Bonzai Progressive

January 13th, 2011

Tracklisting – Episode 19 – mixed by Kevin Vega:

1° Audio junkies & Lonya – Wet sands (Guy Mantzur’s feathers mix)
2° Marc Poppcke & Alex Niggemann – Sleepless nights
3° Patrick Chardronnet – Boggler
4° Guy J – Easy As Can Be
5° Fabrice Lig – Digital Forest
6° Van Meeteren & Hyde – Solar Brotherhood (Tigerskin remix)
7° Jamieson & C May – Homecoming (Sasha & Dimitri Nakov remix)
8° Audio junkies – Deeper
9° Project KF -Smile (Mark Prades remix)
10° Ticon – Jinxed (Christian Smith remix)
11° Maetrik – Glob Monster
12° Nick Muir & John Digweed – Bilder

Some more info about Kevin Vega:

Kevin Vega, real name Kevin Verelst, born and raised in Antwerp, Belgium, got familiar with electronic music at a very young age. Expiriencing the end of the new beat period late 80′s, he sat on the first row when house music was born. Although too young to go out to clubs, Kevin discovered music such as ‘House party’ and bands as Channel X, Praga Khan and Neon. Later on, he followed the music as a teenager through programs such as Party Zone on MTV, showing music of FSOL, the Prodigy, Messiah,… So back in 1994, he knew that this would become his life. At the age of 14, he bought his first vinyl record with ‘lunch money’, given by his parents :-). So instead of food, he just bought records, in that time more Rave orientated sounds. After a search for his musical identity, the switch came when he first heard Sasha and Digweeds ‘Northern Exposure’ album. From that time on, he became more progressive orientated. In the year 1999, Kevin started learning by himself how to make music, using Reason 1.0. Bit by bit, his studio came to life, and so did his know-how. Nowadays, he creates different kinds of tunes, going from ambient, over electro and progressive, to more groove and house orientated sounds. The future looks bright, let’s follow it!

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