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SRUR debutant Nignus delivers his Low Pass EP and what an entrance this guy is making. A relative newcomer to producing he has been making quite a splash since 2014 with releases on the likes of DoubleIncRec, Blackpoint Records, Async Records and Subwoofer Records. His tougher edged tracks are definitely getting noticed and we’re delighted to have him on board.

Low Pass intros with the phattest, toughest Techno kick around that plunders through the sound with a hard hitting dominance and causing shudders all over. The bass heavy kicks are joined by very distinctive snares that will bring back some memories for sure. Quirky notes fill the spaces as the drum layers continue to build delivering a solid rhythm alongside a darkly sinister voice. A monster tune for the late night session no doubt.

Lessen sets out with a big and ballsy bass driven kick that will give the bassbins and woofers something to think about. The sound just oozes a straight in your face techno groove that will force you to the floor. Cosmic sounds litter the spectrum as we are led deeper into this full on groove. The break throws up a scary deep voice that will have you looking over your shoulder as the spacey vibe continues. A stunning track that will definitely destroy the darker floors for sure.

#nignus #soundsrusrecordings

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Berbush & Kotobuki debut on Bonzai Progressive with the fantastic Shadows EP. Brazilian DJ and producer Berbush aka Bernardo Buschle has notched up a huge amount of respect among his peers due to his solid DJ performances and tight production. Kotobuki has worked alongside Bernardo on the their last three tracks and have proved to be a good connect with each bringing his own unique style, definitely a duo to be on the lookout for.

Shadows intros with a smooth and steady rhythmic drum arrangement that employs a punchy kick, crispy hats and a cool slapped drum pattern. A meandering and powerful bassline comes through and takes control as various synth plucks and FX form up. A short break brings in cool chords and a haunting voice that delivers Gregorian monk style that fits perfectly with the deeper house elements of the sound. Top notch stuff that will definitely perform well in any set.

Bonzai debutant Cartos shows up for remix duty with a wonderfully tweaked remix on Shadows. The pace get ramped up a notch from this guy as the original track gets a makeover for the more progressive floors. Super tight drums and a fantastic bassline that just melts into the sound provide a solid groove for the prog heads. Darker elements creep into the sound and an air of mystique is created with a brilliant display of FX alongside that awesome voice that adds so much depth. A definite contender that is not to be missed.

Under Flowers sets out with a pure deep tech house drive that draws you in with its sophisticated groove made up of rhythmic drums and slowly forming bass. An instantly recognisable robotic voice dripping with FX adds a little spice to the sound but the big player here is the drum arrangement, the infectious rhythm will have you moving your feet in no time. Simplistic synth notes provide a big focus in the track and stand out well in the groove. A must have track for your collection no doubt.

#berbush #kotobuki #bonzaiprogressive

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UK native, Jakarta based Tim Bourne debuts on Bonzai Progressive with the stunning Hadrenaline. Tim is beginning to make waves around the circuit with his tight production skills, his first release, One Way Ticket on Speedsound proved popular in the trance fraternity. He also got his track The Root featured as a Hot Or Not on Ottaviani’s Go On Air which was very well received. Definitely one to watch out for in the coming months.

Hadrenaline intros with trippy spoken vocals alongside a futuristic soundscape that gets broken by a rising energy that morphs into a full on energetic vibe complete with a solid driving bassline. The track gathers pace as sub melodies form up and the bass gets locked down into its solid state for the duration. The main lead fades through and the groove takes us into a magical borderline between progressive trance and psy trance where get the best of both worlds. The break lets loose on the main riff before reaching a sizzling climax that slams us right back into the full main groove. This one is something you need to get hold of, top notch.

Substances intros with a flowing atmospheric vibe boasting distant voices and Eastern flavoured strings that lead us into a stunning psy fuelled bassline that packs an energetic punch. Tight drums and superb FX form up to get the groove moving as big stabby synths rain down. The fantastic voices return and offer a lot of texture to the sound as we settle into the driving nature of the track. If there was ever a crossover track from progressive into psy then this is it. Wonderfully layered melodic synths gives off one of those hands-in-the-air moments you just wish would never end before sinking down with a twisting, spiralling effect and crashing back into full on mode for the duration. Just amazing, you have got to have this one.

