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Spanish artist Oscar Holgado debuts on Piston Recordings with the superb two tracker Quiddity. Residing in Amsterdam, Oscar is passionate about music in all its forms, he has already amassed an impressive back catalogue on various labels over the years where he has delivered his unique productions. Great to have him on board at Piston and we hope to see more in the future.

Quiddity intros with a rich chord that unleashes a wave of warmth that is enhanced by beautifully placed vinyl noise. Nice and chunky kick drums come in alongside building percussions and a subtle bassline that peeks out from the depths just enough to get you locked in. The chords are the big player here as they hypnotise the mind and get you into that deep house mood. Contrasting strings and pads add smooth textures to the sound as well as subtle FX. Excellent stuff that is not to be missed.

Le Groove Est Dans Le Move sets off with a very smooth synth sound with a sharp clap taking us up to the punchy beats and soft percussions. The drum section layers up brilliantly creating a steady flowing rhythm while a funky ass bassline does a fine job in getting the booty’s shakin’. On the break we’re taken down the rabbit hole into a surreal world filled with colourful keys before starting to build back into the main groove. The track feels groovy and would sit perfectly in a late night session, a must have no doubt.

#oscarholgado #pistonrecordings


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AudioStorm returns in 2017 with this superb effort entitled Lethal Engine which boasts two originals and two exceptional remixes from Rise and Fall and Robert R. Hardy. As ever we’re treated to nothing but the best of quality from this guy, just like his last outing for BP – Underground Culture as well as several other remixes.

Before we get to the remixes we have two superb originals – Lethal Engine and Suspense. Both tracks offer up sublime progressive grooves and will certainly turn a few heads. Lethal Engine hits us with a dark and moody prog vibe filled with tight drums and hypnotic arps. The break is a sublime sequence and when that vocal comes through the track blows up, a definite dancefloor destroyer. Suspense also delivers the goods on the progressive front with a solid workout that drives with an intense vibe. Well crafted drum patterns lead the way as a meandering bassline casually works its way through the sound. Contrasting high frequencies work perfectly with the sub sounds here making this one a definite must have.

Rise and Fall is back on remix duties and here he takes Lethal Engine to a whole new dimension with his unique brand of prog. Right from the off you are drawn to the groove with its almost downtempo vibe, but as the track evolves we are taken deeper, much deeper. This one is a solid builder with layer upon layer revealing subtle changes that have a huge impact. The big hitter here though is the acid sequence that seems to go on forever. Enough said, do not miss this one you will not be disappointed.

Reis Robert aka Robert R. Hardy returns to Bonzai Progressive on the remix and here he gets to grips with Suspense and delivers a superb slice for our listening pleasure. The track intros with muted kicks against subtle percussions before the kicks get their thump and the percussion section starts to shuffle creating a steady rhythmic groove. Soft melodic arps linger as a warm bassline rises up enveloping the sound beautifully. A pure hypnotic groove that will draw a lot of attention no doubt.

#audiostorm #bonzaiprogressive #riseandfall #robertrhardy

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Romanian DJ and producer Cryss debuts on Bonzai Progressive with the superb Simple Pleasure which comes backed up with two top notch remixes from Bob The Groove and Mendexx. Cryss comes from a musical family and this exposure has nourished his passion for music. He learned guitar and keyboards before finding his way into DJing and then producing. With several releases on various labels we’re delighted to have him on board at Bonzai Progressive.

The Original Mix intros with a nice pounding kick drum along with cool shuffling hi hats and various percussions. A distant melodic arp begins to rise and is soon joined by a warm, probing bassline. The bassline morphs and transforms with a little help from some filtering as subtle guitar riffs and sweeping pads join in. A super tight slice from start to finish that will sit perfectly in any set bringing a smooth deep vibe.

Bob The Groove returns to Bonzai Progressive on the remix and once again he shows us his superb talents in the studio. The intro boasts a deep droning bass that takes hold, drawing you in alongside nice chunky kicks and crispy hi hats. Mesmeric pads fill the background and continue for the duration becoming prominent on the break as they blend effortlessly with hypnotic vocals. The result is cosmic bliss that will definitely be a welcome addition in any late night set.

Scottish DJ and producer Mendexx delivers a superb deep progressive remix that will not disappoint. Mendexx returns to Bonzai Progressive after his last outing Mutate performed very well indeed. Here he takes us on a sublime prog journey that sets out with superb punchy kick drums and crispy hi hats. A stabbing, probing bassline soon comes through and we’re hooked. The bassline is joined by cool synth stabs and subtle vocals that add an air of mystery to the track. Rich strings sweep through and on the break we find intriguing melodies that linger for the duration. Top notch stuff not to be missed.

