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Italian DJ and producer Mirko Gorelli debuts on Piston with the superb House Culture. Having started out in music from a young age this guy quickly learned the tools of his trade and began performing at top venues from he was 18 years of age. His passion for music remains strong and his love of house music took him to the studio where he has created some cool cuts over the last couple of years with appearances on labels such as DOC Music and Conscious.

House Culture sets out its stall with a pacey kick and hat combi that brings a fresh upbeat vibe that nestles into a pumping tech house groove. Cool stabs litter the sound as a subtle vocal lurks in the background. A raucous bassline dominates the low end as it probs its way through the sound to the backdrop of those steady beats. A real nice slice of tech that will inspire any floor to get and get down.

Bliss intros with a punchy kick drum and crisp hat combi alongside some cool percussive elements. A deep resonating bass comes through and beefs up the groove as the layers build. A cool vocal with an equally cool fading effect adds a little spice to the sound as the drums start to break up before coming back together to form a solid 4×4 rhythm. Excellent stuff here that will be a welcome addition in your sets.

#mirkogorelli #pistonrecordings

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Over the last number of years Petri Petro has contributed some magical moments on Bonzai Basiks. His newest slice – Starburst EP – is no exception as he dishes out his own brand of infectious techno to the masses with a distinct space theme. Last time out we got a real treat with his Dragonfly EP back at the start of 2016, which gained great support, and we’ve no doubt that this new cut will follow suit.

Starburst opens with a monster kick drum made up of a punchy hit with a superb bass latched onto the end. Bright hats form up and create a flowing rhythm to the deep vibe as a hypnotic synth note comes through to bring the groove right back to its rawest form. A perfectly balance techno track that is simplistic in nature but full to the brim with spice and gusto. If you’re after a peak time track that will not only blow the roof off your venue but also set the floor on fire, then this is a must have track for any set.

Quasar intros with a beautifully tweaked kick drum, a crispy hat and a powerfully deep throbbing offset bass that fills the low end brilliantly. The hats are joined by stuttering percussions that join in on the tight drum arrangement to get the rhythm flowing. A superb rattling synth fades up and draws us into its hypnotic spell as the track intensifies. A monster track for sure and one that will be a most welcome addition in your box for those late night sorties.

Red Moon sets off with a pounding kick drum and a slicing hi hat that cuts through the intense offset bass. The bass drives the groove forward as the drums layer up to form a solid rhythm that will get the feet shuffling towards the floor. An array of percussions come together and work in tandem with an ever changing synth that delivers a raw element to the sound. Top notch stuff that delivers a relentless techno groove, not to be missed.

#petripetro #bonzaibasiks

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J’Dan marks a full debut appearance on Green Martian with the superb Endorphine which comes backed up with a quality remix from Following Light. J’Dan first appeared back in December 2015 on remix duties for Chandrama’s Lost In Nubra on Bonzai Progressive which turned out to be a quality slice of prog with great support. A rising artists with a wealth of talent, well worth keeping an eye and an ear on.

The Original Mix opens with a cool drum pattern that saunters along gathering momentum before a powerful kick drum comes through to lead the way. Noisy rising FX are littered throughout and build up a solid wall of sound. The bassline comes out of nowhere and settles the track into its deep progressive groove as pads ebb and flow overhead. Expertly crafted synths provide snippets of melody as the groove intensifies before we head into the break and a truly epic sequence unfolds. A maelstrom of sounds come out in the break with each bringing their own colour and texture creating a wonderfully surreal composition as a pulsing bass keeps the rhythm flowing. After the break we get locked on once more as this solid slice of epic progressive house drives on. Top notch stuff that is not to be missed.

Ukranian born Kirill Guk aka Following Light provides the remix and delivers a solid slice once more. After a few remixes in the last couple of years, Kirill enjoyed his first full release on Green Martian with Dell towards the end of 2015. But this guy has been around for a long time and has seen his work released on several top labels. Great to see him back once again and we hope to see more soon. As we’d expect the quality is dripping off the remix. The intro sets us up for a fantastic journey through the deeper side of progressive house. Nice chunky kick drums are laced with shuffling rhythmic percussions as a deep, lush bass bubbles up from below. Cool synths start to ease into the groove bringing a sweeter side to the deeper elements. The break throws up some very nice synths that take the sound higher before that superb bassline and tight drum arrangement kicks back in for the duration. Excellent stuff, perfect for any late night session.

