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One of Bonzai’s most prolific artists, Blufeld delivers his 4th artist album – A World Less Ordinary. We’ve already had a peek into this stunning piece of work when Threlkeld and A World Less Ordinary were released not too long ago as singles. We had a quick chat with David just after the album’s completion, which took around 15 months. He draws a lot of influence from the early roots of the trance sound, a sound in which he incorporates into a progressive moulding. Airwave aka Laurent Veronnez and the late great Quadran aka Philippe Van Mullem still provide a lot of inspiration for him in the music he produces. The album in general was intended to create a mysterious feeling throughout but it is also designed to take the listener into a non conforming world where they can make their own rules. A hugely impressive back catalogue is a testament to the commitment and the drive shown by David, his Bonzai repertoire contains a wealth of mouth-watering, floor shaking grooves that have found their way into many sets over the years. David also runs his own label, Actuate which features the very best progressive trance and tech trance from a wide range of talented artists including several of his own aliases. Progmospherica Sessions is David’s monthly showcase where you will get the chance to listen to some of the finest grooves around, well worth checking out. As an added treat we are gearing for a special album, due in 2016, which will be filled with nothing but super chilled out remixes of a selection of Blufeld’s work, we can’t wait for this one to drop.

The album opens with Introspective, an injection of breezy uplifting melodies over an equally upbeat breakbeat drum arrangement. This combination is the perfect tonic for starting a brand new day and delivers a sense of euphoria that enhances a feel good factor which becomes infectious as the track unfolds. From here we are taken into the progressive bulk of the album starting with the title track, A World Less Ordinary which takes us on a beautiful journey into the progressive sound with a wonderful driving bassline on top of a tight drum arrangement. The attention to detail is sublime with sweeping pads and FX creating textured layers that blend effortlessly. As the track reaches its peak we are locked into an intricate web of melodies that just seem to flow into our minds with ease. The break gives those melodies their chance to shine with a superb synth hook that climaxes with us getting shoved right back into the main groove.

Scheduled for release in late September 2015, Out Of This Life straddles the prog house-trance borderline with a slight leaning towards trance. Again we are faced with an expertly crafted construction filled with driving beats and fantastic synth play. The bassline is where it’s at here though, a multi layered approach ensures an energetic ride which bonds perfectly with the sweeping pads and strings on the higher end. Cool melodies float across the sound and bring home that euphoric touch with a hypnotic edge. A tasty Autumn treat for us all.

Glenderamakin is a deep and grooving progressive cut that will send your imagination into overdrive with thought provoking sounds and patterns. A surreal and reflective kinda vibe oozes out of this track, the deep bass meanders along and draws you in with ease as subtle melodies tease leaving us wanting more. A late night track that will definitely grab the attention of many.

Around this time last year was when we got our first snippet of what this album would be about with the release of Threlkeld with its smooth drum led intro with dreamy pads fading in from behind beautifully. The kicks evolve brilliantly into a nice and punchy hit as the bassline begins to drive the track forward and giving that purely progressive house feeling to the sound. The track has a nice organic feel to it and is contrasted perfectly with sweet melodic flavours coming off the synths and pads. Another fine slice from this guy which was very well received indeed.

The Vivid Unknown is up next sets us on course with a trek deep into the progressive sound once again. The intro boasts a nice punchy kick and an almost muted tribal drum construction as cool crispy hats begin to show. The bassline runs deep here and is the perfect platform for the track to unleash an array of sweeping synths that add so much texture. The break delivers a fine display of tweaking as those synths are transformed into a kaleidoscope of sound that hooks you in. Superb stuff you will not want to miss.