#cryss #bonzaiprogressive #bobthegroove #mendexx

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Southern Groove aka Adrian Romero and Mariano Chiappe return to Piston with the pumping house grooves of Baby I Need You. This Santa Fe based duo combine various styles and bring their own influences to the table resulting in cool and diverse sounds. House music is their main genre and their years of experience ensure that only the very best sounds are unleashed. Their DJ sets deliver a dynamic experience leaving the crowds feeling happy. Much more to come from these guys so stay tuned.

Baby I Need You gets right into full on house mode right from the off as solid kicks and shuffling hi hats generate a flowing rhythm. A groovy bassline soon follows which will get the floors moving for sure. Cool vocal shots litter the sound adding a very nice vibe and work well with the stabbing synths. Superb stuff that will be a welcome addition in any set.

Fuck Yeah offers up a funky house groove that will force you to move. The pacey drum section gets right down to business with chunky kick drums and shuffling percussions creating that solid rhythmic flow. Groovy guitar riffs give the track a lot of movement as warm piano chords come through. The bassline is a beautifully crafted underlying feature of the track with its raw jazzy vibe and dancey groove. A real foot stomper this one that is not to be missed.

#southerngroove #pistonrecordings

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Spanish DJ and producer Josu Freire marks his Piston Recordings debut with the fantastic two track Fresh EP. Since 2013 Josu has been dishing out quality cuts at every turn, his music has reached far and wide on several labels and his sound is very much respected by his peers. We’re delighted to have him on board here and hope to see more soon.

The aptly titled Fresh is up first delivering a… well, a very fresh groove. Big chunky kicks are offset with bright crispy hi hats that will definitely gravitate the crowds to the floors. A superb deep probing bassline weaves through the track effortlessly creating a groovy vibe. Cool vocals litter the sound in both diva and urban styles giving the track a lot of character while subtle synths work makes an appearance and having a huge impact. A top notch slice that will not disappoint.

Possible intros with some nice pumping kick drums with super crispy hi hats filling in the offbeat. The tech house vibes flow freely on this one and will no doubt translate well on the floors. A deep warming bassline gets the booty’s shaking as a classic vocal that fits the sound beautifully fades through. The short breaks throw in some cool synth chords that keep the tech vibe flowing nicely. Brilliant stuff and a must have track for sure.

#josufreire #pistonrecordings

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Progrez stalwarts metrONomes return with another superb joint entitled aenaON. The guys have been around Progrez for quite a while and have solidified their presence with top notch grooves throughout. Their last outing – Crocodile Tears proved popular and no doubt this latest tech fuelled slice will follow suit.

First up we have the dark vibes of aenaON which intros with a punchy kick drum alongside rumbling basses that swell up from the depths. Bright, crispy hats fade in as various percussion make a showing. The track builds with an intensity creating a tangible atmosphere that you just wanna reach out and grab. Subtle synths litter the sound along with swirling pads, on the break a siren type effect comes in before fading and letting those superb beats take the helm once again. Top notch stuff.

aNASA intros with a filtered kick drum and stuttering synth line before the kicks get their thump sending the track on its way. Beautifully placed percussions work perfectly alongside the array of FX on show. A deep and warm bassline slowly finds its way into the sound providing a solid low end for the track to thrive on. An air of intensity creeps into the sound giving off a cosmic vibe that stands out well. On the break that intensity rises even more as we’re introduced to a wall of sublime synths before we’re thrust back into the main groove. A superb slice that is not to be missed.

Gangster is a deeply intense workout that takes us into the depths of techno with a prog twist and beyond. Super tight drums lead the way with a chunky kick at the forefront alongside sharp hats and expertly crafted percussions. The bassline is the big hitter here though as it effortlessly drives the groove. On the break the track is given character with the brilliant use of spoken word by some Goodfella’s over an ever increasing rising synth before crashing back to the solid beats for the duration. A truly fantastic cut that will most definitely get any party into full swing.

