Diego Herrera Bonzai Progressive

Diego Herrera



Chilean DJ and producer Diego Herrera was born in 1982 to a working family. He grew up in a country hit by a dictatorship where things like music were generally banned if it even hinted to anything other than how beautiful life was under the government. But with democracy came music, and with music, Diego came to be who he is today.

Diego’s roots were originally in classical music, his college years were spent studying Beethoven, listening to trance, conducting orchestras and making hip hop beats. After college he found techno and a world of opportunities opened up. That was four years ago and today he makes beats to make people dance. Diego has signed with the legendary Bonzai stable and his first release “Afterhour EP” on Bonzai Basiks has been very well received.

He makes his music thinking that might make your trip so much better; just as he feels other producers’ music once did for him. With much more to offer we are looking forward to Diego’s future works.

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