At the midway point of the album we run into the first of five wonderfully chilled tracks that evoke all kinds of feelings and arouse various senses. The deep and lush tones of Tulgey Tales with its contrastingly beautiful melodic sequences and super tight drums opens up this world of chill which is broken for a moment by the equally lush and ubiquitous vibes of progressive trancer Jubjub’s Invincible Wings. A cool blend of sounds creating an uplifting groove with a traditional feel about it that conjures up evocative and vivid memories. From here we head back into chilldom with Equivocal Mind that is a purely mesmerizing track filled to the brim with the kind of sounds that allow your mind to drift away from reality for just a few short minutes. Coming out of this state we are faced with the uplifting grooves of Memoirs Of A Mountain which delivers a solid prog workout complete with a deep droning bass and superb melodic structure. We are eased into the end of the album with three chilled grooves starting with Emotional Tentacles and its sweeping pads that lead up to a brilliant gated synth that offers a cool twist to an otherwise soft sound. Without A Trace follows and takes us deeper with a warm bass tone and smooth beats that weave intricate patterns ass they go. This track gathers pace as the signature changes with some expert tweaking and wonderful synths that light up the sound beautifully. Rounding off this awesome album we have Gone For Long which is a simple and subtle arrangement of melodies and soft beats, the absolute perfect end to a fantastic journey that will leave you stunned and wanting more.

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Nico Parisi heads up our next BP release with the deep grooving Cacaooh featuring two sublime remixes from Steve Sai and Audio Noir. Nico is fresh from a wonderful remix on Chantola’s Casablanca which is proving popular among many. Always exploring the progressive sound and pushing the boundaries, Nico continues to impress with his intricately perfected constructions. On the gig front he has had a whirlwind Summer season with the highlight of course going to Tomorrowland, but he has also made appearances at Pukkelpop and Legacy festival.

The Original Mix intros with a nice chunky kick as subtle percussions begin to form up. The bass line delivers a cool rhythmic groove while various sounds begin to form up adding a surreal twist to the track. The break descends into silence before those soft synths start to fade in alongside the bassline to start us back on this deep progressive trek. Great stuff from Nico that will turn a few heads for sure.

Greek DJ and producer Steve Sai steps up first on remix duty and delivers another of his sublime treks deep into the progressive sound. Steve’s last outing – Drops, proved very popular and gained great reviews and lots of playtime as well as chart positions. Always a pleasure to listen to his work and no doubt we’ll be hearing much more in the future. Steve takes us deep into progressive territory on his remix as a super tight arrangement takes shape. Beautifully crafted drum patterns keep the rhythm moving as a probing bassline ensures the groove goes deep. Cool chord stabs litter the sound and deliver a house vibe as hypnotic synth arps tease in the background. The break takes us into a surreal space that mesmerizes before being thrust back into the main sound for the duration, wonderful stuff yet again.

Audio Noir is up next at the remix helm and yet again he pulls out all the stops. His much anticipated second studio album – Artificial Star, dropped recently and quickly gained a lot of attention from across the board. A very diverse collection of tracks covering everything from chilled grooves to full on dark progressive, there is a lot happening within the album. Definitely worth checking out which will not disappoint. The remix sets off with some nifty drums led by a cool chunky kick and metallic sounding percussions that stand out brilliantly and giving off an almost industrial vibe. A super charged bassline drives the track as swirling pads and soft acid shots float across the groove. A much fuller acid line develops and is the perfect companion for that superb bassline. The acid line becomes the main focus as it weaves its way through the sound adding layers to create a fantastic display of acid goodness. Brilliant stuff from down under once more, a definite must have track.

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Jakhira is back with Be As One and what a treat it is. He made us wait a while since his last outing – Princess EP, back in November 2013 but it was well worth it. He did throw in a couple of remixes for Mindgamers and Wild Guess as well as various appearances on Bonzai compilations which were very well received indeed. Great to see this guy back and hope to see more in the future. Be As One comes backed up with two top notch remixes.

The Original Mix sets off with a smooth vibe as soft keys are met with a steady hat which is joined by a nice chunky kick soon after. A warm progressive groove is the order of the day here and is further enhanced by excellent vocals that shine through on the break. A collection of fine sounds including trumpets and guitars make up this wonderful arrangement that fast becomes infectious. Top notch stuff that is not to be missed.