#metronomes #progrez

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Cairo based DJ and producer duo Shady Sabry and Ahmed El Touny make up Temporarily Unknown and here they debut on Green Martian with the superb Final Destination. They started to produce music around 5 years ago separately, until 2016 when they combined forces and decided to take it to the next level delivering some Deep ,Tech and Groovy beats. They both share the same passion for exploring, creating and experimenting with sounds and this is what drives them. The guys already boast an impressive catalogue of unreleased tracks that get lots of air time on different radio stations in the Middle East such as Nile FM, Marina Fm and many more. Their tracks are championed by some dance music icons like DJ Carlos and more. We’re delighted to have these guys on board and we just know the future will be bright for these stars of Egypt.

First Destination is a wonderfully crafted slice of melodic progressive house that will slot effortlessly into any late night set. Solid beats are in place for the duration as a hypnotic bassline strolls through the track, drawing us in. Superbly crafted percussions generate a smooth flowing rhythm while subtle melodies play out. The vocal is stunning, mysterious and captivating and will force you into deep though. The break is simply divine here, the melodies sweep through alongside that vocal and intense bass pads delivering a euphoric moment. A fantastic debut for these guys, check it out.

Legacy boasts a strong progressive groove that captivates the mind with its twists and turns. Tight drums lead the way alongside a deep probing bassline. The track delivers a wonderfully rich atmosphere with the use of swirling pads and subtle melodies while on the break we find a mesmerizing piano chord that gets deep into your soul. Distant voices and scattered synths litter the groove adding cool textures to the sound making this a must have track for sure.

#temporarilyunknown #greenmartian

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Iga Dep debuts on Bonzai Progressive with the delicious progressive groover Indigo which comes backed up with remixes from Matan Caspi and Thorin. Iga Dep has proven to be a force to be reckoned with over the last couple of years, he has seen releases on the likes of Mystic Carousel among others. Great to have him on board at BP and we’ve no doubt his sound will be right at home on one of 2016’s top progressive labels.

The Original Mix delivers a deep and moody progressive slice complete with a warm droning bassline that sits perched on the low end while bright hats cut through alongside subtle percussions and a pumping kick drum. An array of quality FX and gritty synths layer up and add wonderful textures. Super groovy stuff that will not disappoint.

Matan Caspi returns to remix duties and once again we’re given a masterclass in creating sublime progressive grooves. His last outing was back in October 2016 with Distant Muse which gained great support across the board. No doubt this one will follow suit so buckle up and enjoy the ride. Here the remix takes us on a wonderfully deep proggy ride. A solid drum arrangement keeps the track moving nicely while a deep, powerful bassline dominates. Soft pads swirl around alongside subtle arpeggios and FX. The track is distinguished by some stunning synth work that definitely grab the attention of many.

Bonzai Progressive veteran Thorin returns with a superb remix and once again he leaves his indelible prog marker on the sound. It’s been a while since we last seen Thorin, he gave us some memorable moments in 2016 with a special track on Bonzai & Friends 500 as well as a fantastic remix on Manu Riga’s Surrounded Remixed. He’s also released on other labels over the years and continues his presence at Twidl events as well as guest spots on radio shows. Always a delight to have his work come through the inbox and hopefully we’ll see much more in the future. On the remix here Thorin gets us into full on prog mode for 2017. The track intros with a beautifully arranged drum section that comprises solid beats and rhythmic percussions that take on a tribalistic vibe. Subtle melodies intertwine effortlessly creating a colourful and exciting platter for us to feast on. Deep probing basses dominate the lower end and mesmerize with their warm embrace. A thought provoking slice that will be a welcome addition in any set.

#igadep #bonzaiprogressive #matancaspi #thorin

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Paul Angelo and Don Argento mark their Bonzai Progressive debut with the superb Ipanema EP. Born in Cyprus, they started writing and playing electronic music as a duo back in 2013. Since then they performed at top electronic music venues in Cyprus and managed to reach the Beatport top 100 with their debut EP, Bromelain. Their music blends elements of Progressive House, Trance and Techno. They have seen support from big electronic artists such as Tim Penner, Capa, Robert R. Hardy, Pete K, Dmitry Molosh, Simos Tagias, Chris Zag, Haris C, Paul Anthonee and many more. Great to have them on board at BP and we hope to see more soon.

Exotic progressive house is one way to describe Paul Angelo & Don Argento’s latest creation, Ipanema. The track just oozes pure progressive vibes and draws its warmth from the famous beach area. Well rounded punchy kick drums lead the way with bright crispy hi hats on the offset generating a solid rhythm alongside subtle percussions. A hypnotic arp cascades the track and blends effortlessly with swirling pads, soft pan pipes and a superb plucky bass. The break is a wonderfully blissful sequence, a mini track in the middles of the progressiveness if you will. Dominating the break is a fantastic guitar that enables the mind to drift away before we’re drawn back into full on mode for the duration. A must have no doubt.