#j’dan #greenmartian

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As the world embraces vinyl once more we present to you our next adventures on wax with a special classic cut featuring four quality slices from the legendary Orlando Voorn. Orlando Voorn is revered as having brought the sounds of Amsterdam and Detroit together to create a unique flavour that still rings true today. Having won the Dutch DMC championship in 1986 he then turned his hand to producing. Since 1991 he has been churning out quality techno and he soon got noticed by the likes of Juan Atkins and Derrick May both of whom he has worked with extensively. A fan of many genres of music including Hip Hop, Electro, Drum n Bass, Techno etc…, he used a string of aliases – 31 at last count – with some gaining huge popularity. We’re delighted to bring you these fantastic tracks on vinyl which will no doubt take pride of place in many collections.

Limited Edition – The Light is a classic from 1992 and showcases Orlando’s producing and sampling skills to the max. Such a perfectly executed track with mesmerizing stabs and chords that take on many persona throughout the track building up a solid techno groove, simply magical.

Dope Computer appeared next to Flash in its original form, but here we’ve been graced with a remix from techno master Ken Ishii. Ken does as Ken does and he knocks it outta the park with this one. A sublime transformation from the original, acidified and discofied to the max.

Orlando Voorn and Juan Atkins reside under their Infiniti guise to give us Game One which is a perfect example of an energetic techno slice from 1994, this one made you move and got right up under your skin with its infectious groove. The remix from Steve Rachmad beefs up the sound and adds a deeper element with strings and a brilliantly executed stab sequence.

Format #1 gave us one of the most iconic techno tracks of the early nineties. Solid Sessions gets the remix treatment from Vince Watson. Scottish producer Vince’s pacey remix from 2011 delivers a sublime techno groove that simplified the melody and added perfectly balanced layers to beef up the groove.

#bonzaivinyl #orlandovoorn

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Club Trax continues its mission to deliver only the finest progressive cuts straight to the floors with Progressive House 18. Over the last number of years this series has unleashed some top notch tunes, and this one is no exception. 20 superb tracks are poised and ready to be worked into your sets from a slew of top artists including Gai Barone, Manu Riga, Rise and Fall, Steve Sai, Phi Phi, Matt Holliday, Youngen, Audio Noir, Matan Caspi, Nico Parisi, Paul Kardos, Mathov and more are on hand to give you the tools that will rock your floors. The perfect arsenal for a long, sweat induced party filled with progressive gems.

#bonzaiprogressive #manuriga #stevesai #audionoir #dharmalogy #riseandfall #j’dan #followinglight #ruslanvashkevich #paulkardos #gaibarone #phiphi #mattholliday #youngen #lokkavox #matancaspi #pavlinpetrov #chandrama #vinceaoun #persya #nicoparisi #mathov #quantus #experimentalfeelings #expectedmirage #alexeylisin #avesvolare

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Prolific artists Blufeld and Platunoff join forces as they both return to Bonzai Progressive after a short hiatus with the superb Tiefe Gedanken which also comes backed up with two quality remixes from Nico Parisi and Alex Vidal. We last saw Blufeld back towards the end of 2015 with Out Of This Life which came shortly after his superb studio album A World Less Ordinary. Some big things in the pipeline with this guy so make sure you keep up to date with all his goings on via social media and of course the Bonzai Progressive website. Russian DJ and producer Igor Platunoff also returns with a quality remix and his last outing was on remix duties for Blufeld’s Out Of This Life. Great to see both of these diverse artists back at the helm and we hope they collaborate more in the future.

The Original Mix opens with a smooth almost dreamy sequence complete with swirling pads and playful melodics alongside a building percussion arrangement. A subtle bass appears and steers the track toward the deeper side before superb punchy kick drums come in. The track settles into a solid prog groove that becomes filled with subtle melodies and cool FX. The bass is a truly hypnotic experience that is enhanced by those tight drums, this one is a definite must have for those late night sessions.