Manu Riga is first up to the remix desk with his Manu Riga In Orbit Remix. It’s a very exciting time for Manu aka Adriaan Baussens and his many fans, he is currently working on a new artist album (one track is already completed and it is tasty) which will hopefully be here in 2016, but he has also been busy in the studio with fresh new cuts such as his latest creation – The Fallen EP. Collaborations are still something he is pursuing, working with the likes of Alex Vidal and Matt Holliday are proving popular and a lot of his own works have included some of the finest vocalists around. His tracks continue to inspire and have been getting big plays from the likes of Paul Oakenfold among others. Check out Manu’s new website to find more on his impressive discography and info on his Escape and Ethnoscience radio shows. The remix intros with a punchy kick and is backed up with a superb rolling bassline that drives the track beautifully. Surreal, sweeping strings float across the sound as cool synth chord stabs are introduced. The track breaks to reveal a nice melodic sequence that marries perfectly with that probing bassline. The vocals are used beautifully and add lots of character to the sound which is a cool blend of deep progressive grooves. In true Manu style we are treated to a tight drum arrangement that will set this solid workout as a firm favourite.

Config aka Wouter Vermeire is up next with his Twisted Reality Remix and delivers a knockout deep grooving cut. Wouter cut his teeth listening to trance as a kid, he soon started to DJ and was engrossed with the euphoria the music offered. He moved over to a more progressive sound and even ventures into house and techno on occasion. He runs two monthly radioshows and has seen his own music released on various labels over the years. Config makes up one third of producer and DJ trio Wild Guess, they debuted back in February 2014 with Nebulae and followed that with Trysal 35. Several remixes followed on Green Martian and Bonzai Progressive and have become a consistent force when it comes to delivering quality. The remix intro with a cool deep house vibe as scattered chords are joined by a subtle hat arrangement before a classic kick breaks out. A deep and probing bassline follows as we are teased with more fantastic chords and sweet melodic riffs. On the break the vocals get a showing and transform the track beautifully. Super smooth and uplifting sounds that will not disappoint.

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Spanish DJ and producer David Museen debuts on Piston with the fantastic Winter In Ohio which comes backed with two superb remixes. David has been locked into the world of electronic music for many years playing in clubs and halls throughout the north and south of Spain. His reputation has been growing with his vibrant sets and his fusion of musical styles that keeps the audience dancing non-stop.

The Original Mix intros with a cool drum arrangement, chunky kicks and crispy hats that sets up the rhythm nicely. Rising chords are met with a sublime spoken vocal before the probing bassline is unleashed and becomes the big focus in the sound. The drums continue to shine throughout and keep the groove locked into its deep house roots. A definite future favourite that is not to be missed.

Piston label boss Rogerio Martins delivers another of his top quality remixes that will definitely have the floors bouncing no doubt. His last cut – Otherwise Unknown, quickly gained the support of many, worldwide. The vinyl release dominated various charts and was championed by the likes of Danny Rampling, Annie Mac, DJ W!ld and Claudio Coccoluto among others. With much more forthcoming on the label, Rogerio has some new tunes in the making as well as a future release on Kevin Saunderson’s label, KMS Records. Stay tuned for more. The remix intros with a cool display of drums that will get the feet shuffling to floor for sure. A classic deep house groove ensues with a superb deep bassline that blends perfectly with bouncy chords. In the background those drums are working hard delivering a steady rhythm that will keep the floors moving. A must have track for your collection that will not disappoint.

Bonetti returns for remix duty and conjures up a brilliant cut for the floors. We last saw him back at the start of 2015 with Don’t Stop The Rhythm EP, which charted well and burned up a few floors while doing the rounds. Great to see him return and look forward to more in the future. The remix turns up the heat with a superb bassline that probes its way through the sound and unleashes a funky twist. Nice, punchy kick and super crispy hats provide a solid rhythm that is the perfect match for that bassline. Smooth deep house chords litter the groove alongside snippets of the spoken vocal creating a brilliantly executed track, top notch stuff.

