight rhythmic flow as a throbbing bassline holds the track together. A wonderfully tech fuelled sound dominates on the break as it pulsates sending the mind into overdrive and is joined by a synth stab that builds us back up into the main track for the duration. A proper, punchy slice of tech for the floors, a must have.

Van Czar delivers yet another blistering remix, something we have become accustomed to over the years. We usually see this guy over on Bonzai Basiks or Eyepatch Recordings, but he has made the jump over to BP in an unexpected twist to offer up his talents once more. A very hard working artist, Van juggles hosting Bonzai Basik Beats Spain with various gigs in and around Madrid as well as finding time to create a slew of remixes and original works for Bonzai and other labels. Here on the remix Van lets loose with a wonderful Tech House groove right from the off with his Club Remix. The intro throws up a tight drum arrangement with a chunky kick at the forefront. A tech rich stab gets the track into full swing as layers build with a cacophony of sounds straight outta the space age. Fantastic stabby synths resonate throughout the track to the backdrop of those tight drums and percussions. A definite must have track for sure, proper dancefloor fodder.

Dutch DJ and producer Jesper Mauerhoff returns to Bonzai Progressive on remix duty and delivers a solid slice for the floors. We first got a taste of this guys talents back in the Summer of 2015 with his BP debut Eyes Wide Shut which was followed a few months later by Trip To Strip, as well as appearances on a few compilations in between. The remix notches up the tempo slightly as those punchy kicks make their mark against a superb synth chord and a gritty bassline. This one builds beautifully resulting in a full on tech groove with just a hint of progressive coming through on the arrangement. Tough offset basses are the perfect match for those splashy snares that cut through the sound brilliantly. A monster of a tune that will appeal to many.

#kaybarton #bonzaiprogressive #vanczar #jespermauerhoff

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Italian DJ and producer Giuliano A.L. debuts on Bonzai Basiks with the fantastic Winter EP which comes backed up with remixes from Bonzai stalwart Van Czar. Giuliano brings his own style to Deep House and Tech-house and loves to display his passion for a variety of musical influences. At age 14 he began doing some casual DJ sets in local disco – Mythos – and there after he became the resident DJ running both Saturday nights and Sunday afternoons for more than a decade. In 2002 the opportunity arose to play in Switzerland where he played with International DJ’s such as Victor Simonelli and was widely sought after by the crowds for his music. After a few years away from the scene he moved to Ibiza and rekindled his love of dance music. It wasn’t long before he got right back into things playing at top Island venues. Giuliano has been a proud returning resident to the fantastic Ocean Beach Ibiza bringing a taste of his style to the massive crowds flocking to enjoy the day time club scene. He is regularly invited to play guest sets from time to time in other island hot spots such as Pacha, Space, Eden, Destino, the legendary Pikes Hotel, El Hotel Pacha, Sands beach bar in Playa díen Bossa and Pukka-Up Vip Boat parties. Winter sees Giuliano turn all of his focus into the studio to concentrate on his production projects. As a producer he has released on labels like Go Deva Records and Tonspur Records where he released an EP, remixes and tracks. In summer 2014 Giuliano collaborated with the iconic Hotel Es Vive along with Iban Mendoza to create their 10 year anniversary CD on Seamless Records. Delighted to have this guy onboard at Basiks and we hope to see much more in the future.

The Original Mix of Caracas intros with a tribal-esque percussion arrangement that is joined by a superb punchy kick that gets the track moving into top gear. A warbly synth bass takes over alongside some curious voices that add a cool dimension to the sound. Those basses become the big focus as they transform into many mesmerizing shapes that lock you on to their powerful tech grooves. Top notch stuff that will no doubt be a strong favourite in many sets.

Madrid based Belgian DJ and producer Van Czar delivers the first of 2 remixes in this superb EP. Never failing on the quality front this guy always notches up a solid performance both in original works and remixes. His last outing was alongside Majed with the brilliant Panimic EP and proved popular among many deep, dark, techno sets. Prior to this one he had a vinyl and digital release with The Force which featured the legendary Kevin Saunderson as well as his wife Ann and son Dantiez. We’ve no doubt that this guy will continue to pile on the quality and we always look forward to his sounds coming through the office. Van’s Black Beach Remix of Caracas opens with a solid kick that carries a massive punch and is soon met with a deep throbbing bass that rises from below. Haunting voices present a sinister backdrop to a sound that drips with intensity. The attention to detail is sublime with simple yet highly effective FX delivering cool textures to the sound. On the break things quieten down before a massive wall of sound brings us to the climax and back into full on mode. Another tough offering from Van that is sure to be a top pick among many.

The Original Mix of Winter sets out with some cool synth plucks before a nice and chunky kick takes over alongside a shuffling, rhythmic hat pattern. The track soon delivers its tech grooves in style as a fantastic driving, bubbling bass is introduced. In the background we get a tight percussion section that keeps the track flowing through a cacophony deep tones. Cool textures emerge creating a real sense of space and surroundings before a strange hypnotic chant comes through to send the groove on a surreal trip. Brilliant stuff that will definitely be an asset in any mix.