#timbourne #bonzaiprogressive

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Greek DJ and producer duo Dimi Wilson and Lex (Athens) debut on Piston with the superb Thoughts About It. For the last number of years both these guys have racked up an impressive back catalogue across many top labels. From deep house grooves through to tough techy vibes, these guys have done it all and no doubt we will be seeing more of them in the future.

Thoughts About It intros with a slamming kickdrum that pounds out a solid groove alongside crispy hats and a rising synth. Before long a beautifully warm bass sound fades through and brings a memorable retro flavour to the groove as the techy side forms up. A solid workout here that is filled with tight drums that deliver the rhythm in style. That bass flows through the groove beautifully and marries well with the pads and synths that are built up around it. A nice retro fuelled slice of house to the party started.

Purple Grim gets moving with a tight drum workout filled with punchy kicks and rhythmic percussions alongside a sweeping synth that sets the mood nicely. A deep voice rings through the sound as a fantastic oldskool style bass powers through to take the floor by storm. The groove gets locked down by the solid construction of the track and will definitely be a big hitter on the floors for sure. Brighter sounds come through as those sweeping synth gain volume alongside melodic riffs that come to the fore on the break with superb acid licks adding cool contrasts. A must have track that will not disappoint.

#dimiwilson #lex(athens) #pistonrecordings

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Elek-fun aka Ignasi Romero returns to the Basiks stable with his newest four track EP entitled You Know What. October 2014 saw his last outing Great Minds Think Alike gain a lot of support from across the board. During his early years vinyl was the only media accessible so he had lots of practice. This led to him becoming a fantastic DJ in and around Barcelona. He soon decided to go on to College and study advanced music production so he could build up the tools he would need for his new, chosen career path. Techno soon became his main output and he found himself DJing in some of the best Catalan clubs, places like Zoreks Club, Liquid Sky, The Loft, La cova, Eix Club, La Sala del Cel and†Moog. When his DJ career completely took off, Elek-fun also began to release his first lot of productions, in 2004 he worked on a promotional demo called Wait Me which was released in the very popular Future Music magazine. He kept on slowly releasing tracks on labels such as†Sol Records, Ignored Records, SC-Rec , Subversive Media, Hits Box, Tu Remix (MÈjico), JP Releases, Prisma Records and EF Rec which is his own sub-label.

This four tracker kicks off with the title track You Know What with its dark and edgy intro filled with tough beats and a dirty bassline that is joined by sinister sounding spoken vocals. The track oozes techno flavour and will definitely get the darker floors off to a pumping start, a must have track no doubt.

Bolsa De Plastico intros with a punchy kick and superb offset bass that fades up to the backdrop of a multi note riff that dances along the groove. The riff goes through various transformations that end up with a squidgy acid techno topping that gets a boost from the ever evolving kickdrums. A monster tune that packs a big punch, not to be missed.

Torment sets off with a nice chunky kick and crispy hat combi that is soon joined by a darkly sinister offset bass that lurks down in the depths. Cool percussion deliver a solid rhythmic flow to the track and gets a helping hand from some outstanding FX. Other-worldly sounding melodies break the drum domination and take the track deeper into techno territory complete with acid lines that hit the senses hard. Top notch stuff.

20$ rounds off this stunning EP and does so in style. Staying true to the sound we are in for another trek deep into the heart of big and ballsy techno. Tight beats with electro flavours provide the rhythm as a relentless and hypnotic bassline rattles on to the backdrop of cosmic synths that have just come from a retro sci fi flick. A monster track that will definitely keep the floors rocking no doubt.

#elek-fun #bonzaibasiks

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Aitra aka Polish producer Matgorzata Imiotek debuts on Green Martian with the superb Faith In Space EP. He recently showed up at Bonzai Progressive alongside E.F.G. with Splash back in June 2015, but this time around he is flying solo with a much more Balearic, emotional vibe.

Faith In Space intros with a friendly kick and hat combi complete with rhythmic percussions that settle us into a perfect, upbeat dancey groove. Ibiza-esque basses wash over the sound with a warming glow that really lifts the track beautifully while cool pads pulse along the sidechain. The track breaks to reveal a wonderful display of melody that captivates with intricate patterns. The melody fades out and leaves behind a solid grooving progressive house cut that will definitely have the floors bouncing for the remainder of the Summer.