#davidmuseen #pistonrecordings #rogeriomartins #bonetti

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Dutch DJ and producer Vincent Kriek aka HP Vince is returns and has joined forces with fellow Dutch artists Acid Junkies aka Harold de Kinderen and Stefan Robbers on the sublime Acid 1988. With an impressive repertoire at Bonzai, we’re delighted to see Vincent back at the helm. His back catalogue contains numerous mouth watering progressive, trance and tech cuts that continue to inspire. His last Basiks outing – City Jungle, gained great support and gave us a crucial insight into the diversity of this guys talents. Harold and Stefan bring their no holds barred party style to the Basiks table. They love to mix it up at gigs and play to the crowd with the music they love. They play no particular style as their philosophy is purely about the music and the joy it can bring. The best part of 20 years together have allowed them to take raw acid sounds and add their own ingredients to come up with some of the coolest cuts around, great to see them on board and hope to see more in the future.

We kick off with HP Vince’s Mix that sets the scene for an evolution of sound and acid grooves. A smooth and steady tempo is driven by punchy kicks, crispy hats and sharp claps that form the perfect platform for the track to thrive. The acid line arrives and from here you get locked on for the duration. Expertly tweaked parameters ensure maximum acid effect complete with some very, very cool vocals that give the track a true retro feel. Amazing stuff that will definitely get the attention of many.

Acid Junkie’s Mix is up next and picks up perfectly where the previous mix left off. A faster paced groove ensues with the acid tweaks coming thick and fast, ever evolving and cascading beautifully over the sound. The addition of archived news reports narrating on the drugs link to acid house is a nice touch and feeds into the 20th century pop culture which touched o many. A brilliant display of retro acid that will evoke lots of memories from yesteryear.

DJ Vincenzo take it to the next level with his remix ass the acid lines are taken up an octave and the drums are given a techno makeover. A very raw sound comes through which is perfect for acid house. The spoken vocals are a great insight into the talk of the time around the acid scene. The kicks are beefed up and given a punchy electro vibe which will definitely appeal to many, top notch stuff indeed.

#hpvince #acidjunkies #bonzaibasiks #djvincenzo

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Finnish DJ, producer and Club 86 Recordings label boss Chantola returns to Bonzai Progressive after a bit of a hiatus with the superb Casablanca. It was almost 18 months ago when we got our last glimpse of this guy with the fantastic It’s Not What You Say, which was well received among many. Since then he has been quite buy with some juicy releases on his Club 86 Recordings among others. Always nice to see this guy back, he’s been around BP for quite a while now and we’ve no doubt he will continue to deliver the goods. Casablanca comes backed up with two top notch remixes.

The Original Mix intro with a nice arrangement of percussions, punchy kicks and a cool bassline that weaves through the sound beautifully. House styled, heavy chord stabs burst through and take the track on a collision course with the 80’s as big synth riffs come into play. As the layers build you’ll find yourself locked on the infectious grooves that seep out of this collection of fantastic sounds. Brilliant stuff from Chantola that you do not want to miss.

Belgian DJ and producer Nico Parisi steps for remix duties and delivers another of his progressive house filled journey’s that you don’t want to end. Nico’s last outing – Forty Jokers, gained a lot of interest as did his superb remix for Dark Soul Project & Mathov featuring Fe Malefiz’s We Are Not Alone back in March 2015. Since then he has been very busy indeed with gigs and festivals, including a superb set at Tomorrowland. On top of that his works are a continuous feature on many compilations, most recently Bonzai’s newest mix concept – In The Mix which featured a sublime mix from Airwave. When it’s time to get deep into progressive grooves we know that Nico will deliver, the remix intros with that in mind. Punchy kicks with a noisy tail and some bright and crispy hats and cymbals provide a solid rhythmic flow alongside a bubbling bassline that sits beautifully underneath. Warmer sounds fade in from the back as pads sweep through with a soft embrace which contrasts well to the harsher sounds. The bassline begins a transformation that ebbs and flows throughout before the track breaks to reveal some brilliant melodic sequences with intricate patterns.