Punaluu delivers a superbly warm bass laden slice of progressive that makes us dream of the Summer months. A nice and tight drum arrangement takes us on our way and generates a solid rhythmic flow while the bassline adds an extra spicy groove. On the musical front we’re treated to wonderfully crafted arpeggios and a bright, rich piano that stands out beautifully. The break throws up a serene image of beach life on Hawaii’s third island before the party gets back into full swing with the return of the main track. Top notch stuff indeed that is not to be missed.

#paulangelo #donargento #bonzaiprogressive

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Tuneon is back at Piston with his third cut, the fantastic two tracker Erosion. His last outing gave us the superb Compressed Summer which drew a lot of attention and no doubt this one will follow suit. Erosion gets us into a deep house mood right from the get go as a chunky kick drum and shuffling percussion arrangement is joined by a soft arpeggio and a deep probing bassline. The beats and bass deliver a nice groovy feeling that will definitely get feet to the floors.
Multiple arpeggios blend effortlessly into a seemingly chaotic affray, yet they come out the other end with a wonderfully rich coherent sequence. Beautifully crafted and not to be missed.

Message is a pacey deep house groover that intros with a nice punchy kick drum. Percussions start to form up and transform into a solid rhythmic flow as a plucky bassline starts its journey through the low end. Various synth elements combine perfectly amidst a sweeping pad creating intricate patterns that have a definite raw edge. The synths continue to morph and filter to deliver a trippy experience and one that will grab a lot of attention no doubt.

#tuneon #pistonrecordings

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Italian DJ and producer Christian Bove debuts on Piston with a funked up tech house groover entitled Back To Back EP. Growing up in Milan, Christian became interested in music at age 14 and, with help and support from family and friends he started to play out at various parties. At 16 he got his first big gig at Bolgia’s back room where he came face to face with top jocks from around the world. In 2014/2015 he started to play in the main room starting off the proceedings for some major nights. A superb up and comer in the world of producing, this guy is definitely one to watch.

Back To Back kicks off with a carnival-esque groovy bassline that sits perfectly amidst shuffling percussions. Bright crispy hats and rolling snares generate a solid rhythmic flow which is led by a chunky kick drum. Cool vocals come through in various forms adding a superb club vibe while that bassline dominates. A floorfiller for sure, this one is a must have in your tech arsenal.

City takes us on a fantastic tech fuelled ride complete with solid beats and deep rolling basses. The tight drum arrangement comprises punchy kick drums and sharp snappy snares alongside shuffling hats that deliver a smooth rhythm. An array of vocals litter the sound giving off a raw, authentic vibe, but it’s the prominence of the bassline that drives this one. An absolute stomper perfect for later sessions.

Gangster intros with a nice well rounded warm kick drum that is followed by sharp crispy hi hats and claps. Cool spiralling FX sit in the background as very cool funky riffs bring the musical elements to life. Again we see brilliant use of various vocals that gives the track lots of character. A deep meandering bassline sits calmly on the low end as the higher frequencies take control. A top notch cut that is a definite must have.

#christianbove #pistonrecordings

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Phi6 aka producer duo Inaki Albert and Oswaldo Garrido debut on Bonzai Progressive with the superb three track EP entitled Tripezones. The guys joined forces while studying a sound degree and are Influenced by artists such as Hans Zimmer, Trentemoller and Mendieta to name just a few. While Inaki already boasts several releases on various labels, Oswaldo is a relative newcomer to the scene. One thing is for sure though, these guys have a serious talent that will most definitely grab a lot of attention. Delighted to have them on board and hopefully we’ll see more from them soon.

Tripezones is up first and dishes out a solid progressive flavour with trappings of techno blended in. This one embarks on a hybrid journey filled with quality vibes and infectious grooves that will captivate the mind. Chunky kick drums and a tight percussion section ensure the rhythm prevails while deep basses lurk on the low end. Energetically charged synths mesmerize while the bassline chugs, driving the groove. A real beauty of a track that will give you the perfect weapon for any set.

Next we have Toob which is quite simply a stomper of a track. The intro boasts a pounding kick drum with a surreal atmospheric pad hanging in the background. The rhythm is let loose with the introduction of tight percussion patterns and shuffling hats. A hypnotic bass dominates the track for the duration and keeps this one firmly in the dark zone making this a definite must have.