On Give Me A Sign, Aitra enlists the vocal talents of Angel Falls who adds a wonderful mystifying character to the sound that will max out the euphoric receptors in your brain. The track itself boasts a solid groove to get the feet shuffling as a tight drum arrangement leads the way alongside a well crafted rhythmic percussion section. The White Isle gets another nod as blissful melodic guitar riffs float across the sound. The vocal definitely gives the track a huge boost making this an absolute must have cut for the terrace or the club.

#aitra #greenmartian

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Australian DJ, producer and Bonzai stalwart Audio Noir returns with his latest studio album Artificial Star. This will be the 2nd album from this guy in the space of just over one year, Almost Famous set the bar high and we have no doubt that this time around will be no exceptions. We spoke to Audio Noir to get a taste of what drove him during this album’s creation and he spoke about how he wanted to employ a subtle theme of space and philosophy. He simply wrote what he felt and consciously wanted to deliver an accessible album that would appeal across the board whilst maintaining his own artistic desires. He also pointed out that the bass heavy, rich sounding Jazz Noir was his favourite and most challenging track to produce alongside the surreal, prog tech driven Drk Mttr. We have no doubt that this album will resonate among many as it takes us on a deep, dark cosmic journey filled with peaks and troughs that keep the imagination sharp.

We kick off the album with The Dark Place, and the title really does do the track justice as we get drawn into a dark progressive tech cut. Nice big chunky kicks provide the intro alongside sharp hats that cut through the lower frequencies. Sinister sounding spoke vocals telling us about ‘the beat, the bass, the dark place’ ring out taking us to that dark place. Rising FX litter the sound bringing in a spacey vibe as a meandering bass lingers in the depths. Top notch stuff and the perfect opener.

Up next we are taken further into the cosmic abyss with Travel Tube which intros with a cool breakbeat arrangement that projects a trendy urban theme alongside the spaced out vibes coming off the vocals and FX. A probing bass carries a lot weight here and really gets you hooked on the sound and provides a beautiful contrast with the slicing vocal. Suddenly the track breaks with just a low frequency in play before bursting back into the main groove for the duration, superb stuff.

From London To Moscow intros with a nice chunky kick with a clipped top and a stuttering hat that picks up the tempo. Rising FX takes us through each stage and brings in new layers filled with tight drums that generate a solid rhythm. A straight up four by four groove ensues complete with a driving bass and mysterious vocal. Subtle melodic sequences linger in the background and add a little spice to the sound as it drives on. At the break we are left with that superb bass and those fading melodies as we descend into silence before the powerful kicks return and get us on the move once again. An excellent display of progressive house that will definitely gain favour among many.

Next up we have Drk Mttr with its superb solid groove and tight arrangement that spews out a surreal space-like vibe. On the low end a deep bass reverberates through the sound providing the perfect platform for the more ethereal sounds to develop. A cacophony of beautifully crafted FX line up to blast this track high into the atmosphere and take us all along for the ride. The groove remains solid here and will definitely give the darker sets a boost. On the break is where this track really shines as we are led into a total science fiction soundtrack complete with radio chatter that adds cool textures to the sound. A must have track for sure, this will not disappoint.

Like The Wind is up next and employs the talents of Russian vocalist Lena Grig who is a very much respected artist in her field having worked with many artists over the last number of years. She has seen releases on labels like Polaris, Impressed Records, UM Records and Silk Textures. The track intros with a punchy kick that gathers pace alongside sharp claps and a cool shuffling percussion arrangement. Sweeping pads come through and bring an almost euphoric vibe as the bass sits back with subtlety and only showing its power on the downbeat. The track moves along and hypnotises in its wake before heading to the break and the stunning vocal from Lena which really captivates the mind. Strong, solid, driving grooves for the prog heads here that will not disappoint.

Jazz Noir sets out with a beautifully complex drum arrangement complete with punchy kicks, snappy snares and cool open rim hats that leave behind a jazzy aftertaste. A monster bass comes through and takes over with its probing reach as haunting vocals capture the moment perfectly. The kicks transform into a full on 4×4 groove as the track heads to the break where the dark jazzy flavours really come through alongside that superb vocal. Softly smooth melodic phrases flow across the sound and contrast nicely with the darker elements. One for the late night floors here, a must have for sure.