El Paso based DJ and producer Altek is up next on the remix and ramps up the progressive vibes with style. Back in June 2015 was his last outing with the superb – Someone on Green Martian, which saw great support. Altek started DJing in 2006, mostly Trance from labels like Anjunabeats, Armada, Alter Ego, AVA Recordings, Black Hole Recordings,†Coldharbour Recordings, †Enhanced Music, Euphonic Records and many more. As the years progressed and sounds changed his style has evolved into the deeper realms of progressive house, deep house, and techno. On the remix we get led into the prog world with ease as those chunky kicks are met with very cool synth pluck, rich vox and a teasing bassline that’s just waiting to pounce. A wonderfully melodic flavour strides through the sound which really holds your imagination. Sweet little arps dance playfully along and mesmerize as they go. On the break the track unleashes it’s secret weapon in the shape of those big 80’s styled synths that provide a brilliant climax amidst an array of melodies. Top notch stuff here that is most definitely not to be missed.

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Andrew Michael debuts on Bonzai Progressive with the fantastic two tracker, Self Control. The title track, Self-Control kicks us off with a nice punchy kickdrum with a super crisp hat on the offset and various percussive elements filling in the gaps. The bass suddenly looms large and takes the groove on its progressive house fuelled journey. On the way we pick up a rising pad that fades into the sound beautifully providing a wonderfully atmospheric vibe. Cool, subtle chords litter the background as those pads intensify and transform into a pulsing lead. A kaleidoscope of colourful sounds deliver a very rich mosaic that keeps you locked in, trying to filter out all the different patterns. A fantastic, epic ride that will have you coming back for more and more, top notch.

Release intros with a nice slow and easy kinda vibe as a warm synth pad settles into a seemingly meditative segment before a strong, punchy kick ploughs through and takes the track on a new direction, straight into the realms of progressive house. Those pads continue to mesmerize as tight drum patterns form up delivering a steady rhythmic flow while various well crafted arps cascade up and down the sound bringing some cool melodic sequences along for the ride. A very subtle yet highly effective bass runs through the track leaving the myriad of pads to do most of the work. At the midway point the track gets ramped up a gear as those melodic arps dominate the groove for the duration. A wonderful slice of the more melodic side of epic progressive house which is a definite must have track, this one will not disappoint.

#andrewmichael #bonzaiprogressive

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Adrian Romero and Mariano Chiappe make up Argentine DJ and producer duo Southern Groove. The guys combine various styles and bring their own influences to the table resulting in cool and diverse sounds. House music is their main genre and their years of experience ensure that only the very best sounds are unleashed. They have seen releases on labels like Eernal Sunday, UranoBeat Records, Digital Void, Different Attitudes, Heavy and more. In the DJ sets the create you may find influences from pioneers like Larry Levan, David Mancuso, Alfredo Fiorito, Frankie Knuckles,
Marshall Jefferson, Todd Terry and Moodymann. A truly dynamic duo who we are delighted to have on board at Piston.

Yes You Do gets going with deep house grooves in mind as a chunky kick is accompanied by a myriad of cool vocal shots and teasing chords that pop out along the way. Crispy hats and a tight drum arrangement make up a solid rhythm for the floors to get moving to as the bassline gets the booty’s shakin. That bassline has a great big dirty funk driven groove that transforms into cool acid squelches that will give the filter tweakers something to play with. Top notch stuff from these guys, a definite big party tune no doubt.

Know What I Mean intros with a cool punchy kick and a deep bass alongside sharp claps and crispy hats that deliver a solid tech house flavour. As the layers build the groove is ramped up a gear becoming a pacey and energetic floorfiller. Cool vocals run through and give a nice texture to the sound as various synths are tweaked and contorted resulting in a fantastic arrangement of sounds. Superb stuff yet again from this talented duo, a must have track for sure that will not disappoint.

#southerngroove #pistonrecordings

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Spanish DJ and producer Adrian Roman debuts on our Progrez imprint with the superb Reverse, which comes backed up with delicious remix from Phat Traktor and Bern Gomez. From a young age Adrian was interested in music, he took guitar lessons at age 8 before he started to listen to electronic music. He became interested in DJing and got hold of the tools needed to hone his skills. Production soon followed and he became fascinated with creating something from scratch. Releases on various top labels have came to fruition over the last couple of years and he is definitely making a name for himself on the circuit. Plenty more from this guy in the future so keep your eyes peeled for more.