Nico Parisi returns with a top quality remix which comes fresh off the back of his recent remix of Thorin’s Dreaming of A Better World which appeared on the massive Bonzai & Friends – 500 (Remixes). No doubt we’ll be seeing more in the coming months from this hugely talented artist, so stay tuned. On the remix Nico opens with a punchy kick drum with a subtle synth arp chasing in the background. Percussions start to form up and we soon find ourselves drawn to the groove. The progressive vibes on offer really shine through as a deep droning bass takes over the low end while up top a myriad of melodies take charge and steer the track in a hypnotic direction. A real nice slice of prog here that is not to be missed.

The ever impressive Alex Vidal steps up to remix duties and delivers another one of his sublime progressive cuts. His last outing for BP was also on remix duties, this time on LoQuai’s Numans Prayer on Bonzai & Friends – 500 (Remixed). Much more to come from this guy in the future, well worth keeping an eye and an ear on. Alex’s remix intros with a punchy kick drum that sits over a dreamy pad sequence complete with swirling FX and subtle melodies. A deep, probing bassline fades in and soon takes control of the groove as it drives the track forward. Cool spacey vibes ooze out of the sound as the intensity rises. On the break we get drawn deeper into the vibe with a series of melodic pads and a tight percussion keep us going before getting slammed right back into full on mode. One for the deeper darker progressive sets here that will not disappoint.

#blufeld #platunoff #bonzaiprogressive #nicoparisi #alexvidal

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French producer Bob The Groove debuts on Bonzai Progressive with the fantastic Eddy’s Theme. Over the last couple of years this guy has racked up an impressive back catalogue with appearances on labels like Abstract Space Records, 238w, D&R Digital, Aeriform, Hydrogen and 3xA Music. Great to have him on board here at BP and we hope to see more soon. The Original Mix intros with a warming kick drum and deep bubbling bass alongside a rising arp which is laced with a sprinkling of acid. The track moves beautifully with its progressive groove delivering the goods. A tight drum arrangement provides a steady flowing rhythm as rich strings create colourful textures. The synth arp remains a constant and really grabs a hold of your imagination. A wonderful slice of prog with a retro vibe that will definitely turn a few heads.

Up next we have the Disco Lights Mix which sets of with a punchy kick and a superb offbeat bassline that dominates the track. Bright crispy hats come through and add a classic feel to the sound as mesmeric arps rise up. As the track builds we get locked on to the solid progressive groove complete with a deep probing bass and cool chord stabs. Again we get a retro vibe through the track which will be to the delight of many no doubt.

Rounding of this quality pack we have the Deep Side Mix which as you’d expect goes deep into the progressive house sound. Super tight drums and a rich strings combine as a probing bass weaves through the sound. The distant sounding arps provide some beautiful melodies that blend perfectly with the note changes on the bass. A wonderfully deep and moving track that will captivate and keep the floors rocking all night long.

#bobthegroove #bonzaiprogressive

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Russian DJ and producer Tuneon aka Mikh Solvis debuts on Piston Recordings with the superb two tracker – Chante. Tuneon’s music is based on many influences from 90’s style old school Chicago house and disco vibes to hypnotic tech grooves a common goal, to rock the dancefloors. Delighted and excited to have him on board.

Right from the off we get a nice taste of what Chante has to offer. Nice and chunky kick drums are met with slicing hats and a high pitched string. A beautifully classic styled chord stab comes through and transports us back to the heady days of garage house with a modern day deep house twist. Cool vocals make their way through the sound and add character to the track as we go deeper into the retro house sound. Top notch stuff that will definitely be a welcome addition in any set.

Renovation intros with a classic style bass on beat combi as shuffling hats deliver a nice rhythmic flow. Cool vocals are scattered around the track and create some real nice textures as they echo out. Warm retro style keys come in and are soon joined by a deep probing bassline that will hook you in for the duration. As the layers build a funky element shows up which works so wonderfully with the deep soulful side of the track. Excellent stuff, not to be missed.

