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Franky Flowerz



Enjoying true love, watermelon and samosa’s on the Isle of Bahrain… what a place… what a paradise. Franky Flowerz’ passion for music is undoubtedly the drive behind where he is today. From the age of just five he found himself entering in the world of soundscapes at the local music institute in his home town Aalst in Belgium.

Franky picked up the sax at the age of seven and has never put it down since. Flowerz claims the saxophone has, over the years, become an extension of his body and soul. After a long period of classical schooling in music, at the age of 18 he ventured into the field of experimentation blending with other types of music.

Thanks to wonderful early clubbing experiences and invigorating DJ sets on Studio Brussels’ – Mixomatose shows, Flowerz got hooked on DJ’ing and this passion coursed through his veins.

Also at the age of 18 he got his first set of decks and he hasn’t looked back since. As a DJ he is inspired by DJ Gordon Edge aka The Trumpet Man and Mr. Doris. He enjoys playing down tempo and deep house with a line of live saxophone on top of it all. He has various live shows in Bahrain ranging from band work to corporate events.

Production came much later in life, early introductions to the field happened through invitations as session musician in down-tempo projects and band recordings. His current production style explores chill out and lounge with aspirations to dive into different genres and sounds.

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