Far From Home features stunning vocals from Jimmie Westwood that really gives the track a wonderful character. A smooth almost laidback groove is taken on as a cool kick-snare combi is formed while crispy hats deliver the pace. The meandering bassline goes from top to bottom with ease and settles the groovy nature of the track into its stride. Short melodic snapshots crop up and work well with the deep progressive house vibe. The vocals are the standout feature here as Jimmie’s voice courses through the sound with its unique flavour. Brilliant stuff you must have in your collection.

Modular Distortion takes us on a cool progressive journey that delivers a solid groove which will have floors moving for sure. Super tight drums provide the rhythmic flow of the track as the hypnotic bass grabs hold of your senses. The trip takes us higher with sweet melodic phrases that fleet across the sound beautifully. On the break we are dropped into a surreal atmospheric vibe that would be the perfect soundtrack while floating in space. As the track gets back into full on mode we are treated to a nicely balanced wall of noise that distorts the open mind before drifting back to a more serene sequence. A fantastic slice of prog you do not want to miss.

Paper Planes offers up a respite just after the midway point of the album. A myriad of sweet melodic sounds descend from above to the backdrop of a brilliantly constructed drum arrangement that gives off a nice downtempo feeling. Inside the maelstrom of sounds we are treated to some awesome vocals that send shivers down the spine. The perfect fodder for those late night wind down sessions.

Cloud Catcher intros with a mixture of well crafted percussions that form up into a cool rhythmic flowing vibe which are soon joined by a nice chunky kick to get the party started. Subtle sounds begin to fade through and a stark contrast takes shape between the low and high frequencies that really captivates. A wonderfully warm, lush bass takes command of the structure and leads the track into the depths of progressive house. The break throws up a fantastic twist as soft guitar plucks dish out a beautiful melodic sequence complete with distant voices that resonate magically through the section. A super tight construction that will definitely grab the attention of many jocks no doubt.

A Deeper Future gets us locked right into the groove from the off as a beautifully deep, lush bass washes over the sound to the backdrop of cool percussions. The bass is the big player here with hypnotizing prowess, you become one with its sound and allow yourself to open up. A subtle drum arrangement holds off and allows the bass to shine while on the break we get a cool trippy spoken vocal and distant sounding trumpet that shakes up the imagination. A definite must have track, one listen and you’ll be hooked for sure.

The penultimate track El Oceano Y La Luna opens up into a more upbeat vibe with a Balearic edge. A nicely paced track that delivers bright sounds and a solid grooving bass workout. The synth work is outstanding as it sways to the beat and lulls you into its grasp. That bassline plays a big part here as you’d imagine, it has a tough edge yet blends beautifully into the more softer side. Arps cascade through the sound and bring euphoric feeling as the filters open up while your hands reach for the sky. The track continues to throw up surprise after surprise as the tight drums dictate where the groove will take us next. The perfect end of summer cut that needs to be in your playlists.

We round off the album with Your Love featuring a superb vocal from award winning artist Lokka Vox. Lokka has had her fair share of success over the years having worked with many top artists and producers which resulted in her winning awards including National Winner of 2010 Songwriter of the year South African Tempo Awards among others. She has seen releases on labels such as Enhanced, Blackhole Recordings, Armada, Red Soho, Synergy, Melodika and Elliptical Sun to name a few. On Your Love her vocal really shines through and marries beautifully with the tough edged sound of the track. Right from the off we get locked into a solid groove complete with chunky kicks, crispy hats and a fantastic dirty bass that dominates throughout. In the background a mesmerizing arp skips along the sound while cool FX and sweeping synths come through. When the vocal kicks in the sound gets a boost with the subtlety and raspy nature of Lokka’s voice. A wonderfully intense and energetic ending to a fantastic album.

#audionoir #bonzaiprogressive

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UK based DJ and producer Jamie Baggotts returns to Bonzai Progressive after a short hiatus with the fantastic Mexico City. It was back in February 2015 when we last saw this guy with the equally fantastic The Chant which gained great support across the board. In the meantime he has been busy on the DJ circuit as well as collaborating with top producers such as The Digital Blonde. Much more to come from this guy and well worth keeping a lookout for more news.