#tuneon #pistonrecordings

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Piston firm favourite Marco Madia returns with his fifth outing – Swanning Up EP. His last outing came back in February with ExoS Lucius EP which went down well with great support coming in from all quarters. He has also made appearances on several compilations for Piston and Bonzai including Tech House Toolbox 4, My House Is Your House 10 and Best Of Piston Recordings 2014. Always great to see him round these parts and no doubt we’ll see more soon.

Mute Swan intros with a real smooth tech house vibe complete with a chunky kick drum and slicing hats that cut through the low end with a sharp edge. A probing bassline ducks and weaves through the track as cool chord stabs fade in. The chords and bass work in tandem creating a fantastic groove to get down on the floor to. A proper slice of club music that is not to be missed.

Trumpeter Swan sets off with a muted kick alongside a cool closed hat that delivers a defining snappy hit. Deep synth chords fade in alongside a smooth plucky bassline delivering a cool tech flavour to the sound. The synths create a real nice colourful texture as they twist and bend throughout. Nice thick sounds for the floors here and a must have track for sure.

#marcomadia #pistonrecordings

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Dimas Ramadian aka Jakarta based DJ and producer debuts on Bonzai Progressive with the fantastic North East EP. A popular DJ in the worlds of House and Techno and everything in between, this guy boasts an impressive back catalogue spanning back to 2008. Dimas has gained the respect of his peers after cutting his teeth in the Indonesian underground scene, by 2005 he was a well-known artist and soon after he started to produce his own sounds. His extensive musical knowledge allows him to command any dance floor with his choice cuts. He is the proud presenter of Indonesia’s first worldwide podcast, namely Bagong Odyssey With DJ Dimitri, and this has given him the exposure to work with talented artists from around the world and which also led to the creation of his own label Bagong Digital. With appearances on many labels including The 45MF Group, Bagong Digital, Celestial Tracks, LW Recordings, Laxity Recordings, ACID029 and State Of Play, we’re delighted to have him on board at BP.

North East intros with a nice punchy kick drum and crispy hat combi alongside a cool and very subtle synth that results in a superb progressive flow. A deep rumbling bassline dominates the low frequencies and powers the track on relentlessly. The drums are tight and will keep the floors rocking no doubt as darker vibes come through. Throughout the track we are treated to some ultra cool electronic snare rolls and early synth style sounds that give the track a lot of character. A definite must have for any late night prog set.

South West sets off with a well rounded kick drum and a tribalistic drum section. Soft hi hats are joined by various percussions to deliver a tight and solid beat to move to. Some nice synth work provides colourful textures that shift within the sound beautifully as the driving beats keep the groove moving. The bassline sits perfectly with a very powerful throb that reverberates right through the sound yet allows the higher frequencies to shine. Warm pads are dominant on the break as they swirl overhead before we are slammed back into full on mode. A wonderfully deep and rich progressive sound that is not to be missed.

#djdimitri #bonzaiprogressive

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Matan Caspi remains a powerful force in the progressive world and as ever he delivers the good once more with Fragile Sunrise which is backed up with no less than three stunning remixes from top class artists Manu Riga, Rick Pier O’Neil and Hady Tarek. Last time out Matan delighted with Celebrium before an appearance on the bumper Bonzai & Friends 500 Remixes pack. We’ll let the music do the talking here, enjoy.

The Original Mix is laced with all the traits we’ve come to love about Matan’s work. A real sense of deep progressiveness with wonderful lush tones and contrasting sounds. The drum sections delivers a solid rhythmic foundation for the groove to take hold. The track drives forward with a fantastic low end filled with plush, probing basses while the mid range dishes out cool synths and FX. The break reveals a superb synth line that cascades up and down before slamming us right back into full on mode. Another epic slice from this super talented artist.

First up on the remix we have Rick Pier O’Neil who is enjoying great success with various tracks on labels like 76 Recordings, Balkan Connection, Green Martian and Bonzai Progressive to name just a few. A hard working artist both DJing and in the studio, we know we’re in for a real treat when this guy is at the helm. The remix intros with a dark stab that is soon joined by a subtle bass and muted kick drum. Scathing FX come through creating a mysterious and edgy sound before the track takes off with chunky kicks and bright crispy hats. A rumbling bass takes over and we find ourselves totally locked on to the solid prog groove. As the layers build we’re hypnotised by the sound making this a sure fire weapon for the floors.

