Rishi K. Bonzai Progressive

Rishi K.



For the last 14 years, Rishi has been extremely passionate about electronic music in one form or another. Since moving to San Francisco 3 years ago he has DJ’d at several venues such as Supperclub, Apartment 24, and Project One as well as hosted his own event bringing some of the hottest Bay Area trance DJs together. His passion for productions ranges from deep and classy sounds, to tribal, to tech house, and more. Rishi brings these sounds to the airwaves with his monthly radioshow on Pure FM Radio.

Although still relatively new to the electronic music scene, Rishi has put in hundreds of hours behind the decks already. Rishi is a versatile and stylish DJ, and plays many different genres including tribal, house, progressive house and trance. His love for each of these genres is equal.

While new to production, he has already released on several well-established labels such as Bonzai Progressive, DeepClass Records, Soulman Music, Seta Label, Circuit Records, Digitalma, System Recordings, The Sounds, Spring Tube Records, Aenaria Tribal, Consistent Records and others. He continues to release music on prestigious labels and regularly spins around the San Francisco Bay Area as well as collaborate with some of the well-established names in deep house and tribal music. With his passion for life and especially music, Rishi K. is making respectable name for himself in the dance scene and he most certainly is here to stay!

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