Mexico City intros with a subtle muted kickdrum and minimal percussions as a melodic synth note plays out on top. The bass teases as it fades in and out before the kicks get their punch and the track starts to lift off. The bass finally bursts out delivering a driving groove with a beautifully warm overtone that hypnotises throughout. Tight drum patterns form up and give us a solid dancey rhythm to play with. An understated intensity is felt as a mid level synth line etches out its groove that threatens to burst into a full on chord sequence. Subtle melodies can be heard through =out and makes this track a very intriguing one and a definite must have in your collection.

Buenos Aires sets out with a punchy, tough kick that grabs attention straight away. Subtle synth arps litter the background as trance-like basses come through with their deep, driving grooves. Cool, slicing hats cut through the lower frequencies beautifully giving a stark contrasting vibes. Teasing synths play out in the background as the track powers on in its solid groove. On the break we get a taste of those synths opened up and unleashing their potential as the track enters its final run. A wonderful display of progressive house that borders on uplifting that will no doubt rock the floors.

#jamiebaggots #bonzaiprogressive

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Debut appearance on Piston for Columbian DJ and producer Camilo Do Santos with the superb West Coast. Camilo is a lover of funky, deep and tech house grooves, and some of his early influences are the likes of Kerri Chandler and Darius Syrossain. He began producing amidst a very competitive arena in South America and got his first release on the German label Little Helpers. In 2012 he started his own label – Moustache, and is working hard to make this a front runner on the scene. Delighted to have this guy on board as he brings a wealth of talent to the Piston roster.

West Coast gets going with a classic styled punchy kick and shuffling hat combi that will definitely get those dancing feet moving towards the floor. Tight drum patterns form up with those intricate percussions delivering a solid rhythmic vibe. After a cool snare roll a probing bass brings the house vibe to life and settles the track into its swing. Playful riffs dance along the groove with funky flavour as snare rolls cascade over the sound. On the break we get a treat filled with those tight drum patterns before getting thrust back into full on mode, top notch stuff you need to have in your box.

Business Dope intros with a cool chunky kick and hat combi that lays a solid foundation for a proper trek into deep house grooves complete with characteristic urbanised vocal snippets. A throbbing bass grooves out on the low end and shores up the sound perfectly. The break takes on a surreal twist as sirens are followed by strange harmonica riffs that keep to the deep and grooving nature of the track beautifully. A fine slice of house music you will not want to miss.

#camilodosantos #pistonrecordings

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Argentine DJ and producer Ariel Parra aka A.R.E.S. debuts on Progrez with the stunning Belisha Beacon. Ariel’s love for music began after listening to Grunge Rock and the many bands that lie in that genre. He played in his own band for a number of years, before they set their sights on a more electronically fused sound. Since 2011, after starting to produce his own works under the A.R.E.S. guise, he released tracks on Balkan Connection S.A, Green Snake Records, Massive Harmonys, Ambber Records and Entangled. During this time he also put in some live shows before he edits his first album, Truth Be Told with 8 original tracks under the Ambber label.

Belisha Beacon takes on a deep and grooving progressive persona right from the get go as muted kicks are joined by a superb deep droning bass with a sprinkling of cascading arps. The kickdrums get a nice punchy boost ass the percussion layers build giving off a cool rhythmic flow. You can find very subtle psy element creep into the sound with the construction of the synth layers and the energizing bassline. A serious contender no doubt and a track that will definitely grab the attention of many, one to watch here.

Our very own Kevin Vega shows up on remix duty and delivers another super cut for our pleasure. He gave us The Gambler back in April 2015 which saw great support from all quarters which is a testament to the expertly crafted sounds he churns out. The remix intros with a wonderful chunky bass with atmospheric FX and percussions going off in the background. At the forefront a fantastic bass takes over with deep probing prowess. The drum section continues to build and adds a shuffling groove to the rhythm which is brought to prominence by hypnotic shakers and tight patterns. Surreal synths give off a mysterious vibe that plays beautifully into the nature of the track, dark and moody. A fine slice of prog to get the juices flowing.