Reverse sets out with a very cool drum and percussion arrangement that gets the rhythmic juices flowing and leads us into a deep grooving bassline that just oozes progressive tech. The bass makes a superb transformation as the filters open up unleashing a gritty sound that fades off to start all over again. Surreal swirling pads build a cool atmosphere as voices float across the sound. The track goes deeper with a little help from some awesome haunting jazzy themed sounds that construct a colourful display. The perfect late night track to keep the party groove moving.

Up on remix duty Phat Traktor & Bern Gomez join forces for a deep trek into prog that will leave your mind wide open. It’s been a while since we last saw Phat Traktor, back in December 2014 was our last taste with Cette Nuit which turned a few heads with its deep grooves. Bern marks his Progrez debut but is no stranger to the scene with releases on many top labels. The remix intros with a nice punchy kick with swirling voices going off in the background. Cool, crispy hats form up and let the rhythm loose as the layers build. The big focus goes to the leads as they deliver cool melodic phrases and licked with a strong progressive edge. The bassline meanders through the sound beautifully and packs a big punch that keeps the groove firmly rooted to the lower depths. Top notch stuff that will definitely turn a few heads.

#adrianroman #progrez #phattraktor #berngomez

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Atsunori Murata debuts on Green Martian with the tantalising two tracker Vanishing Point EP. A relative newcomer on the scene this guy has a few releases under his belt on various labels including Fourreal Records, Clinique Recordings and Suffused Music. We’re pleased to have him here at GM and hope to see more in the future.

Vanishing Point delivers a solid progressive workout that packs a lot of energy which is dispatched by a driving bassline and a super tight arrangement. You will definitely get on the floor with this one with its infectious groove that hooks you in for the duration. The bassline sits perfectly on the low end as the tight drum patterns get the rhythms flowing and on the midrange a series of arps and synths dish out their own syncopated grooves. A real prog mover here that will most definitely grab the attention of many jocks and listeners alike.

Freedom And Restraint intros with a cool melodic flavour that has a streak of Balearic vibes running through. The lush tones of the bass notes blend beautifully with the higher end as the mids take us for a ride on the progressive skyway. Tight drums offer up cool rhythms as the layers build and all the while we are being sucked right into this full on progressive groove. The break delves right into melodic territory as the pads and synths converge to leave us with a very uplifting experience that is climaxed beautifully before crashing back into the main track, superb stuff that is not to be missed.

#atsunorimurata #greenmartian

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Egyptian brothers Ahmed and Adham Goda aka Goda Brother debut on Bonzai Elemental with the wonderful Rejection Story EP. With a very keen interest in music the guys decided to DJ together and quickly rose to prominence with their exciting mixes. They have made many guest appearances on top radioshows around the world and from here they will only get bigger and better. Their sets are dominated primarily by driving progressive grooves and occasionally they will dip into other genres. 2015 saw them embark on a production journey that has taken off with gusto already. Huge support has come from all quarters and their track Versa on Revelation Records has been very well received. Big things ahead for these guys and we’re happy to have them on board at Elemental to show the world their chill out side.

Rejection Story goes straight for the heart strings with a melancholic intro filled with sad notes and cool atmospherics that get your mind fully immersed in the chill out zone. Sharp sounds sweep through as striking piano notes cut through the misty soundscape. A super laid back drum section will get your head swaying as you go deeper into the sound with no chance of escape until the very last breath of the track has been expelled. Simply awesome.

Your Whisper sets off with a smooth fading pad sequence with a whispering voice gliding through. Deep bass notes bring a melancholic air to the sound as an arp dances along the arrangement offering a release from the lower sound. A wonderful display of merging different sounds and creating a beautiful arrangement of melodies, top notch.

#godabrother #bonzaielemental

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Montenegro based producer AudioStorm aka Ognjen Vukovic returns to Bonzai Progressive with the outstanding Seismic Activity which comes backed up with two fantastic remixes. His debut – Oblivion EP, came back in May 2015 and quickly gained a lot of attention with features on top download portals. Since childhood this guy has been honed in on quality sounds and these early inspirations have helped him shape the superb progressive style we know today.

