Bonzai Progressive

May 12th, 2011

And this week we got der meister Fly back for another 60 min of hot new music!

Tracklisting – Episode 36 – mixed by Fly:

1º Da Others & Andrea Saenz – Manabi (IVI-R Remix)
2º Dennis Franchi – Stuik
3º Fab Code – Into the Curve
4º Fab Code – Musica Electronica
5º Matt Silver & Brisboys – Voxtrot (Brisboys Remix)
6º Kernel Key – Forklift
7º Cause & Effekt – Reptile (Ignacio Demaria & Steve Prior Remix)
8º Minitech Project – Waver Program (Lucio Grandi Reprogram Remix)
9º Sa.Du – Lost in Deep (Ecco Remix)
10º Yves Deruyter – The Rebel (Oz Romita & Jamez Remix)
11º Zolex – Time Modulator (Elektrokid Remix)

The music virus hit Christian “Fly” Pieters when he was 10 years old. At only the age of 16 he was already DJ’ing and played in various clubs.

Years later he started his own recordstore called Blitz, this was the foundation for the infamous Bonzai label where his store became a meeting place for all the cool DJ’s and booking requests started rolling in.

When the label started it was like being in a rollercoaster, playing at all big events such as Mayday (3x), Love Parade ( 6x), Street Parade (Zurich), Future Shock, Mysteryland, Dance Valley, Tribal Gathering, … and playing in more than 500 clubs including E-Werk (Berlin), Technoclub (Frankfurt), Limelight & Palladium (New York), Queen (Paris), …. together with DJ’s such as: Sven Väth, Carl Cox, Marusha, Westbam, Cj Bolland, Ron trent, Humate, Hooligan, Jeff Mills, Richie Hawtin, Robert Armani, Tiesto,…

Today he’s still the head honcho of Bonzai Progressive leading the labels on a brand new tech house/house/ & techno path.

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