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Gamut aka GmT is a native of Slovenia and was born into a musical family where everything revolved around audio, GmT naturally started to attend music elementary school at the tender age of 7, choosing drums and percussions as his instrument of expression. By the age of 12, his first band ties began to intertwine with other young musical enthusiasts, as they experienced together the addictive process of song writing, mainly focusing on progressive and hard rock.

As we said goodbye to the 20th century and embraced the year 2000, a once in a lifetime breaking point occurred to GamuT. He stumbled upon his first progressive full set CD, listened to it…again, and again and again… and immediately attended one of the infamous Keleian Warehouse massive parties and fell in love with Electronica and underground at the first ear/sight.

He sold his new drums soon after that, bought two decks, a 2-channel mixer and a handful of funky tech vinyl. As mixing began to evolve, so did his music production which continues to this very moment. Inhaling audio, his heart pumps in BPMs similar to his sets where he exhales fragments of beats and melodies. He has played at all the big clubs across Slovenia (including notorious Ambasada-Gavioli), his heart focuses in the relentless production of limitless ideas.

Variety in mixing and producing are always top priority for GamuT, while still managing not to lose the essence of soul, drive and funk in the process. His influences varied from C. Varela, C. Smith, V. Kanzyani, A. Kowalski, A. Pappa, J. Digweed, Plastikman, D.Masiello, Infusion, Preach and Dave Clarke to name but a few.

Always divided between the hard, energetic part of his soul that represents techno, and the deep, metaphysic part, which represents his love for progressive, he is constantly trying to fuse the two into something new and unique.

In 2011 he started his new project called GmT (Great Metaphysical Tendencies). Based on slower stuff, from progtech, techouse to progressive, all these genres will be released under this new name from now on. The idea is to enforce better recognition and enabling people to know what to expect, since he was producing various style of music under one name GamuT.

GmT currently releases on Neptuun City, Capital Techno, Pornographic, InterTech, Urban Kickz and more.

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