The Original Mix of Seismic Activity opens with a dark tribal driven arrangement that boasts a gritty low end bass synth that lurks menacingly setting the scene for a trek into the depths of progressive. A fantastic bassline comes through and blends effortlessly into the sound with its infectious groove. Brighter, melodic arps cascade down among the deeper sounds bringing a wonderful contrasting texture. Tight drums complete with a powerful punchy kick set up a smooth rhythmic flow as we get totally hooked in on the arrangement. One for the darker rooms that will definitely keep the floors rocking.

Up first on remix duty we have the formidable Belgian producer and DJ, Manu Riga aka Adriaan Baussens with his Atomic Remix. This guy has been of fire for quite a while with his superbly constructed originals as well as expertly crafted remixes for a litany of tracks. Since he began his progressive house journey in 2009 he has racked up a quite impressive catalogue of over forty originals and a multitude of remixes, he is definitely a go to guy if you want your sound given that magic touch. His last outing, The Fallen, performed very well indeed featuring on Beatport among others and showing up in many sets across the world. We are delighted to hear he is currently working on an album which we are waiting for very patiently and can’t wait to get a taste. On the remix the intro delivers the Manu Riga sound right from the off as those chunky kicks pound out a solid groove to the backdrop of cool tribal style drums. A strong FM bassline bubbles up from the depths and brings a huge warmth that will reach right into your soul. Distant voices sweep by at distance but become a very effective tool in the sound as they are joined by sweet strings and fleeting pads. A superb spoken vocal fills in the breaks adding a wonderful character to the groove. A definite must have track to keep the floors locked into a progressive flow.

Berbush & Kotobuki provide the second remix in this pack and yet again they deliver the goods as they did on their Bonzai Progressive debut in August with Shadows EP. Brazilian DJ and producer Berbush aka Bernardo Buschle has notched up a huge amount of respect among his peers due to his solid DJ performances and tight production. Kotobuki has worked alongside Bernardo on the their last three tracks and have proved to be a good connect with each bringing his own unique style, definitely a duo to be on the lookout for. On the remix the guys go for the more upbeat vibe as punchy kicks are joined by cool and crisp hats the beat out a solid rhythm with a little bit of bounce added in. A deep offset bass throbs at the low end bringing a real sense of depth to the groove as superb layered synths knock out cool house fuelled chords. Tantalising synths roll through on waves while on the break we get a cool arp sequence that leads into those stunning chords before the track kicks back in for the duration. Top notch stuff, not to be missed.

#audiostorm #bonzaiprogressive #manuriga #berbush #kotobuki

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Dharam Vir aka Dharmalogy debuts on Bonzai Progressive with stunning Back To 315. He got his first taste of electronic music at the age of 12 and immediately he felt a deep connection with hypnotic sounds that could lead one into a beautiful trance-like state of mind. He started his career as a DJ with the sole intention of letting his sounds reach people and soon started getting massive recognition for his unique style of music. The travelling and playing for different audiences in different cities, soon led to his need to express himself truly through his own music and sounds. His productions have an undeniable progressive vibe full of the atmospheric sounds that transport you to some other place, and have been receiving great support from artists like Fernando Ferreyra, D-Phrag, Praveen Achary, Kash Trivedi and Max Graham to name a few. Delighted to have this guy on board and we hope to see more soon.

Back To 315 delivers a solid progressive vibe steeped in warm basses and a fantastic tight drum arrangement that allows the rhythmic flow to control your movements. The intro eases in with a muted kick that soon finds its bottom end and dishes out a cool pounding groove. Superbly crafted FX litter the sound as the progressive journey unfolds with a chugging bassline as the driving force. Serene pads and strings bring a blissful tone and stands in cool contrast to the deeper elements. A definite floor burner for sure, not to be missed.

Revolve intros with a full on in your face kinda vibe as punchy kicks deliver a solid thump alongside sporadic percussions and a wonderfully rich droning pad that rises and falls sending shivers down your spine. A beautifully lush and warm bubbling bassline takes over and settles us into a strong progressive groove that will delight many floors. Various brighter sounds glide through the track alongside stabbing synths that pop up throughout. On the break we get treated to some very cool melodies to keep us locked into the groove before we head back into the main track. An absolute stunner that will give any set a welcome boost.

