Bonzai Progressive

April 29th, 2011

EPISODE 25: Alfa Rhythm Boys – Agogo (Mint & Mustard Recordings)

Alfa Rhythm Boys single release on Mint & Mustard Recordings. Agogo includes original mix plus remixes from Alessandro Diga and Phunk Division.

EPISODE 26: Ignacio Demaria & Steve Prior – Friday (Jamez Remix) (Bonzai Basiks)

After the sucess on Bonzai Progressive, US based Ignacio Demaria & Steve Prior’s Friday gets a remix treatment done by Dutch DJ/producer Jamez and Project KF. For the fans we’ve added all the original mixes on top of this release.

EPISODE 27: Sovve featuring Devize – Nowhere (Green Martian)

Solveig Skoglund aka Sovve is a 21-year-old female progressive trance producer from Sweden. This is her latest release, called Nowhere, featuring vocals from Devize. The single comes with the original mix, plus a dub mix, for those who prefer not to have the vocals. A talent to remember for the future of progressive music and all fans of deep, emotional music!

EPISODE 28: Rodrigo Soria – Amarelo Verde (Efron Remix) (Piston Recordings)

Rodrigo Soria makes a comeback to Piston Recordings after the well received Ginga People EP last year. This time around we have a single track, Amarelo Verde, a deep tech journey into the realms of this brazilian talent. On top of that we add an Efron and a Richard Savani remixes to make this a top notch package!



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