Widely regarded as a top class artist by a panel of peers across the globe, Manu Riga steps up to the remix desk with his Darkside Remix. A hugely talented and gifted artist, Adriaan Baussens has dedicated himself to music for a great number of years, this has resulted in countless tracks and remixes that continue to garner support for this Belgian native. The last year has been a tough one for this guy, but still he has managed to wow us with his works, and to top it all off he – along with Bonzai Progressive – will proudly present his much anticipated studio album, coming in around June 2016. We say thank you to Manu Riga, and in the meantime check out this superb remix. Taking a detour into the darker side of prog, Manu takes us along for the ride and right from the get go you can tell it’s gonna be epic. A swelling bass ebbs and flows as punchy kick drums are lined up against sharp hi hats. Manu’s sublime signature sound oozes out of the track as tight drums layer up into a solid rhythmic groove as the progressive elements evolve. On the break we get some cool synths alongside a deep sinister sounding vocal before crashing right back into full on mode. Another fine example of the diversity this guy can show and a definite must have track.

It’s been a while since we last saw Hady Tarek and we’re happy to see him back on remix duties here. His last outing was back in April 2015 with The Boat Effect which gained great support across the board. The remix intros with a classic styled thumping kick drum and bright crispy hat as various percussions come through with each phrase. The drum section provides a steady rhythm as cool synths begin to thrive. The big hitter here though is that bassline, a wonderful, powerful, pulsating deep low end bass that will have the bins shuddering. Throughout the track we get hooked onto a beautifully tweaked synth line that captivates as it twists and turns. Top notch stuff here you will not want to miss.

#matancaspi #bonzaiprogressive #rickpiero’neil #manuriga #hadytarek

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Swedish DJ and producer Victor Bergh aka Victor Berghmeister returns to Piston with the fantastic two track Sot/Vaed. Victor is no stranger to Piston having released Leaving Yous back at the start of 2014 as Victor Berghmeister. Great to see him back once more and we hope to see more from him soon.

Sot intros with a nice chunky kick drum and a superb warbling, ever shifting wah wah type synth that delivers a cool tech house groove. The synths sit perfectly with the vocals that find themselves embroiled in a myriad of FX that create some very cool textures in the sound. A subtle and very deep bass sits on the low end as that dominating synth line takes control. Top notch stuff that will not disappoint.

Vaed sets out with a cool percussive driven intro filled with shuffling snares and rides and crispy hats that blend nicely into a smooth rhythmic flow. Swirling synths rise up and lead us to the thumping kick drums and a brilliant synth chord pad that begins its twisting journey with gusto. Cool house styled vocals filter through as the tech house groove carries us along for an epic ride that will leave a sweet taste making you want more and more, not to be missed.

#victorbergh #pistonrecordings

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Canada based DJ and producer Jader Agnolin aka Jader Ag returns to Piston with the superb Road 801. Last time around we saw this talented artist on remix duties for Hermann Dius’ UK Movement, also on Piston, back at the end of 2015. Prior to this he debuted back in the Summer of the same year with Triggs EP with appearances on Complex Textures, Hi Fi Stories and Wasabi Recordings in between. An on-the-rise artist with a steady building solid collection of grooves, it’s great to see him back for more at PR.

If you like your house deep (just like we do) then Road 801 will surely have you cutting up the rugs with its deep rooted grooves that will take you late into the night. Nice and big chunky kick drums are paired with a superb low end bass that is perched beautifully within the sound for maximum effect. Cool chords are interwoven throughout and really bring a smooth soulful vibe to the sound. Some fantastic classic style vocals have been added that will definitely get the crowd moving making this a must have track that will not disappoint.

Hezo is a deep contrasting track that takes us way beyond the boundaries of deep house. A solid wall of bass greets us right from the get go as bright crispy hi hats join the punchy kicks. In the background we find a myriad of subtle percussion elements that build up a steady rhythm. On the break a distant voice comes through adding an air of mystery before they move up top bringing a tribal feeling to the sound. An excellent slice that will sit perfectly in those late night smoky venues.