#dharmalogy #bonzaiprogressive

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Piston welcomes back UK based Capryo for another round of his delectable deep tech house flavours with his Titan EP. Back in November 2014 we got a taste of this guy on his Piston debut with his Hold Back EP. Since then he has saw his music released on Restore Music, HiFi Stories and Overdrive as well as a showing on Bonzai Progressive’s Tech House Toolbox Volume 4.

First up we have the title track Titan with its full on in-your-face intro filled with nice chunky kicks, shuffling percussions and a superb warping synth that fades up to dominate the sound. Distant voices can be heard alongside darker synth elements which bring cool textures to the sound. A deep and probing bassline keeps the groove firmly locked into deeper side of tech house. On the break a spoken vocal takes over before we get slammed right back into this solid UK groove that boasts a cool retro garage sound. Top notch stuff not to be missed.

Bad Decisions intros way down in the depths as bubbling bass sounds make a showing alongside a pounding kick and sharp percussion. The rhythm gathers pace as those percussions light up the groove with sharp, slicing hits. Cool spoken vocals come through and blend perfectly into the tech house fusion that ensues. A subtle, tight drum arrangement keeps this groove in check and becomes a big focus outside of that superb bassline. A masterful slice that will definitely have the floors buzzing.

Spiritual goes tribal on the intro as cool slapped drums and muted kicks join forces alongside shuffling hats and a brilliant rising synth pluck. The kicks get a boost and the track takes us along for the coolest tech house ride filled with dark spoken vocals and surreal pads that lurk in the background. Sweeping FX glide through the sound creating a wonderful atmospheric vibe as that vocal penetrates the mind. A stunning mesmerizing display complete with trippy after effects that you will not want to miss.

#capryo #pistonrecordings

14 September 2015 FEATURED  RELEASES Read more


Sa.Du delights with another slice of top notch deep tech vibes on his latest offering Glide. We didn’t have to wait too long for this one, we’re still loving his last effort La Musique M’Appelle from June 2015 which gained great support. Never one to disappoint, as proven over the last number of years, Sa.Du brings his unique flavour to everything he touches. Releases on various other labels also gain ground and on the DJ front he wows with tight, intelligent mixing. Always well worth keeping an eye on.

Glide intros with a deep and moody muffled kick that oozes a powerful low end sub bas sound. Sharp hats and intricate percussions layer up alongside a very cool deep voice and a rising metallic industrialised synth effect. A short break intensifies the synth before a huge cymbal splash gets us going into full on dirty techno mode where we get gripped by a raw power for the duration. The track really has an intoxicating edge that will keep the purists on the floors no doubt, superb stuff.

De Nuit sets out with a big bass heavy sound that delivers a truly raw flavour as subtle percussions begin to form up. The chunky kicks almost get lost in the turbulence created from the bass, but do enough to get the rhythm flowing alongside the tight percussion arrangement. A cacophony of expertly crafted sounds ranging from strange pianos to distorted shakers fill the groove as it winds its way into our senses. An intense pad straddles the edges and provides a cool texture to the sound. A very cool slice of the deeper side of tech that is not to be missed.

Amount intros with a cool percussions which are soon joined by a monster kick that packs a huge punch. A steady rising bassline bubbles up from the depths and gives the track a wonderful techno coating. The drums ride along in tight formation bringing a solid rhythm and paves the way for an infectious trek deep into techno territory. Subtle yet very effective one shots litter the groove painting a colourful picture of sound that mesmerizes at every turn. Another fine effort from this guy that will definitely grab a lot of attention.

Eleven rounds up this fantastic pack and intros with a wonderful probing bass note before the powerful kicks takeover and drive the groove deep into technoville. A superb sub melody lurks just below the mid range waiting to pounce as various FX sound off on the overlay. Darkly sinister voices creep through and leave the imagination wide open as the groove intensifies and weaves its way into your soul. The track gathers pace just before the break where a much sharper bass is unloaded as we head back into full on mode for the duration. Top notch stuff that is a must for your box.

#sa.du #bonzaibasiks

14 September 2015 FEATURED  RELEASES Read more

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