#a.r.e.s #progrez #kevinvega

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Alexey Lisin is back and this time around he enlists the vocal talents of Ann Di on the superb Gloss. Alexey’s last outing saw him utilise vocals from Ange on Vesna, and we have no doubt this new pairing will yield another great result.

The Original Mix sets out with deep, grooving house in mind as warm chords fade in and out alongside a cool shuffling hat patter. The stunning vocal from Ann glides in effortlessly and marries to the sound beautifully. The track gets into full swing as chunky kicks come through and tighten up the drum section perfectly. Those chords dominate right the way through the sound and are joined by cool glittering synths that cast brilliant textures. The bass sits back innocently while adding a great deal of depth to the groove and compliment the smooth vocals superbly. Top notch stuff that will surely get the floors moving.

Long Garden Avenue aka the hugely talented Manu Riga debuts on Bonzai Progressive with two very impressive remixes. Manu is currently one of Bonzai’s top deep progressive artists, but in 2005 he entered the scene through house music and slowly changed into a more progressive style. Over the last several months he has began to bring in more of his house music background with smooth melodies and emotional tracks coming through. 2015 is proving a big year for this guy and it is only going to get better from here. On the remix we get strapped into cool house grooves right from the get go as punchy kicks are joined by snappy snares and sharp claps. A smooth FM bass dances along the groove nicely while distinct house chords glide through. The track breaks with those chords fizzling in and out to the backdrop of Ann’s stunning vocal that fills the sound beautifully. A super tight drum arrangement keeps this rhythm in check and allows the musical side to flow effortlessly. Top notch stuff that puts Manu firmly back in the deep house game.
The Long Garden Avenue Dub Mix takes us deep into the groove with a pure musical journey with just the slightest hint of vocals popping up throughout. One for the late night trips for sure.

Abi-Q returns after a short hiatus to deliver a wonderfully deep, prog fuelled remix. We last saw Abi-Q back in February 2015 with the fantastic Boaka Chiringo which turned a few heads on the circuit, delighted to see him back once again. The remix gets right into prog mode as punchy kicks are met with sharp, crisp hats and a hypnotizing repeated vocal shot. A cool riser teases and leads us into a mixture of cool sounds and FX while in the background rich pads are forming up and creating a surreal atmosphere. The bassline soon follows and we find ourselves locked on for the duration. On the break we are hit with big stabby chords and glitchy sounds as fleeting synths leave a trail of progressive goodness. Superb stuff that will definitely grab attention.

#alexeylisin #anndi #bonzaiprogressive #longgardenavenue #abi-q

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Russian DJ and producer Ruslan Vashkevich heads back into Bonzai Progressive territory with the brilliant two tracker Thought The Smoke. Ruslan was last round these shores back in May 2015 with Bodhisattva which saw good support and features on top download portals.

Thought The Smoke intros with a pacey beat as punchy kicks get moving alongside subtle shuffling hats. A solid progressive groove is in the making and gets a boost with that rolling, chugging bassline. Sweeping FX glide across the sound as melodic phrases fill the spectrum delivering a surreal experience. The break digs deeper and allows that bass to hypnotize while the melodies continue to float by. Super deep and super groovy, one for the late night sessions for sure.

Laughing Buddha goes straight for the jugular with a solid kick that pounds out a tight groove alongside subtle percussions and rising FX. The bassline takes over and command authority as it rolls along with relentless power. Those sweeping FX add wonderful textures to the subtle nature of the track. On the break we get a glimpse of melody with a superb lead synth that captures the imagination beautifully. A proper progressive trip that will keep you wanting more and more.

#ruslanvashkevich #bonzaiprogressive

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Argentinean DJ and producer Leandro Di debuts on piston with his Love From Another Woman EP. Leandro started out listening to funk, disco and jazz which began to shape his musical tastes and added influences like deep basses and hypnotic rhythms. As the years progressed he got into DJing and played styles like deep house, house, acid house and tech house. His impressive catalogue of tracks have seen releases on labels like Vulcania Records, Ho Records, Making Smiles, Restore Music and Complex Textures to name just a few.