Rouge goes straight into a cool funky kinda groove from the off as pumping kick drums are met with slicing hi hats and a wonderful warm chord stab. A bouncing bassline is introduced that works flawlessly with the keys creating a smooth swaying dancefloor groove. A tight percussion section keeps the rhythm flowing while on the break we get treated to a surreal sequence that draws us in before we get churned back into the main groove. Fantastic deep grooves you do not want to miss.

#jaderag #pistonrecordings

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Bulgarian born and now residing in Turkey, DJ and producer Askin Dedeoglu debuts on Green Martian with the superb White which comes in two flavours namely Re-Awakening and Al-Kan’s Hard Drug Mix. Askin became interested in electronic music around 1990 and in 1994 he started to DJ securing gigs at various night clubs. In 2005 he started to look into producing while working in the IT industry. His first release came in 2014 and was representative of the sounds he was creating between 2005 and 2008. Tracks he made between 2008 and 2012 were part of his second album Route 34 and all tracks after that make up his hugely impressive back catalogue. Delighted to have him on board and hopefully we will be seeing much more from this guy in the future.

White (Re-Awakening) intros with a nice smooth percussive driven groove that builds up to deliver a rhythmic vibe before a punchy kick drum comes through to take control. Superb dark laced synth stabs get the progressive juices flowing as cascading arps do their thing. On the low end a deep probing bass lurks that carries the groove with ease. Throw in some warm chords and expertly crafted FX and you have yourself the perfect recipe to get any floor moving.

Al-Kan debuts on Bonzai Progressive with the Hard Drug Mix of White. This one delivers a fine slice of progressive vibes that start off with some tasty beats to get the groove moving. Chunky kick drums and crispy hi hats are on hand to get us on to the floors while a solid probing bassline ramps up the prog groove. Throughout the track we’re treated to an array of cascading arps. On the break lush chord stabs take over before we get slammed back to full on mode for the duration, top notch stuff.

#askindedeoglu #greenmartian #al-kan

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Top Belgian DJ and producer Van Czar joins forces with top Mexican DJ and producer Acid Kit to deliver the superb Take Control which features a stunning remix from DJ ESP aka Woody McBride. Van Czar has built up quite a solid reputation as a quality artist over the last number of years. His fresh approach to producing and DJing has led him down some successful paths resulting in him working with some of the most well known and respected artists in the world. A consistent giver of quality sounds is what this guys is all about and his recent album – Ibiza Legacy – is a testament to his versatility and musical expertise as is his newly launched label CZ. Acid Kit is a hugely respected artist also, a pioneer in the Mexican scene, his work has appeared on many top labels around the world. He recently appeared on Van’s CZ label on remix duties for Van Czar and Cysxe’s Horny Acid Phone. He runs his own promotion company – We Love Techno Group – which is dedicated to promoting all aspects of music, from festivals and artists as well as running 5 music labels We Love Techno, We Love Tech House, We Love Minimal, We Love Psy Trance and Mexicanilicious.

The Original Mix intros with a seriously thumping kick drum that leave a trail of low end in its wake. Sharp claps sit over a cool rhythmic percussions section as a rumbling bassline bubbles up from below. A dark and sinister vocal comes through demanding to get on the floor as the beats pound you into submission. A top notch cut no doubt and a must have track.

US DJ and producer DJ ESP aka Woody McBride is regarded with legendary status in the world of acid and techno and beyond. He was at the coalface when the acid techno boom hit the early nineties and has remained there ever since, consistently churning out quality vibes. His tracks and remixes have appeared on Dave Clarke’s White Noise, Josh Wink’s Ovum, Eric Powell’s Bush, Fat Boy Slim’s Skint, Novamute, Acid Tracks, Drop Bass Network and dozens of other labels. Here he delights with a simply stunning remix that intros with a pounding kick drum that commands right from the get go. A deep and raw techno vibe oozes from the track as dark elements creep in from the vocal and the mesmeric synths to the low end subs. The groove locks into place and forces you to the floor without mercy. Deep, dark, tough, perfect.

#vanczar #acidkit #bonzaibasiks #djesp

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