Van Czar’s Jam Remix of Winter rounds of this EP in style and yet again we are exposed to the sheer brilliance of this guys talents. The track opens with a percussion driven tribal tech groove that has you hooked in from the first few bars. A perfectly placed bass adds a bit of oomph to the groove as those percussions keep a steady flowing rhythm. Short breaks provide little to no respite from this stomper as a wall of noise rises before you. A real solid slice of tech to keep the floors moving, this one is a must have.

#giulianoal #bonzaibasiks #vanczar

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Expected Mirage returns after a hiatus of almost 5 years with the fantastic three tracker, Observers EP. We last got a taste of this guys progressive grooves back in 2010 with These Satellites which went on to appear on many compilations under the Bonzai banner. Prior to this he had cuts on Progrez, starting in 2008 with Old Castle and in 2009 with Reflective EP. Remixes also came thick and fast during this period for artists such as Blufeld, Arto Kumanto, Joost Glazenburg, L.A.V.I, D.E.E.P and Zakat Project. Great to see this guy back at the helm and we hope to see more in the future.

Time Does Not Exist opens with a stuttering percussion pattern that branches out into a solid progressive groove with the introduction of a punchy kick and a rising synth that warms the track beautifully. The bassline soon takes over and we find ourselves locked on to a deep lush groove. The chords deliver a subtle classic feel to the track while on the break we are faced with a sublime chorus of melodies and a hypnotic key that takes us back into full on mode for the duration. Superb stuff and a definite must have.

Morning Scene offers up a wonderful trek into a melody driven pure progressive house cut. A beautifully crafted construction awash with a myriad of colourful melodies that cascade through the sound effortlessly. At the backend we have a solid chugging groove that will rock out any floor, while up front we are treated to those fantastic melodies that will surely brighten up the start of any day. A perfectly chosen title for an epic sound, one to watch here.

Origins Of Reality intros with a subtle percussion arrangement before the kickdrum filters in to deliver its punch and get the track moving. A pulsating bass resonates right through the sound and becomes a big focus with its hypnotic draw. As the layers build we feel the anticipation rising with short sharp synth hits echoing throughout. Suddenly we’re engulfed with the most amazing arpeggiated synth line that just goes on and on and on, creating a magical vibe that takes us back in time. A classic progressive groove ensues that is reminiscent of the hey days of proper progressive with a sprinkling of trance. On the break we enter the rabbit hole as swirling pads and beautifully tweaked melodies build a wall of textured sounds before we get slammed right back into the main track. An epic monster of a tune, and at just over 11 minutes this one will dominate any set, a future classic for sure.

#expectedmirage #greenmartian

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Lebanese DJ and producer Vince Aoun debuts on Bonzai Progressive with the fantastic Lilium, which comes backed up with two superb remixes. Beirut based Vince has been around the scene since 2010 when he turned professional. It started with his radio show Catalepsy on which aired monthly but made the change to bi-weekly due to demand from listeners. In 2011 he started to put out his own works and quickly grabbed the attention of many top jocks including Paul Van Dyk, Judge Jules and Paul Oakenfold. His tracks have appeared on various labels but got a notable release on Vandit in May 2015. Great to have this fast rising talent on board and we hope to hear more soon.

The Original Mix intros with a smooth melodic vibe that is joined by subtle percussions and a cool arpeggiated riff before a solid kick drum makes its way into the sound. Big, brash snares hit the downbeat revealing an electro flourish that fits nicely into the groove. On the break we get a taste of some mighty fine synths that carry a strong melody with an old skool edge. Superb stuff and a top notch debut for this talented artist.

First up on the remix we have Belgian DJ and producer Manu Riga aka Adriaan Baussens with his superb Chilldown Remix. With a hugely impressive discography that spans over 10 years, this guy brings a wealth of outstanding talent to everything he touches and infuses tracks with his unique Manu Riga sound. His last outing for BP was on remix duty for Ruslan Vashkevich’s – Acid Pig alongside Youngen and just before that he churned out one of his best remixes to date on Youngen’s – The Long Way Home. This guy never lets up on the quality front and we always look forward to getting his latest work in the inbox. On the remix we are faced with a wonderfully thick kick rum that packs a nice punch and is joined by floating FX and a strong rising bass drone. Rich strings and pads sweep through and tease with their powerful draw. The track breaks to reveal a very cool melodic riff that leaves us wanting much more. In true Manu Riga style we get treated to some awesome ethnic sounds that raise the hairs on the back of your neck. Beautifully plucked strings and a captivating female vocal dominate the main break before we are led back to the main groove for the duration. Another fine display of deep progressive grooves from one of Europe’s top artists.

Blufeld is up next with his Dark Poison Remix and yet again he offers up a superb slice of progressive. Fresh off the back of his 4th studio album – A World Less Ordinary – David has already seen three of his tracks released as singles off the album, the latest track Out Of This Life grabbed a lot of attention and represents the perfect snapshot of this guys talent. Much more to come from this guy, soon we hope. Here the remix intros with a pacey vibe full of stuttering percussions and crispy hats that filter in nicely before we get hit with a solid kick drum and some stunning vocal sounds. A wonderful synth rides the groove perfectly and adds to the hypnotic nature of the track. Through the track we get a taste of a beautiful melodic structure that only fully reveals itself on the break where we find an uplifting feeling that carries us along for the ride effortlessly. A top notch remix that will definitely be a go to track for many.

#vinceaoun #bonzaiprogressive #manuriga #blufeld

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