Love From Another Woman intros with a crispy bright drum arrangement which is joined by a warm pad chord that rises up from the depths bringing a world of deep house to the surface. Nice punchy kicks join in and give the track a cool rhythm to move to. The slow, lazy bass comes through and gives off a laid back groovy feeling to the sound. A soulful vocal enters the fray and really sets the track on fire with its lush tones. Super smooth, super sexy grooves to get down and dirty with.

Just For House notches up a gear with a cool heavy kick and crisp slicing hat that carries a lot of weight as it cuts up the frequencies. Pure house driven chord stabs linger through the groove as a deep probing bass comes in to get those asses shakin’. Drum patterns form up and let loose with a solid driving rhythmic flow that will definitely have the floors moving. Cool vocals and high strings add texture and allow this track to shine. A soon to be firm favourite no doubt.

Jesus Street kicks off with a pounding bassdrum that strikes the perfect balance between mid and low frequencies while razor sharp are cutting through. A subtle drum arrangement layers up delivering a steady rhythm as a deep, resonating bass lurks at the low end. Cool spoken vocals come through bringing a surreal narrative with an urban twist. A minimal construction with just enough suggestive keys to keep the house flavour going and a definite must have track in your box.

#leandrodi #pistonrecordings

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Madrid based Belgian DJ and producer Van Czar delivers yet another of his techno fuelled cuts with Amore In Scopulos. Van remains a firm favourite around the office and he is flying the Bonzai flag high in Spain with various club nights and his own Bonzai Basik Beats Spain radioshow. His last outing was back in February 2015 with Rumba EP as well as a stint with hiss deeper techno guise Cysxe – OxO EP. Always great to see this guy drop one of his tunes and no doubt we will be seeing lots more of him in the future.

Amore In Scopulos intros with a solid bass heavy workout as chunky kicks are met with deep bas tones and crispy hats. A hypnotic percussion rides through the sound perfectly and becomes a big focus ass it tightens up the rhythm and digs deep into your imagination. A very minimal construction that carries a big punch with enough weight to destroy the floors, a must have.

Alea Jacta Est sets out with fading percussions that lead up to a phat kick and shuffling hat sequence. Cool vocal snippets ring out and bring character to the sound. The track gathers pace as the drums tighten up alongside a mysterious and mesmerizing note. Deep, tech fuelled chords rattle out a solid groove as those vocals become prominent working well with the noisy risers. The bass sits perfectly on the sound and allows the drums to do the work and deliver a solid rhythmic groove. Top notch stuff that will get attention no doubt.

Remove fades in with a tribalistic drum workout complete with a powerful punchy kick. A syncopated rhythmic structure takes shape that will definitely get the bootys on the floor. Surreal vocals crop up throughout and give the track a playful character while a techno vibe is built upon with rising lead synths. The bass sits low and beefs up the solid groove with a strong tribal vibe. Tough edged, in your face techno from Van that is not to be missed.

#vanczar #bonzaibasiks

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Our Club Traxx series continues with Progressive House 16 where we take you deep into the rabbit hole of progressive grooves, a place where your imagination becomes reality to the backdrop of some of the finest sounds around. 20 top notch cuts featuring remix and original works from artists such as Airwave, Art Of Trance, Gai Barone, Phi Phi, Platunoff, Rick Pier O’Neil, Sebastian Busto, Andrees & Yakoff, Michael Berklin, Manu Riga & Fe Malefiz, Michael & Levan & Stiven Rivic, Lank, Stan Kolev, Audio Noir, Rosa Project, Dina Eve, Waywork & Gebio, Wild Guess, Yuriy From Russia, Kay D, Manu F, Julian Dep, Ri9or, Dimitry Molosh, Ametron, EDwan Rill, AudioStorm, Diogo Ribeiro and Altek, are on hand to deliver pumping prog house grooves to our senses. A must have tool in your collection no doubt.

#bonzaiprogressive #gaibarone #rickpiero’neil #andrees #yakoof #lank #waywork #gebio #yuriyfromrussia #subconscioustales #juliandep #dmitrymolosh #diogoribeiro #airwave #artoftrance #phiphi #platunoff #sebastianbusto #michaelberklin #manuriga #femalefiz #stivenrivic #michael&levan #stankolev #audionoir #dinaeve #rosaproject #wildguess #kayd #manuf #ri9or #ametron #ewanrill #audiostorm #altek

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