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Fred First



Russian DJ, sound producer and live performer Fred First started to produce electronic music in 2006. His first foray into electronica saw him get into the lounge, dream, ambient genres and this led him to get an offer from a German based label for a CD release.

In 2011 he started to cooperate with Bonzai and his track “Isla De Bailando” saw releases on compilations for Green Martian and Nemesis labels.

During this time he also started to play in Moscow’s trip-hop, chill musician’s scene performing live every weekend at Postpeople, Moscow.

Currently Fred is producing an album called “Dia Del Oro” which will contain his deep, tech house tracks.

With a very diverse repertoire ranging from lounge through deep, tech house to progressive beats, we are sure to see a lot more from this talent in the very near future.

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