Corp rounds up this superb pack and does so in epic style. Progressive vibes ooze out of this one right from the get go as punchy kick drums lead the way alongside a plucky synth hit and building percussion patterns. Deep droning bassy pads lurk in the background while bright crispy hats slice through. You can feel the tension rising as synth chords stab their way into the sound creating wonderfully layered textures. The break serves up an expertly crafted sequence filled with lush sounds and some funky elements to tip the balance. Superb stuff that is not to be missed.

#phi6 #bonzaiprogressive

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Russian producer Eugene Becker aka Eugeny Dolzhenko returns to Bonzai Progressive with another round of top notch progressive vibes with Veto. His debut for us came back in the Summer of 2016 with Butterfly and quickly gained a great deal of support. Prior to this he has released several tracks on various labels. His first release was in 2009 on the German label No Border Recordings with his project Z Robot. The main aim of this project is producing electronic music in different styles such as deep, progressive, house and trance.

Veto sets off with a dramatic punchy kick drum that leaves a nice bass trail lingering in its midst. Crispy hi hats are offset against a sharp click that lands on the beat as various percussions build to form a solid rhythmic flow. Deep rumbling basses dominate the low end as a sinister vocal comes in creating a tangible tension in the sound. The break throws up a maelstrom of sound that climaxes with some seriously energetic risers. A superb slice of the darker, tougher edge of progressive that will not disappoint.

Dream takes us on a sublime journey through progressive house filled with an array of melodies that blend effortlessly together creating a dream-like state. The track is powered by some very nice chunky kicks and a solid percussion arrangement alongside a droning bassline that cuts a tight groove. Cascading arps dish out wonderfully rich melodies that mesmerize and hypnotize while keeping feet firmly rooted to the floors. A fine slice of progressive that you will not want to miss.

#eugenebecker #bonzaiprogressive

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Luanda based house music aficionado Leandro Silva returns to Piston Recordings with the fantastic Aural. Leandro has plied his trade in Luanda for many years and has continued to promote and expand his music with residencies in top clubs all over the city. His DJing skills transfer to music production with ease and he has racked up a very impressive back catalogue across many top labels including Piston Recordings, Prismat Recordings and Midnight Express to name just a few. 2016 saw him launch his own label Igual Recordings which focuses on various techno forms and which has seen great support. Nice to see him back at Piston for 2017 and we hope to see more soon.

Aural takes us on a deep explorative journey into house with an alluring gait that will draw you in unwittingly for the duration. A solid drum construction complete with chunky kick drums and shuffling percussions lead the way as a beautifully deep probing bassline weave through the sound. Floating pads and space age synths leave their mark as we find ourselves totally hooked on the mesmeric groove. A must have no doubt.

Viajar Sozinho is a real smooth, deep and infectious track that will grab a hold of you right from the off. A plucky bassline stands out alongside warming pads creating a deep and groovy house vibe. The super tight drum arrangement is made up of lush kicks, intricate percussion patterns and a prominent crispy hi hat that are all destined to get the hips swaying. A sublime offering that will be a most welcome addition in any late night session.

#leandrosilva #pistonrecordings

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Sardinia born DJ and producer Mend returns to Piston with the fantastic three track tech house joint entitled Fusion EP. We last caught a glimpse of this guy back in April 2016 with his Visionair EP. Delighted to see him back once again and we look forward to more, but for now enjoy this super fine tech house cut.

First up we have Fusion that just oozes tech house flavours right from the off. Punchy kick drums and building percussions sit over a cool stepping bassline that adds a little bit of swing to the groove. Swirling FX fade in and out as a myriad of colourful keys come through bringing a real groovy element to the sound. A beautifully simplistic slice that will definitely do damage on the floors.

Gate 1 opens with a nice punchy kick drum that delivers a solid thud alongside cool percussions and a slowly fading in mesmeric pad. A probing bassline comes through and sets up a powerful groove that blends perfectly with the cacophony of stabby keys. Tight drums and an expert arrangement provide a fine flowing rhythm as the track locks us in with its relentless tech house groove. A definite must have track that is sure to keep the floors rocking long into the night.

Organic Element goes right for the jugular with a solid tech house offering that will get the booty’s to the floor no doubt. Straight outta the gate this one delivers a tight construction that is made up of a maelstrom of drums which effortlessly come together to form a solid rhythmic groove. A wonderfully rich and dynamic sound is dished out thanks to mesmerizing pads and funky keys. The perfect fodder for any set that will not disappoint.

#mend #pistonrecordings

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