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At 14 Belgian DJ and producer Ecco discovered EDM from the New Beat sound being played in Belgian Clubs. He developed an ever-growing passion for this music until the age of 20 when he decided to buy his turntables and mixer. He became interested in different styles such as Techno, Tech House, Minimal and House music. Very soon he had the opportunity to play abroad including Thailand and Ibiza, while in Belgium he played at Silo, Decadance, Cherry Moon and Fuse.

2004-2005 sees the organization of events such as United-Elektro parties and Kiss my Beat, Since 2008 he began producing and also started his online Kiss My Beat Records.

He then began releasing tracks through the Bonzai stable on labels like Mint & Mustard, Bonzai Basiks, Bonzai Progressive, Eyepatch Recordings, Howz Choonz and Creamminal Records. During this time he has also remixed many tracks across multiple labels and he always delivers with his unique take on all things EDM.

On the DJ front he has played at some top clubs including Bar – Full & Black Moon Party, Gecko Bar (Thailand), L’Elephant (Ibiza), Factory, Beat n Bass, Cherry Moon, Dirty Dancing, Metropolis, Cptain, Dalis, Decadance, Barcode, Negasonic, Der Machine, Magnerade, Melowtechno, Soundstation, Silo, Soho, Fuse, Rumba, Nemo, Rics Art Boat, Fulmar Boat, I Need Techno just to list a few.

He has also worked with a whole host of quality artists like Trish, Pierre, TC Brain, Redhead, K Milla, Olivier Gosseries, Robert Leiner, Dave The Drummer, Stanny Franssen, Tonio, Tim Berner, E Phonk, Ben Milo, Psycogene, Seba Lecompte, Tom Hades, Stephane Signore, Redhead, Cosy Mozzy, Patrick Lindsey, Loulous Player, SweetShop, Quincy, Dan, Deg, Djack, Ployd, Prinz, Kobbe, Bjorn DB, Kiko, Franco Cangelli, Perc, G Force, Rob n Zopsie, Sam Ostyn and more.

With 2013 being another great year so far we are sure to see a lot more from this guy.

You can find Ecco’s collected works at all good download portals.

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